The four Marciano brothers, who were born in Morocco and raised in Marseilles, France, in the 1940s, established the apparel company Guess in 1970 and have since become one of the most well-known fashion brands worldwide. The firm designs and markets a varied collection of casual denim, cotton and knit apparel for men, women and children of all ages. In addition to clothing, the company sells eyewear, footwear, jewelry, handbags, fragrances and watches

The brothers first started an apparel business in the 1970s, with about a dozen stores in France. Their primary product was tight-fitting blue jeans, which had zippers at the ankles and were stone-washed to feel softer than the traditional denim jeans. The back pocket already sported the company's triangle logo. This really supported the beginning of guess and created a way for guess to expand worldwide. In 1981, the Marcianos founded a small denim company in California. Today, GUESS has grown to be one of the largest and most successful fashion brands in the world. Through their innovative design, marketing and distribution of fashion lifestyle products, GUESS has become one of the most widely re cognized fashion leaders in the young contemporary women's, men's, kids' and baby markets across the globe. The Marciano brothers were raised in the south of France, a place rooted in passion and the essence of French style. Their love of the American West combined with a European sensibility became the driving force behind the creation of GUESS. In the early 1980s denim was dated and lacked a fashion edge. The Marcianos saw this as an opportunity to combine their European style with a traditional American fabric. Through their ingenious designs, the Marcianos changed the perception of denim forever by creating a line that was sensuous, innovative and timeless. Initially, retailers were skeptical and buyers were reluctant to place orders, but the brothers' persistence prevailed. Bloomingdale's agreed to sell two dozen pairs of jeans as a favor to the Marcianos. Their famous 3-zip Marilyn jean was so sexy and fresh that within hours the entire stock sold out. The GUESS label was born. Now one of the world's leading brand names, GUESS continues to push fashion forward throughout the world.

In 1981, Georges and Maurice Marciano arrived in Los Angeles and opened a fashion store in Beverly Hills. The other two brothers would join them soon. George persuaded the Bloomingdale's New York store to buy on consignment 30 pairs of the Guess?-style jeans. They were sold in less than three hours, even though they were much more costly than the typical American jeans. This thing encouraged both brothers and they started proper working on their brand with a mission of to be the most renowned brand of the world.

Another huge boost of guess was its unique marketing campaign. Instead of doing traditional indoor studio advertising, the beautiful models in their tight jeans were captured out of doors in grainy black and white photos. These attractive and provocative ads upset many Americans, but made Guess the most talked about brand in the country. It also was a great success for selling the Guess name and products. Now a global presence, guess got its start with a great pair of jeans. The guess jeans were really
liked by its customers throughout the world. They advertise their brand in such a unique way that no other brand can compete them.

GUESS continues to be guided by two of the Marciano brothers: Maurice and Paul. Both have been instrumental to the growth and prosperity of the brand since its inception in 1981. Their passion and dedication to the company is unsurpassed in the fashion industry, and is an inspiration to all those who have the opportunity to work with them.

Founder Maurice Marciano, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, has overseen the company's design direction and has led its unwavering and extraordinary expansion since 1982. He is truly the driving force behind the company's spirit and commitment to superior quality. Maurice has guided the company's growth to net revenue of about $636.6 million for 2003.Maurice Marciano, Chairman, is truly the motivator behind the company's spirit and unrelenting commitment to superior quality. Maurice has overseen the company's revolutionary design direction and monumental growth, from $6 million in revenues in 1982 to an expected $1.6 billion in 2007. It is Maurice's undeniable sixth sense for fashion design, as well as his insightful business direction, that has fostered and maintained the integrity of the GUESS brand concept, as well as the company's dramatic international expansion. Maurice continues to instill the feeling of family into the culture of the company. Bringing together people and companies with fascinating and diverse backgrounds, Maurice creates a close kinship; one with a passion for creativity that continues to shape the GUESS brand.

