Eagle Ranch Graduation Issue • Summer 2009

ERIC ANDERSON Consultant, Egon Zehnder International TIM AYRES Partner, Moore Colson MIKE CALLAHAN Executive Vice President and CFO, Gypsum Management and Supply TOM FULLER Chief Financial Officer, 22squared, Inc. ROY JONES Managing Director, Walton Opportunity Fund ROB KETTERER President, Visionworks Consulting MICHAEL MOHR Managing Director of Private Wealth Management, BNY Mellon DAVID POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth KIRBY THOMPSON President, KAT Consulting DEE ANN TURNER Vice President of Human Resources, Chick-fil-A TRACY VARDEMAN Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing, Northeast Georgia Health System JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners

R eflections
R eflections

Eagle Ranch Graduates



This is the time of year when high school and college graduates look with hope to their futures. Eagle Ranch’s annual graduation is highlighted in this issue, and you will meet this year’s graduates on the following pages.

W pray these children e will recognize the gifts, talents, and abilities G has od placed in their lives and return home to change their families, their communities, and affect the world for G glory. od’s


For these boys and girls, graduation doesn’t just mark academic achievement, but the accomplishment of hard-earned goals that extend well beyond the classroom into every facet of their young lives. We’re proud of their perseverance and accomplishments and pray for continued success as they return home. The summer months are much more relaxed at Eagle Ranch, with no early morning rush for school, homework, after school extracurricular activities all jammed into an 8-hour day. However, it is an exciting time as we welcome new boys and girls to our program. And this year in particular, we look forward to what the future holds as we will soon be able to provide a home for almost 70 children with the completion of our two new girls’ homes. Thank you so much for your faithful giving here that helps make Eagle Ranch a place of success for our boys and girls. God’s blessings to you and your family. Sincerely,



EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain Georgia 30502 t: 770-967-8500 f: 770-967-3757 EagleRanch.org

Our Mission
Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, we pursue restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families, and future generations.

Edwin J. Staub

Success Defined
A Look at Eagle Ranch Graduation
Graduation at Eagle Ranch is less about endings, and more about new beginnings. It’s less about the work the student has done, and more about the work God has done. Rather than a child preparing to leave home, an Eagle Ranch graduate is ready to return home.
Each May, families celebrate the completion of their season at Eagle Ranch. Success means something different for each child, and graduation isn’t only marked by academic achievement. Children and their families must restore respect, trust and consistency. Graduation ceremonies are held for families, hosted by the child’s Eagle Ranch houseparents and attended by the families of all the children in the home. Families are surrounded by their circle of support - teachers, counselors and assistant counselors - who come to share memories of their journey and celebrate the child’s future. Upon graduation, a child returns to their family permanently and uses the lessons learned during their time at Eagle Ranch. For some children, they will continue with school, many entering local high schools. The Ranch continues to be a resource for the family with aftercare available at any time after program completion. In addition to celebrating the restoration of families and the accomplishments of graduates, the Eagle Ranch School marks the educational growth and achievements of its students through Honors Day. During this time, students’ academic milestones, improvements and contributions are honored. For many students, Honors Day is a significant event as it represents renewed confidence and substantial academic improvement.
Left: Nick with his family, counselor, houseparents, and assistant counselor on graduation day.; Below: Nick when he first came to the Ranch in 2007.

“Have you ever wished that God would do a miracle? One miracle that God did changed my life. When I was in Romania in an orphanage, I always wanted a family, because I did not have one.”

A Miracle Journey
By Nick, 2009 Eagle Ranch Graduate “I got to the United States and faced some of the worst challenges in my life. I didn’t know how to speak English. I had a hard time doing my work at school. I was giving my teachers a hard time, and I was not making friends very well. This happened from 2nd through 8th grade. While I was in 8th grade, my mom sent me to Eagle Ranch, which changed my life. The first year in Eagle Ranch was hard. I was disrespectful to the teachers, to my peers and houseparents. However, I have changed a lot since I came to Eagle Ranch. I’ve learned how to care about people and not just myself. I’ve learned how to deal with hard situations. I’ve learned how to make friends, which was one of my main things that I have struggled with all my life. I have learned how to listen to others for what they have to say. God has made me a new person. Eagle Ranch has helped me have a good relationship with my family, teachers, my friends and peers. I am glad that I came to Eagle Ranch because it has made a huge difference in my life. I hope that God will continue to help me.”

Top: Anthony, President’s Education Award winner; Middle: Brooke, Eagle Ranch Leadership Award winner; Bottom: The Eagle Ranch School’s Worship Team sings at Honors Day.

The Eagle Ranch Memorial and Honor Gift Program provides a way to recognize special loved ones. Not only do these gifts bless the honoree, but they are also an investment in the children and mission of Eagle Ranch. To make a memorial or honor gift, you can mail a check to the Ranch office using the form provided on the back of this newsletter or call us with the necessary information and either use your credit card or put a check in the mail at your convenience. Online donations can be made with your credit card on our website, EagleRanch.org.

