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“How To Profitably Trade

The Share Market

In Any Market Condition…”
How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

“How To Profitably Trade The Share Market

In Any Market Condition…”

Before we get started, let me And I have to proudly say that our clients
introduce myself. My name is Dale have achieved just that – having
Gillham and I have been in the supported more than 6,000 Australians to
investment industry for over 20 years achieve their financial goals and I look
including banking, financial forward to the opportunity of helping
planning, share market education and you achieve the results you desire.
professional trading. During that time
I have assisted traders and investors
around Australia to become confident
and profitable in the share market.
Tired of an industry saturated by
quick fix gimmicks and expensive
short-courses, I co-founded Wealth
Within to provide ‘genuine’ education
and independent investment advice to
traders and investors who have
become disillusioned by the market
for one reason or another.

With so much hype surrounding the

share market, I have sought to raise the
bar in the industry to set quality standards
in the level of education and investment
being delivered. And as a result I am
proud to announce Australia’s only
Diploma and Advanced Diploma of
Share Trading and Investment.

My goal has been to ensure clients receive

the correct knowledge and support using
a proven and tested investment strategy
to directly invest in the share market so
as to save time and money. No bells, no
whistles, just safe profitable returns.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Hi and Congratulations So over the next several pages I want to

take you step by step through the key
Congratulations’ for doing what considerations and strategies that have
thousands of other people never do. formed the foundation for myself and
Taking the time to educate yourself thousands of my clients to consistently
for your financial future. profit from share trading and investing.

Many people overlook the share market

as a vehicle for creating financial You will learn
independence simply because they lack
the knowledge and confidence to know • Why You Should Be Investing In
how to invest in shares successfully. The Share Market
• How to Stop Losing and Start
With the information I provide in this e- Making Money
Book I hope you will begin to understand
what you need to know to invest or trade • The Truth About Cutting Your
the share market safely, confidently and Losses
successfully. • Why Your Trading Plan Is
Because if you know how to trade - what • 12 Key Success Strategies To
to do in any situation, whether the Ensure Your Success
market is going up or down, you will be
protected and more importantly be able
to sleep well at night.
Ok let’s get started
See most people get caught up in the
hype. What software package to buy.
What indicators to use. What books to
buy, what courses, seminars to attend…
the list goes on and on.

When really the truth to successful

trading is actually knowing how to trade,
understanding your psychology and risk
profile, and having a rock solid trading
plan that you act upon each and every

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Why Invest Or Trade In The Share Now imagine what your returns could
Market? have been like if you had known what
you were doing. Had a plan. Had a
Investing or trading in the share market roadmap.
can help secure your financial future. In
fact it doesn’t matter whether you are Below is a chart of the Australian All
investing for capital growth or to fund Ordinaries Index from 1982 to February
your lifestyle via income, taking the time 2007. During this time the Australian
to learn how to trade will be one of the market rose from a low of 443.10 points
best investments in yourself you will ever to a high of 6024.70, which represents a
make… because no one will look after gain of around 1259.67% in 24 and half
your investments like you. years excluding income from dividends.

Consider the Australian All Ordinaries

Index below. You will clearly see how by
just investing in the top Australian
Companies and then forgetting about
them would have made you a
phenomenal amount of money.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

The fact is that over any 10 year period your money will grow at an average rate of 13% per
annum including dividends simply by investing directly in the share market – with higher
returns possible if you learn how to trade the market.

We have clients who consistently return 25%+ year in, year out - simply because we teach
them what to do and how to do it.

But there are some things you need to know even before we get to that stage.

Simple strategies I have developed and taught over the years to help our clients achieve
financial independence.

Remember, no bells or whistles, just key strategies that will make a difference to your
success in the share market.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Strategy # 1
How To Stop Losing And Start Making Money

It’s unfortunate but true.

The desire for financial independence is a And this is why having a support
goal many aspire too but few actually network, a team to back you up, to
achieve. And if you are going to be one answer your questions that can make all
of the few that do, it is vital that you the difference between success and
understand this concept. failure.

While you may be saying “I’ve heard it all Ok. So you have the knowledge. Have
before” … the reality is there are two the discipline to save money. But the
primary reasons people never reach their shares you invest in still don’t return what
goal: you expect.

