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7l:3TH TANK BA 'l'T~~~: .

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- 1-'
lQ Nov 44 tr~u 30 Jun 45

TilIS DOCL1·,E"1:T IS TPJ;; l'RO:--EFiTY i)F ,AND SEOUiD s;~ PETL'h.;f'.:ID 1'L', l~¥I\7'

BUILDING T-5, (T-1782) •

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_kmored llsne Tb.rowe~ Provisi(jnal
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l'!!-'J_~? tJi~.:"~~,''t;~.,.-,-

Report· Uter .Actioo.
APO 902 .

YVi'1 C
F' July 1945

THROUGH. C~anding General, XXIV Corps. APe 235 (Operational Coumand Chor~ele)

TO I Adjutant General. 'ashington. 25, D.C.

1. Inclosed herem. th is the 4tter .!ccti cn ReportCFhaBe I. lJansei Stoto)

ot the 7l3th .Tank Battalion, Arrr.:ored J'lEi!!~e Thrower Provis:::.,nal.


1'IllIAI.. E. 7:CCD
:.aj, Int (Arrrn)
CO;;Jf.all d:j,Lg

1 Incla
After .Action Report (Thase I, Xansei Stato) 71jtl. Tk En, Arlnd-Fle.!::e Throvier
Prav (Copy no. 1) i



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TED :, -"!~... ~~:ij.j
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MJg:. . .·GI.I.....
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. ......... '

00 Tellth IftI7

CD DIY Ocrpe

'9 CO 20th ~more4 Group

10 CO 4tb jzomared Group

11 Chemical ottlc.,.....tIllillrll

12 .CO 6th Marllle Tank Battalloa

134 CO 713th 'l'ank Battalion, ~e4 na.. ...... JWOISU. .

.. , ".:

.~ ,i

. :.'~.~J)

"'.. --.~ '~ ...D- .«:; A.;M2 ..

F ,~ .." .. ~, .. ~.\ ...

R;J.· , !. ;..L)
<' ..r .... j r
Armored F"l3me Thrower Provisional
APO 902


PHAsE-j ':'- "ffA1fffii:YSHOTo
-.--- --.--.. -----.-..
Pur~~.s. Ui:!.sJE!! .
The purpose ot thia report is to present in narrative torm the action of

this battalion in preparation for and participation in ?hase I, Iceberg


The battalion was Ll.ssignod the mission of oreanizing, equippinc and train­

ing the only Annored Flamethrower Battalion in thE) Army and preparing ,(,he ba.t­

talion for and carrying it into combat •

..Qa.l!i!~i~944, thil! battnUon was moved to Oahu, T.H. from the-outl¥ing . . -:

Hawaiian n s. At this time word was received that the bat,ta1~on .was to ._;;;,~<K'~'>·· ..
converted from a standard tank battalion to an armored i~hroWer battalion.
The proposed weaponwaa to be n modified Ronson type flamethrower gun, mounted
: .•. -.,.
. int.he--tubeot the 7_ gun, to oper..te under high pressure with. a three
hundred (300) gallon fuel cap::lcity and an effective rage of ej.Bhty (80) to

one hundred (100) yards. Fifty tour (54) tanks mountillr, this gun were to re­

place the fifty four (54) standard tan!ts as the ma:i.n armamont of the ba.ttalioJ:l.

At the time thisi'ntormation was received, one tank, an experimental model,

had been built.

The batt.alion COlllll::lnder 1.omS directed to dra'!; ut.:> il table of' orea1u7.a.t ion

al1d equipment for a provisiol'lc'll flamethrower battalion, follo'.'ling an !l()ar1y

as possible t.he T/O and E of a stD.nd.,\I'd tank batta.l~on. The l.ot.ll munber of

personnel, their grades end ratin:~s, were to remain the saJlle a.::; those in a

stand..,.rd tank battalion. Changes in the organizat.ion of the haUa.1ion ."nd

equipment ncces3itatod by the conversion were made. The gr.eatest ch~r,e made

was the deactivatiC'n of the 1i~ht tank compr.ny and the mortar platoon. 'rhis

~, .. -
tho, was necessary increaaedtosupply
?roblem. . of the Service Go
the size 'ill- ol'de.r. hundle_o"~1lii"":" ..;Ii
to "'. ..... "'.·.81.:,. .,·.
. i!.•...~.:ii.;~,
. '. .

The proposed '1'/0 and E for the provisional flamethrower battalion was s u b - . , - ; f i
mitted to CO/lllrulnding Ge'1cr:l.l, tTSAFFOA for approval on 2~ Dec 194h ahd inforr.tll­
tion th~.t it had been approved \Vas 1'ec.3ivcd on 6 Jhn 1945. Du!"ic'l' this time
work ,'Ie.s begun and continued 011 the reo:rganiz~~tion of the battal.i.on, so th~,t
when word of approval wa::> receiveJ, the conversion ViaS practically cOJn!llotc.

Con::;truction of the tanks for tll(' 'lias be,':un '.rouml 1 n~c l';J4h.
C•VI. r.,.,
ePEe W..lS in charge of constrnct.J.O!l with pcrsolU1cl ;rolU a. avO',l Con­

struction "ln 3urervi3inf. the instll.l1~tj_nn. Lecause of a ::;hortl'.r,\.! of ,~rsonn01

for' the construction arid. in order to tr~.i.n our o'/m mainten;:..nce personno1, the
battalion supplied three officers and sL-v::ty enlisteJ lTh.!n to aosist in the in­
! . sta.lle.tion. This syster.l prov~d to be verypati~fa~tory.

Standard medium-t!lnks dra"m from Ordn'l.ncc wore converted to provide flame­

thrower tanks. A shop was set up at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, T.H. where the
in~tallation was J'llllde. The first five tanks wero r~ceived bJ the bat';;'alion
on 25 Dec 1c;'44 and the last tank on 25 Jan 1945. Movement orders tor the Ice­ .; ,
berg Operation were received on 22 Jan 1945. i
-1­ .

I ....., .

- "':'t~' ~
In the course of construction of the flamethrower tanks, mod:1:-ficationa
and additions which wre found necessary were made. A need for a method of
measuring the amount of fuel expended became evident. Atter quite a bit of
research and experimonta.tion, Lt. J.L. Jonkouski',of the ba.ttalion dev1~d a
me~hod of using a clock tor this purpose which has proven very satisfactory.
The problem of stowage of the tanks was worked out by the battalion officers •

ThC3 pC3rsonnol engaged in the installation ot the tl.i.metbrbWWs. were 1'8­
turned to duty with the battalion in the second week of J~ 1945~
A training program designed to prepare the battalion for· combat with the
new weapon WIlS ctarted in Nov nnd continued concurrently with the other work embarkation of the unit.

"-":.' &0 ':.' I ~h.£~ ....
'.-,.----------~.--- _.-.
-- ...

..... ~

CHA; '}'li;}{ 11
Prior to the Iceberg Opera Lion the armor(~d flamethrower was a Bew a.nd un­
tried weapon. There was no tactical doctrine written to roov(:rn its USG:. In­
formation as to the most suitable organiz.:1tion, method of--sttpply :1nd maintenance,
and administr~tive procedure of the battalion was not a.vailable. Very little
dat:1 were aVA.ilable on the mi.xi.n~, storage, proper thickne[1 s and types of fuel
for the new eun.

Confronted with the~;e problem[;, the battalion cOll1lll<lncier and his staff and

cormany commanders made exhaustive studies to find the solution. In m05t cases

the ai1swcrs to these questions had to be found before tho proposod r/o and E

could be submitted. A paper on the org.:1.l1izntion and expected tactical employ­

ment was drawn UP and submitted with the T/O and E for approval. This paper

was le.ter published in the form of Operational Directive No. 14, Hq Tenth Ar~,

A;O 357. The paper was distributed to Inf Divs, Tank Bns and other interested

croop;} in Tenth Army in order that they might become familiar with the prin­

ciple of organization and employmcnt which were included. The: principles of

organization and tactical employment included in the paper h<,vc been followed

on this oper::.tion .:-.nd found to be gener.'llly correct.

;:::xpcrinents were conducted to determine the proper methods fGr r,uxing and

storage of v[l.rious types of fuel. In conjunction with these, tests were con­

ducted to determine the most satisfactory typCG of fuel for different weather

conditions and different tYj)C tarGetG. The r,;cst. sa.tiGfact.ory fueJ. found by

these tcsts and by experience in combat is a 6% Napa1Jn mixture.

i)lans for a satisfactory method of sup!Jly were made. From the,5e plans the
Bn Service Co w<1s organi:ocd. A special spare parts kit for ench gun was develop­
ed 30 that eo,ch gun could be pr0p'--'rly l11'lintainc'd. Tile stovmgc of the rlC\pa.1Jn
supply trucks was desien~d DO that they could readily refuel the fL'J.lcthroVier
and also make first echelon repairs on the cuns in the fi,~ld.

Since it Wr'..S evident that th" Bn Hqs wot'ld not );; t3.ctical cont.rol

ow:r the flamethrower companies in th<J field :wd since it vme, eXiJected that the

c0r.11)anies would be wiclely ~1epaI'ated in combat, plans ,;ere to properly sup­

port the cOl!lpanies adrnir'.ist rat ively •

Upon receipt of movement orderG for the Iccbcr~ Opcr2.tion, plans 11(,1'-': I11'ldc

for the er.1barkation of personnel and vehiclcs. Due t.o Lhe lilluted shipping

space to tho butt3.1ior:, not all perJOlllc:l and vC:1icles could be taken.

A run!' :ietachr.'c::t was orcamzcu vllnch rom;..:.incJ C'11 Oahu to be broucht forViard

at a later date v.'hen shi'l),:,ing beCJI;lC o.vililc~ble.

1'he bat taliol~ was required. to C:1.1TY 0.11 fifty four ~:n.lorJd fle.l'1ethrol'lcrs.
In order to carry these vehicles <,.nd all of the personnel 8.11d 3.dditione.l vehicles
to cnilLlle the battalion to o·,)ernt" properly,:'hc ships h"d to be loaded far
more heClvily than is considered so.fe for conbat 10'J.d:i.Lg or for bCil.ehin2. in the
assault Haves. All ten 151'.'8 I1.llocatcd to thL; battalion :or the r.10VC; were;d to anr\c,h<; addi.tional personnel for which there wns no room
abo~rd the UJ!' s vrr.cre transported in an AFA a:1d joined the bn on the target.

III view of the fact that the battalion war: initially 3.ssigned to Tenth
AY'L::';- U!(.:, 11()7, f'J.rther assit~ncd to a subo'rdiLate unit ilLd no ;ni[,Gion was o.!;3iR;ncl!
:.:L hr.";:. T,.".:I.ion ::'n the Operations Ordcr, loading plans were l~::-.d.:: tu ncet, Cl.S ne::.rly
as possible, the situations which it was felt, mi~ht p00sii)ly r..ric;e. 1.::.C:1 of
tnt: three Co's were assi!'ncd three 1.'31:' ~;.l'hc bLlsic unit 102.dcd c:.board each
[;hin ~'IaS the platoon witl1 i:.s snpply ;"d r! vehicles. One LSH vms uti­
lized for the '8n !-!qS, Eqc; Co .'- .. ' .~v The most impo:cta:1t ite:ns of supply,
amrmmtion, fU21," c.'.,: ·r ..~ ,~ '. i ;.vi<.1,:,'d equally anonc all ten ships.
This vms done so thP-t in C3.c~C ;'. ;.'1::.:., Cl comp.J.lly '.',2.3 cc;.lL:ci ill to 1)e unloaded
serar'3.t'.:>ly a~lcl used before the 1\;: c'C·!.: . c:·) i3n was urJ.oe:.dcd, the: uI!it could
{)peratc propcl'.!.j'
_ _ _____. ... , ......." •• ~' ..... ~' •• . , r_ ~ _

... ,


I!:aining t~CL~J:lehe.!!:sal.s
In o rder to train personnel ;in the operation, employment aOO maintonance
• ot thenew pr1ma1"1 weapon', an intensive training program was instituted to reach
the desired state of efficiency in a inin:imum ·ot time. A 8chool on the operation
ot the gun was ,conducted by CWS personnel for selected officer and NCO personnel
in. the battalion. The school consisted· of torty-eight hours of classroan and
practical work and qualified those attending to iDstruct the remaining per80~l
in the battalion. Two classes were held and a total of sixty officers and NCO's
tran the battalion attended.· Pricipal topics of i~truction included:

a. Jlechamcal functioning of the gun and its fuel, pressure and. ignition
b. Assembly "and disassembly of the gun.
c. Operation of the' gm'l.
d. M~ng of various type fuels.
e. Maintenance aOO stoppages.
f. Firing ot gun from stationary and moving tanks.
A school for maintenance personnel only was conducted in addition to the
school for operations. This school includdd instruction in second and third
echelon maintenance and repairs.
Wtth the trained instructors provided by the schools, the remaining per­
sonnel were trained in the va:rious characteristics of the gun, its uses and
supply tlystem. Flamethrower company personnel were instructed primarily in the
functioning, operation, firing. and first and second echelon maintenance of tho
weapon. With the exception ot the instruction in second echelon maintenance
of the gun, all of the personnal in the companies were instructed in all subjocts
without regard to their T/O position, This was done to insure sufficient trained
replacements. Service company personnel WOrP. trained in the mixinS of fuel,
harxiling and storage of fuel and the functioning of the supply system•. Addition­
al driver training was conducted to take care of the additional trucks in the
battalion. ~ ,

Concurrently with training, tests were conducted to determine the proper

types of fuel to be used. Mixtures of napalm ranging from 3% to 9% wofce tried.
Diesel fuel and Navy "Bwlkor C" fuel oil were tried as well as nWctures of these
with gasoline aOO kerosene. In this manner the 6% napnlJn was fotmd to be the
most satisfactory fuol for all purposes. aShakedovm" tests were conducted on
the tanks to reveal the weak points in the gun and find methods of correction.
~Tumarous defects were discovered and remodiod. The ignition and pressure. system
were found to be the most defecti YO, and although many corrections were a.rid arc
still being made, these systems continue to give the most trouble.
Because of tho limited training facilities and time available only a small
portion of the field training planned for the units could bo conductod. However,
this did not greatly affect training preficicncy since the battalion had pro­
viously been thoroughly trained in tank oporation and tactics. Woapons training
had high priority bocause of a large change of personnel in the Bn and requali­
fieatlon in small arms was necessary. An intensive swinrning program was c8.l"ri.od
on to qualify all personnel in the battalion in the required swinrning tests.
This battalion did not participate in any rehearsals prior to the operation.
Approximalely forty fivo days of training ticte wore available to prepare for
the operation.



- e ...

t,,_ '

crlt,J)T~;;{ "iV
-~- .-. - .... ­
a:lJ r;rno:-,r;,ntion
---~.}..- --~. -- . - ----­

The battalion moved to thc ob,icc't:.iv(' on ten LSI's vrith the excc;-rLion of
two hundred and hiO (202) officers and IL! '::ho moved aboal'd :\PA 201. '!'his
personnel joined the b:l.tta1ioll 011 the objective. Assi8nl:lCnt of shil);Jirlg was
as follows:

LSM //279 - Bn riq & Hq Co and Sv Co Hqs ISM /;~275 - 2d Plat ,Co B with Co Hqs
LSM #172 - 1st Plat, Co'A LSM ;'156 - 3d Plat, Co B
LSM #208 - 2nd Plat, Co A and Co Hqs LShl 1;~24h - Isc Plat, Co C
L'3M;;'82 - 3d Plat, Co A LSM,'I173 - 2nd Plat, Co C
LSM ;'J221 - 1st Plat, Co B LSl1 1162 - 3d Plat,Co C with Co Hqs

A total of three hundred ninety one (391) Officers and El~ and one hundred
thirty six (136) vehicles ,Tere transported aboard the ten LSM's. ,One hundred
and thirty three (133) officcrs a.nd E~S, and seventy-fi ,re (75 )~~~re·~eft behind
on Oahu as a rear echelon becau3fl of the limited shipping space"

Loading took place at Iriquois point, O.?,hu, T.H. betwecl'1 22 Feb 45 and
1 Mar 45. The first four ships wero loadod 22 & 23 Feb, th(:. next four on 26
& 27 Feb and the remaining two on J. Mar. Personnel embarked on 3 }.{ar and the
convoy left Pearl Harbor, 'r.B. on 4 Mar 45. A '1'QH appointed for each srli.p
supervised tho loading of individual ships. The loading plans were made by
the En 8-3 and the En TC}},l nnd these two officers exccrcised control of all
loading operations. The loading plans were made under the supervision of the
3d POA 'rolf Team. A great deal of helpful advice a.ld data was obtained from
this team. ItT'

Prtor to the time the ships were scheduled to be loaded, the cargo for
each ship was broken down, hauled to the loadinG point and stacked on the beach
in front of the ship1s loading point. This nystom provod invaluable for the
following reas9ns:

a. A check of all material to be loaded on each ship could be made prior

to the loading and mistakes corrected.
b. Confusion in the actual loading was greatly reduced.
c. The loadine time was decreased because of ' the roady availability at
d. A more compact and seaworthy cargo stowage was gained because e~
size containers could be loaded together.

Cr~nos for lifting and handling the cargo '\[01'0 furnished by the Navy.
Navy trucks were uaed to move the cargo from the beach to the ships and some
trucks from the Bn were' also used for this purpose. The vehicles to be loaded
were moved to the pier after the cargo had been loaded and lashed down by our
own perDonnel. Excellent cooperntion on t.he part of, the Navy increased the
efficioncy of the loading operation.

The En was required to, submit final loading plans before actual loading
of the ships had begun. Thio is not advisable beca.use eve.} after loading has
started it is necessary to make .:lome changes. These ohanges do not appear on
th.e loading plan. ,. ,',
'. -' '.

" f

,. . ".... ,,0- "

~ : ., , ,.'~

. ',- :~,; ':" ~ j~:~: ;,;'ri~;~,:~~~'+"'~ f~'

-1­ '. '/~"{}:i<~~~;r,.; " ;' I
t I
}{gy~l!.'t.1!L¥!~ _Ani val .~'!'..J.Jle Objectivo
The movement from Oahu to the target took thirty ~s. The convoy left
Pearl Harbor at 0900, 4 Mar 1945 nnd arrived in the Kerama netto transp~rt ­
area at 1100 2 Apr 1945. A constant check was maintained on the vehicles ,and
their lashings because the vehicles were on the open deck and also because
the roll of the' ship was quite a problem. The roll of the ship sometimes
reached as much as 300 which causes a great strain on the lashings. The ve­
hicles were started once a week and run for a period of approximately fifteen
minutes. This was found to be satisfactory, Some difficulty was. experienced
from water forming in the carburetor of ~i ton trucks. .
Two stops were made en route, one at Bniwetok and the other at Saipan.
Personnel were allowed to go ashore at Supan and mail was received there"

Training en route consisted of specialized subjects on Japanese t~tics,

equipnent, recognition of ene~ equipoont, etc. Marksmanship training wae
conducted by firing at towed targets from the stern of the ship. Anti-air­
craft firing was conducted in conjunction with Naval personnel. After leaving
Sa1pan all troops were instructed in orientation of t!U'get trea, plans for
operation and the expected part this battalion would play.

Tbe convoy waited at anchor in the Kerama Rctto from 2 Apr until 7 Apr 45
when unloading over the Hagushi beaches was begun.

.. ..
.: , .­

• '­

7 A.?ril 1945
1. No. of tanks disabled: a. Due to mech8nical difficulty __~l~___

2. No. of tanks operatIve at present tine 53

3· No. of tanks in bivouac but not operative C

4. Personnel: a. Killed in action: None

b. 'Rounded in action 2

5. Narra ti ve:
Battalion landed over Hagushi beaches Orange #1 and Purple #1 & #2. All
ships except ISM #208 unloaded vehicles this date. No cargo was unloaded. One
tank ,of. the 2d Plat, Co Ct was lost in the surf due to its falling in a hole in
the reef. One 21 ,ton truck of {;)v Co 'and one Medical Det peep were wrecked on
the reef but pulled out and sent to Ordnance.
'The entire day was taken up with landing and moving vehiCles to a bivouac
area at NUGUN (TA 8288-S). Bn was atchd for tactical purposes to 20th Armored
Group in XXIV 4rIDy Corps. Bn remains direc tly under Army control for admini s­
1st Flat, Co C, was moved to the control tower of KADEL-JA AIRFIELD for pur­
pose of defense of the airfield. The remainder of the Bn was placed in Group
reserve for purpose of protection of XXIV Corps unloading and supply sector.
The primary threat to this sector is from airborne attack.
Maintenance was performed en the vehicles and all waterproofing was removed
and placed ina salvage dump in the Bn area.

6. Remarks: On the trip over two men on APA 201 ~ere wounded as a result of
a Jap strafing attack on the ship. This could have been avoiged if the men had
followed orders and remained below.
There was definitely some breakdown of Napalm fuel which was mixed in Olhu
and moved over here ready mixed. Fuel that was previ-oosly 6% had the charac-ter­
istics at about a 4% fuel. This was no doubt due to the poor mixing and the
length of time the fuel was stored •


8 April 1945
1. No. of tanks operative at present time 53
2.' No. of tanks in bi VOUQC bu t not opera ti v~ _"",0_ __

3. Narrative: Battalion remained in initial location and continued maintenance

at vehicles. An attempt was made to salvage the Co C tank that was lost in the
surt but the creW was unable to do so. The tank was dropped as beyond repair.
Co C WD.S atchd to the 763d Tk En for operation with the 96th Inf Div. Co A
was atchd to the 7llth Tk En for operation with the 7th Inf Div.
--'11 tanks were test fired 1n the bivouac area and only one tank WQS defective,
This,was a Co A tank which had a leak in the storage tanks.
laM #208 was unloaded completing the unloading of all vehicles in the Bn.
t7Dloadiaa ,at cargo \18S begun. 10 D4 !ran each. ship were left aboard to help
PUt the cargo 1n LVT' 8' and DUD's tor DIIO'l8JDent to the beach. Our crews handled
t1¥ carao OI1l.y once during the unlaa41ng. Th18 was when i t was unlooded into
the L1'1" s and DtJKW' s. All cargo WInt to beaeh dumps wi th the exception of org­
"onlzat1oaql equl~nt.

.. ..-'

1. 1;0. of tanks operative at ;:rSEe' "


3. Harrati ve:
a. 1st and 3d Flats, Co A, :::c-;ed soutl. n:1d joined the 711th TI~ Bn. They

:::oved into hi vouac at TA C579-X. 2d Plat, Co A, reIl,ained. wi th the En in Qrder

to ccr.:;plete rellicval of Vlaternroofing ar.d l;,aintE:n,'1nce.

b. 1st Flat, Co c, reli·wed 1st Plet, Co C, at Kadenll Airfield.

c. Co C moved ::;outh and joined 763d 'lk Em. They estublished a bivouac

area at ':1.. 03:3]-R.

10 April 191t..5.

1. );0. of tarJ<:s car::r;;i tted __ S::.__

2. 1,0. of tanks dbdlt..d, :L Puc to r..e~tanical difficulty ___l_ _

3. IIo. of tanks npera ti. VI; a t pres;;I1 t t i:r.", _ ...


4. No. of tanks in biv0u:lc but not o)8r:nile J


5. I~arra ti ve
a. Co A - 1st Plat atchd. to Co B, 711th Tk En, was committed at oe30.
Previous to this the Inf had advanced until they met resiDtance, th8n withdrew
to per~it the tanks to came up. The objective was TA 0474-1. The flame throwers
supported the standard tanks with ~!r; as they advanced. Two pillboxes were
des troyed by 75mm fire, and our tanks destro~'ed an ammo dUl'r.p wi th Cal 30 tracer.
All tanks wer8 under continuous artillery and mortur fire from 0830 until 1500.
in moving back, th,:; reser'le t<.:nks were called upon to tow the others due to
bod hills.
b. CO B-LQ - comrni tted no tunKs.