Memorial and Honor Gift Program

Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Memorial Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory they contributed (donations received Jan. 28 - June 1, 2009). KATHERINE M. ABNEY Barry Stover BOB ADAM John & Cheryl Adam Joan Adam LOIS ADAMS Montine & Jack L. McDaniel NIG ADAMS Sue & Melvin King SCOTT ADAMS Joan & Ted Dyar MYRA ADAMSON Lyle & Sue A. Diamond Bob & Bill Schuessler Marie Bedgood JOHN ADDINGTON Brantley & Helen DeLoatche MRS. JUNE ADDISON Elizabeth Prigge GRACE ADKINS Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson Jean Cavender WILLIAM AIKEN Lisa Lance BRENNIE ALEXANDER Micki & Jerry Irvin, Bree & Scott Brown Scotty & Colleen Jennings MARGARET ANN ALLAN Mr. & Mrs. Dink Glasscock JILL ALLEN Emory & Carolyn Stephens ANN CAIN ANDERSON Janie & Gene Dunman MR. SONNY ANDREWS M.J. & Evelyn Cox WOODIE FAYE ARIAIL Debbie Wright ROBERT M. BAILEY Posy Storey

Rodney & Linda Newton Mr. Harry Julius Bulter JOANN M. BUICE Mr. & Mrs. Bill Whatley Mary L. Brigmon Richard & Susan Gilbert LOIS BAREFIELD Chad Wilkins & Nicki Turner DANNY BUMGARDNER David & Deborah Clark Jim Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Darnell ANN BARFIELD Joey & Angie Bunn MR. IRIS ROBERTS BURCH Harold & Billie Gaines KEITH BENTON Dennis D. Lee Sergey, Ashley & Staff Juanita Baker Mr. & Mrs. Dwight L. Kees CARROL GENE BARNES SUDIE BELL BINGHAM Mr. & Mrs. G.G. Burch, Sr. Paul & Ann Marie Barnes Charles & Pat Croy Mr. & Mrs. Glen G. Burch, Jr. CARRIE B. BARNETT REV. ROBERT ADAIR Willa B. Freeman Jefferson Motor Co., Inc. BLACKWOOD Mr. & Mrs. Ken L. Miller DWIGHT BARNETT Lucrecia & Tom Umstead Abb & Mary Burch Steve & Nancy Pettit DOROTHY BOATWRIGHT Col. & Mrs. Mike McCarthy JERRY BARR Chris & Rita Burdett Jack & Louise Holcomb Charles & Patricia Block REV. FULTON BOSWELL Roy & Judy Lyle MRS. WILMA LEDFORD Roland & Vivian Smith Anna George & Rialto BARRETT Mrs. Viola Pirkle & Family: Property Norman & Martine Wayne & Judy Pirkle, David & Sandra Dorsey Broadwell & Family David & Margaret Merritt, Vicki Wilhoite REV. WILLARD BAXTER David & Dianne Christopher, Nan Buttram Sarah, LouAnne & Elizabeth Linda Austin Walter & Bea Burch Baxter Rodney, Lisa & Melissa Beck Mary Ann Lisenbee BRUCE BECK Charley & Dixie Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Francis Martin Jack Sisk & Family Board of Directors Peachtree TOM BECKER Harold & Patricia Harbin Planning Foundation, Inc. Billy & Patsy Hicks Dola W. Seay Mr. & Mrs. Jim Minter GEORGE F. BEIER MRS. GERALDINE BOOTH Jean Gruhn Mr. & Mrs. Travis Williamson BOTHER CV, Lynne, Trey, Brooke & JESSE DEAN BELL, JR. Verdis & Mary Puckett Kirk Smith Robert Reed ARTHUR R. BOUR G.C. Truesdale, Jr. JOHN BELLAMY Mrs. Jane B. Bour Jane & John Burch Mr. Chris Weeks DOROTHY DEATON BOWLES RICHARD BURCHETT Mr. & Mrs. Rick K. Holmes Irene Reed Mark Moss & Family ARNOLD J. BOYD CARRIE MAE BURGE Richard E. Inman, Jr. & Family Barry & Sandra Ladd Susan & Richard Gilbert Mrs. Harry J. Butler, Sr. Jesse Carolee & Gerald Gailey Ginger & Tony Gilbert Carol & Dick Inman MRS. BRENDA BOYD Sheri & Sean Gilbert Jim & Pat Anderegg & Family M.J. & Evelyn Cox Bobby & Most JASPER BOYKIN, SR. meaningful experience at the RanchBetty Jo Kerlin Caring Hearts Services, Inc. MR. JAMES BUSH Red Hat Jewels Barry Stover Billie Bob Hoskyn Lyle Jobin AUDREY BRADLEY DR. & MRS. B. B. BUSHONG Greatest thing learned Multi-Developers Inc. Emory & Carolyn Stephens Catherine Eubanks Iris Johansen CHRISTINE BROWN FRANCES WINGATE Mr. & Mrs. James Chamberlin BUTGEREIT Legnth Kim Mauldin of Stay Debi & Stan Wilson Five Smiths Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Williams Mr. David Stoller ANTOINETTE BRUNETTI HERB BUTLER Stuart & Ruth Hope Bill Hardy Becky Aydelette Greatest impact: Brett & Heidi Butler JOHN BUCHEK TYUS BUTLER Mr. & Mrs. Jay Rauton Gary & Becky Locke Beverly Logan & Family MONROE Gwen W. Griffin Future Plans: BUFFINGTON Travis Butler Raymond & Barbara Southers CAROLE BUTTERWORTH Beckie & Harry Butler Elaine & Charlie Odell Coach & Mrs. Sheldon Darnell

ROBERT CAIN Tony & Judy Irwin Peggy, Fred, Kelly & Maggie Frailey Dorothy & Larry Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Russell III MARGARET CALDWELL Mildred Lockhart Linda Scott Odell & Leah Caldwell Curtis Caldwell JACK CALLAHAM Ann Dean BUSTER CALLAWAY Linda Callaway BILL CALTON Marca Colbert MR. JEFFREY CAMPBELL Mrs. Colleene Ivey LaTrelle & Jake Waters Cliff Burtz MYRTLE CAMPBELL Tammy Miller WILLIAM (BILL) F. CAMPBELL Jeanette Hatcher MR. HUBERT CARLYLE Gene & Doris England ERNDSTINA CARRILLO Harrison & Pat Martin