• Insufficient knowledge as to how Often it can be your inability to analyse a

financial independence is created; stock. Determine the trend (short,
and medium and long). Place a stop loss that
• Lack of discipline to see your minimises capital losses. And in short
plan through. work out whether the trade had a high
probability of success.
It’s incredible the amount of people I’ve
coached and spoken to over the years And what this often results in is losses.
who know this but don’t really ‘get’ it. I
mean think about it. Where are you right Losses which occur in two ways:
now? Have you acquired the knowledge
to trade, to invest? Loss Of Capital – investing a $1,000 and
losing $500, (interestingly whenever this
Do you have the tools to simply and happens you need to achieve a 100%
easily respond to any market condition, return on your next trade just to break
or are you still hunting around for the even…something many traders don’t
‘holy grail’ of trading. Because while I even consider)
don’t mean to be rude, there is no such
thing. Lost Opportunity - Holding onto an
investment which is reducing in value,
And if you do understand and have an instead of investing in one that could be
arsenal of tools, are they working? making you money.
Because if they aren’t and you have the
knowledge to trade, then you have to ask
yourself what am I doing wrong? Am I
following and implementing my plan?
In fact it is this one thing, more than any
other that is responsible for many traders
failing when they were so close to
achieving their dreams.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Looking at the ASX example above, But I promise you, it is also a strategy
there were many times when even though that few people seem capable of
you were making money during the 24 following.
year period, you could have made a heap
more by simply knowing when to be in By knowing how to cut your losses, you
or out of the market. will reduce not only the losses on your
capital but also lost opportunity costs.
‘Cutting your losses short and letting your
profits run’ may be a strategy you’re
familiar with, and acknowledge as a
successful way to create wealth.

Strategy # 2
Have A Plan...

Yes I know… how many times have you So stop for a moment right now. Go on.
heard this? And be honest with yourself. Because if
this is you, you need a budget - a vehicle
Yet I cannot tell you over the years how that will allow you to lay the foundations,
many thousands of people have asked me so that with time you can invest and get
to show them how to create wealth ahead.
through trading. And you know when I
press further I discover that whilst they And whilst you maybe thinking you will
desire financial freedom what many really have to restrict you’re spending…that it
want is just to get out of debt. will be too hard… let me assure you it’s
Let alone invest.
It’s just a change in the way you need to
approach your finances and there are
many excellent books available in the
market place that can help you achieve

However, if this doesn’t apply to you the

next plan you MUST have to be
successful in the share market is a:

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Trading Plan 1. The time frame you wish to

invest or trade;
No matter what time frame you are 2. The market you are trading;
trading, long (over 18 months), medium 3. The risks you are willing to take;
(3-18 months) or short terms (> 3 4. Your money management tools;
months) - you must have a plan. A plan 5. Your entry and exit strategies for
that outlines what you’re doing, how each trade and;
you’re doing it, and why you’re doing it. 6. Your paper work.

I mean it makes sense. Businesses have a

business plan. Athletes have a training Obviously there is a lot more to it than
plan. Anyone who wants to get this alone. And in our share trading
somewhere, to achieve a goal needs a accredited Diploma course we spend a lot
road map to get them there and keep of time covering exactly how you put this
them on track. all together to ensure you are a profitable
and successful trader. But for now just
It’s no different with investing or trading. know they exist and if you’re serious
It’s your hard earned cash at stake. Your about trading or investing in the share
blood, sweat and tears. market…

When we trade we want to do so with the YOU NEED A PLAN!

highest probability of success and the
least amount of emotion.

Therefore we need to develop a clearly

defined set of rules. Rules that we act
upon each and every time. These rules
need to be measurable, logical and most
importantly repeatable.

Because ‘gut feel’ won’t cut it. You need

to have something you’ve tested that you
know will work time and time again.

The more subjective you’re trading, the

more your emotions come into play, the
harder it becomes to make decisions.
Decisions that are logical and won’t be
detrimental to your final outcome.

So what are the key elements of your

trading plan?

A good trading plan should contain the

following 6 elements:

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Strategy # 3
12 Strategies to Supercharge Your Share Market Success...

