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  As for this on the basis of the information which remains on Internet, me, Siyuugetu Osamu two
It is the second creation which imagines the contents "of the night of magical errand" privately, produces.
 As for me, "the night of not yet released work as for magical errand" of 奈 須 mushroom person who is
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/Chapter 1

Speaking abruptly, I am magical errand.

Don't you think? ' what the fool, the question to which your somewhere is the magical using you bore?
As for you the sky flying it is it is not and, even the appearance at all that does not seem. The kana which is
different? It is green the promontory blue child? '
So, if it is asked, I probably will nod when it is like the.
Simply, there is no intention nodding to the fact that that is not the error regarding my form is consent to the
thing which is not magical errand.
However you ask.
If it has worn the lobe, the magical using? If it can fly through the sky, the magical using?
Being serious, so you think?
It is accustomed to magical errand under such a conditions, if is, this world certainly is the magical using
being lazy.
Being black, the clothing which it will be comfortable 纏 it is in the body and should have ridden in with also
the airplane. If that dissatisfaction, you think that it does not care even with the hang-up rider.
Conclusion is attached with such a simple thing, if is, the magic teacher of world probably will be is not
certainly troubled.
That it may be if is, it is not everywhere such as the necessity to bet lifetime.
Therefore, when it is the magical using with the appearance it is different when, as for judging such by
mistake it is.
It is? What?
Somewhere being different from the magical using and the magic teacher, applying?
When the う - it is, you explain roughly, magical errand in the party who forms the fact that it cannot form
with science doing,
As for the magic teacher doing the fact that it is possible with science with the method of being different the
る party.
But truly rough explanation
Well with.
Truth does not become the various word trap coming ゃ, but it is as for that you understand gradually,
probably will be. Therefore as for front message with this end.
The あ, it probably will repeat.
- - - I am magical errand.

佇 It is in the world where seeing you do not know simply the one person, blankly.
The crowd of the color which the city of midnight plays is not kind excessively in the eye.
Although it comes with central area apparently and is left from the place, the red blue kind of green which is
stuck... with the various lights which were said do not become extinct.
It is something whose the night is dazzling brightly in about this with, unintentionally you knew and were not.
The light and darkness has divided clearly, it is the shadow, and others the air which is bad to the eye does.
...... The parents' home, the darkness passing, the shadow probably there is no at all, but....
The wry smile which surges either hiding did not do, my thing quiet rare grass ten 郎 directed the eye to like
the town.
Until now in this way to the world where it continued to yearn, is with it did not think that it stands. In order
not to put out to the excessive chart, it has done, but it is the storm of honest impression.
That the expectation, it came out of the countryside where either electricity is not pulled,
If and it is unprecedented to look at such a lamp, it appears in such a night late and walking have come with
the first time. The one which is not excited is stranger.
It tries remembering the journey to here.
First coming out of the house, two hours walking, to bus stop. Then one hour spending by the bus, arriving to
the station.......

"...... With, Shinkansen?"

It is bitter, mono surges.
How, because the せ it is worried probably will be, you thought that you probably will sleep, but
Either sound it was not and a little the plain gauze it was in the view which keeps sliding to rear and with put
away when,
The handling which is not accustomed (the air which honestly, is being moved did not do and feeling is bad)
with slept and did not attach.
The result, fatigue and sleepiness have come to the considerable place.
But being overwhelmed by those which are called to being troubled, the new city, I had begun to forget that

"You obtained enormously and rubbed......"

Sigh of admiration leaked.
In this way, when here and there is watched without busily, when quite by his is the countryman, in order to
have advertised, it is hateful, but
Whether saying, it may be able to settle it is not simply.
Doing the story whose scale is small, it is bad, but I you have not looked at those which have posterior waist
length above the God wood which is in the waste temple of neighborhood.
Being surrounded in those above that, also it probably is natural not to be able to settle.
Seeing it lifts.
...... The person who works at such a place is, it is....... How doing on, you do not know, whether it climbs, but
It may to finish to become tired at the stage that it goes to destination. Very much it probably won't be?
It tries thinking whether how is. You do not understand and, just a little it will try entering or....... You say
that seeing is believing, and, it came to, the time angular this it is to put out.
"...... Well, circumstance circumstance"
It may be let flow by curiosity you push by your becomes, barely and stop.
Because this time coming to this is a funeral of the kindred. Although that it is, also the fact that the ほ っ it is
attached suddenly with sight-seeing feeling and walks probably is non- good behavior.
It is the relative whose relations are good unless, also the face of time before the that solution viewing,
honesty how is good carefully when,
Densely therefore as the ち and others, feeling kind of what which looks at the magic of the 伽 噺 you
disturb, when it is.......
Anyhow, there is a variety, but you take well and Ae do not obtain and the non- good behavior っ ぽ are.

Thing of the person who is suddenly floats.
The person whom me you had respected, but is not intimate excessively. When he dies, that we would like to
attend funeral, you asked, but
At that time I was young excessively, excursion was said that it is unreasonable.
It appears to the funeral of the how good person, not to appear in the funeral of the person who should lament,
something the る air does by mistake.
So if you think, in this way to the place where you think, that there is no lifetime edge by your, although it
exists, as for causing the hand simply densely there is no 勿 body.
In kindred association only is of shape, probably necessary how certain to become the true 摯 to there? Doing
not to utilize this opportunity, as for me not regretting?
Being serious, it starts being perplexed.
While several minutes groaning at that place, you pass. Surely and it probably has been visible in the strange
human, but it leaves fame once.

"Even if........."
One you nod. Conclusion came out.
It means that has been hungry and, you probably will eat first even with メシ.

Well, realistic conclusion was put out with says, as for me is not detailed meaning greatly in this geography.
Until you are not flurried and do not make a noise, those force such time and arrive to the place enjoying
walking is good fortune.
If is, with it starts walking nose at songs 1.
You do not know, whether the area of this has carried out what function, but if you look around, only the kind
of building which is similar has lined up.
Mineral forest.
As for the road opening, if perceives to the kind of air which it can go even everywhere doing, you may lose
sight of your own position.
...... Well, the appearance you will stop the fact that you attach.
If speaking clearly, the store it seems it comes and mono is not found completely.
As for the notion that where, every one is visible similarly, without meaning that none so is?

"It was defeated....... It should have gone to there combine it can? "
The eye is done in the lamp where the distance is gaudy. Is not the distance which it cannot keep walking, but
if of thing of the body is thought, from time probably will always be required.
It is well, to decide by your. Also such is good sometimes.
...... Our ease it rubbed.
Ease 捻 giving next, purposely the road it tries bending. It is not to be opposite to the destination which is
called this and,
If only direction you are not wrong, there is no problem with that.
Normally, the person probably will dislike the fact that the distance which walks becomes long, but so it is
pain with you do not think as I where the legs and loins are forged with countryside living.
The reality that just has been, as for Shinkansen something compared to considerably is マシ clear it gets
Weak point consciousness being possible do do, vis-a-vis the Shinkansen, the る. You do not worry and also,
how there is an opportunity already and does not do probably will be.
It is the opinion which is not taste or the element っ air, but perhaps being first, it is last long traveling. If you
think that, will not say that it is hateful.
...... Being serious, there is no taste air. You will stop. With backward thought, there are no either times when
expectation is denied.
Ae it tries you will take inside the diffuse brain and you will not obtain and you will strike and you will pay,
to verify time.
Because the clock and the like those which are witty do not have, position of the star is read.

