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We Know Healthcare. We Know Insurance.

The Joint Venture Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
Defining the Health Insurance Sector of India.

Apollo Hospitals Group
74% Stake

Launched in 2007 to become the First choice Health Insurer. Provide Differentiated Product & Service

Munich Health
26% Stake


Leverage deep industry knowledge of
healthcare and Insurance from the parentage. Linked with ‘prevention and wellness’.


We Know Insurance.Health Care & Insurance Experts Largest Healthcare group in Asia Strong brand foundation Varied and Multiple touch points Strong industry knowhow Specialized in Health Insurance Part of largest health reinsurer worldwide Access to up-to-date information on trends and new developments Excellent risk management expertise We Know Healthcare. 3 .

clear policies.Product Philosophy Let’s Uncomplicate. making health insurance the way it ought to be. •We make quality healthcare easy and accessible. •Simple language. 4 . transparent procedures and innovative products. Not only a positioning but a belief and journey.

Our Product Offerings Easy Health HEALTH INSURANCE Maxima Optima Cash Individual Personal Accident TRAVEL INSURANCE ACCIDENT INSURANCE Easy Travel 5 .

Easy Health Insurance Plan Inpatient Hospitalization with pre and post hospitalization benefit Key Benefits: •100 % Life Long Renewal •Multiple Variant •Critical Illness Rider* •HRA and Healthline support •Maternity Benefit* *As per Variant 6 .

00.50 3. 60 years  Entry Age for dependent child 5 years ( 91 days.00. 4. if both parents covered)  NO COVER CEASING AGE. in Lacs) Exclusive (Rs. 5.00 2. 5.50 4.00. in Lacs) Premium (Rs.EASY HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN  Offers Cover for Self.00.00. 7. 4. 10. 7.Min. 5.00.00. 18 years & Max.00.00 in Lacs) 1. 4. Dependent children & Dependent Parents  Entry age for Adult. 5. 7. Spouse. 5.00. 4. 5.00. 7.50.00 3.00. 3. 10. 2.00.00 Tax Savings u/s 80D of IT act 7 .Lifelong Policy Renewal Sum Insured Options Product Variant Plan Options Individual Family Floater Standard (Rs. 3.00.

Vision & Hearing Aids  Daily Cash for Shared Accommodation  Portability of benefits from existing Health policy to our Policy  Organ Donor Expenses  Emergency Ambulance expenses  E-opinion for Critical Illness  Critical Illness – Optional Rider  Renewal Incentives  Health Check-up Daily Cash for accompanying an insured child *Benefits may vary as per the Variant opted 8 .with a waiting Period  Domiciliary Treatment  140 Day Care Procedures  Coverage for New Born – from Day 1 What is Covered!  Out-patient Dental.EASY HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN  Inpatient hospitalisation  Pre & Post Hospitalisation expenses – upto 30 & 60 days resp.  Maternity Benefits.

What WE Offer & Others DONT Offering Life Long Policy RenewalCover from Cradle to Grave Apollo Munich YES Offered Others Offer cover around 75 years only Limit of room rent up to 1% of the policy Not offered – resulting in loss of accrued benefits No Sub-limits on Room Rent- No need to compromise on facilities when it comes to healthcare Portability of Benefits- Acknowledgement of accrued benefits of your existing Health Insurance Policy Offered Offered Outpatient Vision. Hearing aid & Dental cover Additional Cover for Critical Illness New Born & Maternity Benefits Health Line Support Health Check-up for any time medical assistance with a waiting period benefit with core inpatient offering with a waiting period Most Insurers don’t offer Others offer as a separate product Most Insurers don’t offer Most Insurers don’t offer Most Insurers don’t offer Offered as optional rider Offered Offered Upto 1% of SI Offered 9 .

please refer to policy wording . hernia.EASY HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN   30 days waiting period 2 year specific disease waiting period like cataract. hysterectomy. joint replacement and hydrocele Pre-existing disease are covered from 4th year HIV. AIDS and related disease Internal & external congenital disease Non-allopathic treatment Artificial limb and external devices Cosmetic treatment Items of personal comfort and convenience What we don’t cover!        * For complete list of exclusions.

spectacles. •Inpatient Hospitalization cover . medicine. •Income Tax benefit. •Annual Master Health Check 11 . health check and Inpatient hospitalization Key Benefits: •Covering OPD expenses.MAXIMA India’s First 360 Degree Health Plan covering doctor consultation. •100 % Life Long Renewal.

MAXIMA India’s First 3600 Health Plan Inpatient Treatment OPD treatment Wellness Component MAXIMA Dental Cover Vision Care Critical illness Rider 12 .

contact lenses and annual health checkup. spectacles. outpatient dental treatment. pharmacy expense. without any waiting period  Annual Health Checkup at Apollo Munich’s high quality network  Life long Policy Renewal – no cover ceasing age  Cumulative Bonus on Inpatient Sum Insured and carry forward bonus for OPD benefits (Except Annual Health Checkup) 13 .MAXIMA – Unique in its way  Access to high quality network for outpatient cover includingdiagnostic tests.  Maxima offers coverage for any existing conditions that require out-patient care.