Paul Marciano, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director, is credited with the vision that is the cornerstone of the GUESS image, leading to some of the most innovative and ground-breaking icons in the history of advertising. Paul's discerning style shaped GUESS from its inception. Defined by dramatic photography, his images invite an emotional response from viewers. GUESS' advertising has received the industry's highest honors, including the Clio and Designers and Art Directors Awards, assuring GUESS' place in American pop culture. GUESS' successful global expansion is attributed to Paul's role in the development of the domestic and international licensing and export businesses. Under his supervision, GUESS currently has some 21 licensees and is distributed in more than 60 countries. In addition to the worldwide retail business expansion, throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America. Paul Marciano is also the

driving force behind the success of the worldwide retail store and factory store expansion Each garment and accessory in the GUESS collection reflects the unique aesthetic that is the core of the GUESS design philosophy. With a distinct style created by its first pair of jeans sewn more than two decades ago, GUESS continues to be an innovator of fashion for the young, daring, and sexy.

At GUESS, we are committed to being a worldwide leader in the fashion industry.

We deliver products and services of uncompromising quality and integrity consistent with our brand and our image.

We are committed to listening and responding to the needs of our customers, associates, and business partners, and to honoring their individual values.

We are dedicated to personal and professional enrichment through an environment of open communication, teamwork, trust and respect. We continue to give back to the community, support humanity, and protect the environment as part of our responsibilities.

We remain committed to an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the growth of our company and increases shareholder value.

Through principled leadership, we embrace diversity, and we cultivate strength, pride, and passion to align our personal lives with our professional lives.


The world knows GUESS. Today, it is one of the most widely recognizable apparel companies across the globe, with over 1,113 GUESS and GUESS Accessory retail stores worldwide and counting. A company known for innovative style, GUESS continues to dress and accessorize the world with fashion-forward apparel, handbags, watches, shoes and more. Guess has global store expansion due to the strength of their brand and their licensee relationships. They have long-term relationships with customer because GUESS provide a strong brand, marketing and advertising worldwide, consistent image, clear direction for product, a true global strategy and multiple retail concepts, including GUESS stores, Guess by Marciano stores, accessories-only stores and our G by GUESS stores. -Paul Marciano In 2006, GUESS celebrated its 25th anniversary. It is with the same enthusiasm and passion from the beginning that drives the company forward today. One world. One brand . As many other brands are present in the market but guess has its own passion and its own style which others don t have. And with the passage of time it is growing more and more with different styles which attract brand conscious people all over the world.

Megan Ewing

Victoria Silvstedt

Adriana Lima.


Two decades after the birth of the first GUESS jean, the company continues to be guided by the Marciano brothers. GUESS derives its net revenue from the sale of GUESS? men's and women's apparel and licensed products, through its network of retail and factory stores primarily in the United States and Canada, through its online store at www.GUESS.com , from worldwide sale to wholesale customers and distributors, and from net royalties from worldwide licensing activities. As it progresses into the 21st century, GUESS continues to challenge its already high standards in order to remain a driving force in the world of fashion. Now a $1.2 billion multinational retailer, GUESS sells clothing and accessories to enhance the casual lifestyle of people with a flair for individualism. In the fall of 2000, GUESS Inc. introduced GUESS Premium, a complete line of superior men's and women's Jeanswear. Using the highest quality ring spun denim imported from Italy, and utilizing European designs, this line stands alone in the saturated industry of denim. GUESS Premium can be purchased in select GUESS retail stores or on www.GUESS.com. In the fall of 2003, GUESS Inc. announced collaboration with Parlux Fragrances, Inc. in the development and distribution of a GUESS fragrance collection. The collection will reflect the GUESS image, and will complement its customers' relaxed, sexy lifestyle. The fragrance line is a welcome addition to the fashion giant's licensed product family, and it will work to uphold GUESS? as a complete lifestyle brand.

In the summer of 2004, GUESS Inc. launched its first ever brand extension, Marciano. Marciano follows suit in true GUESS style with apparel and accessories that are on the edge of the fashion forefront. Daringly sexy, yet highly sophisticated, Marciano represents pure glamour in everyday fashion. Marciano boutiques will be opening in major metropolitan cities throughout North America. You can also find the Marciano collection in select flagship GUESS store locations, specialty stores, and online at www.marciano.com. Most recently, GUESS launched its new innovative, freestanding GUESS Accessory stores which focus on a complete range of products for both men and women including luggage, handbags, watches, eyewear, and small leather goods. The first GUESS Accessory store opened its doors on September 15, 2004 at The Grove in Los Angeles, California. Since then, there has been no slowing down, as two more stores launched domestically, and nine internationally including Italy and Lebanon, with many more under way both in the United States and abroad.