"......... It is? "

That? There is no star?
Presenting the palm, the drop does not fall. With as for the notion that where you say as for the rain it does not
fall. And, the sky of dark blue has shown the night densely plainly.
...... It is with something?
The neck it tilts. Above anyhow, being visible, verification of time is unreasonable.

"む う"
Extra knowledge quickly it is the beam important, with the after so long a time way you realize. Perhaps it is
not the land where the ignorant human should come being just curiosity.
It passes each other with the person, if it does to become, the variety you can ask who it is, but.......
But the time it is bad, there is no popularity here.
When inconvenience is piled up to here, you remember the kind of hallucination which the empty is
sidestepped throughout the city it is what. Place because of the air, Hari it stuffs also the air around hard.

".........? "
Be too strong strange feeling. Desirable environment is formed steadily. My self-complacency conception
forming this?
Whether saying, you say that you walk, it does not go to either the meaning which stops behavior. _ yourself
to follow be if stop should be be ろ,
It means that when stop that you walk I how should have done. Instead of destination go everywhere it does
not do.
...... Do do, from sometime with to such a cowardice the っ ぴり waist it became character.
The 呆 れ て you put away. With sigh, the head which is cut shortly is scratched.
Left turn, straight advancing and right turn.
Straight advancing, left turn and right turn.
It halted.
It is not the great reason. The street lamp of the destination in three has been cut off in about one ratio,
remainder had become the state such as blinking.
There is no inconvenience separately, but the parents' home is darker, it is, with it is attacked in the deep
emotion which is said.

"You should have corrected, probably will be"

After grumbling, quite by his seems like this human, that you thought.
...... The fool the shelf which we would like to see.
While smiling wryly, it had the consciousness where finally condition comes out.

- - - ガシャン! !

Well, already one it persevered and when...... with saying, the kind of sound where something cracks
suddenly resounded.
The transparency and sword 呑 reverberation cut the quiet night, in non modesty and keep tearing.
"It is what......? "

- - - ガシャン, moth plain gauze ン and moth plain gauze ン! !

Percentage sound shouts in consecution. It is close.

As for those which you imagine, the glass window of the building one one the spectacle which is divided.
While walking at constant velocity, if it keeps being accustomed to hitting the hammer,
Certainly, it probably becomes such a rhythm.
...... Thief, mischief? Well, it makes that and it seems that is the ちゃ too lively....
If you do openly to here, it is something the mostly human may become aware.
Is, considering from the fact that it is not the sign which it tries but that everyone will verify, unexpectedly
perhaps this it is daily thing.
The ふ む, the thing kana which how is done.
Just instant you are troubled. You doing from your own character, conclusion had come out is similar, but
carefulness is we would like to do.
As for conclusion, change.
It will try going in any case. So, either distance is not left, and, from something it becomes matter of concern
In the crushing sound which keeps ringing still, I ran out.
When by the way, the criminal it reaches with the crime entwinement with the edged tool, I how should do.
The carefulness っ て, of what was thought.


If you say, as for this me with the problem which sufficiently how the oak is obtained even alone, turn of the
eternal temple possession 珠 how as for truth it is not.
Actually, also without borrowing her hand, it is easy to overcome situation, and, the necessity to give role to
her separately was not found.
To being her why it is not here whether, and why she working?
Because the answering kept springing out simplicity, before stopping.
Ease is possible as I and, if she pays humanly, because it becomes carefulness, it does not care well
With that as for immediate problem because it solves.
I thought that it is natural to solve with this. You think that also Alice so was.
... But... in being troubled.
As for the person, unexpected, it is even everywhere, is, don't you think? - - -.

The translucency, the regular tetrahedron which does green color is broken.
One, two and three.
Utilizing the acute angle forum, the enemy aiming, the simple trap that it thrusts. Is effective to that
appearance, but the movement being simple, it is easy to read.

- - - It is trivial.

Sigh. It strikes the green which aims for the body foolishly honestly, keeps dropping mechanically and.
About losing, it ends the job, just calmness remains simply afterwards.
... However you do not know... someone's pouring gold it is extremely low, mono it is something which is
handed over.
When we assume that you aim for life, it probably will come being more large-scale setting up and....... With
as for the notion that where you say, the scout some missing and others?
Assuming, that is, how it is not accustomed to the air which it unites with the kind of partner who comes
being such a naive expedient.
If as for me there is no partner whom I recognize, there is no intention of shaking the neck vertically.

- - - Well, however it is the human whom I recognize how, be no other choice but to two people.

In this case which does not become either killing time, I could not prohibit discouragement. When this it is,
leaving to Alice,
Perhaps the one where I have paid humanly was マシ.
Again sigh. Breath is pulled out. Anyhow, we assume that it waits for the one person whom I recognize?
When it does, the footstep echoed faintly.
"Don't you think? timing good わ"
You turn round.

If it confesses, thing being completed, there was the consciousness that the air had come out.
Hostility is not felt anymore and, when we assume that it comes here, only Alice who finishes function it is
Therefore it was relieved.
"............ Obtaining? "
"............ It is? "

Expectation the face which is different jumping in the eye, the head becomes white at instant.
In the black hair which is cut shortly, strongly so the eye of intention. The kind of jeans which in the jumper
whose thin is white, you wear and old you do.
As the appearance which is shown to this season it forces rather desolately and there is a thing. Normally, it
has done, but won't he probably be cold?
...... It is different. As for problem there is no there.
The man nodded when you look around around roughly, as agreed upon, lightly.
Just, in something?
But, putting in place me, situation advances. He questions, when somewhere the expression which has severe
is loosened, as been troubled, it is.

"So the place it is bad busily, but now when you don't teach? "
In foreign word, you look at the clock unintentionally.
"But 10:30 to pass..."
"So, thank you. Time is applied, the shelf "
Flutteringly shaking the hand, he departed as there were no many things. Simply, the one person, I stand on
the alleyway reverse side and exhaust.
Direct bomb hit of the typhoon is received and the high way the head which does not have being settled,
keeps recovering the composure gradually.

- - - It was seen.

First, the word floated.

It was seen. It was seen.
When it is unpalatable, mosquito net time, such only the word which exists everywhere floats, keeps going
Carelessness and death.
Because it ended, saying, it pulled out the air selfishly, even grudge you well up in your own foolishness.
Some lever.