6. Rer.18rks: The Iuf-Tank cooperation waD excellent, although the advance was


11 April 1945
1. No. of tanks operative at present t,ime 52

2. No. of tanks in bivouac bu t not opera ti ve : None

3. Narrative: No tanl(s \lere uDed at all this date due to the tactical sit­
ua t.ion and v~ry rainy wea ther.

12 April 1945

1. No. 'Jf tanks op,.:.rative at pl't::SE.nt time )2

2. No. of tonks in bi vouac uu t not opera ti Ve I None

3. Narrative:
a. No tanks weru used this date due to the tactical situation and extrom~ly
rlJiny wuuther.
L. ~t approx 0400, Jap planes drepped two 500 Ib bombs on !<adena Airfield.
0118 bomb landed within 75 yds of a tank of the 1st Plat, Co B, but no damage
was done.
c. 1st Plat, Co B was relieved of airfield defense at 0800 and returned
to company bivouac area.
d. At appr'1X 15 00, Jap r..rtill(,ry fL'f.d 4 rounds. of 150nm (est) 8lTlDl1nition
into the area surrounding thL; Y..:.!dUJlfl •. iL· ... "leI, bu t no hi ts were scorod on the
field and no damag(; was sione.
-... ­
13-18 April 19~5
1. No. ottanks operat1:ve at present time ,~_

No. ot tanks in bivouac but
. not operative: '

3. Narrative I No tanks were committed during this period.

19 April '1945

1. No. ot tanks cOJlllni tted 31

2 •. No. ot tank l~ds of fuel used 12

3., No. ot tanks disabledl a. Dne to mechani cal difficulty 3

b. IN.e to enemy fire l!
c. Due to enemy land mines 1

4 •. No. ot tanks operative at present time l!O

5 •. No. of tanks in bivouac but not operative _....:1::.-._

,6. Personnel. a. Killed in action 2

Wounded in action ~8=--_
c. Outstanding performance of individuals or units: Sgt Hogan,
, Co B, repeatedly dismounted under intense mortar, artillery and SA fire to
attach cables to his tank in an attempt to evacuate it and to put out a
fire. RecommeQded for Silver or Bronzu Star.
Lt Novak was complimented by Capt Nackinich of the 193' Tk
~n for his performance in a decidedly unfavorable position.

7. Narrative I
a. The Bn had two companies (A &: B) .in operntion this dute. Co C was on
call but was not used.
b, Q.Q....A ,- The 1st Plat went (!)ut with 1st Dn, 134th Inf, but was not
commi~ted. The 3d Plut operated with Co C. 711th Tk Dn and lB4th Inf. Their
mission was to follow the standard tal~S and fire when callen on. The Inf
followed the flame throwers. In avoiding artillery fire, I tank weB stuck and
ope threw a track. In trying to evadua te these tanks, Sgt Moore was killed by
SA fire, and Lt Jones was slightly woundud. During this time, Sgt Ciaffrei was
~ked to evacuate s~e wounded infantry. he wus given no support in this action
, and When his tank was stuck it was necessary to abandon it. which was done
\\ succefisfully. Before getting stuck, the tank knocked ,out a rvD, burn£ld [.:. house
and killed an eatimated 15 1apsi Tho duyls action tool place N of HILL 178.
c. Co B - 1st Pl~t moved out with Co C, 193d,Tk Bn in support of 106th Inf
with the mission of uttacking .:l frClll MACIiIN....TO to GU3UKUWJ.. The~' could not
move south of 1'lA.ChINi.TO due to roadblocks. 3 or 4 caves WE:re burned and 7 or 8
J'aps killed\.ho came running out with gas masks. One tank knocked out by 47mm
hit on sprocket. 2d Pl~t with Co ~. 193d Tk Dn in direct support of l05th Inf
was given mission of burning Ki~AZU and then tcking positions beyond the town
to support' the Inf. The Inr gave no support, and when the flame throwers start­
ed to operate in KAK..;'~U. they .'lere ordered to stop because ou.r In! was in the
village. This was probably not 1rue and an essentially sound mission was not
carried out. 4 of our tnnks were destroyeq. 1 by mine. 2 by AT gun and 1 by
WP She,ll. 1 man, Ggt V..arsh-MI... , 5 men WIA. '

8. The tanks must receive support by Inf on a mission of this type.

20 April 19l!S

1. ,No. -or tanks ccmni ttt)d _l:.:2......._

2. No. of tank loads of ftw 1 useu .It

-3-· ,
,.. ..


R:ElfiitIb~ j 1: l.~U
20 4JrA lW (ocmt)

3. No. ~ taDks operathe at pru.t time 42

4. NuTaU•••
wbi1e 1Il aD o.MJIlb1y ar_.
•• Q2 B " Q .. were not oClllllitted. Lt BrDlldino's tank was hit by a shell
b. 02..6 - 3d Plat JlX)ftd oot to support Co G, 32d Int with 5 tank8 tran

711 th 'l'k ID. At 1300. 2 tanka were 8eDt 600 :yda in front of the Int to burn
a ridse. Some Japs were killed by ID tire. Later the same minion WQS ordered
because the Japs JIIOTed in again as aoco Wi the t1mn. throwers wi thdtoEnr. This
time .the Int moved up and o011so11OO ted the S1"(Qnd iDmedla tel,., .hlch· shoold
have been done in the tint place •

5. Reme.rka.
'lbe tailure of the Int to consolidate the areo atter the first burning per­
mitted theJops to register their guns on the area end lay he~vy tire on the
tanks 08 they moved up the second time.

21 April 1945
1. No. of t:lnks camni tted 6
2. No. ot t:lnk loods of fuel used 5
3. No. ot tanks operative :It present time 48'

4. Narrative.
n. Co B apd C were not committed.
~. ~ .. 1st Plot 1'IQ5 tltchd to Co B, 17th Int end Co B, 711 th Tk Bn. 'l'heir
mission wc.s to burn a rocky ridge. This was accomplished with close support by
Inf ond tanks, but the lnt wos unable to consolido te the position. Approx 75
Jeps we~e killed by-our flame throwers ~ mare by the st:lndard tQnks'~s they
ron over the ridge to escape the f1eme. ]d PInt otchd to Co B, 184th Int and
Co C, 7llth Tk Bn, burned sane ceves and a wooded knoll N of HIll 178. The
sema mission wns fired Inter in the day with excellent results. An sBttmoted
fO Jeps were killed.

5. ReIIBrks: Co B, 17th lnf worked very well with the tt'.nks, following at cbrut
5 yds ond climbing ~n the tonks to point out targets.

22 April 1945
1. No. of t~nks committed 9

2. No. of tcnk loeds of fuel used 7

3. No. of tanks disc.bled: n. Due to enemy fire __3_ _

4. No., of tanks operative nt present tL~e 48

5. No •. of t;mks in bivooc.c but not opEl1"ctivc _ ...

6. Personnel: ~. Killed in cction: None

b. Wounded in action _....:1=--_
c. Outstnnding performance of individuQls or unitsl Tee 4
Wiemer, Co ..'~, backed his t:mk out ]00 yds ~fter being wounded to ~void
enemy artillery. Copt Rotcliff recommended that he be givun the Bronze Btcx.

7. o. Co B nnd C ~ere not committed.

b. ~ - 1st Plat tr:ice performed the seme missioo c.s the d::lY
before. Agcin the In! W'lS uncb1e to hold the posi tion bec:lUse of heevy :.rtill­
ery end grencde fire. 2d Plat ~lso fi~ed the seme mission as the dey before.
The tcnIts killed about 8 J::ps :-:hc trL<l to rench them with sctchel chl'..rges.

/"0' , .....

22 AD;il l~ (cont)

8. Rernurks I
Co A today encountered soow Japs lying on the groWld covered wi th U.S.
shelter'halves. These Jops hoo s.:ltchel chnrges and it is believed that they
were \'lO.1 ting for the to.nks. All of these Jops were Idlled.

1. No. of tanks committod 17

2. No. of to.nk loads of fuel used 18

3. No. of tanks disabled: 0.. Due to mechanical difficulty 2

4· No. of tanks operativ~ at present ti~ 46

5. No.' of t!:lnks in bivou~c but not operative 2.

6. Narrative:
c. Co B - SniT no ~ction today.
b. Co :, - 1st Plett atchd to Co C, 17th Inf, performed :;he s~,e mission"
as on the two prucedillb days. This time, [!fter tho tGnkers fired their mission,
the Int 'RnS able to niove in :lnd hold the ridc;e. This took two brs on the 3d
day of ass!:\ult. Thh:: ".::,s in TA 8375-B. 3d Plot moved out ,':\t 0715 with Co B,
711thTk En. The 1st mission was firing ~ ridge. After refueling they moved
up to fire some wood .:lnd ::mother ridge. During this c.cti9n, one tank WI.~S mired
iu a ri ee paddy. An ottempt to retrieve this tr:nk vms unsuccessful, dUe to
heavy mortar end artillery tire.
c." Co.Q - 2d and :3d Pbts were otchd to Co B, 763d Tk. Bn operctiug .. ith
the 383d Inf. They moved forwnrd to burn sane low ridges cnd fire UG's into
cliffs. There were no observed results. This took plQCO in T~ 8276-B.

2l! AEril !2ll1

1. No. of tanks canrni tted 6
2. No.' of tnnk lands of fuel us ed j

3. Ho. of t[!llks dis~bledl a. Due to rrlechaniC:.11 difficulty 1

4. No. of t2nks oper~tive ·~t present ·tim;; ~___

5. ' No. 'of t!:lnks in bivou~c but not oper.:ltiVl: a

6. "NarrQtive:
0.. Co~ - No t:'.nks nere committed.
b.. Co B - No t:J.uks were carulli tted, bU,t the Co lost onb which b8Ckcd into
c. :md overturned ns they were returning from nn nssembly cre.:l. The tank
h~d' to be evncuc. ted end n O['.11do118d 3S the Inf lias wi thdr::1wing.
c • .!&....Q - 2d Plr:t F.oved in <:-.dV':cncc ",':ith Co D, 763d Tk Bn nnd 383d Inf.
No tnrgets TIere engaGed. 3d I-'l~t with Co C, 763d Tk Bn, fired 3 lo::\ds of Ncpc.lm
'" t c c.ves and cli ffs • No observed r(;sul ~s •

2 S April 1945

1.· No. of tcnks commi tted j

2.. t~o. of tc.nk loads of fuel used 2

3. No. of tc.nks opl.lrctive :,t pre,sont time --1:J.L­

4. No. of tmll'~s in bivour>,c but ::ot LJ~<rrtive

I: '. 1'1

5. Narnthe.
Q.. go B gpd 0 were not canmi tted •
b ... '..Q2.A.- 3d Plot moved out with 00 A, 711 th 'llc Bn to join 26 Bn. 32d lnr •.
'., 'lbe firet miesion wos to fire a cave iIi which sane enemy movement wna observed.
'lben the teDka moyed against the ridge, end the lnf consolidated the positiqn •
.•t 1330 the to~s ~8nt Over on the rev~rse slope of the ridge with the remainder
ot .their tlame nnd MJ tire 4 The Int moved in to mop up and secure the area.
6, Remarks. 1U.1 of the missions were succossful and the flome throwers re­
'celYed excellent support •.

26 J.prll 1945
1. No. ot tonka cornmi tted 16·

2. No. ot to,nk londs of fuel used 10

3. No. ot tanks operative o.t present time 43

4. Nb. ot tanks in bivouac but not operative 3
5· Pereonnel.· Q. Killed in aqtionl None
b. Wounded in action _~4 ___

. 6. Nt!rra tive I
a. ~ - 1st Plat burned out a hill juct N of KOCHI, using 2 loads of
Napalm. This mission was cccomplished so easily thut Lt Krnll believed there
wos nothing on the hill nnd th'!lt the Inf could have moved in without the flame
thrower support. In the !1fternoon, the lut PInt was given the mission of burn­
ing the tmm of KOCHI. The Plc.t IOOved down u narrOVl rO'1d into the town, burn­
'ing 08 they proceeded. l~t this point mortar fire: drove the Inf back. The tanks
covered the evacue tion of the lnf dead and wounded, and they b'1cked out of the
b •. ~ - 1st Plot wah Co B, 193d TL Bn in support of the l05th Inf had
the mission of burning NAKJ.M!.. ' ,'l'he town wcs burned wi th one lood of Napalm,
and while no enemy were obeerved to be killed, the flame throwers materially
aided the lnf in cler>.ring the vilbge of IDle and snipers, .
c. Q£..Q - 1st Plflt advanced with Co '" 763d TY.: En and 38lst Inr, but engaged
no tcrgets, 2d P13t supporting the 383d Inf and Co B, 7G3d Tk Bn, fired Napalm
at :ridges end brush, nnd dro1fe 0. number of Jcps frOOl gun positions. 3d Plat,
atcbd to Co C, 763d Tk Bn and the 383d Inf, fired at ridges end slopes. Capt
Niemeyer, Lt Faulkner and Cpl Malone wert: ,fOunded by a booby trcp E;xplosion.
est Spencer ~s wounded by c sniper while in his tank turret. .

7. Rem:-.rkc:
c. Co A reports excellent cooper::ltion on the pr.rt of the 17th Inf Regt in
supporting t:1llks aml t:::king :1dvice ['.s to tc.nks' proper use,
, b. Co B reports consider ~·,blc: trouble 'iii th failur e of m::tin fuel line. 4
hoses have ruptured in the p':'.d ·,:eek.
c. Go C reports r~<lio roceiver~ being shorted out by water lenking down
through base into rGcE;ivt::r.

n April 1945

1. No. of tanJ,ts canmi tted 16

2. No. of tenk loads of fuel used 14

3· No. ot tanks disnbled: 0.. Due to mechanical difficulty 2

b. Due to enemy. fire 2
c. :i)1.H; to . enemy lond mines 1 (Repnired in
d. ;Jtucj' 2

. ," ~ 'f 'I..
~- .' .'
. -,

---'­ -­
6. Narrative:
c. Co ." - 1st I'l,-:t, supporti:-.b tl.t: 2j ::'71L ~r.f :uwec' out to ccss::.ult
the to\m of or~.'•• They Here; stC)P8U by :.:: ~,:-;-cit::L':'. :::'itch nIl the N side of the
town end forced to '-'ith'l:"::.-.'l ur:der he2vy~rt:.' :",::. rr.or'~['~~ firu.
b. Co B - !Jo.:', .~' ',;ers cO::'~'TJ.tted, but C,D t[~e 2d Pl::::t ::;t:;.rted bt:ck from cn
2ssembly crea, OLe t,:::;:.k h:::d :::: trslC}: blovm by Cl: l.T :nine. This wo.s repo.ired in
the field.
c • .Q.Q.S. - 1st, 2d ::nd 3d .21ats, operoting with Co's ... , B C of the 763d
Tk En, respecti-rely, ':/(;;re in ~,ctio!l from 0800 to 1700. .i.pprox 2400 gals of
Nc.pull:l were exper.ded in burni:1G CCl','es -:nd. hillsides in Ti. 8074 in thu zone of
the 333d Inf. 15 were :Jeen to be killed by our tonks. 1 tC.nk received 3­
47mm hits, 1 tc.nk WQS overturned, 1 thre'.7 a track ond 1 hod engine failure. It
is believed thc.t nll four will be recovered.

28 April 1945

2. No. of tnnk londs of fuel used _ _lL_

No: of tanks dis:.iJled~ Due to m(K~l··,:"ir::.l i..iffi~ultJ _ _...013,--_

Duo to enem:' [;.l·e 3
C. Due to e!l(;;m~' L~l'd mineE 1
Du8 to mud ~·,rd. tS"; c,in _ _L .

.5." Uo. of tank's in bi';oU:ic but not o~er~tive [j

6. l'srsonnel~ I'LL '::'e'J. in (1C t io P. ---1---­

'0.. ';,olmdeC. 11. nc..t1Gl1 __r'L_ _
c, Outs t~.nd tog ,ge""ro""mr:mc..e cf indi villv.c.:Ls or units: Tec 5
Fry, c.) C, '€ ; te dL;regCtrcl, :'.Jr ;lis OF':l [;,':1~et:1. ren ebout 600 yus
dOVil, n rOC;.o uhdvr ':'ntense arty fire to j:r.ial; ~tn J,rntu.i.ance for thr(;e wounded
7. Norrc,!ve:
,a •.0S'. .!', - 3d PbJ~ n.tchd to 2d Bn. :7tL Inf Ll<rned coves ,and c. ridge in TJ. 8273­
M. l'~ring this c~ct:i.on, 2 tanks ilore stuck cnd in eV::l.cuoting these'tanks under
mortc.r cnd ccr-cy fire, Lt O'Connell nnd Tec 4 Cress were wrunded. One tonk '\ias
damnge1 ty shell fire but mnncsed to pUllout. 1st Sec, 1st Plat, atchd to 17th
Inf WU3 ti.~1,:,!J18 ·~o perform assignod mission because of terrain difficul tiev.
2d SeC", 15+ P:'.nt att::hd to 2d En~ 17th :nf, tried to move through the tovm of
ON~G~'~, to r.:;o.cl1 a Lills'.c.e an-J. C:1Ves on the 3'0'1, edge. One tank ;-ms stuck nnd had
to be, 910.C4£1 tad, cnd t:w .2J Q C 11,i th'ire'.i' becc.use of the impossible terre-in. In
spi t~ of thj s. t~ley P6..:e JJ':'daJ"ed on the ,~ission in the cfternoon and again
';/ere forc3d to withdraw' heavy mortar and nrty fire.
. b. Co B - 1st Plt:t committed Olle tonk with Co B, 193d Tk Bn t.o burn out a
ffnulll volleY containing snipers and 1 ID. 'Smoke was used for concealment. It
is doubtful if the flame was effective os the range wtlS too great. 2d Plat
atchd' 3 flame throwers to Co I, l65th Int. One tank '\ins lost due to c. ndne.
):'11(; other 2 fl.:-lIle throwers with tank and Int support engaged C~-\Ie8, pillboxes
and MO's in the area SW of Machinato Airfield.
c.. ~ - 1st Plat ccmni tted 4 tanks in Til 8075. 1 tank was evacuated when
it became mired in en~ territory. The other 3 fired Napalm and MJ's at o~ves. ,
.1 t8~. previously lost, '\ias recoverod r.',nd sent back far repairs. 2d Flat had
6 casualties during the niGht 'i1hf;l~ n 3h(;'11 landed in a foxhole where the men were
sleeping.. sgt Bondel, Sgt ~tti & :-V,: : r'.lger were killed; Cpl Kogut &: Tec 5
Gamble were seriously woun4edantl P'rt ,"t..rnbeck wos slightly wounded. 3d Plat
carmi tted 3 flame thrO'l7ere which f1)·(O: r1 G loads of Nopo,lm into coves and dugoots
in support of the Inf. They were creditedi:w1thkilling well Over 100 Japs. Thi.
1f8S in TA 8~75.
-, i

1. No. of tanks cr.Y.' tt,~:J. ,--1~_,_

5. Nc.rrotive:
c. Co it. comrr,i '~t0G. ;,0 t:cr..ks
c:o:s -

b. 1st ~12t atchd to 1C5th Inf to burn out entrenched positions

near NiJ\"An.. 900 gc.l:::. N.:.pulm 'vere fired in t hour. 10, 5riven out by the
f1~'ne~, w(:re 'd.~,J:::.:":. ':.,J the ::n~, SJ ::?lct oper::ting wi th ]C! £:1, l65th Inf ar.d
tanks of 193,i T" Bn. ·Durn.:-d out :n:.'.Jc""s :r.c. Q IJossible a; on the;;'"'11 tip of the
c. ~ - 1st Pbt ',7ith c') C, 76]d Tk 31" Qnd t'he 383d Illf committed 2 tanks
to fire Nopclm und ~G's at slopes nr.d rid£~s in Ta 8075. No results were ob­
served. 2d Plot, o!lero.ting 'iii th Co B. 763d Tk En cnd 38lst Inf. Flome throwers
and stc.ndard tanks led the :J.dv::nce: firing or. ridges end reve!'se slopes. 3d.
Plat wi th Co C, 76Jc. 'I'l: Br. and 38]d Inf, cOf'1mi tted 3 fl~e UJ'oVlers in the morn­
ing. Sane caves 2.1'lc. -:, .. Jjt;S \ier.... b'..U'ned. 7'8 c:!.noneer '.'ms dismounted in one
tonk and a doughboy took his plnce to desiguC'to knoVln targets. Approx 100 Ja,s
..ere in one ccve w11ic:1 ',;J.S 'Jur:1ed. In thf' c.fternocn the flculle thro\'1er cnd
standard tanks ',7ent throurh n cleared minef~c1d about SOC yel.s in front of the
In!. Rlmerous -"ere ~ (;e:'. : 'beth i~ ~"1t: ")L t of (;s'rUS ,J':le Inf credited tc.nks
with 90% of the 290 Japs kiPecl.',500 g.:j.s u:f _.a.pd:'1 W3:.'e I'ired,

6. Remrksl
The Inf is very rand. of the flar::e thT'owel's :.nd "i::'l ::dv~~nCl' b",hL:.o, nne
';'here'they will hes;i,:t.e tc ""()11.0:.·~. ,s·:;c.nds.rd t:..r:k::,


3· No> of t::ll.kS (i...,:b"... ~d. '.

~. r;ue to e~1dL.:" 1'L'E.

.4- .
NCr c·l' t~.nks cper::ltive :J.t prese:-:t .'; ir!h; __ 15_
5. l:OQ 01 t'3.~,ks in bivou...c 'Jut not opE:r~tive

60 l:c.-j."c. t:. y~ :.
~.. ~,2!!.. - ~1J0 t--:.r.ks Here ("nr,l'·li t'ved·
'h.. C:\."'I L .•\T(') t~.l":'{n .-.'3~(; CI,):,"UU:.i.. t~eC1

::. 96'·C 1 c; ~
~,c~ ii, ~ iT "C-t; :1CJt c:;rnmi tted. 3(' :>:In t with Co C, -763<'1. Tk
Bn, l'irt;)j "p,= lc~.c1 of _~('p ... I'J' ! ' t ,:2ve.:: ir. n smc.ll v!llle·y~ After firing, the
tonk ;t.~f'np+e~ tLl WJ. "':;hJrc ,/ . ..11-'; ''!Os' hit on the sprocket by n 47wm. Enemy fire
wos fie. thct : t '. ·as i,n.:ossible ~o ~ow out the flome thrower and the crew
eVc.c11,oteo. .+.6 ::l tonk :;"ror.l the 76,d. 5/~et Po.mdy's flame thrower, which Wo.s
standing by, uns attacked by a Jop with a satchel charge. The commonder of a
763d tank just behind him opened his turret and killed the Jcp '.'1'i th SlG fire.

1 . " 1945
1. No. ot tonks cOOllli tted _ 11

2. No. ot tank loads of fuel 1)S, ·n

- -.­,J

3· No. ot tonks operative at pr ... ~.::_ ' ,r"J 35

4. No. ot tOMS in bivouac bu t U0t I • , .. :.:--. ti '113 1

.5. Personnel: 0.. Killed in C!c-';i~;'. '.::;"L
b. Wounde:.~ i~. :.: c t,l' ;:

6• Nc.rr!l ti v~ I
o. ~ - 1st Plct 0l)t.;r::: ted ·.7i~1· Co 2: 7J 1 t:h 'T'k Bn in .~mpp'-'1"'" of the 3d
Bn, 17th Inf. Their P.',i,qai.'L -:7:.3 t., lu.r; ~r£ rCV0rso slope of c hill to' enable
the In! to move up. It v:~,s neces.s:ry to bullJ.oz~ 0.. roC!d through before the flome
thrower could move up. Two loeds of N:::p':'.hl -.70re expend,od, but the 10£ wes still
unoble to tcke the position. This wc!s just S of th.:; tor.n of KOCHl.
bo' QQ.J2 - Attached to 1st k:':::'r Tk En o.r:.d 1st 113 Div upon relfef of 27th
Div ~nd 193d Tk En. The 1st Plat burned the tovm of hYi.GU.3UKU supported by
the let Mor Regt.
c. &fL.Q. - "ttoched to 706th Tk Bn:::nd 77th Di v upon relief of 96th Di v and
763d Tk Bn. One flC!r.,e thrower of t.l-je 2d Pl':'t, Sgt, fired 2 loads of
Napalm into c2ves. end covered ['. hill with fire. 3d Pl~t committed 2 flame
throwers in support of Co B, 706th Tk Bn·. Numerous J::ps '.1ho rnn from cC.ves to
esccpe the flame '.1cre shot down by supporting Inf. One flane thro'.1er drew 47mm
AT·fire,but suffered no hits.