As the political environment of Pakistan is not stable. So over night changes in the governments in Pakistan suffers the businesses as well. Because each of the government brings its own rules and regulations and laws and policies so these sudden changes are not acceptable for any type of business. There are so many political parties which do not want to welcome any kind of American Brands, take the example of Telenor, many of the people are against this service because of its owner country Denmark. So, such issues may also harm GUESS in Pakistan. With the change in Political laws, the companies also have to change their laws as well.

Economical factors that can affect the business are as follows

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Changes in the interest rates can affect the business in many ways Price war that is going on in these days Changes in the oil prices also has an influence on the economical factors of country Unemployment within the country has an impact on the economical environment of country Living standards Cooperations policies

These are the factors above that can change the working conditions in the country because the economical factors involves in the working conditions in any country. Such as the change in the Inflation rate and oil prices can change the economical conditions of the country.

Socio-culture is also effect the business in many ways. These are as follows y Change in taste y Change in perception y Buying behavior y Norms y Values y Attitude y Demographic trends y And population Due to change in environment business activities has flourished in recent few years. With increase in competitors the attitude and in the mind of people has been changed because the buying behavior of customer is ever changing. Regional and ethical preferences plays a vital role in an country. If we discus about Pakistan the cloths which to be show cased in Pakistan must be according to the religion, culture, and ethics of Pakistan.

If we will discuss about Pakistan fashion industry the technology which is used here is not important in accordance to foreign brand, because any company which is willing to manufacture there garments in Pakistan can bring their technology or working methods as adopted in European countries and there is an easy availability of cheap labor in Pakistan e.g Guess can manufacture jeans and shirts in Pakistan. Internet surfing plays a main role in world economy and technology that can be used in fashion business is e-selling. Through this every business can expend easily.

Anything that can be launched in Pakistan should be according to the culture and region otherwise the company can suffer loss.

In order to run business in Pakistan it is important for them to follow the rules and regulation of host country and must obey the laws of the country which are specified for business. This is the legal requirement which a company must have to fulfill.

Guess is a globally recognized for being the quality brand in the World. Guess being a competitive organization has a healthy aversion towards its competitors because of its unique styles and designs. Guess is quite strong regarding its research and development; quite evident regarding its evolving and innovative product range. They manufacture high quality at the lowest possible price, if prices rise due to price hike then the production process is made cheaper by changing the place of production. Guess employs about more than 60.000 people worldwide.

As Guess mainly focus on American and western culture they do not focus on eastern culture. Being an expensive brand it is difficult for the lower class to buy its products and the upper class has a lot of other expensive and exclusive options to choose from. Guess is not as successful in creating its brand image in Asian countries compared with the western world.

After entering in Pakistan Guess can start manufacturing their clothing line locally and capture the Asian market more predominantly. There are many international regions that still need tapping and there is need for fashion wear and with Guess s strong global brand recognition, it can initiate in many markets that have the disposable income to spend on high value fashion goods. Guess can indulge local designers of Pakistan and India to capture the Asian market and take the advantage of low manufacturing costs to cater the needs of Asian people.

Guess is exposed to the international nature of trade so it sells its product in different currencies which destabilizes the costs and margins for profits over long periods of time. This type of exposure may make Guess to be manufacturing and/or selling at a loss, although that is not the case for a giant as itself. The market for clothing and fashion wear is quite competitive; the local competitors are a threat for Guess as they are affordable and in the market for a while now.

Consumers are constantly shopping around for a better deal that conveys a good quality and if one store charges a higher price for the products, the consumer would try to seek a better deal of the same product in the premises that delivers the same value but cheaper of the two, this type of price sensitivity among the consumers is a potential threat to Guess. The textile industry unpleasantly upsets the atmosphere, and therefore the organization is constantly struggling to retain its eco-friendly reputation. A recession may lead to job shortages in most of Guess s worldwide branches




