Some of the topics of GD are….

1) ROLE OF WOMEN IN INDIAN ARMED FORCES 2) IS INDIA READY FOR IT OUTSOURCING 3) POLITICAL SITUATION IN INDIA FAVOURING IT 4) CHINA IS A THREAT TO INDIA IN IT. 5) ROLE OF ELECTRONICS MEDIA IN INDIA…. 6) Economic development of US its impact on IT 7) Indo pak relations 1. 1.values of n and k is 100. 2.n is divided by k and the integer part of the quotient is stored in i. 3.n is divided by k and the remainder is stored in j. 4.i is multiplied by itself to get the new value of i. 5.if the values of I and j are equal then n is printed. 6.add 1 to n. 7.if the value of n exceeds 999 then stop. 8.go to step 2 the result of the above logic is a. 124,248,369,…. B. 101,204,309,… c. 111,222,333,… d. none ans.B * 2. 1. sony=0 2. jimmy =1 3. add jimmy to sony to get new sony 4. add sony to jimmy to get new jimmy 5. if jimmy is equal to 34 then stop 6 go to step 3 What will be the value of sony when the logic terminates a. 15 b. 18 c. 21 d. none Ans. 3. Sony=21


. get cost of the item (c ) 1.get number of items (n) 2.multiply n by c to get total cost (tc) 3if tc is above 10000 then discount (d)=5% 4.if tc is less then 10000 but more than 5000 and c is above 85 then d=4.5% 5.if tc is less than 5000 and c>65 and n >50then d=4% what will be the discount if 40 items were purchased each costing Rs. 58 . a. 5% b. 4.5% c. 4% d. none none

5 . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. k=0 add 1 to k to get the value of z p= quotient of z divided by 10 m= remainder of z divided by 10 if m=p-1 then print z add 1 to k if the value crosses 99then stop goto 2

the result of the above steps is (a) 11,22,33,……. (d) none (b) 10, 21,32,43,……… (c)12,23,34,……..





IS Q1-R1=1 ?





IS FN=100 ?

THE NUMBER of values that are printed are a. 9 ans a b. 19 c. 29 d. none

7) 1. cost of item C=RS 50 2. total cost (TC)=0 3. number of items purchased N =1 4. TC=TC+C 5. If the remainder of N divided by 5 is 0 then reduce Rs 10 from C 6. Increase the value of N by 1. Using the above rule , how much money should one pay after buying 12 items a. 480 b. 510c. 540 d. none

8) every applicant takes three test .candidate is selected if he/she secures 80% above in the aggregate and 75% and above in at least two test . all test are evaluated to 100 marks. +
C=0 Get t1, t2, t3

Is t1>74? no

Is t2>74

Is t3>74?

yes C=c+1




Is c>1 ?

Is j>=80&<= 100?

yes yes
withheld reject


no if the candidate scores 96,78,&68in the three test going

by the above logic,his result will be a. rejected b. selected

c. withheld d. none


R=8 & j=5

Print R


Print L



Is R>80?



the output of the above logic is a. 8, 13, 21, 32, 47, 63 10.

b. 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 ,….

C. 8, 13, 34, 55




Print n

J=int (k/10) L=reminder (k/10)




if the numbers like 244, 514, 136, etc are to be printed from the above logic the ? should be replaced with a. is j=l or j=l/2 b. j+l=d c. is j+l+d=10 d. none

11. 1. let fn=1 2. let a=2 3. let fn be fn multiplied by a and add 1 to it 4. write the value of fn 5. if the value written is more than 777 then stop 6. ----------------------------------------------------------7. go to 3 if the expected output from the above logic is 3, 10, 41, 206, 1237, then the statement in the line 6 should be a. let a=a*a b. a=a+a c.a=a+1 d. none 12.
N=2 R=N+1 J=N*R Print j N=N+1 n>9 ?



the result of the above logic is a. 6,8,14, b. 6 , 12, 20 , 30,

c. 6, 12, 18, 24,


ans. b 13. the following qualifications are necessary for the recruitment of the librarian. The candidate must 1. have masters degree in library science with atleast 55% marks 2. have one year specialization in information technology 3. have atleast 10 yrs experience in university in case the candidate has 4. 15 yrs experience in college ,the case may be reffered to vice chancellor 5. has obtained less then 55% but has 13 yrs experience in university, the case may be referred to registrar. 6. Has Ph.D in library science/Documentation the condition (1) may be waived. Gopal Brahma has been Deputy Librarian of SLC University since 1982 and has a masters degree in library science with 53% marks. Given the above rules the gopals information, gopal should be a. selected b. rejected c. referred to VC d. none

14. the following rules are applied for the appointment in a company
Graduate with above 50%


Sex=male ?


