Spring 2009

DAVID POLSTRA, CHAIRMAN Founding Partner, Brightworth ERIC ANDERSON Consultant, Egon Zehnder International TIM AYRES Partner, Moore Colson MIKE CALLAHAN Executive Vice President and CFO, Gypsum Management and Supply TOM FULLER Chief Financial Officer, 22squared, Inc. ROY JONES Managing Director, Walton Opportunity Fund ROB KETTERER President, Visionworks Consulting MICHAEL MOHR Managing Director of Private Wealth Management, BNY Mellon KIRBY THOMPSON President, KAT Consulting DEE ANN TURNER Vice President of Human Resources, Chick-fil-A TRACY VARDEMAN Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing, Northeast Georgia Health System JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners

R eflections
It’s easy to distract ourselves with causes or activities that sap our time and energy, leaving no time for self-reflection. Or we focus our attention on others’ journeys and ignore the significant work that needs to be done on our own.

Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world; no one thinks of changing himself.” I’ve thought about this quote a good bit over the years and have come to realize that the outward journey is much less demanding than the inward one.


Many children who come to Eagle Ranch also tend to be more focused on external issues because inward reflection can be so painful. What a challenge we have as staff to live out a reflective lifestyle. Thank you very much for your interest in the children and mission of Eagle Ranch. God’s grace and peace to you and your family. Sincerely,


Edwin J. Staub Executive Director


EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain Georgia 30502 t: 770-967-8500 f: 770-967-3757 EagleRanch.org

Our Mission
Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, we pursue restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families, and future generations.

With Ou�Word�

A spark unto my heart A flame unto my soul Like an angel, smiling sweetly It’s beauty, pure and whole Redemption of divinity Bestowed from up above With Out Words, how can you show An all fulfilling love? With innocence of childhood And wisdoms of the old Wrapped in a cloth of Ahava Worth more than worldly gold Shameless, blameless, forevermore Flows on for all of time With Out Words, how can we know A love that’s so divine?

A truthful, everlasting love Is hidden in my heart Never ceasing, always beating With which I’ll never part
(Excerpt from a poem by an Eagle Ranch child. To read the entire poem visit EagleRanch.org/Poem)

ChildrenServe we


Pro�ram fees ar�

surprisingly affordable
at Ea�le �anch.

Have you been in a conversation with a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker and heard a story that sounds hopeless? Eagle Ranch can help rewrite the story. Because we are supported by private donors, our program fees are surprisingly affordable. Monthly fees are based on each family’s income, so no child is excluded because of financial circumstances. Openings are available throughout the year, and we accept applications on an ongoing basis. Families in need may call Candace Couch, Intake Coordinator, at 770.967.8500 ext. 243 or email ccouch@eagleranch.org.

Eagle Ranch has

“We’re raising our granddaughter and are at the end of our rope.” “My son is sneaking out at night.” “We’ve been to counseling . . . tried everything . . . nothing is working.” “Our family is arguing all the time.”

served over children from more than counties in Georgia since

700 30 1985
Primary Secondary

Service Area

Where They Are Now
Grant "J.P." Johnpeer lived at Eagle Ranch from August 1999 to January 2002. He currently works at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia. Growing up without a father, J.P. believes the examples of his housedad, counselor and other men at the Ranch on how to be a father are the greatest lessons he learned here and have had the most influence on his life. He and his wife, Sharon, have three children, Kirsten (12), Allyssia (8), and Hunter (3).

Civil War Day
History came to life at the Eagle Ranch School with a visit from Ralph Mills, a local Civil War historian and retired Hall County history teacher and coach. A long-time member of the Civil War remembrance group, “Sons of the Confederacy,” Mr. Mills brought historical artifacts and let students step back in time, learning interesting facts beyond the books. The presentation concluded a unit of study on slavery and the Civil War, which kept students engaged through interactive online videos and activities from PBS in addition to Mr. Mills’ special demonstration.

A Night with the Gladiators

Confederate soldiers from Georgia fought in the Civil War

The Gwinnett Gladiators hockey team hosted Eagle Ranch Nights on January 30th and 31st with group sales proceeds benefitting Eagle Ranch. During game intermissions, Gladiators fans learned about the Ranch through a video and comments from Executive Director Eddie Staub. Eagle Ranch’s Communications Coordinator, Leigh Harper, sang the national anthem for the Saturday evening game. Special thanks to the Gladiators for their generosity!
Eagle Ranch's Eddie Staub with Leigh Harper

The Eagle Ranch Memorial and Honor Program provides a way to recognize special loved ones. Not only do these gifts bless the honoree, but they are also an investment in the children and mission of Eagle Ranch. To make a memorial or honor gift, you can mail a check to the Ranch office using the form provided on the back of this newsletter or call us with the necessary information and either use your credit card or put a check in the mail at your convenience. Online donations can be made with your credit card on our website, EagleRanch.org.