"How it did the oak and others? "

When you have been flustered, Alice who finally returns hits my shoulder alone.
Being surprised, when it faces and is repaired, calmness and the intelligence pupil looked me and had been
In quiet attitude, just it returns to our a little. The consciousness which is entwined barely was unravelled.
With you thought from sometime there, but before the that there is more important thing. I now did and the
abnormal play happening, not be plugged, explained to her.

"Manner it is......"
When it finishes to hear, she lifted the lovely eyebrows. Discernibly, they are your ill-humored circumstances.
About meaning of the thing where "you can look at magic, the わ which understands don't you think?? "
"...... Being natural, it does, the ょ"
The voice the becoming sulky news item way came out. Even that extent I understand.
For magic teacher magical errand, what is fatal thing can look at the power which by your have in the other
Being the magic teacher, when you show itself technical skill, it is limited terribly.
Therefore as for that, the magic mystery is. Occult is the word which points to hiding, but the magic just is
The fairness that it can handle science in anyone, it keeps increasing power with with in the opposite
The magic it hides from the eye of the other person, it obtains power that very to a specialization mystery.
It stands in the prerequisite such as that, my foundation is formed, it is the meaning which is looked at mono,

"...... Alice's person you pay, it does not work are not"
The lip can be sharpened. Originally he of the expectation which is unrelated, entering to here, the
circumstance, this る, in the first place is strange.
There is my awkwardness, but there is a fault in even her. Therefore, as for just I being able to blame by
mistake it is.
"As for me the わ which was always done in sort. So, you knowing, if sort, as for the joining boundary of this
type, you try that the party probably will enter, it probably is something which is inserted.
The intention that just was strong, that man it probably will advance, as for blaming me the わ which is wrong
direction "
"Even then, it does that your power does not reach in fact, the ょ"
Alice glares me. But you do not refute. The arm was united with the condition she there is no manner.
"...... Meaning that well, it passes, the わ which is not manner. Like this, above becoming, unless the fact that
it should do is done don't you think? "
"Should do? "
You ask to the parrot return. She continued with the circumstances which settle.
However also those where "looked you at magic, are problem, the わ where also those where our locations
crack with this are problem.
Even simply we it is neglected don't you think? and "
But "that so.... How it does, is ",
Not understanding yet, that the 呆 れ it is the way, the shoulder it could crouch her. By your the answering
which is put out alone,
Like whether it is oneself and others common of, being thought, in this the way it is not. In me many
conclusions it has not been given, because.
"Completely......, circumstance has been even to here, is? As many as 1 conclusion - - other than killing that
man, it is not it is not ",
"- - -"
There is no no air, there is no no air truly and she declared.
That to be natural for her, in addition, because it believes very, that it is not other than that, no air shortage.
Not knowing and refuting were attached the mouth.

"As for such a, that - - -"

Just a little we want waiting.
It probably will have the necessity to do to there?
However you kill with you say simply, you probably devise of the method other than that?
The type which kills at the point in time when it was seen it will be. It will restrain the partner, or even the
type which turns off memory it will be. That depends on the nature of this person.
But at least I it is not former. It is not the meaning which cannot be killed of course.
As for killing the human who simply, has not been judged as the enemy, there is no my hobby.
Therefore, in her word, I who cannot nod gently am.

"As for being perplexed however you it is selfish, the わ where time keeps passing also the て what without?
Emergency it came and the sound which is raised, blocked consideration. Assuming, that it is not in other
things, or does method whether how it does - - every way such as that keeps grazing.
"What you hesitate? "
What? In something? Well, so without hurrying, we want. Because the thought oven it does not stop.
By his produces to make a noise prosperously in the head.
You kill truly? How, you do not understand whether he really us becomes disadvantageous. So, it is important
to cut off the cause of evil.
So, whether the trace which is called you with place for the conduct remains? It is noisy. It will have been
calm there is no even he, separately.
Whether not being seen? It is noisy. There is the conviction that it was seen? It is noisy. Seeing timewise, the
Well, whether him the magic teacher don't you think?. When is, whether you are not flurried separately. It is
noisy. It is noisy.

- - - Well, it is noisy.

Say nothing. It is noisy.

Grasping the forelock, you lower. Sight is closed.
Ignoring the voice of the question to self which clamors inside the brain. Because you ask, without producing
the mouth.
That face, you have remembered. The dress, you can remember.
Time is not passed still excessively. Feature being still clear, either distance is not perhaps left.

Sight was reset.

"Preparedness was decided, don't you think? we would like to see",

"It can obtain,"
"Help the oak and others which enters? "
"You see, 縊 and others not being,"
Brief sending taking. It can point to mutual role clearly.
I kill him.
At all that natural shape, have not known. It probably is the magic teacher, but it probably is the general
people, but it does not care.
Well, what point which should note as for?
The place puts out the place, if it considers also the point where the person is around, as for use of the magical
magic in only the circumstance which is limited suitably the impossibility.
If the behavior that is thought, you kill, from first you must designate public attention as the air, however.
Well, there is also a possibility, capture temporarily with the circumstance of that place, but as for there the
place where with you say to opportunism?
Now if just this you verify, the sufficient.
For the back, it appears of the alleyway reverse side to Alice.
It probably will go.

Chapter 2

Speaking abruptly, as for me situation has not swallowed.

Simply because hateful foreboding does intently, being desperate, just it is running.
We want trying thinking. When such an occurrence happen to your own body, how it does, calmly.
For example.
Unintentionally it came out several minutes ago and we will assume that the seeing eye which meets the
beautiful girl, chased by his suddenly.
The っ け which is done even with the lost articles? Or, you fall in love and are high?
If we assume that you think, such you feel? The margin of doubt unless it is, is about it believes hard. If this
there is no problem at all.
Don't you think? it was good being society peace, with it is end.
But, but is.
If such a her expression, about is not, the ogre air has approached also the fact that you saw still at one time,
how probably will be.
If you try looking back in the extreme footstep, the blood you look at the eye which it ran and open, shake the
hair and disturb,

"Wait! "
This it is.
So also without becoming desperate, as for me it is here.
When we would like to become the man who can spit the course white such as that assuming that I asked,
probably is there some pity?
...... Our, distracted feeling shelf.
Anyhow, because there is no ability which accepts her in me, being rather serious, it has escaped.
While understanding well, tag had started.

The road the people who go are various.

Finishing to become tired, the way home the person who goes. The person who dyes or the face which are
hooked all the way deep-red. The person whom it starts singing.
The human pattern which is not limited to number has been plugged under the lamp where the avenue is
gaudy. In the world where the bloom and it is and is suitablly there is coloration of harboring to that.
Life variety.
Therefore, the wind cutting in such a noise, also the existence which is called I who run and come out, is
separately strange expectation.
Therefore, as for so watching this curiously and sending those which you do not stop?