Age >19?


yes yes
Age>21 ?


Percent >75?

Deposit= 10000


Sruti’s father Vijay works in a company. She secured 72% marks in her 12 th class and holds Deposit=20000 Percent post graduate qualification in Information systems. She was born on 15 th march 1975. Given >60? this data, the deposit to be paid by her to get employment in the company is Deposit=40000 a. 10000 b. 20000 c. in adequate data d. none
Child of employee ? Reduce deposit by half


1. r =2 2. j=R*R-R 3. R=R+1 4. K=R*R-R Print deposit 5. Print K-J 6. Let J=K 7. If R>8 then stop 8. Goto 3 The result of the above logic is a. 4, 9, 16, 25, b. ans. b 16.
N=66 D=N/2

4, 6, 8, 10

c. 4,4 ,4,,4 d.none


Is reminderof n/2=0 ?



yes after how much iterations will the above logic terminate? a. 8 b. 6 c.7 d. none (b) ans. C (?) 17. 1. t=1 2. T1=T*1000 3. T2=T+1 4. T3=T2*100 5. T4=T2+1 6. T5=T4*10 7. T6=T4+1 8. T7=T1+T3+T5+T6 9. PRINT T7 10.T=T+1 11.IF T<8 THEN 2 12.STOP Which of the following values is not printed by the above logic

a. 6789 ans b

b. 7890

c. 7900

d. none





Print p

K=P J=J+2




The descion to be checked if 7, 15, 27, 43, 63 were to be printed is a. is J>8 b. is J=8 J>10 d. none
Cost =0 Total cost(TC)=0 Make aAdd 1 to TC telephone call Is TC> 100? Is TC> 200 ? Cost=cost+0.3






How many calls can one make for Rs 50 using above logic a. 200 b. 175 c. 180 d. none 20.
Pass mark=33% Mark secured=210

Total marks=700

Passed ?


If the path taken is no by securing how many marks can the yes path be taken? a. 21 b. 29 c. 40 d. none


Accept N


Print sum



Is K<=N ?

For what value of N will the above logic produce the result 1, 3, 6, 10, 15 a. 10 b. 4 . ans 5 d. cnone


Car1=0,Car2=0 Time=8 AM


Print car1,car2


Car1=car1+1 Car2=car2+1 Time =12 ?


which equation represents the above logic a. 4x+4y b. 8x+4y 23. identify the correct sequence 1. M stands for multiplication 2. S stands for subtraction 3. A stands for addition 4. B stands for brackets 5. D stands for divison 6. O stands for of a. 4-5-6-1-2-3 b.4-6-5-1-2-3 24.
Accept N P1=N/10

c. 4x+8y

d. none



P2=reminder (n/10)

For what value of N will the logic print 88 Print Q1=P2*10+P1 a. 18 Q2 b. 17 Q2=N+Q1 42 c. d.none a. 5 b. 10 c.7 d. none ### 25. a person distributes the pens among four friends in the ratio 1/3:1/4:1/5:1/6 1. LCM of 3, 4, 5, and 6 is 60 2. Ratio is 20:15:12:10 3. The sum is 57 The above logic gives a. maximum number of pens the person should have b. minimum he should have c. the highest number of pens given d. none

26. 1. let the value of N be 10 2. divide N by 10 to give quotient (q) & remainder R 3. diff=r-q 4. if diff=1 then 6 5. go to 7 6. display the value of n 7. add 1 to n 8. if n is less than 100 then go to step 2 the above logic will produce a. 11,12, 13, 14 b.12, 23, 34 c. 21, 32, 43, 54, 27.
Accept a,b,c

d. none

Is a+b >c ?

No Yes
Is a+c >b? Is b+c>a ?