OK. The above 2 strategies are vital if 2. Take a disciplined approach to

you are to be profitable and survive long trading
term in the market. But the 12 gems I am
about to reveal to you now have served Trading should be approached the same
me well time and time again over the way you’d approach a business venture.
years. Developing your trading plan and
sticking to it is vital.
Don’t be fooled by the apparent It is the consistent application and
simplicity of some of them. I promise discipline, and doing the right things
you they are profound in there systematically each time, sticking to your
application if you decide to apply them. back tested plan and the time frame
you’ve tested that will get you to where
you want to be.
1. Invest with a purpose in mind
Making your decisions on a ‘hot tip’, or
If you know and understand why you’re what feels right will NOT get you
investing or trading, and what your goals consistent, profitable results.
are you can apply the right strategies to
achieve the results you want.
3. Develop a positive attitude
I mean there is a big difference in trading
for capital growth, and trading for The attitude you have towards your
income. There is also a big difference in trading business will also be crucial to its
trading long term for investment versus success. Making decisions when you are
short term for income. tired, feeling anxious or fearful will cost
you money.
Your rules are different, as are your entry
and exit signals, and knowing why you Likewise being overly confident, or even
are trading and what your goals are will under confident over time will also effect
assist you in deciding where you need to your bank balance.
focus your education in order to fulfil
them. Feelings of greed and fear are abundant
in our society and they simply do not
have a place when you are making your
trading decisions.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

And if you have any hang ups regarding starting off. Stocks that will appreciate in
money then you may find that you self value. If stocks are not highly liquid
sabotage your trading to ensure you (regularly traded), don’t pay a dividend,
remain at a level you feel comfortable and have no assets then it is highly
with. I mean we have all heard the stories unlikely their share price will increase in
of the lottery winners who have nothing value. Because if we think about it
left after only a few short years. logically, they are just too great a risk.

I am sure you’ve heard it all before, but Many people, when they first start to
trading success really is 20% technical think about increasing their wealth
knowledge and 80% attitude. through investing or trading in shares, are
drawn to highly leveraged markets like
options or CFD’s (Contracts for
Difference). Hoping they will be able to
retire from their day job in a couple of

DON’T make this mistake. Investing in

these markets requires experience and
also a high degree of competency. Of
course, you can do very well out of them,
but you can also loose a lot of money

You will be much better off and far more

profitable if you invest in markets that
give you a high probability of success.
Think back to our All Ordinaries

5. Understand the market you are

Look, I briefly touched on this above.
But it is vital to your success, and I
4. Buy only quality 'blue chip' cannot begin to tell you how many
growth stocks people do a weekend course, read a
couple of books and then think they can
Only a few short years ago the world trade any market in any condition.
partook in mania. I’m sure you
remember it. And I’m sure you And whilst I am not trying to insult
remember how it all ended up. anyone, this is such an important concept
that I would be negligent to not give it
I seriously ask that you consider only the individual attention it deserves.
investing your money in stocks that are
liquid. Particularly when you are first

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Trading Options or CFD’s is very So it does not make sense to attempt to

different to purely trading stocks. try and trade these markets if you cannot
Because not only do you need to successfully and profitably trade shares.
understand how the particular instrument Of course other markets such as futures
works - such as how to place your order, and warrants also fall into this category.
the different terminology used (for
example time decay, strike prices, market
makers and the list goes on…) and what
leverage will do to your final result - you
also need to be competent in the analysis
of the underlying stock. And have the
time available to do so.

6. Test your trading plan to ensure your trading plan to ensure they work for
it works for you you.

Trading is about protecting your Called back testing or ‘paper trading’ it is

capital… NOT maximising your profits. your opportunity to determine the
And the only way you can confidently likelihood of success in a trade, how
make a decision as to whether you have a much you can expect to make from the
high PROBABILITY of success in a trade and importantly set you up
trade is to have tested all elements of psychologically to react without emotion.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

The sad reality is most traders do not is one of the characteristics of a

have enough trading money to ensure successful trader.
they gain the experience necessary to
become a successful and profitable trader The market is made up of people. People
over the long term, and I would urge you like you and me. People full of emotions
to not become one of them. that react to events and circumstances.
The only way we can confidently know
By doing this you will also get a realistic what the market will do, is when the
feel for what you can expect to earn from market has done it.
your trading business.
What we can do is attempt to predict
what the market will do in the future,
7. Gain experience based on what it has done in the past.
This analysis, coupled with solid money
This follows directly on from the last management rules, will give you the
point. Previously I have pointed out that greatest likelihood of success.
trading is 20% technical ability and 80%
psychology. A word of caution…it is often the
emotions of greed and fear that cloud
I am sure that you have heard only trade peoples emotions…fear they will miss an
the money you can afford to loose. opportunity…they need income now…
Unfortunately many traders believe that And it is in this state that many traders
they must trade when the market is open ‘see’ a trade that is simply not there.
in order to learn. Well let me tell you, this
is simply not true. Remember, there is no magic black box
and the only way to know with certainty what
Make sure you have computer software the market will do is when the market has done
that allows you to go back in time and it.
test your trading methodologies on the
particular stocks you want to trade. If
your software doesn’t allow you to do 9. Develop a clear strategy for
this then print out the charts and cover emotional risk management
up the bars with a piece of paper so that
you can make your decisions as if you are Trading when under stress from work,
operating in real time. family or finances has been the financial
downfall of many otherwise successful
You do not want to risk your capital if traders.
you are not sure you can succeed.
If you cannot divorce the emotion from
your life when you come to the trading
8. Let the market tell you where it is table you are likely to make rash decisions
going, don't second guess it… that will cost you financially.