"The brother be able to persevere, -! "

"Pay attention be,! "
You teasing and/or getting angry and/or listing the hand lightly you answer, run without stopping in any case.
When it has reacted one by one it is not. In any case choosing the angle which is attached to the eye suitably,
it bends.
The time mixing also the time straight advancing, in order not to move simply, you try. So because it is not
the meaning where distance is left, carelessness is prohibited thing.
Something whether it is not, when, while paying attention small-scale, it runs the invisible cloak whose are
convenient. This much concentration is with the thought trap is are by your.

"...... The っ and, it is good the seeing っ け! "

Between the building and the building, largely the trash box of the eye has lined up 23, that and the rubbish
sack. Therefore kitchen garbage smell, the restaurant or some rubbish probably will be.
So, well, メシ it is not eaten, it is.......
The insect of the stomach may sound withstands the fact that it becomes, hides. Now there is no other choice
but to be patient.
Well, the right seeing, the left seeing, with.
Placing the rubbish sack on the trash box, it makes the instant wall. Then lowering breath to be able to look
sort from the opening, just it waits.
Here is the entrance of the cul-de-sac, the direction which notes one.
If it had not been supposed to have become unnatural considered as the bystander, but.......
How it is the substitute of the plug urgent preparation. Being found, it is strange and is not.
It is best to pass by before the eye. Time passing this way next virtue. It is worst to be found.
Such a place?

Inside the taking Ae not obtaining and now a little you probably will go to bed. Those which spur the
detestation impression of the woman full load put out fortunate here, do not go short in the firearm.
Perhaps, probably there is no room which thoroughly hears story and. If preparation does not do.
The sack of the relatively small awakening is hauled. Well, it waits?
Heart making dance noiselessly, you pass the time. Harken, gaze, centralized margin.
... But..., it is what, you bit saying, well enough room there is I.
Such a thing without being done, perhaps to the suitable store should enter. Well, it is to call is, but.
You smile wryly. Only appetite it floats from the っ coming. The body which is inexperienced to irregular
life, seems that throws complaint.
With that time, sort a little becomes noisy.
- - - It came?
It looks from the opening and is packed. After all it is she.
At speed of the extent where the long hair flows to immediate side, while oh with saying before the eye, it
passed and kept going away.
Peeping being rectilinear to everywhere, it will be the gaze which is obtained refreshing and remembers.
...... Well, without giving either the eye to the goal which immediately is in side it ran and went away, it will
be refreshing and there is also a く.

"Purity it rubbed......"
Tag is to hide in the leprosy where this which was changed into the ぼ goes shy, she was the true っ
By his has given 捻, when it seems, you know.
You who name do not know thank you, I could discover by my with the shade.
The ざ appearance appreciation is floated, the rubbish sack scatters 蹴.
"Well, it comes out?",
With the shade which lowered the waist, the fatigue has taken a little. I extended the line of the backbone,
muscle undid it makes desperate efforts.
軋 The body which increases at looking feeling is good. Next, the bone of the neck is sounded, physical
condition is reset is.
Already, she probably goes.

"It goes somewhere, - - -"

"Well, it was! ! "
The body stretched strongly. Stepping on the one step which was applied there is no location and shakes.
If it tries looking back gradually in the large sound which carries out around, the way the result whose
between is bad without jumped.
She doing breath with the shoulder, it has been accustomed to glaring me.
- - - You are disgusted and the ゃ are unpalatable.
Rather than thinking, the foot moves first. With the spirit which shakes view and solves, advance. The heart is
dissatisfaction with sudden motion, but it makes the air and the ちゃ you cannot be.
"Wait! ! "
So being said, those which someone waits? The time to thinking that angle it spread, in addition it is starting
point. Even what returned, it is, one body!
Sigh comes out. It approaches to the familiar corner.
The feeling which does not have the doing place overflowed. Something it is unreasonable.
How doing, kana and クソ which it spreads.
Whether there is no plan, when, the pulling っ you scratch and turn in the head. So like this while having
done, one good conception floated in we.
First, circumstance will be collected.
In this way, continuing tag, the bound is not vacated. Will request explanation, she calmness, it has been
In other words, conclusion does not come out this way.

- - - From something, ま viewing.

When, the fact that the tag which it ends and also cannot know is continued meanderingly only it is pain. It is
no more than an impoverishment of the sufficient it is chased simply.
But as play considering this, how.
The ogre in order it does not change it does, not to be caught, sets up from this. In the first place tag is play. If
is it does not enjoy, will not become.
... Therefore first, just that it attacks and it destroys the circumstance, hand.
How doing, with the answering of the question which you say has already been produced. So, as said, it does.
"The kana which it applies, how appears"
You can be conscious about to float the smile, angle it finished to bend. The thought which begins revolution
busily, has designated the result as expectation.
It seems that after all, I secret intention area am bad.


To the rear form which goes out quickly, so it throws to the corner.
By your as for the foot that it is faster one you thought, but he is fast above that. And, it is good to escape.
When I finish to bend, with timing of the extent where the shadow is visible instant, he disappears.
Believing that, when you chase, it comes out of rear. It is that repetition from the っ coming.
With ordinary means it does not go.

It is running the distance which is mutually suitable but, it probably can run still that one. It is the man and the
woman, however it is vexatious, difference of the vessel how is difficult.
Several seconds being late, it arrives to the corner. When he probably will bend somewhere, very this time
Shout has entered.
Grasping the electric-light pole, way you draw the semicircle, turn. Not to kill inertia, vector correction to the
straight line.
Bending it cut.

"- - - To? "
Self-abandonment is oral was visible. That the beginning. Refreshing purposely it seems with, he lifting the
one hand, you laugh.
He comes forward the one step. It lines up into my side. However, direction is opposite.
"It becomes dim and makes the っ is",
When gag is hit, he kept running through spirit well in my rear. Now then rub difference, the fact that the
occiput is poked in the ま, certainly place because of the air, probably will not be.
Something to occur and not be able to understand high, as for the brain miso the body which does not kill way
and the inertia which are preoccupied continues advance selfishly.
While inquiring about the footstep which goes away, you think. Stepping on the 蹈 鞴, it is you fell flat
forward before.
- - - To obtain, well, even such.
It tries trying probably to deny the answering which you deduce. It is absurd. So only that you can think.
In other words.

That wait, because I said, it probably waits. Just just just a little between.

"As for man of bean jam......! "

Voice creaked. Something which is maintained barely raising important mono, sound, it could.
It may tumble how, you hold down the body which becomes and attach, you are repaired it just came leaning
toward the road.
Therefore those which turn round by all power, your own hair entered to the eye. Coupled with regret, you are
moved to tears a little.
Your own breathing through the nose you are rough, you become aware, but already such a thing even how is
Those which are finished simply?
It wipes the corner of the eye lightly with the fingertip, chases after.
It replied the effect that just it is popular you do in Alice,, but there was the thinking that we would like to
complete gently, as I.
If you kill, if it does not make suffer, lets escape memory is turned off. You thought in such a wind.
The っ it had drooped sweetly. Knowing already?
The being less crowded can which the fool of somewhere has left is picked up. Three steel cans, it is fine.
Our, it penetrates into the curve at the kind of speed which is not believed. The defenseless form was caught.