George R. Morris Mrs. Pat McCurry BRENDA CARTER Ernie & Deana Carter MRS. DOROTHY K. CARTER Family of Dorothy K. Carter KATIE “RUTH” CARTER Joyce & Dennis Pope MR. JOHN CASPER, JR. Tina & John Burns DONALD WAYNE CAUDELL Frances Fennell Mrs. Colleene Ivey MR. DORSEY CAVENDER Verdis & Mary Puckett Robert, Peggy & Wallace Smith MS. MAGGIE CHAPMAN Nancy Hill Roberts JOHN P. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell RUBY CHAPMAN CHEATHAM Sybil A. Hendrix CHRIS CHILDERS J.C. & Carolyn Childers JUDY CHITTENDEN Pat & Richard Russell LAURA A. CHOVAN Judy & Dot Strickland WILLIAM DUFFY CLARK Paul & Ann Marie Barnes

MARGARET CLENDENIN Johnny & Teri, Wil & Suzanne, Don & Trisha, Ken & Marie, Jim & Carol, Dennis & Mariette, Sheldon & Kelley MRS. KATHRYN H. CLIFFORD Virginia Anne H. BaxleyBrown BETTY TUCKER COBB Forrest Neely VANESSA “DEDE” COBLE Rusty, Sherri, Russell, Van, & Andrew Parker MRS. FRANKIE COKER Mayson & Cathy Callaway Southeastern Findings, Inc. ANNA LEE COLLINS T.W. & Evie Jones DR. RUSS COLOMBO Posy Storey EMILY COLVARD Joe & Freddie Barrett Bert Patrick Haase & Evelyn Arnold Frances G. Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Gary Summerour ROBERT CONDON Anthony L. Citrone Rich & Maureen Condon

GUS CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun Mary Helen Connelly MRS. KATE ELIZABETH CONNER Lake & Ann Gibson Becky & Clark Franks MRS. MYRTLE CLARK CONNER Carolee & Gerald Gailey JINNY CONRADS Pauline Lawrence JAMES D. COOL Gary & Becky Locke Billie Bob Hoskyn Jim Grogan WINNIE & FORREST CORBIN Doris C. & Philip Folger MARTHA CORLEY Bob & Lynn Moore BUTCH COTTON Stan O’dell O’REESE COUCH Roy & Lynette Couch T.L. COUCH Pauline Skinner MR. ARMAND COULSON Verdis & Mary Puckett FRANK COURTNEY Bill Hardy

Alex, The Faith Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 2 years. Favorite activities: Battleball. What did you learn? How to be honest, trustworthy and responsible. How has your faith changed? I’ve turned from old ways, and I’m doing a lot better since I got here. What will you miss most? My houseparents, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Sarah and their two kids. Who has influenced you the most? My houseparents. Future plans: Finish school and eventually become a meteorologist or brain surgeon. Advice for others coming to Eagle Ranch: Learn as much as you can while you’re here.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

SHIRLEY COX M.J. & Evelyn Cox MR. JOHN CRISS Tina & John Burns FRANK M. CRONIC Mr. & Mrs. Jack McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson LONA SCHUMPERT CROUCH Colleen N. Swett CECIL CROW Larue Crow Paul & Ann Marie Barnes ETHEL CURETON Norman & Teresa Hughes MRS. EVELYN DAVIS Mary Lou & David Sims MRS. FRANCIS DAVIS The Harold Gaines Family MR. MELVIN DAVIS Glenyce & John Yarbrough GEORGE DEAN Susan & Peter Hodgson Dr. & Mrs. Robert Repass SUE DEEMS Beverly Grant & Lisa Lance

ROBERT E. DICKS, JR. Robert E. Dicks III WELBORN “WIL” DIMMETT Mayson & Cathy Callaway ADAM DIXON Frances Dixon, Scott & Gina Black & Austin Black Bob & Linda Fowler JOHN DOBBINS Sandra H. Caldwell & Michael EULA MAE DOCKERY Willie Mae Loggins MRS. JOSEPHINE DODSON Mary Ann Wilson JOHN S. & KATHERINE C. DOUGLAS Anne D. Chappell DR. COLIN C. DOYLE Anne D. Chappell JIMMIE DUFFEY Roy & Lynette Couch ANNIE BELLE DUKE Juanita Brown Judy & George Lowther

Mrs. Irene Allison Harley & Shirley Bagby & Jack Lynn James M. Lynn, Sr. Patsy Lynn Hubert & Oma Lee James, Oscar & Bonita Roberts & Deborah James Jim & Karyn Clark Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Roberts Bill & Charlotte Roberts Lynn King Sam & Evelyn Swann Melissa A. Breedlove Richard & Ann Hurley James & Edna Baker Charlotte Westbrook Marlene Williamson Jessup Compton & Pierce Doris, Ernest, Lee Smith Flowery Branch Homemakers Mary Wright Paul & Ann Marie Barnes Don & Joy Clark Sandy & Ted Meredith Flowery Branch Homemakers Club

JERRY DUKE Tony & Bernice Hurst LEROY DUKES Susan & Peter Hodgson MRS. PAT DUNAGAN Susie & Stan Appleton PAT DUNAGAN Scott & Lisa Grant MRS. DONNA DUNBAR Schuyler H. Floyd MICHAEL VERNON DUVALL Barbara & Vernon Duvall MR. HENRY DYER David & Barbara Coker Charles & Joyce Sexton Charles & Elaine Peck Theresa W. Peck GEORGE D’ZAMKO Anne Rose Galilee Christian Church Erik & Aileen D’Zamko Warren Groover Lorraine Goodwin MRS. MATTIE MAE EATON Donald Thurmond Family

