FOREWARD The Consulate General of India, Hong Kong has great pleasure in releasing the revised version of our publication - "Hong Kong Guidebook for Indian Business". Hong Kong has always been the hub of the Asian economy. Its location in the heart of East Asia on China's southern coast; its low tax regime; its transparent common law legal system and impartial judiciary; state-of-the-art infrastructure; free flow of information; its entrepreneurial spirit; and a truly international lifestyle are only some of the reasons why thousands of international enterprises including Indian have chosen to set up in Hong Kong. India’s links with Hong Kong, dating back to the 1840s, have led to the territory having one of the larger Indian communities abroad. Current estimates put the number of Indians in Hong Kong at about 35,000, of whom nearly 23,000 hold Indian passports. Due to their long presence in the territory, Indians have been able to integrate themselves into the mainstream of Hong Kong life, as can be seen by the number of second – and third – generation persons of Indian origin who speak fluent Cantonese and feel quite at home in Hong Kong. The majority of Indians in Hong Kong are traders, with strong cultural and social links to India. They have traditionally been intermediaries for trade between China and the Middle East and African countries. However, in recent times, a large number of Indian professionals are coming in, giving rise to a new generation of Hong Kong Indians. Indian professionals in banking, finance and Information Technology sectors have contributed to the strengthening of the Indian community, as they exert an important influence not only in Hong Kong, but also in international circles. Hong Kong is an important international trading and logistics hub serving the region. Its strategic location as the main gateway for trade and investment moving in and out of Mainland China and its close ties with Southeast Asia make it an attractive and potentially rewarding strategic base for international players. Large sections of the Indian business community have already recognized the advantage Hong Kong could provide to Indian businesses, besides the fact that Hong Kong acts as a window to the Pearl River Delta Region. The large-scale participation by Indian companies in over 70% of Hong Kong’s trade exhibitions reflects the trend that trade between India and Hong Kong is growing at a brisk pace. Bilateral trade in year 2003, for the first time crossed the US$5 billion mark. The Consulate General of India, Hong Kong besides actively servicing visiting Indian business delegations and organizing trade and investment seminars has been continuously bringing out product-specific reports for Indian business community. The revised edition of this practical guidebook, by Consul K. Nagaraj Naidu provides basic information to Indian businesspersons, who are visiting Hong Kong to do business or are planning to set up operations in Hong Kong. It also offers a resource base to enable them to access more detailed information on relevant topics. We hope this publication will be useful to Indian businesses in pursuing economic and commercial ties with Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region in China. .

Basant K. Gupta Consul General of India Hong Kong

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION Brief History - Geography, Climate and Languages – Political Structure – Economy: “Asia’s World City” – Basic Facts 2 VISITING FROM INDIA VISA Visa – Hong Kong Employment Visa and Identity Card – Becoming a Permanent Resident USEFUL INFORMATION Time Zone – Health – Electricity – Currency – Tipping – Telephone – Useful Numbers – Post – Travelling to Hong Kong – Travelling to/from Airport – Local Transport – Accommodation – Food – Indian Cuisine in Hong Kong – News and Media – Places of interest in Hong Kong – Consular Services 3 OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIAN BUSINESS IN HONG KONG INDIA-HONG KONG RELATIONS India-Hong Kong Trade – Indian Exports to Hong Kong – Focus Products for Exports to Hong Kong – Indian Imports from Hong Kong – India-Hong Kong Investment Links – Major Trade Exhibitions in Hong Kong – Hong Kong-A Gateway to Pearl River Delta Region – Visiting Mainland China from Hong Kong – Services Provided by the Consulate 4 HOW TO DO BUSINESS IN HONG KONG Opening of an office in Hong Kong – Business Licence Information – Rentals – Mandatory Provident Fund – Taxation – Getting Information on Hong Kong Companies – Trade Disputes – Practical Business Tips 5 INDIAN COMMUNITY IN HONG KONG Overview – Important Organizations 6 7 8 9 IMPORTANT CONTACTS IN HONG KONG IMPORTANT WEBSITES MAJOR EXHIBITIONS IN HONG KONG MAP OF HONG KONG 36-54 54-59 59-66 67 27-36 23-27 12-23 4-12 1-4

the economic heart of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.64 F) Climate Warm and unsettled Hot and humid Warm and pleasant Cool.18 C (55 .1. Radio and TV broadcasts will inform the public of all storm movements and necessary actions.hko. By this arrangement. Kowloon (47 km2) is a densely populated peninsula. English is spoken and understood by many people in Hong Kong and is used by the government and in courts. comprises only 7% of the land area (80 km2).74 F) 24 . Hong Kong’s free enterprise economy would be maintained for at least fifty years. and Languages Hong Kong lies on the Southern coast of China.87 F) 19 .31 C (74 .81 F) 12 . 9. black). Hong Kong Island. For further information. tending towards the temperate. Two systems”. About 80% of the rainfall occurs between May and September.hk Chinese and English are the two official languages in Hong Kong. 1 . the New Territories. Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical. and 10) and a three-grade Rainstorm Warning (amber. Temperature can drop below 10 degrees Celsius in winter and exceed 31 degrees in summer. Geography. please visit: http://www. INTRODUCTION Brief History Hong Kong had been a British colony for over a hundred years before its reunion with Mainland China as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) on 1 July 1997 under an arrangement called “One country. occupying a total area of approximately 1100 km2. Kowloon. Ninety Five percent of the population speaks Cantonese. The SAR Government is now headed by the Chief Executive. and is composed of Hong Kong Island. the southern Chinese dialect. 3. red. Hong Kong is generally warm and pleasant. and numerous outlying islands. The New Territories and the outlying islands occupy 91% of Hong Kong’s land area.gov.27 C (65 . Below is a brief account on the four seasons in Hong Kong: Season Spring Summer Autumn Winter March to May May to Sept Sept to Dec Dec to Feb Month Temperature 15 . the government will issue a five-grade Typhoon Warning (signals 1. With its sub-tropical climate.23 C (60 . sometimes chilly Typhoons and rainstorms may hit Hong Kong between July and September. Climate. 8. If that happens.

The Hong Kong dollar remains convertible and exchange controls have not been imposed.Increasingly. as well as its way of life. such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Economy: ‘Asia’s World City’ Economic Standing Hong Kong is one of the top ten trading economies in the world with an annual trade of more than US$400 billion. The Basic Law guarantees that Hong Kong will retain its free trade free-enterprise environment for at least 50 years. etc. the 9th largest in the world. has provided the constitutional basis upon which the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has continued to protect its capitalist system. Political Structure Hong Kong. It is Asia's largest gold bullion market. Hong Kong’s constitutional document. It has maintained its simple-and-low tax system and its own currency. The courts continue to administer justice independently. World Customs Organisation (WCO) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. 2 . immigration. One Country – Two Systems Hong Kong remains a separate economic entity under the One Country – Two Systems policy. Hong Kong continues as a free port with its own trade policy while Mainland China is a tariff economy. Hong Kong’s stock exchange is Asia's second largest stock market. The Basic Law. the official language of Mainland China. The Hong Kong dollar continues to be backed by a 100% reserve fund. was handed over to the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997. if EU countries are regarded as one entity) trading economy and the world's ninth largest exporter of commercial services. Hong Kong continues as a separate Customs territory distinct from Mainland China. customs and excise and anti-corruption officers have remained responsible for maintaining law and order in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has the world's second highest per capita holding of foreign currency. It is also Asia's third largest foreign exchange market in terms of turnover. It has the world's fifth largest foreign exchange reserves holding. It is the world's ninth largest (sixth. Hong Kong has the world's busiest airport in terms of international cargoes and the world's busiest container port. more Hong Kong people are also speaking Mandarin Chinese. It is the second largest source of outward foreign direct investment in Asia. and trade with China is treated as part of the foreign trade. the 7th in the world. Hong Kong’s own police. the free flow of capital into and out of Hong Kong is safeguarded. Hong Kong remains a separate member of the major international and economic organisations. and the rights and freedoms of its residents. Economic policy in post-handover Hong Kong continues so far on the same ‘positive non-interventionist’ lines as under British administration. the fourth largest in the world.

accompanied by the rapid development of its service industries.1 14. resulting from the export boom in the Pearl River Delta and the increase in indirect trade through Hong Kong between China and other countries.Changing Structure of Hong Kong Economy Hong Kong is also a major re-export centre for the Asia-Pacific region and a premier trade hub for intra-Asian trade. However. Hong Kong is the leading financial centre of Asia and is one of the top sources of outward direct foreign investment in Asia. Regional Hub Hong Kong is also a regional leader in logistics and trade-supporting services. As China liberalises its markets due to its WTO membership commitments. has led to growth in service exports. +11. notably electronics.4 billion Total exports to the World: US$223 billion. such as product testing and inspection.4% (2003) Total imports from the World: US$231 billion.5% (2003) Area Total: 1100 km2 Hong Kong Island Kowloon New Territories Outlying Islands Reclamation since 1887 Economic Activity Agriculture and fishing Industry Services 2003 80 km2 47 km2 796 km2 177 km2 64 km2 GDP by Economic Activity Contribution to GDP 0.9% (2003) Foreign Exchange Reserves: US$ 118. have continued to expand over the past decade.3 85. Although some domestic industries. in general.6% (2003) Unemployment: 7. +11. The relative decline in Hong Kong’s manufacturing sector. trade finance documentation and insurance.6 Change in the Consumer Price Indices -2.6% 3 . Hong Kong firms are increasingly active in connecting suppliers in other countries with consumers in the Chinese Mainland and elsewhere in Asia.7% (2003) Re-exports to the World: US$208 billion. since the early 1980s a large share of Hong Kong manufacturing capacity has been shifted over the border into China in order to take advantage of lower operating costs. HONG KONG: BASIC FACTS Economic Growth GDP: US$158 billion (2003) GDP Per Capita: US$23. growth in merchandise export outpaced growth in service exports. +13. as well as trade between East and West and between the Chinese Mainland and the rest of the world.300 (2003) Inflation: -2. due to the rapid growth in re-export business. arbitration and mediation.

For further information.491 2003: 2. A period of ten to fifteen weeks should be allowed for the processing of an employment (investment) visa. 33.investhk. Family members accompanying the employment visa applicant to Hong Kong need to submit dependent visa applications at the same time as the employment visa application is submitted. 2.8 Million (as at mid-2003). a special category of visa for foreigners who wish to come to Hong Kong to set up a business. Spouses holding dependent visas are automatically permitted to work in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Employment Visa and Identity Card Persons deciding to work in Hong Kong should apply for and obtain an employment visa from the Hong Kong Immigration Department prior to arriving here.5 million passengers.241 Air movements Shipping Container throughput: 20. please visit: http://www.6. Growth Rate: 0.3 95% Nationalities Predominantly of Chinese descent 2. Processing normally takes from four to six weeks. newcomers must register with the Hong Kong Immigration Department for a Hong Kong Identity Card. Hong Kong Identity Cards are required for residents aged 11 years or above.gov. The initial employment visa is granted for one year and the Immigration Department may extend it thereafter provided the visa holder continues working with the same employer.hk/immd http://www. Persons who intend to start their own business or to be self-employed should apply for an employment (investment) visa.info. Female: 84. Indian nationals do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong for a short-term stay.6 MT freight (2003) 1996: 816 2003: 966 1996: 1.4 million TEUs (2003) Population 6. 4 . A short-term visa valid up to 14 days is issued on arrival. VISITING FROM INDIA Visa In general.2% Life Expectancy Male: 78.Regional Operations in Hong Kong Number of companies that are regional headquarters Number of companies that are regional offices 206 677 flights.gov.hk To become a resident of Hong Kong.

2877. Currency The Hong Kong Dollar. Private medical care is available from Out Patient Departments and Private hospitals. is the local currency. expatriates are entitled to apply for permanent resident status. Immigration Tower. Health In addition to public hospitals.8). are accepted at tourist spots like Tsim Sha Tsui and Central. US$1=HK$7. one need not bring any special equipment like converter. please contact Immigration Department of Hong Kong. which confers unrestricted landing rights. Unless one wants to operate 110-volt electric appliances. emergency rooms and specialist clinics. Hong Kong ! +852. For detailed entry regulations. please visit: http://www. pegged to the US Dollar since October 1983. For further information. as is Mainland China. the right to vote in Hong Kong elections and the right to stand for elected office.For further information.org. as in India. Hence.gov.2824. and medical practice groups. solo practitioners. (Presently.6111 ! +852. etc.ha. Immigration Department 2/F. Wan Chai. Hong Kong has several private hospitals.hk/immd Becoming a Permanent Resident Many expatriate professionals choose to stay in Hong Kong longer than they originally intended. Hong Kong is 2 ½ hours ahead of Indian Standard Time. After seven years of continuous residence.info.info. US Dollar and Renminbi (RMB).gov.7711 " http://www. the currency of Mainland China. 5 .hk Electricity The voltage in Hong Kong is 220. please visit: http://www.hk/immd Useful Information Time Zone Hong Kong is 8 hours ahead of GMT. 7 Gloucester Road.

Telephone As one of the world's highest per capita users of cellular phones (89% in November 2002). The air capacity was enhanced by 1250 seats per week on either side. Travelling to Hong Kong Indian travellers can reach Hong Kong by various international airlines. Singapore Airlines. Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon (! +852. Hong Kong thrives on efficient telecommunications.2921. next to the Star Ferry. The main post offices are on Hong Kong Island. Tipping Most restaurants levy a 10% service charge but waiters expect to be given some tips. and at 10 Middle Road. and the Standard Chartered Bank are the three issuing banks of Hong Kong Dollars. Local calls from public coin phones cost HK$1 for five minutes.2222). Useful Numbers Emergency Service (Police. and Thai Airlines offer different routes. Ambulance): 999 Directory Enquiries: 1081 Time: 18501 Weather: 187. there has also been an improvement in the existing air links between India and Hong Kong. Restaurants that do not add a service charge expect a 10% tip. Cathay Pacific has four flights from Delhi and four flights from Mumbai to Hong Kong. A comprehensive review of existing Air Services Agreement between India and Hong Kong was carried out in New Delhi in January 2001. Air India flies five flights each per week between Delhi and Hong Kong and Mumbai and Hong Kong. Apart from these direct flights. Malaysian Airlines. which have regular flights to India. However.1234 Post Postage is inexpensive and the service is reliable. 6 . Due to this review of aviation links.The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.8066 Collect Calls: 10010 Overseas IDD and Card phone Enquiries: 10013 Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Hotline: 2508. tipping is left to personal discretion. Prepaid mobile phone cards are available widely in general stores in various denominations from HK$50 onwards. Fire. the Bank of China.

The Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) runs from Kowloon to the Chinese border at Lo Wu. please visit: http://www. and provide interesting views of the harbour. Double-decker trams move along the northern side of Hong Kong Island. Tickets cost HK$100. Hoverferries are about twice as fast as conventional boats. Local Transport Public transport in Hong Kong is widely used and is generally efficient. Passengers leaving Hong Kong have to pay departure tax of HK$18 (by land) or HK$120 (by air).thaiair. which are easy to operate.hkairport. A taxi from the airport to Central may cost about HK$350. depending on the exact destination. Airport Express run two shuttle bus routes on Hong Kong Island (H1 and H2) and six in Kowloon (K1 to K6). modern. Hong Kong's ferries are usually cheaper than buses and trams. One can purchase return tickets for a slightly better rate and same-day-return fare is same as the one-way fare. available at automated machines at the stations. This dedicated train starts from the airport station.For further information. every ten minutes from 0550 hrs to 0048 hrs daily. which is within the airport terminal.com http://www. Information is also available at the HKTB counter in the arrival lounge. stopping at major hotels and guesthouse areas.singaporeair. The bus system is extensive.com Travelling to/from Airport Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok International airport is well -linked to the city by rail and bus. Airbus also runs a number of shuttles between the airport and downtown Hong Kong and Kowloon.malaysiaairlines.cathaypacific.com http://www. Information on schedules and routes are available at Airport Express and MTR stations. They are also fun. air-con trams) run in the New Territories.com http://www. Airport Express is a convenient mode of transport between the airport and the city.com For further information. connecting the city of Tuen Mun with Yuen Long. where information on bus numbers with description of routes is available. please visit: http://www. Three road tunnels link Hong Kong with Kowloon. Light Rail Transit (fast. and for real time flight information at Hong Kong International Airport. 20 minutes from Kowloon and 12 minutes from Tsing Yi Island. All stations are equipped with flight indicators. The North side of Hong Kong Island and most of Kowloon are well served by Hong Kong's ultra-modern Mass Transit Railway (MTR).airindia.com http://www. The journey takes 23 minutes from Central. There are other public buses starting from Airport Bus terminus. 7 .

The Hong Kong Hotel Association (! +852. The mid-range and highrange hotels offer discounts for bookings through travel agencies.8380 ! +852. one finds a vast range of Western. tell details about place of origin and destination of the journey and wait. please visit: http://www. They do not halt at bus stops for passengers to board or alight . Accommodation Hotel accommodation in Hong Kong is comparatively expensive. and the time after which one can expect the taxi. Hong Kong has more than 50 Indian restaurants.foodeasy.org http://www. and 2861. This also adds to the demand for Indian food in Hong Kong. Indian Cuisine in Hong Kong About 35. there are about half a dozen Indian provision stores in Hong Kong. 2527. Taxies can be called over phone.2362. but also the local Chinese community and the expatriate community of Hong Kong. Eastern. which saw a growth of 18.com. Indian food is becoming popular as a good change from the European food.6324. To cater to the needs of the Indians in Hong Kong. For further information. Indian food is becoming popular among non-Indians also. # hrc@hkha. For addresses and contact details of Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. The regular customers include not only the Hong Kong Indian community. please visit: 8 .6%.discoverhongkong. please visit: http://www.hk http://www.2383.1008. Even though they have adapted their food habits to accommodate wider range of cuisines. In perusing Hong Kong's "best restaurant" lists.theguide.Metered taxis are red with silver tops (and green with white tops in the New Territories).org) provides this service at its reservation centre at the airport.1011. Given below are the numbers of some of the taxi companies: 2861. One can call a number. East/West fusion. For further information. Hong Kong is a rich place to sample the Chinese cuisine.250.000 restaurants in Hong Kong. almost all of them imported from India. They sell a variety of Indian spices and grains.com Food There are an estimated 8.2383. It is the home of the dim sum dining tradition. The assistant will inform the plate number of the taxi that will reach. The number of Indian tourists to Hong Kong during 2002 was 213.hkha.000 Indians live in Hong Kong. Normally one could expect a taxi within five minutes.com. and international cuisine. Indian food is still their preferred choice.

For further information. please visit: http://www.info. including Zee TV. Business in Hong Kong effectively shuts down for about a week around the Chinese New Year. Asian Wall Street Journal. and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) provide diverse programs. please visit: http://www. General holidays are for banks.hk/info/holiday_e. etc. In some areas of Hong Kong.htm Places of Interest in Hong Kong There are dedicated websites that provide detailed and updated information on important places of interest to tourists to Hong Kong. Metro Broadcast Corporation Ltd. one can easily find major newspapers and magazines like South China Morning Post. A select list of Hong Kong media related websites is given under Section 10: Important Websites.hk http://startv.com. The most important holiday in Hong Kong is the Chinese New Year.hk/gourmet/en News and Media Press In most local newsstands or in convenience stores. For further information. Sahara TV. are received through cable operators.com. Time Magazine.http://www. For further information.discoverhongkong. general and statutory holidays. These are free channels. namely.hk 9 .. public offices. A select list of places of interest is given below.com/eng Radio The Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Ltd.gov. which falls during January or February based on the lunar calendar.. a few Indian channels. and government departments. etc.yptourist. and an updated list of holidays. please visit: http://www.com http://www.yp. There are 17 officially designated public holidays each year.. schools. Paid programs are provided by Hong Kong Cable TV and Star TV network. Holidays There are two kinds of holidays in Hong Kong. Television Both Television Broadcasts Ltd (TVB) and Asia Television Ltd (ATV) deliver bilingual (English and Chinese) channels.com.cabletv.

Hong Kong. An An. Opened in 1997. Stanley has one of the best-known markets. Sai Kung is famous for its natural beauty and nature walking trails. the 2. This crescent-shaped bay is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the territory. bars. Ocean Theatre. In case the original passport was issued by Consulate General of India. Now it is a feature of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and located on the waterfront. This cluster of lanes around D’Aguilar Street in Central is a buzzing centre of clubs. Sai Kung is a low-density area. but also is a one-stop entertainment spot with dining. and Jia Jia. It is also a popular swimming area and has many quiet restaurants and bars. the trendies head for Lan Kwai Fong. Repulse Bay is named after the British warship HMS Repulse. It is well worth a look. By far the most popular attraction on Lantau Island is the Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha. It is also home to the two giant pandas. Tsing Ma Bridge provides the road and rail link to Lantau Island. Carts bulge with goods. Po Lin is Hong Kong’s largest Buddhist monastery. the new passport may be issued on the next working day if the application is complete in all respects. The Peak not only offers breathtaking views. and theme attractions like Madame Tussaud’s. Passport Services The Consulate General of India. shopping. A vivid reminder of the past.2 km bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. It also provides visitors with a charming seaside with restaurants and markets. Following document/papers are required to be submitted in this regard: 10 . The application for a new passport has to be submitted in the prescribed form anytime within one year of the expiry of the existing passport. In cases where the original passport was issued by the passport authorities other than the Consulate General of India. Set high in the hills. and thrilling rides. and a good place for hiking and getting outdoors.The Peak is a favourite attraction among visitors and locals alike. the new passport will be issued on receipt of clearance from the concerned passport issuing authority. Ocean Park consists of “Pacific Pier”. Hong Kong provides many passport related services to Indian passport holders. When the lights go down. Temple Street Night Market at Mongkok opens at 1400 hrs but really comes to life at dusk. we provide some details of the services and the list of documents needed in each case. New Passport A passport is issued for a period of ten years. and restaurants. Hong Kong. from casual clothing to mobile phones and watches. the 44 metre high Clock Tower was part of the original Kowloon-Canton Railway Station built in 1915. Hundreds of little stalls appear out of nowhere. Here. Known as Hong Kong ‘back garden’. Mine Train. and only a short distance away is the world’s largest bronze Buddha. Shark Aquarium.

and additional booklets. EA(P) I. If photocopy is not available. EA(P) 1 and citizenship registration form. number. One photograph to be pasted on the application form and signed across. Three latest passport size photographs. Fee: HK$160 Duplicate Passport in lieu of Lost/Damaged Passport Following document/papers are required for issue of duplicate passport. Fee: HK$1000. Form No. Four photographs of the child Form No. Copy of HK/Macau/Taiwan ID card. Passport Fee: HK$200 Fee for Registration of Birth: HK$160 Note: The child needs to be brought to the Consulate. Form EA(P) 1 duly filled in. Copy of Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan ID Card. current passport.A duly filled. date of issue and place of issue of the lost passport should be furnished. Police report regarding the loss of passport. The validity of passport is five years for infants. and additional booklets. issued subsequently. One photograph to be pasted on the application form and signed across. 11 . Additional Booklet Following document/papers are required for issue of additional booklet: Original passport. if any. current passport. if available. The fee is payable after the application has been processed. EA(P) 2 duly filled in one photograph to be pasted on the application form and signed across. if any. Four latest passport sized photographs. Photocopy of the lost passport. issued subsequently. Either of the parents can sign the application and give his/her own specimen signature in case of minor children/infants. Eight photographs. The fee is payable after the application has been processed. Original passport. Fee: HK$320. It is necessary to register a child born of Indian parents outside India with the nearest Indian Mission. New Passport for Children/Infants Following document/papers are required for issue of a passport for children: Passports of both parents (original with one set of photocopy) Copies of parents' HK/Macau/Taiwan ID card. Marriage certificate of parents-original plus one copy. Application Form No. Child's birth certificate-original plus one copy.

The Consulate also actively promotes tourism to India. increasing Foreign Direct Investment coming from Hong Kong to India. etc. the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. and the number of visas issued has been going up. Hong Kong has also been an active partner for India. culture. and commercial exchanges between Hong Kong and India. contributing to the strengthening of these links. but also to bilateral relations. and academics. with bilateral trade reaching US$5 billion in 200. Indian exports reached US$3173 million 12 . The Consulate General of India promotes academic. the Indian community has become increasingly integrated into Hong Kong.000 during 2002. including trade.9%). and have since flourished to encompass many fields of activity. cultural. Police Clearance Certificate. Members of the Indian community have participated actively in creating some of Hong Kong’s most well known institutions. Other Services The Consulate also provides other passport services like Change of Name in Passport after Marriage. For further updated information.hk 3. India was the 13th largest trading partner of Hong Kong. the Ruttonjee Hospital and Star Ferry.org. and the success of these efforts can be seen by way of increasing interaction. India . In addition. increasing academic exchanges. at both formal and informal levels. Relations between Hong Kong and India. Emigration Check Not Required Endorsement (ECNR).Note: Duplicate passport is issued only on receipt of confirmation/clearance from the issuing authority of the lost passport. too. and almost 30% of Foreign Institutional Investment into India originating from Hong Kong. the figure for 2002 being more than 215. and downloading of relevant forms. have also expanded to many other areas.000. is on the increase. please visit: http://www. including the Hong Kong University. OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIAN BUSINESS IN HONG KONG India-Hong Kong Relations Links between India and Hong Kong date back to the 1840s. have been taking place. India-Hong Kong trade reached US$5074 million (+28. Over the past more than 160 years. keeping them in touch with India.indianconsulate. crossing 12. tourism.Hong Kong Trade In year 2003. and has contributed not only to the local community. besides the prominence of trade. and was re-designated as the Consulate General of India on 15 October 1996. with sourcing from and supplying to India being a long-standing feature. The total number of tourist arrivals from India. The Commission for India was set up in 1951. A number of cultural activities are organised by Indians in Hong Kong. when the British came to the territory. Trade has traditionally been the main link.