"It is waiting, calling...... you say with the ginger! ! "

Using the snap of the wrist, you resign and throwing one.
The being less crowded can it tries you will draw the sharp arc, you will cut during the drunkard and you will
tear probably to adhere in the game.

"The う っ わ, it is dangerous well! "

The can robs the side of the cheek. Raising cool and kana sound, the can kept rolling. In that kind of face
which was flurried, just a little just feeling is refleshed.
As for one-shot eye end. So, as an adjustment the sufficient.
It remains two is, it probably will go steadily.
Each one it has in the both hands. Already, we want number a little about, but being to be bulky after all it
becomes the disturbance. If ポシェット there is something, to being saved.

The ろ which "the fool, hits and is! "

"It has been about to apply is! "
That complaint echoes, but such a thing where the wind which blows.
You do not hesitate and strike out two. With the curve of loosening, it puts from left and right and densely the
track the む way.
If it escapes to side, it hits against the body, whether saying, it does not go to either the meaning which you do
not avoid.
Passing, it hits. And, pain can dull the movement.
It is チェックメイト with this.
End was expected. But, as for that there is no astonishment and is broken.

" ちっ! "

When 苛 it lets stand and smacks in the げ, he to leap the heel. The foot which extends to on from the land
blocks curved line.
You kicked one and threw and in the space which was built up, he could slip the body.
"- - -"
...... アレ can be prevented with something, is! Although rear how it is not seen!
Even dissatisfaction it cannot put out, the tooth 噛 sees simply. If now when posture is destroyed it probably
will hit, but the hand scene had already consumed.
He settles and pays and correctly, starts running attitude again.
"Well, another! "
"It is sweet, it is sweet! "
Tension keeps rising to the tone which is made foolish, steadily. To make, emptiness temporary it is
unprecedented to here.
The fist which clasps trembles in chopping fine, being serious, starts thinking of the use of magic.
If just it is not on a large scale it destroys spare time or the margin which you avoid, certainly it ends simply.
There is no distinction of anything and everything, turns off entirely throwing.......

Well, certainly it probably is feeling refreshing.......

Time of the child melody of the flower fortune-telling which is the mouth careless the ぎ る. Adjusting to the
rhythm, you close and/or open the hand.
You do, you do not do. You do, you do not do.
You do, you do.
The いつ.の.間.に the choices have been gone. With this it is not good.
To be deep spitting breath, it cools the head which has boiled. Settling, calmly. It does not fall in pace of the
partner. As for deciding that circumstance is discerned, me.
That probably will use magic, how, hasty passes.
More prudently, it does not keep cornering, as for the て.
You think.
For the present, me it keeps you being popular is. If you chase, it escapes, is wound in the smoke. If is after
all, method must be changed.
When with it becomes, how it should move?

"Don't you think? as for being simple the after all good わ"
You murmur. The instant where he who goes away was concerned me, you jumped in nearby angle. With this
I became unable to be visible in him.
As for chasing gently another end.
It changed development. The あ, it makes enjoy?


The eternal temple possession 珠 stares the noise from the high seeing of the far building.
In the fence of the roof of the building which name does not know the seat, those which every instant
overlooks whether, with the eye is lustered.
It is unrefined. If it is the blue child, being able to lay idle the jet-black lobe so it probably will truncate in one
word, in the wind, she moves aside the eyebrow root lightly.

"Don't you think? you do what the oak and others......"

She has viewed full particulars everything, to. Furthermore even then, understanding without being possible
vis-a-vis the spectacle under the eye, it is.
If it is to do, we should do more performance well. You chase sincerely and there is no interest じ る
necessity in race.
With single blow, it decides at instant. In that way, it probably is appropriate. So if is not, time keeps passing
The blue child is lacking in determination and murderous intent. Alice thought so always.
If ahead you live from now on as her partner, the sufficient power which can pay the spark which falls must
Height of stupidity e.g., the hesitation is remembered vis-a-vis the enemy.
_ this time case that opportunity to become good, when she high straw raincoat see presume be.
If by his lends the hand, the presumption is born in the blue child. That is not this mind.
If thin veneer it peels the blue child with this, bright view opens. She so believed.

You stare.
In the man there is no business. As for アレ simply general people. As for アレ simply stool.
Those where Alice stares simply are just the one person and the blue child.
" ふ ふ っ......"
The smile spills small.
If you become aware, there is normal she, the intelligence pupil goes out and has ended. Approximately,
sanity like whether the heat which cannot be thought, has wound the eddy at depth of.

Don't you think? "vexatiously so....... The good わ, showing more...... "
The ridicule whose tone is high leaked from the lip. The eye is narrowed, the blue child which is warped in
humiliation is carved on the brain reverse side.
With the color deep love and envy to blend, her eye chases the blue child.
Always although you do not show, is when, only such a word resounds.
蕩 Making expiration the night air pierce, Alice carried the shell of the hand to oral. The tip of tongue pink
color crawls the skin keeps being able to dampen gently.
With the brush, the shell of the hand tongue the ぬ め る. Fully being able to soak the moisture, the next the
fingertip. To be white the smooth hand keeps becoming dirty with the saliva.
That is illuminated in neon, keeps changing coloration in every red blue green and second.

When it does for a while, she released the hand. This time, the getting wet そ ぼ っ it is it applies to the
breast, rubs quietly and crushes the hand.
The arm which is entwined to the quarters holding to close, becomes the shape which raises the judo kana
In that way, it is accustomed to rubbing the saliva in the breast, she starts becoming drunk from thin pleasant
The chest origin receives reflection faintly, pours lewd light.
The smile which is done gracefully is floated. The kind of sigh which is floated keeps accelerating roughly the
ぎ. Itself the 咽 gnat sea urchin, the lip 噛 it is in the pleasure which washes away.
The rouge is pulled with the blood.

"The わ which is the good face, the blue child......"

Murmuring, Alice removed the just barely gaze. The sky is looked up.
"Truly, good face......"
To be terrible, the charming form.

Alone magical errand enjoys 痴 condition already noiselessly.

Chapter 3

My what the っ け which is done?

The doubt which floated first.
It flew to direct attack, it does suitable terrible thing, but...... honesty, no one you think and do not hit.
I made a mistake in what somewhere?

The neck it tilts. But being the place where excuse it does what after so long a time, there is no either
expectation situation changing.
The ogre does to force when the head which is the crown becomes cold, do I should do first devising coping
"But......, troublesome shelf"
The partner chased until now simply. If method of escaping which goes on board to that was continued, it was
completed with that, but when you do and are returned standpoint is weak.
When you chase, you play, but you chase with it is chased it returned.
...... The kana which how is done.
Thinking, the partner how does of, reaching the limits, 嵌 it is round in technique. We like to insert, but the
fact that it is inserted is true っ flat exemption.
But, even conduct of the partner utilizing, it is dense the running pulling.

