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#168 Apr/May 2011

global psytrance guide


summer preview edition

Festival Map 2011 • LOADS of festival previews
Neelix • Electric Power Pole • United Beats
Chill On Radio • Alex Grey • Fraggletribe
Psylo Fashion • Qeilo • Poi • Speevers

Austria • Portugal • Police Controls

Absinth • Sensatonics Waldmeister

DJ equipment • news & charts


Impressum Welcome !
Verlagsanschrift / Address
FORMAT Promotion GmbH We warmly welcome you to the first your ideal psy party... we dare you to
Griegstraße 52, 22763 Hamburg part of our festival fashion summer challenge us!
Germany special edition - 96 pages ... wow!
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Matthias van den Nieuwendijk (V.i.S.d.P.)
festival map! Kicking off the festival - click
Redaktion / Editorial Team season, you can find many amazing the “feedback” button on the left.
Roberdo Bauer, Kylie Van Eerden celebrations in & around Europe
Matthias van den Nieuwendijk marked out conveniently in a guide, So bring on the warm weather, &
Redaktionelle Mitarbeit / Editors
TomRom, Regan, Bakke, Shahar, Ilse, the locations the most eccentric and prepare for the most energetic,
Michael Mangels, Ganeisha, Hedflux, one-of-a-kind experiences our scene colourful & wondrous festival season
Olga Sapyanova has to offer, with countless surprises ever! Let the positive energy flow, let
Layout in store! Send us your coolest, fun- the laughs be never ending, let the
Mat Mushroom, Dirk Rexer,
Steffi Thumann niest & freakiest photos as you check creative talents roam free & we will
Titelbild / Cover Artwork out these fairy-tale like places! With see you all... on the dancefloor.
Alex Grey luck... it may just get printed!
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15. des Vormonats / 15th of previous month content & goodies to indulge over! ein Vergnügen, euch diesmal die
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Ina Baldy Plenty of freaky fashion with unique umfangreichste Ausgabe seit Jahren
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lich gekennzeichnete Artikel geben die Red Cross organization. It so beautiful
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nicht unbedingt die des Herausgebers assist those really in need. Sonnenbrand – Wir sehn uns auf der
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your say about what would make

Summer’s Up !
Spring… and the angels sing! It is not only that intoxicating hormone cocktail provoked by some proper UV radia-
tion onto our heads that sets our mood to euphoria. No, it also the knowledge that the outdoor party season is just
in front of our doors now, which gives us a reason to feel frisky and happy. Actually, it even gives us multiple rea-
sons, as there are heaps of promising open airs all around Europe and beyond its borders. A huge bandwidth of dif-
ferent concepts and venues give rise to quite some expectations for a very exciting summer again! Let’s start an
expedition to some of this year’s adult playgrounds!

Organizer Sunrise in the East

of Trimurti Festival, RU
There are lots of exciting develop- Sonica editions, but of course our
Last year we found a new perfect loca-
tion inside so called “Golden Ring of ments in terms of festivals going faithful Goa freak family will join
Russia“ – this is a territory of Russia on this summer in the East of us as well to make this edition an
with some of the most ancient cities. Europe. Not only Ozora in Hun- exciting and great one!” promoter
So this new festival area has everything gary serves as a perfect example, Gino remarks. In fact the festival
that classic mid-Russia nature can offer: being established as one of the meets a local scene that is getting
Shady forests, nice warm rivers and vast
fields around. Also we are in contact with most popular festivals worldwide more and more important for our
local authorities, and the fact that it‘s for a few years. Also Sonica heads international community. The con-
only 10 km from the nearest town makes towards the rising sun and moves tinuously rising amount of highly
logistics more easy and comfortable for eastwards. After the event already talented producers and ambitious
our guests. This year we would like to
welcome a more international audience proved itself to have a knack for music labels from the Balkan area,
to show them that Russia also has a very special venues in beautiful represent a clear indicator for a
great festival movement like in Europe. nature sceneries in the past, ope- new scene rising hotpot - Apropos
ning its gates at different places “hot spot”: Appropriately enough
in Italy, it is moving to Montene- the new venue of Sonica will also
gro this year. “We will have a new be a “hot spot” – celebrations will
massive participation right from take place right at a beach of the
the Balkan area and Russia, which Adriatic Sea.
are the countries less represented
participants during the previous

Al (Burning Mountain, CH)

We want to establish the MOOP

rule (MOOP = Matter Out Of Place)
just like at Burning Man in the USA.
Paper, cups and cigarette butts may
not be dropped onto the floor! There
are plenty of rubbish bins around on
the entire venue so people can easily
keep everything clean. Love Nature!

TomRom, Spirit Base, AT

„Psy Trance festivals are always a

risk fort promoters, because a rain
spell during the festival can mean
thousands of Euros loss. Psy Tran-
ce festivals are not highly professio-
nal events without millions of spon-
sorship money. If something is a
little wrong, the fraggals should not
judge such severely. But if the music
is wrong or the promoter makes
a lot of mistakes, critics are total-
We remain in East Europe a little “kind of a mini zoo”… Decora- ly justified.”
more. Although Czech Republic tion will be done by Dimorphic,
recently hit the headlines again an artist from the Ukraine who is
and again because of its new, rat- even held to be “the Alex Grey of
her liberal drug policy; some the East” by some, who therefore
media even claimed the capital is another example for the high
Prague to be the “new Amster- creative potential of this region.
dam” - The festival scene is still Beyond the borders of Europe the
struggling with rigid and difficult- scene is flourishing and growing Catherine (Hybrid UV Evolution
to-handle authorities. rampage in the East. For exam- Festival, GR)
„ A big part of that problem is ple in Russia, where on there are
the result of media campaigns more and larger commercial open I think the main challenge, espe-
cially for the smaller organisers out
around, free Techno culture and airs including Psy Trance into their there, is organizing an event is beco-
illegal parties” says Michal who programmes, but on the other ming more and more competitive. In
is involved into the production of hand there is also a very active places like Greece, where the local
Geometrix festival. Thanks to a underground scene. Trimurti festi- economy is facing a lot of problems,
it is harder to attract party goers
healthy portion of persistence, he val in the North-East of Moscow even with cheaper tickets. Most peo-
and his crew managed to find a emphasises a very tribal, friendly ple have to limit how many festi-
location also this year. Actually it and spiritual atmosphere. Despite vals they can go to during the sum-
could hardly be any freakier: Its certain clichés it does allow but mer because of the situation. Also,
as preferences and music styles in
will not sell any alcohol.
Ozora Festival - pic: Ringo
Psy Trance become more diverse,
festivals need to define their diffe-
rent styles & mix match their line up
extremely well to make themselves
attractive. Either way, with many
more festivals coming up it is defini-
tely a challenge for the organisers,
but we also seem to get spoiled
for choice!

Transition Festival (ES)

Here in the South of Spain Goa par-

ties and festivals are not quite com-
mon. The rave culture came a little
later compared to other European
countries and now the club culture
and festivals are only awakening. As
a crew, we are working with parties
for 6 years. Being part of the biggest
festivals as dancers and students and
learning a lot from the party culture.
The aim of is to plant a new seed in
South of Spain that shows the beau-
ty and the magic of these internatio-
nal gatherings. Authorities are coo-
perating a lot with us, since they are
fascinated by the visit of new-age pic: Kylie
people. Actually, without the city
council’s help this festival would be
more difficult to handle.
Hot news There is also another festival taking
place under the hot sun of Andalusia:
Michal (Geometrix from the South Sol festival is held for the very first
Festival, CZ) time on the rolling hills beside a large
Last year, we South European culture is open air reservoir. Its basic idea is a cross-
finished after culture. But despite this fact Spain cultural one, including not only top-
long negot- is not really known to be a clas- notch Psy Trance acts but also quite
iations our sical spot for Trance festivals. some big names from the Techno
contracts This might change little by little- genre as well as Break Beats and
with local
government thanks to the work of the Transi- Dubstep. All together a pretty huge
and confirmed tion festival crew from Andalusia, thing for a first-time event that gives
with happiness for instance. The history of this event rise to quite some expectations.
the location. Two reaches back to 2007 when a family- Hybrid UV Evolution in sunny Greece
days before the actual event started
we found that the location had been styled party accidentally happened pursues a contrary approach and
part of a court case, and in this time during a lunar eclipse. This mystical puts its main emphasis and distinctly
changed ownership. The new owner, event provoked a very special vibe- psychedelic music. On one hand the
an aristocratic knight in the begin- and provided not only the name for national scene is really flourishing; on
ning was very much against us but
after lot of discussions and praising
the festival but also a steady moti- the other hand the economical situ-
of his hunt trophies we were given vational resource and ideal for the ation is difficult- which creates a cer-
permission. The funny part is that his promoters. tain concurrency among promoters.
arguments were mainly around ani-
mals and their vulnerability to loud
sound, but he didn’t consider loud
shooting and hunting every week
as an issue.

In the centre of open air Veda festival in France puts a focus

on organic and natural ambience
pleasure where high-tech entertainment tech-
nology, combined with the ear-
There are lots and lots of festi- thy vibes of Mother Nature. In Ger-
vals going on in central Europe, not many Psychedlic Circus represents
without reason - this region has the very first 3D Festival in North
Roland (Solstice, NL)
been known as one of our scene Europe, sonicated by the magical
hotspots for a long time. It is also Funktion One sound systems. Here at Ruigoord adaption to the
common knowledge that the wea- In Amsterdam’s creative suburb Rui- changing surroundings is an on going
ther conditions during the summer goord, Solstice festival becomes a process. The people who have been
here from the beginning, almost 40
are rather unsettled and the multicoloured crystallisation point years ago, have seen it turn from
audience, spoilt from for the international and very freaky green as far as the eye could see into
countless parties and flair of the Dutch metropolis. the grey and white from nowadays
festivals, is very deman- industrial buildings. Personally, I look
ding. While the climate upon it as being boggy ground that,
under great pressure, turns into the
classically can’t be hardest rock: A diamond!
changed, the pro- The compass keeps
moters do their
best to please spinning… Kevin (SOL Festival, ES)
the audience
by new ideas Of course this short expedition to We have already been receiving many,
and exiting the adult playground of this sum- many compliments for our concept
and lineup. Trance for us is a state of
concepts mer was an incomplete one and mind and not just a kind of music. For
again and there are many, many more exci- this reason we chose to make a fusi-
again. For exa- ting open air pleasures to discover on festival including live bands and as
mple Aqua all around Europe and far beyond many of the different genres of elec-
tronic music as we can, with emphases
its frontiers. Take our Summer Festi- on DANCE! As it is being held in Spain
val Map for your navigation and and in August, we can pretty much
pic: Akisutra Project

your dreams as a compass – they guarantee sunshine and as we are only

know the way! 100 meters from the Borbollon Lake,
swimming is an important necessity to
give it a chance to succeed.




Isle of Man Copen

Liverpool Leeds
Birmingham 7
United Kingdom Nether- Hamburg 3, 5, 8, 12
Cardiff lands 1,21
Bremen 13, 19, 26
London The Hague
Hannover Be
Antwerpen Dortmund
Cologne Germany Leipzig
Bonn Dr
Le Havre Wiesbaden Frankfurt

Paris Czech

Stuttgart 15
Nantes Strasbourg

France Munich
Switzerland Liechtenstein Aus

11, 14, 17
10 Slo
Milan 16
Bilbao 23 Venice

Toulouse Genoa Bologna


Valladolid Monaco

24 Andorra
Marseille Florence San

Madrid Barcelona

Spain Rome

Palma De Mallorca





May 7 Solstice 16 Future Nature
1 Hai in den Mai 18-20 / Ruigoord / A‘dam (NL)
Saint Petersburg
28-31 / Pula (Croatia)
26-01 / Waldfrieden (Germany)
8 Kaschmaukenaufstand Yaroslavl
17 Summer NeverIvanovo
Ends Festival Ivanovo
2 Summer Opening Eston a 24-26 / Tutow (Germany)
Estonia 28-01 / Mulegns / Rona (CH)
08 / Hamburg-Entenwerder (D)
Tv Vladimir U
3 Psychedelic Experience OA Latv July
Latvia August
Moscow Saransk
9 Paradise Festival 18 Ozora Festival
20-22 / near Lübz (D) Ryazan 07-10 / Falkenstein (Austria) 02-07 / Ozora (Hungary) Penz
Kaluga Tula
nhagen Smolensk
June Lithuania
a 10 Hadra Festival 19 Red Planet Open Air
Tamb v
4 Spirit Base Vilnius
Vilniu 07-10 / center of France (France) 05-07 / Leussow (Germany)
Kaliningrad Lipetsk

01-05 / Ernstbrunn (Austria)

Gdansk 11 Atmosphere Festival php?eid=122888064447724
08-10 / Filisur (Switzerland)
5 Psychedelic Circus Bialystok
Bialyst Homyel
20 SonicaKursk
09-13 / Strohkirchen / Hagenow (D) 12-15 / Montenegro (Serbia)
Poznan Warsaw
12 Morgentau Open Air Chernihiv
Brest Belgorod

6 Glade Festival 08-10 / near Hagenow (Germany) 21 Wonderland Festival

Polan Lodz Kharkiv
12-14 / Stemwede-Wehdem (D)
10-12 / Nuneaton, Warwickshire
resden Wroclaw
13 Antaris ProjectZhytomyra

15-18 / Rhinow / Stölln (Germany) Cherkasy

Cherkas 22 Lost Theory Festival Ukraine e
h Republic
17-22 / Plitvice (Croatia)Donets'k
14 Digital Waves Festival Kirovohr

4 9Brno Zaporiyhzhya

15-19 / Lostallo (Switzerland) 23 N.O.M.A.D Festival

18-21 / Gornies (France)
Vienna Moldova,
15 Kannibalen MassakerRepublic of
stria Budapest 21-24 / nearIasiPfaffing Chisinau
(Germany) Kherson
24 Sol Festival Krasnodar
18 Cluj-Napoc
25-29 / Extremadura (Spain)
ovenia Romani
Brasov Galati 25 Arcadia Festival
22 26-28 / Bessais le fromental (F)
Croatia Ploiesti
Bosnia and Craiova

Herzegovina September
Sarajevo Serbia Varna
26 Indian Spirit Festival
01-05 / Heiligengrabe (D) Samsun
27 Bulgaria
Skopje 27 Tangra Eco Art Dance Festival
Macedonia Kocaeli
Kocae 08-12 / Sandanski suburbs (Bulgaria)
Bari Bursa
aples Thessaloniki Eskisehir
Albania Kayseri

Smyrana Seyhan
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Psychedelic Trance News

served by Regan (Nano Records)
Records. The South African born and the studio with his good mate Sinerider.
bred Rinkadink, now lives in Spain and Both tracks on the Ep are dance–
releases on a UK label, run by a South floor monsters, which I‘ve tried and tes-
African living in England (Shane Gobi), ted over the last few months every chance
so expect a lot of influences from around I have had! Every time they have come up
the world. Rinkadink has long since winning! It really seems Avalon can do
been at the forefront of production tricks, no wrong at the moment, awesome!
and never been shy to break from formu-
las and try out something new. A brave Then we have Israel‘s LOUD, with a coll-
producer with an excellent new album ection of remixes of their classic track
„Human Technicians“, is a chunky psy- ‚Subinya‘. Remixes from Ace Ventura,
chedelic groove laden trip-fest, and offers Earthling and a new edit from LOUD
a much needed breath of fresh air! It is themselves make up the Ep, a couple of
showing that there are producers out options to keep everyone happy. This
there who wont just rehash old sounds Ep is an intro to a much bigger album
and follow trends over and over again. release coming from LOUD and NANO
Alternative Control Bring it on! very soon featuring a massive collection
of artists remixing various LOUD tracks.
The best thing to come out of Belgium The scando sounds of Duotekk are kee-
since beer (apparently there are over ping me happy this month. „Dunamis“ Also on the horizon is the European sum-
180 types of Beer in Belguim) has to be is Duotekk‘s debut album out now on mer and it‘s festivals - Glade is back! So
Dacru Records…maybe. Well… I dont TIP Records and is the collaboration of the UK countryside will once again throb
know much about Belgium other then Mathias from Ibojima (is there any other to some well deserved beats. The lineup
what my wife, (who is officially Belgium) Psytrance producer more frantic then this this year is looking great with the inte-
has told me. Ok, so maybe my wife is guy..??? maybe Eskimo, either way both resting addition of Man With No Name
for me the best thing to have come out Mathias and Junya are top blokes, who amongst a host of other great names, like
of Belgium… Either way, whether you you‘d be happy to lean up against a bar Tristan, Atmos, Headroom and the likes
like beer or not if you are reading this with) and Jonas Pettersson (aka Tranan of Trentemoller too. Also bringing some
column you probably like Psytrance. & half of Logic Bomb). If you are a fan old school flavour Ozora Festival will fea-
And if you like Psytrance, it‘s really worth of any of the various projects these two ture none other then The Ozric Tenta-
your while checking out the new Re- swedish wonders are involved in, you will cles, plus X-Dream and The Delta are
Construct Ep from Alternative Control definitely enjoy this album, melodic and also confirmed for live performances. It
on Dacru it should be hitting the web as lush without losing focus. A great release, seems, old school is now cool, and why
you read this. Alternative Control have from two great guys. not? There has been such a wave of rub-
fiddled their full-on melodic magic on bish thoughtless PsyTrance poured onto
two classics, Deedrah‘s ‚Ananda‘ and Neurobiotic Records have an interes- the scene for too long now, maybe we
Shanti‘s ‚Strictly Business‘. The Deedrah ting collaboration Ep on the way from need some of the old-guard to remind us
remix is deep, melodic and tasty, while Earthling and Touchtone (aka Chris from what it‘s all about!
the Shanti is more high energy and uplif- FlipFlop). „The Sneak EP“ features
DJ Cell / Earthling
ting. Dacru have also just dropped a two blasting tracks, titled „Breathing
new 5 track Ep from Ephedrix, a bouncy Machine“ and „Vaseyva“ and will surely
full throttle collection titled „Circle of be rinsed on every dancefloor this nort-
Life“ Ep. Included is an Ital remix of the hern summer.
title track too.
On NANO Records we have 2 new
Rinkadink and his crazy space rabbit Eps out at the moment, firstly Avalon‘s
is back, with a new album on Alchemy second ‚Sessions‘ Ep, this time he is in
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Progressive News
served by Bakke (Echoes Records)
Perfect Starnger Nick Karamalakis from Progenitor is One remix you definitely should look
about to release his debut album from forward to is his remix of Juno Reac-
his own soloproject Infinity. Producing tors „Rotorblade“. Besides that, he also
since 2003, Nick has found his own sound teamed up with Sun Control Species for
that will „take the listener on a journey of the next Digital Structure release entitled
great emotions“. Over the years Nick had „Slope“. You can catch Perfect Stranger
releases at major labels like Iono Music, at one of his amazing live gigs this sum-
Blue Tunes, Mikrokosmos, Y.S.E., Syner- mer at Atmosphere Festival in Austria
getic and Aphonix Records. If you want or Sonica Festival in Montenegro.
After almost 4 years and a lot of work its to catch him at one of his gigs this sum- Flowjob is back with a new release. The
time for swiss artist Midimal to release his mer you can see him perform this sum- digital EP entitled „Party trap“ has a more
second album. Christian (his real name) mer at Vuuv / Iono festival in Germany mature sound and will surely rock floors
describes it like „a musical guide to spi- or Aurora Festival in Greece. this summer! The second track on the
ritual happiness, challenging one’s com- release is a FAT remix of the track „We
mon beliefs and values, creating aware- If you are like me and enjoy listening to are here“ by none other than uprising
ness, awaking the inner energy channels, fresh dj sets in your iPhone / iPod, you danish talent Phaxe.
describing a state of universal balance, fin- should definitely check out the Iono Music Zenon Records swedish label dj Ego-T
ding peace with oneself...all written in a Podcast. It presents the music and the is working on a brand new compilation
musical, harmonic way by using the tech- work from the label and the artists behind for the australian label. Artists included
niques of the circle of fifths.“ it and contains both dj sets and live sets are Sensient, Hypogeo, Merkaba, Kai-
recorded live from studios to performances ned & Able, Radioactive Cake and One
Serbian producers Nikola Kozic and Dali- at big festivals. Just tune in at Apple iTunes Tasty Morsel just to name a few and is
bor Delic, more known as Zyce and Store and search for Iono Music Podcast. due to release before the summer.
Flegma, have finally done an album Treavor Moontribe is one of the co-
together. The two friends have already Odiseo, is back with a sizzling brand new founders of the Los Angeles based
gained massive support from the glo- project. Being a veteran in the progres- “Moontribe Collective” and its legen-
bal progressive trance collective over the sive scene, Ulises Pascual has been trave- dary full moon desert gatherings. Since
years, with numeral releases such as solo ling all over the world playing on big fes- 1993, these events have been at the core
albums, collaboration albums, count- tivals and clubs. His new project named of Southern California’s underground
less compilations and remixing top notch 2UP combines influences from techno, electronic music scene. Recently he
names such as Protonica, Day Din and progressive house, minimal and latin teamed up with Israel based label Echoes
Ritmo just to name a few! They have been house he has set a new standard in high Records to put together a cross-genre
collaborating before with their tech-trance quality dance music. The EP „Bad Syn- compilation called “Between Worlds”.
project Ectima which spawned the birth of thesizer“ with a massive remix by ger- The comp blends Progressive, Techno
their own label Tesseract Studios. man maestros Fusi & Johnson already and Tech House featuring global stars like
received a huge response, so keep your Phunk Investigation, Perfect Stranger,
Felix Nagorsky, better known as Time- eyes peeled for more beats coming Erphun, Fiord and many more.
lock teamed up with techno progres- from this guy!
sive dj Zombi and formed the now world Yuli Fehrstat or more known as
famous project Weekend Heroes. In just Perfect Stranger is one busy
a couple of years they have gone from man. Not only traveling a lot (he
quite unknown to playing pretty much started this year with Austra- Weekend
everywhere. They are even included in lia and then South Africa) Heroes
the Global Underground family. At the but he is also busy in the
moment they are working on their first studio cooking up new
full length album which will be released and fresh sounds that will
on Iboga Records later this year. caress your ears this year.