Look, if you know me you know I always

have a couple of outcomes as to what I
think the market is going to do. And this

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

not based on hype or the media or some

taxi driver will put you in the drivers seat.

11. Know Both Your Strengths And

The only way to know yourself, and
know how you will react in a given
situation is know your strengths and

In trading and investing this is vital as it

will give you an insight as to how you
may react in a stressful situation, such as
the trade going against you. Or provide
you with the opportunity to recognise
Always trade with a clear mind and focus areas of improvement.
your attention on your goals. Stick to
your trading plan and don’t make rash Human nature is such that many people
decisions based on emotion. tend to only remember their successes
and gloss over their failures. My
suggestion to you is each time you enter
10. Don't be affected by the 'herd or exit a trade you document why you did
so. Even if you are just ‘paper trading’.
Over time you will be able to go back
“I have a hot tip”.
over these trades and see if there are any
patterns that emerge when you are on a
How many times have we heard this?
winning trade versus a loosing trade.
Please…please… trust yourself and
follow your own trading plan, otherwise
You will be in the position to logically
you are just gambling.
and clinically analyse your results, identify
strengths and build on your weaknesses -
If you have spent the time gaining the
which will make you a better trader and
appropriate knowledge, and done the
build on your long term trading success.
research, then you don’t need to follow
the crowd.
It will also help you identify which
trading methods you should be using and
I mean, even in a bear market there are
the markets you should be trading based
still stocks that are going up by 20% and
on your personal abilities and personality.
if you have the skill you will be able to
trade your own stocks short.

Too many people try to ‘follow the

money’ - BUT I assure you, going against
the herd, making calm, rational decisions,

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

12. Keep it simple… stocks you are trading, it is my strong

recommendation you ONLY choose a
So profound yet so true… few simple ones to actually trade.

Most traders like to make trading more It will make your trading easier as you
complicated than it should be suffering become more confident and familiar with
‘paralysis by analysis’ and swamping their the strategies and techniques that work
charts with a multiple of indicators. for you, as well as allow you to remove
the ‘clutter’ from your charts and your
But here’s the thing. Whilst you may need head.
to learn various methodologies in order
to learn what works best for you and the

One Final Thought…

So there you have it. I hope you have found this e-book useful and full of information that
you can use immediately to improve your returns in the share market.

I understand how frustrating it can be And please don’t make your decisions on
when you decide to embark on who you trust and how you learn, lightly.
something new, like share investing or
trading - because at one time I was there But if the thought of being in charge of
myself. your own financial future is a goal you’ve
always dreamed about… if you know that
There are many who will offer you a ‘sure what your doing now is not going to get
fire’ system, their own little ‘black box’ you there then I urge you please keep
that they claim will take you from rags to reading because what I am about to
riches in only a few short months. But let share with you is completely unique to
me be clear. Like anything worth doing in the Australian Financial Market Place.
life, it takes time to learn how to trade
profitably and consistently, so you will
need to make a commitment and put in
the effort. Don’t expect to do an hours
work a week and be a millionaire in four

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

A Share Education and Investment Company

With A MAJOR Difference…
You probably downloaded this eBook to learn about share trading, learn about managed
portfolios or simply to learn more about us and the way we approach the market.

But whatever your reasons, I am sure you realise that we do things very differently to every
other share education and investing company in Australia.

For a start we are able to offer our clients a choice. A choice no other share education or
investment company can.

1. Self Education
Through Australia’s ONLY Fully Government Accredited Diploma and Advanced
Diploma of Share Trading and Investment


2. Investment
Individually Managed Account Services with audited returns of over 25% (before
gearing) - we do all the work and you get all the results

Portfolio 4 Yr Total Return 4 Yr Perf Not Geared 4 Yr Perf Geared*

Super 83.40% 20.85% 32.60%
Blue Chip 101.58% 25.40% 41.69%
Growth 156.94% 39.24% 69.37%
Mid Cap 141.70% 35.42% 61.75%

Represents the average annual change in capital value per annum net of fees and brokerage. Assumes
reinvestment of income. 4 year return to 6 Apr 07. *Geared to 50%.
Past Performance is no indication of future performance.