Print perfect



For what value of a,b,c, we will get the output as perfect a. 12, 30, 4 b. 36, 45, 25 c. 20,80, 15 d. none


Accept nod

Is nod>365?


Is nod<7 ?


Print nod

no yes
W=nod/7 Y=nod/365 what value of Print y Nod=nod-365

For a. 383

nod will the above logic print 1, 1, 3Print nod Nod=nod-w*7 Print w b. 375 c. 368 d.none

29. a man has Rs 128 in currency of one , five, ten rupee denominations. If he has the equal no. of denominations ,the total number of notes he will have is a. 24 b. 36 c. 16 d. none ### 30. when a is divided by b, it is required to round off the result to nearest integer,the logic is given below give the correct sequence 1. divide a by b giving c 2. subtract int (a/b) from c and store the result in d. 3. if remainder (a/b) is =0 then stop 4. print int(a/b) 5. if d>.49 increase the value of integer(a/b)by 1. a. 1, 3, 2, 5, 4 b. 1, 3, 2, 4, 5 c.1, 2 ,3, 5, 4 d. none 31. a cistern is filled in 9 hrs and it takes 10 hrs when there is leak in the bottom. If the cistern is full. in what time will it become empty a. 90 hrs b. 94hrs c. 92 hrs d. none

32. the cost of printing a book is Rs 500.every additional copy that is printed reduces the copy by Rs 5 if more than 40 copies are printed the cost further falls by Rs12 .the book is to be sold at Rs 285. The logic is given below cost price=500 number of books =1 do the following while cp>285 if nb<40 substract 5 from cp other wise substract 12 from cp end of if add 1 to nb end of do print economical if the above logic is implemented after how many copies will the word economical be printed a. 50 b. 48 c. 42 d. none


Gift in hand(g)=25

D=D+1 G=G-1 Day(d)=1


D=even ?


D=multip le of 5?

yes yes
G=G-5 G=G-2

If a distributes gifts using the above rules, starting Sunday as day1 , when will he be left with no gifts a. Tuesday, 10th day b. Wednesday, 11th day c. Saturday, 14th day d. none

34.the average age of a class of 45 is 20 years.the age of the teacher is 30 years. The average age of the 46 people is together is. 1. j =z x l 2. m = j+30 3. z =20 4. r =m/(l+1) 5. l =45 the average logic represents the solution for the given problem. The correct sequence is a. 5-3-1-4-2 b. 5-3-1-2-4 c. 5-3-2-1-4 d. none

34. when Madan said that he was born on 31-9-83, everybody laughed. The logical sequence of steps involved in reducing madan’s statements are given below 1. if the day of birth is greater than y (month of birth ) then wrong 2. since 1983 is not a leap year February has 28 days 3. store 31,28,31,…..,31 in an array y (12) 4. month of birth is not less than 1 and not greater than 12, therefore month of birth is valid the right sequence of steps is a.3-1-4-2 b. 3-2-4-1 c. 3-2-1-4 d. none 35. the logic to convert a 3 digit number to words is given, ex 123 should be written as one two three 1.accept the number n 2.if n<100 or n>999 go to step 1 3. split n into hundreds (h), tens(t), and units(u) words zero,one,two,…in arrayw(10) 5.print w (h),w(t),w(u) 6.stop the above logic is a.incomplete b. complete

c.complete but inefficient


36.given a no. which is more than 99 but less than 1000,the logical sequence of steps to say how many hundreds,tensand units are there in the given no. is given below. identify the logical order. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. get the no. n write the quotient and the words “tens”. write the remainder and the words”units”. write the quotient and the words”hundreds”. divide the no. n by 100 and get the quotient and the remainder. divide the remainder by 10 giving the quotient and remainder.



c. 1,5,4,6,2,3


37. step 1. no. of toffees in hand( tih)=2 of picks(nop)=1 3.multiply tih by 2 4.add 1 to nop. 5.if nop is less than 4 then step 3 6.print tih 7.stop the value of tih at the end of execution of logic is a. 16 b.24 c.30 d. none



Print n



Is n<1?


Is n> 50 ? Print n N=n/2

The output from the above is a.1,2,4,8,16,8,4,2,1, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,32,16,8,4,2,1--

b.1,2,4,8,16,32,32,16,8,4,2,1, d.none


N=1 Print n*n*n N=n+p N< 10



If the values printed are 1,27,125,343 and 729, the value of p is a.1 b. 2 -c3 d.none ### 40.