Benefit for annual Master Health Check. Access to Apollo Munich trusted network of providers for OPD expenses. 14 .MAXIMA – Outpatient Benefits (OPD) Doctor Consultation on cashless basis within network and on reimbursement outside the network. Benefits for Pharmacy expenses Benefit for expenses related to Spectacles What is Covered! For OPD part Benefits towards Dental Expenses. All on cashless basis across network.

MAXIMA – Inpatient Benefits (IP)  Inpatient hospitalisation  Pre and Post Hospitalization  Daycare Procedures  Domiciliary Treatment.  Daily Cash for choosing shared accommodation  Organ Donor Expenses  Emergency Ambulance Charges What is Covered! For IP part  Daily Cash for accompanying an insured child  Maternity Expenses  Newborn Baby cover  Coverage on Individual as well as on Family Floater basis  Optional cover for Critical Illness  Tax Savings u/s 80D of Income Tax Act 15 .

Covering all incidental expenses during Hospitalization. 16 . Key Benefits: •No Pre Policy Medical check up •Discount on Online Purchase •Covering incidental expenses during Hospitalization.Optima Cash Daily Hospital Cash plan with Maximum Benefit. Lumpsum Cash Benefit.

OPTIMA CASH – Salient Features  Optima cash is planned to offer support in an event of hospitalisation with lump sum amount which can be utilized towards Hospitalisation expenses or additional expenses due to hospitalisation which is not covered under regular hospitalisation insurance plans    Sum Insured Option. Rs 2000 & Rs 3000 Option to choose your Policy period of 1 or 2 Years Tax Savings u/s 80D of IT act 17 .Daily Cash Amount plan of Rs 1000.

OPTIMA CASH  Offers cover for Hospitalization due Illness/Accident  Daily cash for Sickness Hospitalization [upto 90 days per policy year]  Daily cash for ICU Hospitalization due to Sickness [Upto 15 days per policy year]  Daily cash for Accidental Hospitalisation [upto 90 days per policy year]  Daily cash for ICU Hospitalization due to Accident [Upto 15 days per policy year] What is Covered!  Cash for Day Care Procedure [Upto 6 procedures per policy year]  Daily cash for Joint Hospitalization due to an Accident [Upto 10 days per policy year]  Convalescence Cash.Lumpsum amount for hospitalization beyond 7 days Child Birth [Once in policy year]  Parent Accommodation [upto 30 days per policy year] *Benefits may vary as per the Variant opted 18 .

•Starts at an attractive premium size.Individual Personal Accident This Plan offers financial security and peace of mind towards in an event of an accidental death or bodily injury Key Benefits: •Wide Variant of SI options. 19 .

INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL ACCIDENT • Coverage for Individuals & Families • Discount of 10% for 2 or more family members • Coverage for age group between 5-69 years • Cumulative Bonus on Renewal • 2 product variants with wide range of Sum Insured up to 5 Crore 20 .

INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL ACCIDENT  Accidental Death  Permanent Total Disablement  Permanent Partial Disablement  Temporary Total Disablement  Accident Medical Expenses  Transportation of Mortal Remains  Education Fund What is Covered!  Family Transportation  Modification of Residence/Vehicle  Emergency Ambulance  Transportation of Imported Medicine  Purchase of Blood  Accident Inpatient Hospitalisation  Broken Bones *Benefits may vary as per the Variant opted 21 .

emergency.Easy Travel Insurance Offers cover for the policy holder and his/her accompanying family members against travel and non travel inconvenience. medical costs incurred during an international travel 22 .

emergency. 23 .EASY TRAVEL INSURANCE • Covers individuals and Family Members against travel and non travel inconvenience. Bronze and Asian Region. •‘Annual Multi Trip Plan’ is available in four variants. Platinum.000 to USD 25.00. Silver and Bronze. Silver and Asian Region.000.000 and USD 50.00.00. Silver. Gold. Gold. Sum Insured ranges from USD 5. •‘Senior Citizen Plan’ is available in two variants.000.000. Sum Insured ranges from USD 1.00. Sum Insured options of USD 1. Sum Insured ranges from USD 5. medical costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances while you are travelling abroad • Segment-specific plans offered to suit travel insurance requirements • No medical tests required up to 70 years of age Plans available •‘Individual Plan’ is available in five variants. Platinum. •‘Family Plan’ is available in three variants. Silver. Bronze and Asian Region.000.000 to USD 25.000 to USD 25.

EASY TRAVEL INSURANCE  Medical treatment  Dental treatment  Repatriation of mortal remains  Loss of passport  Personal accident & common carrier  Personal liability Hijack daily allowance  Total loss of checked-in baggage  Delay of checked-in baggage  Financial emergency cash  Trip delay Missed connection  Hospital daily allowance  Trip cancellation & Trip curtailment  And many more *Benefits may vary as per the Variant Opted 24 What is Covered! .

Tower-B. JAIPUR. Fax: 0124. LUCKNOW and COCHIN For any Query. DLF Cyber City. Haryana. CHANDIGARH. PUNE. DLF City Phase -II.Contact Information Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited 10th Floor. CHENNAI. Building No: 10. Gurgaon 122001.apollomunichinsurance.com Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation . Tel: 0124 4584333.4584111 •Apollo Munich has got 39 offices across India •Our Offices are present in all major cities which include HYDERABAD. DELHI. AHMEDABAD. MUMBAI. KOLKATA. BANGALORE. you may contact us on our Toll free Number given below: 1800-103-0555 www.


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