Returns audited by PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

So why choose Wealth Within?... Because Quite Simply…

We Are In a Unique Position in the Australian

Financial Market Place
We are the only company to be able to offer you the complete package…

1) We have the licences…

1. A Dealers and Advisers Licence
with ASIC

The dealers and advisers licence with

ASIC (Australian Security and
Investments Commission) gives you
peace of mind and security knowing
that your working with a company
that is externally audited by the
Federal Government under the
Financial Services Act.

And we are an:

2. Accredited Registered Training

Organisation (RTO)

This is the exact same accreditation

held by your local TAFE College and
is your guarantee of quality.

To secure this accreditation, all the

information and training methods
contained in our comprehensive
diploma modules had to be externally
audited and reach levels of
compliance matched by no other
share educator in the market place.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

2) We have the experience… 3) Australia’s Only Accredited

Diploma and Advanced Diploma of
Everyday we actively manage 10’s of Share Trading and Investment.
million’s of our clients money through
our Individually Portfolio Management By undertaking Australia’s only
Services using the exact same trading government accredited share trading
methodologies we teach you. course at Diploma level you will receive
an official qualification that only Wealth
And we let those returns speak for Within can provide.
themselves. These returns have been
externally audited by accounting firm Recognised both nationally and
PKF (see previous page) internationally, this qualification is your
guarantee of quality. It also means that
And what’s more…YOUR coaches and our courses are independent evidence
assessors have been through the training that you will be competent in the
and are traders themselves as are our techniques and strategies taught.
professional analysts who achieve these
results week in week out…So you know You can decide whether you do the
your dealing with the right people… formal requirements to obtain the
people who really do walk the talk. qualification, or work at your own pace in
your own time.
And of course we have:

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

You’re fully supported;

Our students come first. And they deserve to be supported every step of the way. All
students at the Wealth Within Institute have access to our comprehensive support system
which includes:

• Support from our traders

These are the same professional traders and analysts who manage the portfolios for
our clients. Your questions and enquires will always be answered efficiently and
promptly so you never feel like you’re on your own.

• Internet Forums

Ask any question you want about the methodologies being taught and watch live as
the traders answer them on the charts right in front of you. Designed as interactive
sessions you are able to ask questions as they arise and have them answered straight
away. So it really doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world.

• Webinars

Designed to support the information you’re learning in the modules this series of
webinars allow you to see first hand how we apply the techniques we are teaching
you in the diploma.

• Plus a whole lot more

To enable you to achieve your financial goals in the share market, we give you the
right combination of services that will ensure you achieve the success you desire.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Special Offer...
Enrol in the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment in the next 14 days and receive
$1,165 worth of additional value. That’s right, enrol in the next 14 days and we will include
absolutely FREE:

• State of the art trading software valued at $945. Receive the Market Analyst
Professional Edition - the ideal tool for the serious trader;

• Six months end of day data valued at $180…..and;

• A training CD valued at $40.

If you would like more information about exactly what is contained in our competency
based diploma modules and the comprehensive support services you receive click here now
or call one of our Client Services Consultants on 1300 Share Trade (1300 742 738) to take
advantage of this special offer NOW.

Not interested in doing it yourself BUT still want outstanding returns

then our….

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Individually Managed Portfolio Services…

Will be of interest to you
Unlike any other product on the market, our Individually Managed Portfolios let you retain
all the benefits of holding a share in your name, whilst achieving returns that far outstrip
industry averages.

Portfolio 4 Yr Total Return 4 Yr Perf Not Geared 4 Yr Perf Geared*

Super 83.40% 20.85% 32.60%
Blue Chip 101.58% 25.40% 41.69%
Growth 156.94% 39.24% 69.37%
Mid Cap 141.70% 35.42% 61.75%

Represents the average annual change in capital value per annum net of fees and brokerage. Assumes
reinvestment of income. 4 year return to 6 Apr 07. *Geared to 50%.
Past Performance is no indication of future performance.