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Dark News
served by Ilse (Parvati Records)
decided to make a new compilation ready Damaru Records from Hamburg are
to be unleashed, right before the summer about to establish themselves as ano-
season in Europe. Due to the fact that Monno ther leading base from northern Ger-
is reconstructing his Bimmelim Studios for a many for deeper experimental high
better sound the Onkel Dunkel album „Use tech psytrance. The second compila-
Your Head“ will be delayed. Last but not least tion „Obscure“, compiled by label-
the rumour is now confirmed there will be heads Dj Mitra and Dj Ignis, is about
a „Brainzcrew 2“ in the near future. Strong to hit the stores end of this month
psychedelic attitudes guaranteed. and promises to be a big step ahead
from their first ouput. They remain
As we already mentioned in last edition we being faithful to their own scene pre-
felt to refer you to the posthum album by senting news by Bombax, Ectogas-
Brainbusters from Japan initialised a hono- Polyphonia „Beyond The Ocean of Time“. mics or Nyama and consecutively are
rably project to support those affected by Not just his exceptional music deserves the strong supporters for the musical ext-
the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011 double announcement, also the aim of the raordinaries from their local area. The
and releases an online compilation titled label to donate the remaining income of the cherry on the cake is that they also
„Hope“.To gain widespread support within cd to a charity organisation justifies the dou- announced the second album by Ant-
their community, they have compiled ins- ble treat promotion action. Watch out for agon will be called „Amnesia“ as third
tallments for 4 sub-styles of music. All the and get your hands on it! Collectors item! release in the shedule which will fol-
proceeds will go to Japan Red Cross and low. Great news!!!
other relief organizations, and receipts will Egor Yudin also known as “Already
be uploaded periodically on the BrainBus- Maged” just released his stunning debut
ters website in order for all participants to album „Liber Scientia“ on Sonic Chac-
grasp the results of their communal effort. ras Records. This is definitely no all day
A matter of course to support this project! copy paste boring music as is offered way to often in these times. This is a tricky jour- ney through a mindbending cosmos and
back with welcome devious routes in bet-
Right after the „Parvatrip 2“, which enjoys ween. Really remarkable stuff and for sure
great popularity as its almost been sold out somethng special in the forest of not worth
after a few weeks, Parvati Records from Den- to mention music. A stellar output from this
mark keeps the strong release shedule and ukrainian guy! TIP!
Your Chillout news here? Write to:

Chill News
served by Shahar (Aleph Zero Records)
stic, dub, and broken beat. More info on dates in UK, USA, Canada, Germany
& more.
Outersect is following the release of his
Aes Dana’s new album, [Perimeters],
successful second album, God Loves the
was just released in Ultimae. The
Fool, released in Beats & Pieces, with
album sees his music taking a new
the Fool’s Fire digital EP, dedicated
depth, enriched by his encounter with
to the more dance side of Outersect.
Field Rotation and his experience as a
Outersect has been performing exten-
resident artist at Les Dominicains de
sively since the release of the album,
Haute Alsace, a special event that takes
and the EP offers some of the mixes
Phuture Primitive

place in an ancient cloister revamped

and remixes that has been making the
into a music hall where the artist ambled
dancefloor move and add a fresh new
within the walls to record echoes and
track on top. You can expect Outersect’s
atmospheres and infused them in his
unique combination of jumpy psychill,
compositions. The album flirts with neo-
techno-bluegrass, ethnic touches and 70s
classical space music and offers musical
progressive rock influences, flavoured
pieces commissioned by and performed
Phutureprimitive just released his with extra bass.
at Les Dominicains de Haute Alsace.
second album, Kinetik, on his own label,
Native Harmonix, seven years after his After the success of Dub Qawwali, his
Lenny Ibizarre, the legendary chill
debut, Sub Conscious. It explores a hea- collaboration with the deceased Nustrat
man from Ibiza is back in Iboga with a
vier, bass-centric sound with dubstep Fateh Ali Khan, Gaudi is now working
new compilation- Psycho Navigator.
touches and dancefloor groove. Rain on his 13th album(!) to be released by
Iboga promises that Lenny delivers
Six Degrees in early 2012. Meanwhile
says it is a reflection of the times we are “an exquisite selection of impossible
Gaudi selected and mixed Everlasting,
living in. It is hard and aggressive, lush music that will bend the senses of
the fifth compilation on Iboga’s Floating
and beautiful, kinetic, frenetic, distor- reality of even the most experienced
Point series, which promises an
ted, ever changing, but with each pas- psychonauts”. The release, Ibizarre
impressive line up with tracks from: The
sing moment, there’s a chance to move says, was designed as a perfect spring-
Orb, System 7, Mad Professor, Eat
through life and make it a better place board and landing-pad for those who
Static, Tripswitch, Tipper, Gaudi himself
enjoy tinkering with the fundamental
than we found it. The album is availa- and possibly Shpongle
constructs of reality by traveling deep
ble for download through bandcamp and and Trentemoller. It is
into the mystery of the human mind.
all major online shops. Limited physical expected later this year.
Taking part are Ishq, Gaudi,
copies will be available. You can also catch
Krusseldorf, Liquid
Gaudi live when
Stranger, Deep Fried
After about a year of work, planning, wri- he embarks on
Dub, Ashtech, Lenny
a long world
ting, transcontinental collaborations, and Ibizarre himself &
tour from
several studio visits, Rena Jones‘ others.
April till
Cartesian Binary Recor- October
dings presents its first com- with
pilation- Cloud 11. The
compilation features Funck-
arma (with Rena Jones), Field
Rotation, Helios, EVAC (featuring
Rena Jones), and many others with
sprinkles of collaborations of Rena
Jones on strings throughout the album.
Cloud 11 covers a wide spectrum
of downtempo, IDM, electro-acou-
Rena Jones

Protonica Dsompa
(Iono Music) (Peak Records)
1. Protonica - Subground 1. Ianuaria - Knoff Hoff (Blue
(unreleased) 2. Easy Riders - Hour Sounds) 2. Neutral Moti-
Easy Dubsteps (Captain Hook on - Enthusiasm Gap (Wild-
Remix) / Echoes 3. Ovnimoon things) 3. Dust - Ctrl Alt Kech
- Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul (PeaceKa rmx) (Looney Moon)
Remix) / Mikrokosmos 4. Zen 4. Ajja - Groove Tube (Dama-
Mechanics - Holy Cities (Ace ru) 5. Samadhi - Shamani-
Ventura Remix) / Neurobiotics ca (World People) 6. Aphid
5. Psysex - L.S.Dance (Captain Moon & Apex - Robot Revo-
Hook Remix) / Nano 6. NOK - lution (Peak) 7. Psymmetrix
Tricolore (Rocky Remix) / Blue & Bombax - Turn Into A Mon-
Tunes 7. Inner State - End Game / Iono 8. Midimal - Ages key (Bom Shanka) 8. Flipknot - Afternoon At Badem (Hill-
Of History (Human Element Remix) / Mikrokosmos 9. Lish top) 9. Drumatik & Gaspard - Something In The Air (Mind
- Alien Workshop / Iboga 10. Symphonix - Orange (Interac- Expansion) 10. Yab Yum - Synthetic Ethnic (Syncronize)
tive Noise) / Blue Tunes

Tegma (Neurobiotic Records)
(Tribval Vision Records) 1. Silicon Sound vs Sonic Species „Doomsday Hit“ (Neu-
1. Duca - Alpha and Omega robiotic Records unreleased)
(1605 Records) 2. Tegma – 2. Zen Mechanics „Mecha
Airwaves (Original Mix) (Tri- (Dickster remix)“ (Neurobiotic
bal Vision Records) 3. Karl Records) 3. Avalon vs Sine-
Johan - Lost (Andrea Bertoli- rider „Cruise control“ (Nano
ni remix) (Echoes Records) 4. Records) 4. Liftshift „Ritual
Solid Snake – Techno & Trum- Energy“ (Neurobiotic Records)
pets (Original Mix) (Tribal Visi- 5. Everblast „En fuego“ (Nano
on Records) 5. Umek - Back Records unreleased) 6. Rinka-
in the race (Original Mix) (Cr2 dink „Bootleg 2011“ (Alche-
records) 6. Phunk Investiga- my Records) 7. Lucas O‘Brien
tion - Wall of sound (Toolroom Records) 7. Lish - Route 44 vs Raja Ram „All in the mind“ (TIP Records) 8. Earthling vs
(Iboga Records) 8. Weekend Heroes - Black oups! (Dani- Touch tone „Vaseyva“ (Neurobiotic Records unreleased) 9.
el Portman Remix) (Unreleased Digital) 9. Lutzenkirchen - Waio „Symbolika“ (Solar Tech Records) 10. Panick „Up in
Dont Fear To Rock (Beltek remix)(1605 smoke“ (Spun Records)

(Solar-Tech Records) Atyss
1. Sinerider vs Materia „R2“ (Sonic-Motion Records)
(Solar-Tech) 2. Avalon vs Sine- 1. Atyss „Nocturn“ (unre-
rider „Cruise Control“ (Nano) leased) 2. Phatmatix „behind
3. Corona vs Chabunk „Tri you“ (Sonic Motion Records)
Tone“ (Solar-Tech) 4. Ava- 3. Toxic „Gohead“ (Sonic
lon vs Sinerider „Timewarp“ Motion Records) 4. Toxic
(Nano) 5. Tron „VCA“ (Solar- „the godfather“ (Sonic Moti-
Tech) 6. Sinerider vs Neu- on Records) 5. Triskell „Yasse“
roplasm „Cross Pollination“ (Sonic Motion Records) 6.
(Catalyst) 7. Waio „Symboli- Mindcore „Stress of nation „
ka“ (Solar-Tech) 8. Freakulizer (hadra) 7. Painkiller „I belei-
vs Shove „Day Time“ (Solar-Tech) 9. Waio“How to Psytran- ve“ (Nutek) 8. atyss „Crystal oscillatior“ (Sonic Motion
ce“ (Solar-Tech) 10. Chabunk „Colossus“ (Solar-Tech) Records) 9. lost & found „in control“ (3dvision) 10. Phat-
matix „allegretto“ (unreleases)

Montagu & Golkonda

(Blue Tunes Records)
1. Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy - (Symphonix Remix)
Plusquam Rec. 2. Neelix - Expect What - Spin Twist
Rec. 3. NOK & Klopfgeister - Soultrigger - Blue Tunes
Rec. 4. Phaxe - Unknown Language - Blue Tunes Rec.
5. Symphonix - 3D Beat- Blue Tunes Rec. 6. Hanzo
- When Dry Becomes Wet - Blue Tunes Rec. 7. Inter-
active Noise - Hybrid - Blue Tunes Rrec. 8. Neelix -
Bayview - Spin Twist Rec. 9. NOK & Klopfgeister -
Soultrigger (DayDin Remix) - Blue Tunes Rec. 10. Hal- V.A. - Solar Waves II
dolium - Ridge A - Blue Tunes Rec. Solar Tech Records
They are powerful and mighty but at the
same time also warm and friendly. Tra-
Hirschmilch radio charts by DJ Baq velling through space, Solar Waves bring
( the energy of the sun to earth. This is the
1. Audiomatic - Windows of our Soul (Spintwist) 2. second chapter of DJ Natron‘s compilati-
Duotekk - Zlow (TIP Records) 3. Echoactive & Syn- on series & contains the perfect sound to
chroneyes - Morning Sensations (Nuuktal) 4. Elecd- be played at dusk or dawn. Powerful and
ruids - Not Amuse (Uxmal) 5.Etic - Small Talk (Digi- contoured bass lines at 142 to 145 BPM
tal Nature) 6. Flowjob - Party Trap (Iboga) 7. Haldoli- found the basis for dynamic and uplif-
um - Ridge A (Blue Tunes) 8. Ovnimoon - Gathering ting atmospheres. Representing the work
of Angels (Zyce Remix) (YSE) 9. Sideform - Santo of an international artist collective, Solar
Daime (Zyce Remix) (TesseracTstudio) 10. Symphonix Waves II receives its positive energy from
& Venes - Mesmerized (Blue Tunes) diverse sources of creativity.

Liquid Soul
(Iboga Records)
1. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra - Liquid Soul Remix
- Mikrokosmos Rec. 2. Ma`co - Phantasy - Mikro-
kosmos 3. Flegma & Zyce - Fall Back - Blacklite Rec.
4. Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy - Sub 6 Remix -
Hommega Rec. (unreleased) 5. Psysex - -
Capitain Hook Remix - Nano Rec. 6. Zen Mechanics
- Holy Cities - Ace Ventura Remix - Neurobiotic Rec.
7. Midimal - Ages of History - Human Element Remix
- Mikrokosmos Rec. 8. Neelix - Adaption - Capitain
Hook Remix - Plusquam Rec. 9. Atmos - One You
Need - Iboga Rec. 10.The Age Of Love - The Age Of
Love - Klopfgeister Remix - Spin Twist Rec.
Zyce and Flegma: - 8 Cell
Johan Tesseract Studios
(Solar-Tech Records) Being one of the most active and passio-
nate young musicians to emerge in the last
1. X.S.I - Nightmare (Digital Om Production) 2. Som couple of years, Zyce and Flegma certain-
- Fine Day (Som Rmx) (Positive Reaction Rec.) 3. ly have risen more than a few sandstorms
Waio & Freakulizer - Bass Speaking (Solar Tech Rec.) over the dancefloors worldwide. They have
4. Nitro – Deep Breath (I-Drop Remix) (Doof Rec.) both already made significant contribu-
5. Freakulizer vs Shove - Day Time (Solar Tech Rec.) tions for the global progressive trance coll-
6. Shanti - Electronic Symphaties (Phantasm Rec.) ective, by releasing 3 albums and quite a
7. Bubble - Daydream (Mushy Rec.) 8. Rinkadink number of tracks and remixes for respec-
vs Mike Modular - Techmology (2011 Rmx) (Alche- ted labels‚ 8 Cell‘ is their most up-to-date
my Rec.) 9. Waio vs Audi X vs Mack - Master Kush masterpiece of modern progressive trance
(Solar Tech Rec.) 10. Avalon & Sinerider - Cruise Con- sound. Clear, pulsing beats enriched with
trol (Nano Rec.) captivating melodies all together make a
wonderful musical journey!

Dr. Spook Prometheus

(Geomagnetic TV) (Nano Records)
1. Biokinetix vs Mindstorm 1. shpongle - the god particle
„Daily Doses“ (Geomagne- 2. Ott - owl stretching time 3.
tic) 2. Wizack Twizack „Röt- younger brother - train 4. jon
ter“ (Ovnimoon Records) 3. hopkins - insides 5. the egg -
Tuk „Laws Of Nature“ (Goa chord thing 6. primal scream
Records) 4. Digital Sound Pro- - higher than the sun 7. radio-
ject „Black Sheep Technology head - feral 8. x-dream - freak
rmx“ (Digital Drugs Coalition) 9. tristan - addict
5. Pan Papason „2000 Years 10. prometheus - triplets
Ago Remix“ (Boundless/Geo-
magnetic-Israel) 6. Random
Robot „Reverse Engineering“ (Illumination Records / Pic- Perfect Stranger
ses Music) 7. Ovnimoon „Dual Nash (Proto Active Remix)“ (Digital Structures / Iboga Records)
(Warp Brain Records) 8. Atomic Pulse vs Mindstorm „Psy- 1. Antix - Box Of Birds [ Per-
bernetic (Tripy Remix)“ (CosmoSounds Rec) 9. Bratex „The fect Stranger remix ] (Iboga
Sun Will Always Shine (Mindstorm Remix)“ (Spun Records) records, CDR) 2. A. Balter &
10. Frost Raven „Seraki Mire“ (Bass Star Records) Eitan Reiter - Happy Fat Kids
(Digital Structures) 3. Butch
Wedanta - Apophis (SCI + TEC Digi-
(Nutek Records) tal Audio) 4. Muzarco - Pro-
1. Bliss „Groovatron“ (Drive phet On Jupiter (Punch Music)
Records) 2. Painkiller „Black- 5. Juno Reactor - Rotorblade [
out“ (Nutek Records) Perfect Stranger remix ] (Met-
3. Bubble „Cold Sun“ ropolis, CDR) 6. A. Balter &
(Mushy Records) 4. Shift Eitan Reiter - 0E0 (Digital Structures, CDR) 7. Da Fresh -
„Kamidogu (Lost & Found Right On Time (Definitive recordings) 8. St. Brothers & Hard
remix)“ (3D vision) 5. Con- Rock Sofa - Blow Up [ Thomas Gold & Axwell remix ] (Axto-
cept „Under my control“ ne records) 9. Midimal - Ages Of History [ Huamn Element
(3D vision) 6. Brainwash remix ] (Mikrokosmos) 0. Nyquist - Otagu [ Perfect Stranger
„the advice“ (Métamorpho- remix ] (Iboga records)
se Records) 7. Talamasca &
Eskimo „To be Continued (Cosmonet remix)“ (Bionics
Records) 8. Punchline „Back to work“ (Nutek Records)
9. Biokinetix „Crystal activity (Jaws Underground
remix)“ (Geomagnetic) 10. Mahamudra „Reality Is Just
A Myth“ (Tactic Records)


Side Liner - Dream Stealers V.A. - Required Resolution V.A - Planet Zogg- Kee-
Cosmicleaf Records Plasmoon ping It Unreal Since 2000
Side Liner returns with his 7th new Italian stallion Plasmoon returns with Sabretooth Rec
audio concept. Exporing new sound yet another Tera Powered Full-On A double CD (one DJ friendly full tracks,
directions with his own personal enhanced release.Required Resolution one mixed by Greg Zogg) in full eco
style, creating magic atmospheres in includes 3 brand new tracks from this packaging celebrating a decade of the
high quality standards and awake- gifted producer. Plasmoon stays true legendary Planet Zogg parties, with fresh
ning with his sounds... and authentic with the true Psyche- tracks from the Zogg extended family joi-
„Don‘t let anyone steal your delic shivering sound, this is highly ning the musical dots from psy.. to tech-
dreams,your essence!“ noticeable fact when listening to his no.. to breaks! Feat. exclusive tracks from signature stamped sound.9 April he Dejavoo, Sabretooth, Kebba Propulsion, debuts in Moscow with his super Live Atomgrinder, Re:Creation, Unconscious
Act, 1st time out of Europe! Mind(s), Discoteka, Sheldon Dearn...and a New Model Army remix!

Uchu - Shamen Funk Liquid Move „Cause Of Random“ E-Mantra - Visions Of The Past
Space Radio Records Stalactite Records Altar Records
Second album of psy-chill producer Pavel In May, Eli Kimmerling aka Liquid Nine new and unreleased gems that
Burylichev opens up new horizons of Rus- Move releases debut album “Cause reflect the incredible passion and
sian electronic music. New release reflects of Random”. Melodic Full On Psy, creativity burning within his heart and
artist‘s music philosophy of composing with a distinct flavor of Goa. A unique soul! Listen to these ever changing
proper-done, truly trippy tracks, which release touching on an emotional music ambient sounds, morphing and intert-
can lead listener through time and space, journey through composition of story wining with melancholic progressive
enjoying everything around. „Shamen telling. With its unique sound unveiling patterns unlike you‘ve heard before as
Funk“ is an exceptional mix of UCHU‘s new visions of dance floor mania & a you are borne upon shifting layers of
music-making talent, extraordinary artwork powerful production across genres, from sound that drift the full spectrum from
by Arzamas and mastering by famous UK psychedelic to classical & rock. This 1st dark to bright emotions, everything
sound-engineer Kevin Metcalf. release from Stalactite Records is a must! brilliantly mixed for a unique result.

Neelix - The Unreleased 2011

Free download for mushroom readers
Neelix: It‘s a bit hard at the Ky: What still lies in future for your
moment, but i started yesterday a producing career?
track and finished it 7 hours later. Neelix: I will go a little back in
I can produce on tour with head- my old direction... As i am tired of
phones & sometimes better then dance floor music - more melodies!
the ones in the studio! So yes, the Ky: Favourite song?
new album is almost ready... But Neelix: Shaun Davey - The Par-
every track will be released digi- ting Glass, & Peter Gabriel - The
tally beforehand. 50% of the album Look of Love
is already released... Its the EP Ky: Not a psy trance track?
»Nerd« & the EP »seventh grade« Neelix: Maybe that is the secret of
Ky: You have been involved in my music, I don’t listen to electronic
some worthy causes recently.... you music. Someone told me that once.
were seen at the anti-atom protest Ky: Do you ever still get nervous
in Hamburg the other weekend before performances?
Neelix: I am against atomic power Neelix: Every time! So heavy you
since the first time my parents took cannot imagine... like before a bun-
me to Gorleben (a place where gee jump
they take old radiative fuel rods),
30 years ago.
Ky: Sure!
Neelix: Kylie, I am so happy that I Kylie van Eerden
can do what I do. If I had not become
Neelix contacted us recently to Neelix I wouldn’t know what I would
let us know he has some special have done instead. Maybe I would
tracks he is giving FREE for the sit in an office with a normal day-
people. mushroom magazine had time job? I would feel really cooped in
a laid back chat with him about this situation. I have been extremely
what he has been getting up to ... lucky inside the scene! Even if I some-
times complain about some things, I
Neelix: The idea of mine was... I can honestly say I have had (and still
made a lot of tracks, some relea- have) a life really worth living.
sed, & some not. I decided to ask I am thrilled about the really nice peo-
Mat Mushroom if he would be ple I meet in the scene. Not all, but
interested to put these tracks in the for example Liquid Soul became real Neelix - The Unreleased 2011
magazine. I like them and it would good friend. Also Emok (I met him 1 Dont Just Give Up
be sad if no one ever heard them... today for the first time) is a really 2 Call Me
And I like the mushroom so much! nice guy. With Yuli (Perfect Stranger) 3 Excuses
Ky: Why did you decide not to 4 Open Minded
I would love to live together! Fun- 5 Mad
release these tracks initially? nily enough that I meet these people
Neelix: I was not 100% happy with
them. But i think they are good
now, for the first time (after so many
gigs worldwide). My best friends
Free Download !
To download the Neelix tracks, login to
and it would be a shame just to are Sirko, Stephan (Symphonix) and mushroom online and click on the
delete them Hannes, Vaishiyas (Spintwist). It was NEELIX cover, which you see above.
Enjoy the fantastic music
Ky: With all your touring, have you just great recently to be on tour with
had time for a new album at all? these guys...


Rasmus Moses Joergensen / Robert Dilley
him about it, which he was keen for. It‘s all about nice techy moments, that
I began collecting tracks from every- we all SHARE, ENJOY & SHINE, and get
where, & received alot of experimental ready for the OPEN-AIR TIME!!!!
stuff. Few really hit the spot for the con-
cept, so I just kept on gathering. It took Web information and contact:
a long time till I got all 9 tracks & could
begin mastering.
Electric power pole is back with Ky: Share a few good laughs over
their latest release “Tech Tales”! anything crazy?
Known to dabble in a variety of gen- Moses: A good friend »Sid Scott«, who
res; prog, psytrance, and now tech I met down in Austalia @ Winter Sol-
trance, Mushroom magazine had a stice Festival, (where I had the honor
bit of a chat to Moses about their of playing both Moses & Bufo livesets),
latest release: ran around taking really nice partypho-
tos & later I saw his digital designs on
Ky: Tell us about Tech Tales :) Was there his FB site. I thought he’d be perfect to
a plan, or did it just develop itself? From do a unique minimal cover-art for our
where are the inspirations drawn? concept. Personally, i love the outcome,
Moses: The idea started off wanting totally perfect!
to do minimal compilation filled with Ky: Absolutely! With a great story to
great friends, &I was inspired by Aussie match of how you ended up at that CD HOT RELEASE –
label Zenon‘s 2010 Small Talk compila- design! TECH TALES
tion. I wanted ours more underground, Compiled by Moses a.k.a Muggi Dane
from Denmark; Tech Tales is a com-
dirty, insane, wired & experimental, but Ky: Thoughts of followup compilations & pilation of minimal tech trance. The
also keeping the link between Austa- what directions they would go? tracks fit nicely together and have a hint
lia & Denmark Moses: This is the 1st release in a range of psychedelia, building up from the
of hopefully many TT compilations on beginning of the album, the music goes
Ky: Have their been any new experiences EPP. There‘s gonna be good crazy vibes, from laid back, to pumping and then
back down to earth by the end – truly
during the creation? New friendships? laughs & joyful moments out of this a tech tale! Featuring artists from Den-
Moses: Have known »Robonix« (head series. Very proud to be a part of from mark, Australia and New Zealand – Tech
of EPP Records and member of Hedo- the very beginning! Will of course be Tales is one v/a not to miss this spring!
nix) since 2006 I have been talking to released both physi‘ and digi‘.

United Beats Our first digital EP’s will be Bionix, Dissolve,

Peacemaker and Block Device.
...unites the people
Life starts with a beat….the heartbeat. Music and Jean Marc of XSI, Liam Shy who is also
is in us and part of us. We are united by the playing as the band Dissolve with a live pia-
beats. United Beats is a new label based out nist and violinist, Bionix a solo act from XSI,
of San Francisco by Mad Maxx, Dual Core and Nikka from Mekkanikka, Tal and Adi the Contact:
Liam Shy. Passionate artists, world class pro- brothers from Peacemaker, Rocca from
duction, an eclectic multi-genre sound,and Audio X in Brazil, Wild Monkeys a collabo-
audiophile quality . We represent uncompro- ration between myself and XSI, Ludovic from
mising music created by handpicked artists Block Device, Eran from Point and one new
from around the globe. Our sound has evol- artist from Mexico called Hidden. Also our
ved from years of experience touring the label DJ’s are DJ Domino from Goa, DJ Nis-
dance floors and studios of the world as DJs, han from Nepal, DJ Vishal from Calcutta and
performers, and producers. We know what DJ Moira from Spain.
makes you dance….
Ky: What‘s on the horizon release-wise?
Ky: So Max, tell us a bit about the label and Max: Our release schedule till the end of the
your plans for 2011 year will consist of a medley of artist albums
Max: 2011 will be a year of great releases and and digital EP’s. The first digital release from
collaborations for United Beats records. The United Beats “Universal Religion”, is a collabo-
concept behind the name is to literally “break ration with another label Digital OM in India.
the boundaries” between genres in electro- Following, is my new album Mad Maxx and
nic music, focusing on creating a platform for CO for May 2011, Wild Monkeys and Mek- Mad Max & Co
artists to release all kinds of different styles of kanikka album in September, XSI the Remi- „Sonic Architects“
United Beats Records
sound, and not just Trance. The label will be xes in October, Dissolve debut album in Previously one half of Sirius Isness, Mad
focusing on Trance releases until after sum- November, Dual Core album in December. Maxx needs little introduction, Max has
mer of 2011 and then will start putting out recorded numerous trancefloor classics
Chill Out/Down Tempo, Progressive Trance, and delivered blistering live sets to all
corners of the earth and beyond.. His
and various types of quality genres of music second album is a bouquet of collabora-
out to the world. tions with Spacetribe, GMS v Alien Pro-
Ky: And which artists are you planning to ject, XSI, Mekkanikka, S-Range, John
work with in UB? OO Fleming, Peacemaker & Audio X.
Prepare for another mystical journey into
Max: So far in the label we have a great the inner self... (out in May 2011)
trance roster including my solo project Mad
Maxx, Adi and Eran from Dual Core, Barth

Chill On!
One year on Ambient Radio ... stay chilled!
“Chill On!” transmission on Ambi-
ent Radio.

