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Presented by: David Lai Date: September 15, 2010

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 Overview of what a dashboard is and why we use dashboards  Dashboard Design and Best Practices  Xcelsius Best Practices  Xcelsius Data Connectivity  Xcelsius Tips and Tricks  Xcelsius Resources  Question and Answer period

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com 2010 .What is a Dashboard? Visual display Of The most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives Which Fits entirely on a single computer screen So it can be monitored at a glance Stephen Few: Information Dashboard Design Slide 4 @ Everything Xcelsius.

com 2010 . anomalies Slide 5 @ Everything Xcelsius.Why are Dashboards important?   Replacement for hunt-and-peck data-gathering techniques Provides users with a totally customized experience on accessing data  Helps users visually identify trends. patterns.

Dashboard Design  Gather business requirements and analyze  Whiteboard on paper!  Mockup your whiteboard on Xcelsius  Iterative development is great for feedback! @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .

com 2010 . as we are accustomed to doing so when reading a book. use colors that are easy on the eyes.  Use quadrants.  Should promote consistency and standards within the company to lower future learning curve.Dashboard Best Practices  Must be able to see all information in one screen without scrolling. make components of similar size.  Must supply context (Need to compare to something for the metric to be worthwhile)  Start navigation from the top left. align components uniformly.  Don’t put too much detail (ie: 10 decimal places) Slide 7 @ Everything Xcelsius.

com 2010 .2  Use charts that are easy to read!  Example of Pie Chart vs Bar Chart when comparing 8 groups Slide 8 @ Everything Xcelsius.Dashboard Best Practices .

com 2010 .Example 1 Slide 9 @ Everything Xcelsius.

com 2010 .  Choose the right color scheme and theme  Use the Canvas Container to group components if possible Slide 10 @ Everything Xcelsius.Xcelsius Best Practices .1  Re-use components if possible to reduce footprint.

com 2010 .2  In Excel.Xcelsius Best Practices . use different colors to represent different types of logic Slide 11 @ Everything Xcelsius.

COUNTIF on large datasets  Use the alignment and sizing toolbar in Xcelsius Slide 12 @ Everything Xcelsius.Xcelsius Best Practices . HLOOKUP.3  Organize your worksheets in Excel  Avoid using formulas such as VLOOKUP.com 2010 . SUMIF.

Slide 13 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .Data Connectivity  Xcelsius can connect to 12 different types of data sources.

Xcelsius 12 Connectivity Options BO Enterprise  Query as a Web Service  Live Office  SAP Netweaver BW Connection  Crystal Report Data Consumer  Flash Variables  FS Commands Non-BO Enterprise      Web Service Connection XML Data Portal Data LCDS Connection (Adobe) External Interface Connections  Excel XML Maps Slide 14 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .

Live Office and QaaWS @ Design Time Slide 15 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .

com 2010 .Live Office and QaaWS @ Runtime Slide 16 @ Everything Xcelsius.

When to use Live Office –Complex formatting  Crosstabs with a dynamic amount of columns or formulas in the cells that require complex formulas that can be done in the WEBI report.  With QaaWS we can use ETL but that would require extra data maintenance and universes/universe objects which some organizations are not okay with.com 2010 .  Can’t have separate QaaWS objects for each sales office since there is a dynamic number of sales offices Slide 26 @ Everything Xcelsius.

Crystal Reports  Crystal Reports can be utilized when there is no Universe Slide 27 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .When to use Live Office Scheduling  We can make use of WEBI report scheduling on queries that take long to run.  The dataset needs to be small enough (less than 500 rows) so that we can just grab the entire set without having to query.

com 2010 .When to use Query as a Web Service Performance  Query as a Web Service does not have to build a WEBI report and queries directly  Good for large data sets that need to be broken down with prompt parameters Data Logic / Maintainability  Keeps Data Logic in the data layer so that database handles all the number crunching through the ETL Slide 28 @ Everything Xcelsius.

com 2010 .Thoughts on Live Office and QaaWS  Whether developers are comfortable with WEBI or ETL? Doing one of the other may cost more in the long run  Is it strict where Data Logic should reside?  Is the organization comfortable with managing both to get the best out of both worlds? Slide 29 @ Everything Xcelsius.

com 2010 .Xcelsius Tips and Tricks Mouse Over Help  Common that users may want some assistance on a certain component or chart Slide 30 @ Everything Xcelsius.

2 Slide 31 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .Mouse over Help .

Mouse over Help .com 2010 .3 Slide 32 @ Everything Xcelsius.

Mouse over help .com 2010 .4 Slide 33 @ Everything Xcelsius.

Xcelsius Tips and Tricks Adding depth to your charts  Add depth to your chart to give it that WOW factor Slide 34 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .

2 Slide 35 @ Everything Xcelsius.Adding depth to Charts .com 2010 .

3 Slide 36 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .Adding depth to Charts .

4 Slide 37 @ Everything Xcelsius.com 2010 .Adding depth to Charts .

com 2010 .5 Slide 38 @ Everything Xcelsius.Adding depth to Charts .

com 2010 .Tips and Tricks Using the Canvas Container to group components Slide 39 @ Everything Xcelsius.

jspa?categoryID=45 Tips/Tricks and Best Practices       Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices – Loren Abdulezer Information Dashboard Design – Stephen Few Everything Xcelsius – http://www.net David Lai’s blog – http://www.everythingxcelsius.com Ryan Goodman’s Xcelsius blog – http://www.http://www.com/busobj/ SAP Community Network Forums http://forums.forumtopics.com 2010 .com/category.com MyXcelsius – http://www.Xcelsius Resources Troubleshooting   BusinessObjectsBoard .sap.davidlai101.myxcelsius.com/blog Slide 40 @ Everything Xcelsius.ryangoodman.sdn.

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