Essay Compellation #1 FEA 299 3/14/2011

David Gutel

I was bed ridden for about three months with nothing to do accept sleep and have the feeling of aching bones. stops you from having fun in this life. After I watched that movie I was laughing so hard that I felt like my old self again and to this day I believe that Monty Python and the Holy Grail helped me get better over my illness faster than what it could have been. This group started comedy TV sketch shows which launched many . The group includes one of my favorite actors John Cleese who plays multiple characters throughout the movie. I watch this movie whenever I feel sad or sick or even need a good laugh to remind me that there were some bad times but I have my whole life ahead of me. and to have fun wherever I go. As I slowly slumped out of bed and went to the TV to put it in I heard the beginning credits being played. as do all the Monty python actors. The movie taught me to keep exercising my imagination and gave me the ability to deal with reality with a brighter look at darker situations. When I was a freshman in high school I was diagnosed with mono. My father came home one day with a movie from the movie rental store (before Netflix or red box) and told me that I would enjoy this movie that he brought me.Essay #1. The movie now is my inspiration to having a positive out look on life. As my family puts it when I watch the movie it¶s more entertaining to watch me watch the movie rather than watch the movie itself because I know the lines verbatim and get so involved with the film. The movie falls under the genera of comedic adventure which is very fitting for this film. The reason why this movie has touched me so deeply and I consider it to be so inspiring is that it entered my life and rescued me at one of my darkest times. The wackiness of the movie has helped me realize that caring what other people think of you. Inspired Work: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Monty Python and the Holy Grail isn¶t just a classic work to the world it is also a classic work to me. Monty Python is a British Saturday night live comedy group that was very popular in the 70¶s.

because things always have a brighter side in life. featuring old English castles. This has moved me in the sense that the movie business can be as fun as I want to make it. and that you have so much more to be thankful for rather than complain on what you got. So if whether a 5oz swallow can carry a one pound coconut or a man with all his limbs chopped off can survive. This movie will be known as a great comedic work because it introduced so many possibilities to the comedy film world. but if it¶s something I love to do then that means I will be happy even when I am stressed. because I know when I am watching the movie that all is good in the world. for if man can create such a silly reality like Monty Pythons then man is so much more capable of beautiful things. for example people who don¶t like English dry humor still laugh at this movie. made me realize that you can do anything you want to in the film world. that any sense of humor can be funny. such as Saturday night live. these famous movie scenes will always stay with me and remind me of the power of laughter and the ability to be spontaneous in any circumstance. because the jokes and lines in the movie never get old and are always quoted and referenced around us day by day.familiar shows that we all know. This Movie will continue to inspire me and move me. beautiful English woods and English country side. That there are no boundaries or rules you have to follow. When I watch the movie I am filled with happiness and joy. all you have to do is have fun and make it entertaining. The Film was made in 1975 in different parts of England. sure there will be stressful times. This movie has moved me look at life in a more optimistic way. the characters like Old man from scene 24. and the props like the holy hand grenade of Antioch. . The questions of swallows.

As the 3 main acts of the movie progress Truman completely changes as a person and discovers the truth about his imitated world. to question. To him anywhere away from his town is good enough. Jim Carries character lives a life in a controlled environment. and to ultimately want more out of life. So Truman begins to take the initiative to go . Truman is confronted by strange incidences that cannot be explained such as a studio light falling from the sky. but it is up to us to go out and get it because it will never come to us. So as the theme becomes apart through Truman¶s actions we see he begins to wonder what the rest of the world is like. Truman. To me this movie can be inspiring and insightful on life. but he does not know that because he is part of this virtual reality. As Truman lives day to day we begin to learn that he wants more out of life and wants to be an explorer and go to Fiji.Essay #2. we feel the same way that we ourselves want to be out of this ³bubble´ we live in. As the first act plays out the theme is established that there is more to life than what we see and what is around us. In the first act Truman is oblivious to his virtual world because it is all he knows. played by Jim Carry. and being the only one rained on before the rain ³starts´ up. is a worldwide TV star trapped in a continuous running TV program that records his everyday life. but when Truman talks to his wife about a vacation and wanting to get away. The theme of this movie is to look outside your life. We place ourselves in Truman¶s shoes that we all have a daily grind that we fulfill day and night. Character Arc: Truman Show ³The Truman Show´ starring Jim Carry to some is a horrible movie because Jim Carry is not playing his comedian self.

