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Chronology of Tensegrity

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Chronology of Tensegrity
A chronology of events and publications relating to the history and advance of tensegrity.

Table of Contents
Chronology of Tensegrity Tensegrity History By Decade Tensegrity Chronology, pre1940's Tensegrity Chronology, 1940's Tensegrity Chronology, 1950's Tensegrity Chronology, 1960's Tensegrity Chronology, 1970's

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Tensegrity History By Decade
Tensegrity Chronology, pre-1940's
1920 Karl Ioganson displays a proto-tensegrity system, called "Gleichgewichtkonstruktion". The relevance of this sculpture to tensegrity is disputed and was only uncovered in retrospect.

Tensegrity Chronology, 1940's

Types and Polyhedra
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Tensegrity 1940's David Georges Emmerich (Debrecen-Hungary, 1925-1996), probably Chronology, 1980's inspired by Ioganson's structure, studies different kinds of structures as tensile Tensegrity prisms and more complex tensegrity systems, which he called "structures Chronology, 1990's tendues et autotendants", tensile and selfstressed structures (see fig 2.3). As Tensegrity a result, he defined and patented his "reseaux autotendants," the same kind Chronology, 2000's of structures that were being studied by Fuller and Snelson. Tensegrity 1948 summer. Fuller, teaching at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, Chronology, 2010's USA. Fuller and Snelson meet. Snelson told Coplans: "Bucky was... talking of Tensegrity Chronology, tension and compression... I started to think of something like a swinging References pendulum sculpture. The sculpture consisted of a succession of forms: the lower one supporting the upper one and suspended by a girth of thread. It is slung and the sculpture moves like a spinal column; the form is very flexible. I did two or three sculptures like this and then it occurred to me that to remove the mobility would be a curious thing. I would then have these units separated from one another and retained rigidly in space if I tied the strings in a different manner. The only difference is that both compression members are completely free of one another. It has no top, bottom or sides, and could be placed into orbit." 1948 X-module by Snelson 1949 summer. Snelson shows Fuller his first Tensegrity sculpture.

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Tensegrity Chronology, 1950's
1951 Festival of Britain displays the Skylon, a tensile sculpture held in place at one end by only three cables by architects Powell and Moya, and built by the engineer Felix Samuely. 1953 Minnesota University. Fuller realization at large scale of a rigid tensegrity structure with 270 nonidentical rods. The structure is patented by Fuller later, in 1962.

Artifacts and Procedures
60 Struts ADAM Collapsible Truss System

http://tensegrity.wikispaces.com/Chronology+of+Tensegrity[2011/4/15 11:36:54]

rwgrayprojects. Structures linéaires autotendants. 3." 1959 tensegrity displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. 3. sectioned to 5/8 of a sphere. 1964 1964 Patent: Fuller. Stanley Black wrote an unpublished study which tried to recall the main concepts known at that time and to figure out some possible systems and configurations.. R. R. 1. 1965 Patent: Snelson. 1972 J. 3. 1963 Trigonal Tower Aluminum and Steelon Wire by Snelson 1964 Patent: Emmerich. Queen’s University Belfast. Column by Snelson Tensegrity Chronology. September 28.611. French Patent No.S.S. 1954. 1975 Patent: Fuller.. 3. 1997. July 7.235. An interwoven dome of a 22m diameter. Autotendant icosaédrique. 1988. D.591.377. R.377.B.4 of a sphere. 3. 1972 Patent: Mogilner. 3. February 18.S. 1967. C.169. The outer ends of each element were calibrated with regards to the central point of the adjacent elements. but something more similar to Levy and Geiger’s works (Geiger. Construction de réseaux autotendants. Patent No. 1965.com/Chronology+of+Tensegrity[2011/4/15 11:36:54] .. June 29. “Tensegrity”. No. 1962.B.S. D. and his final design was not a reflection of a true tensegrity system. K.com/rbfnotes/fpapers/tensegrity/tenseg01. Patent No. Patent No. U. U.B. September 28. 1970's 1972 Frei Otto for Summer Olympics structure is a tensile structure very close to tensegrity in design 1972 Published: Black.063. R.B.B.354. 2. 1972.366. 3.695. pp. forming a complex six frequency triacontahedron tensegrity..4. 1992). "Reseaux". Portfolio and Art News Annual... 148. Patent No. 1972 12 strut right angled 3-way unit with double end-caps by Snelson 1973 René Motro begins to publish on Tensegrity. The struts were made of wooden centine. 144.G. Tensegrity Structure Puzzle.290.A. Patent No. 1964 1964 Patent: Emmerich. Tensegrity Chronology. Setzer. G. Basket weave tensegrity by Fuller.617.S. Although it was a good attempt. 1967 Sculpture: Double Six by Snelson 1969 Sculpture: E. Patent No.. Cords and countercords. Suspension Building.291. the basis of tensegrity were not very clear at that moment. It was an internal note for the Laboratory of Civil Engineering of the University of Montpelier (France) about mechanical behaviour of this kind.Chronology of Tensegrity Bicycle Biot Tensegrity Robot Blur Building by Diller & Scofidio Bridge DNA How To Build A 3 Strut Copper Base for a Table How To Build A 30 Strut Soda Straw Dodecahedron Icosahedron WIth Mitch Amiano's Connectors How To Build A 3 Strut Copper Base for a Table How To Build A 3 Strut Hammock Stand How To Build A 30 Strut Soda Straw Dodecahedron edit navigation 1954 Patent: Fuller..tensegrity . U. 1961 Published: Fuller. 1. 1962 Patent: Fuller. Also available in http://www. Continuous tension..G. U. International Conference on Space Structures. The first deresonated tensegrity with 270 identical rods. 1967 Patent: Fuller. Incidence sur leur comportement mécanique. Goosen et al. http://tensegrity. U. segmented and interwoven. November 13.. Patent No. 1975. D. Unpublished BArch dissertation. which permitted the cost to be sharply reduced.B. approximately 15m high. Tensile-Integrity Structures.682. Proposal for a tensile building system.866. October 3.wikispaces. discontinuous compression structures. School of Architecture. The structure is described in Synergetics as "isotropic tensegrity geodesic sphere: single bonded turbo triangles. This geodesic also corresponds to the alternate breakdown of a 4v icosahedron. 1960's 1960 Long Beach State Collete. S. University of Surrey.S. Octahedronal building truss.S.. G. February 16. The realization of a rigid tensegrity structure in bamboo with a diameter of 14m.139.957. R. U. U.. French Patent No. November 28.html 1961 Southern Illinois University. 1955 Fuller coins tensegrity as a contraction of “Tensional-Integrity” 1959 Oregon University. Topologie des structures discrètes. pp. R.1059-1072.112.. Non-symmetrical tensegrity. 1966 Published: Emmerich.521.. 1964. Building construction.J.127.

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