2%)].2 13 .17 billion (+27. semi-conductors.2 +20.9 -16.2%) followed by leather [US$ 192 million (+20.2 +19.2%) worth of products to Hong Kong. flat rolled products of alloy steel [US$ 42 million (-16.8% 0. India exported a total of US $ 3. etc are important Indian import items.4%)]. The table below provides details of the top 10 export items from India to Hong Kong during 2003.2%)]. textile yarns. petroleum oils (other than crude) [US$ 39 million (-)]. Hence. US$1404 million (+12. Of this. semi-precious stones (+34.2% 0.2% 6.6 Growth +34. Hong Kong exported US$1441 million (+19.45 billion worth of pearls. Indian Exports to Hong Kong-2003 (In Millions of US$) Commodity Pearls.9%) worth of goods to India. Value 2449 192 84 42 39 26 19 Share 77.2 -17. Pearls. telecom equipment.2%).9%)]. precious & Semi-precious stones Leather Textile yarn Flat-rolled products of Alloy Steel Petroleum Oils (other than Crude) Jewellery Textile fabrics.3% 1. precious stones.4 -10. silver & platinum. textile yarn [US$ 84 million (-17. India’s basket of exports included US$ 2. office equipments.6% 1.9%) worth of goods were re-exported to other countries via Hong Kong. India had a positive trade balance of US$1053 million during 2002. and leather are important Indian export items and pearls. jewellery [US$ 26 million (-10. Indian trade with Hong Kong is characterised by dominance of a few products that form the bulk of the bilateral trade. precious.(+27. India-Hong Kong Trade (In Millions of US$) Year 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Indian Imports 679 1099 1294 1202 1441 1901 Indian Exports 1876 2216 2624 2290 2494 3173 Total trade 2555 3315 3918 3491 3935 5074 Trade Balance for India +1197 +1117 +1330 +1088 +1053 +1273 [Source: HKSAR Government Census & Statistics Department] Indian Exports to Hong Kong In year 2003.0% 2. precious and semi-precious stones.

trends in Indian exhibitor participation in Hong Kong trade fairs. and marking a positive growth of 34.4 -5. Export of jewellery from India to Hong Kong is also on the rise. However compared to year 2002 India's export of textile yarn to Hong Kong declined by -17. Indian export of leather reached a value of US$192 million (6% of total Indian exports to Hong Kong) during 2003 marking a +20. It has reached US$29 million marking a growth of 14. Textile yarn forms 2.7% growth in 2002 and reached a value of US$50 million from US$14 million in 2001.4 +41. etc. Flat-Rolled Products of Alloy Steel: Starting from a low base. +5. Precious and Semi-Precious Stones: India is the single largest exporter of pearls. in year 2003 India was able to export flat-rolled products of alloy steel worth only US$ 42 million.9% in 2003. This is followed by polymers of styrene in primary forms (US$20 million. Most of these imports are re-exported from Hong Kong to other markets. -11.2% of the total exports from India to Hong Kong.7%).Plastics Synthetic organic colour Made-up articles 17 17 14 0.5 0. including North America.1 [Source: HKSAR Government Census & Statistics Department] Pearls. +26. accounting for 77.4 billion to Hong Kong in year 2003. the following products have been identified as focus products for export from India to Hong Kong: Gems and Jewellery 14 . synthetic textile fabrics (US$16million. holding a 12% share in the global leather imports. +226.5%).2%.3%. feedback from trading community.6% of the total Indian exports to Hong Kong. Europe. and other relevant factors. Upon analysing Hong Kong’s top imports and India’s top exports.5 0. other plastics in primary form (US$18 million. precious & semi-precious stones worth US$2. Leather: Hong Kong is the second largest importer of leather and leather products in the world. synthetic organic colour lakes / colouring matter/preparations (US$18 million. India exported pearls.9 -8. +4. Leather is one of the fastest growing items of exports from India to Hong Kong and is the second most important item of Indian exports to Hong Kong. this export item of India has marked +236. a decline of -16. precious and semi-precious stones to Hong Kong and holds more than 40% share in Hong Kong's total imports from the world.1%) form major export items of India Focus Products for Exports to Hong Kong The above-mentioned products are important export items from India to Hong Kong.2% growth from its 2002 level.8%). and medicinal and pharmaceutical products (US$15 million. Textile Yarn: India exported US$84 million worth of textile yarn during 2003. There are many more products offering promising export opportunities from India to Hong Kong. However. This is also the single most important item of Indian exports to Hong Kong.4% compared to year 2002.8%). next to the USA.

Cotton Yarn, Fabrics Dyes/Intermediaries Finished Leather Drugs, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Electronic Goods Plastics Primary and Semi Finished Iron & Steel Manufactures of Metals IT services Apparels Travel bags and footwear Handicrafts Agricultural and fresh food products Telecommunication equipment Indian Imports from Hong Kong Hong Kong exported US$ 1.90 billion (+31.9%) worth of goods to India in 2003. The important items of exports are pearls, precious and semi-precious stones [US$ 786 million (+20.5%)], telecommunication equipment & parts [US$ 478 million (+153.6%)], semiconductor, electronic valves & tubes, etc. [US$ 76 million (+0.8%)], parts and accessories of office machines/computers [US$ 56 million (+22.4%)]. computers [US$ 38 million (+10.5%)], and silver & platinum [US$31 million (-23.3%)]. The table below provides details of India’s top 10 import items from Hong Kong in year 2003. Indian imports from Hong Kong- 2003 (In Millions of US$)
Commodity Pearls, precious & semi-precious stones Telecom equipment Semi-conductors, electronic valves & tubes, etc. Parts & Accessories of office machines Computers Silver & Platinum Other manufactured articles Watches and clocks Cotton fabrics, woven Electrical apparatus for electrical circuits Value 786 478 76 56 38 31 29 27 26 24 Share 41.4 25.2 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.6 1.5 1.4 1.4 1.2 Growth +20.5 +153.6 +0.8 +22.4 +10.5 -23.3 +8.9 -27.6 +28.7 +88.9

[Source: HKSAR Government Census & Statistics Department] India – Hong Kong Investment Links


Hong Kong is the leading financial centre of Asia and is one of the top sources of outward direct foreign investment in Asia.
FDI FROM HONG KONG TO INDIA Jan 1991 to Sept 2003 FDI Approved No. of Collaborations (Millions of Rupees) Technical Financial Total 23,141.66 40 284 324 JV’S OF INDIAN COMPANIES IN HK [Approved till Nov 2003] Indian Equity No. of cases (US$ 000) 19 5012.00 WHOLLY OWNED INDIAN SUBSIDIARIES IN HK [Approved till Nov 2003] Indian Equity in No. of cases (US$ 000) 48 46518.80

The official figures about Hong Kong’s investment in India do not show the complete picture, as bulk of the investments from Hong Kong are routed through other countries like Mauritius, due to preferential tax policy extended by India to these countries. Some of the important Hong Kong companies that have invested in India are CLP Power International Ltd, Hutchison Telecommunications, Pacific Century Cyber Works, Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank, Jardine Group of Companies, Noble Group, Wittis Group, Mandarin and other hotels, etc. Their investments are in sectors such as fuels (power), service sector (financial and non-financial), hotel and tourism, telecommunication (cellular, mobile/basic telephone services), manufacturing (garments, electronics), etc. Major Trade Exhibitions in Hong Kong More than 300 economy-related conferences and events are organised in Hong Kong. These exhibitions not only cater to the local Hong Kong traders but also to major buyers from all over the world, including North America, Europe, etc. Hong Kong international exhibitions have created a niche as showcases of Asian products to the world. Indian participation in these events is increasing in number, range of products and frequency of participation. A select list of important exhibitions that are of relevance to Indian exhibitors is given in Chapter 8 titled, “Major Exhibitions in Hong Kong”. Hong Kong – A Gateway to Pearl River Delta Region Overview Starting in 1978 the Central People’s Government of China initiated reforms to open up what is now the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone to foreign trade and investment, ahead of the rest of the Mainland. As a result, private enterprise, foreign investment and international trade are consequently more mature and developed here compared with the rest of the

country. This area is also the wealthiest and fastest growing in all of Mainland China. Hong Kong has played a significant role, directly and indirectly, in the evolution of this area into a global manufacturing powerhouse. Hong Kong was the first to capitalise on the development of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, as it moved much of its own manufacturing into the Mainland in the 1980s. Since then Hong Kong has complemented the production in the Mainland with its strengths and reputation in management, communication, logistics, finance and professional services. Importance of the PRD The PRD region has become a manufacturing powerhouse of global importance. It is a world leader in the production of electronic goods, electrical products, electrical and electronic components, watches and clocks, toys, garments and textiles, plastic products, and a range of other goods. Much of this output comes from foreign invested entities and is geared for the export market. The PRD Economic Zone accounts for roughly one third of the trade of the Chinese Mainland and attracts nearly 30 percent of all the foreign capital into the Chinese Mainland. Rising income arising from rapid economic development has also transformed the PRD into a vast consumer market. Retail sales of consumer goods in the PRD reached US$42 billion in 2002, accounting for 8.5% of the national total. In terms of per capita GDP, the levels of income of the PRD cities are taking the lead in China. For example, per capita GDP in the PRD region reached US$4,142 in 2002. The PRD is also an important entry point to other parts of the Mainland, using Guangzhou as a regional distribution centre. The PRD contributes substantially to Chinese economy. The PRD's GDP reached US$113.7 billion and accounted for 8.9 % of China's GDP in 2002. In 2001, 57% of the PRD export basket was made up of goods manufactured by foreigninvested enterprises. Besides, there are many Mainland manufacturers producing under various export processing trade arrangements for overseas buyers. The region has also been a major sourcing ground for world’s leading retail players such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour. In 2001, the PRD accounted for 34% of China's total exports. More specifically, Guangdong accounted for 98% of China's exports of watches, 94% of electric fans, 89% of radios, 87% of telephone sets, 71% of toys, and so forth. Hong Kong and PRD It is estimated that 59,000 Hong Kong’s enterprises have their factories in the Mainland, of which around 53,000 factories are located in a cluster in the Pearl River Delta, in Guangdong Province. These enterprises provide job opportunities for 1.5 million Hong Kong citizens and 10 million Guangdong residents. Guangdong thus, has developed into one of the most important manufacturing bases in the world, while Hong Kong has successfully transformed from a centre of production into a service-oriented metropolitan hub of international repute. Apart from Hong Kong’s financial services capabilities, Hong Kong's logistic services also play an indispensable role in facilitating the flows of goods of the region. There are more than 600 cargo vessels and about 25,000 goods vehicles ply between Hong Kong and the PRD daily and there are about 400 container line services weekly from the port of Hong

Kong to 500 overseas destinations. logistics. Hong Kong and the PRD region are working to take further advantage of the synergy. Synergy Hong Kong's logistics facilities and services have contributed significantly to the PRD's rapid rise as a production base. legal. It is a free trade deal. convention and exhibition services. insurance. which target at penetrating China's domestic market. and Macau for export. freight forwarding. More than 60% of containers handled in Guangzhou are shipped to Hong Kong for transhipment to ocean-going vessels. On the one hand. Hong Kong and the PRD will together further develop into a production base in the global supply chain. Every day. Advertising. banking. as long as the products are classified as “Made in Hong Kong”. service oriented economy. Hong Kong presents its services as a trading platform by providing features like free port policy. are the dominant mode of freight transportation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. however. Such export activities require quality logistics support to keep the supply chains intact. On the other. Guangdong and neighbouring areas account for some 85% of the port of Hong Kong's shipments. Hong Kong. over US$300 million worth of goods are produced by tens of thousands of factories scattered over the PRD region. Chinese. distribution services. has provided Hong Kong with a huge and expanding cargo base. provider of world class supporting services. audiovisual. 2004. For example. It is the first bilateral free trade deal signed by China. How Can Hong Kong Help Indian Organizations to Do Business in the PRD region? In year 2003 Hong Kong and China signed a free trade agreement called Closer Economic Partnership Agreement or CEPA. Trade in Services: Under CEPA provisions. The PRD. Roads. A company need not have an office in Hong Kong but it’s products must satisfy “Rules of Origin” to classify as “Made in Hong Kong”. accountancy. Provisions of CEPA CEPA is broadly divided into three sections: Trade in Goods: Any company (Hong Kong based or from outside Hong Kong) can benefit from zero tariffs on 273 categories of products exported from Hong Kong into the Chinese mainland. which came into operation from January 1. which will substantially benefit the economic development of the region. some 70% of the freight handled by Hong Kong is PRD-related. and international traders. trade fair capital. Hong Kong and the PRD can well serve as the operational centre for foreign companies. matchmaker for local. rule of law and IPR protection. the Chinese Mainland has opened its market to Hong Kong-based service providers in 18 sectors. in turn. particularly in the wake of China's accession to the WTO. In air cargo. 18 . construction and real estate.

26 Harbour Road. Trade and Investment facilitation: The main provisions relate to liberalizing customs clearance. tourism and transport. business regulations and the standardization of e-commerce. How will CEPA make it easier for Indian Companies to access the China Market? Earlier implementation: In most cases. Overseas companies interested in developing their China business strategy through Hong Kong C. CEPA advantages will be available to Hong Kongmade products and Hong Kong-based service providers one to five years ahead of WTO benefits.hk/english/cepa Who benefits from CEPA? Three broad groups stand to benefit: A. CEPA-eligible service companies (of any nationality). WTO commitments have no timetable for Wholly Owned ventures in areas such as logistics and exhibition services. no global quota restrictions and being able to set up wholly-owned ventures. Hong Kong (! +852. Visiting Mainland China from Hong Kong Entry Visa Requirements for the Chinese Mainland Hong Kong remains a separate travel area with autonomy over its immigration policy. China Resources Building. benefit from lower capital and asset requirements. Leading travel agents can also assist in obtaining a China visa. and will offer zero tariffs on all goods by 2006.gov. securities. CEPA provisions offer zero tariffs on 90% of goods from 1 January 2004. telecommunications. This means that a China entry visa is not needed to enter Hong Kong. However. China entry visas may be obtained from the Visa Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China.management consultancy.1881) or through a Chinese diplomatic and consular mission in the applicant's place of residence. 19 . tariffs will remain between 5% to 30%. visitors who plan to travel to the Chinese Mainland from Hong Kong will need a China entry visa. Wanchai. Lower Block. storage& warehouses services. please visit www. 5/F. Even under full WTO commitments. For more details on CEPA.tid. Companies already based in Hong Kong (of any nationality) B. Better benefits: For “Made in Hong Kong” products. at the latest. medical & dental. Chinese mainland enterprises that wish to use Hong Kong services to streamline and expand their businesses overseas.2827.