CHARLES ALAN EDDY Lloyd & Florence Smee & Family JAMES ELINBURG Paul & Ann Marie Barnes CLARK ELLIOTT Mary Bates LARRY ELLIOTT Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Gillam J.B. (BUCK) ELROD Florence Elrod LANCE ENGEL Mr. William W. Whorley, Jr. ELIZABETH EURE Shirley & Jim Gailey Charles H. Johnson GWENDOLYN BOYD EVANS George & Rosa Allen Mr. & Mrs. Mayson Callaway RUTH EVANS Gwen Hulsey & Family ALAN FAHRING Cliff Ramos RAYMOND & GRACE FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild

RICHARD & DONNA FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild MR. JOE FELDMAN Teresa Hughes MRS. HELEN P. FENNELL Anne D. Chappell MR. MITCH FERGUSON Jeanette & Jim Manley WILLIE FERGUSON Kenneth & Jean Glass & Martha Sauls SCOTT FERRELL Bill & Lyla Lapp RUSSELL FISHER Sue & Don Dennis MRS. NOEL T. FITZPATRICK Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. McDaniel ROSS FLETCHER Shan Morris PEGGY BARRS, T.W. FORD, DOROTHY F. FORD Craig & Annie Barrs WAYNE D. FORRESTER Barbara L. Walls

DAVE FOUTS Joyce & Dennis Pope MR. BOBBY FOWLER M.J. & Evelyn Cox FRANK Lucy Gill PEGGY FRANKLIN Wilda Southers MAURICE FRAZIER Claude & Mary Bates Mr. & Mrs. Roy Couch Jeanette & Jim Manley FELIX FREEMAN Wiley Waters, Teresa & Larry Waters Wayne Clark Real Estate WILSON FREEMAN Jeff & Dottie Weekley G&E&C June Owens TREY GAITHER Sheldon & Jackie Darnell COACH FRANK GANSZ Dr. L. Dan Johnson MARY ANN GATES Betsy & Randy King

WILLIAM R. GIGNILLIAT, JR. Bill Jackson Jack & Pat Prince Loyd & Pam Strickland John & Barbara Avery Dr. & Mrs. Clark Ferrell Colleene P. Ivey Charles H. Johnson HELEN GILLELAND Larue Crow DEWEY GILREATH Charles & Edith Taylor ELIZABETH GILSTRAP Roy & Lynette Couch Jeanette & Jim Manley GEORGE DEWITT GILSTRAP Mrs. Sylvia Cooper ROBERT DWAYNE GIPSON H. Lloyd Hill Architects & Associates, Inc. DANNY BOY GLASPER Sylvia Cooper, Jackie Cooper & Joe Cooper CAROLYN GOOD Peggy Haley

Austin, The Love Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 2 years. Favorite memory: The skate park and worship music at the Snowbird retreat. What did you learn? I made life a lot harder than it should be. How has your faith changed? When I came, I would go to church, but I really didn’t think about stuff. Now, before I do stuff, I will ask God about it, and go from there. What will you miss most? The Eagle Ranch School– the small classes, the one-on-one basis, and all the school staff members. Who has influenced you the most? Assistant counselor, Aaron. Future plans: To become a musician or police officer. About the Ranch: Before I came to the Ranch, I wouldn’t even go to school. I would refuse to go, and now I like it.

Brandon, The Grace Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 9 months. Favorite activities: Sports. Favorite memory: Gym, food storage, and my assistant counselor, Aaron. What did you learn? To see a situation and know how to handle it the right way. How has your faith changed? It’s stronger. Who has influenced you the most? A whole variety of people– those who wanted me home; they made me strive to do what I needed to do in order to get home. Future plans: College, good grades, sports, getting along even better with my family. Advice for others coming to Eagle Ranch: Come in and do the right thing.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

Eagle �anch Graduate�

MARVIN “DICK” GOODWIN Paul & Suzanne Rouk MS. L.D. GRAHAM M.J. & Evelyn Cox DANIEL GRAINGER Paul & Ann Marie Barnes Sam & Evelyn Swann THOMAS & LUCILLE GRANNAN Dick & Tonya Pershing LOUISE GRANT Scott & Lisa Grant MRS. RUBY GREGG M.J. & Evelyn Cox NEAL GRESHAM Mr. & Mrs. B. H. Dyches & Family BOBBY GRUHN Matthew & Kendall Gruhn CHARLES HALLMAN Betty Cowart Ben Cowart David & Britt Cowart Mr. & Mrs. James Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Thompson Sue & Leon Jones Major & Mrs. Jesse R. Hallman CSLI Fellows ROBERT HALLMAN Eileene & Gil Jensen JOHN M. HAMILTON Dr. & Mrs. Forrest Kennedy CHARLES LEE HAMILTON, JR. David, Jeanine, Lillie, & Will Jackson MRS. KATHLEEN HARDWICK M.J. & Evelyn Cox LINDA HARRELL Tom “Dwight” Wendle MR. BILL HARRIS Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Palmer III DAISY HARRIS Johnny & Glenda Meeks Rodney, Lisa & Melissa Beck Janice Hutchins Myrele & Pete Morrison Evelyn & Emory Coker Linda Turk Joan Turk

Mike & Helen Forrester MR. WYNN HARRIS Carol & Dick Inman PAUL HARVEY Loyd & Pam Strickland PATRICIA LAUGHLIN HATTERICK Fred & Doris Hatterick DOUG HERRIN Marshall Judson Sandy & Bill Briggs Bobbie H. Pethel HATTIE HILL Jena Brunson Brenda E. Little & Family JOE HILL Mr. Joe G. Hill, Jr. ROBERT HILL Mr. & Mrs. Dink Glasscock Teleete Staub TIFFANY HILL Jean Bryan MR. DERL HINSON M.J. & Evelyn Cox WILLIAM HORD Bert Patrick

