Fabrice Helliker

Founder at Cofio Software

Strong man management and leadership skills, coupled with solid technology footing, enabled me to build a highly productive software development team that produced innovative quality products that have established market share in a saturated marketplace competing against much larger competitors. As a founding executive at BakBone I assisted in building the company ground up being involved in such as things as strategy, process definition, establishing inter-departmental communication, fiscal planning, morale building, etc.

Software Architecture, Knowledge of Storage Space, Management, Strategic Roadmaps, Excutive in a public company

Founder and CTO at Cofio Software July 2006 - Present (4 years 10 months) Chief Technology Officer / Founder at BakBone Software Inc January 2005 - January 2006 (1 year 1 month) Responsible for working on the BakBone product strategy. Assisted marketing better define BakBone's strengths and position in the storage industry. 1 recommendation available upon request VP Engineering / Founder at BakBone Software Inc April 2000 - January 2005 (4 years 10 months) I was one of the founders of BakBone and Head of engineering for the storage software company BakBone with its backup product NetVault. Built the engineering team from 10 to 45 which resided both in the US and the UK. Helped to close signature accounts including Yahoo, Walmart, Chystler as well as OEM deals with NetApp, NCR Teradata, SnapAppliance. 2 recommendations available upon request Director, Development Manager at NetVault Ltd February 1992 - February 2000 (8 years 1 month) Built up the original NetVault development team and lead the re-architecture of the NetVault product in 1997. Helped the company work with potential investors that ultimately lead to the BakBone buyout of NetVault Ltd.

University of Brighton 1987 - 1991

Data Management and Data Storage. Includes Data Backup, Replication , Archiving for both Data Protection and the Compliance / Corp Governance. Founded http://www.cofio.com


Fabrice Helliker
Founder at Cofio Software

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"Fab and I began working closely together as we looked to broaden the company's product capabilities and understand teh replication landscape. He has a very keen sense of what works and what doesn't, and I had learned a lot from him during my tenure at BakBone Software. Fab would be a welcome addition to anyone seeking a strong, motivational manager as well as anyone seeking a clear, level-headed visionary." — Anindya M., Sr. Manager - Strategic Partners, BakBone Software, worked with Fabrice at BakBone Software Inc "Fabrice is one of the premier storage software architects in the open systems world today, and there are not many. His understanding of storage software technology is years beyond most people in this industry. We recognized this back in 1996 when Fabrice was starting the architecture of NetVault 6. The architecture and subsequent performance and adaptibility of that product to applications is the main reason that my partners and I received funding in March of 2000 to startup BakBone Software with a buyout of NetVault Ltd. Fabrice's subsequent designs of 6.X and then the release of NetVault 7 were all award winning products, and allowed BakBone to capture loyal customers and set new standards for the industry. Fabrice's designs also created certain technology that previously was not delivered in open systems backup computing." — Tony C., CEO & Co-Founder, BakBone Software, managed Fabrice indirectly at BakBone Software Inc "I have had the chance to meet Fabrice with potential customers and I was always fascinated how he convinced them to go with us and our product. Not only his deep software technology knowledge as VP engineering, but also his deep understanding of customer needs made us so extraordinary successful. Great job Fab!" — Claus W., Technical Account Manager Central & Eastern Europe, BakBone Software Ltd., worked with Fabrice at BakBone Software Inc

Computers and Software, Information Security, Software Development, Enterprise Software, Information Storage, Business Analytics, Web Development

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