DSR NOTES 1) The rates of the items in this Schedule of Rates are worked out assuming average lead

for Greater Mumbai area for all sorts of materials as approved under Government in B & C Department (Now P.W.Dapartment) letter No. SRS 3870/40773-1, dated 6th April 1972. The rates are inclusive of octroi charges of M.C.G.B. While arriving at the basic rates of material carrying under the category of Minor Mineral Act. Royalty charges are included as per Govt. of Maharashtra, P.W.Deptt. Circular No. Misc/112002/194/Plan-3 dated 6.6.2003 2) 3) The rates of the items in this Schedule of Rates are applicable for ground floor and one upper floor work. For every additional floor above ground and one upper floor, the percentage increase in rates shall be 1% per floor.

The above increase is applicable for items and specification shown below:

Sr. No. Specification 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 4) Bd/F, G, H Bd/L Bd/M Bd/O Bd/R Bd/T Bd/U, C Bd/V Bd/W

Item R.C.C. work, Mild Steel/ Tor Steel/T.M.T. steel reinforcement, Brick Masonry, Stone Masonry. External Plastering and Pointing Flooring, Dado, Skirting, Treads (except white glazed, ceramic and marble tiles) External Painting Manglore Tiles roof, Ridge, Ceilings Weather sheds, Replacing external window shutters using scaffolding. Structural Steel work, Tubular trusses, Grill work. C.I./ A.C./ P.V.C. Soil, Waste, Vent and Rain water pipes and Mild Steel Tanks. External repairing by Polymer.

The percentage increase to be applied for items like water proofing treatment on terrace, water storage tank, parapet wall with coping, staircase and lift room with slabs and water proofing treatment, plastering, painting etc. to be carried out in the terrace will be assumed to be that for items of its lower floor and the rate of such floor is applicable. For preparation of estimates of building with ground plus upper floors. The quantities of items shown in Sr. NO.3 above should be consolidated for work to be carried out and average rate of each item should be worked out for all the floors including ground plus one upper floor as shown in table below:



7.75 1. DSR/I091/CR-6577/Planning -3.R. No. The increase in rates as above shall be on DSR item rates (excluding labour items) only and shall not be applicable for special approved non DSR rates. Governor Residence and Offices.W. Chief Minster’s residence is in addition to the increase of 5% approved for Malbar Hill. New Council Hall.S.20 Add 0.2007. B’bay Regions’ letter No.E. Department’s G. Office of the Commissioner of Police Building.3.12. Chief Minister’s residence and Dy. dated 8. 3. No.45 0. should be increased as under:(a) (b) For works in Jail / Prison 15% as per Government Resolution P. Mumbai Region’s letter No.10 Percentage by which rate is to be increased = Since the basic rates of materials adopted while preparing the Rate Abstract of items are as per market rates.R.1993. For works at Malbar Hill & Cumballa Hill 5% (Due to traffic restrictions) The proposal has been approved vide C.W.2006) 7) The rates of items in D. (As per Govt. For works at South Mumbai (Plan attached separately) 5% (Due to Traffic restrictions) The proposal has been approved vide C. CE{B)/D-6/ D. rates considered in the DSR are inclusive of VAT and other taxes etc.45 2. The proposal has been approved by Mumbai Circle DSR Committee as on 1. 26.93 (c) For works at Mantralaya. BDG-2005/324/Bldg. in P. Chief Minster’s residence 5% (Due to high security restrictions).well as Dy. Police Mukhyalaya.S. no separate provision is required to be made in the DSR items i.45% for every additional floor Example: for a work to be done on ground to sixth floor the percentage shall be increased as given below: For fourth floor For fifth floor For sixth floor Total % 6) 1. NIL NIL 0. This increase of 5% for Chief Minister’s residence as .D.35 0./93-94/5016.-2 dt. at Walkeshwar.20 0.E.97 (e) For the work at the premises of Hon. (d) Note :- 2 . CE(B)/D-7/ DSR 96-97/1390 Dt.3.e.TABLE Floor Ground First Second Third Fourth Rate to be increased by 1 % consecutively NIL NIL 1 2 3 Average percentage by which Rate to be increased. Malbar Hill rate should be increase by 5% due to high security restrictions.7. dated 31.R. which include VAT and other taxes.

000/Rs.30 8. Bricks.1993. Testing charges of materials should invariably be borne by the contractor.400/Rs. Revenue and Forest Deppt. dated 14. the width for scaffolding should be restricted to the width of the toilet block. Murum.25 4. Aggregates. DSR/I090/.W. additional scaffolding charges as detailed below are to be paid.3.15-12-2006 and it is non refundable. P.1993. provided the work is carried out by erecting scaffolding. bars Structural Steel Rs. Khankies.T.CR-6453/Planning . 40. Rate per Sq.xks[kfu 33@254iz-d-63@2 fn. Earth for excavation filling considered in this Schedule are including Royalty Charges as per Govt. provision of material testing charges has been included in item rate. 14) For transportation items (including removing derbies) Lead charges for various materials given in statement -’C’ are including loading.S. hence these charges should not be separately added. 13) In this D. Rate Per One Metric Tonne Cement Mild Steel/Tor Steel T.M.7. 3 .R. Circular No.8) As per Govt.D.W.05 6.D.R.19-4-2006 o fn. soil/vent/waste water pipe. dated 14.1993.m 2008-2009 Gr + 4 Upper Floors Gr + 8 Upper Floors Gr + 12 Upper Floors Gr + 16 Upper Floors Gr + 20 Upper Floors 1. P.3.7.000/- The rates to be entered in Schedule ‘A’ of the tender should be the actual stock issue rates but should not be less than the above rates. Provision of 1 % for Labour Amenities has been made in the item rate as per Govt. Circular No. Circular No. 42.58 2. following basic rates have been considered. Rates of Rubble. For external plastering / painting/pointing. 45.7. G.80 9) 10) 11) 12) For soil / vent/waster water pipes. unloading and overhead charges. 5. Sand. dated 14. DSR/I090/CR-6453/Planning -3. DSR/I090/CR-6453/Planning. Metal.000/Rs. No provision of turn over tax has been made in the item rate as per Govt. No.

Under Section Bd-V the items of C. 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 4 . 1. The items of tiled flooring and dado under section Bd-M are inclusive of bedding and plastering respectively. Schedule of Rates prepared for the year 2008-2009 is operative from 15. In most of the cases dewatering is required to be done mechanically with water pump for which separate Item No.11.2009 Sanctioned for the year 2008-09 Sd/Executive Engineer.6.I.Soil/Waste/Rain water pipes shall only be used after the prior inspection of site and issue of specific order by Superintending Engineer. Hence while preparing the estimates. The load of 2.e. President Division.2008 to 30.5 times of proposed safe working load on pile). separate provision shall not made for bedding and plastering.4 may be considered. Mumbai. For initial test the rates may be increased by 50% over rates of routine test.5 times of proposed safe working load on piles shall be tested for initial test. Under Section Bd-W the items pertaining to Polymer repairs shall only be executed after prior inspection of site and issue of specific order by Superintending Engineer. Items of pile load testing in Section Bd-B indicates the rates for routine test (i.15) Items of excavation in Section Bd-A includes manual dewatering.

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