LOUISE HOUSE Jack House ROBERT HOYLE Walter K. Hoyle MILDRED NANCE HUGHES Charlie & Shirley Strong MRS. VERA HULSEY Stan & Susie Appleton POLLY HUTCHINSON Susan & Peter Hodgson LINDA IRBY Carol & Robert Camp CLARK IRVIN Bill & Joanne Vaughan Bob & Deanne Condon Roger & Carolyn Brown MARVIN IRVIN Sue & Melvin King ROBERT MICHAEL (MIKE) JACKSON Sylvia & Louie Gailey WADE “HAMP” JACKSON Tony & Judy Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Nutt Scott Smith Ernest & Marcia Smith

Co-Workers of Charlsa Jackson TOM JARRARD A Friend GENEVA JENKINS Mrs. Betty M. Doggett JAMES WADE JOHNSON Milton & Audrey Pierce MATTHEW STRAUSS JOHNSON Kathleen H. Johnson JERRY & MIKE JONES Randall & Louise Jones STEVE & BARBARA JORDAN Mr. & Mrs. Matt L. Bauerkemper JIM JORDANE Kathy & Don Frankforther MILDRED JUDD Mary Turk & Family LIB JULIAN Joe W. Rogers, Sr. ANNE S. KEETON Richard & Susan Gilbert DR. JAMES KELLEY Emma Dean Butler & Family

MRS. PHYLLIS KELSEY Claude V. & Diana Brehm Williams Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Markert Bill Hardy Bill & Flo Carroll Eleanor Giddens Virginia & John Hicks Wiley & Doran Stanford Ralph & Carol Gibson Jeanne & Paul Ebbs Lyle & Sue Diamond Mr. Bob Schuessler DR. HARRY LEE KEMP Schuyler H. Floyd SAM KEMP Raymond & Barbara Southers SONNY & SAMMY KEMP Sandra Dorsey, Peggy Kemp & Stacey Kemp MR. EDWARD C. KENNEDY Schuyler H. Floyd HAROLD KENNEDY Paul & Barbara Brown HAROLD KERLIN Bobby & Betty Jo Kerlin

MARGARET KESLER Linda Crawford DR. RAYMOND KIMBROUGH Becky & Clark Franks DALE KING Augusta Martin PHIL KUHN Peggy F. Trettel DR. QUING HAI LAN Anne D. Chappell KATHERINE LANCASTER Mr. & Mrs. Roy Couch SUSAN LAW The Bob Adams Family Roger & Carolyn Brown Charles H. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Clark Ferrell Mr. & Mrs. Harold V. Law, Sr. THEODORA MOORE LAWS Loyd & Pam Strickland Mrs. Ruth W. Nix TOMMIE LEACHMAN Bobby & Betty Jo Kerlin Dale & Hanna Jones Mr. & Mrs. Dent Bostick

Nettie Ruth Robinson & Greg & Susan Mauldin Donna & Bryant McKee & Carolyn Bagley MARY ELIZABETH POWELL LEE Ms. Beverly J. Carter ROBERTA LETTON Bill Hardy Eleanor Giddens Jeanne & Paul Ebbs Mr. & Mrs. Claude V. Williams Jere & JoAnn Rivers Lyle & Sue Diamond Virginia Hale & Jim Hale Graddie Tucker Wiley & Doran Stanford Wally & Ann Odum Bruce Main & Susan Salzano Jeff & Dottie Weekley VICTOR B. (VIC) LITTLE Sandra & Barry Ladd

Brooke, The Glory Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 2 ½ years. Favorite activities: Snowbird retreat and the Lapdog team-building program. Favorite memory: Road Atlanta dirt bike field trip. What did you learn? To respect myself and others. What will you miss? All the staff, the classrooms and the structure in the house. Future plans: College, theatre and auto racing. Who influenced you most? Another student I had to learn to deal with.

Drake, The Peace Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 3 years. Favorite activities: Mountain biking, baseball, soccer. What did you learn? To listen to both sides of a story instead of making things one-sided. Evaluating the other side of a story and figuring out what to do from there. Not having things just revolve around me. What will you miss? Having seven brothers around. Future plans: College– to become a personal fitness trainer or a physical therapist for professional athletes. Who influenced you most? Assistant counselors, Greg and Aaron– they are like brothers. How has your faith changed? I used to not think about it at all, but now I think about it more. I get into the Bible instead of not even wanting to look into it. I do Bible studies every morning at the school– we just get in the hall, read a Bible verse and pray about the day.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

How has your faith changed? I didn’t believe God was real. It’s changed a lot just seeing people here, and doing the devotions helped a lot. I got saved at my church during my time here. I think it’s awesome that even when I mess up I know God’s going to be there, cheering me on, telling me I can do it.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

Sandra Crumley Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson STEVEN LLOYD John & Barbara Avery HORACE LOGAN Beverly Logan DONALD LOMISON Doug & Brenda Williams LAWRENCE “WHITEY” LONG Hardy & Lois Pickering TICKY LONG Mrs. Royce A. Jackson LOUISE Lucy Nell Gill GLADYS LOUISE LOVE Dot & Ed Kennair JACK LOVELADY Annette Lovelady JIM WAYMON LOYD, SR. Alvin & Mary Jo Gibbs MRS. FRAN LUCHANSKY Mrs. Paul T. Scoggins ALBERT M. MARAZITI Dorothy M. Maraziti

MARGARET Lucy Gill MRS. EDWARD J. (MARIE ANN) MARINO Bobby & Laura Staub DAVID MARTIN Clark & Rebecca Franks ROBERT “ROBIN” BRYANT MARTIN, JR. Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Locke, Jr. COL. THURMAN O. MARTIN Carol & Dick Inman MR. TOMMY MARTIN Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson MARGUERITE MATHIS J. E. & Iantha Garrett JOHNNY MATTOX Mr. & Mrs. Ira Linville DIANNE MAYO Sam & Shirley Sartain Ken Shelton Anne Bledsoe Catherine Eubanks ARNOLD MAYS Lanier Women’s Club