3548).2853.2851. East Asia Airlines (! +852.2859. The journey takes about 75 minutes.3255) offers helicopter services between Hong Kong and Macau that takes 20 minutes. One-way adult fare costs HK$33.3548). while the cost for reaching Fu Yong Terminal next to Shenzhen Airport is HK$189. Departures are from Jetfoil pier of Shun Tak Centre.3548).2853.2853. Visiting Zhuhai There are regular scheduled passenger ferries to Zhuhai. One can buy the ticket at the KCR station. The ferry starts from Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal. It takes about an hour for the trip by ferry. The journey takes about an hour by train. One-way adult fare costs HK$45. The most common means of transportation between Hong Kong and Macau is by ferry. TurboJet tickets can be booked at the China Travel Service (! +852.Visiting Macau Macau is about 65 km away from Hong Kong.1700 / +852. or ferry. The journey takes about 55 minutes for travelling by TurboJet.2921. The bus trip from central Hong Kong to Shenzhen takes about 1 1/2 hours. Saturdays and Sundays. There are 27 flights starting from 0930 hrs to 2300 hrs. The charges are HK$1500 during Fridays.2851.1700 / +852.1700 / +852.1700 / +852.2851. and HK$1400 during other days. There are regular scheduled passenger ferries to Shenzhen as well. The trip takes about one hour and ten minutes. The ferry starts from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal or Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal. The cost of one-way adult ticket is around HK$170.2853.2851. The cost of ticket for reaching Seko Terminal in Shenzhen is HK$115. There are many bus terminals to board. Besides TurboJet. Passengers are notified of the location of the bus terminal to board the bus when booking the ticket. Tickets can be booked from China Travel Service (! +852. Visiting Shenzhen Hong Kong is easily accessible to Shenzhen. One can take the TurboJet from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (MTR: Sheung Wan) or Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal.9581). Tickets can be booked from China Travel Service (! +852. or the terminals (! +852. The tickets can be booked at HYSCO Travel Agency (! +852. One-way adult fare for travelling by TurboJet ranges from HK$130 to HK$162 for economy class. bus. One can take the ferry from the Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal. 20 . One-way adult fare for travelling by Flying Cat ranges from HK$113 to HK$154.6688). The rail line (the KCR) to and from Hong Kong is convenient and it takes 45 minutes to reach Lo Wu from Hung Hom Station on the Kowloon side. Tickets can be booked from China Travel Service (! +852. one can also travel to Macau by Flying Cat operated by First Ferry Macau.3548). Sheung Wan.2516.

hk The Consulate’s website also has a special feature in which Indian companies can post their trade queries online. Tickets can be bought from China Travel Service (! +852.1700 / +852.3548).org.hk Newsletters The Consulate publishes free e-newsletters called Business Opportunities in Hong Kong and Business Opportunities in India. There are many bus terminals to board. etc. One-way adult ticket costs around HK$190. Similarly. There are regular ferry services to Guangzhou from Hong Kong.org. Departures are from the Kowloon station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR). The Consulate encourages trade queries through e-mail. It covers the 182 km route in just about two hours. Services Provided by the Consulate Trade and Investment Queries The Consulate general of India provides a list of matching business contacts in Hong Kong. bus.3548). fax. forthcoming business conferences and trade fairs.indianconsulate.2851.org. to Indian exporters interesting in reaching out to Hong Kong contacts. The ferry starts from Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal. All queries could be sent to the following e-mail addresses: commerce1@indianconsulate.2853.2853. including. The express through train between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is comfortable and convenient. tender notices.2851. trade queries. Hong Kong trade queries are compiled and sent to relevant business organisations and agencies in India for business match-making and circulation. The cost of one-way adult ticket is around HK$200. Information about Indian business interests are circulated to important business organisations in Hong Kong. These newsletters reach the subscribers through E-mail and contain business related information. One-way adult fare costs HK$100. For further information.3548) or inside the station itself. and email details.1700 / +852. The bus trip from central Hong Kong to Guangzhou takes about three hours. Tickets can be purchased in advance from China Travel Service (! +852. or ferry.hk commerce2@indianconsulate.1700 / +852.2851. Tickets can be booked from China Travel Service (! +852.Visiting Guangzhou The journey to Guangzhou takes about two to three hours by train. The trip by ferry takes approximately two hours. Passenger would be notified the location of the bus terminal to catch the bus once he books the ticket.2853. These free e-mail newsletters can be 21 . including phone. please visit: http://www.

or through the Consulate’s website – www. computer.org.org. contact details of the organisers. Pearls.hk. interpreters. etc. arranging interpreters. Dyes and Chemicals. support is given in terms of identifying a stall construction contractor. calendar. and Apparel and 22 . Leather and Leather Products. The Consulate can also guide the study team in contacting appropriate organisations and provide information in this regard. Business Centre The Consulate offers many services through its business centre including meeting venue. information is provided about relevant exhibitions.subscribed by sending an e-mail to either of the email addresses mentioned below. The Consulate has already brought out product reports on Food Products. stall designs. identifying and hiring of local assistance.hk commerce2@indianconsulate. execution. Information received from the delegation organiser is sent to relevant organisations in Hong Kong and meetings and briefings are arranged as per the requirements and business interest. conference venue. A list of important Hong Kong importers of that particular product is also provided to facilitate pre-exhibition promotion and meeting arrangements. translators. The Consulate also coordinates cooperative links between the Indian and Hong Kong organisations. etc.hk Exhibitions For Indian exhibitors wishing to participate in Hong Kong exhibitions. booth assistants.indianconuslate. Business Delegations The Consulate also assists the Indian export organisations/agencies/companies to organise business delegations to Hong Kong. For an Indian organisation/agency organising an India pavilion. Gems and Jewellery. Fabrics and Made-Ups. telephone and fax facilities. Study The Consulate can assist Indian export organisations/agencies in initiating in-depth study for individual sectors. and facilities for Indian exhibitors. commerce1@indianconsulate. Textile Yarn. its track-record. The details of the tariff for meeting and conference facilities are given below: Meeting Room (Seating capacity 5-8 seats) Hourly Rate Conference Room (Seating capacity 12-20 seats) Half a day: 0900-1300 hrs or 1300 – 1700 hrs Hourly Rate HK$75 HK$500 HK$150 Product Reports and Guidebooks The Consulate regularly carries out in-house market surveys and publishes its findings as product reports for promoting Indian exports.org. etc.

the Consulate can provide contact particulars of relevant organisations in Hong Kong. etc.hk Trade Disputes Though the role of the Consulate in resolving trade disputes is limited.hk 23 . The website features Online Trade Queries. and individual companies involved in exporting Indian food products. Direct access links for membership database of important commercial organisations in Hong Kong are also provided. Business visitors can search business contacts based on name of the product. For further information. Online subscription forms. latest issues. Miscellaneous The Consulate also provides other services like attestation of trade documents. Their dedicated website in this regard provides detailed and updated write-ups on various aspects of opening an office in Hong Kong. including on India-Hong Kong trade and investment. please visit: http://www.Accessories. Website The Consulate’s website provides relevant and updated business information. 4. etc. the Consulate has also brought out “Hong Guide Book for Indian Business” to provide basic information to the Indian businesspersons desiring to do business in Hong Kong.indianconsulate. In case the Indian company wants to pursue arbitration and legal courses. the Consulate liaises with the disputing parties to seek solution. import/export. please visit: http://www. company. consular services.org. HOW TO DO BUSINESS IN HONG KONG Opening of an office in Hong Kong Invest Hong Kong is a dedicated organisation for providing support to outside companies setting up an office in Hong Kong. etc. Visitors can also register online so that their information is added to the database. reports on Hong Kong economy. SITC code. opening an office in Hong Kong. These reports are for Indian trade promotion organisations. A useful list of important web-links to Hong Kong. In addition.investhk. of the Consulate’s e-Newsletters are also available.gov. Contact details of Indian business organisations in Hong Kong are also given. and archives. Government officials. information on doing business in Hong Kong. are provided along with links to real time flight information at Hong Kong airport. export promotion councils. For further information. an interactive database providing information on business contacts in Hong Kong and India.

However. please visit: http://www. permits. please visit: http://www. All businesses must register with the Business Registration Office. For further information. commerce. Inland Revenue Department.investhk.hk Rentals Downtown office space in Hong Kong is one of the costliest in the world. profession. ! +852. 5 Gloucester Rd.0585). Apartments in the suburban towns around Hong Kong are slightly cheaper.gov. every person carrying on any Business (meaning any form of trade. Revenue Tower.gov. please visit: http://www. Businesses must be registered every year. comparable to major cities such as New York and London.3149). although that regulation may change.2600. certificates.info. Companies Registry. calling or other activity carried on for the purpose of gain and also means a club) must register his/her business within one month of the commencement of the business. the satellite cities of Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan are about an hour from downtown Hong Kong by express bus (and less to other business districts in Kowloon or the New Territories).2596. Hong Kong (! +852.htm Business Licence Information The Business Licence Information Service Homepage is administered by the Small and Medium Enterprises Office of the Trade and Industry Department. For example. 13 & 14/F. The cost of apartments is high.2594.2867. It provides information on all government licences. Queensway Government Offices. less expensive locations are available. All information regarding establishing a company in Hong Kong should be obtained from the Registrar of Companies.hk Mandatory Provident Fund 24 . For further information.hk/rvd/property/ http://www.Business Registration Under the provisions of the Business Registration Ordinance.hk/ird/brief_br. Information is available ranging from patents and trademark registration to additional registration details. Wanchai. and approvals relevant to business operation in Hong Kong. 66 Queensway.licence.info. craftsmanship. away from the city. For further information.tid.187.gov.8088 / +852. Hong Kong (! +852.2604 / +852.gov. Applications can also be sent by mail along with cheque payment.2867.

if the employees' salary falls either below HK$5. Hong Kong does not tax dividends or bank interest. etc. salaries and property rental income are taxable. Salaries Tax Computation 25 .The Employment Ordinance (Chapter 57 of the Laws of Hong Kong) stipulates employment-related benefits and entitlements for employees. Only Hong Kong source income is subject to Hong Kong tax. Effective from December 2000. This is one of the reasons why the use of offshore companies by Hong Kong residents has proliferated to such a great extent.5%.5%. a Hong Kong bank account and a Hong Kong office address without being brought into the Hong Kong tax net. sickness allowance.000 or above HK$20. The Basis of Assessment Liability to Salaries Tax is based on the actual income of the year of assessment. Offshore Administrative Base The concept of residence has no applicability to Hong Kong tax law. if his or her company has such alternative retirement fund scheme. the taxpayer will pay an estimated tax first (based on expected income for that tax year) and then at the end of the tax year will receive a follow-up bill for any additional tax owed. all employers are required to contribute 5% at minimum of the employees' monthly income to Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme for their employees who have joined the company for more than 60 calendar days and fall between the age of 18 and 65. The corporate profits tax rate is 17. and there is no estate duty tax on non-Hong Kong assets. which includes provisions for rest days. VAT or sales tax. Offshore companies can conveniently have Hong Kong based directors. Meanwhile. For this reason Hong Kong is a suitable base from which to administer an offshore company without tax consequence provided that company does not do business with other Hong Kong residents. No tax is paid by firms or individuals on foreign-sourced income of any kind. only company profits. The employees can also opt to join the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (ORSO) schemes. The statutory amount of income for contribution purposes is HK$20. The salaries tax rate is 15. then it is fully at employees' discretion to decide if more of his or her income is to be contributed to the MPF scheme. which has to be paid by the employees at the year-end. There is no capital gains tax. However. but an initial charge is made for a Provisional Salaries Tax first. Tax returns are short and easy to complete.000.000 at maximum. Taxation Low Tax Regime Hong Kong taxes are among the lowest in the world. Basically. employees are also subject to the obligatory contribution of minimum 5% of income. That is. and the tax regime is simple and predictable. Income tax is not deducted from regular employee pay-cheques.

However. which again are costly.2171 # adr@hkiac.org "http://www. Revenue Tower. Hong Kong for members of the public to search for the business registration number of registered business on a self-service basis free of charge.hkiac. 26 .htm Getting information on Hong Kong Companies Business Registration Number Enquiry System: The Business Registration Office provides a PC based Business Registration Number Enquiry System at 4th Floor. Wanchai. 5 Gloucester Road. there are some business practices. Users of the system are required to input the full name of the business in either English or Chinese and to specify its location by inputting one of three area codes representing Hong Kong.The Inland Revenue department has developed a simple Salaries Tax Computation Program to help one calculate an individual’s own Salaries Tax liability. one may contact: Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre 38/F. the governmental control over the trade is limited. If assessment year is selected. and information on marital status. Two Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place Central Hong Kong ! +852. For further information.hk/ird/brief_st. please visit: http://www. The scope for resolving the disputes through governmental intervention is not promising. care should be taken before finalising a deal with new trading partners. For arbitration assistance. The business registration number of the company may also be searched at the Business Registration Number Enquiry System provided by the Business Registration Office.org Practical Business Tips for Hong Kong Hong Kong is a metropolitan city and has a good mix of expatriate business community.2524. Hence. Kowloon and the New Territories. arbitration and legal courses are open. However.gov. number of dependants are given. a form IRBR 37 should be completed with a payment of HK$45. income. the web page provides the salaries tax liability. Extract of Information: To obtain a copy of an extract of information of a company or any one of its branches on the Business Register. Results of the search will be instantly available on the screen.info. Trade Disputes Hong Kong being a free trade economy. which are followed in general.