Besides “Chill On!” you can regu-

larly listen to Dense on Ambient
Radio every last Saturday at mid-
night with “Spacenight” - calm
melodic tunes from outer space
and beyond to drift away. Ambient
Radio streams 24/7, you can launch
directly on

Join the chillgressive tunes website

or Facebook fan page to get the
latest information.

Times have passed when spen- sion is on uplifting melodic chill

ding your Sunday afternoon on out sounds.
the sofa, in worst case watching
boring TV shows, you miss the First time transmitted on the last
right soundtrack for chill out Sunday in March 2010, it was time
support. For the last year you to celebrate the first birthday at
can chill along with “Chill On!”, the latest Gemischtwaren party in
presented by Dense of Chillgres- Hamburg. During April you can
sive Tunes from Hamburg. listen to samples of recordings
in the show, including sets by DJ
“I know that voice from radio
GMO vs Dense
BlueSpacE and Denses remix pro- Through Other Glasses
advertisings ...” some may say, ject Trancistor. (Altar Records)
and they are right. For many years “The chillgressive views” describes a
Dense has worked as a producer Denses long lasting experience as new experience of progressive chill out
for web radio commercial spots. So a DJ and musician for almost two versions, by reworking the main melo-
dies and uplifting moods, to explore
his connection to DJ Nesjaja, head decades is a helping hand to pick and to groove.
of Berlin based Ambient Radios out astonishing and stunning tunes.
mother since His connections to some important Tested on many German and Canadi-
1993, brought the idea to broad- chill out labels guarantee to broad- an festivals during 2010, we are proud
to present nine selected remixes by
cast a weekly radio show regar- cast the freshest releases, as well Dense of classic tracks by GMO, to satis-
ding the diversified spectrum of as exclusive new live set recordings fy the minds and ears of those who
ambient and chill out music. If you and some unreleased beauties! have been wanting new pathbreaking
know Dense as a DJ on chill out chill out tunes.
floors, you can imagine his focus So tune in every Sunday afternoon
as the host of this weekly transmis- from 2 until 6 p.m. cet and join the
Alex und Allyson Grey in:
Wien, 22. 6. 2011 »Live Painting«, 23. 6. 2011 Tagesseminar,
Burgi Sedlak, Tel.: 0043 (0)662-88 76 44
München, 24. 6. 2011 »Live Painting«, Club Ampere,
München, 25.–26. 6. 2011, Wochenendseminar,
Koha Seminarservice, Tel.: 0049 (0)89-68 07 07 02
Das visionäre Künstlerpaar Alex und Allyson Grey unterrichtet Malen und
Zeichnen aus dem Quell göttlicher Imagination. In diesem Workshop schöpfen
wir aus der heiligen Quelle und malen mit dem mystischen Auge.

Technlogy news
Korg Monotribe Korg Monotribe
According to Korg,
the Monotribe
shares the
DNA, but del-
ves deeper into
the rich, organic,
and often chaotic world
of analogue synthesis. In
addition, Monotribe offers
ease of use, a three-part discrete
analogue drum machine, step-
sequencing like on an Electribe
groovebox as well as a sweet little
ribbon controller for program-
Novation Twitch

ming and modulation. Battery Serato Itch 2

slot and speaker included- the Serato presents the 2.0 version
ultimate picnic gear!? of its popular digital DJ software
Itch. Sampling is definitely up-
Gemini Firstmix and-coming, a special sample
The name says it all: This new player offers heaps of creative
Novation Twitch digital DJ controller is meant for possibilities. The appearance
Novation lives up to its name again those performing their very first now is freely customable with
and presents a brand new digital mixes. And there might be quite a range of deck layouts, it can
DJ controller on Frankfurt’s music some of them soon since the sug- be switched between day and
fair. The basic idea is far away from gested price of this gear is only night mode. Also the sync engine
classical DJing, as becomes obvi- 99 Euro. The Firstmix includes has been improved and offers
ous at a first glance: There are no only very basic features and ope- new visual features. Finally
jog wheels on this device any more. rates based on automatic beat Serato updated the music library
Instead of these parts descending synchronization but for sure it’s functionality, an essential feature
from turntables there are 8 trig- a great toy for those looking for digital music management.
ger pads which imply a different for some creative fun with their Serato ITCH 2.0 will be released
approach towards DJing: Exces- music collection at home. in Quarter 3 of 2011.
sive sampling and looping it is! In
fact the device reminds the old-
school Akai MPC sampling units in
quite some respects. Two touch-
strips allow track and loop naviga-
tion and serve for beat visualization
as well. Beside pretty mad samp-
ling possibilities, there is a FX sec-
tion and of course also a mixer with
a 3-band EQ included. Comes with
Serato Itch but is also compatible
with Traktor, Ableton Live etc.
Gemini Firstmix

Apps & Web

RjDj - new sound worlds a second time. Professional users can
A single sound has purchase a sound splitter for the pre-
new dimensions with listening function.
this funny tool. You
can select basic pre-
set patterns of sounds Electric Sheep Screensaver
or rhythms, load previously recor- Developed as a screen saver, Elec-
ded or any other sounds composed tric Sheep has almost VJ qualities and
on the iPhone microphone to create is a wonderful background to every
a perfect tapestry of music. Ambi- Chill Out on the planet! Through the
ent sounds and noises are morphed network, the program communica-
with the chosen basic pattern that tes with other computers and creates
give you a completely new experience new visual experiences like you can-
with everyday noises. Voices and also not imagine! You can also create your
any sounds from everyday life work own scene frame inputs that to send
especially well. A completely new back into the community in the net-

Electric Sheep Screensaver

acoustic reality can be created sim- work, and there is a voting system
ply by plugging in your headpho- in place (up and down arrow keys)
nes and playing around with sounds which will allow different images to
around you. be played with more or less frequency on your computer. It’s also great
feedback for the creators of those
images! It is interesting to see the
transitions from one clip to another
takes place organically and not simply
faded over the last image. The ima-
ges collect and over time you build up Facebook Event Check In
some remarkable displays of seemin- We are familiar with checking into
gly psychedelic visual stimuli that are “Places”, that tell the world where
truly beyond belief! you are currently visiting, i.e. restau- rants or shops. You can now tell your
friends social network at which event,
DJay - with the iPad Apexvj - Visualize tunes party or other time-bound event you
The iTunes DJ program for all hobby For the Sound Cloud network a visu- are hanging out at. The other benefit
DJs is now finally available on the alizer is available, similar to a screen- of “post check-in”, is to see who else
iPad. Complete with stylish turnta- saver that is at the selected track is is around you using this feature, and
ble optics, it offers a waveform dis- rhythmically in images and anima- giving you the ability to contact peo-
play of all common elements you tions. You can use the program from ple directly and find them faster. The
need for mixing, rounded out with the your mobile to chill comfortabley on organizer offers the possibility to use
obligatory multi-touch and an Auto- the sofa, but otherwise it is of course the associated function with booked
mix function, great for your private fully Party suitability grade, because deals and discounts, great offers to
parties at home. As DJay has com- of the musical link. In addition to the the people and/or free drinks. In any
plete access to the itunes library, the Souncloud connection it can also use case, the new feature is expandable
user does do not organize the music MP3‘s from the local drive to create and it’s exciting that the user has the
this visual appeal. ability to be up to date with every- one at a party.
previously supported only by the IOS

Alex Grey Vor einer weiteren Livepainting Ses-

sion findet ein Vortrag mit Ausschnit-
Workshop Tour in Germany and Austria ten aus dem jüngst erschienenen Film
Österreich zu Gast und eröffnet uns „CoSM“ über den Werdegang, über-
Only few artists manage to reprodu-
ce visionary experiences that go far in einer Reihe spannender Seminare standene Krisen und die Vision des
beyond the scope of words. The US und Workshops Einblicke in sein Künstlers statt. Und am Wochen-
American painter Alex Grey does so Schaffen. ende vom 25. auf den 26. Juni hal-
in a deeply impressing, unparalleled ten Alex & Allyson Grey in den Räum-
way. In June he will visit Germany Die Veranstaltungsreihe beginnt am lichkeiten des neuen Dance Spirit Stu-
and Austria for the very first time to- 22.06. in Wien, wo das Ehepaar Grey dios in der Medienfabrik Ganghoferstr.
gether with his wife to give insights eine Livepainting Session abhält. Dabei einen außergewöhnlichen Visionary
into his work in a series of exciting lassen sich die beiden Künstler in Art Workshop ab. Mit Hilfe von Visuali-
lectures and workshops. ungezwungener Atmosphäre vom Pub- sierungsübungen und Meditationspra-
likum inspirieren, so dass ein kreativer xen wird hier nicht nur die individuelle
The series of events starts on June Dialog durch Sehen, Hören und Tan- Wahrnehmung geschult sondern den
22nd in Vienna where the Greys will zen entsteht, der sich nach und nach Teilnehmern auch neue Zugänge zur
perform a Livepainting Session. The
auf einer großen Leinwand manifes- eigenen Kreativität vermittelt, um so
two of them take their cue from the
informal atmosphere of the evening in tiert. Der kreative Austausch wird sich das persönliche künstlerische Schaffen
general and the audience in particular: am folgenden Tag in Form eines Tages- zu bereichern.
Watching, listening and dancing create workshops vertiefen. Am 24.06. macht
an active dialogue that piece by piece das Künstlerpaar Station in München.
becomes manifested on a big can-
vas. This creative exchange will be
continued during a workshop the
following day. On June 24th the
couple will stop in Munich. Before
another Livepainting Session there
will be a lecture, including clips
from the recent movie “CoSM”
about the career, the overcome
crisis and the vision of the artist.
During the weekend from June
25th to 26th Alex & Allyson Grey
will hold an extraordinary Visio-
nary Art Workshop in the facilities
of the new Dance Spirit Studio in
Munich’s Medienfabrik Ganghofer
Straße. By using visualization
exercises and meditation practice
the individual perception is trained
and the individual gets to know
new approaches to his / her own
creativity to improve the personal
artistic activities.

Wie nur sehr wenigen Künstlern

gelingt es dem US-amerikani-
schen Maler Alex Grey, in seinen
Werken visionäre Erfahrungen
wiederzugeben, die sich jenseits
der Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten
von Worten abspielen. Im Juni
ist er zusammen mit seiner Frau
erstmals in Deutschland und

3 questions for the artist art followed by any art created in all of
the world wisdom traditions to the pre-
Can you tell us a little about your sent. That includes artists sacramentally
painting techniques, please? ingesting mind altering substances and
Most of my paintings start with a vision. incorporating into their art, the visions
Some paintings come to me either du- they receive. Visions that come from
ring meditation or altered states, while sacramental ingestion of substances
others have simply appeared to me is, and always has been, a world wide
while waiting for a subway or walking phenomenon.
along. „Lightworker“ came to me all
at once, while many paintings simply There are people who think that trip- H. R. Giger
unfold around a central image. With tamines are the next step in human dreams & visions
the anatomical see-through figures, I evolution and that their usage will The Swiss H.R. Giger is an artist who has
first draw and paint the bones. When bring human civilization to another not only created beings in Alien and Spe-
that is nailed down, I add the layers of level. Do you think this is a realistic cies, but who has considerably influ-
anatomy and subtle energy, building assumption? enced the cyber culture and popculture
by his mystical figures. The Oscar win-
an icon of our multi-dimensional being. Any sacrament can potentially reveal God ner was controversial for decades. He
The creation of a painting, in much the consciousness, which bridges all con- was accused of pornography, which had
same way, means mentally dissecting sciousness. Self-realized, one co-mingles to be disproved by the verdict of a court.
the vision layer by layer and then with nature in a profound, sacred and Sexuality and death - Eros and Thanatos
painting one layer at a time, developing life altering way. Transformation is what - run through all his work. Some Giger
a depth of clairvoyant granularity. is needed on the planet. The most holy motifs are found repeatedly in the deco-
function of entheogens would be their rative objects and backdrops at parties
and festivals. They are often „verbuntet“
What is psychedelic and what is visio- use as transformative agents of the mys- because Giger‘s visions are mostly gloo-
nary art for you? Can you please give tical experience. Thanks to entheogens, my forebodings of an era of cyber bio-
us your personal, put-in-a-nutshell artists can now paint the transcendental mechanical instrumentation, which is yet
definition? realms from observation. to come The exhibition at the Kunsthaus
Psychedelic art is art imagined and/or in Vienna, where the Hundertwasser
produced while in a psychedelic state museum is showing, is a retrospective
or art that is meant to represent or view of his long creative journey.
evoke a psychedelic state in the viewer. (Unabridged version available at Der Schweizer H. R. Giger ist ein Künst-
Visionary art, a much broader term ler, der nicht nur die Wesen in Alien
than psychedelic art, would encompass und Species geschaffen hat sondern
shamanic cave painting and Paleolithic Roberdo der mit seinen mystischen Figuren die
Cyberculture und die Popkultur wesent-
lich mitgeprägt hat. Der Oscarpreis-
träger war jahrzehntelang umstritten.
Man warf ihm Pornografie vor, was erst
durch das Urteil eines Gerichts wider-
legt werden musste. Sexualität und
Tod – Eros und Thanatos – ziehen sich
durch sein gesamtes Schaffen. Manche
Motive Gigers finden sich immer wieder
in den Deko-Objekten und Backdrops
auf den Partys und Festivals. Dabei wer-
den sie oft „verbuntet“, denn Gigers
Visionen sind meist düstere Ahnungen
einer biomechanischen Ära von Cybern-
autik, die noch kommen wird.
Die Ausstellung im Wiener Kunsthaus,
wo auch das Hundertwassermuseum
untergebracht ist, zeigt eine Retrospekti-
ve seines langen Schaffensweges.

Tom Rom

Juggling A few times I have reached

a state as I was dancing, &
Poi – Rhythmic Beats of Dancing the poi felt merely extensi-
ons of my arms. They follo-
Poi originate from New Zeal- control. I find poi comforting, wed dance taking on a mind
and, used by the Maori to incre- a great workout, centering, of their own, moving in har-
ase strength, flexibility & coordi- good exercise, stress relieving mony in a unique synchro-
nation in the hands - to help the & clears my mind & allows me nization with my flow. From
women keep their hands flexi- to focus - a feeling which sur- onlookers I was told it was
ble for weaving, & give men the prisingly remains after a good beautiful to see. This state
strength & coordination requi- hard session. comes most naturally when
red battle. amidst colour & wonder,
These days poi can be found in It can take time to discover caught up in the rhythm &
many different colours, styles & what feels the most comfortable flow of music, particularly
forms. Stretchy or non stretchy when I am lost deep within
it is all about personal prefe- the beats of psychedelic
rence & the style you prefer. trance on or near the dance
From the first moment you take floor. I feel differing energies,
poi in your hands, you rea- playing in the raw energy of
lize there is something magical the sun gives excitement &
about the swinging momentum power. When it is darker,
& centripetal force now at your the limiting of physical visio-
nary senses, allows for psy-
chological visionary senses
of patterns & rhythm that are
something beyond what I yet
fully comprehend. I find it
exceptionally exciting.

I notice a distinct link bet-

ween the harmonic motion of
poi, & the frequency (espe-
cially at the changes) of beats
& music. Differing genres
really change & effect the
style of poi that I play. Once
I was filled with surprise play-
ing to dubstep (a genre I
usually do not enjoy) that
my arms moved with these
strange slow odd rhythms
& sounds developing move-
ments with poi I had never
dreamed of. I have since
experimented with many gen-
res to discover a variety of
ways to play, simply by fol-
lowing different rhythms.

as more ‘flow doors’ open for

you. It begins slowly, forwards,
then backwards. Next comes
turning whilst spinning. Slowly
you realize you can turn in any
direction losing the swing, &
thus the first flow is found.

An exciting time, you now

understand so much more...
Till the next flow door is dis-
covered, & you move in ways
you never thought before, once
Flow-door opening I link stron-
gly with when I play on the psy-
trance floors. I stop thinking
about what I am doing & start
really feel the beats, the rhythm
& dancing.

Poi are a fun, easy to learn,

entertaining to master & won-
derful toy that really drives your
spirit! I encourage you to take
on the challenge.

Kylie Van Eerden


the fun of Juggling and Innovations
I sat in a dark room programming a
Stardass psychedelic light series I think
I understood what Dr. Hoffman spoke
about. All night long the optical rea-
sons whistled through the air while
colouring the sky with crazy effects.
There are no trips like the fun of
inventing and developing new pro-
ducts and concepts!

The magic of fire

It took me a long time, but the
moment I started with fire I was
„burnt“. Fire has power and passion
equal to nothing else. After a long
search, I found special fire-proof fab-
rics. With these fabrics we managed
to create fire tools that enabled tricks
and moves that until today weren‘t
It all started with a pair of socks ... A in tents or on peoples sofas. So began possible, with higher safety levels. In
few years ago travelling in Thailand my company „Speevers“. addition, believe it or not, we develo-
and like many others I discovered the ped a line of fashion clothing that is
art of Poi. I‘m the type who always The World‘s first Live Juggling Shop fire-resistant and wonderfully comfor-
pushes things bit further, so I thought The best thing about Juggling is the table. The clothes look and feel like
it would be interesting to add another interaction with people. Two years the clothes you are wearing now, they
ball to the Poi on the opposing side. ago I opened a huge, fun house in clean easily and hardly retain odour.
I returned home, bought two pairs Yafo Israel. Eat your heart out – I also On visits to the Far East I discovered
of childrens’ socks and sewed them live there! Here we have juggling gat- the Meteor and Rope Dart. They are
together: the first ever double Poi herings, workshops and sell products both ancient and amazing instru-
was born and later earned the name and equipment. Artists from all over
„Speevers“. the world have been hosted here, but
lately I thought that it would be nice
During experimenting and trying to to open the door to everyone, even
sell my new products, I left the High- if you are based overseas! With the
Tech world behind and found myself help of technology and the internet
more and more in the Jugglers world. we created the Speevers Live Juggling
I started to wander around jugg- Shop. With one click of a button you
ling conventions, got to know some can have interactive video discussions
amazing performers and made new with our jugglers, ask questions and
friends. With the food came the appe- see demonstrations of products and
tite. I developed a couple of products feel as close as possible. All you need
and afew months later found mys- is a browser and a microphone.
elf travelling around Europe in a hired The amazing stardass with
car, packed full of juggling products, LSD or LED? The optic-fibre trip fibre optic tails! Make psy-
going from shop to shop, from festival I‘ve never taken these types of sub- chedelic fractal patterns that
to party, bathing in lakes and sleeping stances before, but one night when will amaze!

ments. Here we created friendly ver- The full range of Speevers products BONUS: 2 editions free subscrip-
sions for everyone to play with and can be found at: tion mushroom magazine with
recently I developed modern versions every purchase for mushroom
for fire - introducing the Bitis – the Fire +972-54-5546555 magazine readers!
Meteor Beast, the Mamba Meteor and
the Fire Sting. Skype: speevers

And let me tell you, these 2 pairs of Kylie Van Eerden

socks are still spinning even today...

Supersoky - An lovely simple Loopy Poi - Great colour, soft Speevers - double ended
design of original poi in fan- and great for people that poi easy to use and double
tastic UV colour! don’t like the hard hit when the fun!
giving those new tricks a go!

Psylo Fashion Ajna Design

urban street wear for the psy scene inspired by nature
A remarkable independent clothing You can visit the Psylo flagship store
range that is not massed produced in Unit 49, The Stables Market, Cam-
and sports a fusion of traveling gear, den, London to discover the new exci-
urban street fashion and club wear ting collection.
designs. Versatile and comfortable the
strong accents, distinctive prints and
edgy cuts give psylo clothing expres-
sion, freedom and symbolize life. Brings you the nature forest
feeling with clothes from
Based in Bali, with the rest of the ORGANIC cotton.(certified by
team in Camden town, means that GOTS). Feels good to body,
Psylo crew are perfectly located close heart and soul.
to latest fashion trends from both www.
sides of the globe. With the origin of
psylo set deep within the music cul-
ture scene, this unique and diverse yet
practical wear is suited to a wide vari-
ety of situations - whether you are tra-
veling, at work or uni or in a club rela-
xing with a few friends after a hard
working day.

Psylo can be purchased from inde-

pendent retailers and online stores all
over the world.

creative expression
When you fall in love with on a festival, it quite easy!
a culture like the psychede- Together with the Deco team
lic Trance scene, your desire ‘Calaquendi’, they create an
may follow a need to express amazing stall decorations which
your creativity. That‘s how the will blow your mind! You will
Austrian Design label Fraggle- have your chance to find
tribe was born. Since then, they them on Spiritbase Festi-
create a very unique style for val, Antaris Project, Fusion and
psychedelic fashion lovers all Ozora this year, to look at their
over the globe. Some of their designs and their fantastic
design line is handmade by black light Gallery.
the crew.
Amazing and beau-
tifully stitched
designs can be
custom made,
as well as gor-
geous feather
jewellery or
radical drin-
king flasks ;)
For the last
2 years, the
team is also
producing high
quality clothing
in Bali. Around
this time, the
Fashion Line for
Men was introdu-
ced under
the name
“Seres Clothing”.
The idea was
to create mens
wear which pro-
tects the body
with the best
materials, the
most comfor-
table fit and a
very subtle psy-
chedelic design
line. If you want
to find the Frag-
gletribe stall

The wardrobe for all dancefloor surfers
Nun ist es schon fast 3 Jahre her, dass It‘s almost 3 years ago that Qeilo – the
Qeilo - der kleine dumme Büffel aus Nord- small silly buffalo from Northern Thai-
thailand - sich auf den langen Weg nach land – made his long journey to Europe.
Europa gemacht hat. Sein Weideland, nass He gave up his green, lush grasslands, to
und saftig, hat er aufgegeben und zieht travel with his wardrobe on his new Euro-
jetzt mit seinem Kleiderschrank durch pean adventures.
seine neuen europäischen Strahlegründe. In the wardrobe, ( you‘ll
Im Kleiderschrank ( fin- find Aladdin-pants and harem-pants, bloo-
det ihr Aladinhosen, Pump- und Harems- mers and bell bottoms, jewellery, Thai
hosen, Schmuck, Thai Wickelhosen und wraps and fisherman pants, skirts and
Wickelröcke, Fischerhosen, Batik-Klamot- shirts, tie-dyed clothes, hoodies, scarves
ten, Kapuzenjacken und - pullis, Schals, and shawls, bags, arm warmers … and
Tücher, Taschen, Armstulpen ... und viele lots of great stuff for men, women, girls
tolle Sachen für Frauen, Mädels, Jungs, and boys – and in every style that you
Männer und alles was ihr sein wollt. could want to be!
Und vielleicht ist es ja auch gar nicht so Maybe it‘s not so bad that Qeilo wanted to
dumm, dass Qeilo mit seinen bunten Kla- bring good vibrations to the world with his
motten und Accessoires gute Laune in die colourful clothing and accessories. His next
Welt tragen möchte. Seine nächste Mission mission is dancing around the globe and
ist es nun rund um den Globus zu tanzen light up the world‘s dace floors with his
und die Tanzflächen dieser Welt mit sei- fire. A buffalo on his trip...
nem Feuer zum Leuchten zu bringen. Ein
Büffel auf seinem Trip...

„You Are Everything“

Erster Goa-Spielfilm sucht Unterstützer
Der Goa-Roadmovie „You Are Everything“ soll der erste Spielfilm wer-
den, der seine Handlung in der Psytrance Szene entfaltet. Die Dreharbei-
ten sollen unter Leitung der beiden Berliner Filmemachern Lena Geller
und Matthias Becker während des kommenden Sommers und im Herbst
2011 in verschiedenen Ländern Europas stattfinden.