7 •. Rennrks:
a.• Copt Retcliff reported th~t Co B, 711th Tk Bn, proved to be very
cooperc. t i ve.
b.. Co C reports Japanese operating radio on channel #3.
c. Co C observed 2 nude Jeps at 1400 obout 100 yds fram the bivouac ~rea
rWlJIlllging through e pile of clothes neer a CClVe. Pvt Brozzil shot one in the
back wi th 0 carbine ond both Jcps ron into c. i.ft.:;r attempting to flush
them with gunfire, smoke and grenades, Lt Brandino pour",d gasoline into the
COTe, intending to burn them out. At this point cn explosion wi thin the c~ve
ignited the gasoline and Lt Brandino received 2d degree burns on the hend QDd
.,.,,;, Ma:i;

1. No. of knks commi tted 6

2. No. of tank loads of fuel used 4

3. No. of tanks operative ot present tim3 34

4. No. of tanks in bivouac but not opercti ve 5

5. Personnel. a. Killed in action: None

b. Wounded in action 1

6. Narrati va :
o. ~ - 1st Plat ccmni tted 1 flrune thrower on same mission ~s day previous
in support of the 3d Bn, 17th Inf. The Inf was still unable to move Over the
hill.. The Ccmpany moved to !l. new location :::.t TA 8474-G.
b. ~ - No tanks i1ere canmitted. '!be Campany moved to a new loc~tion ~,t
Til. 7878-T, North of VJ.CHINJ.TO AIRFIELD. .
c. Q.ti - 3 flame throwers fran the 3d Plot reported to Co B, 706th 'l'k Bn
end 307th lnt:. One tank was, camni tted, tiring on a 'rocky ridge. No results
nere observed. 2 tanks fram the 1st Plat operated with the 306th Inf. They
'burned a r$,dge, starting large fires, and fired into some caVes. All action
took place in TA 8075.

7. R$DQrlcs •
. Co J. re,Parte the 3d Bo, 17th lnt is very coopereti ve and will.accept the
cd~ce ot ~0Gk otticer. as to proper employmet at tonks.



,..' .....

-- - • - .. "! .. _ ...

1. l~o. of t!:!r..kc cor:~:.i tt.:.

2. X-;o. of tc.r.k lou1~ -,f f;." ~':;l;t. ____ l_

.5. rersonnell c. Iull~(}:'n ~cti::>r..:. ~';or.(.;

b. Wounded in cc tion _-=:.1_ _
c. Outs k;r.dir....::; purforr.:cI.ce of in":'i vi·:!u.::lc ar units I 3/Sgt
Curti::; I C-, '" liS:;iOUI.ts;l from his tc.rJ:: 'wl ::'tk:npt0.~ tn len.d it to ~ pill­
box 'NhicL ·.'l'..;.~· ~'i:,i~.·. ~ t l:~l,1, 1:, or<Jur to ::.ccompli.s:: L.~ :;.J.:';Sl';"n. nl,; ',7GS
,;Ollnl€ : d iI". ctis ~.c~i>:-.,

6. N:::rretivcl
::. ~ - 1st l'l .t atcM to Co B, 711th Tk Bn in support of the 3d Bn,
l7tt Inf, operetE;d in thu viciility of LOCEI. Their tcrg{;t '<i::!S the reverse slope
of e hill 'Rhich hal C'.;VE:;13 ::,.na :: pillbox on it. Lt Lyle:s moved his tonk through
c cut end burned -the; r<:verse slope with one st:md~.rd tenk sUI,Dorting. i.boot
.50 '.7ere t:'ill-ed en they ran from the flc.r.Jes. Thl.: mission "os successful,
but the Inf Wc.s still un2ble to t:::ke the posi tion. 2d Pbt opcr:: ted with Co B,
711 th Tk I;n 3r,1 th'J bt Bn. 17th Inf ill the vicinity of ON;.Git.. "t 1200 Lt
Jon(;s l!1oved thro\lgh the to','ll1 'ili th good tur.l<: r.nd Inf support end fired Q pill­
box [:nd ccves on thE; ,:j edC e. V'.ter. S/Set Curtis end St;t Cioffrei wure brought
up on the sc:m~ Ii',ission. 3gt Curtic 'i{:~S ',-lounrled in th8 ~ction. The mission WIlS
succE;s:3ful npprox 75 Jc.po were kille,l.
b. 9.2...£ - 3d PIn t w~s ':l tchu to Co B, 1st l,br Tk En end the .5th l;'i.rines.
'.:'hey w&rc cor.JIlli tted ir, T:" 7J7f.--G to burn out pillboxes, but were unable to
rf:;, the;e t dur, t (J tcrr'lin. Or.e to.nJ~ wns Logged dorm r,:nd wr',:J tmved out
ur,der ccvp.r of SP.lokc.
c. Co C - COlPJ:",i tted liO tanks.

7. Remarks. Co" reports the let Ln, 17th Inf, very cooperative.

h ,b~q,y 1945

1. Ho. of ·t:::'Ilks cOIurni tted Z

~. 'No. of t!lnk londs of fuel us{;d ':l

3· ' Ilo. of t~uks operD.tive et preeE:nt time 34

4. No. of t:::.nks in bi VOUElC lint not o~(::r:::.tivF) 5

.5. Personnel: n. Killed in action: NOIle

b. Wounded in <:;.ction 1

6. N~rctivel
e.. Co J, - Tht: Co ie now loc:\ted at T.'. 81a.5-M. 1st Plct opercted with Co
B, 71lth'l'k Bn in snpport of 3d Ln, 17th Inf in vicinity of KOCHI. Lt 4'les
muv(;:u up at 0700 to burn u rever::;e slope. While going into position he wns
attacked by Jcps with satchel chcrges, but no dnreoge wes dono. He completed
his Juission successfully, killing a number of 2d Pl.~t operoted with 1 •
i'l't, Co n, 711th 'I'k Bn ond2d Bn, 17th Inf. A Jo.p counterC'.ttc.ek developed on
the NE aide of ONi.GJ. and the flome throwf.ll'snnd stcnd'~d tcnks were c:llied up
to nneist'the Inf. Aftor two hours of firing the attack wns repulsed.
, b. ~ - 3d Pbt ctchd to Co B, l~t lbr Tk En & 5th P/!!ll'ines, was ca.lled up
. to burnou·t C'lveS -_I:c.l Me;. nests in T'. 7976-G. Althoogh firing· at extreme range,
both tanks expended thuir louu,fJ. .i.,,) .::)1.'ini t13 reeu~ ts wertJ observed. On their
way beck, the 'fl:J'l(;: throwers t:v~.lcu:'.:,.. "~':J :::nd Vlounded.
c. QQ..Q'! No t ':lJ(a wer(; ell;' .:. t " .. J.
d. He! Hg Co & :::;v Co movEld to '1': ~~~;'i")-li.

J ;

5 May 1945 .

1. No. of tanks canmi tted _..II2=--_

2. No. of tank louds of fuel used 2

3. No. of tanks disabled: 0.. fue to mechanical difficulty 2

4. No. of tanks operctive at present time 31

5. No. of tanks in bivouac but not operative 3

6. Narrative:

~. ,Co A and 22-Q - No tanks Were canmitted

b. ~ - 2 tanks of the 2d Plct expended 2 loeds of fuel in burning c~ve

and tU1IDe1s in Th 7975-P, supported by Co C, 1st Mer Tk Dn end 1st Bn, 5th Mbr­
ines. No enemy were seen to be killed, but Jop MG's which were firing were
silenced. The Inf moved up to take the ::treat

6 Mo..y 1945

1. No. of tanks committed ___1:,:2=--_

2. No. of tank loads of fuel used 8

3. No. of tanks discbled: a. Due to mechanic::-.l difficult:,' _.=2_ __

4. No. of ,tanks operntivo at present time __~3~1____

5. No. of tcnks in bivouac but not operntive __6____

6. Nqrrlltive:
~. ~ - ~st Plat, operating with Co B, 7llth Tk Bn cnd 1st Bn, 17th Inf.
One fb,rne thrower was moved up wi th stondcrd tc.nks in support c.nd fired c::ves
and hillsides NE of ONi;c;J..
b. ~ - 2d Plet, operating with the 7th ~hrines, moved out at 1500 ~nd
burned 5 coves with 2 londs of Napalm. They were closely supported by IIlD.rill(;
tonks and Inf. An estirnr..ted 15 Japs Wdre killed. 3d Plat atchd to Co B, 1st
Mor Tk Bn and the 3d Bn',5th Marines, nttacked reverse slope in TJ. 7875-G wi th
excellent support by tanks nnd Inf. About 200 Japs were driven out, of which
50 were killed by thrower o.nd st:".nd~rd tanks'.
c. ~ - 1st Pl~t moved out with 307th Inf and Co B, 706th Tk Dn. S/Sgt
Hayes and Sgt Knapp fired on c reverse slope, driving' ou t numerous Japs. Approx
15 Japs were killed.

7. Rennrksl Co C reports lock of cooperc. tion fran 706th Tk En.

7 W;ny 1945

1. No. of tanks COlnI!li tted 21

2. No. of tank loeds of fuel used 20

3· No. of tc.nks cliscbled: n. Due to mechc.uicul difficulty 2

b. Stuck 1

4. ~~o. of tanks opere. ti ve o.t present time 28

5. No •. of tanks in bivoucc but not operr:tive 10

7 Itpr l'i5 Cocat>
6. IiuTott.....' .
.. a., ~.~ 1., Plat wi Ul 00 A. '71Ub !It III .... ill ..-tOt 34 ID. 17~
lilt• •i"UOd.'t ·tU!M:.~;...s on •.eUOe.-'.n. apparte4 . , 2 .tcD4ard
____ .!tal•. ~ ~ 5th .~ of t1r:iDS 011 tilt. out. Yet . . W'wu .till un­
able to tate the, pu1U_.. N ~ . . .CIte4Wl.·l Pl4\t OlD At 7111111" lID aD4
la, lID, 17~ W. Lt .TOIl....itll aD ottloer t.rca the IDtaDll ODe trca . . 71ltih
..., 'U):011 toot ~ make a per.o1 I'HGIlD4i"uoe of ttle tel'ft1D~" 'Iben Lt .T. . .
tlame tbl'owel'.lIUpPCrte42· cntn,,',.--lailb
atob .mtd.1lP:,to t1.n"1;5ia.,
. wi~1J .1,Ul~" bee..,. lIDrtar 'fob. Lt '.TOIl•• ' taDk toalc 2 hU. . .Ubcut 4aIaIIe.
'l'b.,. '.
After -.01. Lt .Tones rm4 ast Alb.." mOy.4 Up 111 811oe...lon to ~ tbell' tle-.
" .. ~ suns at. th. tarlet, 34 Plat att..,te4 ~ burn tbe town ot UIa.;.RI. ln 811ppert
of the l84th Int, but both rQ.lMa at approaoh were heavily mined. .
b. k.i - lat Sec, let Plat II1ppcrt~ Co 4, 1st Mar Tk Bn an4 ~ BIl, In
Mlrlnes. OperaUna In T4 mS-:T, th87 ,tirat shot up the terset with 7Szrm. then
lnO'Ied out ODd burned O:lves UDoovared b7 7.5mn tire. 8 :Tapa were ldlled by our
m fire, and 20-,30 were est1mcted to be in the burned OQva,.,24 Seo, lat Plat
sUPPQJ."ted 1 Plat, C~'4, 1st Mer 'l'k BIl and 1st BIl, 1st Marlnes. '1b87 tired 1200
Sels ot Nepe.lm at cav.. and area tarseta in TJ. mS-I, withdrcw1na once to refuel.
2d Plat with Cd B. 1st Mer Tk Bn oJld 1st lID, S1ib Marin_. burned ee'Yee and
rldses In T4: 1975.:p. frca :whioh .Tap.lO tire WQS reoelved. One tlalDe tm-ower Woe
enouated £otter tall1ns into a shell hole. AD attempt to retrieve it by the
tank recovei')' Yehicle wes' unBucceaatu,l due to hen..,. mortfll'o and artillery tire.
,3d Plat atchd wlth 00 B. 1st I&lr Tk Bn to 3d DDt Sth Mlrinee. T~
78'7S-GM. '!'hey burned ceveB with the alose BUPPOI't of standard ~nka8Dd Int •.
6 :Taps wtl'a seen t() be killed by C1lI' IC" as they r:ln fran the cav. ., end ,the
smoke obscured ()thers. 2 Jape were killed aa they atteJ!l)W to throw grenadas
ot the tGnka. Later on'G flome thrower burned a few hcusee, Q MJ Dest cnd
seYe~al snipers. .
c. ~ - 2~ Plat. Sgt Tyler. operating with Co B t 706th Tk Bn and 307th
Int, fired ODe lood or lilpalm into cavas filled with :Tep equipment. ~ 1nrse
explosion resulted ODd 1 Jap truck wos burned. ]).aring this cotion he was sub­
jected to intense mort~ fire. Numerous :Taps were flushed and killed by supp­
opting Int. Lt Hoffa fired ODe load into 0. cnve 1400 yds N of SHURl. 4 huge
fire o.nd seTera1 explosions resulted.

8 Mo..y 1945
1. No. of tenks operative at present time ___

2. No. of tonks in bivooac but not operative 4

3. N...".l'rctiT€Z
No tanks were canmitted todcy bec!:1us~ of adVerse weether and
terrain conditions.

9 Mp.y 1945

1. No. of tcnks ccmni tted 3

2. No. of k.nk londs of fuel used 3

3· No. of t~nks oper~tive ~t present time 34

4. No. of t:,nks in bivouac but not operative 3

5. N~rr::2tive:

~. Co A and Co C were not committed

b. ~ - atchd to Co 4t Is1l Mar Tk Bn and 1st Merinest opera ted in TA

7775 cfter the o.rea h:.1d been covered by 75nm and MG fire. The flcme throwers
move4 in to burn 2 exposed C::2ves. ;. l:n'ge number of J!lPS were fcreed out of
another opening on the revers~ slop...: ::ud killed by Marine tonks end Inf. 4 :Teps
were killed at our end of thl.! tUI:n.:;l. This :lction enubled the lnt to advrmoe
600';'800 yds. A smcll of {;-8 houses w~s clso burned by 1 flame thrower.
10 Mw Ij1U

I. No. ot' tanka conmitted _7~__

• 2. . No.

3· No. ot tanks disabledl o.

5_ _
tank' loads of fuel used _ .....

Due to mec.b,anical difficulty 1

b. Duo to terrain 1

4. -No. of tOo.nks operative at present time 35

5. No. of tanks in bivouac but not operctive 2.

6. Personnel. a. Killed in action. None

b. Wounded in :-:ction" 1

7. Narrative I
a. Co A - No tanks were committed
b. ~ - 1st Plat, ctchd to Co A, 1st Mer Tk,Bri and 1st Bn, 1st Marines,
nttncked·in Tit. 7774-BCOOHI at 1000. The objective was reached at 1200 and dl
but 1 flame thZ'ower retired. Sgt Zannelli'8 flame gun fn1led to operate :80 he
stQyed up to support the Iof Hi t.h 1£ fire, While doing this Jap ID fire
knocked off his periscope and radio antenna, cnd he was slightly wounded by
bullet apbsh. 2 Jape were seen to be kIlled by our guns :and 1 UG wn.s knocked
out. 2d Plc.twith Co 0, 1st Mar Tk Bn Elnd 2d Bn, 5th PlD.rines,attocked in TA
7975-R llt 0830, 2 cc.ves were burned, killing 4 Japs and 1 UC knocked out.
Lerge explosions, were heard from tho Cc.ves. A cllff \roS then burned ond a num­
ber of Japs'who ron out were killed by the tanks.
c • .Q2....Q - Sgt '::;chrwn's tank, atchd to Co B, 706th Tk Eo woe ccmnitted, but
while moving into firing position it WIlS overturned.

11 May 1945

1. No. of "tanks commi tted II)

2. No. o~ tank loads of fuel used -1L­

3. Nd. of tanks 4isobled I a. Due to mecheni ct:! 1 difficulty 2.
b. Due to enelTl.y fire 3

4. No. of tanks opero.tive at present time 30

5. No. of tanks in bivouac. but not oporativo 4
6. Personnel. a. Killed in action: NOlle
b. Wounded in action 2. Offs ­ ~ &1

7. Nc.rrative:
n. £Q.....A - No tanks were canmitted.
b. .Q.£.12. - 1st PIc.t ctchd to Co h' 1st Mlr Tk Bn and 1st Marines, attacked
caves Gnd dugouts Yf of DiJCE'.SHld llOO with all 6 t klOO throwers. J.bou t 100
Japs Here flushed frm the coves, nn c.~o dump nnd a 47mm AT gUll wcs destroyed
in this cction.. Sgt St"J.glinno's tnnktook 2 hits fran Co 75 or 77mm gun in the
engine and ',/GS ev:.cuo.ted. After the men had left the tank, e I50nm (est) shell
hit in the vicinity and wounded h of tho creW. S/Sgt Lintner attempted to tow
out the disabled tcnk and took a hit fran 'the surne gun, which struck his MOpalm
tank rend flooded the crew canpor.tment. It did not ignite, so ho backed out and
sent his tank to the rear. Sgt Zanelli, though tempornrily stUCk', engr:lgcd the.
'~T gULl"with his ID'e end covered the'eVl:'.cuation of the other tunks. The rennin­
ing tunks continued to O~r':te in the o.rea, burning CO-Ves cnd houses until the
close of the period. Durinc. Q btcr c.ttempt to eVQcuate $gt Stagliano's tc.nk
wi th the Tk Rec Veh, 1 Off ·:.nd 4 111, .. cr. ·.munded by a 32 ().f spigot mortar· shell
which hit hc[",rby. 2d wd 3<1 Plc·.ts ·.~c.r8 not committed. Lt Novak wns wounded by
a short round from 0. friendly '15,1JE :~;u:, ',;::ilo he wr'.S at :In OP.






,·~·,i : ,,~Il'~ \\..10.:.1,' ;, .... ~,

. ~.~ I .. :'" . ~ (oemt)
'h' _~~i:J.}. . '. .. "'.. "
. o... :.ta.a·~ . w ,,,a' ,"",ati.Dc ·.nth Co B.706tb ft: 811. 1IiUr114l4 oay.. Q..s
l'i..... 1a;. . . .-.-~tila 30.5. lDt. 4-7~'h~Dit. . . . . leetill tld8 a.UOD,
. t . . fJ..-e . . . . . . ~••. no 4a"'P." ~ DUIIIb.. at __W IDI aD4 tcmkaN
.... ftDGUO,..··... t _&00411' '24 'bt bul'Ded Cay. . and hUlel4e.'.Ub Co C.
706.·. III ad 3o&~ IAt.. 'DUIIlbef Ott lcSle 80 were drl'9'en out Ott tile 00'9'88
wve JEilW.· ...: roJ.e7'•.tOM tC?Gk a hit frClll.OD AT gun. . ..

12 lIlY 124 5'

" • . "f. .

L' .,.:·ot·~ ,a.1tte4· 22

" . .

2. No. at tank 10&4•. ~ ruel used 20,

3. Ro. of t~ka diaableda o. Due to mechanical difficulty ~4a.-_

b. Due to eneq.y tire 1
c. Due to t er1' 1. 1

~ . .. Ott tGAb operoUve c t prese~t time 28

.5. Ho.·01 ~anke in.bivooac but not operative --A4a.-_

6. ""'opne1, B. Dlled in cction. None'

" b. Wounded i~ aotion 3

1. ·b"rathe.
a. ~ - 2d Pht, operating in support of Co C, 763d' Tit Bn and 382d Int,

fire4 lOOe load ot NQpal.m in ,the valley E of ZEBRA HIll.. 3d Plut operated with

00 B. 763d Tk Bn nnd 38.3<1 Int. The 7Snm tanks covered the target area at GAJa

and is ridse just to the B witb 75mm gun and m fire, The flllme tb,rOwers moved

thrOU&b the stnndcrd tanks to burn the toWn and ridge. Betore the flame had

died out,· the'Int moved in '\0 consolidate the position.

b. .Q2Jl - let Plot, atcbd to 6th ~ Tic Bn and 1st Bu. 22~ Marines,camn­

ltW 1 flame thrower ct0830 to burn a sugar mill (TJ. 7574-D). ·...t the SeJll8

t t . 2 tlQ1118 throwers burned a smll vill~e at TJ,. 7573-R. , They reloaded nod

ell, wr. s.nt 1n to burn ('reas in TA 7573-3. 22d Mlrines credi t the flmne

"throwers with k11lins 30 lops in this action in addition to the tollowiQ8

equlpaenta 2 grenade disch~gers, 13 DIPs, 2-2Omn guns. 1-47nm gun. 1-75Dm

Howiber, 'J cases of pbstic mines :md cn emmo dUJlip •. 2d Plat, 2 flame 1tIrowers

plua 3 atohd fran 3d Plat, opercted with Co C, 1st Mar Tk: Bn nnd 7th lOOrlnes.

7 loads of No.falm were fired at coves cnd tombs in TA 7874-N with no ob8~rv(jd

reeul tel However the In! vres able to occupy the position at 1300.' 3d prat

, atobd to Co A, 1st l4ar Tk En cnd 1st ),br Regt, burned 3 small vilbges and a
te. c~V8I!I In T.A. m3-HI, using only 1 flome thrower. 3 laps are lmown to be
killed by our guns and 1 UlC probabl,y destroyed. .
o. ~ - 3d Pl~t opercting with Co C, 706th Tk: Bn, burned caVeS cnd ridges.
During this o'Ction, 3gt Tyler r'eceived on arUllery hit which broke his track.
While wnlt1ng in an assembly axeee, Capt Niemeyer end Tee 4 Crllw.tord were wounded
b7 lap mortnr tire, Sgt Holmes r-s also woonded during the dllY'a action. Lt
Hotta's tonk wns credlte~ with 75-100 J~ps.

8. ReIIIlrlasa The action participated in by the 3d Plat, Co A, was a splendid

ex~ple of flame tnrower-tnnk-Int coordin~tion.

13 MaY 1945
1. No, ot .tonks canmitted __9~_

3. No', or tanka oper_tive ·.t J,Jr':'OCl t tl..lC 25

, (
", .....l L

4. No. of t:2nks in bi-.,ouC;.(' but no-;; opecJ.tive. 12

.5 •. Ncrrc ti ve :
o. ~ - 2d ?ld oporc.ti!1g Yihh Co vr 7[3<1 T:: En ene' 3d Bn, 382d Inf,

commi tted only 1 fl:::n:.e thrower. Lt Jones bur:-.3d .. ('ut on the N edbe of ZEB&4

HIll., killing eboo t 50

b. ~ - 2d Plrt, working ...: i th Co C, 1st I.t:r Tk En omd 7th Mnr Regt, used

6 locds of Napalm in burning caves o.nd 1 pillbox in T/~ 7874-Umo. Aboot.50

Jnps were flushed cnd burned in this '1ction. 2 fl.:llIle throwers were canmi tted

to burn c~ves in T~ 7874-S. Although they could not re~ch the tcrget, 1.5 Jcps

rc:.n out end '.7ore killed by tnnk 1-1; fire. 3d Pl:'.t, :'.tchd to Co C, 1st Mar Tk Bn,

cOll'ni tted 1 tilrO'aer to bw.'n 2 SI!W.l1 'ililh:ges in TA 7773-D.

c. Q.Q....Q - One section of 1st Plat '.'le.e. atchd to Co D, 706th Tk Bn. They

fired j loads of napalm at ceves end hole.::.; in T:. 8073-?~. Lorge explosions

resulted. The t~r~s c.nd Inf buVt excellent support.

6. ReID£lI'ks: Co A reports tile 96th In! Di v works very well -;;i th the flame
throwers, moving rieh t in behind the flome to occupy the posi tions, The

763d Tk En has ghen the. ttro71ers excellent covering fire.

1-+ M::y 1945

1. No. of tanks committed ~­

2. No. of tonk 10Qdsof fuel used 10

3· No. of tanks disabled: c.. Due to r.;echonico.l difficulty' 1

b. Due to ene~ fire 1
c. Due to being stuck 1

4· No. of tanks operative Gt present time 28

5~ No. of tanks in bivouac but not operative 17

6. Nc.rrotive:

. o. ~ - At 0800, 2d P1'J.t, operating wi th Co B, 763d Tk Bn ·and 383d ~f

'fired an enemy strong point on G. high "ridge just to the right ot cdNtCAL HIU.,

neutrclizing the posi tion cr:d en-.bling the Inf to move in and consolidn te s.:une.