/Ms. and the rest holding other nationalities. either red or golden colour wrapping paper may be used. cut flowers. Documents covering a shipment normally include an invoice. Present business card with both hands. quality wine make fine gifts for Chinese.000 holders of Indian passports. Business cards printed both in English and Chinese are preferred. Phrases like non-vegetarian could be interpreted widely and may include any kind of meat and seafood. insurance and freight) or c.f. exporter should send the documents to the importer as soon as the shipment is effected. For wrapping gifts. One of the larger ethnic groups in Hong Kong. Shaking hands and wearing formal business suits are norms. Chinese write their family name first. cognac. white objects. if required. one could explain what one does not eat. gifting food items is acceptable). Till some time ago.Business in Hong Kong is typically formal. especially among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). exchange of gifts is normal. INDIAN COMMUNITY IN HONG KONG Overview The Indian community in Hong Kong is nearly 35. call them by the name that appears first after Mr. Business luncheons are common. 5. the government does not enforce any credit or currency control. The leader of the team normally leads the team to a venue and heads the discussion. If the menu is discussed in advance. in Hong Kong. and documents against payments. fine whisky. and have shared in the growth as well as problems of Hong Kong. However. the share of Indians in 27 . do not give clocks. and bill of lading/airway bill. Indian exporters should contact Hong Kong importers with offers quoting c. Hong Kong is a free port and hence. Meetings are always by appointment and punctuality is strictly maintained. Although English is used as a business language in Hong Kong. Cantonese Chinese is still the most widely used language. can be hired on hourly basis. for these objects are associated with death. exchanging business cards is a customary first step. Look at the card for a moment before putting it in wallet or purse. Interpreters.8).000 strong. For air-freight shipment. Foreign cigarettes. health certificate. Indians have been in the territory since the 1840s.i. Normal payment methods include Letter of Credit. (cost. sight draft. with about 23. (cost and freight) prices preferably in US currency (HK dollar is pegged to US dollar at US$1 = HK$7. For delegations.f. When interacting with Hong Kong business people. Do not give food items for they suggest poverty (However. Hence. Gifts are important. open account.

they have integrated so well into Hong Kong that many of them speak the local language fluently. Traditionally. While maintaining their traditions. day-after-day. Rajasthan. Hari N. Robert Kotewall. all reminding them of India. Khalsa Diwan (Sikh Temple). and has been adventurous. while retaining its identity. and management are some of the areas where they have excelled. India Club. and have numerous friends within the Hong Kong community. with larger numbers of professionals now present in the territory. have gone to local schools. Shipping. finance. India Association Hong Kong. Kerala. Harilela. while Dr. Tamil Nadu. and others. Dorabji Naorojee founded the Star Ferry linking Hong Kong Island to the Kowloon Peninsula. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation had amongst its earliest Chairmen Mr Belilios. these communities have upheld their Indianness through the years. and the recognition has served to formalise the contribution that has been made. information technology. and festivals. 28 . scouring markets as far as South America and Africa. Increasingly. At the same time. Maharashtra. a Parsi. Dr.Hong Kong exports was about 10%. The contributions of Indians to building many of Hong Kong’s leading institutions. Hari N. but remains disproportionately high considering the overall percentage of Indians in the total population. and to its multi-ethnic society. and establishing links that are still useful. Equally. Mr. medicine. Hindu Association. It was officially registered in 1977. Sir HN Mody. cuisine. Important Organisations Council of Hong Kong Indian Associations (CHIA) It is the apex body of the Indian community in Hong Kong and was informally founded in 1973. remain a shining example of a small expatriate community working hard to be part of the mainstream. followed in no particular order by those from Punjab. the Indian community in Hong Kong has been involved in trading. Harilela is its President since incorporation. academics. Indians have been actively involved in the establishment of some of the landmarks of Hong Kong. which can be seen in their dress. Member associations of CHIA include the Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. to the governance of Hong Kong. a figure that has declined a bit. Hong Kong Indian Women’s Club. an Anglo-Indian was a member of the Legislative Council (Legco) from 1923 to 1935. a leading businessman and long-time Hong Kong resident was honoured with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman by the Prime Minister at the first Pravasi Bharatiya Divas on 9 January 2003 in New Delhi in recognition of his services to the community in general and NRIs in particular. with the largest numbers being from the Sindhi and Gujarati communities. Hong Kong has appreciated these efforts. founded the HK University through a generous donation. though. Mr Dhun Ruttonjee first set up the reputed Ruttonjee Hospital as an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium. The community in Hong Kong traces its origins to all parts of India. Indians have taken to other fields too. language. for over 160 years and counting. In more recent times. Sital is the Chairman of the Council. also a Parsi. as was Ronald Arculli. Nav Bharat Club and the Non-Resident Indian Association of HK Ltd. K.

2524. Taipei. Paris and Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry.B. The Sikhs were part of the British Army that moved into Hong Kong in 1841.3041 ! +852. and manufacturing. It is consulted by the Hong Kong Government on matters of importance in the areas of trade.3407 ! +852.2729. Sucha Singh Somal. President ! +852. Contact Details: Mr. The Chamber is a founder member of the Hong Kong Shippers' Council. and board and lodging for those staying for a period of up to 14 days. The current membership of around 500 comprises Indian businesses in Hong Kong.2387.4427 ! +852. It is a member of the Council of Hong Kong Indian Associations. leading India-based private.0767 Mr. commerce.3540 # rathikb@netvigator. and India.and public-sector companies operating from Hong Kong. Secretary General ! +852. Rathi.2523.2523. It has a large library. non-Indian companies and Indian professionals.2544. and conducts computer classes.3877 ! +852. and also arranges free medical consultation by specialists. K. as the ‘Siri Guru Singh Sabah’. It works closely with the Consulate General of India to organise various trade promotional events and activities. as well as other parts of the world. Chairman ! +852.com 29 .0300 # secgen@icchk. Contact Details: Mr.Contact Details: Mr. Mainland China. Santha Ram.org. It has started Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Educational Trust to help school children in their studies after school hours. shipping.3073 # movement@somal. ICCHK is a member of International Chamber of Commerce. Raj Sital. helps students financially to pursue studies in universities and undertakes other charitable work. Secretary General ! +852.2815.com The Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong The Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong (ICCHK) was established on 12 December 1952. The Chamber deals with the trade and economic relationship between Hong Kong.hk Khalsa Diwan (Sikh Temple) The Khalsa Diwan was established on 1 January 1901.2845. Khalsa Diwan played a significant role in the independence struggle of India through its support to the Ghadar Party. V. It provides food to visitors.

Larry Parmanand.com Hong Kong Indian Women’s Club The Club was formed in 1957 as a forum for social gatherings for ladies to learn about each other’s customs. and assists local charities such as Mother’s Choice. whenever the need arises. religious. and Noble Laureate Mother Teresa. undertake social and cultural work. Harilela are the patrons. While the Consul General of India and Mr. Rajendra Prasad. and the Miss India Hong Kong pageant.0575 ! +852. and an Indian restaurant. which include an annual Diwali Ball. It organises a number of fund-raising events including movie premieres and fashion shows.indiaclub. basketball. S. Bob N. The facilities include tennis. Dr. which has been in existence since 1941. Contact Details: Mr.. and help the less fortunate. 30 .hk " http://www. Indira Gandhi. Harilela. was founded in 1948 and was incorporated as an association in 1965 to promote India’s cultural heritage through cultural and social functions.2311. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Contact Details: Mr. badminton. The patrons of the Association are the Consul General of India and Dr. Radhakrishnan. assists needy Indians in Hong Kong and India. cards & Mah-jong rooms etc. and former Prime Minister Mr.hk India Association The India Association. President ! +852. Hari N. Nanu P. social events.6358 # larry@parmanand. Indian art and. President ! +852. It gives scholarships to deserving Chinese students in Hong Kong. Harilela is the Permanent President of the Club. and allocates funds for disaster relief.4336 ! +852.com. It has played host to former Indian Presidents Dr. hosting music and dance troupes from India.2311. It also raises funds for charitable purposes.com. Hari N. former Prime Minister Mrs. It also organises social. It was instrumental in hosting dignitaries such as former President Dr. Cancer Fund. Jawaharlal Nehru.India Club The India Club. and cultural functions. The Club also raises funds for victims of natural calamities and for charitable and social activities. Lachman.4427 # plachman@lachman. Helping Hand. It organises a Diwali Ball every year. was formally incorporated in February 1967 with its main activities being the promotion of sports. the festival.2366.2729. the Community Chest.

K. At present. Tolani. and Mr. Khosa. Honorary General Secretary ! +852. The Consul General of India. and has donated liberally to Sir Ellis Kadoorie School for its various activities.2905. Ram H.2525. squash.com Nav Bharat Club The Nav Bharat Club was founded in 1951 with the objective of catering to the sporting and social needs of the Indian community. and badminton.2845. Contact Details: Mr. President ! +852.2521 7810 # karishma@shamsons. Dr.com Forum of Indian Professionals (HK) (FIPHK) FIPHK was started in December 2001 under the patronage of the Consul General of India. President ! +852.1476 ! +852. Bob Harilela. with a view to provide a platform for professionals from India to meet and exchange ideas.9105. Hari N.com Mr.5612 ! +852. Amarjeet S. Its 31 . Sital are the Patrons of the Association.Dillon (Billy).com Non-Resident Indian Association of Hong Kong The Association was established in 1991 with the objective of fostering friendship amongst Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in Hong Kong. Karishma Palani.7797 # nri@vighk. President ! +852. The Club is particularly active in hockey.5069 # dillonhk@netvigator.0221 ! +852. It also aims at fostering greater understanding of India. its people. Harcharan S. Contact Details: Mrs.the Hospice and the Thalassemia Foundation.2833. It has produced players who went on to represent Hong Kong at the international level in hockey and squash.2524. its culture. and has won many domestic league competitions. conveying the views of NRIs to the relevant authorities. and strengthening the bonds between India and the overseas Indian community in commercial and charitable fields. and the vast opportunities it offers – to the world at large and China and Hong Kong in particular. Dr. Harilela is the patron of the Club. Contact Details: Mr. The Club offers scholarships to needy students. the Club has two men’s and one ladies’ team in the local hockey league.2441 # david@khosa.

2868.com " http://www. The group organises a couple of programmes every year to provide opportunities to local talent.com Overseas Indians’ Business Association (Progressive Group) The Progressive Group was formed in 1971 by 20 leading firms of Hong Kong with the objective of sharing information on problems of common nature.4651 # harry@thisisnoble. Gul is the Permanent Adviser of the Circle. and Mr. Daswani has been the Chairman of the Group since its inception. and Dr. The Circle currently has 350 life members. The Consul General of India. K. Kowloon Branch ! +852. P. finance etc. Its aims and objectives are to organise Indian cultural programmes for the members and the general public. G. and to cooperate with similar organisations. Harry Banga.1731 Mr.T. dance. inculcate interest in drama. The Group has a membership of 157. and to explore opportunities for the Chinese to get involved in India. Gobind Shahani. on its own or in collaboration with other organisations. Mr.6780 ! +852.2521.com Mr. Co-Chairman. and also invites renowned artistes from India. Hari N. Ranoo Wasan. music. The Forum organises seminars.3611 # primahk@netvigator.fiphk01. The Kowloon Branch of this Group was formed in 1981. Secretary ! +852.2861.2526.9294 Indian Arts Circle The Arts Circle was established in October 1978 and formally registered in May 1979. and visual arts among the members. Chairperson ! +852.6889 # ranoo63@hotmail. literature. Gul 32 . to deliver lectures. Harilela are the Honorary Patrons.5121 ! +852. Hong Kong Branch ! +852. Contact Details: The two Co-Chairmen of Hong Kong and Kowloon Clubs are: Mr. organising social and cultural events.2721. G. meetings etc.T. Co-Chairman. Contact details: Mr.2367.com Mr.objectives include helping Indians understand and learn about China’s development. President ! +852. Contact Details: Mrs.2376. and inviting leading personalities in banking. Sanjay Vaze. Ishwar Mahbubani.

The name of the Group was later changed to ‘Indian Businessmen’s Association’.6060 ! +852.2525. Contact Details: Mr.2524. Contact Details: Mr.2577. A speaker is usually invited to speak on a topic of current interest every month.2810. It is one of the four constituents (the other three being Islamic Union of Hong Kong. The Association has over 200 members. Chairman ! +852. President. Some of them are actively associated with the Tamil Cultural Association. ! +852. an umbrella body of Hong Kong Muslims to administer and look after the maintenance and upkeep of Muslim cemeteries and coordinate with the Hong Kong Government authorities on Muslim religious affairs.9350. Dawoodi Bohras are one of the oldest communities in Hong Kong. The topics are not confined to business. +852. and also include social issues.2713.6056.com Hong Kong Dawoodi Bohra Association The Association was established in 1967 and has 200 members. The Indian Muslim business community has been present in Hong Kong since the time of the arrival of the British. The Indian Muslim Association actively participates in the affairs of the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre. and took a leading role in the reconstruction of the Kowloon Mosque. The Association and its members have made important contributions to various facets of Hong Kong and India. The vast 33 .0018 ! +852.com Indian Muslim Association (Jama-ath) This Association was established in 1979. both as a business and as a religious group.8127 # jalal@netvigator.com Indian Businessmen’s Association Indian Businessmen’s Association was set up as ‘Fellowship Group’ in 1985 with the aim of providing a forum where Indian businessmen as well as professionals could meet informally and exchange views and discuss subjects of common interest. and their contributions to the local community are long-standing and well appreciated. in fields ranging from education to business.6073 # gtm@netvigator.! +852. Most of the Association’s senior members are businesspersons originally from Tamil Nadu. Gul Mirpuri.9405 # gtgul@hotmail. Pakistani Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Dawoodi Bohra Association) of the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic community of Hong Kong. Some of the Priests (Qazis) at the Mosque in the past have been from India. Hameed Jalal.