Wovon soll der Film handeln? der die Elektro-Szene nicht nega- „You Are Everything“ - First Goa
Im Film geht es um Menschen, die tiv und abschreckend, sondern posi- feature film seeking for supporters
sich von unnötigen Fesseln befreien tiv und heilsam zeigt. Die Goa-Bewe- The Goa road movie „You Are Eve-
und endlich das tun, was sie wirklich gung hat die Kraft Menschen zu ver- rything“ shall be the first feature film
wollen. Vera und Georg, ein Pärchen binden - das wollen wir mit unserem taking place in the Psytrance scene.
um die 30, landen statt im geplan- Film zelebrieren. The two Berlin based filmmakers Lena
ten Ostseeurlaub auf einem Goa Geller and Matthias Becker want to
Open Air und lernen dort den Musi- Wie wollt ihr den Film realisieren? realize this movie in various European
ker Dave kennen, der sie mit auf Festi- Wir haben letzten Sommer bereits mit countries during summer and autumn
valtournee nimmt. Im Rausch der Psy minimalem Budget einen 30minüter 2011. „You Are Everything“ is about
Trance Festivals in ganz Europa ent- produziert, in dem ein Goa-Festival people who break free from unneces-
wickelt sich eine Dreiecksbeziehung, eine Rolle spielt. Jetzt haben wir die sary restrictions and finally do what
in der sich Konflikt und Freundschaft, Story und das Know How, einen lan- they really want. It’s inspired by the
Hass und Liebe kreuzen und vermi- gen Film anzugehen. Wir wollen den love for Psy Trance, the sun, nature
schen. Am Ende bekommt jeder, was Film u.a. auf verschiedenen europäi- and the sense of oneness. To get the
er wirklich will. schen Open Airs drehen. Leider kann necessary funding for this low-budget
man so eine Produktion nicht mehr production, the filmmakers make use
Wie seid ihr zu der Idee gekom- allein aus eigener Tasche finanzieren, of the crowdfunding-platform inku-
men? daher sind wir auf die Idee gekom- and ask for donations to
„You Are Everything“ ist inspiriert men, mithilfe der Crowdfunding-Platt- make this project come true.
durch unsere Liebe zu Psytrance, form nach Unterstüt-
Sonne und Natur und durch das zern zu suchen. Jede kleine Spende
Gefühl der Verbundenheit. Es ist ein hilft uns weiter. Wir sind auch auf
Film über die Macht positiver Energie Hilfe aus der Szene angewiesen und
und den Willen, sein Glück zu suchen. suchen Unterstützung jeglicher Art:
Der Film ist eine Liebeserklärung an Kontakte zu Festivals, Beratung und
die Goa-Kultur und endlich ein Film, gute Gespräche.

The „Goa Nazi“ discussion

About peace, love, unity and respect
within the worldwide psytrance community

Some supposed it to be a nasty

April Fool. In fact, our provoca-
tive “Keep the scene pure!” note
on Facebook that came along with
a banner clearly reminiscent of the
Nazi party was of course in jest.
Rather it was the kick-off for a
sociological scene experiment. An
experiment that worked out even
mushroom magazine Facebook posting from 1st of April 2011: better than we had expected- as
»This is the ultimate festival accessory for all those who realized that Mini- it triggered an intense discussion
mal, Electro and House (all the same, anyway!) are the murderers of the which brought to light some very
Spirit, the reason for the decreasing quality of drugs and the source of all interesting and varied attitudes con-
evil in general: The armband of the Pure Goa Party.« cerning the identity of our scene.

Kristian T: Every style has invaded the Goa scene,

making the name Goa Trance an illusion. Techno, Pro-
gressive House, Tech House etc. Now don‘t take me
wrong. I love all those styles but I do believe its false
promotion to sell a Festival or party as a Goa Tran-
ce event when the muisc got nothing to do with Goa
Trance. Point is that it has become a fashionable word
and is being overused to promote music that‘s got
nothing to do with the Goa Trance vision and scene.
[…] I have been part of this scene since 1994 as an
artist and DJ so I know it all. Obviously some of you
have a hard time understanding my message.

Marco P: Everything was better in the past!? Final-

ly ... We‘ve got no time machine. If you want it
more psychedelic, be more psychedelic! Keep up
the energy, the colours, the fun, the good vibe
& feelings, tolerate, communicate, smile, laugh
and dance!

Fred S: All the Techno / Post-Trance music is inva-

ding the »scene«(as well as the white devil pow-
der)… don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself so
much but u cannot stop dancing and bother other
people with your critics when they are having some
sort of good experience. It’s killing the vibe! If you
don‘t like the sound, just temporarily do other
things- In festivals you have so many things you
don’t get to see when you keep complaining about
a DJ set… This Goa Nazi joke showed very well the
opinions of some people who are afraid of change
and this, my friend, is conservatism.

pic: murilo Ganesh


Corey-Luke C: I enjoy the way festivals are, they just fit and work for me. 3 to 4 days of freedom with
the music I love. Goa / Psytrance, Progressive, Psy Breaks, Minimal, Ambient, Psybient / Psychill… I
wish I could have experienced a Goa festival back in my earlier years of life. However as someone new
in the festival scene, I couldn‘t be happier at these festivals. Because I know I can walk around just like
I want to and generally there is some music that I love there but that doesn‘t mean I‘m going to stay at
that stage though. Systems with competing influences are balanced ones!

Jacques C: I love all forms of music myself, but when I go to a Psy Trance party I would certainly like to
hear Psy Trance or good Progressive. Is it wrong to want Psy Trance played at a Psy Trance party? Are
you wrong for not liking all styles of music? I think most people listen to more than just Psy Trance at
home and out. So what’s the issue really being raised? What I do know is that there has been a huge
drop in both quality and creativity in the Psy scene in the last few years and thankfully it looks like its
slowly changing again.

Guido D: Maximilian You are real-

ly nuts, sorry but the scene has to col-
lapse with people making this kind of
joke. What a luck I do not see such
a lack of good taste in my personal

A feeling of discomfort about Non- Psy Trance music at

parties is not something our editorial just made up. This
phenomenon is the subject of countless discussions going
on in the internet today, and it found expression at many
big festivals during the last years. Quite afew of you might
have seen the persons at Boom festival, for instance, who
wrote slogans like “Minimal is not Psy – Don’t fuck my
drop!” on their backs. Among some Psy Trancers there
seems to be a feeling of an “invasion” (quote from one
of the Facebook comments) of other music styles, which
are in consequence responsible for different looking peo-
ple and a different vibe on “their parties”… Sounds like
separation and conservatism? Maybe. But on the other
hand: If you order a cheeseburger would you be pleased
if you get a hotdog? Was everything better in the past,
when one could still rely on a cheeseburger? Or are there
those who think so incredibly boring, they lost their abi-
lity to get excited about something new?
pic: murilo Ganesh

Thanks a lot for all your comments, which give

interesting answers to these questions!


Like at
and come on in the discussions

The center of psychedelic communications
Since 1995, Portugal has been one as well as quite a variety of diffe- environment, You can check out
of the most centripetal Psychede- ring party people, so the scene has the best promotions for parties and
lic Trance Scene countries. Many of evolved and changed to what it was artists in portugal at
us have found our first introduction years ago.
to the vibrant sounds of Trance, in On the other hand, club parties Another main organizer in this
a party somewhere in this country! have dance floors on fire! Mainly of country, that is making its way by
From North to South, Portugal has course in Lisbon and Porto, where building excellent events with dri-
always been renowned for beautiful every weekend there´s a party! ving positive atmosphere, is Sama-
parties and amazing energy; what From dark, full on and progres- veda. Directing on monthly basis,
comes to mind as the most unbelie- sive trance, and of course psyche- great indoor parties, especially in
vable - the Boom Festival. delic, everything can be heard at the city of Oporto, and also two
Lisbon and Porto are the main cities these events! amazing outdoor parties taking
where parties have developed. Parties in clubs such as Porto Rio place in April and October. The
Every weekend it is not hard to find and Hard Club in Porto, Compan- Freedom Festival (as mentioned
yourself at an event, whether it be hia Club in Covilhã, and Opart, earlier) is celebrating their 4th
outdoor or indoor, and always with Clube Lua, Lx Factory, Alcântara anniversary in July.
some of the best national and inter- Club, Europa club in Lisbon give the PsyArt is becoming a really success-
national artists! psychedelic spirit a new reason to ful party promoter here, making in
Besides Boom Festival in 2012, Por- exist. Always with an array of the its second year two amazing out-
tugal is home to the SunGate Fes- best artists showing their amazing door parties that are a mark in Por-
tival, taking off in its first year sounds and vibes to the public. tuguese psychedelic trance events.
this year, produced by Samaveda Throughout the year in Portugal you Complete with big names from
. SunGate will take place from can check good parties from one the PsyTrance and Ambient Scene,
the 29th till the 31st of July, and of the best organizations in Portu- along with great structures and
is worth checking out if you are gal, Quest4Goa. They environment, Kin and the 4 ele-
coming to Portugal in the summer. promote several ments is already the event to go
Artists like GMS, OSOM, WAIO, indoor events if you want an true experience of
MAD MAXX, KINDZADZA, DIGITAL always with a unbelievable time at a psyche-
TALK among others, will perform at amazing pro- delic event.
this amazing event. fessionalism, When we speak of Portuguese
Information and tickets www.sama- breathta- artists and labels, we can hear king deco, some excellent works from new
Taking place in August is Freedom the hot- beginners like Algorhythm, Sub-
Festival in its fourth edition. Once test artists Zero, Sinful Reaction, A-Mush, and
again it will take place in the south and enri- Photonik, and also from well-known
of Portugal, near Elvas. This year ched positive sounds from Poison, D-Maniac, Try-
is chock-a-block with world known ambaka, Sick Addiction, Menog,
names... be sure to check it out! Khopat , Brainwash and Alienn.
Events and festivals run all year In the Ambient / Downtempo
around, we can feel that the mas- area be sure to check
sive Psytrance gatherings are no Uasca, the new project
longer the “boom” they once formed by Tajmahal(FR)
were. People are changing and and Fluxo(PT), from
so are the events themselves. Elektric Dream Rec;
With the changes there have Sergio Walgood, Zen
been a great increase in the dif- Baboon & Zen Racoon,
ferent styles of party modes, Smilie Pixie are also

national mic Lotus,
names to among others;
listen in on in this and Vj´s such as Mes- Record Labels:
more relaxed area. kal (Quest4Goa) (www.myspace.
Portuguese Artist Agencies and com/meskalart) , Fusion (Magnetika
Labels are also continuing their Agency) & Datagrama .
excellent work, starting Hypergate
Rec, Spectral Rec, Ajnagroove and It´s always a good time to visit Portu-
Flow. The are releasing some mag- gal and our great party energy, but
nificent works this year. and kee- the summer for sure, is the highlight Decor/Design:
ping their work tidy, always with of great outdoor parties. The average
excellent artists and djs to count on. entrance price goes from 3€ to 30 €,
Magnetika Female Artist Agency is in which the average prices for water/
an interesting agency that focuses beer is between 1€ and 3€. Almost
more on the work of female djs, vjs, every weekend there´s a good party to Photography:
designers and decor designers, all attend to, that can last from midnight
over the world! until 8am (for club parties), or from
Portugal also supports a strong con- midnight to 8p.m (for outdoor events).
tribution in the area of Vj and Deco, Portugal continues to be the center of Networks:
and this country can be proud to energetic psy movement, and always
have some amazing projects, such a beautiful place to visit and party!
as Tota Decor , Visual Lab decor,
Celsius Decor, Fantasy Keeper, Cos- Ganeisha
Boom Festival Alternative Floor

Psytrance in Austria
The history of Goa-Fraggles and its cul- Samsara people
ture goes back to Austria from the always create beau-

pic: pascal Querner

beginning of the early 90s. The first tiful events. Sty-
major festival was in 2003 Sonnenklang, ria is home to Pro.
in the ruins of castle Dobra. In 2008 the Tuberance and
festival was held in the beautiful Voral- Alchemy.
pensee, 8000 visitors on ten stages, for The Vienna scene
the biggest Psytrance event in the Euro- in recent years is
pean spring. Only in 2007 this major fes- strongly influenced by the Cosmic Space the open-air club on the 42 kilome-
tival went through one week of flooding Disco, who host many indoor events at ter long Danube Island, where crickets,
from unending rain. SonnenKlang was a the WUK, close to the Paradise Festival, skinny dipping and parties are part of
mega-push for the scene and in recent where ever the thousand-visitor limit is the summer as the Safi to Chillum.
years, we have seen the Psytrance cele- already exceeded. Today, the new loca- Even the great mainstream of electro-
brations grow considerably in Austria. tions Pratersauna and Goran are Memb- nic music festivals, Urban Art Forms and
The succession of Sonnenklang went rane-Club, where the family vibe of Cos- the Beat Patrol in Lower Austria, have
to the progressive Spirit-Base festival, mixed Astral Society, and the Fairy Tales their own psytrance Stages. At both of
which changes location for the first time parties remain popular. these festivals, a cross-spectrum bet-
in 2011 by a stone-pit in the forest. Spi- A ten-year-old institution, the weekly ween house, techno, drum‘n‘bass and
rit Base has now become an Internatio- Sunday-Chaizelt is in Flex. The Club-Del- minimal is offered, and they entice
nal Festival, which includes many Frag- fin-Parties with sauna and Jacuzzi, nude Fraggles with a rather wide variety of
gles from all over Europe - A large rea- dancing in the chill in the Sargfabrik music. In the parades in the city center
son for this may be because the admi- are unfortunately becoming rare. Other of Vienna, as Hanfwandertag and street
nistrative and police repression of Goa successful operators are Funny Moon, parade, there are always their own Psy-
festivals is not as strong in Austria as it Wichtl-parties, the Weberknecht, Bassis- trance trucks.
is in Germany. land (Castle Leiben, Plankenstein), the Austria is also home to internationally-
The second largest outdoor event is the Fairy Tales and Drops Reflection. There known VJs El Geko, which together with
Paradise Festival, which annually goes are many venues in Austria - from cast- Berlin Buzz-T forms the visual force Psy-
off in a fantastic landscape in Falken- les, palaces, lakes, secluded forests to nema. Many videos are from the fes-
stein, this year from 7-10 July. In Aus–
tria there are several parties every week-
end. While in Vienna from 2000 to 2006
were particularly progressive in the Sun-
tribe and Moonwalker parties in WUK,
Tirol became the center of the Dark-Psy,
mainly through the influence of Mystery
World/Wirikuta and psy- punky Malice
in Wonderland. Meanwhile, the dark
and experimental sound spills stron-
gly into the other Austrian federal sta-
tes too, and the beats are even harder
again! With Photo Tropic Records Austria
also having its own old-school label.
The otherwise conservative Salzburg
become famous by the Other Land-
events and the Unite Parade. 24/7-Label
also has its headquarters in Mozart-
stadt. In Upper Austria Klangbewusst-
sein is organized, in Lower Austria
the even Sunshine Explosion and the
Sonnenklang 2005 pic: Pascal Querner

tival scene from both sides. Occurring Kybalion, Djane Gaby, Goandi, Kajola red Psy-world (Mail to tomrom24@chello.
around the world Phoenix Fire Dancers and many others. at). While in other countries, the Goa-scene
are known for the first two-hour opera- Austria is well networked with the glo- appears to be somewhat shrinking, it con-
Goa „Spirit Fire“, which in Vienna and bal psytrance scene, the trance-media tinues to grow in Austria: from organizers,
Cologne, attract a large audience. Their Mushroom magazine, Revolve and ear- producers, DJs, decor and video artists
fluoro-and pyro-show enthusiasm again lier the Trancer’s Guide and the Traveller increase more and more all the time. Psy-
and again - indoor and outdoor. distributed at the parties. Head shops and trance in Austria has become a fixed ele-
The Salzburg decorative force Cala- Psyshops like Spaceland (Aurinshop) in ment in the music scene. Last but not least
quendi, conjures powerful landscape Vienna are always good places to meet for Austria is home to the two editors of the
images and string-art objects on the the latest party information and the Aus- Goa-book, Tom and Pascal Querner Rome.
dance floors. The best known and inter- trian Tribes. The Goa-Newsletter by Tom
nationally most active musicians are for Rom informs of monthly updates about the Text: TomRom
certain; Taliesin, Acan, IMIX, Ianuaria, best parties and news from the red-white- Translated by Kylie Van Eerden

Spirit Base Festival 2011/Austria – Stone Age

Wed 01.06. – Sun 05.06. Steinzeitdorf / Stone Age Seilerwiese / Ernstbrunn
Big surprise: Spirit Base is Austria’s Seit zwei Wochen ist die neue Loca- ren Deko-Teams gestaltet. Mega-Pro-
biggest Psytrance Festival with more tion für Spirit Base fix: Tausende jektionen von Sikanda, 3D-Visuals,
than 5,000 visitors and has a new Besucher des größten österreichi- Dekorationen und zwei mächtige
location in a lush forest near Vienna, schen Psytrance-Festival werden Laser sorgen für die Holodeck-
on the “Seiler Meadow” in Ernst- heuer nicht mehr in einem stau- Atmosphäre. Mehr als 100 internati-
brunn/Lower Austria. The 9th edi- bigen Steinbruch abfeiern müs- onale DJs und Live-Acts aus 20 Län-
tion of Spirit Base will be a mixture sen. Das 9. Spirit Base „Stone Age“ dern sind dabei. Progressive Trance,
of Progressive, Full-on, Darkpsy, wird grün und findet nun in auf der Full-On, Dark-Psy, Oldschool und
Oldschool and Ambient – on the Seilerwiese bei Ernstbrunn statt, Ambient werden einander abwech-
mainfloor and in two other floors nur eine halbe Autostunde nörd- seln, sodass möglichst alle Trance-
located in big circus tents. Right at lich von Wien. Auf der Wiese gibt arten durchwandert werden kön-
the location you’ll find two small es ein Steinzeitdorf, das das öster- nen. Neben dem Mainfloor gibt es
lakes and a Stone Age village, built reichische Fernsehen für eine Doku zwei große Zirkuszelte. Die Festival-
by Austrian TV for a documentary. erbauen ließ. pässe gibt’s auf
Visitors come from all over Europe! Vom 1. bis 5. Juni 2011 wird Spi- und in mehreren Vorverkaufsstel-
Spirit Base is the biggest psy-festi- rit Base das erste große Psy-Festival len in Wien.
val in Europe in spring 2011, taking Europas im Frühling 2011. Der Main-
place from 1 - 5 June 2011. Mainf- floor wird heuer wieder von mehre- Tom Rom
loor and tents will be decorated by
several deco teams. Projections of
Sikanda, 3D-visuals, great deco and
two mega lasers will provide the
right holodeck atmosphere. More
than 100 DJs and live-acts from 20
countries are booked. Festival tickets
are available at
as well as in various presale shops
in Vienna. The Goa tribes will start
the season 2011 this year in Austria!

01. June 2011 • Mannheim, Germany
Anfang 2000 war die Gegend um Psy Trance vertreten, deren vielfälti- Situated right next to the central sta-
Mannheim partytechnisch ein wei- ger Sound die Szene bis heute beein- tion, SUITE club rapidly became a
ßer Fleck auf der Landkarte. Dabei flusst. Auch Kai Mathesdorf, der aus lively meeting point for the local
gab es in dieser Region eigentlich seiner neuen Wahlheimat Südafrika scene, after it was opened in 2003.
schon immer eine ganze Menge anreist, dürfte vielen, die schon ein Travellers from all around Germany
Feierbegeisterte, die seit den ers- paar Jahre länger feiern, ein Begriff and even the world have frequently
ten Tagen der Szene mit dabei sind. Eat Static
Und so war die Freude groß, als
im Dezember 2003 die SUITE ihre
Türen öffnete, hinter deren Namen
sich eine „Sensual Unique Inno-
vative Technological Experience“

In direkter Nähe zum Bahnhof Mann-

heim gelegen, entwickelte sich der
Club schnell zum lebendigen Treff-
punkt der lokalen Szene, wobei regel-
mäßig sowohl hinter dem DJ Pult
als auch davor auch Gäste aus ganz
Deutschland und aller Welt gesich- sein. Und schließlich weckt auch der been welcomed. During the first night
tet wurden. Ende 2009 siedelte die Sound von Feuerhake, Pixie Trevor, of June, an extraordinary event will
SUITE auf die andere Seite der Gleise, Frechbax, dem DJ Orakel sowie Chill literally bring back the frisky spirit of
in die Hallen der ehemaligen Werk- Out Experte Liese Verdacht auf einen the old days to the lovingly designed
stätten der Bundespost über. Mit viel besonders ausgelassenen und ent- 2 dance floors, as well as the spacey
Liebe und Herzblut wurden hier 2 spannten Abend. and extra cosy Chill Out: Psy Trance
Dancefloors sowie ein ausgesprochen pioneers Eat Static, scene veteran Kai
gemütliches Chill Out und ein großzü- Though the city of Mannheim Mathesdorf, Pixie Trevor from the
giger Gardarobenbereich geschaffen. might not be known as an inter- UK, Feuerhake, Frechbax, DJ Orakel
In diesem Ambiente startet der Juni national metropolis, it does in fact and Chill expert Liese represent quite
mit einer ganz speziellen Sause, die posses a very special attraction for some indicators for a superb party
buchstäblich den gutgelaunten Spirit lovers of Psy Trance: The “Sensual experience.
der alten Tage wieder aufleben lässt: Unique Innovative Technological
Mit Eat Static sind echte Pioniere des Experience”…

Glade Festival
Friday 10.06 - Sunday 12.06 • Nuneaton, Warwickshire (England)
It began in Africa... 2 English fellows
with a passion for life, took to orga-
nizing and in some cases founding
some unbelievable psychedelic gat-
herings, including the Origin Fes-
tival, Earthdance Cape Town, and
the eclipse parties in Zambia and
Kruger Park.

The ethos was simple - energetically

positive people dancing to soul-
moving music, on brilliant sound
systems with breathtaking décor in
beautiful countryside.
well as festivals such as America’s
Born in the fields of Glastonbury Burning Man and the UK’s Secret There will be Circus acts, discus-
Festival (where The Glade Stage Garden Party. sions, incredible food, a number
continues to showcase the best of NANO SYSTEMS (one of which
electronic music to one of the big- The Origin Stage is the home of will be dedicated psy venue) and
gest audiences in Europe), The psytrance - sound provided and much more, this festival will blow
Glade became a festival in its own engineered by the design team of your mind!
right in 2004. Not just a psyche- Funktion One themselves. The mas-
delic event, but a festival bringing sive line-up includes Atmos, Man Glade Festival is a high quality, per-
the very best in underground elec- With No Name, Tristan, Headroom, formance heavy, psychedelic music
tronic music to the people who The Commercial Hippies, Ajja, Pro- experience with cutting edge elect-
loved it most. metheus, Quantize and more… ronica, set in the beautiful great Bri-
tish outdoors. Think rolling hills,
An unavoidable year off in 2010 has We warmly encourage people to be flowing streams and lush green pas-
given the festival an opportunity for part of the show, through whate- tures. It‘s a rare jewel that MUST
scaling back to 5000 people and a ver means available. Multiple sta- be experienced to be believed. It‘s
return to the original spirit… ges proudly present the likes of the home of independent beats in
This year The Glade is back and dra- Trentemøller, Adam Beyer, Andrew the UK. It is The GLADE.
wing on influences from the inter- Weatherall, Photek, Global Commu-
national psychedelic movement, as nication, Gaudi and Eskmo. Kylie Van Eerden

Psychedelic Circus Festival
Another dimension of optics and acoustics
Multicoloured and wondrous charac- visitors upon entry), a spectacular sen-
ters, arriving in vehicles and caravans sual experience will unfold: The blan-
just as multicoloured and wondrous kets, which at first appeared flat, sud-
as themselves. Daring tricks and wild denly develop an astonishing depth! case of these sound systems, excited
capers, arising from a sea of light and Particular elements really appear to euphoria is really justified. Listening to
colours, accompanied by euphoric, jump towards the observer while others music on a Funktion One is a one-of-
sometimes pretty freakish music… shift far into the background. Moving a-kind sensual experience. For anyone
The magical world of the circus cast along this optical scenery provokes the who has experienced the Funktion One
its spell over us from when we were fascinating illusion of seemingly tangi- setup at Boom festival for instance, will
children. Nothing has changed since ble, three-dimensional objects. In the know the reason: The sound appears
then despite the fact that most of us circus tent there will also be some sculp- three-dimensional and tangible like an
today prefer an adult version of this tures whose spatial character is intensi- object and pours over the floor like a
multicoloured spectacle! In this res- fied by this special 3D effect. crystal clear liquid. Despite this “physi-
pect, this year’s Psychedelic Circus cal” impact, the music is never obtru-
presents two spectacular innovations “The Brain” is supported by Pat & Pat- sive, just the opposite: You can talk to
from the field of extraordinary per- terchen, a decoration team whose style each other even in the middle of the
ceptions. Two exciting additions, the matches closely with her own work. dance floor, while having the feeling of
likes of which have never been seen Without forgetting the video projections a mighty pressure of sound at the same
or heard before on a festival in Nort- on the main stage, in the circus tent and time. The lineup providing the music
hern Europe! in the Chill Out - which are designed for for these magic sound systems can be
creating a unique rapture of the deep. described as spectacular as well, always
Firstly, there is decoration that will Already well known from his appearan- keeping a psychedelic focus while pre-
amaze: Artist Anna “The Brain” creates ces in the Psychedelic Circus is decora- senting a maximum variety.
fluorescent panoramas around the main tion artist Buju, who will again per-
floor as well as within the circus tent, form a breathtaking high wire act
which initially will appear as well-done, with his airy objects and paintings.
partly abstract, partly realistic paintings. The second spectacular news is: Roberdo
However, when viewed through some Funktion One at the dance floors.
rather inconspicuous, slightly milky There is lot of dubious hype going on
appearing glasses (distributed to the about many things today but in the

Last but not least, MAY

another small but
sweet sensational
On May 7th there will be 500
presale tickets available for 30 euros
on the festival’s website.
Free entry will be granted for ano-
ther unbelievable open air event
that is held on August 6th on the
same venue!

