A brand can be defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or a design or a combination of them intended to identity the goods or services of one seller or a group of sellers & to differentiate them from those of competitors (Philip Kotler) The reasons why organizations believe on branding Branding makes a non verbal statement about the product Well managed brands drive respected reputation and greater return It is a highly powerful tool and provides a balance of functional benefits and performance adding value to a naked commodity e.g. ± generic goods Vs branded goods As a core activity of a company¶s marketing function and more easily to communicate products advantage

Some of the advantages of the branding are;  Manufacturer point of view Differentiating factor Competitive advantage 

Distributor point of view Better return on investment Ability to forecast 

Consumer point of view Reduce the dissonance No need to waste time on selection of the products

Mainly.The KHOMBA BRAND has the heavy competition from LUX brand and Lifebuoy brand mainly. The soap is called as ³KHOMBA BRAND´ . the KHOMBA BRAND itself has the emotional attachment with people and power emphasizes the functional value of the product.The new SRI LANKA¶s own leading facial soap is branded as ³KHOMBA BRAND´. Therefore it should follow the brand management to win the customer¶s mind. Therefore it is easy to achieve the goal within the time period. Mainly in this assignment the soap considered. .

Staff to staff Staff to customer .1.1 Components of the brand ± KHOMBA Figure-1: Components of the brand KHOMBA BRAND Brand Vision / Culture Personality Positioning Relationship.

a) Components of a brand vision . Figure-2: Components of a brand vision Future environment Brands Vision Values Purpose y Future environment Own product therefore the growing environment will enhance the sale and brand y Brand values Own product (by swadeshi PLC) Eco friendly .the three components of a brand vision.

1. LUX soap. KHOMBA BRAND will be an eco friend product because it will minimize the environmental harm and suitable for skin as naturally.1985 Figure 3: Focusing Brands Competitive Advantage Broad Market KHOMBA BRAND Narrow Low cost Value added Value addition .2 Focusing Brands Competitive Advantage Adapted from porter . KHOMBA BRAND will grow in future because to compete with other brands it should sell in premium price without further price fluctuation and it will available at any time. The KHOMBA BRAND is the value added product because it is value added from emotional value addition by own product and with above characteristics the KHOMBA BRAND has the competitive advantage over other products like velvet soap.- Quality (value added) y Brand purpose To make the people proud to be a LANKAN and enjoy the own product with continuous supply b) Brand personality and relationship building ³KHOMBA BRAND´ is own product and it will attract the people. Lifebuoy soap and etc.

This strategy is called as Broad differentiation.KHOMBA BRAND product is going to be located in Broad market with value addition. Because KHOMBA BRAND is selling in premium price with value addition because if we enter the market with low price defiantly there is the huge demand for our product but we are not in the position to supply that much demand as a infant to this FMCG sector.g.3 The MCA Matrix (Marketing communication association) Figure 4: MCA matrix By-standers High E. 1.4 The Chernatony-Mcwilliam brand planning matrix Figure 5: Brand planning matrix KHOMBA BRAND High Functionality . KHOMBA BRAND Champions Intellectual buy-in Weak -links Low Loose Cannons Low High Emotional buy-in 1.

High functionality / high representational KHOMBA BRAND is considered as providing high functional value like as other producers while providing high representational benefit because of the own product.5 Brand Life Cycle Figure 6: Brand life cycle . 1.

1. And also it is in introduction to most of the north and eastern province areas. .6 Financial Implications Matrix Figure 7: Financial Implications Matrix High Market share KHOMBA BRAND Low Low High Brand During these stages the state should spend on promotional support and should maintain the sales team well to increase the awareness of the KHOMBA BRAND especially in north and eastern province of our country.KHOMBA BRAND is in a growth stage considering the Sri Lankan market.

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