Jitender Aggarwal

Experience summary

Overall Experience Company Duration Domain Experience

Experience in Development/Enhancement of Windows based applications and Oracle 10g Database Production support. Cognizant Technology Solutions (PUNE). September 2007 – till date.(43 months) Banking and Finance, Life sciences, IT IS Production Support.

Technical Skills

OS Primary skills Secondary skills Software/Components /SDK/Tools Database

Windows, Linux(RedHat 5) Oracle-10g (DBA) UNIX, VB.NET Oracle Enterprise Manager, RMAN, ASM, MS Office Applications, Oracle Developer, Visual Source Safe, Data Mart Builder, Customer list generator, feed loader, FTP Pro. Oracle 9i , Oracle 10g, MS-Access.

Technical Experience



Worked on major aspects of ORACLE features such as: - tables, constraints, indexes, views, etc. Worked on Database backup & recovery (using RMAN) , Database performance tuning etc. Worked on UNIX up to some level such as Schedule jobs such as clean up jobs and database archival jobs. Worked on enhancement work in windows based applications such asDeveloping small applications for automating some feed loading processes.

Unit Test Case document. Provides support and bug fixing in UAT and production environment   Issues: Helps in fixing bugs identified or incorporating urgent change request. Worked as a VB. creates impact checklist and provide estimates accordingly.  Impact analysis & providing estimation: Analyze the requirements impact on system.Net and Oracle resource at offshore. Execute UTC’s and validate code against unit testing.  Requirement Analysis: Communicating with onshore team. requirement traceability matrix.Jitender Aggarwal Project Details : (In chronological order as I worked) Project #1 Project Secure Insurance Market Application (SIMA) Domain is BFS-IB (Banking And Financial service –Investment banking). My Role technical analysis document. I have been involved in following activities. solve the requirement issues/clarifications within team. Data Model document. flexible interface for financial institutions that are seeking to enhance their revenues and reduce risk. The application Details provides a portal to provide a creative.  Assists in system integration testing & regression testing: Provide knowledge sessions to testing team in building effective and rigorous test cases.  Involved in all activities of SDLC (Software development life cycle). Client Duration BNYM – Bank of New York Mellon .  Coding & Unit testing: Follows coding standards. Build code for module assigned and assists others also provides overall a team effort. have requirement walk through. . USA 4 months. EBF (Enhancement bug fix document).  Design: Work with team to build a suitable design creates use case document.

The SBA application is used by BNYM in automating business processes and implementing workflow technology to manage complete lifecycle of a transaction. Astellas. Work included backup and recovery (using RMAN). They will provide their business data every month in the form of feeds and the team will process and load the data on the DMB (Data mart builder) Server. Project #3 Project IMS – Territory Planner Hub Domain is Life Sciences – Pharmacy. .  Front end: . BNYM – Bank of New York Mellon .Jitender Aggarwal Project #2 Project Details Client Duration Secure Business Administration(SBA) Domain is BFS-IB (Banking And Financial service –Investment banking). Most Importantly. Details Client Duration IMS (International Market Solutions) 31 Months and currently working in same project.I was involved in building complete database design accordingly and Implementing the workflow and code for database changes. USA 4 Months. The TP-HUB application is used by IMS to provide market solutions to leading vendors in pharmaceutical industry like Novartis.  Backend: . AstraZeneca and Abbott etc. Worked as Oracle Database Admin and UNIX resource at offshore. Application develops monthly solutions for clients which help them in devising marketing strategies. My Role handling transfer and archival of data according to business rules set by the BNYM Bank.I was involved in designing the (GUI) layout and validation rules in front end.

 L0 (Level 0) Investment Banking Cognizant Certified Professional.  ITIL-v3.Jitender Aggarwal Working as an Oracle Database Admin and UNIX resource at offshore. Internal Certifications  L0 (Level 0) Banking and Finance Cognizant Certified Professional. I am involved in database performance tuning and timely backups (Cold backup as well as hot backup).0 Cognizant Certified Professional.  Six Sigma Yellow Belt. A member of Cognizant cricket team.  L0 (Level 0) Stock Markets Cognizant Certified Professional. An active member in ITIS-MAUJ (Cognizant’s event management activities) Active participant in Outreach (Cognizant’s NGO related activities). • . UNIX and Business Communication. My role is to reformat the feeds given by client using Oracle developer. Project requires me to build small vb.E – (Computer Science) from Bharti Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering Pune – First Class in 2007 Extracurricular Activities • • • An active member of Adventurizants (Cognizant’s Adventure group). Education B. External Certifications  Oracle-10g Certified Associate (DBA)  Brainbench Certified Professional in SQL. My Role Owing to large amount of data.net applications that may help in automating small processes.

in Contact: +91 9922991120 Date of birth: 21st January 1985 Nationality: Indian .Jitender Aggarwal Contact Details E-mail: jitenderaggarwal@live.

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