That is exactly what happened to Truman. Act two ends with the OH SHIT moment when he breaks down and cracks under all the pressure and begins to demise a plan to escape his fake world. Act two begins when Truman sees his father disguised as a homeless man. people. The Theme tells us that through perseverance we may fail but we will gain new insight on what is around us. The director of the show tries to kill Truman with weather telling the viewer that there will be hardships and dangerous situations that we will face when trying to get more out of life. but these obstacles that keep occurring fuel him with the idea that his world is fake. and occurrences will fight you every step of the way. The end of act one concludes with Truman in a state of knowing that this world is not real and it is up to him to try and break out which becomes the themes main message to get more out of life. When obstacles keep getting in Truman¶s way he does not back down and tries everything he can to get away. Act two shows us that getting more out of life isn¶t easy. this forces Truman into thinking that something is out there is something wrong. Truman is now reaching the end of his arc where he knows there is more to his world than he knows and he is on a pursuit even if it costs him his own life. The themes message is relevant in every scene of the third act Truman embraces his fear of water and goes onto a boat to escape because he is determined to find more out of life. he knows his world is not real but now has to figure out how to escape while playing along with their game. Truman fights through the storm and survives showing us that with perseverance we can achieve any goal we want to. making it show that our dreams .out and try to find more out of life. places. The third act ends with Truman finding a door on the edge of his ³world´ that opens to the real world he has just discovered. but the problem is that his father ³died´ many TV ³episodes´ ago. or trying to understand something that you don¶t understand.

finally decides to enter this unknown world to embrace what he always wanted. It is very evident on what the story wanted to tell through Truman¶s life experience. The movies theme and character arc goes through a dramatic change.´ . Truman. and Good Night. That we should always be wanting more out of life and there will be obstacles that we will face. Good Evening. although scared to go through the door. something more than his world had to offer. ³In case I don¶t see you.and expectations can be met if we apply ourselves. but we can overcome these obstacles and obtain something more out of life. Good Afternoon.

dull. precise. The set design of this establishing scene is astronomical when it comes down to describing Harold Crick.Essay #3 Mise-en-scene: Stranger than Fiction Stranger than fiction starring Will Ferrell is a wonderful movie that captivates your heart and mind with lighting. Harold Crick. they tell us about his meticulous behaviors and oddities that make him an interesting human being. The scene is narrated by the voice Harold hears throughout the entire movie. low greens. organized. The colors are kaki. and each shot is composed in his apartment that was perfectly designed to his personality. Both of these scenes are exactly the same except for subtle differences that change everything about Harold¶s perception on life. bleak. set design. costuming. The first scene is an establishing scene on who Harold Crick is. his work environment has striking lines everywhere giving the perception of complex structure everywhere. space. The lighting of the into causes your eyes to either focus on his environment more than Harold so that . and acting. As the scene progresses you learn he is an IRS agent which explains his meticulous behaviors. clean. and the second to last scene of the movie where he ultimately gets hit by a bus to save a child¶s life. and greys. The two scenes I will be talking about are the intro to the movie where they establish who Harold Crick is a human being. the walls the desks even the vending machines are depressing. Throughout the entire movie ever scene helps develop Will Ferrell¶s character. and lonely. into living the life to the fullest. Even at his work there are bleak colors. These colors help establish that Harold lives a precise life that is never subject to change.