At about 1500, S/Sgt Land moved out hith 1 P1Gt froffi A Cq, 763d Tk Bn to neut­

ralize enemy in vicinity of T/. 8l70-E. '!be etondcrd tanks covered the area with

'75nE"cnd MG' fire and Sgt Land fired a smollvillqge. The mission wos ~ccomplish­

'ed ond the Inf moved in and consolidnted the position.

b. ~ - 1st Plc.t operating with 6th Mlr TIc:an burned COves and ridges in

TA 7573-RSlX. 4 Japs were killed 3nQ 1200 ~als of Napalm expende~. ·2d Plat

operating with Co O. 1st Tk Bn in Tk 7874-L could not,reach their tarsets. 3d

Plot operating with Co ~... 1st Tk Bn. burned 2 s:mllcoves ~t TJ. 7173-H and

7714-X., and a sIllllll portion of the town of WANJ.. 300 gals of Napalm wore ex­

pended. The Co sustained n(l personnel or vehicular casualties •.

• c. .Q!..£ - 1st PIc.t, otGhd to 2d Plc.t, Co D. 706th'Tk En, tired tr~nche8.

caves and ridges in T~ 8G73-UV. Orientation and Int-tank support wos excellent.

No definite results obsCll'ved. ,One tonk, operating with Co D, 706th Tk En,

'fired e ridge in TA 8073-~. 'lbe Co sustained no personnel or vehicular caa­

·":u(llths. '
. .. ~
..... ,·i
15Mpx 19145
. 1.
fid. of tanks comni tted _..:Il=--_

2. No. of tOnk loads of fuel usorl -1-..,..'-:'­

3. No. ot tnnks operative at pr:;';c'.l"., t:.rce 'a8 '


.R:Ef!f'!'m€ TFTl

4. ,No. at t::lllks in bivcuoc bl"t l:.ot IIp·'l'a'';~ v:: -1~

.5. Na1-re t1 va a
Co A o.nd Co E cC'lr..•:ll. "; c.,(1. n< T,r ~1!C!O,
b. ~ - 2,d Flct t n.;chj to Co 40., 70h":h C::<: :':;. cat;l.'nLtec. 1 thrower.
a/agt ~11y fired one 1~3d of N~p~L'n at cc~e3 ~~Q t~en~tas in T~ 7974-V, rec­
ehing good support !'rol.! kf1ks and Inf •. Hia Col 30 killed 5 Japs.

1~ Nc, of tonl:s r;ommi tted __ .3~_

3. l~o. of tar..~s <lisablec. a. l);'a to ~echan::..(;a ~, difficulty 1

b. lJ.. lt3 ·c ;) terrain 1

4~ No·. at tanks ')pe:~ctive ct pr ':;"ent tiro 30

5. No. of taukE U: J:',-JOti.::\c b-.1 i ; nO'i; rperative 8

6. Narrative:
a. ~. 1st P:!.ct, ctchd to Co A, 763d Tk En end 2d Bn, 383d Inf was
given mission of neutro.:jziflg J::.p strongpoint on hill at T:.8271-J... At 1400
the stanck.rd ta:-Jcs worke6 OYer t,10 position wi th 7.5mn. Lt Lyles flc.rne throwers,
supported b~ Inf, r:;oved up ;.:nd fired their misSion, killing about 25 Japs C\nd
exploding s&verc.l c.nmo dumps. 3 Japs attempted to the flome thro\'lers
wi th sc.tchel ch..'1rges and were killed. ;;Jgt Kostelny then fired the scme :nission,
killing approx 20 Japs. While uithd~C\win3 fram this mission, Sgt Kostelny's
t~nk threu c trqck, and the cre... ··w,s eyccuoted by 763d tanks.
b • .Q.2J1 - 1st Plct. working '.71th the 6th Mlr Tk Bn, burned caveS in TA
7672-B. 2 ~7C~:.e ::illed by au:;" tc.nk M:t fire. Sst Webb's engine .fo.iled in
Jcp tJrritory ~nd hed to be cvc.C'uated. 3d Plat, c.tchd to Co .\,' 1st Mer Tk: En
and 7th J.1c.r Rest, b~~ned the tm'U of 'i;:.N.·.. No defini te r ssul ts flere observed.
c. ~ - 26. Pbt, CI.tchd to Co C, 706th Tk: Ell, HaS cOl:mlitted to support
tho c.uvc.nce ot l05I!l11l tQ~: Cl!ld burn reverse slope ct TJ., 7974-V. Target ere!:>.
was not wi thin reQch of fln::l.e gun o.nj c'1usud ::'e!'.'.r of tank to be exposed to AT
f i!"e < "fter sustainiIl£ on e hi.; (;i.'.") nn tho r ir;ht reer s pons on , the flame thrower
wi thl!rev. •

7. .RflJ.o.r'~.s. The mission of Co C' I;l f _::t."i!tJ tiU'or;ers wes in accordance with proper
use o~ t!le flame throwers.

1. No. of tanka cornmi tterl __1:.12:0...._

2. No. 0-: bnk loods of fuul used _lL_

4. No. o~ tanks oper:n1ve Q t pol'esent til~f! -.-£~-.

5· N(). ot ta!}ks in bivouac but not operatiVE:: 7

6. Fersonnel: a. Killed in action: None

b. Wounded in action 1

,. -(-.
17 r.:cy 1945 (cont)
7. Nnrr:1tive I

:1. ~ - 1st Plet, oper:-,tinE, wi th Co .A, 76]d 7k d:, in S1i.;pc::"t ~ :.s! =~,

383d Inf, wes given the I:'.i5sion of firing:::. srr.c.ll. ville.fe. Lt Ly1,;;~' !:.:--'-=

accanplished the r.ussion a.ud reI:ll~ined in the arec. to USc his Cc.l 3J :,z '5. ..,;:;­
rox 3 0 Japs ~ere killed by the f~e end MG's. Sgt's tc,~ ~c.s ~i7~~
mission ot burning c. 'cut tran ..hich the Inf mlS r~ceivir.g !lG ~:::. 5::.i;:-3:" f~.:.
This was done and a number Qf Japs ran out to be killed bj supportics :::f ~~!
tanks. Sgt Benson's tank killed about IS.
b. ~ - 1st Pl::t, opernting ili th the 6th TIc Bn, burned cc.· ;::::.:.

area targets in TJ. "l672-JJ3,. 2 J:lPS knmm to be killed. 2.1 Fbt,

ilith CO C, 1st Mar Tk Bn and the Sth lI!nr Regt, cc:r.mdtted 2 fl::r.::e thrC'';";"c.'!.I'.:3 i::

T.i. 7873-CDEHIJ. Tanbs end CC.VElS· \.erc burned. One fim::e thro'.7£;r hc.,i t.."' be !It-­

andoned because or a broken trock. Radios were removed :lnd SUnB ::liscr::"~.i. ';.i

Plc.t iloa atchd to Co C, Is t M.:lr Tk En end supported Co's I Cone. K 01: t!:.e 5th .

Mar Regt'. 4 flame throwers were tted at l3hS \.~i th tc.l~k support :.::l l'ur:.:e.!

S tanbs, 12 ceves- and 3 houses in TJ. 7873-HIJ. 7 Jops who r'J.L i.uto c. t.:!:.~ ·.7ere

killed, os were 2 whoo.ttempted to thrro grencdos ct the to.r.ks.

c. ' ~ - 3d PJ.::t '"lCS o.tchd to Co C, 706th TIc Bn. Sgt Pnr::dy's t!lr.k ::es
caDmitted ot 0930 to burn a culvert, ridge and several caves. ,,"pprox 50 Jeps
were tlushed to be killed by supporting Inf. On its return the fl::l!~ thrc'.7t1r'S
electrical system broke down end it ~os t~~ed b~ck to the bivou2c 2rea. Sgt
&:hrwn went into action at 12JO to burn co-:es and the brush around :l rooJ block •
.lbOut ,35 Japs who rlln out ~ere killed by supporting M-8's.

18 May 1945

1,,' No," ot tanks canmi tted __9,,--_

2: No: or tc.nk loods of fue1used 11

,3. No. ot tanks diso.bleJ. a. nte to mechanical difficulty 2

b. nte to enemy land mines 1

4. No. ot tanks operati Ye at presentt1me


,s. No. of tanks in bivouac but'not operative Z

6. Narro. ti ve I
~ •. ~ - 1st Sec, 1st Plat, with Co A, 76,3d Tk En and lst Bo, 38,3d ,Int.
&:Is' BebSOIl' s tank tired a hillside and di T/~ 8l70'-J. He then rennlned
11;1 . e 'orc to use his'JO's on the surrounding hills. lot ~los, with stcndc.rd
mnk 8upport, was given mission ot firing a reverse slope. '!bey were unable to
reaoh the slope because of ;.T tire which penetrated one 76,3d tank. 2d Sec, 1st
Plat, operated tli th Co A, 763d Tk an nnd 2d Bn, ,38,3d Int. Sgt Knotts wns gi veil
miuton attiring over a .blutt that the 75' 8 could not reach. He rolled his
tlam8 down the revers. side ot the bluft and also tired some' caves. 'He kUled
Qpprtox1mot"81y 15 Jt;1P8. '!biB action took place in TA, 8271':P. 2d Plat 1'I:I.S gi van
a miasion with Co C, 76,3d Tk Bn. In order to ranch the target they had to pass
. thrCUSh Q cut where mines hcd prElviously beonenccunterad. Bongalore torpedoes
'lhioh 'were exploded to detollQ te any r8lll.:l1ning mines succeeded in caving in the
out to .uoh an extent that tbe tonka were unable to get tbraush.
. ." ~ - 24 Plot, atohd '1;0 eo C, 1st M1r TIc Bn and '7th Mlr Regt, oCIIIDi Ued
3tlGmo thrcmwa whioh tired''s looda.ot Napolm at oa'V8S ond .1omb. fran whlch
.Jap II) ··tire 'oWlS repar1;ed. (T.\-78'73-HIJ). No positiYa reaults .Qbsarved.
. ".~ ~~: - 34 Plot, Qto~ 1;0 eo-c, 70lith' 'l'k BIl end 305til ,Inti tired 4 loads
at ~ 1n 'tJ. 7"'3-0. CIln8, ~berta. cud (1 roc.d block were ob&ll8ed,
i'~~ Sa ~. Jape ~1Da. dr1YeD aa1l to be killed by .UPpcrUIl£ 11-8
tir.'. ODe tank tIU "lCf.l t due '0 . blew ott a traok.
AT mine whlch '

..17-' ,

L. _ .' ' ,.1 TED

~(-.~-. , '-'

R itt!?~-
19 ~:~ 1945

1. No. of tc.r.ks co::r.i. t ted 5

2. No. of t~nk locds of fuel used li:
3. No. of tc.nks disctled: c. Due to ene:~ lond mines 1
b. Due to terrcin 1

4. No. of t:mks opercdve ct present tine 26

5· No. of tcr.Jcs in bivouo.c but not operoti ve Z

6. l~~.rre ti ve:
e. Co ~ - 2d PI-:t operctc·d 2 tlc!j:-~ tbroTIers 'l'l'ith Co C, 763d Tk gn in·

support of 2d Bn, 382d Inf. :.t 1030, Sgt fired cnves o.nd entrench­

Eonts in the vicinity of Tabla Top (T~ 8l72-K) with good support from tnnks

cr.d Inf. In burning ::l lc.rge the flcr:1o went through the cave ::md out of

another opening. ~ number of Jeps ~ere flushed :lnd the fL~~ throTIer killed

50. ;.t 1300 Sgt Albern burned c::ves in the SQ."!)3 ::.ree nnd killed en esti.m:=.ted

35 Jcps. His tr:lck '.:05 broken on the ',7C:Y out o.nd the 763d t:mks broogh tout

the cre'l7.

b. Co B - 2d P!o.t opercte~ ":Ii th Co C, 1st 1w1cr Tk Bn enG! 5th Mtlr Regt. 2,

fleEe thrcmers' TIere; camnittt:.d to burn ccves ::md tombs. iI:3 they m. thdre\7, Lt
Sutherlo.nd's t:'.r.k hit 2 d.nes sirultcneously end ble'.7 both tr:lcks. Tuis nction
..cs in .Ti. 78'73-HI. 1 more floree throTIer wos canmitted in the sone cree et 1200
C::lc.. burned severel C:~veb.
c. Q£...Q - No tonY.B ;:ere canmi tted.

20 M07( 12li:5 .

1. No. of t~r.ks cClC"Jitted 10

2. !io~ of tc.nk loeds of fuel used 10

3· No. of tc.r.ks dis::lblecl: 0.. llie to enel~ fire 1

4. r~o. of trcnks operative ~ t present title 25

5. No. of tcnks ir. bi vounc but not oper:ttive 8

6. No.rrc.tive:
n. Co ,i. - 1 tr.nk frc:E". 2d l'l::lt ctchd to Co Cr 763d Tk Bn in support of 382d
Inf, burned c. ridgeline in TJ.. 8172-L. No results 'y:ere observed.
b. .Q2....!! - 1st PI::-.t, ntchd to 6th M::.r Tk Bn, attecked some C:lves in TA
7672-1. 6 J!lPS Ylere seen to be killed by oor !!.Ulls. 2d Plct. c.tchd to Co .l.,
1st Mc.r Tk Bn ~nd 2d Bn, lst Merines, cor.,mitted 3 flame thrO\1ers c.t 0830 ~d
burned c::".-"'es and tanbs in T~ 787] 2 1£' s \76I'e reported in this !lrec., but
::-.fter the tll!'o\1ers fired, tho Inf woved in \1ithout drnwing fire. Two
t:mks wer€; committed in the ~fternoon to burn the 'small town on ~he N edge at
SHIJRI' (TA 7873,.:j). Oue tanh: b:toke dO\"in on the· wo.y to the tc.r~et. ·~t Lt KrBll
continued . ~nd canpleted his mission. Or. his 'return ho towed the disabled tank
until it·stor·ted c.gain. 4 Jape were killed iIi this c.ction.
c. .QQ....Q - 2d Pl-::.t~ ctchc1 to CQ C, 706th Tk Btl canmitted 3St Tyler's tonk
et 1100 in Ti. 7873-IJ, to burn caves nnd ridges ... He received no tank end very
little Inf st~pport.. Lt Broudino's tonk wo.s caxtni'tted' in the SC!m'areo ond wqa
knock(;cl 0J.1 t by 47mr[l fire fran 0 J ap tonk. .s/~ t 'I\1lly .:! t 153 Oosaaul ted 0
ri-lge .in Ti. 7873...CD, supported by 2-75Jm!l tanks. The hose fl::me unit "::'8 0l"'1P­
loyed, but th<; Inf- Operator· woswounded· by sno.ll 'erma fire. ·astRlchordsOri
fired·.one load of ~Clpe.ln ot cc.ves and trenches in 'l'i~ 7873-C, euppcrted by 1
standard tonk. Inf support wes l~ckine in. this ~ction. due to emall ~ fire.

r r'r -
~ i /"...,. ..

6. Narrative (cbnt)
U. At cp,Prox 1500 in the; nf~lfcnoofl, Lt Rr'.:m,linu '"U3 I.)nr;r~cou ill burning
the reveree 8ido cf :J. ri~.:: ~~ T:., (07'3't,j '.Thor.. bis '.;~n~~ VI'S hi t by tJ:!e 47rx. fire
tran Q .Jnp tt'.nk.. Lt llT'fm'lino:8 tank W:.:.S loatrojud by firtJ dtor rucoivinC the
hit. Moj Little!logo. Cnpt C~o\71'J~' ~a'd thv C.O., Co C, 7Q(,t:l Tk Ell .,er" ~:tle to
observe '\his ~oti(iln fr',)J:~ 3.11 J~' in th~ vi cinHy of '1'.", If'('j- B ".1111 rin j itt tl(;p',ge
loco tad the Jc:p tcmk. Tht: J·:.r h'.l!k ~lith-lr(;w c.r:d then pu llod. up in to ::nother
posi tioD to be ~ble to 'Lri:tg fir.) on bo 706th knY.8 'l1h1ch wt::re ne::;r ·;re Lt
Brnndino ~d b~()n knock..:d out. .".fttjr :Jpottiag the cnuIflY k.nk in its l' at
pOsition, Moj Li ti,lep::·.:.;~ got into '1 t~rl1f Lelon~ine to the C.O., 70hth Tk En Co
C. ~md with tbe help of tho C.O., fir..:.J on r:nd clcstroyed the J::'!l t~lJ<.

ro. JOpf Je.llcdc .Tgd'!Y '1'0 J,)c t'=!.
Co A o 4lJ.5
Co E ]0 3Tj
Co C .J_______4~7~0-
'r't,j; 10 12eb

b. G· 1 s ll:.p- .1l:1
Tk~ t:;\%r~u.J:,tud _ .. _Jr·9.:w_.·.ctio!L.--Qt.L!u,:~.o!d._~...;..?(,r.u(<.~_~
Co J. 110 14 4 lfi,tOU
CoB 10(' 15 '} 3 0 ,Q{)~j
Co C --.!10_____ ._._L_._ _ ._2 1 n..,li,u_
'fot:·.ls 363 22 ~o 76. u5!)

2. No. of tri!;~ 10:',1..! o~ fuel tlSJr\ _ _lJ_.

3. No. of tc.nk~ u.isc.bled: c.. Uno to ~!t;c~mnic~.l di:':'f' lty 1

4. N'1. of tcnkb o,llQrc.tivc rlt pr"'tK!1'~ tire __:'L_

5. No~ of k.nks ill !)5v.Juc.c Lut not I)k-JrLthe


6. N".l'r·~UVt;:
o. .'1.u_.'l - Ho t:.'1hs ',;et'tJ COI"'T:uttod.
b. ~,.2 - Is"'; r',·.\t, ~.tch1 to 6tu ~Lr ~iv, burL,,' 'C. f..;:'·: 11'"'1.1S',5 ('1[. tr.o 1;
cdt;c "f .J.L•• whiJr irer:) r.-·yL)ril:'; Jnl..l; f:nir<:I':·. 211 fl' t ·;it'·: 2 1'17,(; thrOiV";rS
f'ror: 'i;he 3\i rl:lt, ucrt! -.lte;il·' to en h. I~;t ~~'.r ~k: ;.n :..n·l tL(; Lt :::::r:'r.-::c ill an
c.Uv~..nC(; to tl~e Ii o~{>~J of ~1?I. :: fl.~_ t\r'('"r1 \';::l'C cr-:Lit'Gc,j rt 0800, 2 in
WilTHI ..itll 6-75:,J": ',;'CW.:: ~:11:' ] .)T . r : ' 'I':; J ','1 :: cf ~~~IW: ',:itt: j-7.5r..:; t::lIllrs.
All tp..nks \1'Jre tiUl)Pcrtf..l l'y :···..I:.i~ ..; fi;'e +t:. ,"1..<. ,\1.1 lc;~r1.L ··.. (.r·, fU'eQ before 0930.
Nu·.lerOll~ Jcp~ ,/t'll'<J ~':;i ::".r. l [_1:11 I; ~:: ]-i l~.s"':', ::i ~;:-e by ou::' 1".',;;,,, £'.l!.s. 2 £L1':':\3
th..c-0wvrs ""'ero c"'r..:l~t~ <~. "r. +1.0 : .. ~. ~. -i; 1'(:0, ('P.~ f)f "Lic:l burr.t.-<.l ':Jut c:-.ves.
3d rl~:1., :-.tcl:J 'u Cc' " '.~.t k-' "l' r ,. :i,r~l(.ri;t,;j ;.t) .:-t:_ Wi...riues' :l":'v~l~ce
c.1')~ a dl'C','liNri of ;,,',:.r1 vr.. I':"lj·'i"C/. 2 ~i.C"I(..c ',:ere f.l.reJ ')n:l rCIi'Cr3t:; sloJ?e
::wl I Jr.;! lm':"i'M t') I"J J<'i..:J E:;,:. <'Ue fl' 1;• .) t:l"l"O,"jt,r ·;r.:a c.r.;r.i ttu~l in tile SCJ!le c.rea
C'.t 1300 to ~Ur!l e::: ";/'(.3 ~. nJ. tor bs :\Ut~ to ~. hcco ::. J._p I;"'} _ Ol.u Lort:; 1(,::-.'1 we.:.
fi.l.'cd ~ t 7 bllri .... l rc.u1ta·. ki.:lL.g ~5 ':-::.'p:...
c • .~ - 3d T'lc~ CCIllIDi;;tod 2 thlntl thl·o·.7t.;r'3 .:it~ ~l.,:; ]s~ r·..
~t. C,l C. 70bth
'"k ..·u. OLe ,Cl7.!e ~hrO\10:' t:lI'e·.7 Q tr:.lck CIt U90u ··.,;c'. 'J::'; (V .('t.t,~J, ~,-t (0,.1.";"­
d~'or..,; moved up 'to t~~ s, tllI'e:et 1:'. i: 1300 ('T~ 7'37';-J/c) ~.:::: ~ II 0d ·~nt 1-"'.1 ~. t
lXi ne3t, sr-iPf;rs 3ll(' ;,r:!ld h)t'S0S.


COo 13 "
·r.-) c
':;, ,:!:' l1i

.!~_H~'L n.45.
1. No.' ott~Dli:!' ~f'IDIDi t tett • _1 __
2. No. at tonk It'Elds o~ fltel U81"1C: "_.1:- ._

3. Ho. at tanl:s dis:...bllldl a. 'l.le 10 mc;j)cliC:'l:L hJ·f.Lr:lj.~,f_L........

4ftr ...,., or=..:.•• d pro<•• ~ tl"" -2!L_

5. No~" of to~ 1.n bit.'t'lUllc but 'lot CJP9ro.t.&.V'l _"~._

6. NurroU f t I

:1. .Q.2.....A... No t::wks r.ere ccmmi t t€ d

b. ~ - 1st Plet, atchd to tb() 6~h Mnr Div, canroitted 2 tlmne throwera
0:1<:1 used ono load ~ NlpulI'l in mu"nilJg COVJ;)S near T.\ 1G72-R.

c.. ~..Q - ~o tcnks 1':e:":'e Il~ tteCl.,

:1l;Ir."lr lrs ,
~. Jav8 Killeca I.g9g.y To Del to
Co ;. - 5]0
Lo b l~9
Co c _~ ___....a,
,. 'r__
Totals 14'-9
An error in yesterday1s rd~or~ showcd _\ O"'a totel C8 445.
b Tts Djsc.bltj('~~' '('k;J lJif'::L) Gala N'J.p:l'lm
~ L<-~li ·~-:;c 1 _ ~mv 4ctiC'n .• _..r·!ilf!:. ~~".Ql'L--~I!f~L
«(. ' :_~I_~ 4 14 :&,£.00
c") p 1.~5 ('I \'; Y3 dOO
(.") r ..__ill __ ._____ ._........ _______ . __• 2~ __ _ ._2L1.51._
'1.:>";:.1s '1'; 4 1':'; jJ 75.h50

. (.-.. ~~. --' .~.; .le __ • i.­

3, .~\'~r.J.t:i Ie: T:u. :J(.)r:C"G. ~.~ ··~'9 j~'ic.J \\'~R .;s'.lE.nt 0:1 In:~.: nt,...n Ll.C~ ~nd. ri.;st ('loS tho
r;o::-.t!l0l' ·::.rd tsrre'::- r':1:'Jt>iJ tdf. ~hE;-tH;a of tanks.' \~~ ::::11.(,0. C'') B ... ecuivo(1 u
:'OVi 10\-e1 attacl. oy ,j. 8 ~j."i,.nd:;'y ,.... l.r·:r"l ... t •. ~:e :)h·~·.D.'l (':~bC ~i=-J l,i'i; by t-riC" sro
f; 1 b bents ,. C:...l 5C 'vl. "r_l•.-l :.; 0 .... ' .et... • rl.'~l-.;r'J ';'le:.."8 uO cr-.sanl ~~.c.J •

4. One tc.nk.J1' (;" "'" . . :.':

RelllQrkaa ~.l tner'e, retur.ncd trOll' Ordnc.nce with
extra armor. It now veicl,~ 'L" ;.~.IOl!': ~.• but the driva reported it eaa)' to
operate er.d E;.blc t(~ t:r~.: Y'el ; ·tl.~ '~ .,"~;. ,_ J~ th ~e::lr. It r'.JIlUlins to be seen it
this weight is l'rr-.c th; -.1 fo~ t.., r' I ~ngine un:ler combe. t conditions.
"l] ;T•• ".·~"""!t-"'~~·Iia·
.Jh# .:,. v~. ~

. .. ... .­
. '.
"R.~'E~. . •

30 1W=:9~~.~
.' ., ;.: - ....• ·r· ..... .,
1•. .,. vi .... OcmDl.'W _2___ t.

