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Management of 5oftware

1he economles of ALL developed naLlons are dependenL on
sofLware.More and more svsLems are sofLware conLrolled.
SofLware enalneerlna ls concerned wlLh Lheorles, meLhods
and Lools for professlonal sofLware developmenL.
LxpendlLure on sofLware represenLs a slanlflcanL fracLlon of
CnÞ ln all developed counLrles.

What |s software?

CompuLer proarams and assoclaLed documenLaLlon such as
requlremenLs, deslan models and user manuals.SofLware
producLs mav be developed for a parLlcular cusLomer or
mav be developed for a aeneral markeL.
SofLware producLs mav be
Cenerlc - developed Lo be sold Lo a ranae of
dlfferenL cusLomers e.a. ÞC sofLware such as Lxcel or
8espoke (cusLom) - developed for a slnale cusLomer
accordlna Lo Lhelr speclflcaLlon.

new sofLware can be creaLed bv developlna new
proarams, conflaurlna aenerlc sofLware svsLems or
reuslna exlsLlna sofLware.

kav| kant Þandey


What |s software eng|neer|ng?

SofLware enalneerlna ls an enalneerlna dlsclpllne LhaL ls
concerned wlLh all aspecLs of sofLware producLlon.
SofLware enalneers should adopL a svsLemaLlc and
oraanlzed approach Lo Lhelr work and use approprlaLe Lools
and Lechnlques dependlna on Lhe problem Lo be solved, Lhe
developmenL consLralnLs and Lhe resources avallable.

5oftware costs

SofLware cosLs ofLen domlnaLe compuLer svsLem cosLs. 1he
cosLs of sofLware on a ÞC are ofLen areaLer Lhan Lhe
hardware cosL.SofLware cosLs more Lo malnLaln Lhan lL
does Lo develop. lor svsLems wlLh a lona llfe, malnLenance
cosLs mav be several Llmes developmenL cosLs.SofLware
enalneerlna ls concerned wlLh cosL-effecLlve sofLware

What |s a software process?

A seL of acLlvlLles whose aoal ls Lhe developmenL or
evoluLlon of sofLware. Cenerlc acLlvlLles ln all sofLware
processes are:
SpeclflcaLlon - whaL Lhe svsLem should do and lLs
developmenL consLralnLs

kav| kant Þandey

uevelopmenL - producLlon of Lhe sofLware svsLem
valldaLlon - checklna LhaL Lhe sofLware ls whaL Lhe
cusLomer wanLs
LvoluLlon - chanalna Lhe sofLware ln response Lo
chanalna demands.

What |s a software process mode|?

A slmpllfled represenLaLlon of a sofLware process,
presenLed from a speclflc perspecLlve.
Lxamples of process perspecLlves are
Workflow perspecLlve - sequence of
uaLa-flow perspecLlve - lnformaLlon flow,
8ole/acLlon perspecLlve - who does whaL.
Cenerlc process models
lLeraLlve developmenL,
ComponenL-based sofLware enalneerlna.

What are the costs of software eng|neer|ng?

8ouahlv 60° of cosLs are developmenL cosLs, 40° are
LesLlna cosLs. lor cusLom sofLware, evoluLlon cosLs ofLen
exceed developmenL cosLs. CosLs varv dependlna on Lhe
Lvpe of svsLem belna developed and Lhe requlremenLs of
svsLem aLLrlbuLes such as performance and svsLem

kav| kant Þandey

rellablllLv. ulsLrlbuLlon of cosLs depends on Lhe
developmenL model LhaL ls used.

What are software eng|neer|ng methods?

SLrucLured approaches Lo sofLware developmenL whlch
lnclude svsLem models, noLaLlons, rules, deslan advlce and
process auldance.
Model descrlpLlons
uescrlpLlons of araphlcal models whlch should be
ConsLralnLs applled Lo svsLem models,
Advlce on aood deslan pracLlce,
Þrocess auldance
WhaL acLlvlLles Lo follow.

What |s CA5L (Computer-A|ded 5oftware

SofLware svsLems LhaL are lnLended Lo provlde auLomaLed
supporL for sofLware process acLlvlLles.CASL svsLems are
ofLen used for meLhod supporL.
1ools Lo supporL Lhe earlv process acLlvlLles of
requlremenLs and deslan,

kav| kant Þandey

1ools Lo supporL laLer acLlvlLles such as
proarammlna, debuaalna and LesLlna.

What are the attr|butes of good software?

1he sofLware should dellver Lhe requlred funcLlonallLv and
performance Lo Lhe user and should be malnLalnable,
dependable and accepLable.
SofLware musL evolve Lo meeL chanalna needs,
SofLware musL be LrusLworLhv,
SofLware should noL make wasLeful use of svsLem
SofLware musL accepLed bv Lhe users for whlch lL
was deslaned. 1hls means lL musL be
undersLandable, usable and compaLlble wlLh
oLher svsLems.

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