and his house although organized has a giant hole in the wall due to an accident which symbolizes his breach with the real world. and if you are to structured then life will pass you right by. Harold¶s outfit is what really distinguishes him .e. For example the number of dots on his tie that show up. The last major detail of the intro are these graphics that follow Harold. He has a white dress shirt with a pink tie and black suit jacket. Will Ferrell does an amazing job at playing this character that has all these eccentricities. his demeanor is more laid back than like before. and This first scene of the movie looked through the eyes of mise-en-scene really explains why when I watched this movie for the first time that I felt I understood Harold Crick even before he speaks. The Black jacket represent that he feels he has power in his own life. these graphics represent what Harold¶s thoughts are and provide an insight on the way he looks at life. his movement. symbolizing his understanding now. all these graphics extenuate the lines in his house and instantly captivate the audience into paying attention to what is Harold Crick thinking about. Harold Cricks outfit in the intro is foreshadowing of what will happen in the movie later. soon he will go through life experiences that will challenge him as a person. His eye gaze. His choice of green apple symbolizes the ³fiction´ that will begin to take place in his life. and how his life style (i. but is heroic and beautiful in its own way. the time of when the bus will show up. and even his posture all retort back to the theme that it is important to appreciate the small things in life. The rooms are brighter in his house. his meticulous house) is prone to the world now. after going through all these life learn of his loneliness and his super controlled life. this pink tie shows that even though there is a sense of mildness to him. doesn¶t care about all the meticulous things he used to think about. The second to last scene in the movie is the hero¶s tragic death. The scene has the same style as the first scene except that Harold.

The mise-en-scene of this movie is remarkable and profound. and the flashbacks to what happened are now seen through a different light. this meaning that he has fully understood his role in life and he is at peace with himself. and I recommend anyone to this movie even if they do or do not understand mise-en-scene.from the previous him. Unlike his previous state he is fully aware of his death and is willing to accept it due to its impact on everyone else. The colors of his surroundings are more vibrant than before. a deep blue suit jacket with a blue tie. .

Now the attention getter of the commercial was that the price and SPECIAL OFFERS were all in yellow and red to make you focus and excite you to purchase the product. The commercial used a lot of personal ³accounts´ with the space bag and all the people in the commercial were wearing greens and blues symbolizing that this product will calm your hectic life down. Also a lot of white was used to show that this product is pure and that nothing inside the bags will get dirty. . making you feel that if you use the space bag that you will have a more calm and relaxing life.Essay #4 Commercials The first commercial I watched from a color perspective was a candy commercial for push pops. but there was no description except for ³The candy on the go´. The commercial had exciting colors all the way through reds. and some vibrant greens and oranges. which was in yellow text making you focus on it. yellows. As for what the product was it was blatant that it was candy. The single push pop throughout the commercial was red making you excited and interested in it. which is a bag that you can vacuum seal to save more space anywhere. The second commercial I watched was for the space bag. The words in the commercial used a lot of repletion and calm relaxing colors. followed by quick cutting with exciting activities going behind the push pop. This gave the consumer the feeling that a push pop will make you an active individual and that because you have a push pop you will be a ³cool kid´.

to entice the person to want to buy it just to see how it worked. The words in the commercial talked about having power and impressing all your friends. The commercial had a single talent that was very modern looking and had a sense of simplicity about him. . The use of the mans clothing colors made him look excited to use time Warner cable and also that he knew what was going on when he switched to time Warner cable. and because there were multiple people in the commercial as a group all with the same shirt that it makes you feel if you purchase this product you will belong with others.The third commercial was a fushigi commercial which is a toy ball that produces an optical illusion to make it look like its hovering in your hands. The black means that with this ball you have the power to control it and impress your friends. Another color that was used was purple to represent mystery and curiosity. This was to make time Warner cable look easy to use to the easiest of person. They used dull colors to represent their competitors¶ actions. to make the consumer feel that the other companies were inadequate. Everyone in the commercial was wearing black and had a white fushigi on the chest. The final commercial I observed was for time Warner cable.

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