2810. with entertainers from India coming in to perform. Bharat Gohel. etc. teaching. annually sends clothes to the needy in India.0028 The Incorporated Trustees of the Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong. members of the Samaj were mostly engaged in cotton and yarn trade. President.9982 ! +852.majority of members of the community are traders. of late.8435 ! +852. The Trust makes substantial donations annually to individuals and institutions in India. President ! +852.8110 ! +852. known as the ‘China Canton Anjuman’ was formed in Canton in 1834. information technology.1914 Mr. The first Parsee association. In 1993. Hong Kong and around the world. The Trust has a membership of about 200.2522. they have also entered into professions such as medicine. However. Canton. established about 25 years ago.2437. ! +852. in which leading troupes from India participate. Contact Details: Mr. and Macao was created for establishing and maintaining burial grounds. President ! +852. Honorary Secretary ! +852. having places of association and rendering financial assistance to the needy. Canton and Macao The Trust was formed in 1822 in Macao for the establishment of a Parsee cemetery there. The annual Diwali Ball is also a fixture on the calendar. Contact Details: Mr. The Trust also organises events to foster relations within the community and preserve their heritage and culture. In Hong Kong. Pakistan and elsewhere and provides financial aid to those in urgent need.2851. the first premises for use of the Zoroastrian community was rented in 1857. It organises a Dandia-Raas programme every year during the Navratri.2402.2845. the 23-storey ‘Zoroastrian Building’ was inaugurated. at present they have diversified into diamond and polished stones trade. a wider Anjuman body covering Hong Kong. Viraf Parekh. Contact Details Mr. Local talent is also encouraged. While in the beginning. The Samaj has a membership of 225 families. The ladies wing of the Association.0607 # hkzcfund@netvigator. In 1845.6992 34 . law. Khedirbhai Saheb Taiyebbhai Saheb Zakiuddin. A large number of educational subsidies are also granted to students every year.com Gujarat Samaj Gujarat Samaj was established in 1974 as a social organisation providing focus for ethnic and cultural activities.2973. Jal Shroff.

and Holi. Contact details: Mr. recreational.3540 # rathikb@netvigator. with the work being done by a committee.3041 ! +852. musical concerts and sport activities and brings out the talent within the community. moral. Contact details: Mr. Patron ! +852.2970. Rathi.0567 ! +852. Contact Details: Mr. Ramani. The Samaj celebrates Indian festivals like Diwali.2902.com Rajasthani Samaj The Rajasthani Samaj was established in 1968 with the objective of encouraging more fellowship amongst the Rajasthani community as also between the Rajasthani community and other communities in Hong Kong. V.0018 # rohan@netvigator. K. It has a membership of about 55-60 families.8612 ! +852. J.7170 Tamil Cultural Association The Association was formed in 1967 with the objective of preserving and promoting cultural. educational. B. It has a membership of 185 families. This is a unique organisation in that there is no president or other office bearers. President ! +852. The Association organises dramas. Diwali.9483.com Maharashtra Mandal (Hong Kong) The Maharashtra Mandal was formed in 1978 to foster kinship among fellow members and to celebrate Marathi and Indian festivals and events like Ganesh Chaturthi.! +852.2544. Makar Sankranti.2827. Dhanraj Naik. Cultural performances are also organised by the Mandal.1227 # tamilhk@yahoo. etc.com Hong Kong Bengali Association 35 .2851. Holi. with great fervour and enthusiasm. It has a membership of 250 families. President ! +852.2815. It also brought cultural troupes from India. debates. and intellectual welfare of its members and for promoting South Indian culture in Hong Kong.

com 6. and aftercare services to ensure that companies have all the support required to establish or expand operations in Hong Kong InvestHK provides support services to prospective and existing foreign investor with regard to information provision. Poila Baisakh (Bengali New Year celebration).gov. site visits. HK ! +852. Level 15. 88 Queensway. Saraswati Puja.hk 36 .hk " http://www. etc. Contact Details: Dr.2845. 1 Harbour Road.2584.2824.0300 # secgen@icchk. was established on 1 July 2000. R. IMPORTANT CONTACTS IN HONG KONG FEATURED CONTACTS The Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong 2/F.gov.hk Background information on the Chamber given under Section 4: Indian Community in Hong Kong. One Pacific Place.3107.2584. business matching or interface with government departments.3175 ! +852. It also supports charity work in India and helps specific organisations on a regular basis. S.9007 # enq@InvestHK. Lakshmi Puja.3107. facilitation.2845.icchk. Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) Suites 1501-6.0249 # hktdc@tdc.InvestHK. It offers solution-oriented investment promotion. President ! +852. The Association celebrates festivals like Durga Puja. Central. Office Tower.org. At present. Hoseinee House. to promote investments into Hong Kong. 69 Wyndham Street.2531 # raptidas@netvigator. and to organise cultural performances with artistes from India. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.1000 ! + 852. tap the cultural talent within the community.4333 ! +852.2553.5054.org.org.4066.The Hong Kong Bengali Association was established in 1998 with the aim of providing a socio-cultural platform to the community.9644. Hong Kong ! +852. +852.4612 ! +852. Das. +852.hk " http://www. Hong Kong ! +852.hk InvestHK. Convention Plaza. Wanchai. it has a membership of 60-70 families.2552.

Hong Kong ! +852. Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 4/F. the Hong Kong Shippers' Council.tdctrade. half are official government advisory bodies.2525. Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce 22/F. It is involved in Trade Enquiry Service (featuring 600.hk The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1900. Chinese Manufacturers’ Association CMA Building.000 listings). United Centre. ! +852.4541 37 . was established in 1966.hk The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce is the oldest (founded in 1861) and largest (around 4. Central.hk " http://www.2610 # cgcc@cgcc. It owns the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre.org. in particular those in Mainland China.2529.2541. Trade Advisory Board and Joint Liaison Committee on Taxation. It is also represented on a number of boards and committees of various public and private bodies. HKTDC appointed a private firm as its representative in Mumbai in early 2002. Hong Kong companies and Mainland China companies.6385 ! +852. Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau.9229.000.9843 # chamber@chamber. the Hong Kong Food Council.org. +852. Their members elect the Chamber’s own representative to the 60-member Legislative Council every four years.2823. Hong Kong Monetary Authority. which have a combined worldwide circulation of more than two million. Presently it has a membership of over 6.2527.1211 ! +852. It also publishes more than 20 product/service magazines and trade directories. accessible through its website. The Chamber maintains close contacts with trade associations and Chinese chambers all over the world. 95 Queensway. etc. of the over 70 Hong Kong bodies and committees in which 64 Chamber members participate. Its membership consists of multinational companies. HKGCC has been a functional constituency representing Hong Kong’s business community in the Legislative Council since 1988.2845.org.com The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). including the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. such as the Labour Advisory Board.000 corporate members) business organisation in Hong Kong.hk " http://www. and Education and Manpower Bureau. Hong Kong ! + 852." http://www.2545. as well as the Manpower Development Committee and the Labour Advisory Board in the SAR government. a statutory body for promoting Hong Kong's trade. and a growing number of overseas associate and Mainland associate members. The Chamber has representatives in the Legislative Council. Central.org. and organises or co-sponsors major international trade shows in Hong Kong and overseas covering a wide range of consumer and industrial products.6166 ! +852.cgcc.chamber. 64-66 Connaught Road. Hong Kong. the ICAC. 24-25 Connaught Road. Moreover. It has 51 offices in 34 countries and regions.

com The Hong Kong branch of Bank of India was established in 1960. multi-currency deposits with conversion facilities at no extra cost.com The Hong Kong branch was established in 1955. syndication of loans and correspondent banking.1549 # iobsm@netvigator.cma. It is a Restricted Licence Bank. Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) 3/F. Hong Kong ! +852. The current activities include trade finance. Central. Ruttonjee Centre. HK ! +852. The CMA liaises with international bodies as well as trade and industrial associations overseas for the exchange of information and ideas and for the promotion of trade. 11 Duddell Street. industrial progress.0186 ! +852. The CMA also maintains close contact with consulates and trade commissions of overseas governments in Hong Kong.2810. twin currency deposit scheme. 29 Queensway Road.2522. remittances and acceptance of deposits.hk " http://www. Ruttonjee Centre. It is a Licensed Bank authorised to undertake full range of banking activities. confirmation of L/Cs and guarantees. 11 Duddell Street.6149 # boihk@netvigator. Central.700 member-companies.4701 # bobihkg@netvigator.hk Established in 1934. Central.2524. a Government of India undertaking and was established in 1984. It is a Licensed Bank with two branches. NRI deposit scheme. remittances facility. AON China Building. Indian PSUs in Hong Kong Bank of Baroda (Hong Kong ) Ltd 3/F Dina House.2529. It is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce.7157 ! +852.1398 ! +852. Ruttonjee House. Indo-Hong Kong International Finance Ltd 904.2521.org.com The Bank of Baroda (Hong Kong) Ltd. was established in 1980 as IBU International Finance Ltd.2845.org. and to foster mutual understanding and cooperation. Hong Kong ! +852. This is a deposit taking company and does not undertake normal 38 .5166 ! +852. the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) has over 3. Bank of India 2/F. dealing room.6036 This is wholly-owned by the Canara Bank.# info@cma. forex trading in all major currencies.2529. Its current range of services includes trade finance.2868. Its services include cash counter services. remittances and fixed deposits. Duddell Street. Hong Kong ! +852. one each in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. loans and advances.

letters of credit/bank guarantees.9240 ! +852. Air India 01-02. 41/F.2524. money market and dealing room operations. State Bank of India Room No.com The Hong Kong branch of the State Bank of India was established in 1978. foreign currency loans.2522.2868. Central.2261 # airindia@netvigator. mobilisation of FCNR and NRE deposits and providing information on investment opportunities in India to NRIs. UCO Bank Units 4102-06. with a weekly service. loan syndication.9738 ! +852. This is a Licensed Bank. Cambodia and Vietnam.2523. handling of India related business. export credit/bills of negotiations. New India Assurance Co. 20 Pedder Street. from Bombay(Mumbai) in 39 . It is a Licensed Bank authorised to undertake full range of banking activities. 29/F. HK ! +852. remittance facility to India and other countries.2887 ! +852. The company caters to the needs of Insurance to Indians in Taipei and Indonesia. investment in securities. trade finance facilities. and forex services. COSCO Tower.6954 # ucohk@netvigator.2523. Central. Hong Kong ! +852. 801-5 Wheelock House. Ltd was established in 1952. UCO Bank has two branches – one on Hong Kong Island and the other in Kowloon. Ltd Man Cheong Building. forex trading in major currencies. It also accepts reinsurance business from Indonesia. 199 Des Voeux Road.banking operations. buyers’ and suppliers’ credit. Air-India commenced operations to Hong Kong. acceptance of deposit. correspondent banking.4771 ! +852.com The Air-India Booking Office was established in 1954 in Hong Kong. NRI services.2133 # niahk@asiaonline.2845. The current services offered by this Bank include deposits in all major currencies. which means that it can undertake the full range of banking activities.1966 # sbinhk@iohk. and correspondent banking relationship. HK ! +852. foreign exchange trading in all major currencies etc. The range of services offered are trade finance.com The UCO bank is the oldest Indian Bank in Hong Kong (Established in 1952). Central.2810. remittances to anywhere in India or the world.net The Hong Kong branch of New India Assurance Co. 15-17 Wyndham Street. investments/money market operations. multi currency deposits in major currencies. 183 Queen’s Road Central. The company carries out general insurance business. external commercial loans.2522. Vickwood Plaza. Hong Kong ! +852. The range of services offered include trade finance.

Main and East Wings Central Government Offices Lower Albert Road.hk/hspu Commerce and Industry Bureau Level 29.7500 ! 2840. Level 15 One Pacific Place.hk " http://www. Central.gov.hk/esb Immigration Department 2/F.info.1973 # edb@edlb.2922 ! 2787.hk " http://www. At present.hk/tid/e-index.7422 # tidenq@tid.htm economic and services bureau 2/F.gov.gov. HK ! 2810.gcn. Immigration Tower 40 .com or by filling enrolment forms.gov.info.2762 ! 2523. T & I Department Tower 700 Nathan Road.gov. HK ! 2918.info.airindia.gov. GOVERNMENT Business and Services Promotion Unit Commerce and Industry Bureau Suite 1507-9. HK ! 2392.hk " http://www.1621 # cibenq@citb. Air-India provides assistance and services to passengers vis-à-vis reservations and ticketing for travel and also services for the movement of Cargo and Mail on the flights. Air-India has played a pivotal role in the development of travel and trade between India and Hong Kong over the past several decades. Air-India also offers a Frequent Flyer Programme and members can enroll through the website http://www. two of which operate ex Hong Kong to Osaka and return.7571 ! 2537. 88 Queensway HK ! 2918. the Airline operates five services a week between Delhi and Hong Kong and Mumbai and Hong Kong. Kowloon.info.August 1954 via Kolkata(Calcutta) and Bangkok.gov.7725 # bspuenq@citb.hk " http://www.hk/cib Trade and Industry Department 9/F. One Pacific Place 88 Queensway.gov.

Wanchai.info. Harbour Building 38 Pier Road.info.3324 ! 2542.hk/cr Customs and Excise Department 8/F.7 Gloucester Road.4915 ! 2802.hk " http://www.info.5289 ! 2116. Citicorp Centre 41 .gov. HK ! 2582.9078 # internet@isd. Government Offices 66 Queensway.hk/isd/index.info.7662 ! 2845.info.hk " http://www. HK ! 2852. Murray Building Garden Road.hk/customs Hong Kong Tourism Board 11/F.gov.7711 # enquiry@immd.6111 ! 2877.gov.3334 " http://www.gov. North Government Offices 333 Java Road. HK ! 2824.hk " http://www.htm Government and Supplies Department 9/F.0101 # info@gsd.htm Census and Statistics Department 16/F-22/F & 25/F Wanchai Tower 12 Harbour Road.gov. Central.gov. HK ! 2231.gcn.hk/censtatd/ Companies registry 13/F.gov. HK ! 2522.hk " http://www.hk/immd/ Information Services Department 3-8/F.2567 ! 2869.1101 # trade@censtatd.gov. HK ! 2867. Wanchai.gov.6817 # crenq@cr.info.gov. North Point.gov.hk/gsd/index.hk " http://www.

fhki.hk " http://www. Kowloon.org.com " http://www. Champion Building 287-291 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong ! 2544 8474 ! 2544 4677 # info@hkciea.org.hk " http://www. Two Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place Central Hong Kong 42 .org.exporters.0303 # info@hktb.hkciea.org.hk/ Hong Kong Chinese Importers' & Exporters' Association 7-8/F.org/hkpc/html/ Federation of Hong Kong Industries 4/F. HK ! 2788. Kowloon.hkta..5678 ! 2788.hkpc.hk Hong Kong Exporters' Association Room 825 Star House 3 Salisbury Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon ! 2730 9851 ! 2730 1869 # exporter@exporters.org. HK ! 2732 3188 ! 2721 3494 # fhki@fhki.org.6543 ! 2806.org Trade Organisations Hong Kong Productivity Council HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue.hk " http://www. HK ! 2807.5900 " http://www.hk Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre 38/F.18 Whitfield Road North Point. Hankow Centre 5-15 Hankow Road..