Pakistan a place where media is flourishing and people are becoming more and more aware of the latest trends and fashions, are starved for designer brands. Almost every second person in the urban areas are well aware of the world famous designer labels but are unable to add them to their collection as these brands are still yet to be widely and easily available in the country. The fashion conscious people usually order their favorite designer labels from abroad through relatives or friends or when they are overseas themselves, or make do with the several retail outlets available out here that purchase these brands from abroad in bulk and sell them at horrendous prices locally. Guess is a well known and sought after brand in Pakistan. One is able to see a lot of youngsters sporting guess hand bags in the cities. However these hand bags may not necessarily be authentic, but it goes to show that the familiarity with the brand is very much present. Islamabad being the capital of the country has always been the last to receive openings and outlets. Therefore the people of this city are designer starved albeit extremely fashion conscious, hence the first launching of Guess in a place where the people are ready to spend their money on good brands. First and foremost the target consumer should be specified. Guess is a designer label that is extremely well known and expensive according to local standards. Therefore the upper middle class and elite class are the best targets for this brand. In fact these are those segments of the society that are most fashion conscious and aware of the latest on goings in the international fashion arena. The launch for guess will revolve around grabbing these audiences, catering to their sensibilities and eventually gaining their loyalty. The launching of Guess in Islamabad will be done in a way to create a lot of anticipation and hype around the brand. The location is of outmost importance. It should be kept in mind that Guess is an exclusive label and therefore its location and outlet must not look like any other ordinary retail outlet. Instead of placing its location with other shops in the Islamabad markaz a better idea would be to launch Guess in a house opposite either the f/7 or f/6 markets. The house will be furnished with a spacious classy decor which will have an ambience of style, sophistication; however the effect will have to look approachable to the consumers. Too much pomp and show makes consumers nervous.

Since guess is a label that has different ranges and caters to different age groups the house will have different rooms with each room decorated in a way to appease each range and each age group. The room consisting of jeans, tops and accessories for youngsters will be trendy, comfortable and savvy. The look of that section will create an aura of freshness and give out a young and happening feel. The sections which will cater to the middle aged group will be slightly more sophisticated, the décor will be mature yet tasteful. With seating lounges for people to comfortably sit if they wish to do so. Beverages will be served to all consumers who visit. Guess is a brand that is already well known in Pakistan. Therefore its advertisement will be done in a tasteful manner in order to ensure it does not irritate the consumers through aggressive advertising. First and foremost billboards will be designed and put up around Islamabad. A billboard at the zero point, one in blue area and one before the airport turn. These bill boards will consist of the Guess metallic logo G (made of silver metal like the ones on their hand bags) and will state now launching or opening soon etc. Brochures will be designed along the same lines but distributed in particular areas. Places where the upper middle class and elite class visit frequently will be provided with these brochures and complete catalogues about the Guess ranges and designs and each designs back ground information to give an exclusive feel to the consumer. The places in question will be health spas like Nirvana. Nail Bar, Depilex Men/ Women, Herbal Spa Clinic etc. favorite hang outs of the city such as Rendezvous, Majlis, Absolute, La Atmosphere, Monal, Gelatos, etc will also be provided with these brochures and catalogues. For media advertisement city fm 89 and fm 91 radio channels will be chosen as these channels are frequently heard by the target audience picked for this brand. Contests will be held for listeners who can call in and answer questions about the brand and receive Guess goody bags and exclusive tickets for the opening of the store. Television advertisements will be simple and classy stating the opening and showing a range of their latest designs that will be exclusively available in the store only. It should be emphasized that these designs will not be available anywhere else in Pakistan as this is the first launch, by doing so the target audience will want to be the first to grab on to the exclusive designs and accessories. The opening of the store will consist of a full day. The consumers will be served with beverages throughout the day and will be entertained with a musical, chosen journalists will cover the event and a write up about the event and its happenings will be included in the news paper. In the evening a small fashion show will be held which will show case all the available clothes and accessories available at the store. For the youth ranges young Islamabadi girls with ramp experience will be handpicked for the catwalk to give a

more familiar feel to the fashion show. This way the audience will be able to relate with the clothes and be able to imagine themselves purchasing and wearing these designs. The aim is to create an atmosphere of familiarity. The more unapproachable the event and the designs will look, the less interested the target consumers will be. By the end of the fashion show each guest will be provided with discount coupons and a bracelet that will consist of the metallic G sign of the label for the consumers to wear and show off to others.






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