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ON BEHALFOF ORPHANS THE DUPLESSIS BY Dr. JONATHANLEVY, PhD & ATTORNEY SOLICITOR Victims Orphan Onbehalfof83 Duplessis RODVIENNEAU Pr€sidcnt Noirceul l€s de ComitC EDfants la Grande
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LEVY, ESQ. Dr. JONATHAN Brimstone Co. & & Attomeys Soliaitors 300 1629 St€etNW Suite K USA Washington 20006 DC TEL 202-318-2406 FAj{202-318-2406


I. INTRODUCTIONTO PETITION ftom fosterGhildrcn are Orphans a groupofat least100,000 TheDuplessis mother' Some had Some no parcnts.Some onlyanunmarried had Canada. Quebec, for cared in an wouldbebetter parents thought children who the hadimpoverished dghts. their and Orderrun institution relinquished parcntal Catholic Church cared and for ofbeingproperly instead 1950s 1960s, and Dudngthe 1940s, ard psychiatrists promised, parents been had as givena goodeducation, manyofthe 'lnentally ill" or "mentally to children be these falselydeclared medical doctors retarded." refom orphalages, in werewarehoused psychiaticinstitutions, Thechildren govemment to as and schools, otherinstihrlions partofa financialscheme enrichthe Duplessis govemment Maurice under TheQuebea Ordels, and ofQuebec Catholic offirndingfrom a received largevolume I ofQuebec 936-1939,1944-1959) @remier The ofthe children. periodin govemment thesocalledcare for federal theCanadian due Darkness") to Noirceur("TheGreat the historyis called La Grande Quebec among whichwasthefeatmentof theDuplessis foremost rampant corruption Oryhans. in in particularly weretrafficked by theOrders, newboms, Otherchildren, padicular Sisters Mercy. of the themselves' institutions Order-run in Catholic while institutionalized Roman electroshock, to brain'damaging subjeated wereimproperly Orphans manyDuplessis toiure, sexual experimentation, powerfuldrugs, human \Mith forcibleinjections rcsulted physical abuse.Theabusc forcedlaborandotherformsof abuse, beatings, range thethousands. into estimates in manydeaths ftom and individualtestimonies 321criminalcomplaints In the 1990s,240 govemment ln 1997, Quebec a werecompiled Orphans suwivingDuplessis suffercdThe Orphans the verifiedin detailtheabuse Duplessis report ombudsman's ice lobotomies, oftortule,beatings, foundevidence DanielJacoby, ombudsman, and psychosurgery, abuse morc. sexual baths, eleatroshock, Association Psychiatric of DenisLazue,Fesident theCanadian Psychiatrist died in HealthMinistry,admitted his memoi$thatinmates ;f andhead theQuebec that institution he fiom psychiatric "treatmelts"at theinstitutio[ where intemed----an morcthan wercoftennothing teahnents These Orphans. heldmanyDuplessis on pseudo experimentation children. scientific sadistic

