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Intelligent Platforms

Proven people,
products and systems
GE Intelligent Platforms has decades of
experience to help you take your designs from
concept, through development, and into deployed
military and commercial aviation environments.

If an ordinary computer system fails, flight critical interfaces. Another tech-

data may be lost. If an avionics system nology option is 10MBit 1553 which offers
fails, far more is at risk, and this harsh up to 10 times the data throughput.
reality guides all our avionics operations.
From the early design stages through Avionics products are also being revo-
manufacturing, testing, certification and lutionized by major advances in the
product lifecycle management, we focus capacity, performance and cost-effective-
obsessively on reliability. Because without ness of new generations of programmable
reliability, nothing else matters. logic devices (PLDs). These devices provide
avionics system designers with new and
Reliability is one of the reasons MIL-STD- exciting protocol communications options.
1553 remains a popular avionics bus.
MIL-STD-1553 has a well-deserved reputa- Bus analysis tools are critical to the avionics
tion for delivering each command with industry, and our powerful tools give you
extreme dependability. As the complex simplified control over receive, transmit,
demands of the latest avionics systems logging and analysis functions. You can
have begun to overwhelm the bandwidth analyze bus traffic, quickly generate or
capabilities of MIL-STD-1553, new concepts modify messages and view received data
such as 10MBit 1553 and Avionics Full in engineering units. Our tools provide a
Duplex Ethernet (AFDX) promise to deliver full suite of advanced features for use in
more bandwidth and the reliability the laboratory, in flight, on the flight line, or
required for avionics applications. in any application requiring real-time data
acquisition and analysis.
AFDX (also known as ARINC 664 Part 7) is a
deterministic protocol for real time appli-
cations using Ethernet media for aircraft

Rugged Systems Design PLM

The packaging of avionics systems is also Certain military, transportation and auto-
a critical factor, especially for systems that mation applications have a predicted
must survive harsh environments. Our lifetime of many decades. For these
rugged systems stand up to extremes and customers, we offer services such as
our engineering team can quickly create Product Lifecycle Management, which are
custom designs based on our existing designed to protect and extend the life of
product portfolio for both military and their investment. GE Intelligent Platforms
civilian aircraft. In addition to develop- provides cost-effective, long-­term support
ment support, we also offer engineering through our Product Lifecycle Management
development units and designer support (PLM) organization. We are committed to
to speed up the application development supporting customer programs through
process. Please contact your sales repre- their entire lifecycle, so we offer a range
sentative to learn more about our systems of innovative Long-Term Support services
product portfolio and to discuss your indi- to reduce the overall cost of ownership
vidual avionics system requirements. and provide industry-leading safeguards
against component obsolescence.
Technical Support

Avionics customers receive support

through online knowledge bases, on call
technical experts and on site personnel for
special situations. Direct access to the tech-
nical design team allows the integrating
engineers the most expedited resolution to
their needs, pre- and post-sale.
MIL-STD-1553 Avionics Cores

We offer a wide range of intelligent MIL- By taking advantage of the revolutionary

STD-1553 interface hardware to meet advances in capacity, performance and
demanding application needs. Our 1553 cost-effectiveness of a new generation of
product line combines high-speed encod- programmable logic devices (PLDs), we can
ing/decoding, large onboard memory, provide avionics system designers with
intelligent protocol processing and new and exciting protocol communications
advanced board-level functionality. This options. The electronics industry is rapidly
enables accurate buffering and record- moving to deploy these higher levels of
ing of bus traffic with no data loss while integration provided by System on a Chip
simultaneously scheduling 1553 messages (SoC) or integrated I/O implementations.
without host intervention. 1553 Cores allow the system designer
the peace of mind of using certified 1553
10MBit 1553 intellectual property, while using their own
hardware for maximum design density.
This advanced solution, available in
interface boards or FlightCORE, offers an We support the following operating systems:

alternative to regular 1Mbit 1553, while

providing up to 10 times the data
throughput. This interface is an excellent
choice for stores management control-
lers or similar applications of standard
1553 protocol running over RS-485 lines
requiring higher data rates.

common features
6 1 MB shared RAM per channel 6 High-level API libraries for Microsoft ® Windows ® 6 45-bit microsecond timetags; IRIG/GPS
6 Supports MIL-STD-1553A/B Notice II, 1760, XP/2000/Me/NT/98/95, Linux ®, LynxOS ®, Solaris ®, synchronization capability
MacAir and Link 16 VxWorks ®, LabVIEW ™, LabVIEW ™-RT, LabWindows ™/CVI, 6 Conditional BC branching on real-time message
6 Multi-function – simultaneous Bus Controller, Visual Basic and in source code with data or status
31 Remote Terminals and Bus Monitor example programs 6 Error injection/detection; BIT; RT map monitoring;
operational modes 6 IRIG-B Receiver (AM or DC/TTL)/Generator two levels of aperiodic message insertion
6 Single-function – Bus Controller or 31 Remote (DC/TTL) capability 6 I/O discretes that support avionics-level voltages
Terminals or Bus Monitor operational modes 6 Real-time bus playback with RT edit mode
6 Supports Microsoft ® Windows ® GUI bus analyzer 6 I/O triggering, real-time scope triggering and
synchronized BC to external triggers