MRS. JANE McABEE Mike & Becky Cavan MRS. GLADYS McCAGE Betty & Ed McKinney RAYMOND McCONNELL James M. Lynn, Sr. Harley & Shirley Bagby Patsy Lynn L. ALLEN McDONOUGH Anne Groves Morris DUCK McDOUGALD Mrs. Lunette M. Stover MRS. RACHEL ANN McEVER Loyd & Pam Strickland MRS. SHIRLEY McNEAL Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson G. Lamar Turk Virginia Benefield J. M. “RAY” McRAE Charles H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Ginden Ronnie & Carol Whitmire Loyd & Pam Strickland Susie & Stan Appleton The Bob Adams Family John & Barbara Avery Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mundy

Barbara J. Hermann Jimmy & Marie Faulkner Glenn & Barbara Bell Roland & Vivian Smith Austin & Regina Edmondson Mrs. P. K. Dixon Roger & Carolyn Brown Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Chipman, Jr. Thomas Barbe Marguerite & Charles Burch Sandy & Carol McRae & Family Marshall Judson Bill & Sallie Stark Johnny Mark Irvin Dale Gross Ralph & Mary Cleveland Foundation Pat & Jack Prince Marilyn W. McCarver PEGGY BOWDEN McWILLIAMS Pat & Richard Russell RONALD MERCURE Billy J. Davis

VIRGINIA MERRITT Thomas R. Merritt, Jr. MRS. FRANCES MEYERS Peggy F. Trettel JOE MILLER Linda Hammontree Mrs. Colleene Ivey HAROLD MITCHELL Joyce & Jim Venable MADGE MOON Mrs. Stella L. Crumbley MARY MOOSE Amion, Kerry & Joan Thomas Tom & Kathy Bateman Larry & Stefanie Long WILLIAM T. MORRIS Dr. & Mrs. Matthew McGowan PAUL MORRISON Taucia, Brock, Braxton, Grayson & Lillie The Fuller Family RUTH L. MORRISON Dr. J.C. Morrison MRS. SARAH MORROW Stan & Susie Appleton

MOTHER Jo Dinnan MOTHER OF MARGARET STEWART Mr. & Mrs. Edwin O. Sawyer MOTHER OF LENA TICE Tony & Bernice Hurst BELLE MURPHY Scott & Lisa Grant JAMES VERNON MURPHY Lake & Ann Gibson Kit & Carolyn Walker Paul & Patti Kravitz Lynn & Bill Hulsey Bob Russell Sunday School Class Mr. & Mrs. Perino Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Robert Plants NANCY MURPHY Gail & Kevin Burke PAT MURPHY Dot & Crowder Hale John & Mary Haney DR. DELONE MUSE Beverly Logan DONALD J. (DON) MUSE Jane Ellen Callaham

CLYDE HOWARD MYNATT Edward B. Andrews JOHNNIE SUE TURK NEWELL Sylvia Cooper Clyde & Margaret Turk Lang, Tammy & Lillie Brannen Ken Turk Family Lavern Porter Mickey & Martha Montgomery Linda Turk XUAN NGUYEN Rick Jackson Insurance Agency, Inc. MRS. RUBY NICHOLS M.J. & Evelyn Cox MRS. GENEVA NIX Mr. & Mrs. George W. Evans HAVEN NIX Tony & Judy Irwin Sara & Buddy Rutledge

COACH PAUL NIX Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hall WILLIAM NIX Mike & Cindy Hall HELEN OGDEN Kathy & Don Frankforther, Dorothy Mills, Evelyn Mills MARY CURTIS OLIVER Larry & Teresa Waters Mrs. A. J. Cooper Lynn & Syble Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson Sylvia Cooper Loyd & Pam Strickland Susie & Stanley W. Appleton Doug & Diane Magnus Mike & Helen Forrester JANICE BATTEN O’NEAL Grant & Jill Hilton JEAN O’NEAL Mr. Alan O’Neal

Harrison, The Peace Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 1 ½ years. Favorite activities: Sports, fishing, being outdoors. Favorite memory: Christian people showing their faith while having fun at the Snowbird retreat. What did you learn? To remain substance free. What will you miss? All the people here I relate to, especially my assistant counselor, Greg, and the guys in my home. Future plans: Finish up high school and go to The University of South Carolina to major in business.

Jared, The Joy Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 2 years. Favorite activities: Snowbird retreat in North Carolina. Favorite memory: Being around the guys, the houseparents, and the counselors. What did you learn? To think about others and be more respectful. What will you miss? The support and the structure, learning what you need to do and what it takes to get it done. Future plans: Finish my senior year in high school, then study diesel mechanics at a technical school. Who influenced you most? My assistant counselor, Matthew. He was like a big brother that I never had. It was great to have someone to talk to. How has your faith changed? If you listen to the Lord, He’ll give you what you need. It may be not exactly what you want, but what He thinks is right for you. About Eagle Ranch: It’s not just somewhere that you drop off your kid and think they’re going to get fixed. It’s a family thing, where everyone works to achieve the goal of going home.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

Who influenced you most? My assistant counselor and Drake, who lived in the Peace Home with me. How has your faith changed? It’s been great. My friends at school started the fire in me, and everything has continued to fall into place since then. About Eagle Ranch: It’s a great place, and I thank God for being here– that’s for sure.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

MARGARET OWENS Bill & Charlotte Roberts J.L. OWENS, JR., M.D. Star & Duke Wheeler RICHARD PALMER Ronnie & Ruth Pirkle L. D. Southers Wilda Southers J. D. PARKS Beverly Logan HAROLD PARSONS Mr. Forrest A. Neely MRS. TROY (WILLA NELL) PATTON Irene Allison PAM PAVLOVEC Mr. & Mrs. Horace Owens & Dylan Bauer MRS. KATHRYN PAYNE Paul & Barbara Brown MARTY PAYNE Carolyn & Brian Ford RUBY PECKHAM Shauna & Scott Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wegner