2. ~~ ~~ . _

. .~.

3.. 1fO. ~ ~·op...Q1I1'" at prea..'

at fUel. UM4 _.-:1_ _

lfo. of tQDka ill 'bi'ftUO.c ·~t Dot opera1;i ~ .....4_ __ ..

t_ --:~2-.: • ..
'.- .....

.. 5. liIrratift.. .
: a •..• ~.1DC the per;'c~ 30 ~ - 9 J\ma, . . battalion . . ao aoUQD with
· the ex~~pt1OD ot ls~ Plat. 00 B. ~ .
b~ .. lat. P!a' Co B. WQ8 atoh4' to the 6th IIDr DiT tor t11.. am,pb1b1aua 1an41i1p
on the QRO:~ !1sZilW11lla, with the m1a'slOD trt 'taJdna the lWfA ;.JRJIILD.· .011,.,
• lune the7 looned: 4 t.lome thronra on or. ';.Dr c.t Point LOanis, but were torced

· to unload the S6JD8 da7 due to a tyy!.\)~ w..!..-n::'Dg 011 5 1UDe the nhicles and

· ~ re-100.ded and embarked. '!'he Plct lcntled at 0630, ,6 JUDe GD4 tor 2 dn,.

were on oall 1'IithQ1t" beins cClDlllitted. On 8 J\1ne, '2 tl!cme throwera were sent

ou1i.Jrith Co A, 6th Ii1r Tk BD to bUl.·n ·T11J.eses at 'l'A 7469-ICf, 'f3/J94. 10 1.­

· I

were seen to be killed. No flame throwers were cCJJrD1tte. on 9 .Tune u the,.

stood b7 . neor the Hah!1 .A.irtiUd. .
• i
10 lUDe 1945
.No. ot tanka camni t ted ~ 12
2 •.. No. 'ot tank loads .at ruel uae4 16
3. No.. at tonlcs disabl'ed. Q~ Die to mechnniao.l dltt1cul V' 1

4. No. ot tanks operative at present time 27

5. No•. of't:mks 'in bivoUac but not opernUve _...:6~_ • 0'­

- .,
6 ~. Norro ~be:' .
ae' .QsL6 - 1 flame thrower ot the lat· Pl.. t, opezaUns wUh 00 A•. 163d 'l'k
Bnand 2d Dn, 3834 Int, ws c01llD1tted to burn a hiilaid•. which ...s holdin& .~p
the advance' i'n ·the TicinU7 ot YUNllDtIIUKD. altholsb l\O lClp. Were seen '0 be
killed, '~6 Inf was able to a4T:lnco after the burnillg •.
b •. ~U - '!be 1st Plat, operct1ns with the 6th Mer '1'k BIl. oClllDitted 4
flame thrd',ers to burn OROl(tJ (TA 7176) ond CHr.tJ. CTA 7367), 26 3'aps were ..
killed,~·3d. Plat commt'cted 2 tlQ!:1e throwers with Co At lst Mc1r Tk BZ1 and 111e
5tl:l ~. Ro~t.. 'Dle tonn at YU'U was port1nl~' burned. One vehicle broke. a
sprocket al'.d rna sent to 'rCM.lSu tor repaira.
c. ~-..Q - The 3d Ph t I ::. tchd to th e 32d Inf, ca:J!li t ted 5 tlame tbrcmers·
during the day. atter t1rins 2 loads at the escerpwnt, the hoe. attncllDat
1mS fitted' and carried to the top ot the ridSe. b7 Qlpt Niemey'er and B8t Schrum.
70 lapa were killed here' mld t!le r1dge secured. Then the 5 flame tbrow... were
put in" l111e' and m' s ';7ork~ Ove,. a 500 yd b-on'toge at the esoarpaent in TA '8160.
'. . .
1. No~ o~ t;....nkS ca:mr'. ttAd _;L8

2. NO~ o! ~ of tuel used ___l~~~_

3.~· 'N~ .., at trirh disal)led: ·n. Due to enemy l:md mines .J_
4. . JiO.
at tanks o~Qthe ot present tlcc
.'. . 'n

5. Ho. at tanks in b1vClUao but I:Jt i.' .••.:t1 va .6

- , ..
. .:

':'.. "

6.· ptNCIDD81. •• X111ed in cOtion I None

., '. . b. WOuD4e4 ill CiOUOZll .3 .

'1. lfDI"riltt....·
. . 0.. ~. - !at Plot and 2 t10me tbroware fran the 3d Plat operated wi th
Co At .76-3.4' ft Br1tD apport at the 2d DDt 383d Int. '!'he 4 tlnme throwers moved
!lP ooe o.t a tDie ancl burned in the town at lUZA t1Dd surrounding approaches to
,: the eeoQrplleDt. "017 sctti8taotcry results were obtained. About 15 Japs were
k1lled by our tlame. The 3d Plot, operat1ng with Co B, 763d 'l'k Bn nnd the
351st lnt burDed 111 the tOWll at !'CI4t7I·.and CQve8 to the south of the town.
b. ~ ~ The l8t PlP,t, work1l1g with the 6th Mar Div on the ~OKU Penin':
wla. call1li"84 4 flame throwere 1n burnitls the town of T<l4IGuauxo (TA 7468).
12 Jape were killed. The 3d Plat camni tted 3 tlaJne throwers nt various timee
during the day in suppcrt at the 1st Mar Rest in the vicinity ot OUTO (TA
7662~, 7S62-'r). sst SWenson wos WIJ. while helping to repair a marine tank.
Hie tlame thrower' picked up' another caonnnder and returned to the t'ro~t lines.
ODe tlame thrower which had been s tanding by near OZi.TO hit 0. large mine os it
p"epared to return to the bivouac area. The right track was blown ott ond as
the nnlllery tire ws hec.'V)', it was necessary to abandon the vehicle 500 yda
be;von4 our lines. It woe deatroyedat night by the Japs. (;.le flame thrower
burned ccy.s in TJ. 7562-Yand killed 6 Jape who were 1;hrowing grenades at the
supporting mrine tire team•
.c. ~ - The 3d Plat opern'ted \lith Qo C, 711th Tk Bn and the ,32d Int.
~r burned pillbOxes and anmo dumps wi th tank support. The hose
On. t.1.ule
• attacbllent ;ine ti tted and carried 50' tt. up the escarpnent. Atter burning tile
revet-ae elope and killing 35 Japs, the ridge vms secured by the Int. Three
1t1am~ throw~s were committed at 1130 on the right ot the regUnental zone to
tue on the escarpnent. lhring the day, slagt Tully was 'IIA. nnd Lt Hofta lIA.

l? lune 1945

1: No. of tanks canmit'te4' 12
2. No •. of tank loads of tuelused 14

, ' .

3. No. of tanks disabledl a. Due to mechanical dittictil ty 4

b. Due to eneII\Y lend mines __1___

4. No. at tanks operative at present tUne 26

5. lIJo.· of tc.nks in bivouac but not operative 10

6 •. Personnell a. Killed in action 1

b. Wounded in action: None

7 •. Narrative I
a. ~ - ,1st Plnt with 3 tanks f'ron the 2d Plat operated with the 2d Bn,
383d lot and Co A, 763d Tk Bn. 1 flcr..e thrower was given the mission ot burn­
ing strongpoint in the town ot YUU. The Inf wes then able to move on. The
3d Plat operating \1i th t11e 381st Int and Co B, 763d Tk Bn, canmi tted 1 flame
thrower to fire the tace of th~ escarpment in their zone. On returning troIn
this mission, the flalOO throu9r struck 0. 'lIld wns diaobIed~ The canpany
wos given credit for 19 Japs.
b. ~ - No t +'hrl'me~s wt:re COI"Jrri tted. .
c • .~ - 2d Plat o,er<lting with Co B, 711th Tk En, c<rrr.itted 3 tlarr!e
thr.Owel's in~he mO..:'l"ing to burn 0. village in TJ.. 8060-p". 600 gals of Nc.palLl
we:-:-e.expendod. In.tlle afternoon they moved to a ridg€ ; at T.. 7960-J. 900
• of Napo.lm wl3re expended in burnine targets and caves on both torward end
reverse slopes. 20', J'Ops \";erc killd: l>~' flrune and ID tiro. The 3d PIc.t lett
the aNa ot 0630 with 2 flame thro'l':;-:'. to operote in TJ. 8160-"R, 8l59-AB, with
Co C, 711 th Tk Bn and the 32d Ir:f. :;,.:;. ;lCse extens ion to the tlame gun was
employed end hoisted by rope u~ c: 50 ft . -sc·:r,tnent.
REf'"!'~}'~.\I. .
12 June 1945 (cont)
. 7. Narrative (COijt)
c. (cont) The .flCJ:le was then fired over the opposite edge and Tlas blown
into caves by the ~ind. Supporting Inf'k\lled 20 laps and 6 mare were killed
with the flame. Several OllIJlO dumps were blo'Wtl up. The hose attcchment wns
then moved O.ver 50 yds .and a ttoched to another f'lo.m thrower. Two pillboxes
were token under fire ond approximately 50 .Japs Were killed, some killing
themselves. Numerous explosions oceured with Jap bodies thrown in the air.
The ,tlome throwers below tho escarpnent moved into. posi tion to destroy 30 Jape
wbovere .trying to the f'lollle alene the ridge'. 300 gals of Napalm were
expended •. In the afternoon 5tlrune throwers were lined' up at the b~se at the
'cliff to fire at ccves cnd pillbo~s. 30 Japs were killed and a Jap ~ whiah
wos firing on the flame throwers w~s destroyed with its creW at 3. who rolled
down the escarpmen~. 1500 gols of' Napalm were expended in this nction. We
lost one EM - Tee 4 Louis N. Wohltr'..muth Jr•• KIA •

8 •. Remarks.
a. japs Killed I Pgi:iod 8-12 JU!l§ To Datf.!

Co A 15 545

Co B' 69 488

Co c· 132 60 2

Totals 223 l61~

b. ' Our Cctlucl ties I JQ;~" MIA I or WIA

Hq 2

- . 18


c. Tks Dis~bled B,y Tks Disabled Gais Napaim

TlcS QomnUted IpS Mtim
, 393 .
.. 4···
. ·Other BaasOl1Jl .. gpende4
8. 19.800
13 •••. ,-
28 .


d::InJo8ed' by
• 7 later satchel chnrSed or otherwise
•• . 1
... 3 '
". . ~ '...
• ••• .!..
japs •

.13 lUna 1945

1. No. at tonka oamai Ued 11

2. lID. Gt:-.trmk loads ef f'u'el UM ,11

3. No. at tanks disabled. Q. Due to terrain _ ....1___ •....

"':' 'P"

• ',;' ' .. ....-..A:.·...-~~ ____... _ _ ~ *_ ______.___ . . __

_____ i. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~
····1~H8i'!fttt,~· f4;~Ji
13 tune 1945 (con 11)

6. larrB'lTe (cont)
b.' a.I -. 2d. ~.t ,0perQtins with Co B, 1st Mar 'Ik Bn Ilnd the 7th Mar

Reat.. 0CI:IDi Had 2 tlome throwers to burn CQves~ trenches and ridges N at

KDBUIRI. Ifo results were observed.

0.. ~ - Opera tins with Co A, 711th 'Dc Bn an~ the 32d lot, 2 tlllJne. throw­

ers are ocmD1tted in TA 8059-JO. They moved 400 yds up ~ road in thli ar~tl.

ua1Dg ~ ~ SUDS Il8 they Qdwnoed ODd the rood WIlS secured by the Int. 5

Japs wer~ Jdlled by ~he flome throwers. 3 throwers were camnitted .in

TA 796O-as, 8060-~v. burning eaves. ri~es and Q r i l l . . One name thr0t7er

was lcet due ~o terrain ditticulties but the crew evocuated sotely.. 2 flame

throwers. tiring on Q ridse in this area, blew up an QJ!IIlO dump and destroyed

8 JIG ond 3 ~ps wi th flame. A total at 1950 gals of tuel were exPended dur.lng

the clay. •

7. Rsarkea

.. .Japs·lC1lled t .:.T~odaY T~o~Da~tae

. .:.-_..

"Co A .545
Co B 488
Co c _~8~_ _",",7.42=-_
To1iale 8 1ns
b. Our Cuuslties: No Ch8D6e.

c;. Tka Disable d By Tks Disabled Gals Napalm

!Ilia QC'IIIIli~~d lDemv ·.Exolndeci
128 11 -
Mti2D Oths: R_onl
. 8

CoO 165 •••

. •
411 15

7 later satChel cba.rsed or otherwise damaged b; ~aps·.


•• 1 I • • I I I I I
••• 4 I • •• I •••

14 June 1945
1. Ho. ot tuks oClllld.t ted 19

2. ltD. ·of. t. . loads at fuel ueed 24

3. No. at taDlta di_bled. a. I)&e to mechanical difficulty 1
b. Dle to terrain 1

4. No.
.. at. tanka operatiw at preseDt time 23
, • . •~. at. . . 1n blwuac but not o~erat1Te lIL

.6. ,.......It a~ tille. in action 1

b.· WOUDde"a'in actiCll ......1!


.7. lIarftu.,... .
·.n .'., , . . in'T.A 776104 with Co A., 7634 'Ik liD and tlie
"1sLA .. let Plat operated
",,. ·lllt. tleme *OIrva • .,e OCIIQUte4 to burn a sariee at 08.... aDd tClDb.. .
,;:•.~ or .iftl~. u4 '1 I., 8Ol41" were drl.,..n to surrender iD. this' aotlan
'''25 lQa .... Jd.l1e4. 2d .1&"
opera~aa with Cb D, 7634 '1'k &l 8Dd tho 1.t
,~..... ·.... 38lat.lDt, 'o~,W 3 -f. . . _owen to' burn aciDe ha1"s traD

,!~. . JAt. . . noeln.e ,,..,UIl "~peI' .tir.. .The lII18a.iolk we eooclQ118bed

.. ~ __ 15 lap...... tcimW_~·. 'lb. 3d P1at"ocaattted 1 .rae

~I"_ ••• "·..

7 6)1·D 1IIa........ J4.llD.. '381a- ~... Bet D1~~' at_a"

. "_.-"~.~ I'ooqar.... ,~ r~~ t~lt.Qt • esoarpaent,'8)Wd ttn-dtacb the

,\ eh II.. ,•• :~~. Zapa by 8UI1iriau. Hi.. tlnt . buret 01· tlaaaoa'tteN4 lapa
. ......,. 4il'Ht1oD aD4 be • • wecU'e4 w~ til JdlllDa jO. .

.. ~t~ED
~June 1945 (cant)

7. Narrative (cant)
b. ~ - 2d Plat, atchd to Co C, 1st Mar Tk' Bn, tired caves end tcnbs in
the vicinity or T.l 746o-BCD with unobserved results. 3d Flat oparated nth Co
.l. 1st Mar Tk Bn. 2 flame throwers burned cane fields in TJ. 7360-.5T and drove
ou t a number of Jape, 3 of whi ch were killed by cur 1£ t s • Cb returning, they
evacu~ted Marine Inf casualties. Anothe~ flame thrower from this platoon att­
empted to tire a cane field, but his ignitian tailed. He shot unignited fUel
which qs set ott with TiP grenades.
c. ~ - 1st Plat. atchd to Co B. 7llth TIc Bn in support of the 17th Iof,
burned hills and caves in TI. 7959-VWX. Excellent results were obtained. Ul
Int patrol was evacuated by this platoon. 2d and 3d Plats atchd to Co A, 7l1th
TIc Bn in support ot the 32d In!, worked continuously throughoo t the day burnins
caves. hillsides, hooses and pillboxes in T.l8069. The Co was credited by the
lot with the tollowing en~ casualties' Counted dead-13l, estimated deud-24.
One 1m was knocked out. ' '
'!be Bn cCmir was wounded at 1200, 14 June, on the 32d Inf front. while he
and the other creW members were evacuating 'the tank in which they were riding,
at~er the tank had causbt fire. In this same action, Lt Brandino, Plot Ldr,
3d 'Plat. Co C. 1I[\S killed. 2 D! (Tec 4 Moyer and Cpl Ward) fran Co C. were
wounded, and the Bn Ixe.c Officer wos slightly 'I1wnded. The tank wos left in
the'tront lines. The Co tired 3900 gals of Napalm during the period.
8. Remarks I ,

a. Japs ~lledl 'l'2dav To Ibte

Co Ii 50 595

CoB 488

Co C

... Totals 181

b. ()uo Casualties I 1 Officer KIA, 2 Officers WIA, 2 EM-'Il~.

Totals to Date I Ig/. Jru. I o£ WI4

Hq&Hqco 4
B Co

,''rl , .
, . '"
.. "
C Co
- "


'1b gamue4
Tka DiSQbled By TIts Disabled
lPemv ·'.U21l • R~SSW 9th, Gels Napalm
Co ,0
131- U 7 ••
~Z3 ~ ~S
fo_ls 430 15 30 102,,000

• t' bter aatohel charged or otherwise claJi:Iesed b;y .Taps.

.. l' • •• • •• Ii
.••• 4 '. • •• • • II I!

, t~;

. i. \...' ,;.' I

1- . 'f ~ ;

': -, ~ ; .,
." .

6. Personnel, Q. Killed in action: None

b. r:ounded in action __1_._

7 • Narre ti ve : _
::I. ~ - 1st J.JIGt oper.)ted witt CO 'A, 763d Tk En in support of the 2d Bn,
3 8 2d Inf. cC:Ves ond rod:y [:r~c!B '.ere token under fire by flQIT'e ~md
MG's as the flur.e thr O'r;,~:r's o.d"'anced wi th the tc MS. TlIE,; 2d Pl:J. t opcru tedRi th
Co D; 763d Tk En ond the lst Ln '~nd 2d En, }31st Inf. Working in ~ ~7ell coor­
dinated c ttack, tLe:2nl,;-ilf-:'lltry-fll~ffi() thrower team destroyed thrp.e Gl.lerny
stror.[: points, !In(~~he Qr:no,.'"d vehicles led the infcntry to its objective. 'l'he
3d Flc1t -;lOrked with ('.0 P, 763d TIo:: Bn :md tLe 3d Ln, Inf. 3 flame throwers
moved 'lii:h the s t:::nJ~l"d ta Yiks, and in ::u,other excellent exomple of teamwork,
thu ts.ny.~ :::1,d the fl~~ throvlprs reduced Jcp positions llnd the Inf rr.ovud in to
consolidate the Gl'Oltnd.
b. ~ - 2d Plot, operating ',7ith the 1st l/.er Tk Bn committed 4 flame

tl.rowers to burn Cll VeS ,:\nd tcrnts in the vicinity of KUIrrSIII ridge :md MEZ...DO.

During the action 1 flurr,e thrower hCld n t~QCJc blorm. off by '1 47IJJm '.T 6un. It

WCG repaired in the field ond co.::tinued ,;ith its mission. The 3d Plot, oper­

ating with the 1st Murines, used 4 flalDe throwers burning fields in the

vicini ty of Hill 69. Rezults 17er(; undetermined as the cane ~ieltls ,Iere very

green, bUt sniper fir(; fran the ,fields \;OS stopped ••• totlll of 73 Japs \-Iero

killed by the Company.

c. Co C - 5 flame throwers from the 1st l'l?t worked with the 32d Inf 000
7llth Th Bn. 4 loads of fuel were fired ,'1t :l village in T/. 7959-0 end one load
was fired at snipers in hien i~rC:..'3s. 2 nillboxes were neutralized in T;. 8159-F.
The 2d Plot cCXTJnittod 3 fIr-une thro':Jors ·.:ith the 17th Inf. Several Jcp M:Ps
and a mortar position "ere burned and cr.ves taken under fire in Til. 7959-CD.
50 J:lPS TIere killod in this cction.
16 June 1945

1. No. of tanks committed 16

2. NQ. of tank loads of fuel used 22

3.No! of tanks dis:::bled I u. Due to mechanic'll difficulty __31--_

4. ·No. of to.nks oIJerutive ::t JJre:Jent time 20

5. No. of tanks in bivouac but not operQtive 18

6. Narrative:
::I. .Q.!L4 - 1st Pb t opera t8d '.,i th Co C, 76]d Tk Bn in support of 2(1 :lnd 3d
Ems, 382d Inf. At 11UO, Bbl190n vies setlt to burn c(J.ves E of OZi.TO with 2
ossc.ult guns in support. He '1ccanplishe:<l his- mission, cnd ofter refUeling w:::s
sent to the SOllle LIre.:). with one ilss'_,ul t gun. His support wus very poor, as the
osseul t gun wns too busy firinc on tr',rS;'3ts of oppor tun i ty and failed to covet
the f leme thrower. L t L;;lec t fl:::r':e thrower, )7hile ,1Oi ting in an assembly aree l
was attacked by 2 Jops Yli th ~' ::;c:khel chr~rg6' It fortunately did not go off,
and the Japs Viere killed • .:J/3gt Gleason accompanied tho Inf ,on tV/o miSSions;
In each cose hie flCJne enc.bled the Inf to rt:och their objective. The 2d Flat
suppor~ed the lst ond 2d Bns, 38lst Inf.with MG fire during most of tho dey in
Ti. 7861-U. The 3d PLt, working ';lith Co S, 76Jd Th Bn and the 3d, En, 3 elst .
Inf, fJupported th,~ codvnnce Vii th ID fire until such times when it 'iIO.S necesfl'::ry
to p:rJs through end use the flcune gun. Very sntisf,'.lctory results were obtclined,
f'l tbough one !leme thrower hc.d to ignite the NGpo,lm m. th ~ro.corB ....hon hi~ ig­
nHio" system foiled. '
b. .QQ.J! - Tho 2d l'lr- t commi ttud 2 thro./ers to burn c'lv~e ~'nd tombS "
in TA 7460~GH which VI.;rr; inrrJ3t(~d ·i:j~;r. ,r;uipers. A number of Wwr Inf c:llluolties
wera OV:lcuoted. 2 fk~lJ:(l t;ll·r,.',. j • J' :'\'0 3d Flat, working with the 1st Mr.r
Tk Bn, burned thf.; bOSE: 01' )~,JjL.Jr J 1.' t T~ 7560-G~ with no onserved results.
, I
... 1,,­

, _,' ,.-... .--'--,,'r,0rT'j

·U.' ~lJJ.lJl'It.l/
Rl-'~J6\ >l' 11,i r~
16 luno 1945 (cont)
6. Narrative (cont)
c.' ~ - The 1st P1~t, working with the 17th Int, tired 8 lo~ds ot
Napalm in T.A 7860-wx, 7959-AB, inc1ud ing Hill 153. "Jap with a se tche1 ch:·.rgc
a ttem,pted to reach Sgt Do vison I s ,veh'1cle, but he w:lS killed wi th a burs t of
t~. ~e 24 F1ct, operatinG with the 32d Int, tired 1800 gels ot NQP~lm at
pillbaEe., caves and the escarpment in T~ 7958-D, 7959-Y.