PC-104 PCMCIA PCI Express ExpressCard PMC-MMSI IP Module
Other ARINC Protocols
Our ARINC solutions provide feature-rich
functionality, ease-of-use and exceptional Interface to a wide range of avionics pro-
performance for embedded, test and tocols with our single-board, multi-protocol
simulation applications. Most interfaces solutions for PCI, CompactPCI®, PC/104,
offer individual channel programmability PCMCIA, VME, VXI and PMC platforms. Many
for source or sink, and an optional IRIG B of our ARINC 429 boards offer options for
receive time stamp. They provide a user- additional commercial avionics protocols.
friendly design to the host system with For additional flexibility, we offer modular
on-board management of transmission, board solutions for PCI, CompactPCI, VME
receive, and data logging execution. and VXI platforms. Optionally supported
protocols include:
ARINC 615 Data Loader 6 ARINC 561/568 6-wire
6 ARINC 573/717
The streamlined, single- or multi-session 6 ARINC 419
interface software provides intuitive 6 ARINC 582
Microsoft® Windows®-based ARINC 615- 6 ARINC 708/453
3/603 data loading. The single-session 6 RS-232/422/485
software loads one ARINC 615-3/603 6 ARINC 615-3 We support the following operating systems:
compatible LRU at a time. The multi-session 6 CSDB
integrated hardware/software solution
supports up to 16 simultaneous upload or
download sessions with ARINC 615/603
compatible LRUs.

common features
6 Dedicated, fully independent , receive and 6 Available in a variety of Rx/Tx and
transmit channels environmental configurations
6 High performance processing and large, 6 Supports maximum data throughput
shared memory buffers 6 32/64-bit time tagging and optional IRIG
6 Supports GUI bus analyzers 6 Multiple receive buffering modes and on-board
6 High-level API libraries included for operating transmit message scheduling
environments including Windows ® XP/2000/Me/ 6 I/O discretes that support avionics-level voltages
NT/98/95, Linux ®, VxWorks ®, Solaris ®, LabVIEW ™, 6 Multiple protocols available on same board
LabVIEW ™-RT, LabWindows ™/CVI and in source
code with example programs


PC-104 PCMCIA ExpressCard IP Module PCI Express

AFDX/ARINC 664 loadable AFDX, we support AFDX across

evolving platforms to protect your avionics
AFDX is a deterministic protocol for real investment. Analyzer architecture sup-
time applications on Ethernet media, ports direct data to host memory for high
also known as ARINC 664 Part 7. AFDX speed data capture in demanding test and
is intended for high-speed deterministic simulation environments.
aircraft interfaces, including Engines,
Flight Controls and Navigation Systems.
With both hardware-based and software-

We support the following operating systems:

common features
6 AFDX/ARINC 664 dual port interface 6 Advanced software support
(two independent 10/100 MHz duplex ports) 6 Four bi-directional avionics discretes
6 Includes AFDX and low-level Software 6 Two Input and output triggers
Developer ’s Kit at no additional charge 6 Built-in test features
6 Advanced reception features 6 Microsoft ® Windows ® GUI Analyzer
6 Advanced transmission features with ARINC 429 option

form ExpressCard PMC cPCI

PCI PCI Express
Flexible Bus Analyzers These form factors take advantage of the the data sent by LRU’s are correct to the
popularity of the modern laptop as a base design spec. Error conditions are flagged
Today, aircraft may contain combinations for the analyzer. and identifed.
of various (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, CAN,
and AFDX) busses as part of the overall sys- All of our analyzers are capable of the key SIMULATION
tem. GE Intelligent Platforms has multiple analysis functions: Data Display, Error Log- Our analyzers generate data that accu-
bus analyzers for these protocols, all of ging and Analysis, Simulation, and Playback rately simulates one or more of the LRU’s,
them based on the common format of the of Data. Analyzers are available in multiple and they excel at injecting error condi-
PC with a Graphical User Interface. The GUI configurations: stand-alone software, card tions so that engineers can evaluate how
can present data in several formats, from and software, and complete turnkey sys- the LRU’s will behave. They are able to
raw data, to Engineering Units, to visual tem of card, software and host laptop. simulate both a 1553 Bus Controller and
formats such as gauges and strip charts, Remote Terminal; Transmitters and Receiv-
and data can be exported to other tools DATA DISPLAY ers in A429, and in an AFDX End System.
such as Microsoft® Excel®. GE Intelligent The BusTools line allows engineers to see
Platforms offers the Pass3200 for 1553 and the data superimposed on a line drawing PLAYBACK OF DATA
A429, BusTools for 1553, A429, or AFDX, of the target unit. The PASS3200 line allows Many of our analyzers allow data
and a new analyzer called the BT-AIL which the engineer to see the data on gauges, recorded on the flight line to be played
does analysis on AFDX, A429, and tailored fault indicators, and charts, much like the back to the laboratory. The data can be
CAN bus activity. indicators on an instrument panel. sent over a controlled bus to see if the
same error conditions are observed com-
The form of the analyzer depends largely ERROR/DATA LOGGING AND ANALYSIS pared to the live bus.
on its intended use. If the work is in a lab,
Error analysis is fundamental to avionics
a rack mounting or bench mounting can
system development, and our
be considered. These form factors include
analyzers allow engineers to
VME, VXI, cPCI, PCI, PCI-X, and PCI Express.
see deeply into the operation
For deployment and testing of avionic
of the bus. The analyzers can
systems, more portable approaches are
see and display errors as well
needed. Form factors available for this
as let engineers know that
would include PCMCIA and ExpressCard®.
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