! 2525 2381 ! 2524.2493 # textclhk@netvigator.textileschamber.htm Hong Kong Cotton Made-up Goods Manufacturers Association Ltd Room 701.com Hong Kong General Chamber of Textiles Ltd Unit 708-709 Trade Square 681 Cheung Sha Wan Road Kowloon ! 2357 9978 ! 2191. Union Park Centre 771 Nathan Road Kowloon ! 2390 4648 ! 2397.hk/COProfile. 63 Tai Yip Street 43 .4720 Hong Kong Garment Manufacturers Association Ltd Room 401-3 Cheung Lee Commercial Building 25 Kimberley Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon ! 2305 2893 ! 2305..org " http://www.org SECTORAL ORGANISATIONS APPAREL AND TEXTILES Federation of Hong Kong Garment Manufacturers Room 401-3 Cheung Lee Commercial Building 25 Kimberley Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon ! 2721 1383 ! 2311.org.org " http://www.2171 # adr@hkiac.7271 # admin@textileschamber. 7/F..hkiac.garment.com " http://www.org Hong Kong Knitwear Exporters & Manufacturers Association Ltd 3/F.1062 # fhkgmfrs@hkstar.

Hong Kong ! +852.org/ HANDICRAFTS Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association.org.. Alpha House 27-33 Nathan Road Kowloon !2368 2347 !2730 3470 JEWELLERY Hong Kong Jade & Stone Manufacturers Association 16/F.com " http://www.jewelrynet.P. Ltd.2493 # textclhk@netvigator.0164 " http://www. 63 Tai Yip Street Kowloon Bay Kowloon ! 2305 2893 ! 2305.hk Textile Council of Hong Kong Ltd 3/F. 16/F.com Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association G.hkfda.5672 Hong Kong Woollen & Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers' Association.hkwoollen. Box 13654 Hong Kong ! 2330 1738 ! 2330 5015 # http://www..com/hkjsa/ 44 .1720 # info@hkwoollen.org.Kowloon Bay Kowloon ! 2755 2621 ! 2756.hk " http://www.textilecouncil. 184-192 Queens’ Road Central. Flat E. Hang Lung House.O.2543 0543 ! +852. 71 How Ming Street Kwun Tong Kowloon ! 2368 2091 ! 2369.2815. Ltd 3/F.

2/F.2877. Kowloon. 5B. HK Diamond Exchange Building 8-10 Duddell Street Central.2850.2388.2362. Room 604 Peter Building 58-62 Queens’ Road Central 45 .jewelry.hk Diamond Federation of Hong Kong.diamondfederation.2766.org.hk " http://www. Hong Kong Jewellery Building.2788.3647 # hkjma@jewelry.Hong Kong Jewellers' & Goldsmiths' Association Ltd.2543 9633 ! +852.5081 ! +852.org. Hong Kong ! +852. Hong Kong ! +852.org " http://www. 13/F. 178-180 Queens’ Road Central.com " http://www. Man Fai Building 38 Man Ying Street Ferry Point.org/hkjitc WATCHES AND CLOCKS Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries Ltd.com Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturing Association Unit G. HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon Hong Kong ! +852.9009 ! +852.9831 # dfhk@diamondfederation. Hong Kong ! +852.2524.hkpc.7361 # hkjewellers@netvigator. Kowloon ! +852.com Hong Kong & Kowloon Jade Merchants Union Association 17/F.2788.9032. Kaiser Estate Phase 2 51 Man Yue Street Hung Hom.5531 ! +852.5388 Hong Kong Jewellery Industry Technology Centre 5/F.5522 # hkjitc@hkpc. China Ltd.3002 ! +852.

5238 ! +852. Hankow Centre 5-15 Hankow Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon ! +852.2810. 1/F 64-66 Connaught Rd Central.hkpc.2721.. HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon Tong Kowloon ! +852.2522.com " http://www.2541..org.hkfc.2732.3232 ! +852. Yu Wing Building 64-66 Wellington Street Central Hong Kong ! +852.3494 # tsd@fhki.org " http://www.2868.hk Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association Ltd. Hong Kong ! +852.5522 # hkwctc@hkpc.com " http://www.org/hkwctc FOOD Hong Kong Food Trades Association Ltd CMA Bldg.Hong Kong ! +852..2523.6614 # hkwma@netvigator.8154 # mitron@hkstar.hk Hong Kong Dried Sea Food & Grocery Merchants Association Ltd 46 .2788.8619 ! +852.hkwma.3188 ! +852.4485 # hkwatch@netvigator..com " http://www.hkwatch.org.5533 ! +852.2542. 3A/F. & 11/F.org Hong Kong Watch & Clock Council Room 407-411.2788.org Hong Kong Watch & Clock Technology Centre 5/F. 4/F.

2394..2854. 10/F. Block B.2299.2838 # eliu@wellcome.2544 / 2854.com INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Hong Kong Computer Society 47 . 1-5 Wo Liu Hang Rd Sha Tin. 746 Nathan Road Kowloon ! +852. 218 Des Voeux Road West Hong Kong ! +852..2514 ! +852.com " http://www.com Wellcome Co Ltd Devon House 5/F 979 King’s Rd.1228 ! +852.4402 Kowloon Fresh Meat Retailer's Association Ltd Block A.2602. Fu Lok Building 131-133 Wing Lok Street Hong Kong ! +852.2868.com.6883 Hong Kong Fresh Fruits Importers Association Ltd Room 401-3 Prosperous Building 48 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong ! +852.2606.2854. Hong Kong ! +852.8833 ! +852.8316 ! +852.2394.2521.wellcomehk.2299.8316 Hong Kong & Kowloon Provisions. Tai Koo Place Quarry Bay.3828 ! +852.2914 # csg@parknshop..1912 ! +852. Hong Kong ! +852.1/F.2547.parknshop.hk " http://www.3838 / 2299.3816 Park’n Shop O/B Watson Group (HK) Ltd Watson House 9/F.2517. Wine & Spirit Dealers' Association 2/F. New Territories.

4261 # enquiry@techcentre. Luckifast Building 1 Stone Nullah Lane Wanchai Hong Kong ! +852.org " http://www.3494 48 .3003 # hkcs@hkcs.2867 ! +852. Tower 6.org.org.4433 ! +852. Tech Centre 72 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon Tong Kowloon ! +852.2923.hk " http://www...2731 # info@isia.org Hong Kong Information Technology Federation Unit 3701 Windsor House Causeway Bay Hong Kong ! +852.hkcs.2834.2721. China Hong Kong City 33 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon ! +852. 1/F.hkitf.2732..2788.org.3188 ! +852.org.hk " http://www.hk Hong Kong Industrial Technology Centre Corporation 1/F.2622.2576.com " http://www.2788.isia.2228 ! +852.8021 ! +852.0181 # info@hkitf.hk CHEMICALS AND PHARMACEUTICALS Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries Council Room 407-411 Hankow Centre 5-15 Hankow Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon ! +852.Unit D.2622.2834.org.hk Information and Software Industry Association Ltd Suite 2.techcentre. 8/F.

2528.com Hong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Appliances Merchants Association Ltd.hk/hkapi/menu.2852.0147 # info@hkeama.fmshk..2398.hk Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Room A.# tsd@fhki.2573.2407. 13/F.hk The Hong Kong E & M Contractors' Association Ltd 49 .7005 # hketa@netvigator.. Jing Ho Industrial Building 78-84 Wang Lung Street Tsuen Wan New Territories ! +852.6283 # hkapi@netvigator.htm Hong Kong Chemical Society Government Laboratory Ho Man Tin Government Offices 88 Chung Hau Street Homantin. Kowloon ! +852..4069 ! +852.4083 Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Ltd.com. 17/F.hkeama.2714. 732 Nathan Road Mongkok Kowloon ! +852.org.3271 ! +852.hk " http://www.com.com " http://www.2407.3062 ! +852.7007 ! +852.2573. Trust Tower 68 Johnston Road Wanchai Hong Kong ! +852.2394..2135 ! +852.com. 4/F.5707 ELECTRONIC GOODS AND ELECTRICAL MACHINERY Hong Kong & Kowloon Electric Trade Association 6/F.3061 / 2528.2865. 350-354 Hennessy Road Hong Kong !+852.

2732.3188 ! +852. 8/F.0298 # emca@hkfemc.hk Hong Kong & Kowloon Machinery & Instrument Merchants Association.2788.Room 1801. Ltd 50 .2572.2532 # hkeca@pacific. 12/F. Hankow Centre 5-15 Hankow Road Tsimshatsui Kowloon ! +852..2519. HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon Tong Kowloon ! +852.5553 ! +852.2519. Tung Wai Commercial Building 109-111 Gloucester Road Wanchai Hong Kong ! +852..0843 / 2572.8328 ! +852.5543 # wwlai@hkpc.3998 ! +852.org " http://www.org Hong Kong Electrical Contractors' Association Ltd.2788.4855 ! +852.hk " http://www.2721. 18/F. 4/F. Harbour Crystal Centre 100 Granville Road Tsimshatsui Kowloon ! +852...2838.org Hong Kong Electronics Industry Council Room 407-411.2778.com The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Room 1201.org.hkeca.2200 # hkeia@hkeia. Kwong Ah Building 195-197 Johnston Road Wanchai Hong Kong ! +852.net.2788.hkeia.3494 # tsd@fhki.org Hong Kong Electrical Appliances Manufacturers Association 5/F.itbsnet.

Kam Fung Building 8 Cleverly Street Sheung Wan Hong Kong ! +852. 3/F.3238 ! +852.leatherassn.5171 LEATHER The Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders' Association Ltd Unit B.7644 ! +852. Capital Commercial Building 446-448 Shanghai Street Kowloon ! +852.com Hong Kong Leathergoods.2541.6020 51 . Block E.4384 ! +852.2393.5171 ! +852..5302 ! +852.0804 # info@leatherassn.. Lee Fung Building 88 Argyle Street Kowloon ! +852.co " http://www.3/F.2395.. Kwong Sang Hong Centre 151-153 Hoi Bun Road Kwun Tong Kowloon ! +852.2552.2541.2783.2396.0778 Hong Kong & Kowloon Footwear Manufacturers Association Flat D.2797.2552.. 3/F. 3/F.. 5/F.2388.2393.2797.4499 ! +852. 85-91 Lai Chi Kok Road Kowloon ! +852.4499 Hong Kong Leather Shoe and Shoe Material Merchants Association Ltd.. Bags & Luggage Association Ltd Room 313-315.3282 Hong Kong Apleichau Machinery Traders Association 2/F. 64 Apleichau Main Street Apleichau Hong Kong ! +852.

2332..2732.2782....2686 ! +852.PLASTICS Hong Kong & Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Association 13/F.2317.com Hong Kong & Kowloon Rubber Tyres Commercial General Association Ltd Block A. 1/F. 4/F.0171 ! +852. Prospect Building 491 Nathan Road Kowloon ! +852. Fu Yuen Building 39-49 Wanchai Road Wanchai 52 .3188 ! +852.org.0152 Hong Kong Plastic Material Suppliers Association Ltd. 12/F.2384.2781.2399. Flat B.1129 Hong Kong Plastics Industry Council Room 407-411.2394. Dai On Lau 820 Canton Road Kowloon ! +852.1616 ! +852.1494 # tsd@fhki.. Eader Centre 39-41 Hankow Road Tsimshatsui Kowloon ! +852.hk Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association Ltd.2375.5912 ! +852.2721.0107 # hkkp@netvigator. Hankow Centre 5-15 Hankow Road Tsimshatsui Kowloon ! +852.5287 Hong Kong Plastic Bags Manufacturers' Association Room 603 Hang Seng Wanchai Building 200 Hennessy Road Wanchai Hong Kong ! +852. 1/F.

Hong Kong ! +852.2843 Hong Kong Plastics Technology Centre Ltd. Hankow Apartment 43-49 Hankow Road Tsimshatsui Kowloon ! +852.2766.2429.2545. 10/F.2574.plastics-ctr.com The Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association Flat A. U509 Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hunghom Kowloon ! +852. Kowloon.5577 ! +852. 6/F.2985 ! +852.2574.hk STEEL AND METALS Hong Kong & Kowloon Steel & Metal Importers & Exporters Association Ltd 10/F..2376. B-D Wah Wing Industrial Building 14-20 Wing Yip Street Kwai Chung New Territories ! +852.2851.0131 # ptc@polyu.edu.7031 ! +852.org.2402 # hkmma@netvigator.7904 Hong Kong Metal Merchants Association Room A.4909 Hong Kong & Kowloon Used Metal & Miscellaneous Articles Dealers & Employees Association 1/F..2744 Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society 11/F.2766. Champion Building 287-291 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong ! +852.2356 ! +852. 924 Canton Road Mongkok.hk " http://www.. Speedy Industrial Building 53 ..2230 ! +852.2420.2384.Hong Kong ! +852..2376.

itahk. Ltd.hkbu..hkmma. Room 4D01.2868.hk Telecom Technology Centre Co. HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon Tong Kowloon ! +852.114 How Ming Street Kwun Tong Kowloon ! +852.ttc.hk " http://www.2526.org. Box 13461 Hong Kong ! +852.8453 # hkmma@hkmma.org. IMPORTANT WEBSITES MISSIONS Consulate General of India.hk TELECOMMUNICATIONS Hong Kong Telecommunications Users Group 14/F.2429.P.2732 ! +852.6419 ! +852. Hong Kong http://www.2319.7668 # ttnet@ttc.3208 ! +852.hk 7.6516 ! +852.hk " http://www.com.edu.org.hk " http://www.2777.2752 # info@itahk.2504.O.hk " http://www.org.com.org.2504.hk/~hktug Internet & Telecom Association G. Fairmont House 8 Cotton Tree Drive Central Hong Kong ! +852.org.hk 54 .4387 # clubs@hkma.indianconsulate.2429.