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and To date,how€ver,no individual or entity-including the Canadian Duplessis govemments, psychiatdsts doctorswho victimized the and the Quebec Orphansand exploitedthem ashumanguineapigs, andthe RomanCatholicOrders or which ran the institutionshavebeenheld accountable apologizedfor the alleged crirnesandhumanrights abuses. remainhauntedby the false label of In 2010,the survivilg DuplessisOrphans records.Additionally, the federalgovemmentof mentalillness in their medical Canada Plovince of Quebecrefuseto investigatecredibleallegationsof murders and and havepermittedeviderceto be inteltionally destroyed refuseto andgenocide, gravesitesofmurdered victims. documentknown but urunarked as and of The HumanRights Commissions both Canada Quebec lvell asthe eitherrefuseor haveactively coveredup further variousotherCanadian agencies investigationinto the DuplessisOrphansciting eitherstatutcoflimitations or an unwillingnessto reopena closedmatterfrom La CrandeNoirceur' Petitionershowevercite that crimesagainstchildrenincluding murdersshould whenthe individual andjuridic perpetrato$are still at be investigated prosecuted and or liberty. Furthermany ofthe Orphansstitl carry falselabelsof retarded mentally ill prop€rcompensation. Finally, the RomanCatholic andhavebeendeniedjust and Ordersinvolved including but not limited to The Little Frstrcilcrns of Msry' Brotben ofNotre Dame of M€rcy, the Grey Nunr, SfuteB of Mer.Y' Silterr of and of Sisters th€ GoodSh€pherd Sisters Charity of Quebec, of Providetrce, Drme of Auxiliatrice havebeenunjusdy enrichedbut havebeen SiEteBNotrc of permittedto k€epmillions of dollarsin surpluses madeat the expense the orphans. II. TIIE PETITIONERS Lely, by The petitioners,83 DuplessisOrphansrepresetrted Dr, Jonathan NGO Comitd Les Enfantsde la Grande solicitor andattomeyandthe Canadian by Noirceur headed Rod Vienneauhavestandingto bring this case. III EXHAUSTION OF LOCAL REMEDIES as Petitioners haveexhausted local remedies follows: all HnmanRightsCommissionrcfusedjurisdiction and June 16,2010the Canadian referredthe matterto the HumanRights Commissio[ of Qu€bec. to The Commissionstated Mr. Vienneau: has "Your cortespondence beencalefirlly reviewed,andit doesnot appearthat the mattersyou mise arerclatedto a federallyregulatedbody. As a resultthe to Commissionis unableto assistyou. You may wish to biing your concams the attentionof the humandghts coomission for Quebec..."


et On September 2010,the Quebec 23, Commissiondesdroits de la personne to desdrcits de lajeunesse(QuebecHumanRights Commission)responded Petitioners'attomeyregardingwhetherthe matterofthe Orphansincluding the ongoingcoverup could be investigated.The Commissionruled therewasno case underinvestigationregardingthe Orphansthat the mattorwasjurisdictionally baned andthe Commissionrcfusedto conductan intemal investigationofwhether therewas or had beenan activecover up. of Additionally, Rod Vienneauin the pastten yearshaswritten hundreds govemmentoffices, the DioceseofMontleal, the English Crown, lette$ to Canadian politicians,andmediaseekingjusticefor the orphans and a reopeningofthe havebeenpolitely received invesligation. The lettershaveeither goneunanswered, that but no actiontaken,or refenedto other agencies do likewise. haveall found havebeenexhausted. responsible The agencies All local remedies jurisdictional reasons to investigate matterofunresolvedcdmes,false not the are labeling,andthe involvementofthe RomanCatholicOrd€rs.Petitioners left with govelnmentto cover up the policy ofthe Canadian no remedydueto the deliberate crimesofthe La GrandeNoirceur periodin Quebecandspecificallyth€ crimes and committedagainstOrphansby the Ordersandtheir continuingconsequences pdvations. IV THE ORIGINAL CRIMES govemment provide closureandjustice for the past lt is the refusalofthe Canadian to crimesagainstthe Orphansand removethe falsemedicallabelsofretalded and mentally ill which still hauntthe Petitiorc! Orphansthat promptsthis petitio[ The Quebecinstitutions,doctors,RomanCatholicOrdersand otherscommift€dtensof of thousands crimesagainstthe orphans. samplingofcdmes committedagainstOrphan Hereinis a very small rcpresentative petitionersthat occurredduring the La GrandeNoirceur: 1. As a child A was kept in a cell for 6 years,received30 unauthorized electroshocks 150voltsto 350volts... from usedas slavelabor on statefarms,denied 2. B was falsely label mentallyretarded, an educalion,severelybeaten the headand lost his hearingin oneear... on 3. C was forcedto aansportdeadOrphans'bodiesto the morgueandwashthem; he transported bodies,until he himself fell sick.. . 75 PsychiatricHospitalfor 39 4. D washeld againsthis will at Saint-Jean-de-Dieu years,falsely labeledmentally ill, beaten, and straitjacketed, dosedwith chlomromazine...