Optisch und akustisch auf einer neuen Ebene…

Bunte und wunderliche Gestalten, die len betrachtet, die den Besuchern am Ein- Die zweite spektakuläre Neuigkeit lau-
mit ihren ebenso bunten und wunder- gang ausgehändigt werden, eröffnet sich tet: Funktion One auf den Tanzflächen.
lichen Fahrzeugen und Wohnwagen jedoch ein sinnliches Erlebnis „der drit- Um vieles wird heute zweifelhafter Hype
anreisen. Tollkühne Kunststücke und ten Art“ - ein dreidimensionales nämlich: betrieben, aber im Falle dieser Musikan-
wilde Kapriolen, gebadet in ein Meer Die an und für sich flachen Tücher entwi- lagen ist begeisterte Euphorie wirklich
aus Licht und Farben, begleitet von ckeln plötzlich eine erstaunliche Tiefe, ein- angesagt. Denn sie schaffen ein unver-
euphorischer, teilweise ziemlich durch- zelne Elemente scheinen geradezu in den gleichliches Hörerlebnis- wer beispiels-
geknallter Musik… Schon als Kind Raum zu springen, andere treten weit in weise auf der Boom war, weiß wovon die
hat uns die magische Welt des Zirkus den Hintergrund zurück. Bewegt man sich Rede ist: Der Sound wirkt plastisch und
begeistert. Und eigentlich hat sie nie vor dieser optischen Kulisse entlang, ent- greifbar, als wäre er ein Gegenstand und
an Reiz verloren, nur dass die meisten stehen faszinierende, vermeintlich greif- verteilt sich wie eine glasklare Flüssigkeit
von uns heutzutage eine Erwachsenen- bare Illusionen von Objekten. Im Zirkus- über die Tanzfläche. Trotz dieser „physi-
version jenes bunten Spektakels bevor- zelt wird sogar eine Reihe Skulpturen zu schen“ Erfahrung wirkt die Musik niemals
zugen. In diesem Zusammenhang prä- sehen sein, deren räumlicher Charakter aufdringlich, im Gegenteil: Man kann sich
sentiert der diesjährige Psychedelic durch diesen 3D Effekt nochmals intensi- sogar mitten auf der Tanzfläche mehr
Circus zwei spektakuläre Neuerungen viert wird. Unterstützt wird The Brain von oder weniger normal unterhalten und
in Sachen außergewöhnliche Sinnes- Pat & Patterchen, einem Dekoteam, des- hat gleichzeitig das Gefühl von sattestem
wahrnehmung, die es in dieser Form sen Arbeit sich stilistisch hervorragend Schalldruck. Bespielt werden die magi-
wohl zum ersten Mal auf deutschem mit den Werken der Künstlerin ergänzt. schen Funktion One Anlagen von einem
Boden zu sehen bzw. zu hören gibt. Und auch die Videoprojektionen auf der ebenfalls als spektakulär zu bezeichnen-
Hauptbühne, im Zirkuszelt und im Chill den Lineup, welches bei größtmögli-
Zum einen wäre da die Dekoration: Künst- Out sind darauf ausgelegt, einen einzigar- cher Vielfalt stets einen psychedelischen
lerin Anna „The Brain“ arrangiert um die tigen Tiefenrausch hervorzurufen. Bereits Schwerpunkt behält.
Manege des Mainfloors und im Zirkuszelt bekannt für seine Auftritte im Psychedelic
fluoreszierende Panoramen, die zunächst Circus ist schließlich Buju, der auch in die-
wie gut gemachte, teils abstrakte, teils rea- sem Jahr mit seinen luftigen Gebilden und
listische Malerei wirken. Durch unschein- Malereien einen atemberaubenden Draht- Roberdo
bare, nur leicht milchig wirkenden Bril- seilakt vollführt.

MAY Und zuletzt eine weitere kleine, aber feine Sensation: Am 7. Mai werden auf der

Webseite des Festivals 500 Vorverkaufskarten für 30 Euro angeboten! Komplett
freien Eintritt wird es übrigens auf einer Umsonst & Draußen Party geben, die
am 06.August auf dem gleichen Gelände angesetzt ist.

17th Antaris Project

Fr 15.- Mo 18. July • near Berlin
Laugh & Dance! This year at
ANTARIS with 17 editions to the
oldest name in the Trance Festi- ANT-ARIS
val Circuit. Antaris stands under = AGAINST
a lucky star as it will take place at WAR!
a beautiful spot on the Fullmoon
weekend in July. ANTARIS will play Vier Tage und drei Nächte „Laugh & läre Blacklight- und eine spacige Tages-
the best of todays Full-On, Psy- Dance“: ANTARIS hat Kultcharakter und Deko. Mehr als 40 DJs und 30 Liveacts
trance, Progressive and Electro trägt unter den großen Trance-Events (u.a. Ace Ventura, Earthling, Koxbox,
with acts like Ace Ventura, Earth- europaweit den ältesten Namen. Das Protonica uvm.) sind am Start, um auf
ling, Koxbox and Protonica. The Festival findet nun zum 17. Mal nahe zwei Floors die Party zu rocken. In der
Mainfloor will stay open until Mon- Berlin in schönster Natur mit vielen tau- neuen Spiritual-Ambient-Area könnt ihr
day evening! Parking, camping and send Besuchern aus aller Welt statt und chillen und auftanken. Parken, Campen,
showers are for free! Antaris is a steht unter einem besonders guten Duschen und Vollspaß sind gratis!
festival that really needs little intro- Stern, denn das Festival steigt am Voll-
duction, and you would be crazy to mondwochenende im Juli! ANTARIS Tickets im Vorverkauf gibt es in ver-
miss is! Please check www.antaris- bietet ein internationales Spitzen-Lineup schiedenen Vorverkaufsstellen oder for cheaper tickets: mit feinstem Proggy, Full-On, Psy- online über die Website unter
trance und Electro sowie eine spektaku-

Kannibalen Massaker
Th 21.–Su 24. July • near Pfaffing/South-Germany
In July, it goes off again in the upper musical program will provide exquisite Im Juli geht‚ Äôs wieder auf in Ober-
part of Bavaria! From near and far trance acts and as a special treat this bayern! Von nah und fern strömt
will come again a mixed bunch dan- year, we will see a performance from wieder ein bunter Haufen tanz-und
cing and joyous human culture: Des- Hilight Tribe (France). Several hard kulturfreudiger Menschen Richtung
tination -Pfaffing! Because cele- rock bands from around the world Pfaffing, weil dort findet vom 21.–
brating from 21 to 24 July for the will deliver a colorful alternative pro- 24.Juli zum sechsten mal das „Kan-
sixth visit to this place, ‚ÄúKanniba- gram. For the more cultural side of the nibalen-Massaker“ statt. Auf die-
len-Massaker‚Äù city. On this peace- festival a beautiful colorful world mar- sem beschaulichen Festival ist für
ful festival for young and old. there is ket, a children‘s program and more jung und alt einiges geboten. Für das
something offered for everyone. The esoteric and energetic workshops. musikalische Programm sorgen erle-
sene Trance Acts und als besonde-
res Schmankerl kommt dieses Jahr
Highlight Tribe aus Frankreich. Meh-
rere Bands von Hardrock über Welt-
musik bis zum Liedermacher bilden
ein buntes Alternativprogramm. Für‘s
kulturelle gibt‘s wieder einen bun-
ten Weltmarkt, ein Kinderprogramm
und mehrere esoterisch-energetische

Summer Never End Festival

28. July–01. Aug • Mulegns-Rona/Switzerland
The motto of this years amazing Psytrance Open Air Festivals, wird
event is „Imagination takes you eve- das SNEF wohl auch dieses Jahr mit
rywhere“ Over 40 live acts and 60 ausgesuchtem Line Up, fantastischer
Djs! Basically, between a progres- Umgebung und Top-Organisation zu
sive and psychedelic trance floor, begeistern vermögen.
and including also chill, minimal, live
For the sixth time, the „Summer performances, a unique sound sys- Motto der diesjährigen Veranstal-
Never Ends“ Festival is being held in tem, laser show and the art of diffe- tung ist „Imagination takes you
the breathtaking Swiss mountains. rent decoration teams, you can be everywhere.“ über 40 Live Acts
After the success story of recent assured to be provided with around und 60 DJ‘s, hauptsächlich aus
years, it is probably no longer quite 72 hours of unforgettable moments! dem Psytrance- und Progressive-
so secret, but one of the very hot Bereich, aber auch Chillout, Mini-
tips at the European Psytrance Zum sechsten Mal findet das Sum- mal und Live Konzerte, ein einma-
Open Air festival, is that SNEF will mer Never Ends Festival in den liges Soundsystem, Lasershow und
be along this year as well as with a Schweizer Bergen statt. Nach der die Kunst verschiedener Dekoteams
sought after line-up, fantastic sur- Erfolgsgeschichte der letzten Jahre werden während 72 Stunden für
roundings and top-organization that wohl nicht mehr ganz so geheim, unvergessliche Momente sorgen.
inspires ability. aber dennoch einer der ganz heis-
sen Tipps unter den europäischen

Paradise Festival
07.–10. July • Falkenstein near Vienna/Austria
From 7-10. July 2011 Paradise Fes- man sich dieses Jahr auf 3 Büh- nen und Projektionen verzaubern
tival celebrates its third birthday nen unter anderem hosted by zusätzlich den Steinbruch 4 Tage
in Steinbruch and the Falkenstein Psycrowdelica, Psybaba oder Cos- lang in eine farbenfrohe Mär-
castle in Vienna. After the festival’s mic und Acts wie Astrix, Sun Pro- chenwelt.
previous successes, it has become ject, Liquid Soul oder Psykovsky
an insider tip to be the internatio- freuen. Multimediale Dekoratio-
nal top event! Visitors can look for-
ward to 3 stages this year (hosted by
Psycrowdelica, Psybaba or Cosmic)
displaying acts like Astrix, Sun Pro-
ject, Liquid Soul and Psykovsky. Mul-
timedia decorations and projections
enchant the quarry for 4 days in a
colorful fairytale world.

Von 7.–10. Juli 2011 feiert das

Paradise Festival seinen dritten
Geburtstag im Steinbruch und der
Burgruine Falkenstein bei Wien.
Nachdem sich das Festival schnell
vom Insidertipp zum internationa-
len Topevent gewandelt hat, darf

Atmosphere Festival
08.–10. July • Filisur / Graubünden / Switzerland
Over the past 10 years, Atmos- In den vergangen 10 Jahren hat es hier in Vollmondnächten zu wil-
phere Festival became establis- sich das Atmosphere Festival zur den Tanzritualen und sogar Besenrit-
hed as Switzerland’s most popu- beliebtesten Freiluftvergnügung ten kam, woraus sich auch der Name
lar open air pleasure. This may der Schweiz etabliert. Und das mit ableitet: Bal a l‘una, der Tanz nachts
be attributed to that from the gutem Grund. Denn die Veranstal- um Eins. Dass im Juli dort nicht nur
very beginning the promoters ter haben von Anfang an die ein- nachts, sondern auch tags munter
included the unique nature of zigartige Natur des Alpenstaates getanzt wird, dafür sorgt ein spekta-
the alpine state in their concept. zum Teil ihres Konzepts gemacht, kuläres Lineup mit internationalen
Thus the festival was held seve- so dass das Festival beispielsweise Künstlern aus den Bereichen Psy, Full
ral times in the middle of the mehrfach inmitten der atemberau- On und Progressive. Zudem wird die
breathtaking scenery of the sum- benden Kulisse der sommerlichen einzigartige Naturkulisse, zu der übri-
mery mountains, which literally Bergwelt abgehalten wurde- und gens auch ein badetauglicher Fluss-
created an astoundingly unique so tatsächlich stets eine einmalige lauf gehört, durch ein ausgefeiltes
atmosphere. Atmosphäre entstand. Dekorations- und Beleuchtungskon-
zept ergänzt. Das Atmosphere Festival
In terms of atmosphere, this year’s In diesem Jahr lautet das Stichwort in ist über den Bahnhof des nur einen
keyword is “Bellaluna”. This fine- Sachen Atmosphäre „Bellaluna“. Hin- kurzen Fußmarsch entfernten Filisur
sounding term describes a glade ter diesem klangvollen Begriff ver- leicht zu erreichen, hier bieten sich
in the forests of the canton Grau- birgt sich eine Waldlichtung im Kan- auch diverse Einkaufsmöglichkeiten.
buenden, that used to be “a mys- ton Graubünden, die nach urkundlich
terious meeting point for witches”, nicht bescheinigten Quellen einmal
according to non-official sources. ein berüchtigter Hexenplatz gewesen
Legend has it that wild dancing ritu- sein soll. So lautet die Legende, dass Roberdo
als took place here during full moon
nights and weird creatures even
flew away on brooms! That also is
where the name have developed
from: Bal a l’una, the dance at one
o’clock at night.
However, in July there will not
only be a lot of dancing during the
nights, but also during the daytime
- thanks to a spectacular line-up
including international Psy, Full On
and Progressive artists. Furthermore
the unique natural scenery will be
completed by an ingenious decora-
tion and lighting concept. Apropos
natural scenery: This time there will
be a clear river on the venue that
provides the possibility of a refres-
hing swim! Travel to Atmosphere
Festival is easily possible via train,
the station of Filisur is only a short
hike away, and there are also vari-
ous possibilities for shopping in this
nearby village.

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival
02. – 07. August 2011 • Ozora / Hungary
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Still it seems to be justified to say see, but it is going to be one of the
that Ozora in Hungary is currently among the most special and therefore most magnificent structures ever on
the most popular open airs on this planet. A chat with promoter Balazs. a Psy Trance festival. And I am very
happy with this year‘s line up that
Why is Ozora so popular all around the about to see them live. We are drea- includes one of the oldest psychedelic
world, how do you explain this success? mers as well! bands, Ozric Tentacles, and a very spe-
It‘s a difficult question to answer cial 4-hour live set from Raja Ram and
because a lot has to do with the vibe Please tell us about one of the gre- Simon Posford celebrating 20 years of
of the festival. I always say that our atest moments you had as the pro- music making. The set will include all
festival has the best crowds but I say moter of Ozora! the collaborations of these two musical
this with an obvious bias. What makes To be honest each meeting with a geniuses and some well known sounds
Ozora so popular is the fact we do it legend from our scene is a greatest like Hallucinogen and Shpongle.
from the bottom of our hearts and moment. I love talking with those who The Magic Garden will be double in
people have recognised that. Ano- were there in the early-mid 90‘s, who size with more workshops, lectures
ther thing could be our commitment to can tell you stories of how it was back and cultural events. Last year we had
the true spirits of the psychedelic cul- then. But I really can‘t choose one gre- a bit of a last minute surprise on the
ture. No fancy club stuff here, just pure atest moment of course, I am always main stage with a non-announced Hal-
psychedelics. happy to see all the artists we work lucinogen live act which amazed a
with and probably even more the great lot of people. So we thought: What a
So what differs Ozora from other vibe their music creates. And I am great idea - Let’s have a surprise every
international festivals? Is there a proud to be working with such a fan- year! Wait and see who it is going
special concept? tastic team for Ozora, a faithful crew to be this year… No hints from me,
We keep it simple because we feel from the top ownership to the last per- that‘s for sure!
that nature and things close to nature son cleaning the toilets.
are what people really desire in their (Unabridged version of this interview
lives. Its not a cheap venture to change And what is new at this year‘s available at
a big white bar tent to a full woo- Ozora?
den structure. But things like that that We got a bit bored of the Chill Out cir-
make us different from others. Musi- cus tent and thought it‘s about time
cally we stop at nothing to bring those we build our own temple for the ambi- Roberdo
acts to Ozora that people are dream ent lovers. You will have to wait and

April Amazon, Amine K, Anakk, Billy
Casazza, Celli, Chucky, Crispy Dj, Sa 23 Kinky Beats / Zürich (CH)
Fr 15 Elec Desire / Flensburg (D)
Dale, Deepr, Diali, Diego Coel- Sa 23 Infected Incident / Zürich (CH)
Fr 15 Mindwarp Invites / Groning. (NL)
ho, Digoa, Dovla, Driss, Edoar- Sa 23 luna Club In 3d / Essen (D)
Fr 15 Dancing Dragon / Ljubljana
do, Edoardo Mavarso, Emok, Flo- Sa 23 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D)
Fr 15 Hexentanz / Basel (CH)
rian Msk, Garo, Gorni, Horam, Sa 23 Psycon Part 2 / Hamburg (D)
Fr 15 Cosmic L.i.f.e / Hamburg (D)
I-Mike, Jazzmine, Kali-G, Liquid Sa 23 Schalltherapie / Wetzikon (CH)
15-17 Auta Orda / Berlin (D)
Ross, Mapusa Mapusa, Mat Thc, Sa 23 Troubles In Paradise (B)
15-18 Freek. Festival / Z. Porta(P)
Otezuka, Otkun, Phobos, Psy- Sa 23 Krama @ Zenit Schwerin / SN (D)
berpunk, Psymo, Sally Doolally, Sa 23 Psy Magic Special / Lübeck (D)
Steve O, Sensient, Tenzin, Tinker- Sa 23 Green Nuns Of The Revo. (GR)
Sa, 16.04. 23:00 bell, U-One, Yann, Young Kim Sa 23 Twisted Ext. / Rotterdam (NL)
Northern Gateway VIV Loc: This year, the festival will be held Sa 23 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D)
Live: Mesmerizer, Biorizer, Audiomatic in a new secret location camp, Sa 23 Elixir 16 / Traunstein (D)
DJs: Cannibal Crow, Wedanta, in about 1 hour driving distance Sa 23 Freitagsclub* / Kiel (D)
Mahakala, Mad Venture, Gino, from MERZOUGA village. The Sa 23 Future Dance / Bratislava
Hipnotic, Palumo uvm. Festival camp is only reacha- So 24 Sounds Of Goa / Hamburg (D)
Loc: Zwischenbau, Erich Schlesinger ble with a 4x4 vehicle. , Sahara So 24 Astral Vision / Brschweig (D)
Straße 19, Rostock Desert/Morocco So 24 Hypnotik / Lyon (F)
Info: 0176 320 93 947, Wedan- Info:, infos@ So 24 die Lustige Osters./ tirol (A) So 24 The Mystic Rose / Berlin (D)
Orga: Wedanta & Schatzhauser Orga: Nomads Tribe So 24 Implosion / London (GB)
Mo 25 Anzac Eve / Melbourne (AU)
Sa 16 Smileytribe /Near Hasselt (B) Fr 22 Nepali New Year / Kathmandu (NEP) Do 28 Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D)
Sa 16 Psyvision / Berlin (D) Fr 22 Phototropic Label P./ Vienna (A) 28-01 Rebirth:water Festival 2011 (R)
Sa 16 Waldfrieden o.T. / Minden (D) Fr 22 «universal Tribe« / Berlin (D)
Sa 16 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D) Fr 22 3rd Bit Events / Leeuwarden (NL) Fr, 29.04. - So, 01.05. 18:00
Sa 16 3klang / Essen Stadtwald (D) Fr 22 Infected Mushroom / Barca (E)
Fr 22 Beatdisziplin / München (D) Waldfrieden
Sa 16 Traumwelten V / Lübeck (D)
Sa 16 Magic Dreams Iv / Hamburg (D) Fr 22 Tales From The Crypt (A) Hai in den Mai
Sa 16 Infinite Chi / Emmen (NL) 22-24 Andes Festival / Coroico (BOL) Live: Audiomatic, Dejavoo, Hatikwa,
Sa 16 Bicycle Day Iii / Munich / (D) 22-25 Magic Cave / Bülach (CH) In Your Phaze, Kularis, NeoDur,
Sa 16 Houseverbot 2 / Bückeburg (D) Olesk, Beatboxer Mazn
Sa 16 Switch On / Mulhouse (F) DJs: Alice D Joanna, Anneli, Audioma-
Sa 16 Dilirmoon / Near (R) Sa, 23.04. 22:00 tic, Buddhas Source, Dee Luna,
Sa 16 No Mercy For You 7 / Hessen (D) Infected Incident II DJane Gaby, DJ Kristian, ElekTrig-
Sa 16 Tetraspace / Bologna (I) ger, Jazzmine, Jensson, Karyus
Sa 16 Mystic Respect Fest. / (BR) feat. Infected Mushroom aka Karmara, Le Loup, Lufttrock-
Sa 16 Electronica / Hildesheim (D) Live: Infected Mushroom ner, Magic Star, Mat Mushroom,
So 17 Traumwelten V / Lübeck (D) DJs: Müstik, Sleek, Garfield, DJ Buko, Mullekular, NeuroLogic, Psy-
Mo 18 Psy Movements V / Spornitz (D) DJ Orpheus, Frank Knatter kedelia, RaOul, Schingelkind &
18-21 Rise O. t. Phoenix / Pokh. (NEP) Xtra: Special Sound & lightconcept by Nelli, Alic, BassT73, Benjamin
Do 21 Atisha´s / Hamburg (D) Invasion Soundsystems Halfmann, Ipcress, Sascha, Flux,
Do 21 Ahnt Kai / Oldenburg (oldb) (D) Loc: Volkshaus Zürich, Stauffacher- Master ND
strasse 60, 8004 Zürich, Zürich / Deco: Fluorooptic, Liquid Sky Dimensi-
Fr, 22.04. - Di, 26.04. City/Switzerland ons
Info:, info@ Xtra: 2 outdoor floors and 1 indoor
Transahara 2011 club
Nowhere is Here Orga: Synthetic Vibes / Elmazing Loc: Waldfrieden Wunderland, Berg-
Live: Absolum, Ajja, Argonautes, Chri- str. 32, Stemwede-Wehdem,
stof, Earthling, Flipflop, Hemy- Sa, 23.04. Stemwede-Wehdem
Sync, Johnson, John Monkman, Krama @ Zenit Schwerin Info:, ranger@
Maelstrom, Monoxcide, Psyber-
Live: Krama Orga: Waldfrieden - Events
punk, Sensient, Species, Touch
DJs: Natron, Murus, Intellifex, Syncron
Loc: Zenit, Pappelgrund 15 a - 19055 Fr 29 Geometrix (CZ)
DJs: Adm, Adrenaddict, Ajja Leu, Aki,

Fusion Festival - This year‘s edition has been sold out within only 48 hours ! pic: Peter Lück

