Satyam Placement Papers and Sample Papers

Papers Provided By - A combined effort of Ashok Kumar,Ashish Singh, Shashi BHushan Kumar and Sumit Kumar. JIIT 3rd yr. Satyam Aptitude test 11 JUne JIIT Noida. 30 min. 15 ques. 1/4 negative marking. 1. From a total of 10 bulbs 6 bulbs are working.One has to choose 3 bulbs out of them. what is the probability that all the 3 bulbs will be glowing. a) 1/6 b) 1/29 c) 1/29 d) 30/29 e) None of these.

2. A sum at a given rate of intrest becomes 1200 in 4 yrs. 2000 in 5 yrs. what was that sum. a) 2000 b) 1500 c)2500 d) 1800 e) None of the above. Ans... e) None of the above. (sum ....800) 3. Three teams J,K,L . some conditions like J is in the left of K , L is in the middle of K and L and so on. 4. Students fail in at least 2n-p subjects. n is the number of subjects. p is an integer. If total number of failures is 63. what is the number of students. 5. if STRONG is written as ------. Then ENERGY will be written as ------. 6. G,R,S are three towns. If G is North west of S. R is east of S. which city is north most. 7. Side of cube add to 4 feet. what is the volume of cube. i) 64 inch^3 ii) 128 inch^3 iii) 512 inch^3 iv) None Ans i) 64 inch^3. 8. Logical reasoning ...If battery is down Razor will not work. .... 9. If tomato price is hiked by 65%. Apple price by 10%. Tomato is now dearer than apple. Some conclusions..... 10. In a chessboard of 64 squares. Pearls are to be decorated such that each corner has 1 pearl. And each side has three pearls. How many pearls will be required. 11. A number plate has 3 digits. If first digit is always 1. And rest two digits are in ascending order. Total number of differnt numbers that can be given the number plate. 12. Data interpretation. 3 pie charts and a histogram were given. What is the average ? 13. Number generator... If a given sequence was given to the number generator ,it processes the sequence as.... step 1: Multiply each number by 2. step 2: sort the numbers in ascending order. step 3: increase 1st, 3rd and 6th number by 6. step 4: again sort. step 5: add 1 to 1st, 2 to 2nd , 3 to 3rd , 5 to 4th, 7 to 5th, 11 to 6th . ( Pattern was not given only output sequence was given, you have to identify this pattern.) If given sequence is input of the number generator. What will be it's state in step 4. 14. Odd one out. Very simple, 4 were geometric figures and last one was a zig-zag. 15. Average of 8 scores is 85. After removing the "maximum" score and next to maximum which is "maximum-2".The average comes out to be 83.What is the maximum.

======================================== ========================================= GD topics . 10 min. 10 memebers each Group. 1. Higher education in India or abroad. 2. Mercy Killing. 3. Positive impact of Wstern culture on India. 4. Younger man should marry a elder woman or not. (absolutely not...). 5. Love marriage or Arrange marriage. 6. Banning new year party safe or not. 7. Dress code in colleges. 8. Copying the west. 9. Working woman Vs House wife

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