" ふ む......"
The lip can be dampened. You get down to business?
The rectilinear movement is superior in the point, speed, but application is not effective. As for the current her
movement application is effective.
But there is no present speed. Therefore as for アレ ambiguous expedient.
About forming, as for me perplexity the meaning which obtained time in exchange? If is, if utilization you do
not do that, will not become.
Think. Applying reverse side of partner. First, if I am she, how it does?
Above hiding, it probably will utilize that. First, while detouring, approach. Doing for a while, to produce the
face, straight advancing. Or you ambush there.
This extent?
But being at the point where that understands, I am not she. Knowing the choices, there is no primary factor
which it squeezes.

...... That it can cope and is the shelf, this. Completely, how it did it is?
Getting near, you run and come out...... well, that is not best.
"...... The あ, so is",
One strange plan.
As for her it is not inside taking Ae not obtaining sight. With as for the notion that where you say, by all
power this place as for room of the extent which leaves a certain expectation.
If is, it is the expectation which can search the place where it corresponds to the maneuvers.
Well, if so it is decided, you must move. The place badness passes here.
To make sure, verifying around. If we assume that it is watched, it is the humorous form, but whether saying,
there is no either air which neglects carefulness.
Conduct is started quickly. From here my luck circumstance.
I am the man, sometimes, it ventures unless.

If possible it moved to the place where it does not have public attention. If it is normal, making absolute, the
expedient which is not good. But boldly it does that.
In order separately, for she not to throw the can to others, with it is not the consideration which is said.
While searching the place purpose may be, Kanai with intuition, a sufficient story that it became like this.
The time angle there are maneuvers which were thought, there being some excessiveness, it executes and the
person it probably is normal to stop wanting.
"Well, with......"
Seeing it lifts. The 煌 々 the sky which is illuminated middle, the point which is angular long and narrow
pierces and has stuck.
You do not know, this building is used with some use, but it means that the っ coming normally the person
keeps entering and, I entering, probably there is no problem.

It turns to here?
Still there are no circumstances where she overtakes.
With say, as for me with about only sound, because it cannot get wise sign, your own feeling everything
without thinking, is correct with it probably will leave.
The entrance where the lamp is dazzling is passed through.
In front in elevator and the next door stairway. Immediately the left, the emergency exit. In right side corridor.
It is the truly simple making.
It probably is the elevator or the stairway as choices.
But I understood that miraculously it is the elevator, but it is not the meaning which knows the method of
using. It selects the stairway without being perplexed, runs and rises.
Coming to the city, it is not to understand and others it probably is the け, so the face of the kindred who was
said is remembered.
It is not to understand truly entirely and others it is the け but, from him you be able to hear some story,
perhaps it is マシ.
At least, because you understood that it is the elevator.

With, even every you think and while ending, you arrive at the third floor. More, there is also a floor above,
but the third floor the limit. At the fourth floor or more the bee in order to be unable to guarantee is.
...... Do do, only this time the thing combining which does not chase.
So if it is not, while the person to make the 々 fearfully, the worth which you step into the unknown territory
is gone.
It appeared in the corridor. The room has lined up on the left side, the right side the waist does a little in the
wall about above. In other words, it is the meaning that it can be looked outside.
Rather than saying that it is cool, the cold air blows, but now the cold is grateful.
This extent is exactly good to the body which has sweated with the shade which was continued to run.
How, if the せ to want the water being full about, but as expected that probably is luxurious.......
White whirls simultaneously with sigh. Slowly, the color which to the darkness keeps dissolving makes think
being fantastic, like whether present noise was lie of.
The world where it does not have excessive sound. Your own beat, a little rough breath - - you play the quiet
melody which is every abnormal play.

It is kind.
So you thought.
Parents' home with natural silence. But there was no, until now either one time such as the fact that meaning
is felt to that.
In this way that, just it was thought, perhaps me it is good coming to this.
...... As for present condition as setting aside.

"It is what, it can combine......"

Will the nostalgia probably mean the thing of such feeling? If we assume that is, it is the story which between
comes out.
Although either one day is not passed from arrival, it is this condition, it probably is unreasonable for I to
keep living in the city.
You smile wryly. It recovers the air, disdains under the floor. The air having come out, you became aware to
she having scrutinized this with the entrance and were not.
"...... The わ which is found"
"...... Well, it was found"
When you are soaked in your own feeling for the sake of, the extent gentle voice which is surprised comes
out. She was unexpected to seem, the eyebrow to leap, wonder so to look at me.
The gaze was entwined. There is no from also either one, pulls out breath.
It is and the plane, this does not seem.
"Catching, everyone"
Laughing lightly, in the stairway it dodges. She lifting the lip simultaneously, the pleasure so you laugh.
"The わ which does not use discretion! "
"It is about well, you desire! "

So if is not, it is trivial.


The あ, it cornered to here. This time my turn.

It became tension of the feeling which is good mutually. Simply purely, it is intensive on now by his should
Like the child innocently, the partner is caught simply.
Like the child innocently, it escapes from the partner simply.
Although also two people already are good age, be too young in the play to here it has become serious.
It is good thing. Why, the っ て, this time is not easily bad, because so you can think.

The bosom oak it is. Until with the older sister your with two people, day comes to an end, you chased and
Laughing together, it ran around together. Well, there was such a everyday life certainly.
The time where we did still chummily, such young memory.
When we assume if she now thinks me, just what probably will be thought.
And, he and, it probably is driven to such thinking?

"...... Now, unless it concentrates, don't you think?"

The murmur, the head is changed.
Elevator and stairway before the eye. The lamp of the elevator seems like the middle which descends from the
third floor in the second floor.
Is, but when the apartment it puts out here, the resident uses even, it probably will be. There is also a
possibility he pushing just the button.
Because from the stairway the footstep did with opposite and, saying, he is the meaning which is not limited.
After emergency exit?
It tries opening in trial. As for the door of the metal make, raising rather big sound, the 軋 む. The sound
which accompanies opening and closing is rather large, also echo is considerable ones.
If this, if he uses the emergency exit, you probably will understand directly.
When with it becomes, the choices are squeezed to two.
Suddenly because it keeps entering to the apartment, what that however you thought, this the intended oak
and others? But well, inviting perplexity certain what
But, the feeling where either the throat sea urchin does not go agreement densely probably is what.
It is certain for perplexity and the hesitation to bear the failure, but whether saying, it is not necessary
specially to narrow my choices.
It is not caught no matter what, that you say, if is anyhow, doing at the place where the entrance is only one,
you just are cornered. As a risk it is too large.

"How it comes, the oak and others......"

