Romeo and Juliet THEMES

Put your NAME on the first big square. Using the small booklet, write one THEME at the bottom of the page. Then open up the booklet and write about the theme in the big square. You will see that you have five lines to fill up—one for each theme, and one for a final note. Write at least a paragraph about each theme. Fill up your square! Here are some things to answer when you write about each theme: ♦ Where do you see this in Romeo and Juliet? ♦ Who is involved with this theme and how are they involved? ♦ Is there a certain scene in the play that describes this theme very well? ♦ Are there certain lines or quotes from the play that talk about this theme? ♦ Do you think this was the most important theme in the play, the one that stands out the most? Why or why not? ♦ Anything else noteworthy that might help you to learn and remember the themes Themes: Line #1: The Forcefulness of Love Line #2: Love as a Cause of Violence Line #3: The Individual Versus Society Line #4: The Inevitability of Fate Line #5: Overall Impression Here, write your overall impression of the two movie versions of Romeo and Juliet. Which film did you like better and why? Give at least 3 reasons why you liked a certain film version. The earlier film version we watched was directed by Zeferelli, while the new one with Leonardo DiCaprio was directed by Luhrman. You can refer to them by their directors so I know which film you’re talking about.

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