Juice Club, Hamburg Atisha, Hamburg

Juice Club, Stresemannstr. 204, Hamburg- April Coming Home...
5 min from S21/S31, U Holstenstrasse Fr. 15. Cosmic L.i.f.e. (Psytrance) Trancer Spacy‘s trancy Thursday NeoDur (live), Squee, Mazen, Yan- TranceDance @ Atisha neX, Heandima, deco: Fluorooptic Atisha, Barmbeker Str. 62, Hamburg
Sa. 23. Dark Vibrations – the revanche U-Bahn: U3 Borgweg (2 min.)
every sunday (dark & psychedelic)
Frühschicht - laut & gemütlich Systemcrash (live), Hysterixx
Electro / Proggy / Psytrance (live), Biomekanik, Isramon, Dark
from 08 Uhr to 20 Uhr Hollyday, Soundstalker, Deco: 21.04. Gründonnerstag: Feuerhake,
3 EURO, with clubcard free Fluoronauten Mikadho, DJoanna, Mellowtron, So. 24. Zukunftsmusik (Breaks, Techno) tzaf.traf
13.02. ov-silence.oli, Junes vs. Mutant Tim Healey, Beauty and the Beat, 28.04. Coming Home: Shayana & die
X, YanneX Chick & Dick, visuals: Nightscreeners linken Hände, emily skyrocker,
20.02. Alex, Fabio, Hit Asmussen, Com- Fr. 29. Cosmic Tunes (Progressive) Klopfgeister, roeddi
plexx, Diepsyden Fabio, Tamahuka,lights by Soultec 05.05. Re:Unite: Shayana, Delay Dirk,
27.02. Mario Lasal, Magoon, Karmara, Sa. 30. E.N.V.Y - Liese & die linken Hände
Brainbow nary.yield (ElectroHouse, kinky 12.05. Oldschool: Shayana, Liquid,
06.03. Morja, Arnox, Rodec, Kimie Breaks, 2Step&Garage) Remaza
13.03. Teddy d‘ Saras, Connex Life, Martin Minds, Solomon, electro & 19.05. Contemporary: Shayana &
YanneX vs. Morph Bleep, Joe Blow, dresscode: Ladies die linken Hände, Bioport &
20.03. Tomeye, Ronk, Diepsyden, Mazen chic to sexy, Gents casual to cool Elecdruids
27.03. Diwonva Live, Mario Lasal, 26.05. 2 PLUS 2: Dense, Trancistor &
Magoon, Murus, Bluespace May die linken Hände, J&B Project,
03.04. Rodec, Kimie, Tamahuka, Kaischi Fr. 06. 6 Years of LFP (Psytrance) BlueSpacE
10.04. Teddy vs. Kenny, Mutant X, YanneX Taksha (live), Dansko (live), 02.06. Question Of Time: Mentos,
Logic Spin (live), Maligne (live), Arnox & Complexx, Fungus
every Wednesday Pardauz (live), Lars Lee, Goazilla 09.06. Open Turntable
RAENDNA meets minimal trance Su. 08. Summer Opening After Hour 16.06. Open Turntable
/ progressive techno Synaptic (live), P-A.S.C.A.L, 23.06. Shroom Room: Natron, Mat
from 20 Uhr / free entry Montagu, Shamane u.m., Techno Mushroom, Shayana & die Floor: Daniel Kragh, Fabio & Mika linken Hände
20.04. Dachgeschossmusik: Tom.Eye, Fr. 20. Cosmic Tunes (Psytrance)
Jim Panse, Joh Batist DJ Magoon, Mat Mushroom
27.04. Raendna: Simon Spielvogel, Sa. 28. Beatz, Brandy & Chickz (Drum’n
Mika, Fabio Bass)
04.05. deepdub Rec.: Daniel Bruns &
guest June
11.05. Rennbahn Rec.: Chris Ross & guest Fr. 03. Cosmic Tunes (Progressive)
18.05. Envelope Rec.: Tom.Eye & C-Holz Brox & Menichelli (live), Monster
25.05. Raendna: Simon Spielvogel & guest (UK), Natron
01.06. Vatertagsspezial: 3 DJ Dirsch, Sa. 11. Zukunftsmusik (Techno)
Fabio, Hotzpod, Minilogue (2,5 hour Live Set)
08.06. Fr. 17. Brazilian Nights – Cosmic Tunes
15.06. Envelope Rec.: Tom.Eye & guest Summer Break (Psytrance)
22.06. Patchbay (live), PIN, Max Grillo,
29.06. Fusion Warm up: Simon Spielvo- ov-silence.oli, deco: Telisee
gel & guest

Fr 29 Monkey Bar Ii / Dresden (D)

Fr 29 Dance Of Elfes / Innsbruck (A)
Fr 29 Start The Freakend / Gron. (NL)
Fr 29 Moon Lounge / Vienna (A)
Fr 29 Tanz Der Welten / Oldenburg (D)
29-01 Rhythm-of-magic 2011
29-01 Waldfrieden / Stemwede (D)
29-01 Tom‘s Burzlitanz / Thun (CH)
29-01 Inter Illuminati Festival (D)
29-01 Sternentanz / Meck-Pomm(D)
29-01 Spring Freakuency / USA)

pic: Murilo Ganesh

30-02 Walpurgisnacht / Berlin (D) So, 08.05. 12:00

Summer Opening OA
May Live: suprise
DJs: suprise
Deco: suprise
So 01 Ecowarriors Cbu / Sibiu (R) Loc: Hamburg-Entenwerder
So 01 1. Mai Free Open Air Party / Wien (A)
Do 05 Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D) Do 12 Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D)
Fr 06 Party 4 Seasons/Vienna (A) Fr 13 Sternentanz / Basel (CH)
Fr 06 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) Fr 13 Freitag Der 13th / Nrw (D)
Fr 06 Blacklightcrew Bday (A) Fr 13 Maxi´s B-day-bash (A)
Fr 06 6 Years Of Lfp / Hamburg (D) Fr 13 A Magical Triad / Essen (D)
Fr 06 Planet Zogg / Sheffield (GB) 13-15 Tabula Rasa / Kiel (D)
Sa, 30.04. 22:00 06-08 Toxic Playground Oa Part 3 (D) 13-15 Real Frontier / Casiz (CH)
Electric Infinity VII 13-15 Morphogenesis Festval (B)
Live: Audiomatic, Vaishyias Sa, 07.05. 22:00 13-16 Biolumina OA / near Münster (D)
DJs: Chick & Dick, Psyflame & Erik- TransFusion 13-16 Psy Tribe Open Air 2011 / (D)
son, Haljam, Wolfgang, Patlac & Live: Symphonix, InnerState, Kularis, Sa 14 Blissful Trancemutation (P)
Matthias Meyer Fusi & Johnson , Moontales Sa 14 Life Is Live / Innsbruck (A)
Deco: Neil Gibson, Grille, Flashboy, DJs: Montagu & Golkonda, Fabio, Sa 14 Spacerock / Berlin (D)
Aerosol Mapusa Mapusa , Mat Sa 14 Beyond Spirit Festival (IND)
Xtra: Mushromm, Marco Moon, Leiya, Sa 14 Mystic Castle 2 (A)
Loc: Garage Lüneburg, Auf der Hude Martin Broszeit Sa 14 T-raum Und Zeit / Hamburg (D)
74, Lüneburg Deco: Asrai-PM, Blackout Showlaser Sa 14 Zirkus Maximus / Siedlingh. (D)
Info: Loc: Edelfettwerk, Schnackenburgal- Sa 14 Cosmic Universe / Giessen (D)
Orga: Sonic F iction lee 202, Hamburg Sa 14 The Sacred Dance (I)
Info: Sa 14 Jiranium Iii / München (D)
Sa 30 Sunsplash / Wuppertal (D) Sa 14 No Mercy For You 8 / Hessen (D)
Sa 30 Circus Maximus / Kiel (D) Sa 07 Million Marijuana / Vienna (A) Sa 14 Soulcatchers / Leeuwarden (NL)
Sa 30 Trance Orange Express/Adam (NL) Sa 07 Tabula Rasa / Basel (CH) Sa 14 Summer Of Love / Antwerpen (B)
Sa 30 Secret Nights /Zürich (CH) Sa 07 Zappelkiste / Dresden (D) Sa 14 The Psy Bad Bwoy Banquet (GB)
Sa 30 Walpurgisnacht / Elmshorn (D) Sa 07 1000 Miles Away / Zürich (CH) Do 19 Atisha / Hamburg (D)
Sa 30 Shiva‘s Moonrise / Leuven (B) Sa 07 Nordick Beatz / Berlin (D)
Sa 30 Traumfänger / Deep Inside (D) Sa 07 Art Planet / Lisbon (P) Fr, 20.05. - So, 22.05. 20:00
Sa 30 Funambolo Rebeated / Basel (CH)
Sa 30 Manicmovement / Copenhagen (DK)
Sa 07 Meeresrauschen / Klütz (D) Psychedelic Experience
Sa 07 Goacore / Hamburg (D)
Sa 30 Psightimes Iv / Rostock (D) Sa 07 Dark Vibrations / Hamburg (D) Open Air 2011
Sa 30 Quest4goa / Porto (P) Sa 07 In Motion / (D) Live: Avalon, Connexx, Elecdruids, J&B
Sa 30 Spirit Of Sounds / Dortmund (D) Sa 07 Psy Ritual / Salzburg (A) Project, Materia, Magoon, Neelix,
Sa 30 Psypurgisnacht / Dortmund (D) Sa 07 Transfusion / Hamburg (D) Phaxe, Slackjoint, Tulk
Sa 30 walpurgisnacht / Lübeck (D) Sa 07 Cosmic Fusion / Near Subotica DJs: Aliye & Kimie Doubletrou-
Sa 30 Anagromataf / Drehsa (D) Sa 07 Insane In De Westereen (NL) ble, Baum, Blue Space, Chriss,
Sa 30 Elec Infinity / Lüneburg (D) Sa 07 Soundforms / Zagreb (HR) Diepsyden, Egalo, Fabio, Johan,
Sa 30 Sunset / Imola (I) Sa 07 Soundforms / Zagreb (HR) Mat Mushroom, Mabiranon,
Sa 30 Technostate / Stockholm (S) Sa 07 One Year Of Karma / (P) Mitra, Melburn, Moody, Natron,
Sa 30 Natavara / Peine (D) Ov-Silence Oli, Schnoor &
Sa 30 Natural High / Athens (GR) Schnoor, Spunky, Timmi, Wedan-

ta, Zosma, Zottel, Aquarius, Kata- June 01-05 Black Moon Festival / Italy
ti Karati, Terra, Miller, Tomeye 01-05 Psychedelic Mountain (CH)
Deco: Shoom, BastArt 23, Illuminated Do 02 Atisha / Hamburg (D)
Art, Paraoptix, Uhu Crew Mi, 01.06. 23:00 Do 02 Herrentag / Blievenstorf (D)
Xtra: special soundsystem, projections, PEAR 03-05 Indigo Kinder Fest/ Nrw (D)
light & laserperformance, sho- Live: Feuerhake, Eatstatic, Frechbax 03-05 Ramayana Oa / Insel Usedom(D)
parea, free camping, hammock DJs: Pixie Trevor, Walter Gehm, New. 03-05 Sungate Exped. OA / Wismar (D)
area, bathing sea, chillarea, fire- Space, Orakel, Kai Mathesdorf, 03-05 Dreamland OA / Berlin (D)
performance, beautiful nature Liese & die linken Hände 03-05 Kamayura Festival / (P)
Loc: 19386 Lübz -Northern Germany - Loc: The S.U.I.T.E., Heinrich von Ste- 03-05 Ibérica Fest (P)
(between Hamburg & Berlin) phan Str.15, Direct at main train Sa 04 Nordick Beatz / Berlin (D)
A24 Exit Parchim, direction Lübz, station Mannheim, Mannheim Sa 04 Vedana / Schwerin (D)
from Lübz follow sign, near Lübz Info:, office@the- Sa 04 Metamorphosis Part One (P)
Info:, Sa 04 Digital Goes Dutch / Amstel (NL) Orga: E.T. SUITE 08-11 Medusa Festival / Belgrad ()
Orga: Psychedelic Experience Crew Do 09 Atisha / Hamburg (D)
Mi, 01.06. - So, 05.06. 18:00 Do 09 Dreamtime Feat. (R)
Fr 20 Per Anhalter Ins All / Aachen (D) 09-12 Visions Festival 2011 / Tba (P)
20-22 Psy Experience OA North.Ger (D) Spirit Base Festival 2011 09-13 Trimurti / Yaroslavl (RUS)
Sa 21 Elec Desire / Flensburg (D) Stone Age Fr 10 Birthday Bang / Ruhrpott (D)
Sa 21 Sound Of The Sun / Wuppertal (D) Live: Dino Psaras, Rinkadink, Digital 10-12 Mystical Ritual OA 2011 (CZ)
Sa 21 Cosmic - Space Disco Wien (A) Talk, Ananda Shake, Ital, Freakuli-
Sa 21 Birthday Bash / München (D) zer, Psilocybe Project , Bio Genesis, Fr, 10.06. - So, 12.06.
Sa 21 Patecatl‘s Birthday / Stg. (D)
Sa 21 The History Continues / (CH)
Naked Tourist, Alternative Control, Glade Festival
Bamboo forest, X Noize, Perfect Live: Glade Stage: Trentemøller, Drum-
Sa 21 Geheimwichtltreffen / Linz (A) Stranger, U-Recken, Solarplexus,
Sa 21 Moondrop Birthday / London (GB) code feat. Adam Beyer, SLAM,
Orgonflow, Dejavoo, K-Isuma, Paul Ritch and Joseph Capriati,
Sa 21 B-day Party / Coimbra (P) Khainz, Kularis, We, Audiomatic,
Sa 21 Butterfly Effect / Zizers (CH) Global Communication, Andrew
Aerospace, Etic, Symphonix, Pro- Weatherall, Photek, Dreadzo-
Mi 25 «mystica« / Covilhã (P) tonica, Klopfgeister, Motion Drive,
Do 26 Atisha / Hamburg (D) ne, Krafty Kuts, Hybrid, Dirtypho-
Time in Motion, Solano, Egoryth- nics, Skrillex, Engine Earz Expe-
26-29 SPirates Festival / Sarrod (H) mia, Neelix, Feuerhake, Krama,
Fr 27 Druiden Beat / Münster (D) riement, Dub FX & The Flow-
Philter, ilai, Crazy Fraggle, Nono, er Fairy, Dub Pistols, Elite Force,
Fr 27 Progressive Awakening (A) Kajola, Materia, Klangmassage Dirty Vegas, Ben & Lex
DJs: Alpha, Shane Goby, Arkadius &
Sa, 28.05. Li´l Momo, Iguana, Dj Pin, Dj P_
Insomnia 3000 Mac, Terranostra, Mat Mushroom,
Live: Cosmic Tone, Z-Machine, Combi- Cubixx, Expanding Consciousness,
Murus, Bim, Mullekular, Max Gril- pic: Kylie
DJs: Boofcontrol, Z-Machine, Cosmic lo, V.Falabella, Philharmonica,
Tone, Lamontanara, Grimlock, Thor, Malex, Micl, Alezzaro, Riff
Arowana, Pintekk, Rene Raggas, Ruff, Gobayashi, Djane Nicoletta,
D Jessy Tommes, Sun Experience, Iken,
Xtra: Old School Floor Atma, Tapanov, Goandi, Dejan,
Loc: Re-Lax Club, Bremerhavener- Caban, Fipsinger, Dreamdoctor,
strasse 35, Colohgne Freakquelizer, Maya, Mahodin,
Orga: V.I.B.E.Z. Prod. & Groove Grimi- Psywolf, Djibril, Ro-Tama, Nono,
nals Music Kajola, Soth, Absolut , Djane
Nahimana, Psy Toni, Max Para-
Sa 28 Uyuni Trance Festival /(BOL) dox, Szig Sag, Taliesin, Scheibosan,
Sa 28 Technostate / Stockholm (S) Asura, Carbon, Kuba, Tripswitch,
Sa 28 Glasshouse / Kufstein (A) Tajmahal, Aes Dana
Sa 28 Orient Express / Ámsterdam (NL) Deco: Calaquendi, Psypix, Mahodin, Spi-
Sa 28 Mannitou-massaker / Elmshorn (D) rit Base Crew and friends, Vjs El
Sa 28 Synap. Verwirrung / Giessen (D) Geko, Der Lustige Astronaut, Buzz-
Sa 28 Asarualim B-day / Tba (D) T, Sikanda, Big Laser Show 30 W
Sa 28 Umsonst & Draussen / Leussow (D) on the Mainfloor and for the 2
Sa 28 Australica / Kiel (D) floor 8 W Laser Show
Sa 28 Insomnia 3000 / Köln (D) Loc: near ErnstbrunnAustria
Sa 28 Psyafrican Evol. / Toulon (F) Info:, membran.
Orga: goaran

Origin Stage: Ajja, Allaby, Antix,

Atmos, Atomic Drop, Broken Toy,
Dickster, Electrypnose, FØRM,
Headroom, Logica, M Theory,
Man With No Name, Ott, Prome-
theus, Quantize, Sonic Species,
The Commercial Hippies, Tristan
InSpiral Stage: Gaudi, Internatio-
nal Observer, Echaskech, Slack-
baba, Sysyphe, Mbuki Mvuki

pic: Murilo Ganesh

DJs: Origin Stage: Edoar-
do, Emok, Hamish, Liquid Ross,
Lucas, Regan, Shane Gobi
Overkill Stage: Richard Devine,
Eprom, Shitmat, Eskmo,
Young Montana, Broken Note,
Loops Haunt, Koreless, Anxst,
Baconhead, Beckett & Barker, Do 16 Atisha / Hamburg-winterhude (D) ga, Prana, Harp Mechanic, Del-
Squire of Gothos, Threnody, Sil- Fr 17 Elec Desire / Flensburg (D) docend, My, Aum Guy, Cendre
verman, Revolva / Buf b2b Ghet- 17-19 Donau Unter Strom / Grfstein(A) Osmoza, Gnaia
tozoid, Bashout Allstars, Sponge- 17-19 Förde Spirit / Schönberg (D) DJs: Pym‘s, Back to Mars, El Tofy,
bob Squarewave, Warlock 17-21 Summer Sun Change / Goa Hway (D) Manuel Moskavic, Siam, Klitorix
InSpiral Stage: Fiord, Dick Trevor, Deco: Atomes supported by Goache &
Ans, George Barker, Tripswitch, Artmosphère
Alok, Aliji, Naked Nick, Moon, Xtra: Trance and Alternative stage
Nova, Ekanta, Justin Chaos, Loc: Abbaye de Radepont, Radepont,
Lewah and more... 100km from Paris, 25km from
Xtra: Healing area, yoga class & work- Rouen, Radepont/France
shops for free, boutique camping, Info:,
dogs and 13-17 year old kids are
not allowed into the festival Orga: Atomes & Oréades
Loc: Nuneaton, WarwickshireUnited
Kingdom Sa, 18.06. - Mo, 20.06. 13:00
Info:, info@ Solstice
the psychedelic gatherer
11-13 Magic Spring / Essen (D) Live: Total Eclipse¥, Para Halu, Ital,
Sa 11 Terrassenzauber / Berlin (D) Headroom, Patchbay, Tongue`n
Sa 11 Wallapampa / Elmshorn (D) Sa, 18.06. Groove, Tripswitch, Zubzub, The
Sa 11 Elbauentanz / Magdeburg (D) Former Fridays
Sa 11 Psy Horror Night / Rügen (D) SIGN Festival DJs: Shane Gobi, Dickster, Sla-
11-13 Open Chakra / Paris (F) Live: Grouch, Flooting Grooves, Secret ter, Edoardo, Lucas, Raoul, Pin,
So 12 To Wollow In Memoris / Fl (D) Vibes, Tom Cosm, Hedonix, Lill`Li, Ross, Zen, Jamez23, Digi-
So 12 Psycoticum 2011 / München (D) Master Margherita, Muggi Dane, tal Mystery Tour, Rotorro, I Mike,
Mi 15 **red Moon** / Bratislava () Ipotocaticac, Dohm, Pick, Maka- PanAm, Dori, Dovla, Bliepertro-
Mi 15 Peacemoonparty / Toulouse (F) dam, Lutin des Bois, Dirawon- nic, Resi Beatz

Xtra: as usual new and old.twisted... Der Architekt, Chilling Algiz, Kyra, Do, 07.07. - So, 10.07. 18:00
Loc: Ruigoord/Amsterdam, Locke & der Boss, Miller, Terra
Netherlands Deco: Freetranceform, Vj Solaris, Blick-
Paradise 2011
Info:, fang, Closed Eye Vision, Danny Live: Ace Ventura, Acid Prophecy, Ani- Gross matronica, Astrix, Atma, Burn In
Orga: Trance Orient Express Xtra: An outstanding line-up, a great Noise, Dj Slater & U-Prag Drum-
soundsystem, attractively worshops, mers, Cannibal Crow, Dark Whi-
Sa 18 Jump And Fly / Tessin (CH) fireperformers, amazing decorations sper, Digicult, Irgum Burgum,
Sa 18 Random / Edinburgh (GB) in co-operation with ones friends Liquid Soul, Materia, Psykovsky,
Sa 18 Ariane & Goagil OA/ Göritz (D) from Russia and Germany and a Sun Project, Trippy Hippies
Sa 18 Sunrise Part 3 / Köln (D) nice poz-pourri of shops will make a DJs: Ace Ventura, Acid Prophecy,
Sa 18 Sound Of The Sun / Wuppertal (D) nice atmosphere. Akira Indika, Alezzaro, Djane
18-20 The Psychedelic Gath./Adam (NL) Loc: Airbase Tutow near Greifswald Gaby, Djane Nicoletta, Dreaming
Do 23 Atisha / Hamburg (D) / Neubrandenburg / Demmin, Alchemist, Fade Fx, G_Ma, Goa-
23-26 Dance To Our Earth/Alps (CH) Tutow - Northern Germany gnom, Gobayashi, Iken, Irgum
Info: Burgum, Lyserg, Kajola, Pro-
Fr, 24.06. kencrew gressor, Psykovsky, Shane Gobi,
Orga: Kaschmaukencrew Tapanov Aka Goaran, Terrano-
Reisefieber VII stra, Trippy Hippies, Vasudeva,
Acts: DJ Marishanti, Echtzeit, Cimi, Siri- Fr 24 Zombie Attack / Oldenburg (D) and many more ...
on, DJ Naikido, Kinesis, Protoni- 24-26 Intiraymi Fest./Sacsayhuaman(PE) Xtra: Producer Contest (more info
ca, Flugbegleiter, DJ Navigator, 24-26 Kaschmaukenaufstand OA N.Ger (D)
Vertex, DJ Oli, DJ Magnetic, Side- 24-26 Bergtanz V / Ginzling-z-tal (A) Loc: Steinbruch & Ruine Falkenstein,
form, Polypheme, DJ Merlin, DJ 24-27 Back To Nature 3 / ¦rhus (DK) Falkenstein/Austria
Bim, Mr. Percuiliar, E-Clip, Invisi- Sa 25 Liquid Sunshine / Elmshorn (D) Info:, office@
ble Reality Sa 25 Extrawelt / Innsbruck (A)
Loc: Scheltenpass, Schelten, Kanton Sa 25 Abstract-Vision / Hamburg (D) Orga: Paradise Festival Crew
Bern, Schelten/Switzerland Sa 25 Goa Gil - / Very Soon (P)
Info:, info@poar- 29-03 Blissful Festival 2011 (P) Do, 07.07. - So, 10.07.
Orga: Polargroove
29-03 Pakawala / Mugla (TR) Hadra Trance Festival
Do 30 Atisha / Hamburg (D)
30-03 Burning Mountain / Zernez (CH) 10. Anniversary
Fr, 24.06. - So, 26.06. 22:00 30-04 Fusion / Müritzsee (D) Live: Ajja, Atriohm, Biogenesis, Bom-
Kaschmaukenaufstand 30-04 Psychedelic Experiment. (D) bax, Concept, Cristalphoenix,
Cubic Spline, D_Maniac, D_Root,
Open Air
Live: Arjuna Project, Asarualim, Bufu,
July Egorythmia, Hilight Tribe, Ker-
livin, Klopfgeister, Loud, Luna-
Filteria, InYourPhaze, Klang- rave, Midimal, Mr Peculiar, Neu-
falter, Necmi, Nitroglycerine, 01-03 Engadin Spirit / Zernez (CH) tral Motion, Ocelot, Odiseo, Pixel,
Nocti Luca, Patara, Prophets, 01-04 Cosmo Festival / Winchester (GB) Shotu, Sideform, Synaptic, Twen-
Pushertree, the Muses Rapt, 01-04 Global Harmony Fest. / Hessen (D) ty Eight, Zubzub
Volumen 01-04 Grotesque Festival / Veliko Alternative Stage: Bands: Arash &
DJs: Arcturus, A:Stro, Boom Shankar, Sa 02 Avalon Party / North. Germany (D) The Wise Orkestra, Arbaa, Floo-
Daksinamurti, Dr.Changra, Sa 02 Umsonst & Draußen / Hamburg (D) ting Grooves, Kaya Project, Mas-
GOhAn, Kyra, Mape, Phonic, Poet, Sa 02 Beachtales 2 / Hamburg (D) soud Raonaq, Mazal, Milanga,
SymbioZ, Rambeat, Tosto, Nocti Secret Vibes, Shantijaz, U.Stone
Luca, Spinne, Substan, Sunfish, Acts: Aes Dana, B. Brain, Cygna, Dije-

08-10 Universal Portal-1 / Coimbra (P)

08-11 Evolution Festival / Kavala (GR)
08-11 Pandemonium Festival (CDN)

Sa, 09.07. - Mi, 13.07.