Memorial and Honor Gift Program

Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Memorial Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory they contributed (donations received January 1-27, 2009). SARAH LOIS ADAMS Chris & Rita Burdett NORMA ADER Doug & Diane Magnus EMMETT ALLEN Richard & Sandra Hulsey HELEN MIZE ALLISON Sylvia Cooper Mary W. Turk MARGIE LANSDELL ANDERSON James & Nancylee Drew CLAUDE BARNES Charlsa Jackson LEONA BARNES Paul & Ann Marie Barnes JACK BASTON Dave Brannon MRS. THOMAS L. "BROWNIE" BEAVERS Bill & Stephanie Holby BOBBIE NELL BRYANT Wiley G. Walker Mary W. Turk CHARLES BRYANT Deborah Seabolt JOYCE BULLOCK Nolan & Evelyn Brown Winona Smith W. ADRIAN CHAPPELL, JR. Dr. & Mrs. W. Adrian Chappell DOROTHY CLARK Paul & Ann Marie Barnes BARBARA LEE CLARKSON Emory & Carolyn Stephens DEDE COBLE Pete & Joanne Sweeny Frank R. Rivers, Jr. MAXINE COLLIER Hugh Cholick Wade Lindorme ROBERT CONDON Marianne Marchese

GUS L. CONNELLY Mary Helen Connelly MR. BILL CROUCH Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Darnell THOMAS H. DAVIS, JR. Julius & Kan Davis DOROTHY DEATON Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reed III FLOYD MONROE DILLS Nellene Wallis REV. ASA DORSEY Mitchel Barrett Vivian & Jack Smith LARRY ELLIOTT Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Gillam MARTHA WOOD GAILEY Sterling Embry MIKE GARRISON Winford & Elaine Popphan ANDY GIBSON Beverly Logan & Georgia Logan Gwen W. Griffin BRANTLEY SIMS & LUCILLE GOOCH Deborah Seabolt MAXINE WOOD GRAGE Dr. Walter A. Grage GARY GRANT Scott & Lisa Grant LUCILLE ECHOLS GREENWAY Winford & Elaine Popphan SANDRA GUNN Lamar & Melody Pendley LEO HAAS Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee TOTSIE & RAYMOND HAMRICK Gary & Teresa Niebur JACK HARRELL Stuart R. Virgin HERBERT HATCHER Bill & Lyla Lapp EVA HEFNER Michael S. & Sarah D. Fisher CHARLOTTE SUDDERTH JOHNSON North Gwinnett High School Class of 1969 JACQUELINE JONES Deborah Seabolt STEVE & BARBARA JORDAN Mr. & Mrs. Matt L. Bauerkemper

FREDERICK LEWIS KEYES Bill Hardy JAMES MILTON LATHEM Claude Bagwell MIKE LEDFORD Ned & Brenda Shumake LEROY C. LEE Edgar L. & Jo Helen McGee & Family MRS. RUBY LEGG Mr. & Mrs. George W. Evans MRS. LOIS LINDENBAUM Lamar & Melody Pendley JOYCE B. MANOUS Becky & Clark Franks TOMMY MARTIN Gene & Sue Martin Bobby & Angie Standridge Joe T. Wood, Sr. DAVID MARTINO Gary & Becky Locke BETTY MAXWELL Jeannette Reynolds DIANNE MAYO Lawton & Betty Grant ARNOLD MAYS Lyla & Bill Lapp KATHLEEN McCLURE Mrs. Fannie Lee & Family MR. NORMAN PARRISH McLEAN Gwen W. Griffin SHIRLEY McNEAL Nancy R. Black Rickey & Florence Tumlin MRS. JEANETTE KINSEY MEANS Karen & Randall Wardlaw DR. MAX MILLIGAN Dr. & Mrs. W. Adrian Chappell ERNEST MOORE Kyle, Kay, Taylor, Hayden & Carson Johnson JAMES MOORE Lamar & Melody Pendley FLORENCE MORGAN David & Barbara Coker MELVIN & BELLE MURPHY Scott & Lisa Grant CORA NICKELS Sergey, Ashley & Staff REV. W. LAMAR NIX Mrs. Fannie Lee & Family Thomas E. & Janie Dunman

