Romeo and Juliet: Act II Quiz 1. 2. 3. Explain why Juliet tells Romeo not to swear by the moon.

Because the moon is constantly changing, and so is his love as fickle? What do Romeo and Juliet agree to do when they are meeting on the balcony? They are going to get married in secret. What is Juliet’s famous parting line in Act II, Scene II when Romeo and Juliet FINALLY say goodbye? Include a DIRECT QUOTE from the text: “Good night, good night, parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” What does the Friar think about Romeo saying he wants to marry Juliet? Does he approve? He doesn’t approve. He thinks Romeo is too easily swayed one way or another—just recently he was crying over Rosaline. Why does the Friar agree to help Romeo and Juliet get married? Because he hopes that maybe it will bring their families together. Romeo tells the nurse: “Bid her devise / Some means to come to shrift this afternoon.” What does “shrift” mean? To go to confession. Why might Romeo want Juliet to go to confession? So that they can meet in secret when she is supposed to be at confession, and then get married. How does the nurse tease Juliet when she gets back with news from Romeo? She pretends to be sick and ill, and won’t tell Juliet what Romeo had to say. Describe Mercutio’s character. What is his personality like? Who sends a challenge to Romeo in Act 2 and why? Tybalt does, because Romeo crashed the Capulet party Compare Friar Lawrence and the Nurse. How are their roles in the play similar? They are both protectors and advisors to the main characters, and are also instrumental in getting Romeo and Juliet back together, even if they both have their reservations. The nurse thinks Paris is a better suitor for Juliet.


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12. TRUE 13. The Friar thinks marrying Romeo and Juliet is a bad idea. FALSE 14.Mercutio is a bawdy, immature, and teasing individual. TRUE 15. Tybalt is an inexperienced swordsman and is not fully prepared to fight Romeo. FALSE

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