1.accept a,b, c,d. 2.if a<100 or a>999 then 1. 3. if b<10 or b>99 then 1 4.if c<100 or a>999 then 1 5.if d<100 or d>999 then 1 6.a1 =remainder (a/100):a2=remainder (a1/10) 7.b1=remainder(b/10) 8.c1=remainder (c/100): c2=remainder (c1/10) 9 d1=remainder (d/100):d2=remainder(d1/10) 10.x= a2 +b1+c2+d2 11. print x 12. stop


if a=321,b=26, c=798, d=512 then the value of x as printed is a. 17 b.20 c.16 d.none--


rajesh can do a piece of work in 15 days. If he is joined by nitin who is 50% more efficient , in what time will both finish the work . a.10days b. 6days -c.18days d.none

### 42.
Accept x,y,z Accept a,b,c



Is y<x?


Is b>h?



Is y<z?


Is z< x?

no no no
Is c>h? H=c Print y Print z

yes x Print


If the values passed to the se two flow charts are 123,468,76, the outputs are a.l=468,ll=76 b. l=468, ll=468, c. l=76,ll=76 d. none 43. the logical sequence of steps to calculate the average of n no. is given below. 1.let the sum (s) of n no.s be zero 2.get the value of n 3. let the value of a be n 4.add n to s 5.add 1 to a 6.if a is not equal to n then goto 4 7. compute average by dividing s by n the above logic is a.correct d.none




c.inadequate data

44.identify the correct logical order to write your name in reverse order 1.count the no. of alphabets in your name (l). 2. if l become zero then stop . 3. reduce the value of l by 1 4`write the lth character 5.transfer control to the step where the value of l is reduced . a. 1,4,3,5,2 b.1,4,3,2,5-- c. 1,3,4,2,5 d.none

45.six girls a,b,c,d,e& f have 10 marbles each.a & b take 4 marbles each from d &e respectively.c gives 3 marbles to f who in turn gives 2 marbles to d & 4 marbles to e. e takes back the marbles she had given to b &gives them to c . the eq. Are given below 1.a=a+4 7.f=f-4 2.b=b+4 8.c=c-3 3.d=d-4 9.d=d+2 4.e=e-4 10.e=e+4 5.f=f+3 6.f=f-2



the above sequence of steps are a.complete b. incomplete

c.incorrect d.none

46.subtract 3 from the no. x .multiply the result by 3, add3&then divide this result by 3.the final result is a. x-2-b.x+2 c.x+1 d.x

47.given a sentence which has only lower case letters &which ends a period(.), you are asked to count the no.s of vowels & consonants.the logical sequence of steps is given below.arrange them in correct order . 1.if character=a,e.i.o or u increase VC by 1 else increase CC by 1. 2. print VC,CC a character 4.if character read is “ ” . then goto print VC,CC. 5.goto read a character . 6.stop 7.initialize VC,CC to 0 your logical sequence of steps is a.7,3,4,1,5,2,6 b.7,4,3,1,2,5,6 c .7,3,4,5,1,2,6-none ### 48. of units consumed(nuc)=closing reading-opening reading 2.if nuc <100 units then 5 3.if nuc <200 units then 6 4.if nuc <300 units then 7 5.charge =nuc 6.charge =100+(nuc-100)*2 7.charge=300+(nuc-200)*3 8.print charge if the opening reading is 785 &the closing reading is 865 , charge is a.80 -b.60 c.-60 d. none


49.employee retires at the age of 58. the management has the dob of each employee ids dd/mm/yyyy for . the logic to know the names and the retirement year of each of 500 employees is given below.identify the logical order. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. get name & dob of an employee extract the year of birth from the dob. no. of employees (noe) is 500 write name & retirement year add 58 to year of birth reduce noe by 1 do while no. of employees is not equal to 0





d .none

50.what is the purpose of the following flowchart
C=0 Add 1 to c T=0 Add I to t Display p P=c*t Is t=10?


Is c=10 ?

a.compute product of two no.s 100 times b. print multiplication table from 1 to 10.-c. multiply two no.s 10-times. d. none

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