PAUL PAYNE Mr. & Mrs. Leon Gailey MRS. RUTH PEAVY-JONES Howard & Carol Cooper ANTHONY JOHN PERROTTA Gertrude L. Perrotta MRS. ED (SYBIL) PORTER Mrs. Al Burruss HENRY PRESSLEY Thomas E. & Janie Dunman LANGDON QUIN Wiley & Doran Stanford Bill Hardy PAT RANDALL Buzzy & Jo Randall BILLY REED Louise Lee Danny & Glenda Scroggs WOODY REILLY Lamar & Melody Pendley BILL SCHUELKE Barry Stover WALTER W. SESSOMS Pam & Denny Betz BOB SHERMAN Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Team JOHN L. SHERRER Mrs. Al Burruss RUTH STEGALL Lamar & Melody Pendley CLYDE STEWART Charles & Pam Barrett Bill & Lyla Lapp William Ed & Joanne Stewart, Nancy Davis, Cindy Mayo, Barry Stewart Tread & Deborah Syfan SUE STRINGER Deborah Seabolt MARY STROHLEIN Dorothy Maraziti JANE TEMPLE James & Nancylee Drew PATRICIA TIDWELL Ed & Frances Butler BELLE TOMLIN Joe & Beth Jackson CAROLINE TURNER Dr. & Mrs. C.J. Walker Joe T. Wood, Sr. Charles H. Johnson

DR. HERB VALENTINE Jean Gruhn Bill & Jean Hudson Dr. & Mrs. C.J. Walker LaTrelle & Jake Waters Jimmy & Carolyn Wilkins Joe T. Wood, Sr. Betsy Wilkins Marilyn W. McCarver Tread & Deborah Syfan Doug & Diane Magnus JAYNA WALZ Kenny Walz GARRISON WHALEY Mr. & Mrs. John C. Whaley WOODS WHATLEY Lynne & Warren Wood PATRICIA WHITEHEAD Betty Morgan Tapp Mr. & Mrs. Neal Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Loy Woodring Lou Hughs, Mary Graham & Mildred Snider CHARLSIE LEE WILKES Janet Johnson MRS. E. NONA WILLIAMSON Margarette Williamson MRS. EMMA STEPHENS WILSON Gwen W. Griffin GEORGE M. "BUBBA" WILSON Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. King JOHN K. YARGER Tread & Deborah Syfan SHERRIE ZDUNEK Beatrice A. Santelli

Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Honor Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the honoree. Donors are listed after the person in whose honor they contributed (donations received January 1-27, 2009). DEWAYNE & MARY ANN ALLEN Martin & Joyce Chandler JOE ALLEN Signal Point Systems, Inc. GREG ANDERSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. LENNY ANTONACCIO Signal Point Systems, Inc. STEVE APA Signal Point Systems, Inc. JOHN BARNETT Signal Point Systems, Inc. JIM BAXTER Signal Point Systems, Inc. MS. RUBYE T. BECKER Ms. Blitch Ann Bird CINDY & MIKE BICKMAN Bill & Stephanie Holby MR. & MRS. GEORGE M. BIRD, JR. Ms. Blitch Ann Bird

JIM BLAKE Signal Point Systems, Inc. NATE BOYA Signal Point Systems, Inc. GARY BROWN Signal Point Systems, Inc. KENNY BROWNING Signal Point Systems, Inc. DOROTHY BRUCE Anabel Cunningham Joanne G. Weaver Ms. Jenny Bailey Mrs. Carolyn I. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. James B. Bruce RON BRUST Signal Point Systems, Inc. RICK BURN Signal Point Systems, Inc. FRANK CAIRON Signal Point Systems, Inc. KEVIN CALDWELL Signal Point Systems, Inc. HELEN & DENNIS CALHOUN Mary Helen Connelly RICK CALHOUN Signal Point Systems, Inc. STAN CAMP Signal Point Systems, Inc. TIM CAMPBELL Signal Point Systems, Inc. LYNN CARLSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. MITCH CARSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. ED CARUSO Signal Point Systems, Inc. MIKE CASSIDY Kirby Thompson DICK CLARK Signal Point Systems, Inc. STEVE COUICK Signal Point Systems, Inc. DEAN & ALICE COWART Robert D. Orr MICKEY CROSBY Signal Point Systems, Inc. RON DEL SAVIO Signal Point Systems, Inc. TERRY DYSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. ALBERT ELLIOTT Signal Point Systems, Inc. ANDY ESTES Signal Point Systems, Inc. SUSAN EVANS Bill & Stephanie Holby DAVE FEARN Signal Point Systems, Inc. ROGER FINLEY Signal Point Systems, Inc. DAN & KELLIE GARDNER Bill & Stephanie Holby COACH & MRS. RODNEY GARNER Earl T. Leonard, Jr. JANE GOEHRING Bill & Stephanie Holby JAMIE GOLDBERG Signal Point Systems, Inc. THE GOLDEN GIRLS Jack & Gail Capps