Barbara Mason John C. Kinsey LAWRENCE PERRY Sue & Melvin King NORMAN PHILLIPS Mr. & Mrs. Randy King DR. JON A. PIRTLE Jerry & Pat Harris BILL PITTS Dick & Dixie Harris CHRISTY PLACZEK Kyle, Kay, Taylor, Hayden & Carson Johnson WINNIE BROOK POOLE Mrs. B. L. Hawkins, Sr. BILL POPE Mr. & Mrs. Dick Inman SAM PRITCHARD Georgia 1752 Club MARGIE PRITCHETT Frank & Ruthie Pirkle Ms. Cozetta Reynolds Terry Williams MRS. RUTH PRUETT Sylvia Cooper

DAN PUCKETT Paul & Ann Marie Barnes CAROL PUGH Rob Ketterer JUANITA PUTMAN Mrs. E. J. Staub, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pochran Penny P. Barcroft JOSEPH M. QUEEN, JR. Gary & Becky Locke MARGARET RAGAN Barbara Brown MRS. LOUISE RAINWATER Mrs. Colleene Ivey RONNIE RAINWATER John & Barbara Cauthen CALVIN RAMSEY Helen O. Ramsey TAMI RAMSEY Helen Ramsey Jack & Sue Smith Anne M. Julian PAT RANDALL David & Gail Hunter JIM RANGE Ken & Kelly Mitchell & Family

MRS. JEANETTE REECE Colleene P. Ivey ED REED Southern Magnolia Red Hats Ed & Martha Morgan Carolee & Gerald Gailey Susie & John Solesbee KATE HARTLEY REED Virginia Benefield MRS. ROSE JORDAN REED Kenneth & Janice Williams MRS. CATHERINE Y. REYNOLDS Anne D. Chappell & Family HAL RHODES Claudia DeMarco Sally Hughes Paul T. & Carol J. Talbott Barbara C. Perrow Ms. Lynne Moultrie Ava C. Averett & Chuck Averett Harold & Becky Grubbs Dolores Leinberger Russell & Shirley Fairley LACY B. RICH, JR. Diane & John Landis

DAISY MAE RIDER Ms. Kathleen Dobbs & Dawn Dobbs Ms. Pauline Skinner Margaret J. Martin ANNIE ROBERTS Anne Bledsoe JEFF ROBINSON John F. Yarbrough LINDSAY BOOMERSHINE ROBERTSON Pat Mitchell MR. J.P. RODDY III Frances Roberts & Family WILLIAM TYLER ROLLINS Rogers & Jackie Grogan AUDREY ROSEBROUGH Steve & Robin Rosebrough ALLAN ROSS J.R. & Frances Kanady DR. HASELL G. ROSS Anne D. Chappell HELEN ROSS Steve & Kittie Ross TOM ROWE Mary Turk & Family

MYRTLE SANDERS Barry Stover WILLIAM A. SAUNDERS Mrs. Robert I. Pitts Eleanor Giddens Virginia Hale & Jim Hale Bill Hardy Bruce & Carolyn Shortell Lyle & Sue Diamond Bob & Bill Schuessler Scott Willard & Marie Bedgood, Brooke Bedgood Wally & Ann Odum JAMES CLAUDE SAXON Lamar & Cathy Skinner MR. DAVID DANIEL SAYE, JR. Stan & Peggy Lowery Wilma L. Minix JOANN D. SCOTT Mary Ann Wilson FOSTER SEABOLT Employees of Jackson EMC RANDALL E. SEXTON Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Smith SUE SHEWBERT Jeannette Reynolds

CHARLES SHIELS Winona Moore CRAIG SHOEMAKE Bobby & Betty Jo Kerlin MARY SHOEMAKER Mayson & Cathy Callaway DON SHORT Sue & Melvin King John & Joanne Hamilton BILL SLASMAN Bunny & Pat Vedros CHARLET SMITH Larry & Teresa Waters JACK SMITH Chris & Faye Huguley-Rhodes J. R. & Frances Kanady Jack & Louise Holcomb Richard & Janet Williams Sam & Ann Orr David L. Dupart The Family of Buzz Vandiver Rushton & Company Employees of Wikoff Color Corporation MRS. JANEY SMITH Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shockley

JOHNNY SMITH Ken & Jean Glass LOUISE ELLIOTT SMITH Doug & Diane Magnus Mr. & Mrs. Jim Copeland RUSSELL C. SNOW, JR. Barry Stover TREVOR SPANN Marguerite & Frank Owens COLLIN SPRIGGS Star & Duke Wheeler SPENCER S. STAMBAUGH Tom & Mary Billman KATHERINE STARKEY Dick & Tonya Pershing EDYTHE STEFFEY Janie & Gene Dunman BILL STEPHENSON Richard & Susan Gilbert CLYDE STEWART Ed & Clo Gardner Dola W. Seay Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson ADA FLORENCE STOVALL Faye Vickery Farmer John M. Mavromatis

Jesse, The Praise Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 9 months. Favorite activities: Running, basketball, talking. Favorite memory: The loyalty in our home. What did you learn? To respect my parents and talk it out with them when I’m mad. What will you miss? The counselors, teachers, and my houseparents, Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Julie. Future plans: Finish high school and go to college. Who influenced you most? My houseparents. How has your faith changed? It changed a lot. When I first got here, I would just brush off my faith. But I came more toward Him than I was. Advice for others coming to Eagle Ranch: You change while you’re here.