Psychedelic Circus 3D
»first 3D festival in germany«
Live: Audiomatic, Aerospace, Atomic
Pulse, CPU, Day Din, DNA, Dj
Fabio & Moon, Freakshow, Game-
Akisutra Project boy, Hanzo, Klopfgeister, Kula-
ris, Mad Mango, NOK, Painkiller,
lyo, Dirawonga, Djane Sydney, DJs: Kristian, Bim, Pin, Shamane, Gan- Shiva Chandra, Sven Snug, Sym-
Eitan Reiter, Lakay, Hubwar, Oce- dalf, Boom Shankar, Geza, Alex, phonix, U-Recken, Vaishiyas, Vice
lot, Opti, Scientyfreaks, Sergio Natron, Gandalf, ov-silence.oli, DJs: Alexander Dorkian, Bim, Chica-
Walgood, Sleeping Forest, Sysy- Ronk, YanneX, Diepsyden, Baum, go, Djane Angel, Fabio, Intellifex,
phe, Uasca Goazilla Jackomo, K-Isuma,
DJs: Main Stage: Zirkin, Dende, Driss, Chill: Hotzpod, Terra & Miller, Capow- Marathi, Max Grillo, Melburn,
Elyxir, Fog, Jimson, Kokmok, ne Montagu & Golkonda, Natron,
Little Pumpkin, Lucas, Manu, Deko: Schaumwelt, Fluorooptic, Traum- Nick Psarros, Rocksteady &
Metronohm, Montagu, Moon- former, Telisee + Arne + Grille Bebop, Slackers, Syncron, Squee,
quake, Otezuka, Peter Didjital, Loc: near Hagenow Trang, Tulla, V.Fallabella, Alpha,
Regan, Shaka, Squee Vs Zefer, Info:, Ant, Antagon, Cannibal Crow,
S.T.U., Tajmahal, Til, Yamaga Darkshire, Halunke, Kill Bill,
Alternative Stage: Addsimeon, festival, Kokobloko, Marok, Mitra, Multi
Aes Dana, Aliji, Dub Addict Ft. gentau.oa Evil, Projekt 25, Psycko, Sacha,
Roots Massacre, 19 Demolition Orga: Morgentau-Events vs. ov-silence Teo, Sunfish, Chilling Algiz, Deep
Dub, Ossr Aka Boudou, Br. Joe Space Neuronom, Dj-Team Lub-
Pilgrim, Fishimself, Fluxo, Gino, Fr, 08.07. - So, 10.07. Dub, Maspy, Miller, Terra, Tome-
Jyppe Q Liar, Lemonchill, Little
Tune, Tajmahal, Toires, Vanessa
Atmosphere Festival ye, Tschan
Live: Cosmosis, Circuit Breakers, Bub- Deco: The Brain, Buju, Pat & Patterchen
Deco: Analavory Project, Anonymous- Loc: Exit A24 / Hagenow, Strohkirchen
Substances, Kiko & S‘té, Lucioles, ble, Atmos, Liquid Soul, Grünes-
blau, Crash Kid Company, Frea- Info:,
Mus‘act, T.E.P,
VJ: Xlr Project, Dende, Likid kulizer, Avalon, Earthling, Asax
Loc: Lans-en-VercorsFrance Syndrom, Weekend Heroes, Per-
fect Stranger, Orgonflow Sa 09 Follow The White Rabbit (DK)
Info:, Sa 09 Timeless / Olten (CH) DJs: Mahi, Seven11, Ajanix, Miguz,
Lockvogel, Animi Defectus, Digi- 10-17 Sahasrara Karma / Sahray (RUS)
tal Baba, Jackomo, Dee Jota, Mo 11 Buss Trip / Stockholm (S)
Do 07 Atisha / Hamburg (D))
07-10 Tundra Festival / Zarasai (LT) Carola, Mikro & Minu, Solaris,
07-10 Basecamp (S) Mantra, David Fraka, Akustik, Fr, 15.07. - So, 17.07. 18:00
07-10 Life Celebration / Istria (HR) Face Design Digital Waves Festival
07-10 Hadra Festiva / Lans-en-vercors (F) Deco: Nils, Traumtanz Prod. Live: Atma, Compressor, E-Clip, Ital,
Loc: Filisur / Graubünden Switzerland Mantra Flow, Mental Broadcast,
Fr, 08.07. - So, 10.07. 21:00 Info:, info@ Monkeysexplosion, Plasmotek, Sinerider, Sunday Light, Seven11,
Morgentau Open Air 2011
Whiiptongue, Xpiral
Live: Pixel, Fabio, Sirion, Imago, Jiser, Fr 08 Elec Desire / Flensburg (D) DJs: Antenaus, Akustik, Armonix,
Patchbay, Sleepwalker, Lights- Fr 08 Brain Massacre / Allgäu (D) Audioclip, Driss, Fog & Pho-
phere 08-10 Flopkick OA / Dichterhausen (D) bos, Djane Gaby, Joshua, Mahi,

Flyerverteilung und Plakatierung
in Mecklenburg
01736041744 •

Masterkaos, Mindwheel, Nagual, watts, Koxbox, Laughing Buddha, Mahodin, MHE, Naima, Od*Chi,
Nesjaja, Solaris, Randy, Riff Ruff, Onkel Dunkel, Papiyan, Para- Padawan, Paradisehunter, Patrix
Sinsan sense, Procs, Protonica, Quanti- Jung, Psydoc, Quadrivium, Rax,
Chill: Antenaus, Armonix, Fog, Djane ze, Ra, Rev, Rocky, Sirion, Solar Salex, T-Hawk, Tommes, Van da
Gaby, Jimmy9, Nesjaja, Solaris Spectrum, Space Tribe, Tristan Link
Deco: Rub & Friends, Fluorobotanic, DJs: DJane Alice D Joanna, DJane Deco: Cannibalcrew, visuals by Sikanda
Nils, stage audio, lights and laser Aliye, Astray, DJane Back to Xtra: Great for kids, organic food, free
by Impact Vision Mars, DJane Bahar, Beardy, water, cloudbusting and clean
Loc: Lostallo (GR)Switzerland Buzz‘T, Khristian, Daksinamur- playground, ecstatic dance sessi-
Info:, ti, Damon, DJane Domino. DJane on, free camping and love Ekanta, Gandal, George, Govin- Loc: Wolperdinger Wudu, bear Pfaf-
Orga: Danceline da, Javeed, Jonas, Koszki, Luca fing
& Jazzmine, Mike Mc Guire, Info:
Fr, 15.07. 12:00 - Mo, 18.07. 19:00 Namaskar, Profane, Psylotropic, massaker, www.kannibalen-mas-
Robin, Shore Bar Axel, Skitzo-
Antaris Project phrenix, Trevor Pixie, Zimon
Live: Special Live concert by The Pea- Xtra: The Ambient Floor will be added 22-24 Occultrance / Oosteeklo (B)
king Goddess Collective, Ace on to the Spirital Area to create 22-24 Psy Fraggle Rock / Hessen (D)
Ventura, Ajja, Atriohm, Avalon, an enchanting fusion of chilled 22-24 Avatara Festival / Innsbruck (A)
Captn Hook, Day Din, Dickster, out beats, yoga and meditation 22-25 Vuuv Festival NEW FINAL DATE(D)
E-Mantra, Earthling, Easy Riders, workshops. 22-25 Refresh 2011 (P)
Encephalopatycis, Filteria, Gene- Loc: Otto-Lilinthal-Airport Stölln, Rhi- Sa 23 Liquid Sunshine / Elmshorn (D)
pool, Hedonix, Hutti Heita, Ianu- now / Stölln Sa 23 U&D / Rostock (D)
aria, Jahbo, J & B Project, Killa- Info:, antaris- 23-25 Centenario / Cusco (PE) 23-25 Manatargaq / Seasid (EST)
Orga: Antaris Project 24-31 Misterika Festival / Crimea (UA)

15-17 Maitreya / North Germany (D) Do, 28.07. - So, 31.07. 20:00
15-17 Digital Waves (CH) Future Nature
15-17 Color Of Forest / Graubünden(CH)
pic: Murilo Ganesh

15-17 Systemausfall / Prignitz (D) Live: Fearsome Engine, Laughing Bud-

15-18 Psyculture Festival/ Drama (GR) dha, Tristan, E.V.P., Hoodwink,
19-25 Paleo Festival Nyon / Nyon (CH) BeardyWeardy, Reality Grid, Psi-
20-25 Elemental Evol. / Izmir (TR) loCybian, Plasma corp., Delta
cycle, Tessarect Studio
DJs: Dovla, Ganesh, Val Vashar, Njax,
Do, 21.07. - So, 24.07.
Nard, Radical Fusion, Marino,
Kannibalen Massaker Segy, Microhell, Psyborg, Rio,
Live: L‘egojazz, Talesin, Lava 303, Alen, Sale, Obeah, Nesho
SPace Connection, Bullage, Fin- Deco: Boris & Mars Room Crew
gerwalk, Cyberchill 3000, Dani- Xtra: Free Camping, Chaishops, Stalls,
el Oberneder, el Zitheracchi, Jungglers, Fire Show, Workshops,
Parandroid, Psylophonica, ener- Exibitions
getic workshops, Loc: Monumenti, Pula/Croatia
DJs: Akira Indika, Bio- Info:,
nic, Funydaylia, Goran
Horizon, Intoxicant, Orga: Avs Mars Room

Do, 28.07. - Mo, 01.08. 16:00 August

Summer Never Ends
Festival 2011 Di, 02.08. - So, 07.08. 22:00
Live: Highlight Tribe, Tristan, Altruism, O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2011
Burn In Noise, The First Stone, Dick- Live: Ace Ventura, Allaby, AMD, Antido-
ster, Total Eclipse, Johann Bley, te, Atmos, Behind Blue Eyes, Cosmo
Logica, Laughing Buddha, Aphid Circle, Dark Side, Derango, Enich-
Moon, Fearsome Engine, Ticon, kin, Fearsome Engine, Filteria, Gau-
Fabio & Moon, AMD, Psysex, Acti- dium, Green Nuns of the Revoluti-
vator, U-Recken, Ace Ventura, Digi- on, Hux Flux, Irgumburgum, Krama,
tal Talk, Vaishiyas, Atma, Day. Logic Bomb, Man With No Name,
Din, Khainz, Phatmatix, Klopfgei- Megalopsy, Mindwave, Orestis, Ovni-
ster, Kularis, Sensual Squeak, Silent moon, Ozric Tentacles, Penta, Pleia-
Sphere, Flugbegleiter, Funky Dra- dians, Protoculture, Protonica, Sen-
gon, Liquid Space, Electrypnose, sient, Shpongle, Star Sounds Orche-
Tryptamoon, Bigeneric, Chillomanie stra, SubConsciousMind, Suntree,
DJs: Emok, Scotty, Shore Bar Axel, Mul- The Delta, Tranan, Transwave, Trip-
lekular, Kulu, Alexsoph, Müstik, py Hippies, Tristan, U-Recken, Union

pic: Akisutra Project

Tapanov, Psywolf, Arkadius & L‘il Jack, X-Dream, -Z-, Zen Mechanics
Momo, Murus, Cubixx, Simon DJs: Boom Shankar, Chriss, Dimitri, Djane
Baring, Phobos & Fog, Father Obli- Gaby, Driss, Doc, Edoardo, Gino,
vion, Lynkish & Morix, Quinto Ele- Gorgo, Gus Till, James Monro, Kraak,
mento, Terranostra, Urban Tribe, Lucas, Mike Maguire, Oleg, Peter
Frontal, Solaris, Outland, Smart Didjital, Raja Ram, Sabaii Sabaii, Sen-
Monkeys, Steffi, Face Design, Bi- sifeel dj set, Shane Gobi, Tsubi, Aes
Molecular and more Dana, Asura, Ancient Core, Aura-
Xtra: 3 floors, more than 100 artists, cir- food, Banco de Gaia, Biosphere, 04-07 Dirty Dancing Fest. / Nrw (D)
cus tent outstanding soundsytem, Cell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Circu-
massive lasershow, 4 decoteams, lar, Derango, Digital Tooki, Eat Static, Fr, 05.08. - So, 07.08. 19:00
free drinking water... Entheogenic, Hibernation, H.U.V.A. Psychedelic Mountain
Loc: Mulegns / Rona Graubünden, Swit- Network, Jaia, Kaya Project, Kalu-
met in Dub, Ott, Prometheus, Pupil- Live: Freedom Fighters, Buttersonic
DJs: Solar System, Anandose, Anan-
Info: la, Solar Fields, Soul Surfer, Sync24,
da Shake, Osher, Freaked Fre-
Orga: Klangwerk & Friends Tripswitch, Twang, Winie One, Val
Vashar, Zen Lemonade & Gus Till, quency, Audiotec, Psydee, Eye
Contact, Ajanix and more...
28-31 Future Nature / Pula (HR) Younger Brother, AddSimeon, Atati,
Deco: Decibel Army
28-01 Summer Never Ends Festival (CH) BB303, Buxi, Dave Arc-i, Dj Mester-
Xtra: camping area, massive sound
28-01 Funny Moon Festival 2011 (CZ) hazy, Dovla, Iaindub, Isu, Leo, Naga,
system, big lasershow, amazing
29-31 U&Dr / Veltheim (D) Nanda, Nitelight , Tajmahal, Tsubi,
lightshow, special decoration,
29-31 Chvatimech-mountains Gattering Simon Baring, Slater, Stajl, Obi
thaifood, chai, mojito bar, clothes
29-31 Psycrowdelica / Coming Soon (D) Deco: The Extradimensional Space Agen-
stand, shops
Sa 30 Orient Express/Amsterdam (NL) cy, Global village productions,
Loc: near Chur, Grisons/Switzerland
Sa 30 Schallkonflikt / Meck-Pomm (D) Liquid Faeries, Trixx, Pumpui
Info:, info@
Sa 30 Culture Clash / München (D) Loc: Dadpuszta, Ozora, Hungary,
Sa 30 Unsere Kleine Goafete / Köln (D) Info:
Orga: Decibel Army

Fr, 05.08. - So, 07.08. 18:00 Fietzie Fatze, Lennox, Tom.eye, bazar, System Breaker, Tesla Pro-
Minimalfreak, Terra, Jim Panse, ject, Cosmic Orgasm and more
Red Planet Open Part 3 Truppenpilz, Samoht DJs: Complete line-up to come
Live: Exaile, Klopfgeister, Fabio & Deco: Fluffy Flowers, Mystic Vision, Xtra: Celebration and well-being visio-
Moon, Vice, Sunstryk, Querox, Buju, Palim Palum, Dream Wrx, nary gathering: Transcendent and
J&B Project, H.M.B., Logic Spin, Floppy Optik, Lasershow, Viual ambient music, Visionary arts,
Schatzhauser, Connexx, Electro- by Hardy, Lightshow Conscious workshops, Healing
phobica Xtra: Mainfloor whit special soundsy- area, Positive ceremonies, Giant
DJs: Arkadius & Lil`Momo, Bur- tem by Eastern Acoustic Works, Labyrinth, Conscious cinema,
ner, Dr.Changra, Fabio, Goazil- Saturday night special introduc- Sweat lodge, Meditations, Ani-
la, Intellifex, Natron, POT, Sem- tion, Screening, 2 Floors, Sho- mations and performances, Kids
per, Skaramanga, Tetz, Terpsicho- parea, Workshops, Fireperfor- village, Enchanted Forest, Well-
re, Timmi Sun, Wedanta, Zosma, mance, Waterprooft mainfloor, being
Zottel, Brain Attack, Psycko, Dr. Free water, Hammockarea, Fruits Loc: Whispering Pines, 140km West of
Oguh, Darkruss, Chillhase, Fietzie for free, Sunflowerfield, Showers, Montreal/Canada
Pre - party, After - hour, Respect Info:
the nature, all people and your-
self Fr, 12.08. - So, 14.08. 18:00
Loc: Leussow
Info: 0174/2023948, www.face-
15. Waldfrieden Wonder-!/event. land Open Air Festival
php?eid=122888064447724, Xtra: presale has begun at:
Loc: Waldfrieden Wonderland, Berg-
Fr 05 Psy_lis_high / Hessen (D) str. 32, Stemwede-Wehdem
05-07 Psy Mountain / Grisons (CH) Info: see Website
05-07 Red Planet Open Air Leussow (D)
05-07 Bachblüten Festival Ii / Kiel (D)
Sa 06 Funksignale / Hamburg (D) Orga: Waldfrieden
Sa 06 B-day Beatz / Sauerland (D)
pic: Murilo Ganesh

Sa 06 Summer Awake Fest. / Luzern (CH) Fr, 12.08. - Mo, 15.08.

Sa 06 Culture Clash / München (D)
08-15 Transylvania Calling (R) Sonica Festival 2011
Acts: Aliji, Almamegretta, Antonio
Di, 09.08. - Di, 16.08. Testa, Ashtech, Astropilot, tom
Based, Banco De Gaia, Brando
Open Mind Festival Lupi, Darren, DJ Foose, DJ Greg
Live: Kaya Project, Irina Mikhai- Mandala, DJ High, DJ Marilli, DJ
lova, Hibernation, Kamina- Scibi, DJ Wedran, D.M.T. - Total
ri, Sukush, Ray vincent, Fuzio Eclipse, Dovla, DR Cat, Entheo-
transe, Ekoplex, Equanimous, Bio- genic, Filippo Glitches, Fishim-

self, Frankie Watch, Gaudi, Greg Mi, 17.08. - Mo, 22.08.

Hunter, Josko, Kukan Dub,
Lagan, Mauxuam, Meditronica, Lost Theory Festival
Nova, Paddy Free, Pitch Black, DJs: Acts: Crossover stage: Brain
Paolo Polcari, Phuture Primi- Damage, The Herbaliser, Cee-
tive, Pura & Johan, Robin Tris- phax Acid Crew, Lory D, Alek-
kele, Scene, Simon Baring, si Perälä, Global Goon, Niveau
Toires, Tom Real, Warp Tech- Zero, Frog Pocket, Enduser, Aci-
nique, Zizou, Absolum live, dolido, Koolmorf Widesen,
Christof DJ, Ace Ventura, Ajja, X&Trick, Seal Phuric, S-Virus,
Alex Parasense, Allaby, Alter- Subskan, Imminent, Mrs. Jynx,
native Control, Altruism, Aphid Mr Gasmask, Arkanoid, Chevron,
Moon, Arjuna, Atriohm, Avalon, Vertical 67, Stefan & Liz, Stoor-
Awip, Bee, Blisargon Demo- nis, Acidburp, Oxynucid, Moth
gorgon, Burn In Noise, Djane Conk Midi, Red Eyes, Skip, Ursa,

pic: Voga
Gaby, Edoardo, Etnica, Max Dj, Wasted Matter, Zeck, Monorf,
EVP, First Stone, Swarup DJ, Bug Klinik Sound, Mush, D-Fens,
Gino, Giuseppe Parvati, Gorgo, Syncope, Digitubz, Kryll, Mac-
Govinda, Headroom, Irritant, bang!, O For Odetta & Leftchest,
Journey, Killawatts, Latam, D‘naab 136 and more...
Liftshift, Logic Bomb, Logica, Psychedelic stage: Eat Static, 17-22 Free Flow Fest. / Algrave (P)
M-Theory, Marco Tranky, Meko, Logic Bomb, Kindzadza, Dimensi- 18-21 N.o.m.a.d. / Gornies (F)
Gaiatech, Pena, Perfect Stran- on 5, Sensient, Derango, Purosur- Fr 19 magic Spell OA Prignitz (D)
ger, Pleiadians, Pseehaw, Sally po, Hallucinogenic Horses, Ima- 19-21 Tanz Der Elemente / Erfurt (D)
Doolally, Shane Gobi, Slater, ginary Sight, Darshan, Faggott, 19-21 Kling Klang OA / Meck-Pomm (D)
Species, Aki Dj, Stole, System-7, Mandalavandalz, Mubali, Para 19-21 Trancædventure / Dornberk ()
Tommy Pixan, Tristan, Tron, Halu, Ka-Sol, Kalumet, Farebi 19-21 Psykadelica Hightek Fest. (P)
Twentyeight, X-Dream, XP-Voo- Jalebi, Megalopsy, Flooting Groo- Sa 20 Nova‘s Incident X OA/Aachen(B)
doo ves, Makadam, Phobos Azazel, Sa 20 Pit Stop / Koeln (D)
Loc: MontenegroSerbia Ilse, Ankur, Scope, Ukiro, Val Vas-
Info:, har, M-Run, Lepton, Entre Nous, Do, 25.08. - Mo, 29.08. 10:00 Deimos, Milosz, Styx and more...
Chillout Forest: Eat Static, Astro- Sol Festival 2011
12-14 Wonderland OA Stemwede (D) botnia, Einóma, Herrmutt Lobby, DJs: ACTS: Absolum, Antidote, Audia-
12-14 Starfall Oa Fest. / Hamburg (D) Seal Phuric, S-Virus, Vrx, Flooting lize, Ajja, Alex Di Stefano, Anais,
12-14 Psydance Open Air / (D) Grooves, Jah Works, Jah Inspira- Andreas Pfeiffer, Avalon, Badun,
12-15 Sonica / Montenegro tion Sound, Master Margherita, Chillinberlin, Christof, Celli,
Sa 13 Elec Desire / Flensburg (D) Hoehle, Just Dbfx Decay, Dick Trevor, Disco Hoo-
Sa 13 Universal / Omis Beach (HR) Xtra: Funktion One soundsystem ligans, D.M.T. ,Digital Myste-
Sa 13 Forrest-Expl. / Meck Pomm (D) Loc: Around PlitviceCroatia ry Tour, Dj Druid, Dj Andalu-
Info: ce, Dj Jonas, Dr. Nojoke, Dj

Slater, Feat. Dj Tonio. U-Prag Margherita, Mauxuam, Menog, Morel, Yestegan Chay, Youth,
Drummers, Dj The Gee, Eat Sta- Mixmaster Morris, Marius, Mini- Yuroq, Zefer
tic, Edoardo, Ex-Gen, Fernando minds, Naked Tourists, Norbert Xtra: workshops, massage tents, mar-
Mass, Galoppiernde Zuversicht, Davenport, Olivier Giacamot- ket and a childrens‘ area
Greg Hunter, Giuseppe, Goa to, Pat Flanders, Philipp Lam- Loc: Perfect festival site next to the
Jonas, Hoehle, Hultscher & Blau, mers, Piet Jan Blauw, Plaster, Rai- ‚Embalsa Borbollon‘ in the heart
I.Mike, Jewlung, John Acquaviva, mund, Raoul, Ray Castle, Salaka- of the Sierre de Gata, in the pro-
James Monro, J¥Esp…Re, Kala- vala, Serge, Serge Geyzel, Simon vince of Extremadura that lies
brese, Karsten Pflum, Kiwa, Kox- Baring, Snÿleoparden, Sofus next to the border of Portugal,
box, Kohpat, La Cherga, Lasse Forsberg, Squaremeat, Space Extremadura - Sierra de Gata/
Illinton, Laughing Buddha, Liquid Tribe, Sÿvnigt Sind, Taj Mahal, Spain
Ross, Logic Bomb, Loco & Jam, Tamiris, Texas Fagott, Toires, Info:, solfestival@
Los Ninos De Los Ojos Rojo, Luca The Ebertbrothers. Total Eclip-
& Jasmin Gianferrari, Master se, Tribesman, Weedbeat, Xavier Orga: Third Eye Vision presents »Sol-
Third-eye Vision S.L. has been
established to create multi-media
events and happenings in Euro-
pe. Our primary project will be
the creation of a bi-annual festi-
val called SOL-FESTIVAL next to
Borbollon reservoir in the region
of Extremadura, Spain at the end
of August 2011.