Beijing http://www.org.hk Chinese General Chamber of Commerce http://www.com Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce http://www.icchk.hk Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong http://www.org.chamber.gov.info.gov.gov.cma.indianconsulate.org.cn Consulate General of India.info.hk/govcht_e.htm Commerce and Industry Bureau http://www.org. Shanghai http://www.com GOVERNMENT Organisation Chart of the HKSAR Government http://www.org.gov.hktb.info.info.org.htm Name List of Heads of Government Departments http://www.cn TRADE ORGANISATIONS The Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong http://www.hk/cib Business and Services Promotion Unit http://www.cgcc.discoverhongkong.hk TOURISM Hong Kong Tourism Board http://www.hk/info/name-e.Embassy of India.com Discover Hong Kong http://www.tdctrade.hk Hong Kong Trade Development Council http://www.hk/hspu Companies Registry 55 .indianembassy.

gov.gov.gov.hk/ 56 .htm Intellectual Property Department http://www.gov.gov.gov.info.hkpc.gov.itsd.gov.gov.org.gcn.gov.hk/indexe.hk/tid/e-index.info.info.htm Leisure and Cultural Services Department http://www.gov.info.info.http://www.htm RELATED ORGANISATIONS Companies Registry http://www.hk/customs Economic Services Bureau http://www.html Virtual SME Information Centre http://www.org/hkpc/html/ Independent Commission against Corruption http://www.sme.gov.info.lcsd.hk/cr Customs and Excise Department http://www.info.hk/cr Hong Kong Productivity Council http://www.htm Licensed Hotels and Guesthouses in Hong Kong http://www.gov.hk/itsd/index.info.investhk.hk/fsb/ Government Supplies Department http://www.hk/had_la Invest Hong Kong http://www.gov.hk/itbb Information Technology Services Department http://www.hk/esb Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau http://www.hk/gsd/index.info.hk/ Trade and Industry Department http://www.icac.hk/ Financial Services Bureau http://www.hk/ipd/eng/index.info.

com.htm Hong Kong Tourism Board http://www.yp.hk/censtatd/eng/hkstat/fas/nat_account/nat_account_index.tdc.html Hong Kong Monetary Authority – Financial/Banking statistics http://www.hkex.hk/hkma/eng/statistics/index.com.htm Hong Kong Observatory http://www.com/DIRECTORIES/whitepages.html GDP/GNP – Census and Statistics Dept http://www.info.info.gov.info.htm Hong Kong Port and Maritime Board http://www.hk/hko/contente.gov.hk/hkma/index.htm 57 .hk/censtatd/eng/hkstat/fas/pop/pop_vital_index.hk/ DIRECTORIES Hong Kong Yellow Pages http://www.hk/ Hong Kong White Pages http://www.html STATISTICS Population/demographics – Census and Statistics Dept http://www.info.gov.info.sar-ombudsman.hk/ Travel Agents Registry http://www.info.gov.hkta.gov.info.hk/ Hong Kong Monetary Authority http://www.gov.html External Trade – Census and Statistics Dept http://www.hk/tc/tar Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd http://www.Office of the Ombudsman http://www.gov.org Hong Kong Trade Development Council http://www.hkt.org.hk/pmb/eng/normal.info.gov.gov.hk/censtatd/eng/hkstat/fas/ex-trade/ex-trade_index.

schednet.com/ German Chamber of Commerce.info.hk/ Norwegian Chamber of Commerce http://www.com/tdc/ Sea-freight tracking http://www.fbc.cgi/home French Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://www.hk/censtatd/eng/hkstat/fas/transport/transport_index AVIATION Real time flight tracking http://www.hk/index1.htm CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE American Chamber of Commerce.com/tdc/seatrak.gov.ahk.britcham.html 58 .fccihk. Hong Kong http://www.htm Port Statistics – Census and Statistics Dept http://www.cancham.schednet.org.html Australian Chamber of Commerce http://www. Hong Kong http://www.com/hkairport/ SHIPPING – FREIGHT Freight schedules to and from Hong Kong http://www.org.nzhkba.amcham.com.hk/viewer.info.austcham.ncchk.hk/censtatd/eng/hkstat/fas/bop/bop_index.gov.hk/ New-Zealand Hong Kong Business Association http://www.hk/home.Balance of Payment Accounts – Census and Statistics Dept http://www.tdctrade.org.hk/ British Chamber of Commerce http://www.asp Canadian Chamber of Commerce http://www.com/default.org/ Finnish Business Council http://www.com.org.

asiadragons.com/exh-con/ JANUARY Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair Toys & games.org.hk/ TVB Online http://www. please visit: http://www.hk/ Hong Kong News Network – NMFP http://news.Spanish Chamber of Commerce http://www.com/ Hong Kong Standard http://www.tvb. parts.com/ 8.scmp.com/world/hongkong/ Radio Television Hong Kong http://www.swedcham.spanish-chamber.thestandard. accessories. 59 .asiaco.tdctrade.hk/ Swedish Chamber of Commerce http://www.hk/main.hk/ Hong Kong Telecom ITV http://www.com/world/hongkong/ Hong Kong News Stand http://www. MAJOR EXHIBITIONS IN HONG KONG For calendar-based and product-based searchable database of all exhibitions in Hong Kong.com.newmalaysia.hk/ NEWS AND MEDIA South China Morning Post http://www.com.com. etc.com. Hong Kong http://www.com/hong_kong/news/ Asiaco Hong Kong News Hub http://news.scchk.itvhk.rthk.htm Singapore Chamber of Commerce.com.

hk " http://www. Hong Kong ! +852. Hong Kong Trade Development Council & Messe Frankfurt (H.0249 # hktdc@tdc. Convention Plaza. garment accessories. software applications.2824. 1 Harbour Road.messefrankfurt.com Hong Kong Fashion Week For Fall/Winter Fashion collections.2584. multimedia. Office Tower. Convention Plaza.2584. Office Tower.2824. 26 Harbour Road. writing equipment.com " http://www.tdctrade. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.org.2824. 60 .org. Wanchai.com Hong Kong International Stationery Fair Paper products.2584. Hong Kong ! +852. Office Tower. Convention Plaza. office tools. 1 Harbour Road.) Ltd.K.hk " http://www.4333 ! +852. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F. Wanchai.2238. etc.tdctrade. Hong Kong ! +852.9956 ! +852.global@messefrankfurt. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.8632 # textile-fairs.4333 ! +852.0249 # hktdc@tdc.hk " http://www. 1608 China Resources Building. Convention Plaza. etc.com FEBRUARY Hong Kong Information Infrastructure Expo IT services. etc.2519. Wanchai. Wanchai.org. Office Tower. Hong Kong ! +852.tdctrade.Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.0249 # hktdc@tdc. 1 Harbour Road.com Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.4333 ! +852. 1 Harbour Road.

bags. accessories. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.hkfurfed.) Ltd 1608 China Resources Building.2824.org.8632 # textile-fairs.global@messefrankfurt.0249 # hktdc@tdc.4333 ! +852. Hong Kong ! +852. Asia Pacific Leather Fair Ltd 17/F. gemstones. Messe Frankfurt (H. garments.com Interstoff Asia Spring International Fabric Show Fabrics.4333 ! +852.0249 # hktdc@tdc.com. 1 Harbour Road. Convention Plaza.com APRIL Asia Pacific Leather Fair Raw materials.hk MARCH Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Jewellery. etc.com " http://www. Hong Kong ! +852. 26 Harbour Road. Hong Kong ! +852.2238. Wanchai.9956 ! +852.tdctrade. Hong Kong ! +852.Wanchai. etc. South.hk " http://www. machinery. fibres/yarns.2584. 26 Harbour Road.hk " http://www.2367.2519. 45-51 Chatham Road. etc. Wanchai.2824. Hong Kong ! +852.messefrankfurt. Office Tower. China Resources Building. Chevalier House.0799 # furs@hkfurfed.K. etc.2827. swimwear.tdctrade.com.2584.2739. accessories. Hong Kong Fur Federation Room 603. pearls.org. Tsim Sha Tsui. Wanchai.4646 ! +852.6211 61 . fur garments. 6/F.hk " http://www. chemicals.com Hong Kong International Fur And Fashion Fair Fur skins.

26 Harbour Road.2827. 1 Harbour Road.! +852.hk CEhk (Computer Expo. China Resources Building. stationery.hkesmontnet.2584. Wanchai. Hong Kong ! +852.hk " http://www. Convention Plaza. Wanchai.0249 # hktdc@tdc. 26 Harbour Road. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.com Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair Gifts. handicrafts.tdctrade. etc. Wanchai.2827.7831 # info@aplf. China Resources Building. Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd Unit 2010. kitchenware.com. Hong Kong ! +852. Hong Kong ! +852.4333 ! +852. consumer electronics. Wanchai. confectionery. Office Tower.org.hk " http://www.2824.2528.2804.com MAY HOFEX Beverage.6211 ! +852.0249 # hktdc@tdc.2824. fresh and frozen food. Office Tower. Hong Kong ! +852.1500 ! +852. CMP Asia Ltd 17/F.tdctrade. etc.3103 # exhibit@hkesmontnet.org. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F. etc.com " http://www.7831 # info@cmpasia. 1 Harbour Road. 20/F.2827. Consumer Electronics Expo & Communications Expo) IT related products and technology.com Hong Kong Houseware Fair Household products. Convention Plaza.hk " http://www.4333 ! +852. silverware.aplf.com.2584.com 62 .

etc. Wanchai.2827.5024 # exhibition@adsale. 1 Harbour Road. 1 Harbour Road.2584.hk " http://www.2811. 26 Harbour Road.com " http://www. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.org. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.tdctrade. etc.6211 ! +852. CMP Asia Ltd 17/F. Hong Kong ! +852.com. hotels. TV programmes.com JULY Hong Kong Fashion Week Fashion collection. 734 King's Road. etc. corporate tours. China Resources Building.2824. accessories. Hong Kong ! +852.7831 # info@cmpasia.2516. facilities. etc.4333 ! +852. Office Tower. services.cmpasia.8897 ! +852. Wanchai. Stanhope House.4333 63 . Hong Kong ! +852.com Filmart Movies. Wanchai. tools." http://www.0249 # hktdc@tdc. Convention Plaza. garment.com JUNE International Travel Expo Hong Kong Tour packages. North Point.cmpasia. Hong Kong ! +852.adsaleexh. Office Tower. destinations. Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd 4/F. gemstones.com Hong Kong Jewellery And Watch Fair Finished jewellery.2584.hk " http://www. Convention Plaza. pearls.2827.

3494 # hkmdc@fhki.2732. Hong Kong Mould & Die Council.Hong Kong 5/F.org. Autoparts & Accessories Asian Industrial Expo Moulds and dies.2824.5544 ! +852.2788.hk " http://www. Hankow Centre.0249 # hktdc@tdc. 78 Tat Chee Avenue. Hong Kong ! +852. Convention Plaza. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F. Convention Plaza. Society of Automotive Engineers Hong Kong & Business & industrial Trade Fairs Ltd Hong Kong Mould & Die Council Room 407-411.com Hong Kong Book Fair Books. etc. etc.tdctrade. Wanchai. Office Tower. printed matters. 1 Harbour Road. etc. machine tools. Hong Kong ! +852.4333 ! +852.org SEPTEMBER Hong Kong Watch And Clock Fair Complete watches & clocks.5543 # raymonds@hkpc.2824.2584.org.tdctrade. 4/F.0249 # hktdc@tdc.! +852.4333 ! +852. stationery. Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.2584. tools.org. Tsim Sha Tsui. parts.2824.com AUGUST Mould & Die Asia. MED. 1 Harbour Road. HKPC Building. accessories. auto parts.hk Society of Automotive Engineers .com 64 .2721.tdctrade.0249 # hktdc@tdc. 5-15 Hankow Road.2788.3188 ! +852. Hong Kong ! +852. parts & components.hk " http://www. Hong Kong ! +852. Office Tower.hk " http://www. Wanchai.org. printing.

com OCTOBER Asia Pacific Leather Fair Garments. Hong Kong ! +852.messefrankfurt.global@messefrankfurt. China Resources Building. etc. China Resources Building.com Asian Gifts.9956 ! +852. 65 .6629 # info@kenfair. 26 Harbour Road. footwear.2827. 26 Harbour Road. premium articles. contact lens.aplf. Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. silver and platinum jewellery. etc. Wanchai. high-end watches. etc.2238. Wanchai.7831 # info@cmpasia.com NOVEMBER Hong Kong Optical Fair Optical frames. Hong Kong ! +852.2519. etc. Kenfair International Ltd Suite 2803.com " http://www.8216 ! +852. Tsim Sha Tsui. sunglasses. Household Products And Toys & Gifts Show Gifts. bags.com " http://www.6211 ! +852. accessories. Asia Pacific Leather Fair Ltd 17/F. components. Tower 6. 9 Canton Road.cmpasia. Premium. 1608 China Resources Building.8632 # textile-fairs.kenfair. parts & accessories. Wanchai.2827.6211 ! +852.2311.2827. lens. swimwear. etc. luggage.7831 # info@aplf. gold. 28/F. 26 Harbour Road. The Gateway. Harbour City.com " http://www.com Interstoff Asia Autumn International Fabric Show Fabrics.2827. household products.2311.Hong Kong Jewellery And Watch Fair Gemstones. Hong Kong ! +852. accessories.com " http://www. CMP Asia Ltd 17/F. fibres/yarn. Hong Kong ! +852.

hk " http://www. 1 Harbour Road. accessories.edu.7726 # jcdmak@ied.Hong Kong Trade Development Council 38/F.org.7520 ! +852.ied.hk DECEMBER International Conference On Computers In Education Computer and IT related courses.3002 ! +852. Wanchai.2948.3647 # hkjma@jewelry.tdctrade.jewelry.hk 66 . D4-1/F-19. 51 Man Yue Street. Office Tower.2766. Hong Kong ! +852.org.hk " http://www. etc.2362.2584. Hong Kong ! +852. online facilities.2948.com Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers Exhibition Jewellery. jewel making machines.edu. Tai Po.0249 # hktdc@tdc.4333 ! +852. Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers’ Association.2824.hk " http://www. Hunghom. Hong Kong ! +852.org. Hong Kong Institute of Education and Department of Information & Applied Technology. etc. Unit G. 2/F. 10 Lo Ping Road. Kaiser Estate Phase 2. Convention Plaza.


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