ANN GOODWIN Flowery Branch Homemakers JIM GRANDJEAN Signal Point Systems, Inc. KATH GREEN Signal Point Systems, Inc. RICHARD GUITTAR Signal Point Systems, Inc. TY HARRISON Signal Point Systems, Inc. JOHANNA HARTLEY Signal Point Systems, Inc. WALTER & ANNE HENEGAR Bill & Stephanie Holby FRANK & MARY HOLBY Bill & Stephanie Holby PETE & PAM HOLBY Bill & Stephanie Holby DR. FOSTER HOLLOWAY Ms. Blitch Ann Bird MARY BETH & CLIF HORRELL Bill & Stephanie Holby JENNIFER HORTON Signal Point Systems, Inc. PETE & PAULETTE JACKSON Bill & Stephanie Holby MICHAEL JENKINS Signal Point Systems, Inc. DEAN JONES Signal Point Systems, Inc. KATHLEEN KEARNS Signal Point Systems, Inc. KELLY KLIMECKI Signal Point Systems, Inc. TOM & MARY BETH KLOIBER Robert D. Orr JOHN KOCH Signal Point Systems, Inc. CLINT KUPER Signal Point Systems, Inc. RICHARD LETSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. MR. & MRS. CARL MANEOL Signal Point Systems, Inc. COACH & MRS. WILLIE MARTINEZ Earl T. Leonard, Jr. MATTHEW MELITO Signal Point Systems, Inc. SERGI MISLEVY Signal Point Systems, Inc. MRS. JOAN MORRIS Charles & Brenda Maynard MONICA MOSESSO Signal Point Systems, Inc. JOHN MOSS Signal Point Systems, Inc. SUE MULNEIX Signal Point Systems, Inc. LUCINDA NEFF Signal Point Systems, Inc. BRENDA NELSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. SPARKY NEWSOME Buzzy & Jo Randall RICHARD NIX Signal Point Systems, Inc. BRYCE NORTHCUTT Signal Point Systems, Inc. JACK & JACKIE OSBORNE Anne & Dudley Weldon

JIM & PEGGY OSBORNE Anne & Dudley Weldon CLINTON L. PAGANO Signal Point Systems, Inc. RHUEL & DOROTHY PATTERSON Claude Bagwell GLENN PEDERSEN Signal Point Systems, Inc. JIMMY PHILLIPS Signal Point Systems, Inc. ED POPERNEK Signal Point Systems, Inc. FRANK POSEY Signal Point Systems, Inc. DAMIAN QUATTLEBAUM Signal Point Systems, Inc. KAREN REDDIG Signal Point Systems, Inc. CAROL RHODES Signal Point Systems, Inc. STEVE RIGGITS Signal Point Systems, Inc. GREG ROBERTS Signal Point Systems, Inc. DENNIS ROBERTSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. JAMES ROGERS Barbara Smith JOHN SCHOFILL Signal Point Systems, Inc. TOM SCOBIE Signal Point Systems, Inc. COACH & MRS. STACY SEARLES Earl T. Leonard, Jr. CLYDE SHADE Signal Point Systems, Inc. MIKE SOUTHWORTH Signal Point Systems, Inc. KAYANNE & EDDIE STAUB Kathy Haley GREG STOVER Signal Point Systems, Inc. SUE Mr. Robert E. Irish STEWART TERRY Signal Point Systems, Inc. THE WILLIAMS FAMILY Frank R. Rivers, Jr. AMY TODD Kirby Thompson DAN TOTH Signal Point Systems, Inc. TOMMY & SUZANNE TUBERVILLE Lorry de la Croix LAVERNE VICKERY Signal Point Systems, Inc. DOUG VINCENT Signal Point Systems, Inc. BOB WATT Hilda Stover CAROLYN WILKERSON Signal Point Systems, Inc. SANDY & KEN WILSON Anne & Dudley Weldon CHRIS WINDHAM Signal Point Systems, Inc.

The enclosed gift of:
$100 $50 $1000 $25 $500 Other


P.O. Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 770-967-8500 EagleRanch.org



Is in memory of Is in honor of
Name City Name Address City This gift is made by: Name Address City Relationship State Zip State Zip State Zip Please send memorial/honor card to:

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