25-28 Membran Festival / (A)

Fr, 26.08. - So, 28.08. 18:00

Arcadia festival 2011
Deco: Aqua-veda, Bocal-F, more t.b.a.
Xtra: 3 days electronic music and life-
style festival, 7th édition, 2 stages,
magic exposition area, Psynema,
Performances, Art, Organic deco,
pic: Akisutra Project

vjs, mapping, Visual Show... Car-

park, confortable camp-site, bun-
galows, vans/trucks area. Market.
Nature care... Glass free festival,
strict but nice security, dogs for-
bidden !!!

• Home-, Clone- & Dryboxen,

• Bewässerung & Hydrosysteme,
• Belüftung & Klimatechnik,
• Dünger & Nährstoffe,
• Belichtungstechnik,
• Medien, Erden, Substrate,
• Töpfe & Behälter.

GROW-BONN Tel.: 0228-9095783 Franzstraße 37 53111 Bonn/Altstadt


Loc: center of France

Info:, info@
Orga: Aqua-veda

Sa 27 Orient Express Amsterdam (NL)

Sa 27 Samstagsflieger / HH (D)
Sa 27 Goanica / Ticino (CH)

Fr 02 Mind Mutation / Graz (A)
02-04 Gaggalacka (D)

pic: Murilo Ganesh

02-04 Pitchrecords / Uster (CH)
02-06 Natura Festival 2011 (CDN)
So 04 Alien Safari / Cape Town
08-12 Tangra Eco Dance Festival (BG)
Fr 09 Eargasm Open Air 2011 / (D)
09-11 Error 404 / Hamburg (D)
09-11 Ppo-suntrance / Kiel (D)
09-11 Harmoonic Community Celeb.(I) Fr 14 24 / Hamburg (D) Sa 12 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A)
Sa 10 The Day Before Darkness (NL) Fr 14 Area 55 / Copenhagen (DK) Do 17 Peak Records P. / Innsbruck (A)
Sa 10 Feenrauch / Mvp (D) Sa 15 Djoannas B-day W-frieden (D) Fr 25 Error 404 / Hamburg (D)
So 11 Goa! / Berlin (D) Sa 15 Boris B-day Dance / Olpe (D) So 27 Technostate / Stockholm (S)
Fr 16 Druiden Beat / Münster (D) Sa 15 Klangregen / Zürich(dynamo) (CH) Mo 28 Arkona Creation - London (GB)
16-18 Wicked One ;-) / Bang Sare (T) Sa 15 Autumnia / Hamburg (D)
Sa 17 Sound Of The Sun / Wuppertal (D) 15-18 Divine Blast Festival/Goa(IND) December
17-19 Union Of Five Elem. / Bolog.(I) Fr 21 Elec. Desire / Flensburg (D)
Sa 24 The Free Liv. Ins. / Nieders. (D) Sa 22 Psy Supernova / Bielefeld (D)
Sa 24 Honey-factory / Hamburg (D) Sa 03 Waldfrieden / Stemwede / (D)
Sa 29 Dark Horror Night/Hamburg (D) Sa 03 Terra Nova / Kiel (D)
So 25 Password Is Love /Paris (F) Sa 29 Imagepflege 011 / Hamburg (D) Sa 10 Skitzophreniks Gathering (B)
Sa 29 lucid Dreams / Wien (A) So 25 Waldfrieden / Stemwede (D)
October Mo 31 PsyAnniversary/Leeuwarden (NL) 25-01 Totally Ressurrected
30-01 Timegate 2012 / Porrentruy (CH)
Sa 01 Sunside / Rostock (D) November 30-01 Psybox / Innsbruck (A)
Sa 01 A Mystical Journey/Stralsund (D) Sa 31 Derbuntekreis / Wuppertal (D)
Sa 01 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A) Fr 04 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) Sa 31 Rowdy New Year / Roskilde (DK)
Sa 01 Technostate / Stockholm (S) Fr 04 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) Sa 31 Silvestika / Bielefeld (D)
Sa 01 spezial B-day Boom / Vienna (A) So 06 Illusion / Winterberg (D) Sa 31 Elec. Desire / Flensburg (D)
Sa 01 Rev. of The Innerc. / Wtstock (D) Sa 12 Stromreligion / Kiel City (D) 31-02 Odyssee 2012 Berlin (D)

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What is Soulflux? I like to think
of it as intuitive speculation - an
attempt to piece together some
of the deepest truths I know of,
with a view to finding empowe-
ring insights. For this edition, I
wanted to bring music more into
the frame. I have taken inspira-
tion from a concept which is cen-
tral to physics, spirituality and pic: Sam Wadman
music, and therefore should pro-
vide some insight into how it all
hangs together. I am of course at specific frequencies, reflecting the tive to it, sounds become wider and
talking about vibration. perpetual vibration of all things. The more vibrant, inner space expands
so-called ‘harmonic oscillator’ equa- like outer space, transients soften
As a student of physics, I spent tion formed the basis of almost all and beats flow like liquid over peb-
most of my time deriving and sol- physical models, regardless of which bles. Without the incessant men-
ving equations loaded with Sines and area of physics i was studying. tal chatter of the ego, we can genu-
Cosines; oscillatory geometric func- inely feel every emotional nuance
tions which modulate the measura- As an electronic music producer, I as it happens, every nano-second
ble properties of energy and matter manipulate the vibrations of spea- of love that the artist poured into
kers at a very precise level. I fil- it. In these states the experience is
About Hedflux ter and modulate harmonic oscilla- almost telepathic - sexual even -
tors, concerned not with the static, as the boundaries between artist
symbolic algebra but the conscious and listener dissolve into a kind of
experience of those equations. The supra-linguistic communion.
diagrams of physics are replaced by
a multi-dimensional soundscape in As vibrational beings, anything we
my minds eye - a continuously evol- include in our experience beco-
ving and deeply personal space of mes included in our personal wave
colours, shapes and feelings re-pre- packet. Fearful thoughts, worries,
senting the waveforms generated. hatred and undesirable fantasies
are like rogue frequencies, muddy-
As a student of spirituality, I have ing up the mixdown of our life. Har-
Harnessing the rational to illuminate come to see myself as a vibratio- mony is just as important as it is in
the transcendental, Steve Young aka nal being, a continuously evolving music. Atoms, and thus all mate-
Hedflux is synthesising a gleaming ensemble of frequencies encom- rial constructs, are 99.999...% empty
new event-horizon of controlled,
pulsating energy across dancefloors
passing my expressions and expe- space. The tiny remaining fraction
worldwide. Unifying chunky tech- riences. Raising my energy level is of non-space is an oscillating sub-
funk with refined psychedelia, the a constant concern. I strive to focus stance with almost no measurable
result is a stylistic hybrid that whips on thoughts which elevate my emo- volume. This is our deepest nature
together laser precision engineering, tional state, and express deeds and - a multi-levelled vibrating volume
liquid tight grooves and a visceral,
rampaging energy. words which elevate the emotions of space-time. And let us not for-
Connect at: of others. get that the entire human vibration and face- evolved in, and is embedded in, a Music is a powerful energy up-lif- much larger matrix of long wave-
ter. When the mind is fully recep- length, slowly evolving vibrations;

planet earth, the solar system, the energy and creativity must be sum- motes joy and well being, then to
milky way galaxy and the greater moned to evolve a new, more stable me it is evident that it must be con-
cosmos. At this level it is plain to see configuration of frequencies, bring- tributing to greater harmony in the
see that the cosmos is just an exten- ing everything a step closer to that cosmos. It is the universe singing to
sion of our bodies, of which we are imagined point of perfection. itself. That yearning for love that we
not yet fully aware. all feel in our hearts, may be our
As human beings, we have a unique individual experience of the uni-
Although cosmic and atomic vibra- capacity to create new vibrations. I versal force which is pulling all fre-
tions are usually way outside the love to try and create sounds in my quencies toward that singular point
audible spectrum, the power of music that have never before occur- of perfect harmony - the strange
the octave enables us to turn any red in the universe. attractor - an inevitable state of the
of them into music. For example, What affect will they have out there? cosmos where, for a moment, all
the 32nd octave of the solar year is Music doesn’t just disappear after its oscillators come in to phase and
136.1Hz. This frequency has had a played - not only is it absorbed into harmony. All becomes One, creating
special significance in the east for consciousness through our ears, an almighty buzz of energy before
centuries, it is sometimes known as sound waves sink into our cells and dropping into a whole new groove.
the Cosmic Octave. the atomic lattices of the material Intuitive speculation it may be, but
around us, and as the air molecules that’s why I make music.
There are many harmonic relation- compress up against each other, the
ships between natural cycles, the sound frequencies are converted to
lunar cycle for example is the 13th low energy electromagnetic waves Steve Young
harmonic of the solar year (13 x which radiate into the galaxy. The
28 days= 364), and the orbital fre- effect may be insignificant by our Thanks to LSD
quencies of other solar planets are human standards of scale, but the (London Street-
closely related through the Gol- energy is out there (and in here), Art Design) Maga-
den Ratio Phi (1.618...). Although vibrating in its own dimensions of zine, this article
its important to understand that significance. extracted from full
this isn’t about precise mathema- text LSD Issue 7
tics - if every cosmic frequency was I am interested to explore the idea
perfectly harmonic, nothing would of tuning music to cosmic octa-
ever change! The degree of har- ves such as 136.1Hz, 194.18Hz (24th
mony is also vibrating. If we switch octave of the day/night cycle), and/
on multiple harmonic oscillators on or other fundamental/sacred natu-
a synth, we get a static, lifeless buz- ral frequencies.The tempo can
zing tone - we must de-tune the also be tuned to the root note (like
oscillators from each other to cre- 136.1Hz and 127.6bpm). Music can
ate movement. be designed for maximum reso-
nance with itself, the body and the
However too much de-tuning cre- cosmic environment, locking in to
ates instability and dissonance, for- the vital vibrations of reality - a bit
cing us to take action to restore har- like hacking the
mony. Imagine all the systems of matrix.
the universe, from quarks to gala-
xies, spinning, vibrating indepen- But I also
dently, their frequencies oscilla- wonder
ting in and out of harmony with whether music even
one another around a commonly needs to be that precise. If
felt equilibrium point (called Love?). it brings people together in
When the overall vibration becomes celebration and love, if it exclu-
too dissonant, great amounts of des or exploits no one and pro-

Drugstore News
wie „Haschisch und Sexualität“, Missbrauch des Namens Eve &
„Ecstasy und Co. Alles über Party- Rave e.V. Berlin, in dessen Zusam-
drogen“ oder „Die Legende vom menhang „inakzeptable Informa-
LSD“. Amendt galt als Vordenker tionspolitik“ betrieben worden
der sexuellen Aufklärung und seit sei. Die nunmehr ehemaligen Ver-
den 80er Jahren als scharfer Kri- einsmitglieder setzen ihre Tätig-
tiker der aktuellen Drogenpoli- keit in der Freien Arbeitsgemein-
tik. Er wurde an einer Ampel war- schaft DrogenGenußKultur fort,
tend von einem Auto überfahren. die fortan auch Infostände durch-
Der Fahrer soll Medienberichten führen wird. Die Webseite von
zufolge unter leichtem THC Ein- Eve & Rave Berlin wird nicht mehr
fluss gestanden haben. aktualisiert.

Eve & Rave Berlin Global Network of

in turmoil Party Organizations
According Several European party projects
Günter Amendt †
to an offi- are currently collaborating to
cial press establish a transnational informa-
release, tion system for warnings about
Günther Amendt is dead the majo- “bad pills” and other harms with
German social scientist Günter rity of the regard to party drugs. Another,
Amendt was killed during a tra- members of similar service is already opera-
gic traffic accident on March 12th Eve & Rave ting: Pill Reports is a global data-
in Hamburg. Since the 70ies he Berlin, a German party organi- base that offers detailed informa-
published numerous writings sation very rich in tradition, has tion about the ingredients of ana-
and studies about subjects like left the association. As a conse- lysed Ecstasy pills.
“Hashish and sexuality”, “Ecstasy quence it will not exist any more.
and Co. Everything about party The website will not be updated Verschiedene europäische Party-
drugs” or “The legend of LSD”. further and will be available only organisationen sind derzeit damit
Amendt is regarded to be one of for archive purposes. The former beschäftigt, ein länderübergrei-
the pioneers of modern sex edu- members continue their work in fendes Informationssystem für
cation in Germany as well as one a new association named “Free Warnungen über „böse Pillen“
of the most severe critics of the working group DrugsEnjoyment- und andere gefährliche Substan-
recent drug policy. Amendt was Culture”. zen im Zusammenhang mit Par-
run over by a car while waiting at tydrogen zu entwickeln. Bereits
a traffic light. According to media Laut offizieller Pressemitteilung aktiv ist das Informationsangebot
reports the driver may have been haben ein Großteil der aktiven Pill Reports, eine internationale
under light influence of THC. Mitglieder des traditionsreichen Datendank, in welcher detaillierte
Vereins Eve & Rave Berlin „den Inhaltsanalysen von Ecstasytablet-
Am 12. März wurde der Sozi- Beschluss gefasst, den Verein ten einsehbar sind.
alwissenschaftler und Autor mit sofortiger Wirkung zu verlas-
Günter Amendt bei einem tra- sen“. Da durch diese Maßnahme
gischen Verkehrsunfall in Ham- die kritische Mindestanzahl von
burg getötet. Bekannt geworden Mitgliedern unterschritten wird,
war er seit den 70er Jahren durch sei der Verein „nicht mehr exi-
die Veröffentlichung zahlreicher stent“, wie auf dessen Webseite
Schriften und Studien zu Themen zu lesen ist. Hintergrund sei ein



Police Controls
Things worth knowing
about drug tests on
the road

after party police check pic: mat

First of all, you should really be fit to red while driving or even carrying ille-
No matter how drive when taking the wheel. Driving gal drugs in your car. Rule: Be and
you look at it, under the influence of alcohol or drugs look sober. However, the phenome-
motor vehicles are part of sum- is definitely totally silly and in no way non “initial suspicion” is closely rela-
mer festivals just like black light acceptable! Also there is the nice side- ted to the phenomenon “officer whim”
decoration, laser shows & co. Obvi- effect that you really don’t have to be which is to say that if the police claim
ously, just about all cars, vans and afraid of anything if you are pulled you drove your car in a suspicious way,
motor homes have human drivers. over by the police. Nevertheless the you really drove your car in a suspi-
These persons again attract the police will probably ask you to do a cious way- at least according to official
attention of the police, who care drug test, either checking your sweat records. Remain calm in such a situa-
for their ability to drive- especially or your urine for illegal substances. tion and do avoid starting any discus-
before and after Trance open airs. In most European countries there has sions about this subject or to repri-
These pages offer some informa- to be an “initial suspicion”, which is mand the officers in any way. Polite
tion about what’s worth knowing some suspicious behaviour of yours. but firm! is the formula. For instance
when getting into this situation. Thus you should avoid looking overti- you should reject a sweat test (which is

Elimination time for substances from the body

urine blood

single occasional frequent single occasional frequent

usage usage usage usage usage usage
Alcohol up to 36 hours up to 36 hours
Cannabis up to 10 days up to 30 days up to 80 days up to 12 hours 2-3 days ca. 3 weeks
Crystal / Meth up to 5 days up to 24 hours
Ecstasy (MDMA) up to 4 days up to 24 hours
GHB (Liquid Ecstasy) hardly detectable
Heroine up to 3 days up to 24 hours
Ketamine up to 4 days up to 4 weeks several hours
Cocaine up to 4 days up to 3 weeks up to 24 hours up to 3 weeks
LSD up to 5 days up to 24 hours
Methadone up to 3 days up to 48 hours
Speed up to 4 days up to 24 hours
Magic Mushrooms up to 3 days up to 14 hours

notorious for being very unreliable) or drugs & driving: penalties

a urine test in a polite but firm way, if
you feel that this procedure is unjusti- status of substances licence fine range
fied or a means a humiliation for you. offence specified suspension
The same goes for so called “coordina- period
tion tests”. But carefully: In Germany, Germany criminal any 1-3 months or general range
for instance, you have the right to do withdrawal for all criminal
so. Here only the blood test is legally offences:
according to
valid, anyway. In the UK you can also the income of
reject these tests but this might count the offender
against you in court as is an offence non-criminal 7 named 1-3 months up to € 3.000
to refuse. As you see, the regulati- substances
ons differ from country to country and
if you want to play it really safe, get Austria non-criminal »Sucht- at least 4 weeks € 581 - 3.633
gift«; gene-
detailed information from a national rally drugs
party organisation. Furthermore there under
is something you should be aware of UN61 and
even when driving perfectly sober and Schedules
I+2 of
sharp: Intoxicating substances can be UN71
detected in several body fluids for dif-
ferent amounts of time and since yet Italy criminal any 15 days – 3 € 258 – 1.032
there are no threshold values, the final months. In case
question will be: Substance detected or of more offences
in the same year
not detected? Have a look at the tables the period goes
for more detailed information. from 1 up to 6
The rules and regulations for traffic months.
and drug controls differ from coun- United criminal any minimum 1 year up to £ 5.000
try to country. Thus also the laws and Kingdom (unlimited maxi-
duties of a car driver differ. If you are a mum)
citizen of the EU you should be aware Netherlands criminal any up to 5 years depending on
that authorities collaborate and that a case € 6.700 -
fine for driving a car under the influ- 67.000
ence of THC might not be the end of Belgium criminal any 1 months – 5 € 1.000 -
the story: Probably your local authority years 10.000
responsible for your driver’s license
France criminal substances up to 3 years € 4.500 //
will pick up the issue after some weeks, or plants € 9.000 if the
so be prepared for that. classed as driver is also
Last but not least some good news: narcotics under the
There is currently a study going on to influence of
set a threshold value for THC just like alcohol
there is one for alcohol. If there are uti- Spain criminal any 1-4 years
lisable results, we may hope for an EU- non-criminal any 1-3 months € 301-600
wide regulation in the near future.

the green fairy is back
The name alone of this potent spirit has vineyards had been severely troubled ticularly heavy drinking session with
sparked controversy since its creation. by phylloxera blight for some decades. his friend Paul Gaugin, proceeded to
Originating in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Wine was drunk instead of, or mixed cut off part of his own ear. Albeit Van
Switzerland, absinthe rose to popula- with water (to purify it), as water con- Gogh was also known to eat his oil
rity as an alcoholic beverage in late tained enough bacteria at the time to paints and drink turpentine, with a ten-
19th- and early 20th-century France, make people extremely ill. As wine pri- dency to be psychotic and self-destruc-
particularly among Parisian artists and ces soared and also became increa- tive... so absinthe cannot take the
writers. It is commonly referred to in singly difficult to come by due to the blame in entirety.
historical literature as »la fée verte« sick crops, absinthe was used more fre-
(the »green fairy« in French). quently to purify water. The stories and rumours that have follo-
The true and original absinthe can be It is no wonder that an array of mis- wed absinthe through the ages is almost
best described as an ‘anise-flavoured placed anger and controversy sur- uncanny. The most frequent rumour
spirit derived from herbs, including the rounds such a potently alcoholic beve- that tends to emerge, is the incorrect
flowers and leaves of the herb Artemi- rage, when it manages to receive noto- description of the drink to be hallucino-
sia Absinthium, commonly referred to riety from events such as in 1905, genic, and the stories of its ‘psychoac-
as “grande wormwood” together with when Jean Lanfray, who was extre- tive properties’, apart from the effects of
the green anise and sweet fennel’. Tra- mely intoxicated, murdered his wife. alcohol, have been greatly exaggerated.
ditionally natural chlorophylls remai- The claim is that he only consumed 2 Although absinthe has been harshly cri-
ning in the liquid give absinthe a natu- glasses of absinthe, nevertheless his ticized over the years, it has not been
ral green colour, but it may also be trial earned the name the “Absinthe shown to be any more dangerous than
colourless. Murder”. An instant uproar instantly any other alcohol.
rose to prohibit such a “maddening Absinthe does contain the active chemi-
The original absinthe is distilled using culprit”, leading to experimentation cal Thujone (found in Wormwood flow-
the herbs and flowers from the begin- with large doses of oil of wormwood ers), a GABA antagonist. In large doses
ning. Another method exists known injected into animals. Absinthism was it has been proven to produce mus-
as cold mixing, which involves using a named a disease and in 1912, Ame-
distilled alcohol like vodka, and merely rica had banned the drink, fol-
adding the herbs in to soak and absorb lowed shortly by France
the flavours, although this technique in 1915.
is considered inferior and does not
exhibit the same quality as the origi- Vincent Van Gogh
nal method, and sometimes is barely a also succum-
shadow of the original drink! bed to the allure
The popularity of absinthe rose con- of absinthe, and
siderably in the 1800s, when French during a par-

Check out the Absinthe offers in

Hamburgs Udopea Shop
(Schanzenstraße 95)

Picture taken in
Absinth Bar „Die Grüne Fee“
in Solothurn / Switzerland

cle spasms, but there is no conclusive

evidence of the onset of hallucinations
- even in obscenely large quantities. A
seemingly more logical explanation
emerges from during the 19th century,
when poisonous chemicals were added
to cheaper versions of the liquor, to pro-
mote a more vivid colour. For that being
said, the herbs used in traditional absin-
the do have both painkilling and antipa-
rasitic properties.
Amazingly, the ‘Green Fairy’ spirit lasted
more than 100 years in the under-
ground. It wasn’t till the 1990s, when
manufacture and sale of absinthe was
being reauthorized within countries of
the European Union. Nearly 200 brands
of absinthe were being produced in over
a dozen differing countries, particularly
France, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech
republic, as of February 2008.

Kylie Van Eerden

To drink absinthe, place a spatula-

shaped and perforated spoon on a
glass filled with 2 cl absinthe. Upon this
rest a sugar cube, and let water drop
over the sugar one drop per second.
The sugared water leaves the glass a
milky colour and the ideal absinthe-
water drinking ratio is 1:4.

Mathias Bröckers Chris Heidrich Roger Liggenstorfer

Absinthe - die Wiederkehr der Grünen Fee

ISBN: 978-3-03788-151-4
96 Seiten, Format 13,4 x 18,5 cm, Broschur

zu bestellen unter:

Echter Waldmeister / Sensatonics genuine woodruff
„Schütte den perlenden “Pour the sparkling wine past years by an
Wein auf das Wald- onto the woodruff!” EU-regulation. This
meisterlein“, sollen monks advised already in happened because of
Mönche bereits im Jahre the year 854. The sweet the incorrect assumption
854 empfohlen haben. smelling herb not only that the herb contains excessive
Denn das süß duftende matches spring by its quantities of coumarin, a subs-
Frühlingskraut besitzt rich and fresh aroma but tance believed to be harmful. As
nicht nur ein einzigartig also by its euphoric and it turns out, we now know the
frisches Aroma, sondern aphrodisiac effects. Thus quantities included do not exceed
ihm werden passend up to today it is the perfect critical levels, and are considered
zur Jahreszeit auch ingredient for an inspiring, as normal with occasional
euphorisierende und genuine seasonal cocktail. usage. Which is why the team at
aphrodisierende Eigen- Sensatonics is now pleased to
schaften nachgesagt. Und Today most people only extend its range of herb elixirs
so darf es bis heute in know the artificial taste of by a genuine woodruff liqueur,
keiner echten Maibowle woodruff, since the usage produced only from handpicked
fehlen. of the plant has been plants from biologically cont-
heavily restricted during the rolled cultivation.
Den meisten dürfte
jedoch nur der Ge-
schmack von künstli-
chen Waldmeistera-
romen bekannt sein,
denn die Nutzung Pflanzenkraft erleben:
der Pflanze wurde Sensatonics’ „Echter Waldmeis-
in den letzten ter“ Bio-Likör trägt die euphorisie-
Jahren durch eine rende Kraft des Frühlings in sich. In
EU-Regelung stark Sekt lässt er die jahrhunderte Tra-
eingeschränkt. dition der echten Maibowle wieder
aufleben. Erleben Sie seine berau-
Hintergrund war schende und sinnliche Kraft – das
die Annahme, das ganze Jahr!
Kraut enthalte
zu hohe Mengen
des als bedenklich Experience the energy:
eingestuften Cuma- Sensatonics - Real woodruff bio-
rin, was sich nun fortified with the euphoria of spring
force within. In creation of this
jedoch als falsch sparkling drink, the
herausstellte. Und century old tradition of
so ist es dem Team the Maibowle is used.
von Sensatonics Experience its intoxicating
ein Vergnügen, and sensual
ihr unfangreiches power year-round
Kräuterelixier- with this
Sortiment passend specialist beverage.
zum Wonnemonat
Mai um echten
Waldmeisterlikör zu
erweitern- herge-
stellt aus handge-
pflückten Pflanzen aus
biologisch kontrolliertem Anbau.

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