17 Junp 1945
i. No. ot tacks c amni tted 12

2. No. ot tank l~ds of fuel,used 15

NO. of . tar~s disabled, o. 'Due to mechanical difficulty __~4____

4. "No. of: tank s operati ve at present time ~2...3......._

5. No. of tanks in bivouac but r~ot operative 15

6. 'Personnel_ a. Killed in action: None

b. Wounded in action 2
c. Outstanding "perto~~nce of ,individuals or u~its: Copt
Niemeyer and Sgt Davison crowled coeross 50 yds of exposed ground to drrB
a wounded infantryman to cover ctter lot in the uruc f~11ed to ancwer his
coll tor help. When they ~eached their tDnk, they c~rrlud him beck, using
the tank as Q shield. "
7. Narrative,. "
0,~ -
1st Sec, 1st Pl~t operated r.ith Co C, 7b3d Tk Bn end 2d and 3d
Bns, 382d" Int egainst to.rgcts in T':. 7761-1'H. 2d Sec, 1st Fbt opereto::d '.'/i th
3d Bn, 383d Inf in Ti. 7760-H. Very t;otisfactory results m,re ottcined ':{rin..9t
caves, pillboxes o:nd rocky orerJs. 10 Japs were defini tely killed, 30 I:",ore
.-t1.mnted and a number of others driven out to be killed by the Inf. There
were no personnel or vehicular c8sur.lties. 900 gels of NapaLm were expended.
ptc Watkins wos wounded c:t 1800 in the compan~' oreal . He rlCS hit in the leg
by a Jap sniper.
b. Co B - 1st Plett operating with 6th Mar Tk Bn, worked Over KUlUS:rr
Ridge and KONISHI Valley. 2d Plett with the. 1st Mar Tk Bn, burned t:trgets on
MEZIJX> Ridge. " 11 Jo!>s Here coonted dead. 1 EM, Ffc Cic.k, -.vas IIJh One fl'!r~e
throoer TWas disobled by engine failurft. lhOO gals of Nupalm were expended.
c. ..Q2....Q - 3 flamo throwers of the 1st Pl~.t supported the 1st ::md 2d Ena
of the 17th Int. 21 loads of fuel were expended firing [\ t ridges, cc.ves :md
rock masses on HI1.L 153 (Ti. 7859), Ilidin(, the Inf to :ldv~nce :lboo t 800 yds. " 5
flame throwers were ~tchd to the j2d Inf, working in T~'. 7959-H. 61 loads of
fuel were expended 011 brush, caves Clnd the eacurrnent. Sgt Davison killed one
lop _ith an abandoned Jop rifle while Copt Niumeyer c~lded his tcnk on 0
mission. agt Boughon killed Olle Jop who \7O.S trying to place Q setchel c£4.'1Xge
on a tank. Copt Niemeyer ::nd Sgt D:wison cr:lwled across 50 yds of exposed
ground to bring bock a \7oundeJ. infontrJlllDJl. ofter the lot in the area h~d ref­
used to unS\7er his cull for help. One D1, Pte Jtrobbe, "Ii!lS WI". 2650 g::l1s ot
Napclm.were expended. 4 Jap ms (Light) and 1 mortar uere d"estr6yed. 31 J~ps
were countod dead. ~. "

8. Aumurksl
Japo Killed,
" Tet~
tl • . To Dnt~
Co;" 0 647
Co B 11 572
Co C --11 106"
Toil'ls '2 2283 .


17 JUD' 1945 (COI'1t)

8; Bemarb (oant)
b: Our Casual ti es to Date,',
ACe ,

,'IU. I
'B Co

,.' -
1 27
liT Co • • 2
'l'oin1s 6 i 71
c., 'l'ka Disabled By 'Iks Disable d Qe.lI!J Napelm
l'kl () IPI'l!J $'tsad lDemv ','~tioD ' Q$D~[ na;lgy' 1I:Q!~!251

/;0 It. 152 '1' e
Co C
~ -a

7 lo.ter satchel charged or otherwise daDxiged by J'bps
1. i i •• • • • • •t
••• 4 • • • :
• • T
• •

18 J'un~ 12~S
1. No. at tanks commit,ted 21

2. No. at tcmks 1ClOds at rue 1 used ?a

3. No. at tanks operative at present tizOO" 2a

4. NO. of tanka in bivouac put not operutive la

.5. Nurra-ti ve I
a.' ~ - 1st Sec, 1st Plct operated with Co C, 763d Tk Bn arid 2d Bn,
382d Inf in TA 7660-JI. 2d Sec, 1st Plut. operated with Co C, 763d Tk En in
support ot 3d Bn.382d Int in Tit. n6v-B. The 2'd Plat, with Co D, 763d Tk Bn,
supported 1st ond 2d Ens of the 38lst Int in TJ. n.59-Bc:nH. The 2d Sec, 3d Plat
supported the 3d Bil, 38ll'lt Inf with' Co B, 763d Tk Bn. In all ceses, the flame
throwers erupported the lnf-tonl~ advance with tC fire until the fleme w~s needed,
then moved ttrough and burned the target. Re3ults ~ere very satisfactory.
b. Co D - 1st Plet, operating with the 6,th !vhr Tk Bn, burned the town of
KIr~ANGA. 27 Japs were killed. The 2d ond 3d Plats combined, operating with
th~ 1st Mnr Tk',Bn,\burned trenches and cc.vef) on ~O Ridge. Prc Barbiere
spotted Q Jo.p artillery piece noving into position. It WQ.~ engaged by our MG,
Qna att~r thu cre~ w~s killud or dispersed, the gun wes destroyed by ~brine
tnnk fire. One thrower burned KUNI~aI Ridge wi th uo obslN'ved results.
Th6re were no personnel or vehiculcr c~su~ltic~.
c. QQ....Q - 4 flome thrOrlor~ were [: tcl.d to J2d Inf. They fired 4 loads 0. t
ca.ves. slopes, ra.vines :::nd'ridGt.; tops. J.. sctchel ch~G(; W::lS thrown ct Sgt
Kn::lpptS knk cnd St;t Tyhrts tC,llk ';i[;'S subjected to 10 rds of 1.50mm artillery
fire. No d~!n~e ~s reported. 4 Jeps ';;erv suen to be killed and 1 l.M.7 des­
:troyed. The cction took place in Ti. 7958-BC. 4 flame throwers were ctchd to
l84th Inf. They fired 2 loeds c.t c:-,v(.s, brush :cnd ridg8s, de::;troylng ::n ('lllmo
dump in Ti. 78.58-BC.

G• ReIr'~ks I

",. Japs Killed I Todo.y . To D::-.te

Co A 86
. Co B 32 604

Co C 4 lJ68

To tel::; '122

b. Our Ccsu:-l ties: 1'0 Ch,::, , (;,


18 June 19~ (oont)

6. Remarks (oont)

Tk~ Disob1ed By Tks Disabled Gals Napalm

Tks Cacmi tted Enemy I+c!ion Oth@r Reasons IXPe~ded

Co I­ 160 No C2:11:mge No Change 33, 00
Co B 151 ~,950
Co C 204 . '53.350
Totals 515 132,900
1.9 June 1945

1~ No. of tanks conmdtted 20

2, No, of tcnk locds of fuel used 34

3. No. of tC'.nks disabled I a. Due to mechanical diffioul ty _--,3__

4. No, of tanks operoti ve et present time 26'

5. No. of tanks in bivouac but not opemtive -.J.~

6. Personnel r a.Killed in actionl NOlle

Wounded in 'J.otion
b. 1
c.Outstanding performonce of individuals or unitsl Sgt
Boughon, Co C, will be reoOlrmended for dec Of:'. ti on. See pc.r 70.

7. Nurrn tive :
a. Co A - The 2d Sec, 1st Plat, oper~ted with the 2d Bn, 382d Inf end also
. hnd one flnme thrower with the 3d Bn, 383d Inf Clnd one wi th ·the 2d Dn, 305th
Inf. Their cction took pbce in TJ. 77'6o-HMF6. The 2d Pllt supported the 2d
Bn, 38lst Inf in T:. 7b59-EJ. 1st Sec, 3d Plnt, operf'.ted wi th the 1st Bn, ,381st
In! in Til. 7760-uv. Rocky cliffs, caves, cuts nnd pillboxes Here engaged with
very sntisfnctory results. no JrlPS ere known to have been killed, 50 more
estimnted. There were no friendly personnel or vehiculur casualties.
b. Co B - 1st Plct \":~s ':ltchd to the 6th Mar Div. i::igt Zanelli, with the

22d M:;,r Regt, mopped up in TJ. 73.59-Uf. He first attempted to use the hose

attachment, but when it only fired 10 feet, he drove the tank up :md ust;d the

flQme gun. 50 Jops Viere killed in this notion alld 30 PUs were trken. 'l'he

flame thrower wns credited with 40. Lt Bennett took' 2 flar,e throwers to burn

caves and hOllses in Th 7258-0 ::-.nd 7557-KPL. 2~ Jnps were kilh:d with flcmc

ond MG. The 2d Plc.t camm.itted 1 flome thrower. Lt .!Jutherlcnd, SUP1)orting the

Mar Inf ndvnnce by burning coveS cnd. tClllbs in T.. ?6SI-P. 20 Japs were killed

in this action. The 3d Pbt cornmi tted .3gt ~.nttson IS tank, but beine uUQble to

keep up wi th tIle other t~nl;:s he returned end burned Co.vcs end rubble in T!.

7559-G. He ms credited with 50 • .-.fter rofueling, ht; burned ccv~s cnd

tombs in Ti'7559-r. 10 Jape ~lld som •.l civilians were drivell rut to be cut do,-,n

by the Mar tcnkc.

c. Co C - 2d & 3d Pl~tB wure c.tchd to 32d Inf und fired 8 loc:ds of N"!pulm
in TA 7958-LR & 8059-~, ct bruch, Ci'.VOS, pillboxes & cliffs. &:;t Boughan fired
2 loads at cnVOEl & brush. f ...· aJl HIlicl! srdpt;r fire w~,s up the :.dv:mce. ;'lhen
the .I'nf vms ngnin hal ted. Jet BouGhan 1:-.tchd 450 ft of !-lose to hi..; t~lDk. With thl
help of the Inf he lifted i ~ to the top of ttl-:! escc.rpment. .;'09 the Inf scid they
hod no one to hondle the hose f Sgt Boughan hondlud it himself, lecding the Inf
thrOUGh n sniper infested C\rea. ~ Although the hOSEl le~ked badly, & Sgt Ba.lgh~,n
W?s drenched with Napalm, he con tinued until the fuel wes gone. Ee Slaw only 2
Jr.:,tlB burued but the Inf snid lnQny moru were killed. The rifl.:;mc.n· ne8rest Set
Bough.2.n fired 13 clips fran his M-l in support. Sgt I>rugh(111 I S perform::moe d.rov"
high pr~ise from both the Inf & tankers. ' id'ter retiring fran the above action,
SgtBoughan spotted a Jap 75wm gUllQS it knocked out a 711 th Tk -Bn vehicle. he
iriunediately jumped into ::'.DoGhr ,J.1L t .)ik _ the gun on the Jc.p piece. The
tank then killed the J,:,.p ero'.! '.Ii til ..';·.t .'W:'mstrong fired 3 loeds & destroyed
the above mentioned gUll [ .:; j,:orc ,T' ,';. :..,et Tyler fired 2 londs to neutrelize
ell opposition on ~ hill from '·/l.icll -:Li,1(cl' :.nd mortcr fire were holding up the


, '
19 luna L945 (cont)
1. Barr.the (Ooot) ' . .
(oOot) The ..3d Plat operated w1thtbe 184th lnt in TA 7759-WX and 7858­
, GB. act HaTaood we. WL\ when a tank ron over a dud at .the re1'uel1ns point.
Be f t.. replaoedb7 8St .R1obnrdeon1ibo fired 1 load at Q series of pillboxes.
4 laps surrendered IlDd one wos killed. Lt lonkou8lci and. Tee· 5 DeTli ~t fired 2
loads each at'ridges, embl1ns the Int ,to advance withCQt oppo.ition. They
killed 4S laps and destroyed 2 LMG's.

a.. Remo.rb.
a. laps ~lled' Todll-'£ '1'21&H
'Co A. 110· 843
Co B 132 736
Co C 52 ~~o
Totels 294 299

b. OUr Oasua1ties to Date. Kle MI6 ~ or W!A

Hq & Hq Co 4
ACo 1 16
So Co 1 27
o Co 5 23
Sv Co
Totols 6
c• Tks Disabled By 'Iks Disabled Gals Napalm
• Tks Committ~d igemI ~ction Other R!il6Son§ ~l!§.ng!lg
CoA 161 No Change No.Chonge 38,100
Co B 151 47,750
COC ,D2 51.250
Totals 514 l43~100

,0 Juno 1945

1. No. of tanks cOJJlllli tted 25

2. No. Of. tank·loads of fuel used 34

3. No. of tanks disabled: a. Due to mechanical difficulty 1

b. Due to _...:1:::--_

4. No. of tanka opercti ve ct present time 26

,5. No. of t e:ni<:s ill bi VOUD.C but not operc.tive 12

6. Farsonnel, a. Killed in action _ _ 1_

b. Wounded 'in cction 3
7 ~ Nnrrntiva I
a. Q5>,-d - 1st PICIt opere-ted 'iii th Co C, 76Jd Tk Bn in support of 2d Bn,
382dlnf. 2 flrute throwers supported the: Inf;; wi th m fire, and on 5
occasions moved up to burr. stror.g !Joints which were. r.olding up the qdvance.
The refueling point "roe y.ept within 500 yds of the front line, which prov~d
very s:~tiafcctory. The scme supply systE::I!l m::s uned with the flcme thr0\7er op­
Elrfl.ting with the Jd BIl, J8lst Inf. This vehicle I:'.lso SUIJPort,e:d the Iut advc.nce
',-,ith fleme and M:;. and, as in the'first c', the Inf wns nbl,e to move in nnd
hold center of resistance ~ftcr it he.d been burned. This cction Yir~s in T/.
7759. 2d PI~t canmitted 3 flame throrlers with Co C, 38lst Inf. A roed ru;.r,ing
through Q cut N .t.~G.cnI nnd ~ rev~rse slope of the esc~rpment in that
Vicinity rlerc flam<.:d. Th~: l::st mission m:.s to neutralize c ridGE:: from which
'the lnt received h(;C'vy A~i f irt:. :.N" ~!-:',c 2d Pl".t flame t!"-!'O\-;er assisted the 2d
Bn, 305th Iut in elimir.~tirw '-i ~ .,,!'. ':: 1. TJt.·7761-U. The Jd Pbt operc.ted with
tho 1st Bn, JOIst Inf. In '" rl '(lJ"~hc., .~:...rd MEDEERJ., the flcrr.e thro71ers supportet-.
wi th m fire end t-,7ice move::1 u: L t · ';', "r",cs from 'ilhich the Inf WIlS hal ted by
bO fire. Befor<.: beine roleased t~.r; . J.': 1':: thro','rers worked over a cut which WIlS
to be used in the next day's aos~·.'..llt % :-:Ei)l:;ERA.
...... GPHH'laru+
'--' '-T.'",;
20 June 1945 (cont)

7. Narrative (cont)
o. (cont) At 0300 same Japs attempted to'set up a IN~ in the bivouac area.
61 though they were stopped and 2 }:illed, 3 of our own men were w:r;. by grencdes.
b. Co BooThe 1st Plat operated 2 flrul'le throwers with the 6th Mer Div in
the KlY'-'IIJ-GWUKU hill mas". 'l11e 2d Plct with the 1st Mar Div. cotIlllitted 3
flame throwers in TJ. 7..5.59 ..FL. Caves and tombs were burned ond they asSisted
in the assault of Hill 79. 50 Japs were killed. 2 flame throwers fr~ the 3d
rIot were in the same assault, killing 26 Japs. .
c. Co C - 5 flame throwers were ctchd to 32d Inf in T.i. 7859-NO end 7957-tN.
Targets engaged were brush, escarpments, pillboxes, thick gress and ridges. 11
loads of Napalm were fired killing c large number of Japs and enabling support­
ing tonks end Inf to kill mnny more. 4 flame throwers were ntchd to 1st Bn,
184th Inf in TA 7858-BC c.nd 7857-Q,R. 3 loads of Napalm were fired at pill­
boxes, 10Smm sun positions and ceveS. One vehicle, while'test firing his flame
gun at the forward refueling point, accidently flushed 12 Japs who were pranptly
destroyed. At 1430, Tec 5 DeWitt was killed by Jap MG fire when he dismounted
to receive instructions from the Inf. At 0530, in the bivounc ~eQ, Cpl Burk­
heimer investigated a noise in Q cane field about 200 yds fram the perimeter.
He neQ~ly stepped on 2 Japs, then killed them. At 0830 a Jap was wounded at
a cave mouth near the bi voocc. 3 EM investiguted the cave end 5 Jops surren­
dered. During the day's action, 193 Japs were killed, 5 captured and the
following equipment destroyeda 1 arty ammo dump, 2-10Smm guns, 1 HMG, and an
estimated 25 !.AGs.
d, Hg&,sv Forward CP - ;.t0900. Tec 4 Morris and Tec 5 Sarver encounter­
e~ and kll.1ed 8 Jap' soldiers about 800 yds E of the Bn forward CP.

8. Remarks a
0. Japs Killeda
~T.::::o.=.dgy::?,-_ _,...T:t,;0~Da~t~6

Hq&:$v - 8 8

A 100 943

B 736

C 123 1313
Totals 3013000

b~ Our Casunlties to Dotel KIA' MIA I or Wr.t.'

lIq&HqCo 4 .

.A Co 1 16
BCo 1 27
'c Co 6 23
05v Co ~.~ _ _.","",,=_._ ____~2_
TOtals 7 1 72

c. 'l'ks Dt's:lb1ed . Tks Disabled Gala llopclm

BY Ipemr APt ion Other.Rgpsone IIp§pded
cOA 170- 1 8. 42.300
C. B lSl -12·· 47.750
Co c: 2}1 4· ·1'9 ••• 61.450 532 5,.. 3.9 151 •.500

• 1 7 later. ~tche1 'cbarp4 or ~~erWi~ dOllllSe4 by :Taps 0

•• 4 ' i· •. •.
I . I :... II

••• •
... .
I i,
... I, i •

" ".
',.' NO· Of toDka" cClllD1 tt.. ; . at' ,
.3 r'"
.,. .,' ,t -

2 • .No. pi tou ,~~ds tjr ,~~:,~~t t

3 ~1fo. tit ·tOflk.':' ~i8nbl8di 'ir•. ~ tlu~' to.:~~0tl1 d1ttiouUy _ ...

• I
, __
• • •: . ,. . .

4. No. of tanks operative at Pl'6II~nt!'~~·-··:· 2hi·

. ., . ,.' . . "

5. 50. ot ~QDk8 1D bi va.lQO bUt' ·.,O:6ji.nlT8 .n

..t ....JU
f'" ,.,

r' ,~ ,. .
j..,I- .
21 June 1945 (cont)

6. Personnel: o. Killed in ~ction: None

b. Wounded in 2.ction 1

7. Narrntive:
n. Co It. - 1st Sec, 3d Fbt. operQted ·.'lith Co B, 763d Tk En in support of
1st and 3d Bns. ·38lst Inf on the N npprocch to 1~EERA. They moved out at 0800
but were held up for li hrs by soldiers and civilians surrendering. The flume
throwers then burned a cut through which ti.e t:::.nks Qnd Inf passed to g3in
eammnndine terrnin. ~fter passing through. it was found that the· reverse slope
W'.1S 80 well defended th3t W::lS necessey ::It this point •. after eVQC­
u::: ting sane c·::sucl ties. the thro.. .l Crs .:ere relee-sed. The reminder of the
3d !'lnt opere-ted E of lv:EDEERi. \·iith the 305th Inf. The Inf moved down a ridge
cnd GS they ndvanc~d the flunc thro·,:ers end s t:'JldC'.rd tanks supported with fire
o.nd qom~ from both sides. 80 J:lPS were killed b;r flome throwers during the
b. Co B - 1st Flnt atchd to the 6th Mar Tk Bn. burned caves !lnd tunnels in
T.\ 7355-.~, 7456-J, 7:556-F. 4 IDIGs ~md 9 knee mar tors were destroyed. 43 Jops
were killed of which 2 were shot frau tenk turret by Sgt 'ilebb cnd Sgt Majkc.
The 2d Plc.t was :ltchd to too 7th ~br Regt. burning c:-.ves nnd pillboxes in T~
7559-CDHI1~0. 19 Jops were killed ::lnd 25 cQptured. An ammo dump and 2 MGs
were destroyed. The]d Plc.t worked h fh:roo thro:wrs with the 5th M:lr Regt.
burning CoveS and trenches in Tit. 7658-Al3, 7559-G in suppart of nn c.ttock on
lUll 81 (TA 7559-Y) alld HIIL 85 (TA 7658-H). One bnk broke a track nnd hud
to be abandoned undor sniper and MG fire, after ·being disarmad. One tonk was
disabled by oil lock. The Co fired 5400 gals of Napalm ond killod 14:1, Japs.
c. ~ - 7 flame throwers operated with the 32d Inf in TA 7956-A. 7856-E.
17 loads of fuel were fired ct the esc~rpment. c'!ves c.nd to.ll gress. IJ.' !c.rge
number of Jops w,]ro killed by the flame and muny more flushed to be cut dO~·1Il
b~ the Inf. Severel IIGs end one 20mn gun were silenced or destroyed. 3 flnme
throwers operated with the 1st En, 18hth Inf in TJ. 7757-0. Severol pillboxes
and mortc.r positions were engc.cud .:1 th sntisfo.ctory results.· During the night
the bivounc cree w:;.s n t tricked by 6 ",i th smull arms and grenades. 2 ·,vere
killed. The Co cOllntud 185 de:1d Japs during the period.

8~ Rernc.rks:
a. Jops Killed I ,Today To Dill
Hq & Hq Co 8.
.~ Co 75 1018
B Co 141 877
C Co 1 8 3 1~6
Totnls 399 3399

b. Our Casualties to Datel Kid N'..r/~ I oI.....1'ili!