5. E wastied to a bed in a cell in a straitjacket,tortured,bealen,drugged,deniedan education and falsely labeledmentally retarded,.. 6. F was sexuallymolestedby a Nunlied handandfoot to a steelbedwith collar aroundher neck, irnprisonedin a cell anddosedwith the powerfi tranquiller, (Thorazine)... Largactil repeatedly hospitalguards,whenhe fought back, oneguard by 7. G, Was sodomized blinded G with ajackknife tortued andusedas slavelabor; a CatholicBrother of 8. H was sexuallyabused, Nobe Dameintentionallythrew a hockeypuck hitting him in the eye,blinded hrm his in andreduced visionto 10olo theothereye... cells, 9. I wasillegally held at St Michel Archange,put into punishment and dosedwith Chlorpromazine, hansfenedto other toltured, beaten, straitjacketed, institutions... to was subjected unauthorized 10. J, a Native Am€rican,hadhis identity changed, prisonerfor 18 yearsin psychiatrichospitals,and electroshocks lobotomies,held and 6 yearsasforcedlabor on staterun work farms,.. at I l. K waswarehoused DoreaPsychiatricHospital,usedasa humanmedical subjectfor testsof the drugsGludoxine,Librium, Demerol,Atropine, experiment Largactil; beatenwith a stick, straps,false labeledmentally ill , andimprisonedin a cell... V. COVER UP & FALSE LABELING OF PETITIONERS IS A SERIOUS VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS Petitionen believethat the most seriouscrimes:murderof children,sexual and exploitationofchildren andhafrcking in children,medicalexperimentation, torture shouldbe exemptfrom any arbitrarystatuteoflimitation whenthe main actors Thesearenot randomcnmes are RomanCatholicOrden, their agentsand.employees. crimesagainstan committedby individuatsfor thei own gratification but enormous committedfor financial benefit.The fruits ofthese outrages entire class,the Orphans, restitutionofferedto the havebeenretainedby the guilty partiesandno adequate victims. and the The Orphansstill retainthe stigmaoftheir falsediagnoses, physica.l by caused brain damage emotionalscarsofthe traumasufered, and in somecases

thereforeis in humanexperimentation the nameofmedical science.The damage ard ongoingandhasnot abated will not be staurcheduntil a rcmedyis providedby for Canada closure. the Secondly, ongoingcover up ofcrimes is pervasive.Therearemany facts originally ownedby the Ordersarc being still not kno!v.n. Unmarkedcemeteries eventhoughthe authoritieshavebeenalqted to thesecrime scerles. destroyed due Forensicevidenceis being inlentionally destroyed to the indifferenceand deliberatespoliationofevidence by the Orders. VI LIABILITY OF TIIE ORDERS with petitioners' attomeyand The Od€rs havercfusedto communicate of evidence havebankedthe proceeds and The advocates. Ordershavedestroyed thesecrimesat the IOR and other depositoryinstitutions.Petitioners'submitthat thereis no statuteof limitations for thesecrimesas long asthe Ordcrsremainunjusdy enriched. I'II CONCLUSION that this matterbe refenedto the Congegationfor The petitionersrequest actionto determineifviolations ofcanon and fi.rfthe!study andother appropriate shouldbe CommonLaw haveoccurredand ifcanon and CommonLaw remedies and The dispensed. Ordersinvolved areremissin their dutiesdueto embarassment unwillingnessto reopena dark chapterin their history. This indifferenceto the plight ofthe Orphansis a violation ofuniversal normsofhuman rights. Furtherthe Orders at of haveenrichedthemselves the expense the Orphans. In the words of His Holiness,JohnPaul II: is "Ai excuseis worseandmoreterrible than a lie. for an excuse a lie suarded." It is time that theseOrderscometo termswith their pastand squarelyon the sideof humanrights andjustice or foreverbe taintedand unclean.The victims of thisgreat fiom its will injusticearehoping that the Congregation be ableto elicit a rcsponse ofjustice including an admissionof responsibilityfor the Ordersandthat a measure Orphansmay be obtained.

by Deliveryby U.S.Mail: hoof of Service Mail by Attomey to years not a Party this action' and that I declare I amovertheageofeighteen OnApril 15,201I with eDvelope io a by Petition placing tuo copyenclosed a sealed the I served attached postage prepaid theU.S.mail, in fully as adfuessed follo$,s: LIFE OT FOR THE CONGREGATION INSTITUTES CONSECRATED LIFE OF AND SOCIETIES APOSTOLIC Rona' Itsly Pio Piazza xII, 3, 00193 dellaCongregazioni, Palazzo is that penalty perjuryunder lawsofthe UnitedStqtes theforcgoing the of under I declare trueandcorrect.

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