These returns are externally audited by accounting firm PKF

As a boutique investment company in the Australian market place we are able to offer you
outstanding service rarely experienced in the financial market. With every individually
managed portfolio able to offer you the following benefits:

• The share investments remain in • You receive all the income

your name; (dividends) and taxation benefits
not normally received through
• 24 hour seven day a week access managed funds;
to your portfolio and quarterly
reports on your results…not • And of course your whole
many other funds can offer you portfolio is actively managed by
this; our expert analysts who specialise
in timing the market NOT time
in the market.

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

Your risks are minimised and returns Self Managed Super Funds…
Our Managed Portfolio’s are perfect for
The portfolios are tailored specifically to those with a Self Managed Super Fund
you and your risk profile. You also have who want all the benefits… such as
the option of leveraging your account income, capital growth… you receive by
using margin lending (not applicable for owning the shares in your own name and
Superannuation Accounts) or the equity NONE of the hassle of having to do the
in your home to maximise your returns. work yourself. Leaving you free to enjoy
life, play golf, go on holidays… without
worrying about your investments.

If you would like to know more about

our Individually Managed Portfolio
Accounts click here now or call one of
our Client Services Consultants on
1300 Share Trade (1300 742 738).

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Our clients are so thrilled with what they're experiencing through Wealth Within that
they've shared some of their experiences...

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank recommendations it has grown by

you and your warm and professional approximately 75%. Additionally we have
team for the excellent, grounded service been managing our separate 'freedom
you provide to us. We deeply appreciate fund' which has moved by 200% using
it. My husband has sought to self educate leverage in a similar time frame.
for years on share trading, and we have a
veritable library of books on the matter. With the Wealth Within education
Over the years I have also sought to course, my partner has done most of it
understand the 'ducks guts' with a 100% on behalf of our family, but in the last
success rate of being overwhelmed by the few months we decided that 2 heads are
inadequacy of the information, and have better than one! Since this has begun we
just left it thinking that it was not my bag. have become more confident and really
enjoy the back testing process. It is great
However, when my husband bought your fun! So.... again, I say thankyou to you
book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds and your people who are our partners in
by 20%' 2 years ago, it fell off the bedside the knowledge of wealth.
table into my hands, I read it, devoured it,
and it turned on all the switches in my Ruth F, Tasmania
head. As a consequence, we set up our
own self managed super 20 months ago
and with the Wealth Within

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

I have been trading for many years, but I

want to say since subscribing to your
services my portfolio is consistently in
profit and making some big gains. You
definitely have a standard for helping
people that is hard to emulate, let alone

John S, Melbourne

I cannot speak highly enough of the

whole package that is provided by Wealth
Within. I have completed the first three
modules of the program and my
expectations have certainly been
exceeded. The support provided by the
team shows that they obviously care
about the education and training that
their members receive. You definitely feel
that you are part of an exclusive and
privileged club.

Fred S, Sydney
Dale I subscribed to your Course in
February of this year and I am already
making money by adhering to your To anyone who desires support and the
trading rules. I wish I had heard about it development of technical knowledge in
12 months ago!!!! I would have been able trading/investing in the stock market, I
to afford a family holiday to Europe!!!! highly recommend Wealth Within as an
organization that will provide the
Bill P, Brisbane necessary support and expertise to ensure
you profit from the market.

I just wanted to let you know that after David B, Canberra

completing the first three modules, I have
already recouped the money I paid to
undertake the course. I have never been
able to do this before. Thank you. If only
everyone else offered the support you do!

John G, Gold Coast

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

I really wish I had this material when I I really don't know where to start to
was getting started in the share market as thank Dale and his team for their
it would have saved me a lot of money fantastic support and assistance
and taught me great trading habits right throughout the course. I had done a few
from the beginning. other courses, but Dale has simplified the
training in his course without leaving
Your support makes the task of trading anything out in regards to the art to
far easier and less stressful. I highly trading. My returns are sitting in the 32%
recommend the program as the range and I have been so impressed with
structured modules and ongoing support the overall scope of the course that I
provide a clear pathway to understanding have been recommending my family and
the share market. friends to take hold of the steering wheel
of their financial future and make a
Alan O, Shepperton positive step forward.

Doug C, Sydney
I just wanted to take a moment to give
praise where praise is due. Please give
yourselves a pat on the back. I just
checked my portfolio of eight stocks
bought solely on your weekly report
recommendations and they are 19.7% in
profit with the first of them bought just 5
months ago! Annualised that's 47.28%.
When I think what the banks offer as a
return on investments, I just want to hug

Ian M, Melbourne

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How To Profitably Trade The Share Market In Any Market Condition

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