After all the place and the usual way the notion that where him it seems and thinks the variety?
Well already, being perplexed, there is no manner!
Easiness of movement thinking of mutual degree of fatigue distantly, it squeezes the mark to the elevator.
Although it has cornered, the fact that it is bothered this is, it affects the 癪.
Therefore, very this time it is popular and returns. As for the doing っ releasing there is no my style from

So, this time it is my turn.

Preparedness is decided. Indication of the elevator changes to the first floor.
How because it descends with you do not think せ foolishly honestly, there is no discouragement even with
the person where coming out is different quite.
In order inserting to substitute, it slides in the elevator, pushes the button of all floors instantaneously.
Position of the elevator and the stairway is close if and, the neck is produced, you can search also the
circumstances of the corridor.
The result how is produced, you cannot read, if is, more certain method just is taken.
How, until it faces the せ face, because the mutual form how being visible does not do.

Increasing the low groan, the elevator rises to the second floor. When you open, one time coming out
simultaneously, you verify the stairway and the corridor. There is no either sound, there is no either shadow of
a person.
You will call like this will do and each the first floor probably will keep crushing well. How, it can put out the
result once upon a time by the fact that it accumulates even with plain job.
Before the door of the elevator closes it returns. As for next third floor.
Some time ago, the fact that he is the expectation which is the certain this floor, but as for the notion that
where, still it remains, you think that certainly it is not.
But, the reverse side you do not have to catch. I repeat the same behavior as the second floor even at the third
About three people it was visible in the corridor that it is crowded, but there is no business separately.
Ignoring, in addition it returns.
This apartment is seven floor building. Repeating monotonous work is not accustomed to the favorite, but if it
bends intention here, very that the pot which the partner thinks.
To end, it does not bend.

It is reopening, it will continue.

...... The fourth floor, it is not.
......... The fifth floor, it is not.
............ The sixth floor, it is not.
Remain just the seventh floor. Unless it is found to here, or the doubt whose your own conduct are correct
truly buds.
In not knowing and being hasty the sweat is grasped in the hand.

It is the expectation which is not the all right, overlooking.

As for me by mistake it is not. The intention of neglecting how the basic thing which kills the footstep it is not
and, increasing, it has not run out concentration.
The time when it is inside the elevator so long or, adjusting to this movement, assuming, that he is moving,
the extent which lets escape the reverberation of the stairway it rusts and has not been attached.
Therefore, therefore so, very, it is the expectation which by all means is in the seventh floor.
Then if it corners, my victory. When we assume that even then it can escape, when me something outrageous
error is committed only.
So even when, now to do the abnormal play verifying one by one, to think, because it does not hit, there is no
mistake...... expectation.
The う it is, there is no primary factor which is let escape.

- Although - - is, this expectation probably is no what?

Perhaps as for expectation by mistake it is. If 10001 it can escape here, after all I probably will vexatiously
If so, him some mosquito net and others the air may do, it does.
' Catching, ' that ' this time how it comes, ', the feeling blames at depth and the ぎ is agreeable.
The kind of feeling which boils up, feeling is good terribly. You are conscious of that gently.
The lip can be dampened. The あ, it is the last floor. This time it puts out, as for the thing what?
The elevator opens. To here the development which becomes settled.
Being, the appropriate result, seeking that, it springs out.

"...... Obtaining? It is not? "

But, those where I am received were the corridor which is made quiet.
No one, is.
Seeing, it is sort, there is no place and the like where it hides in the corridor of the straight line.
"Why......? "
Such fool. To from the first floor, inspecting securely cautiously.
Stairway, corridor and emergency exit. Everything being conscious, there is no place where it rose, overlooks.
So, it is not.
"How doing, - - -"
With something? How doing?
Question to self turns. You do not understand. The unmanned corridor it advances. How looking at wherever,
as for without being many clues you understand.
So, agreement does not go. I overlooked what?
The head, it is and others the っ て it came densely.
The び く hair is held down to the night air which becomes cold. You think. How doing, escaping from my
Never, while with thinking, it tries hitting the wall of the end. It is proper, but there was no either meaning
which it hides and is the door.

"It is it is......? "

You do not understand more and more. Well, however meaning is with do not think in current your own
Hunkering in that place, it pressed amount to the wall. The head is cooled.
Concentration being cut off, sigh leaked. It probably will return under in any case.
When it probably will face to the elevator, I dodged.

- If - - it tries doing, you understand, but who it does and in order to look back, reversing the body, it must
correct direction.
I so am the meaning which is done, not to leak to example, but this time I looked back in a way which sees
the scenery outside.
Is luck probably good? ...... Well, the Imai ち it is about it cannot judge.
It was looking down allowance. If it is normal, strange feeling and the like you will remember it is not in the
scenery which flows at instant.
But something the strange air does.
You looked at outside.

It was.
With the feeling which is reversed some time ago standing position, he is to look at me.
Place because of the air, it has made the just a little cyclone 々.
"っ, っ"
Surprise of スタッカート.
"It is cool or, -? As for direction above - "
Because there is a distance, the voice which is, calls is audible being postponed.
As made honest and foolish only, you could not think.
"Such densely it is with something, is! ! "
You did not discern either the place, increased yell. As for him one word,
"Secret -"
With the hand doing to cause in me, you show. It keeps walking that way quietly.
Either running does not do. It is room.
It did with the various being packed and whether the っ ちゃ pot っ ちゃ it became.
Well well already, something why! ?
Even by your semantic obscurity. It runs in any case recklessly.
You do not use either the elevator, the stairway run at a stroke and descend. With loud sound, rank indication
changes bewilderingly.
"Just a little wait, -! "

The scream which is not either the expectation of reaching in him echoed very well in the apartment.


Outside apartment. Temperature has gone down gradually accompanied by time passing.
In this cold, the woman who wears the jacket did not do and the one person, the body じ ろ ぎ watched this
Looking at current her, no one probably will at all think. That extent impression is weak.
But the gaze and the tobacco where the inner part of the glasses is sharp are obtained 咥 and if you look at the
lip which is warped, perhaps the human who understands that the weakness is untruth, it was.
While it leans in the utility pole, she blows the tobacco gently. Although you say, that is no one around, it
pays attention to public attention prudently.
The tabaco smoke dissolves in the air.

"...... ふ む"
You stare the apartment before the eye. In her eye it appears in trivial design, but now as for such a thing
there is no relationship separately.
Her interest simply one.
Inside this it is done, it is the little noise. She power invading the apartment well, still under one minute.
That youth how many whether blue children it can make emptiness temporary, that how pulls her interest.
With method circumstance, it is possible even with the general people to designate magic teacher magical
errand as the partner. But as for the human who tosses about that blue child to here it was not.
The feeling, wells up inside her whether you will forget original purpose, the lawn will do and probably will
watch over the future.