Hq & Hq Co 4
A Co 1 17
B Co 1 27
C Co
;;v Co

7 1 72

e.. : Tks DiRubled By Tks Disub1ed Gels Napalm

Th~ Commi tt~d iD~m: A~t1on Oth~ Rf.losons Ex12~nd!ild
CoA 179 1 8 • 44.700
CoB ,162 14 •• 53.150
Coe 2~1 a 12 ••• 66.550 5 2 5 41 164.400

,• 7 later sntchel chc.rged' or otherwist1 dmmged by Japs

•• 1 • ••••• •
••• 4 ' •• ••• I

- J~:.-

22 June 1945

1. No. of t(aUcs committed _2:.,7L--_

2. No. of tonk loads, of fuel used 42

3. No. of tanks,disnbledl a. Due to mechanical difficul ty __3~_
b. Due to ent;l',y firo (oatchel charge) ____I=--_

4. No. of tanks oper~tive at pr~sent ti~e, 29

No. of tnnks in bivooac but not oper:ltive 10
, .
6. 1'ersonnel: a. Killed in action: Hone
b. Wounded in nction ~

7. ~orrctivel
c. Co It. - The 8 operati vo- f'lnme thrower s in
the company wert: nll ~ tchd to
Co C, 763d Tk Bn nnd the
305th lnf with the missioft of toldng Hill 85. The
fl6me throwers ond sto.ndc.rd tanks were spli t up in, two groups; one to 'support
the lnt' on ench side. The gro~p on tho left was c.ble to place fire and flame
ahead ~! Ior~e Int' with good reaults, but those of the rir,ht ~North) side rnn
into t~.- ; Without close'Int' support, they were unable to aefend themselves
when they encountered a number of Japs in shell h~les nnd caves. 2 fl~
throwers .were satchel charged, one of whi~h wes put' out of action. ,This grOUp
then withdrew nnd' JOined tlIe other. The hill WI:!S taken nnd the tc.~s relensed
at 1600. Tae Company, ~ill~d 15 Japs during the day.
b'. ~ - 1st P!'nt comm! tt~d 3 1'lme thro\ler~' to support the 6th Mar Div
in mopping up Til. 7255-BGH,', 7456-Q.o~. 1 atnmo d~ 'b.nd' l' oil dump were fired.
24 PInt suppOrted 7th ~.r Regt·in mopping up ~ 7561, 1661. Cene fields, c~ves,
bc"ush Bnd rubble Were blU'ned in this crea. The 3dP1ci,t'mopped up in T~ 7559­
'l'VWli:J, 7659-V. Brush end cavesViere burned. The canpany had-2 EM-WI;". Sgt
HQyes and Tob 4 Beard wore wounded by a splosh from (l snipor IS bullet which hi t
the tUrret ot the tnnk on whtoh they were riding~ The 'company burned 6000 g~ls
of NnPaJ,m, killed 47 Japs' ond took 2 PY;a'~'
, "0. ~ - '4 flame thrO\lerB were atehd to' the 32d I~.f t~ burn oaves end
troops pockots in the regimental zone • ..·e ot the cavesnre soid to have opened
into the ;J'ap Army Hqs. 8gt Schruril, using the hose otto'Ghment, fired 10 CU"fes.
He WQS, o.ocanpo.nied by on interpreter wi th a loud speaker who tried to get the
;rtiPs to le'lve the caves. Only 2 were t:lken this way. The hose oxploded twice
during. the operation. ~t ~matrong firedl load nt C:lvea ~~Ollg the bench and
reper"ad many suicides. Sgt Holmes fired two lends in a hill in which on In!
Bn eomar reported 500 Jape holed up. With the help of Sgt Boughan nnd Cpl
topes, the hill was 'Canp1etely'reduoed. 4 flame throwers were otcM to the 1st
B~. 184th In1' and l!lopped up :l.n TJ. 7757~P:1,. Numerous onves were' fired >1i th many
lap otiBualtie.. one .load woe tired into a lo.rge orater near the canpony area.
9 1~ were killed when they olw.rsed tho dismounted men" tran Co Hq seotion who
were' eUpporU~ the flamethrower. An officer charged S/t3gt Qlingb.ouse with
his sword. 6 o~er jnps. includinc; one CnptClin were cClpjiured. Cpl &low line
WLi. b7 IS ;rap grenade near th,.a bi "f(1&.QC,Or,ea, The Gq ~xpendad 4200 sole of Nnpalm.
868 lops nrekilledi . . . . ' ' ' , : '
4 . _ , . It hrJpr4, cr ..
1 ;rap llQe ~l~l:ed t:nd 5 captured in the bl~Q,c Ol"e~.
'8. ~. "• • t \,
•• Ifrp8 111lecl!.
.. ~ , . !..:


. ,.
8. Remarks (cont)
b. Our Casualties to Date: KIA MIA I or "ifIA
Hq & Hq Co ---=-----=-----=~'-:-4...::.::!
A Co 1 17
B Co 1 29
C Co 6 25
Sv Co 2
Tota~ -=7------~1--------~76~--

c. Tks Disabled By Tk.s Disabled Gals Napalm

Tks ComIni tt~d ~cm:l ,gtiog Oth~r R~§so~ ~;JSI2tlIld~g
CoA 187 No Change No Change 418,600
CoB 173 59,150
Co C 2,2 ZO.Z50
Totals 589 178,500
2] Jyne l2li5

1. No. of tanks coID11ri tted 20

2. No. of tank loads of fuel used ]8

3. No. of tanks operative at present time 26

4. No. of tanks in bivouac bu1; not operative . I]

5. Narrative:
a. Co A - 2 flalIle throwers were atchd to tl-Je 1st Bn, 382d Inffor mopping
up operations in the vicinity of OZATO. 6 loaas of fuel were fired with cane'­
fields as the main target. The flame proved very effective in flushing the Japs
as the Inf stood by to kill or capture them. Late in the day one of these
flaree throwers moved Over to the escarImlent East of OZATO and used the hose
attachment on ceve8 with good results. 4 flame 'throwers operated with the 38lst
Inf, mopping up strong enemy resistance in MEDEERl. In one case the Inf blast­
ed a hole in a coortyard wall, then a flame thrower pulled up and burned 57
Japs who were hiding there.
b. ~ - 1st Plat opera ted wi th the 6th r,ar Di v. S/SSt Lintner 'li th 3
flame throwers mopped up in TA 7456, 7256, explodinc an arrmo dump and killing
3 0 Japs. Lt Sutherland's 2d Plat, 3 flame throwers operated wi th the 1st Mlr
Div in n 7660, 7560, 7661. 16 Japs were killed. 'sst Schmidt from the 3d
Plat firod one load in TJ. 7559-1.
c. Co C - 5 flruuo throwers were atchd to the 32d Inf and 2 flarJe throwers
to the 1st Bn, l84th Inf. Sgt Schrum fired into 4 caves, killing 23 Japs.
He also killed one with his pistol at the refueling point. Sgt Ho~nes reported
to the Inf Bn Comdr and Vias told that 1000 Japs were rounded up in a huge cavern.
The approaches to this cavern had been mined, so the infantry removed them to
permi t the flame throwers to approach. tjlhen interpreters failed to. get more
than a handful out by loudslleakers, Sest Holmes fired 1 load into the main. en­
trance. There \,las no estirru::te as to the munber of Japs !tilled. One Marine
patrol entered this cuve and never came out. A second patrol entered, receivod
casual ties lind withdruw. Sgt ~mstrong 's tank fired one load Over Q bluff on
the shore and the ,·,ind blew the flOl!le back into caves underneath. 5 huge ex­
plosions resulted. Pfc Sheetz and Pre Kauffman, Sv Co, killed one Jap each at
tho refueling point iIi th Sl'vns.
. d~ J~..&: 3v Co Forward CP - 1 Jap wus killed in the bivouac area in the
E:;o.rly lJiorning. 5 were killed and one captured at 1500 by a securi ty patrol.
i Elt.,' 'I'ec 4 Mille tte, WIA.
6. a. Japs Killed: To Date
Hq &: S., 15
A 102 113.5
D 46 970
C 30 2394
184 4514

. .4 ..
- ... ,,..,...., .....
[~.lii," rmttr U !

23 June 194.5 (coot)

6., Remarks'; '(cont)

b. Our Casualties to Date: . KIA MIA 1 O[ w~

~ (, 25
Sv 3
Totals 1 77

c. Tks DiD:ot:ed By
" Tk8 Disabled Gals r-:apalm
Co,," 193 ikl Chu!l{;e No Change 53,100
Co B 180 63.400
, Co C 235 73.150
, Totals

24 Jt:ne 1945
1.' No. of tanks committed __9.&-__

2. No. of tank loads 0;,' fuel usod _ll_

3. No. of tanks operr.tive at present time _ ...

4. No. of tanks in bivooac but not operative '1

5. Personnel: a. OUtstanding performonce of individ,lla1s or units: ~t
Schrum. Co C, received c verbal cmamendetion from the 32d In! for
'Excellent ~ork in :1 cCClnplishing a most diff i cul t uissi on.'

6. NCU'ra ti ve :
a. Co ,;~ - 2 flcme thro',7ersiiOre a tchd to the 38lst In!, L1on:ping up in the
vicini ty of ~'EDEERJ... .'s the Ir.f hit pockets of resist~.mce. the flame throwers
moved in to burn. The results ~'icre very satisfactory; 175 Japs Pere killed by
the flame tlu-o',7crs.
b. ~ - 1st Plat co::mittcd 2 thrm'ere to burn ridges and cO-ves for
the 6th "Jar Di v 'in T... 7458-G. No rosul ts rrereobserved. 1 fl:tJll0 throt:er from
the 3d Plat 'burned car.e fields for the 7th !\m- Regt G.t I:ANJA where sniper fire
',"laS received. 3 ';;ere run out cnd ccptured.
c. Co {j' - 2 thrO'o/er:; were cO:.JIr:i tteu ';;! th th.:: 3d Bn, jth I,!orines to
mop up in thc.t Regt '3 zone. No Japs Fere Beell to be killed. 2 throwers
atchd to the 3d En, le4th Inf. Sgt Schrum flushed Jl(;.ny Japs frO!:: ccves. 10 of
which' were killed by his taLk, the reIllD.indor by t1.e inf:.ntry. CpI Ippez' tc.nk
flushed and killod 15 J".fS. .::Jf;t Schrum recei'n.:d c. ccmmendation frau the In!
Bn Candr w1 th vrhan hew::w working for his • excellent ';;o~k in the succ·::ssful
tul:fll1ment of ci most difficult mission.'
d. Hq & §y FOn7::lrd Cl' - .2 were killed in the bivouac cree. during the
night. 1 more "as killed by '~ Hq Co po. trol at 1500. .:;)(;vero1 cnveiJ -,-;ere
blosted in the cxea.
ReJllll1'ks I· n. Jops Killed: TodQY To Date
Hq & 3v 3 18

-- .~ ~ 175 13 0 0

B 970

C _.::.2....
Totals 2Q3 4707
Di (hr Cnsuolties: No Chnnge.
c. Tks Di:.;obled By Tks Disc.b16d G:lls Napalm
Tks Cor.J!~..!!.(;A __~,g;-!-::~' Action Other Reasons EXQended
Co A lSj', CJVll!ge No Chouge 54,30 0
Co B IS; 64,300
Co C _ ...::2~3!1L()_ _ 74.950
Totcls 617 193.550
.. ;:
, ;2 5 J\Ip. 1911.5 ",.

1. No. of tanka cCllllllitte4' <:6 ,
2. No. ot taDlc ,loo4a at ~e1'ued "5
3. No. of tonk. openthe at preQIlt t t . »
4. ' Ho. ot 5__
tenlal in biVQlac but not 6peraUw _ ...

S. . Harro.tive I
a. ~ - No flame throwers were camnitted.
b. .G2,.l' - a'tlam. throwe1'8 fran the let & t burned aa'9N in the viciniv
ot XIYAJm-GllSUlU. supporting the 1st Mlrinas in their. mop up. 2 Japs were
killed.: ODd' 2 GDIIlO cJuinps des troyad.
o~, ~,...2 tlame, ~owers 1I'U:"e atchd to the 32d Int in mopping up oper­
atio~ olq the beach. ,Int'-preters worked with. the taDlc:-lnt~ntry team in an
at".,t to induce the Jape to surrender. When this failed,h flcme throwers
fired short bursts' into the' ca_a Q8 ~ther inducemeD t.. A large n1.Ullber wera
captUred and 21 were' killeci by the Int.' . . . " ,
4. HQ a: .sy 'oaard Qf "!' 2 Jape were oaptured during the period. one at ,
whan walked: into. the bivouac area lo giTe hiDBelf up;. ,4 were k1U~d by patro:J,s
ODd 3 women. in soldier 's' W11tc1an acocxnpe.ny1ng them were a1sQ k111ed. 6 ,civil­
ians were interned. " , ,

6. Remarks I
a. Japs Killed I Toda;y: To Date
Hq a: Sv 4 22
A 1300
B 2 972
C ~J. ~~o
Totals 27 4734
b. Our Casue.l ties: No Change,

c. Tks Disabled By Tka Disabled Gala Napalm

Tks COI!IUU tteg in~ Action Oth~;rB~a~o~ ~12img~g
Col. 195 ,No Change No Change 54,300
CoB 185 64.9°0
Co C 2h.l 15.85 0
Totals 621 195.050

26 June 1945
1. No. of tanks canmitted 5
2. No. of tank loads of fuel used 11
3· No. of tanks operative at present time 35

4. No. of tanks in bivouac but not operative 4

5. Personnel: a. Killed in nction: None

b. Wounded in action, 1

6. Narrative:
c. Co •• - 1 flrur.e thrower was coomi tted to burn cane fields around the
96th Div CP. 900 gals of Napalm were expended~
b. Co B - No 1:1ame throwers were canmitteq.
c. ~ - 4 fl~~e throwers were ctchd to the 32d Inf in mopping up e~ves
and rocky areas clone; the beach. 2i.Jr.;.P8 were burned and numerous grenade
explosions within the coves ind:c.. . tcl 1,_~t others were canmitting suicide.
d. Hg & Bv Forv;o.rc1 G:-' - T~,e 311 (, __ :1:', ,N!cj Li ttlcpoge .ias WU by a sniper
while observing the e.ction ';Ii th CO) C. ~ :j. ,lood assumed command of the Bn. At
1500, a wOIlllln and 6 Jcps, incL!di:l'~ ,J;_" ;;c.i1or \"/ere coptured in the vicinity
of the bivouac urea.
·r.u_~ jJI'El)
26 JUno 1945 (cont)

7. ~emarksl
a. Jape Killed, :redoy To Pate
Hq &: Sv 22
A 1300
B 972
C --1.7':-_ __ _2iJsL
Totals 27 4'161
b. Our Casualties to Dotel .!5I•• MIJ.. I or w;re


C 6 26
Sv J
7 1 79
.c. TI.s Disabled By . Tks D~sQbled Gala Napalm
Tks Camnu==·~t~t~():.::d~--=En~em:~Y...:A!!.·ct.i.on Other. Reasons Expended
cOl. 195 No Change NQ Cha~e 54,3 00
Co B 185· 64,900
Co C
.245 ,.....-...,.-- ---­ 78.250
27 JUl1,Q 2. cas.
1. No. of tc.nks corrm-.i ttod __5",--_

Z. No. of tank loads of fuel used _--1..7_ _

'3. No. crt 35.1..-_

tr;nk:s o!,)erative 'lt present time _ ...

4. No ~ of tcl.n}{s i:1 b i Vocuc bu t not opere ti V€ ; ---'4z.-__

5. ~edonr.el: Killedin'action: None
':JOlinded in adi on -.....:::..­

6. Na1'ro. tivo:
O. CO A - No fhlIl~ throrlers cOIlJlli tted. 2 Japs were killed by bivouac e;uar­
b. Co B-3 throwers burned c;:1ne fields i:l the vicinity of H..J~Jh.
tvi th no observed re~ul ts.·
. c. po' C - 2 flarr.e throo;vers "':eru ctchd to the 32d Inf to burn caves along
the bet:'.ch. 4 lOD.J::J of .-In:[:-alm wore fired, ir,cludir,g onE: '.7i th the hose attach­
IOOnt '. 24 Jopi; w(;re kEled. Durine th", day th,,; bnk cOr.JlllD.nuers were fired
upon .by 'JJlp sr~ipers, but frLmdly Inf alongside the tanks were not bothered.
At 2300,. orle I:l:, Cpl r,laccG.ronE.:, ;,'c.s 7lo\mued by friendly fire When 2 Jc.p inf­
~ltrQtor8 uere :liSr:OV3:'E'r:l.

7. . ReIl'll'.rks:
c. Japs Killed: To ·~te·

Hq & ;';;v 22

•• 13 00
B 972
C 20 2487
Totals 20 4781
Our'.l-;;h;s: 1 I:: ';/LA
C. Tits Dis'=lbled By
Tks Disabled Gala };:c.pcJ.l!:
T]<"<' C("·-'tt·-' .,.. i.e ti cJn:.....,._....:.O,;:,:t:.~!' Rea.sons Expended
-'~ l·:-."-·-~--
Co/.. , Ciwn~;e No Cncne;e 54,]00
Co3 1 65,800
C0 C -~--- .. - ... 79.450
Tok13 6]0

a. 110.' at taDkB 1Jl bivwoc but not operative. ·_..:4*--_

'jt. Harratm' There was no action for the battalion today.

29 lUDe 1945

1~ )10. at tanks opera.tive at present time 3'7

2. No. ot tanks in bivoua.~ but not operative 2

3. liuTati Ve :
a. ~ - 7 laps were killed in the vicinity of the biVCA.lac area.
b. CQ B and C -
.$aw no nction and reported no .Tap contacts.
c. Ha. I; av Forward CP - 8 .Taps were killed in the vicinity of the. OF
by our patrols during the period.

4. Remarks. [10 laps Killed: To Dg,te

Hq & 5v 8 30
It. 7 1.307
B 972
C 211.87 .
Totals 15 4786
b,. OUr Cusuo1 ties.1 No Change.
c. Operational Statistics I No Change.

30 JUne 1945

1, lb, of tanks oporotive c.t present timan

2'" No" of tanks in bivouac 'but not operative _....:2::--_

3. Narrative:
a. ~ - Effective 301000, Co It. released fran atcmnt 'to 96th Inf Div
al!d reverts to Bn control. The canpany moved into the Bn rehabili to tion area,
vicinity of ~!LN~TOGA.
b. Co B and C - No action.
c. he & Sy ForWard CP - 2 .TIlPS were killed Ilbout 2200 by bivouacgtlElI'ds.

4. Remtarks. I"

0. Japs Killed: Tod~ To Date

Hq e: ::Iv 2 32·

,~ 13 07
B 972
C 24~
To to 13 2 4788


• .I'
, (, . ,~: ~ ..J.:......,;.;;..

ClU:i. T.~l',:-.1.I.l
_ ...... _----­
.. Til.ctico

The resistance meG by our fm'ces durinG this period of operation waG well

coordinated a.le! ~;tubbornly ex 'cu'.:.ed. The cner::y se10cted exccll~nt terrain with

conune.ndiag and SUpl"ol'ti!lg fields of' fire in position where he endeavored to make

Cl. determined stand. The ellomy units e.1countered consisted mostly of independent

infa,'ltry and T.1ortar batta.lions in support of anti-tank companies. Artillery,

besides suuportinr, the <lssuultinr, troop3, employcd counter-battery fire on a

larger scale than han av(;r been expcri.cnced on any other previous opcrntion in

the Pa.cific Thoatre. The antitank wcapolls used by the eneJ:IY, pa.rticulv,rly the

47rrrm gun with its increased muzzle velocity, tend to be~r .)ut the f<,.ct that the

Japa!1()se havo f,iven much thought and time to the development and improvement of

a gun that will, as has been p1'o'O(;n, effectively penetrate the anllOl' of a medium

tank. The 47rrrm gun caused a lar[;o nwnbor of tank casualti-cs. These L'Uns were

found :located in prepared ,?ositions, caves and burial vaults, Connecting tun­

nels served as pannage flays for, movement. of guns to alterru:.te firing positions.

Positions void of guns one c,ay, wore found occupied durine tho n~_bh'v by the

enemy- a:nd ready for action the follo;-iinr, cb.y. Most of the antitan1< fire re­

coiVDd by the tanl(s was cloDe.: ranr,e flalJkillg fire of rangt~S from 300 to 000 yds.

On some occasions the eneI1\7 gunners havo allOVled on~ or two t.anlw to paas

through their field of fire before opening up on the rear tanks. .Ano·c,her prac­

tice employed was to let a tanl< turn around exposine the rear engine compart­

ment before firing. The accuracy and the rapidity of the firing has been quite

noticeable, Even though tho 'guns were located in caves the terrain channelized

.tank movement into a:iticipated !lelda of fire. The eU;1S were hard to detect
" due to the practice of the or~my withdrawing the gun into tho cave aftAr firing
or because of the method of firing the ~, from a position well in rear' of the
mouth of the encloauro, Tho, use of smokeless Shells" was also a factor contri­
buting to the difficulty of detcctine the gtU1S. The largest calibor antitank
fire receive.d (by our tanks was one round of supposed.lT 7511m, which !lierced the
'side of t.he tank beneath the sponson and came on through to enter a napalm tank
withoutignit.iug the fuel.

The tanks wore often subjGctcd to artillery and mortar fire when in close

proximity to tho target. Those intense barrages made control of the tanks

diffioult and tended to obscure tho tcrgets. TanY~ operating in narrow corri­

dors where sufficient ground for IIIa.OOuver was linlited". ofton foll victim to

shell holes by either thl'owing the traclcs or, as happe'ned in one or two cases,

causing the' tanks to turn over com,)letely. One '~ank was thought to have been

sot on fire by a WP shell, forcing tho crew to abandon t.he vehicle. As a re­

sult of t.he art.i.llory fire, antennas were sheared off, ,suspension systems da­

maged and turret rings fouled. Tanks were prone to draw a.rtillery fire, In

such situations our infantry ware forced to take cover, making it impossible

to advance in support of the tanks. Artillory fire was ofton recoived in the

bivoua.c areas, but due to the fc:.ct that it was unobserved tiro, it proved in­


The ene~ erdcavored at all, times to isolate the attacking tanks trom~he

BUpportins infantry eithor by artillery and mortar fire pr by'intense SA t1Joe .

80 as to allow especially tra.ined anti-tank personnel oq¢.ppGd with satcbtl •

charges and concealed,:tn cavcs, and ~ox holos"to approach' our' tank. with these

demolitions designed to sOVerely damage the tank suspoJ)Sion systems. tis tJ'Pfl

of antitank practice may well bo referred to as' "HUman Charges".' The·.·bouwe

of these chargee sot the tuses and. with the: eJCpl081ve wrapped uo1llld their

'bodies cbUse the tanks", '~c, ~ges aPi>eared~t~ We18h~" ',':t,eJ¥ 10lbs.

In ot.hc:r instances the charges Ware conta1Detf iii-' wooden s we1chiJl8 approxi- ,

JlE.tely 15 !bs. The c<mcojJ,ei! pps1~~~ns OCC!ipibd: ~ the~ , :t,cbal'~ . .·

,were tei'DlOd as "spider ~1.e''', by oU!' foraee-, ana .acc~ ~o.. tba "apa the)'
were ~ «s "Bat.tlEt. ~" (cat .10).08., ''fbe7 W8ro wen'~ ad'plaGeci
in narrow defilos along olq'OCtod ;;;ve'''(\iOS of ~h;' .".
// .'

One tank plat-oo:) le~.dcr :':1" in:,o :;. tc:-:.:n of sCi.tchel ch::rce mon concealed in
"spider holes" locat3d at a ::-:harp turll in the road. One fo;:holc Has act.ually
in the tliddlc of the road:-.t this tur:.. A ruse employed by the encllY was for
the ncrsonncl cqui~);>ed \'('LLh saschel cllG.r[~cs to cover th(.:ms<Jlves in U.::J.shelter
halv~s and rel!l<'.in covered in t!liJ position Ul'1til the tanks ran over ther.l or.
until such £ime as the tC'.ntJ CMlC within close enough range.

Antit3.nk ditches wcre not encounter~d on a[IY large sca.le.1'llOsc that were
encountored were readil;,r eliraim.ted by ti)c aid of tank dozers. One J.ntitam:
ditch noted 1'{as construct-Jed by the cnew;! 1'Til:.hout dest.roying the obvious by­
passes. Evidently the~~e b;/-pt'.3SC.S YlCr0. Loft, for as the situ3.­
tio.) developed it VIr,s found that ant guns vlcr<J laid-in on these approaches.
In almost cvery case t:1C3e ditches wore plt'.ced betHcen natural defiles and
ric\~ paddies.

I:ines employed by the ellcntf and ellCOlmtered by our forces included the
anti-boa.t, both sincle a~1d double horn type, ccr2.l:lic or ~lot ter:,' nines, tape
minos, and aerial bo~ills. As 1'2.1" .:lS it c~n be determined these mines Vlere never
nlacQd in any definite pntc.c:'n. T'::lrrain f1',]e of mines the day before were
often found to conLd.n 1:U.11C8 the followin:: day. One f[l;vol'ite trick employed
by the Japs was to Ilune:; in cabbC'.gc patches, lifting tile pb.nts up and
replanting them over the ir.•bcc.dcd rune. Ab:'-,ldoned ta:1ks were found in some
instances booby trapped .:lnd nines placed in front and rcc:r of the tanl<, ap­
parently with the iliea of disabling the recovery vdlicle that came up to eva-:­
Clk'1.t.c the tank. Any time a t~nl<er, while well forward in the battle ~oni.)"
opened his hatch in an effort to COIlTllunic~te with the infantry regarding tar­
gets designated, hll li-aS uk.ost sure to receive sniper fire. RecovQry wits
seeking to ev~'.cunte ta:1hs invariably met with har.:lssing sniper fire. SomcU.lllCS
tho enemy allowed the infantry to p~lSS through wi.thout firing, in the hope of
bringing fire to bo.:J.r on tank crow members once exposed outside tho tc.nk. In
a few in!:t11.nccs enerr.y snipers were knm'{rl to occupy the hulls of destroyed tanks.
Tho enemy considered tanks as their prir,w.l'Y t.?rget, assaultinr; them ..lith a.ll
weapons at his commailcl.. From iruorm("ttion obtained from ca.ptured documents and
priso:lers it wa.s evident that destruction of tan.l<s by <'-ny and every means pos­
siblo had priority over other targets. As an example of tho stress placod on
tank destruction by the enemy, 'i;,he following extra~t from the Japanl,'se 32d
Army Battle Doctrine, !'jo. 13, interpreted by III Amph Corps, re;).ds as follows:
"Tho roar of enemy t(Jn.~s is much f<,linter than our ovm and their ;).JDl'oach cannot
bo dctectud by ear unless tmlli:s are within 1 kilometer on rOr1.ds or: 80 meters
in dry fields. Thi:3 necessitates the stationing of antit.:lnk security look-outs ll •

It can bi3 said that more tanks Vlere lost eecc.use of adverse terrain COll­
ditions th,1.11 were lost di to enemy action. Na.rrow roads, shell holes
and mud accounted for rm.ny stuck tanks, which usually resulted in tl'['.cks beine
thrown. Tanks abandoned due to those conditions were targets at niAAt. for t.he
Japs that :Jlippcd through c.nd appliod satchel charges and incendia.ries which,
in almost all cases, dostroyed the to.nlcs beyond repe:ir.
1. Encmy CaCiualt:i.cs:

a. rillod !i:/SC

b. Captured !f2.

