The Marine Security & Escort Group

he Marine Security and Escort Group (MSEG) is tasked to provide security to naval operating bases, vital government institutions and installations, security to authorized personages and provide ceremonial honors and escort services. It is an integral part of the Philippine Marine Corps and is inherently a combatant force - a Marine can never be assigned to this unit without gaining the required combat assignments in the operational area. As such, its officers and men are combat veterans and basically riflemen. This means that the group can be deployed and re-deployed to any place at any time. In fact, during the height of the East Timor conflict, a great bulk of the Marine contingent came from the MSEG. Of all the tasks attributed to the Group, none is more spectacular and breathtaking than the Philippine Marine Corps Silent Drill Team Exhibition. This is a 20-minute precision drill exhibition without verbal command where the members execute a series of calculated drill movements and precise handling of their hand polished M-1 Garand Rifles with nickel plated bayonets. The team performs for visiting Marine Corps guests at Marine Barracks Fort Bonifacio, as well as in other official functions for both the Philippine Navy and the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines. It set the benchmark for other AFP units to duplicate. However, none comes close to the Team as their performance is indeed an amazing display of skill and coordination quite common in the Marine Corps. (performance of the team can be dowloaded in .wmv format at the contact us/download page of this site) But perhaps the most honorable and prestigious of all the tasks assigned on the MSEG is the detail posted at the Rizal Monument in Luneta. The Marine Corps prides itself as being the only unit in the entire AFP tasked to guard the monument of the country's national hero day and night. A simple and rather unwitting description of Marine discipline and spirit came from Mr. Teodoro Valencia, a renowned columnist of the 60's and the 70's, when he wrote in his column after the devastating typhoon "Yoling" ravaged manila in 1969: he wrote "all the trees in Rizal park were down, the flowers were all blown away and the shrubs in shambles. The only structures left standing were the monument of Rizal and the two Marine Guards . . ." Throughout its multifarious tasks, the MSEG shall always represent the Philippine Marine Corps in an outstanding manner. Defenders, combatants, stealth fighters, security men, skilful drillers, or such other jobs that would be demanded from them, the officers and men of

the Marine Security and Escort Group would surely be out to comply with.

It may look so surprising to one's ears and mind to hear from an organic personnel from this unit to lay claim that the Marine Security and Escort Group is really the some it ALL-IN-ONE. And one may further asks what could be the basis to coin this phrase and to some call it could be a joke and a question mark. I further be that they will say, "Ano yan, parang kape (three-in-one) o Cup noodles (na pwedeng kainin kahit hindi niluluto)? But while savoring the aroma of your coffee and cup noddle and further consume these to a bit, this writer intends to present to everyone and anyone who comes across this article that such claim is true.

The Activation
Pursuant to Paragraph 3, General Orders No.23 Headquarters Philippine Marine Corps dated 20 January 2000, subject to confirmation to Higher Headquarters, the Marine Security and Escort Group is provisionally activated as a unit of the Philippine Marine Corps effective as of 01 January 2000.

The Marine Security and Escort Group is task to provide security to Naval Operating Bases, vital government institution and installations, security to authorized personages and to provide ceremonial and escort services.

Consolidation of troops and Equipment
The deactivation of the Marine Guard Battalion (MGBN) which was tasked mainly to provide security of Naval Bases and government installations paved way although subject to confirmation by Higher Headquarters for the activation of the Marine Security and Escort Group. The group, however and because it lacks the initial personnel and equipment, absorbed the majority of its personnel and equipment from the former MGBN. Relative to its mission, the Marine Security and Escort Company (a separate unit) HQSBN, detachments at Naval Operating Bases in Cagayan & Quezon which are tasked to provide ceremonial/escort duties and physical securities at NOB's respectively, have also been absorbed by the newly activated group. In essence, the former Marine Guard Battalion, the Marine Security and Escort Company and the personnel from HQSBN initially composed the core of the group. At present, which because of its concurrent operational commitment & personnel requirements, a peculiar task so unique compared to other Marine units, the group continues to expand in term of this aspect. Likewise, the transfer of the Group Headquarters

from the Batasan Complex to Marine Barracks Fort Bonifacio gave a better command, supervision and coordination to higher and subordinate units. Before I further discuss the group activities, which is meat of this article to convince you, the reader, what my view is all about, let me inform you that part of our consolidation, the logistical and mobility assets has greatly improved. These, to include the vehicles, the improvement of barracks and quarters, office equipment, entertainment facilities and among others.

Present Deployment and Operational Commitments
At present, the group is satisfying its given mission, all at the same time, the detachments in the Naval Bases in Cagayan and Quezon continue to operate, which serve as perimeter security against attack from the lawless elements and act as a deterrent to illegal activities. Vital government institutions and installations such as, the House of Senate and Congress, House of Representatives and Senate Electoral Tribunals, the Commission on Elections have been effectively manned. The rendering of protection and security services to authorized personages has also been on a continuous basis. Providing ceremonial honors and escort services, whether civilian or military dignitaries, whether local and national official, have been continuously rendered. The Silent Drill Platoon, a one of a kind in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, although its not part of the ceremony nor one of the Group's mission, provides entertainment to the civilian populace and it serves as the "show-window" of what really the Marine Corps is. Recently, the Light Rail Transit bombing in the morning of December 31, 2000 called for the immediate deployment of the Marine to man every station along the LRT/MRT route. Despite of the already heavy-load being carried out by the Group, still, the MSEG represented the Philippine Marine Corps. In twenty-four (24) times, MSEG personnel are now busy checking the passengers of LRT and MRT. With the coming of campaign and election period, the Marine will be once again figured prominently in terms of securing election paraphernalia and beefing of security forces at COMELEC National Offices. Soon, the MSEG will again represent the Corps. I Therefore, as early as now, recommend to higher headquarters to assign some additional personnel, because as I can deduce from this, the Group is being fed more to what it could chew. " Hindi lang ALL-IN-One na, kundi ALL plus ONE in ONE pa."