"It is - - -? "
When spending to drop the ash, she increased such a voice. Because as for one time the youth who thinks that
it returned in, displayed the form again.
That you carefully observe whether what is done.
He when the hand is used on the handrail of the corridor quietly, sprang out that way outside. The case of
landing, the vibration where the concrete is hard is conveyed.
"About forming"
Consent and admiration. She throws away the tobacco in the road, steps on with the heel and the 躙 っ is.
Once camouflaging that it escapes in, it escapes from the corridor the time where the partner depresses.
If you verify that it goes in by your, the preconception is difficult to wipe.
After standing on that, you do not use the proper route and come out of the apartment, the blue child being
caught, it is strange and is not.
Is simple フェイント, but being calm, it probably is the method whose victory calculation is high.

Don't you think? in the new tobacco the fire the point け, great ones, with you murmur in the mouth.
Whether it is the intention how of coming out, her it watches over next. You thought that with expectation,
the youth escapes directly and goes away, but he did not designate that as right.
That way, when the waist is lowered to the road, you do not show either the sign which moves, motionlessly
stare the apartment.
Just being some intention? Coming here, she finally became unable hold down curiosity.
You sound the heel conspicuously largely, appealing existence. It gets near to him.

"How oak increase it is high? "

Fading the resident who is worried about the man who is packed, dressing up such a wind in the roadside, she
the air sending げ puts out voice.
There is no sharpness ahead there, even tenderness makes feel.
As for the youth when it can speak suddenly you had shrunk back with for the sake of, but the air was
recovered immediately.
"Well, it is not anything. Just a little, it just waits for the person ",
In course white, she doubted unintentionally. If it is the human who knows present condition, everyone reacts
Is, but that, was the needless reaction in her who dresses up the human who does not know present condition.

"...... Something it is strange? "

"Say, separately as for such a thing......"
You understood that sensitively, he began to question. She winds incenter tongue.
It does not become carelessness. Only extravagant attitude vis-a-vis the blue child catches to the eyes, but that
true threat is not such a ones.
Not only circumstance and it reaches to the inside of the human, it judges as fine analysis. Very that is that
If those which probably will produce the tail to carelessness, oh with while saying, he bites to that.
Furthermore, it probably will bite to just true mistake.
Sighing, you turned off the tobacco. The glasses are removed.
"It is outside schedule, but...... in this case is. The error to demon it will convert and it is not will do?"
"......? It is some story? "
He floats doubt. She was ready sounding the nose, quietly.
"Call I the promontory 橙 child green. ...... It is the older sister of アイツ ",
With opening the mouth, the youth will have been stunning.
"アイツ......? "
"Well. Completely, it is 癪 story, but don't you think? "
Moving aside the wrinkle mutually and between the eyebrow, you speak. On the one hand displeasure, on the
one hand doubt.

"With, that 橙 child, in me is some business",

With the authorized personnel of the enemy as before, you do not show either one of timidity. But, there is no
either carelessness.
The human where prudence and boldness have formed best shape, she is charmed in the balance.
And you think. You do not have to be hostile, that.
Thinking, the meaning which it has done is not does, itself to wind, no one you do not make a mistake in the
situation which it can be troubled, he keeps processing.
If it does not relate to this case it makes she who is not obtained, the partner of the type which we would not
like to turn to the enemy at least.
Also those where now you kill is the hand, but when so it does, you can know existence in the blue child.
If is, you take and there is no other choice but to utilize the Ae not obtaining.

"You probably will say straightly forward, I is business in アイツ. Isn't the hand united? "
"アンタ? It is bad story, but confidence is not possible, "
Plain doubt. If is, with she bleaches the hand bill in advance.
"My request is one. After オマエ it is possible to make favorite ",
"ふ む? "
The blue child going in, already considerably time is passed. There is no spare time when long talk it has
done. The 橙 child expressed just necessary thing directly.

"This condition is just this. How it does? "

"How it does?"

He floating thin joyful look, showed to questioning.

Red, a dubious color that could be taken as both frightful or rejoiceful.

"It's not just you who's in a bad mood"
Alice quietly raised her right hand.
Her white hand that was said to be the devil's doings from the ancient times.

Grunch, squeeze, squish

Raising such sound, the remaining group of dolls disappeared from sight.
Silence returned to the scene, just like how those two were the only human beings that were there from the
The 20 or so dolls disappeared gently, but as if they were lured into a delusion by an unknown existence.
The only thing remained was a single arm of a single doll.
"Oh, you brought her today?"
Since she didn't get to do anything, Aoko said that boringly.
"Yeah, since she hasn't ate anything lately"
She's right, it was literally taking a meal.
But it's a meal where not only they couldn't tell what's eating them, they never noticed that they were being
"Hey Aoko"
Picking up what's left of the dolls, Alice called her without turning round,
Aoko came up to her.
"These dolls were made in the late 17th century"
She handed Aoko the arm.
Aoko nodded as she looked at it.
"I see. So that's it."
Irritatingly mumbling that, Aoko threw the arm on the floor.
Her expression showed a shadow and a slight fear.
"Using antiques without holding back. Now I see.
I'm sure she won't be affected by my grandfather's bounded field,
and of course know about my weakness.
She can easily gather the numbers she needs as well. Because..."
Alice was a little surprised by Aoko's sudden behavior
"Aoko, do you mean that these were made by..."
Alice asked her in an unusually resereved manner.
Aoko nodded.
"Yes she was always a genious when it came to manipulating things."
Saying that, she stomped the arm on the floor.
That was an act towards the owner, and a punishment to herself who didn't realized it till now.
"I don't want to admit it Alice, but our enemy this time is my archenemy, Aozaki Tohko herself."
Aoko said that hesitatively, but clearly.

Meanwhile, Kuonji manor.

The video tape ended and the TV no longer had anything showing.
But in front of that, Soujyurou and Tohko, who was suppose to be an enemy of Aoko, were sitting across a
"I see, I'm sorry to hear that. But yes, Aoko was outgoing since childhood"
"I think she's over the top"
Soujyurou throughly agreed to Aoko's loud mouth.
It has been an hour since they were together, but they never ran out of things to talk about.
The only thing that linked them together was Aoko, but she happened to have a personality that would make
an easy topic of conversation.
"But can I ask you something? It's been bothering me for a while,"
Tohko asked, approaching him.
"Bothering you?"
Tohko asked Sojyurou, who was backing away, in a friendly manner,
"Yes, that steel belt is really cute. It looks good on you, but did you put it on yourself?"
She took a closer look at the steel belt around his neck.
"I did put it on myself"
"But who gave it to you? Aoko? Or is it Alice-san?"
"Aoko is the one who gave it to me"
Tohko nodded as Soujyurou announced that.
"So you're Aoko's belonging, in other words,"
Tohko sighed as if it would quickly break the loosened atmosphere
Soujyurou nodded as if he didn't care.
"It seems everything of mine belongs to her"
Tohko burst into laughter as Soujyurou said that as if it was somebody else's problem.
After she finally stopped laughing, she picked up an empty teacup.
"Then this must be Aoko's too. She has a thing against the color blue, so I'm sure"

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