2. Onr Losses:

a. Personnel:

(1) KIA 1
- (2) W or IIA m
(3) Mbsing 1

b: Equipmcnt:

(1) Tanks LOf1t:

( a) AT Fire

(b) Mines 8
(c) Opcration.~ Losses
( d) Op0rational. Losses with
later damage by enenw

(0) Totnl Tanks Knocked Out

(f) Returned to Duty 26

... J... .

.' \ . -'. .

f.~unents_.-8:I1<i r:~":_C~.I~~j.2~

1. 5-1
Operation of the aWni!1is~Jra:'jvc hendquz'l"ters in the field is nUlch

different from ope:'rtion jn garrL50n. 1'}-lrOH[;h cX''>eriencc; ~ai.ned in the

01d.navnl. operati.on t:1C f:)llorri.n~~ rccor:l'~"en(l.c.tlons are nade in order to e::'",e­

dUe and :inpro'/c ~hc h,\.I1dling of tile ..ddit1.onal ::>:.dministrat.ive details

necessit[\.ted by cor'bat.:

a. Peroonnel arKi at hor <..:.drr.iniotr:lt"ive ;;lc'1t ;;'Ol'S should rer..ain under

a centralizeJ headqu1.I'tel'o. H L~ i:J.po:;;;i01e for a COl:lpan:r to halldle its
ovm administra c,lo:'1 prop":~l'ly, 'j'r.erc is no 0:113 l':ith e;lou.:..;h e:x.-pc;ricncc to
su;.>ervice t;18dflI·k of the c(Jap::IlY <?lel'k. It it; i.upractic:ll to attach the
cornparw clerk to the pe1'"on 101 [~edion of another unit. The other units

will not ncccp!:' the; rCS'10n3lbil:i.ty or e'l('n attel!'.rt to supervise the work
of t.he comp:=t.Hy cl'31'k. OperJ.t ion of t.he ~ erfJonnel Sedior. '.0 a comr,lcte
unit even thou~h the cOlapanio3 thcr:selvcc nre dct8.C:18d is the rao"t effi­
cient method.

b. Definite inctrncl:.ions should he l3ivon to both the unit ~nd tho

hi~herheadqu::lrters au tu the proner channels of Adrair:istrative and TactiC<l.l
renorts. At times a con:r:!.ict arises between two hcadqu.'U"'ters as to whom
tho unit belon,;s. Ea~h headquarters should knc,w just how far itn control
~oes over a unit.

Copie.'; or a2.1 Gen:.ll'al and Field orders affecting the sk.tue
of c~'1y orgaTliz~'t..ion
ill the bCtt,~,nli.or. should be sont to the hendq11<.:.rt,crs.
i h8:,C LTitt,rm '1rr1.c:rs ~re ll:}CE'.·,;:;c,ry fat' the battalion hictory and op']l'aJ~iorw.l

OrdorG on U.e transfJr of :lospit:lli~ec. personnel [;.ro too slow

in cOr:'.in~throueh or else are not recaiw·d <l.t all. 'I'hin cnUOf!G an -<'.<:dition­
<.1 }Jll,',~cn
on the urtit, which must t,ry nnd local:.e these ortiers. A s:{3l~c·:J.
whc;:( c:JY t.he unit would reC'3iVCl tho order[: direct frOlil tho llOSpil:.o.J.,loulci
f'iLl corsic1erably.

o. When reYllaccments arc slmt to r;, unit, tho Service Records [,nd
Fo'l"f~, ~GI:1
should r.ccOl:lpauy Idm. rlheu the srrvicc records o.1'1d form 201 s
arc not ::"ecc;ivc:d it caU3es much trouble in tb() handling of roports.

f. There in entirely too rrrich r01 tape in th8 procoscinc of rc­

cOlnnlCncut:;.ons for thA 11.w;~rd of tho Purple IIearJ~. It i3 hot alvlays possible
to obtain a meciicnl offiGcr's ccrt:ific').l,c a.nd CVOl1 if they arc available
it takes hours of wor-k to c(,In?lctc them. A siI.lplc Dl'OCCSS whereby the
COI:'lpally comllancler co,11d,ify !:.hat. the wound or i.njury Ym.s received as
1\ result of en0J'1Y r'.cU 0.1 ann t:1a!:. trnal:.ment , by a medical officer was re­
quirf:lu should be: st1 f .licicnt proof.

Tl--j~ ~11'mOJ'od flame thrower has been tried in combnt n.nct found to
b·) ::l v'r,{ 0l.'fective weapon. In! Divs and other tank batt:\lions vrlth whom
t!1C f1m1£) throwers have \'Tor1ced 'have been very emphatic in their oxpression
of tld.o wea:10n 10 wort,h ~r,d it:J irrr,IOI"l:.;:',nt role in the succe.'lS of the operation.
In general the flame throwers hrJ.Vc· been attached in the fpllowine; manner:
, a. A com~any attached to a standard tan1{ battalion in su;:>porl 01'
an infantr;y division.
b. A platoon of flame throwers attached to each mcdiwll tank coopally.
c. t.!l of flamethroy.rers snpf)orting a l:ledium tan}~ platoon.

The stan<hrd tank company ha.s normallyb0cn attached to an infnntry

regiment, with itf> pl'ltoons in ::mpport of infantry battalion.

Tho flamethrowers have generally been employed in the followine manner

within the tank-infantry teart:

. a. Attached to and actinG as an integral part of tlle tank platoon.

b. Attached to a tank platoon and remaining in·a forward assembly
area on call. 1:ihen a target do-.rcloped for the flamethrower it
was called up and supported by other tanks until it accomplished
its mission. In these cases the tank platoon leader controls'
th~action of the flamethrowers. This .is thl.: most cOl,unon type
of employrilent.

c. Operating as in (b) above with the infantry in close support of

the tanks and flamethrowcrf'.
d. Operating with infantry alone.

In the greatest percentag0 of caser; the tank-flame thrower team has

operated out in front 01' the infantry tuntil the area was sufficiently clear­

ed for the infantry to advance.

The most desirable manner of employment is the tank-flame thrower­

. inf,:l.ntry terun with the infnntry' following closely oehind the tanks to support
them and so occupy immediately the ground taken.

Due to the ~tations of terrain, flamethrolvers fire has not been

massed to build a "wD.ll of flnme ll , although this manner of employment would

have been very effective in some i~stances.

The most common ndsuse of tanks'has been:

a. Use of flamethrower tanks for their machine gun fire only, out in
front of tho infantry, without any support.!

b.. F allure on the pa.rt of the infantry and tank comnanders to take
the advice of the flallle thrower cOJllIlanders a.s to proper employment
of the weapon.

c. Improper aupport, on the part of tho ilifantry and tanks.

d. The usc of flamothroyrers tQ burn large area targets where theN

is no knoWn rcsiotanco. Although this is' necessary inaame cases
it is better for the infantry' to bear in mind that the suPPlT at
flame is linD.ted and cannot be used to burn a path for their
adv~nce. .

o. Failure on the part of the infantry to move" up and 'CtuioJcl.y .

tho gro~ndtaken by the flalqethro~·rs.· . ..

The' supply system functioned as vms originally planned. One 2l ton

truck was used to oarry a refuel 1'01' two namothronrs. These truck" were
moved to forward assembly. aroac OC,C;l d,'l.Y. eo that flame· throwe~. could. ~l I,
with a I:dn:imwnof delay.

'.'.,.... ....... '- ...~::;:-o.i.-....::.:"

.A . .:;,....2.-.
", " .. ,"

·r.:~, ·l<r;~r.I..;.";
Ir ol '1" ~.E8tIIRB~····=;;) • r.
:0"...... . .tl'tJIi\41~fwr_. tOr ~t.hraIrer.,....on thiaoperation.
OthH".,..... ;wro, boueea end v1J.1.a&ea,.ridSu,· reverse slopes. and
1Iboded. &Nail......

.s The most outst&ndins ~et1ciencY' in brought out during the operation
the lack ot
tank-intantry training. The two arms fail to understand the·
capabillt1es arid limitations or each other, causing contusion, lack .t coopera­
tion, needless losae~ and delay. This condition is general and Will continue
until positive .ction is taken by both to correct it.

C08III.Un1cation botween tanks, and tanks and tlamethrowors, did no\ present
aOJ" major probleins. Rowovar, the colJll1Ul1:i;e'ation between tho1nfantry and the
tanks, especia:ilT, tho inf'artt:ryman in tho front lines has left much tobo de­
sired. The use of t.he series 300 radio, AN/VRC-3, mounted in the tank has been
used tor cOJlll1UIl1cation with the int&.ntry. This has helped solve the problem,
but usually tho l1ndtqd channels causod overcrowding of radio nets and delayed
communications. The use of tho sea 509 radio by a tank liaison party on the
Wantry .battalion OP has provided a direct .channel of ccmnu.nication botween
the intantry battalion conmander and the tank commander am. is a definite im­
provement. The sound power t9lophone was not available to be mounted on the
tanks of this battalion J:lrior to the operation, consequently this type of com­
municati-on Wt\.S not tried.· .

This battalion killed a large number ot the enemy on the operation and
destroyed a groat deal of his equipment. However the true value of the weapon.
cannot bo indicated by these figures. Its value lies in its ability to drive
the Jap out of his prepared positions into the open to be killed by. supporting
troops. ExPerience has proven that the Jap, regardless of his fanatical intent­
ions to. hold his gl'ound. and die for the Emperor, will not remain in his hole
when flame is brought to bear on him, but he will make every effort to get out
and aVlay from the flame. .

Experience gained fromthc use of the armored flwmethrower in combat has

indicated tho need for sorno changes in the organization of the battalion and
the employment of the weapon. The following reconmendations arc submitted with
the thought in mind that i f they are accepted the value of the weapon will be
materially increased. .

. ~. .The standard tan!: battalion snould include one flamethrower company,

e~ther 1n place of the li~ht tank company or as an addition to the battalion.
b. The standard tank battalion should be assigned to the infantry
division and become an int~gral part of the division.
. c. If the table of organization as sUbmitted by this battnlion 2# J~ 45
~s approved, that there be a minimum of one flame thrower battalion per Corps.
d. The sound power telephone ·should be mOunted on the rear of each
tank for tank-infantry cornnunic<l.tion. .
e. .When flamethrow-::rs arc employed. as they have been on this operation,
the flrul'.ethrovror corrunander should control the tanks in support of him rather
than have the support tanks control his movement and flame.
f. ~hat whenever possible in the employment of tanks the principle of
mass be used. .
e. 'rhat the 3.rnorcd conun.ander be given an OP!)ortunity to command the
tank-inf.'l.ntr~f team. Thi:J is not being done, and, yet, there is no reason to
bclievo ~hat the armored corrunandor cannot handle the infantry t:.s Holl 0.5 the
i !'lfant!'Y coml1l.!lndel.' can handle the tanks.
;', That tho infantry commanders make overy offort to f&.m.i.lial'izQ them­
Delvas with the capabilities and limitationD of the tank and armored flamethrower
and how to coordinate both with his troops. .
i. 'fhat, if the prencnt or.ganization is maintained, the combination
flame gun and 75nm gun b(") inlJblLd :1.r. .-:.Jl flo.rnethrovror tanks •

....... ,..

CO!'WJ:....J';" :'l'lAL
j. That nCYT tJ.nks ·..rith ad,titiollal n"flollGOn armor replace; the present
tyne. 'fhis '!Tould. t;nable our tank, to more effectively fight the improved Jap
anti-tank weapons.
le. That all tanlcs be of the 1,~3 type in order to hnve an 0;1,":iI10 with
sufficient powor to 'craverse all typos of. t.errain.

3. 5-4
'l'his Batt.alion received its movement order on 22 Jhnw.;.ry l,)45, with a.
readiness date l5 F:)hrunry 1945. Normally, this rCl'iod of time would bo nuf­
ficicnt for a untt to process its supplies. On rE.'coipt of movement orde;r,
thirteen (l:~) Flame 'rhrmrcr:.:o ,'(Ore still under con:.:truction. The tanks convert­
ed to Flame Throwcr:1 were used by other orr~aniz3.tion:.: prior to bwinL turn0d
oVe>r to Che,.:tcal "[;:>.r1'nro S..::rvice. '].'h('30 vC!hic1e3 were issued to our or&J.lliza­
tion, five (5) on 11 December 19li.lI-; thirteen (13) on B January 1945; twcnty­
three (23) on :~2 January 1'11.5; tl1irtcen (I::;) on 24 January 1945. To pl.D.C()
these vehicle3 in conbat sorviceable condition, required a ma=d.mwn of r:Jainten­
ai1ce work. Durinr, the ,'!howdown inspections it W:lS necessary for Battalion
Haintcnancc and all Companies to usc every avnilo.ble tool. As n. result. 0:1:
heavy maintenance Jequirement.;, large qunntities of tools which wero scrvice­
ablg at the inspection were later unserviceable. The maillten::ncEl problem re­
quired the attention of all personnel and a minimum of key persons were­
able for showdown inspcntions.

Supplies required, were nvailo.b1e with the follovd~ exceptions:

a. S.C.R. radios, t,/Cnty-four (24) volt could not be obtc.ined from
Signal'. It was nocessnry to convert twelve (12) volt S.C.H.. radios
by procuring two each dynamotor, D,M.-J6, o.nd one each dynamotor
D.M.-37. Dynamotors wore difficult to obtain due to critical short­
age and were not received until appro:dm..'ltcly three (3) days prior.
to len-ving.
b. Solonoids, thirty calibor rnoun,ts, could not be obt.ained through
normal charmols and were final1y procured from stored tanks. Per­
ll"ission t:o strip these tanka was not given until tire last l\"oel~.
. ,

Movement ordors specified a thirty (30) day Jilaintenance .of clothing, . Warfnre Service and Medical supplies to be carried by unHs. It was
neces'3e.ry to prepare property iasua slips for such items. Medical Ilnd Qhernical
Warfare supplies were issued. in e. block, boxed and prepared for oversea~ ship­
ment. ()1l3rtermaster supplins' were issu~d individually, hE'.d to be atored, boxes prepared for overseas shipment. It would have been munh better if
blocks we~e prepared by Quartermaster, and shipped to tho unit complete. This
would have avoided unnecessary delay.

Spocio.l requests for pistols and-all roul~ vision cupolas wore submitted.
These items were not rn..'\de availabla. Later'experience in combat proveq that
they. are innluable to this unit. All round vision cupolas arC of prime im­
portance for Flame Throwers because of their closo-in operation.

Before receipt of movemont ol'der, this unit requested an 'OrWlanco Tech­

nipal Inspection for wheel vehicles. This inspection was not thorough and 9ur
maintenance did not. consider it an ovorsoas inspe ction. This inspection ns
only a ~pot, and first echelon checl,. Whoels ~ro not removed, engines a.rxl
driving train ot vllhloles wore not inspected· except tor lubr:i.cation. As a I'C-.
sult of ~his inspection, one, *-ton 4 x 4, was listed as serviceable. This<! vre.8 turned into Qrdnance for necessary repa.ira and was condcmnod a.s
combat U!WCl"V'i.ceable. Tho a~er&8e mile. on wheel vehicl08 was 30.,000 m1l03.
1111. ~t waa the third to use these 8&IIID vehicles.
Waterproofing materials for wool whioas wen not. wa.11ablo ·tor issue.
It was necessar:y tor Ordnance to :IJr.prov:i.uo i'rom any material availablo. 'ThD
final .-.rprooting ft8 oxcellont. - .
'. "

, .'
• ; ...1(,- .

• ··t "tJ \ '",

~.' _ _ ;..J..:A. 0_

9; ,Pi
,) ­

REI'!!f!trl'BD .. "' ..... ,' ._~p;r

"ft18 lauu.. hIotl to ...... 1\1 "J~"-"
.......' . . ~a.u....wftM1ft.&ll~
'.~ ~~":
,." . . . . _

_ .... All lalla. dIl ~ waulcl be proeoa_ by t.he .....aUon s.pplt

. ..,..-.\
....s.... . . " . '

tGnfDCe • .,uell, deck atorod, ware unloaded. bf Corps .t.....

CD arri961 at. ....1r~tiOA, &l1 equipaU'. 1MbIdUg tM~ (30) ~ al'"
!bee. ~e.
regudlftll of ware I!IIb1pped to dump. and were not _dill a.,.'] able to our
unit. .. were UMble at a laM!' date t.o.,~ III&lQ' of tbllll8 1t_ ~up
no:rmal. SUPPl1' channel.. "
During tho operation, the Flame Tbrower eompan16 . . . . . attached· to the
Division on the line and then to the assigned Tank Batt31ion ot the D1v1s1on,
The Flame ThrolfO%' companies were to receivo their· supplies h'om the unit. they
were attached to. ThEl Ba.ttalion Supply Section was to supply the rear detach­

ment only, Headquarters nnd Hea,dquarliers Company and Serviae C', The above

arrangement was satisfactory in most cases, though it was necesSaI7 IIl8.l\Y t:1a:ls

tor the Battalion to obtain supplies tor our F130me Thro1ler companies. Those

supplies were not issued by the unit the companies were attached to, though .

the items wore available. During the change of attachment of Flame ThroWer ;'....';:, .. ;

companies, their supply channel was ~rolClen~ Units being roli(lvod were not,

able to supply the companit:ls am it required time for tho new units to coordin­

ate the supplies. During that period of usuo.lly ono weok's time, it was necess..

ary tor tho companies to relay upon the Battalion Supp~ :Cor their oquipnont,

The issuo of supplies during the oporation was excollont. InrI¥3d1ate

issue was made on all articles excopt critical shortages. \'10 were unable to
obtain small size H.B.T. uniforms, shelter halves, shirt wool knit, tank tools
and a~ccssories and T-17 microphonos.

Napalm was allocated to Flame Thrower companies by Tenth Army, through

Corps and Division. -This arrangement was vary satisfactory. The Division gave
each company t.heir allocation end the companies were nble to draw direct from
Chemical Warfare Service d u m p s . " ' ,

The Medicnl Dotachment established n. Battalion Aid Station in the rear

area. One +:-ton, ~nd t\fO (2) modiaal aid men were attached to each cont;:.'8.ny.
During the operation, tho Hudical Detachment did not handle battlo casualties.
Anti-disease control measures were administro.t~d by the Medical Detachment.
All necessary materials were available in sufficient quantities and excellent
results were obtained.

The p;l'eateot part of the £lMlC throwor companies vehicular maintunance

was performed in company bivouac areas. Battalion Maintenanco Platoon was org-­
anized into sections attached to each company. These scctions wo.rc equipped to
perform all neces3ary second echelon work. All evacuation to higher echelon
was controlled by the Battalion l~;'\int.enance Officer. The rear area det.?chment
consisted of a. welder and ncceolsary supply men. PartG were issued and replacod
through tho rear detachment. Thb v.rrangcmcnt w().s very satisfactory.

, -- • t'

(Basic: L/Hq ?13th Tk Bn, Armd Flame Thrower Prov, dtd 18 Ju1

45, w/2d Ind and 1 Inc1-Action Rpt (Phase 1, Nansei

POGCT 052.06 (18 Ju1 45) 9538d , Ing,5 AUG 19,45
TO: Commanding General, Tenth Army, APO 357
1. Three copies ot subject report have been received by
2. This copy should be torwarded through operational
channels. .


». S. MICHAUD I •.
1:' ~
1 Inc1: n/c. 1st Li •• AGD tW1
fi 9412
Asato Adj GeD

jl9.1 (18 Jul 45)( 'J.'hGCT);;:7

HEtili<l.; '.I:~"i:H ~Y, i-IPO ;, 5'7 , I'
:J.\):. 'J.he .h.Ujutcmt General, "ashinc;ton 25, :c. c.

2. 'Ibis report ',vas l'orwarded to Co:nllla:.:;,uillc..; ve:"lsre.l, Un1 ted ..,ta~es .....n,ly
Forces,"acil'ic, through" error.


Major AGD

n/c Asst AG

rSEP ·8 r94~
\ .., 'r

TP~CS. 314.7 2d Ind.
H~ XXI~ CORPS, APO 235, 29 July 1945.

TOI Commanding General, AFMIDPAC, APO 958.

1. Forwarded under the provisions of ?aragraph 5a (I), Section VI,

Circular No. 65, RtTSAFPOA, dated 16 April 1945 •

. 2. This headquarters generally concurs in the recomlTlE'ndations con­

tained in the basic r~port as modified by 1st indorsement, with the exception
of the recommendation concerning armament (par 2i, Chap IX). It is strongly C>
felt that the inclusion of a tank gun in thp main armament of these vehicles ~
is undesirable in that it will necessarily tend to distract them from their ~
primary mission of projecting flame. c>
3. Headquarters Tenth Army has directed that actio,!\ reports of separate
battalions and companies wi thin this command be forwarded dir-ectly to your
head:quarter s.

~,Colonel, A~. ,
1 Inclt n/c Adjutant ~eneral.

: .


'. \
• .tl "

Basic.: , '"
Ltr of Transmittal, Cpn Report, 7l3th Tank Battalion (Armd Flame
Thrower Pro v • )

1st Ind.

THBOUGH: Commanding General, XXIV Corps, APe 1/235.

TO : '!'he Adjutant General, Waabington 25, D. C.
(Command Channels)

1. Forwarded.
2. Concur in coanents and recommendations with additions and exceptions
DOted below:

a. ),(ore eJq)erience and ccmhined training are needed with the armored
fl.e tbrowers as part ot the tank-intantl7 team. The armored flame throwers are
new aDd. Taluable weapons wb1ch should be maaie available at an early l:l&te in the
quantities to be empl.oTed in future operations eo that com.bined. tra; ning can be
OODdDctecl with all unit. concerned. Although the coordination between tanka
ad intaut.17 haa b7 DC means reached a state ot pertect1on, nevertheless, va"
DOt1ceable and remarkable iJlipJ'Oftlllent has taken place during this past operation.
t. hilction ett1cien~ in CQIIbat, all units JllUst train together prior to the

It 18 believed that aD armored flame thrower battalion, consisting
ot three llDe CClIIIp,n1 es and a Headquarters and Headquarters and Service C~
1I11;beat the aaaault SUD platoon, is the moA satietacto17 organization tor flue throwr units. ODe battalion would be the .in;_ requirement
tor a Corp., but two batt.al1ona tor a Corps would be preterable. This would
. JII'M:ldea at.&adaJ.'cl taDk .battalion aDd. Ul anored tlalllle thrower battalion to .
IIIIPP01't each ot two d1vi8iOlUl in the attack and wwld provide further tlu1billt7
1d.tld.a the Corp. in the upl.oJment ot ~ tl... thrower unit••
c. It would be &o.t dea1rable to bave the tlametbrowv aounted in the
. _ . tJIM t.uak that i8 aplOJeCl b7 the taDk battalion, in close support ot the
uaalt intantr7. It the Hea'97 'tank, 1126, 18 lIdopted tor the tank battalion
tbIn 1t 18 telt that the armored tlame thrower should also be in an 1126.
~ taDk is used the caatb1nation t'l.ame ~ aDd taDlt gun 1a fa~red.. This
-.:w aftord the amored tlame thrower some _ua ot eelt-protection aM would
. . . tM U'JIOred flame thrower unite le•• d.ependent on etand.vcl tanka tor over­
-oId.Dc npport, in that their ..ctions could cover each other as
. . . tlue throww target••
attacked th.,.
d. IbeA tuk UDite are attached to intutl7 units the intaDtr7 ca.­
........., c..... M the cUak-intUltrJ tea. . . &l"IIIDrecl are;recl
1Il.Wu&17 in tuk force operations it 18 believed. that. the or: 71ader beet
...Uti- aDd equipped. c<W!l!lN1 the force •.