Lindsey, The Glory Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 2 years. Favorite activities: One-on-one talks with my assistant counselors. Favorite memory: The teachers– how much they care. What did you learn? People can act a certain way because of their past. Who has influenced you the most? My teacher, Mr. Sheppard. How has your faith changed? I’ve been a Christian for nine years, but I’ve learned to trust Him more. I’ve learned that He actually is there, and He does care. Future plans: Interior design classes and college. Advice for others coming to Eagle Ranch: The kids here aren’t bad. We’re not juvenile delinquents; we’re just kids who have problems with their families. We’re just going through a hard time. This place cares and if you stick with the program it really will help you. You have so many opportunities here at this school that you wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

Eagle �anch Graduate�

GERALD STOWE Linda Callaway DON STRICKLAND Tom Wendle Sylvia & Louie Gailey Gene & Sue Martin Bobby & Angie Standridge MRS. VIRGINIA STRICKLAND Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson TOM STRINGER Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Russell III MARY STROHLEIN Dorothy M. Maraziti CHARLES T. (TOM) SWIFT Sam & Shirley Sartain AMY JULIA MOORE TALLEY Susie & Stanley W. Appleton Bill & Joanne Vaughan ARTHUR TAPP Vota Vita Sunday School Class Colleene P. Ivey MRS. HONOR TAYLOR Bobby & Betty Jo Kerlin JOSEPH B. TEICHERT Mrs. Joseph B. Teichert

GARFIELD LINCOLN THOMAS J. Hartwell & June A. Quattlebaum JOE THOMBLEY, SR. Stephen G. Simmons United Engineering Company, Inc. Cromwell Baun Jo & Robert Spratlin Mr. & Mrs. S. Brad Killebrew Mock Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Toby Propst South Alabama Brick Company, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Drew Bentley Killebrew Brick Jim & Wanda Reynolds Barbara Peebles Buster Bickerstaff R. H. Bickerstaff Mac & Jennifer Coile EVELYN THOMPSON Edith Cato Connie Allen Sandra & Barry Ladd

WILMA R. TILLMAN Ralph A. Tillman, MD MATT TROTTER Natalie Jarvis & Maya Anderson VIKKI TUCKER Clark & Becky Franks AUDREY TUDOR Azilee Frederick LORETTA TURK Jim & Rachel Woeste MRS. CAROLINE TURNER Roger & Carolyn Brown The Bob Adams Family Mrs. Larry Ledford JIM TURPIN Jim & Karyn Clark MRS. MARY C. TYSON Howard & Carol Cooper BILL UNDERWOOD & ROGER UNDERWOOD Mike & Mary Blake JEANETTE UNDERWOOD Jane Goehring DR. H. E. VALENTINE The Bob Adams Family

Bill & Joanne Glaze Vaughan Tina & John Burns Roger & Carolyn Brown Dr. & Mrs. Clark Ferrell Mrs. Jack C. Hulsey Dr. & Mrs. Fred Ingle Mrs. Larry Ledford Dr. & Mrs. Bill White Colleene P. Ivey WILLIAM VAN ESLTINE Susan & Peter Hodgson J. LOUIE VANDERFORD The W.J. Holcombe Family MARVIN VANDIVER J.E. & Iantha Garrett KENNETH VAUGH Shirley Strickland & Keith Strickland JOHN ALTON VILLYARD Harold & Billie Gaines DAVID WADDLE Nancy Bruce MATT WAIT Bob & Nancy Langdon MRS. GLADYS WALKER Mr. & Mrs. Herb Strickland Mr. & Mrs. George Counts

IRMA MARY WALTER Lloyd & Florence Smee KIRBY WARREN Marcelene & Bill Fulton BILL WARTHEN Bill Strickland DAISY WATSON Bob & Linda Fowler JOE WATSON Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Watson JOHN F. WATT Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Andrews BOB WAYNE Rick & Jan Gailey Mrs. B.L. Hawkins, Sr. Harley & Shirley Bagby and Patsy Lynn Marcelle McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Donald Beard & Family Charlotte Westbrook & Class of 1943 Flowery Branch High School BOB & MARTHA WAYNE CV & Lynne Smith Family MARILYN WEAVER Micki & Jerry Irvin

Teresa & Larry Waters PAT WEAVER Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Rider MATT WEEKS Steve & Beth Ann Denson GARRISON WHALEY Mr. & Mrs. John C. Whaley LOWELL & DORIS WHEELER Roger & Shari Stover MRS. CONNIE WHITAKER Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Shockley, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Shockley, Jr. JIMMY WHITE Mr. & Mrs. John W. Cauthen JOHN G. WILBANKS III John Wilbanks Family BETSY SMITH WILKINS Norman L. Parr Lowell & Mardy Fulenwider Elizabeth Reisman Roger & Carolyn Brown Mr. & Mrs. Milon Christman Dale Gross Doug & Diane Magnus Mr. & Mrs. Jack Prince

Jimmy Wilkins, Jr. & Carolyn Wilkins Ken & Cathy Nix Cottrell, Inc. Jr. & Betty Gillespie Mary Jo Powell Robert & Susan Wedwaldt Dr. & Mrs. Clark Ferrell Mr. & Mrs. Harold V. Law, Sr. Richard & Lona Pope Tommy & Millie Folger Mr. & Mrs. Jeb Bates MR. DON WILLARD Billie Bob Hoskyn DON WILLIAMS Roger & Carolyn Brown GRACE WILLIAMS Stan O’dell

RALPH W. WILLIAMS Mady & Bob Cook BEN WILLIAMSON Paul & Ann Marie Barnes DONALD WILLIAMSON Marca B. Colbert HORACE WILSON A Friend IAN WOLFE John Wolfe MR. JOHN WOOTEN Anne D. Chappell MINNIE LEE WRIGHT Debbie Wright MARY WYNNE Billie Ruth Bird JOHN K. YARGER, SR. Mr. & Mrs. Larry Payne

McKensie, The Praise Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 10 months. Favorite activities: Working with the horses. Favorite memory: The Praise Home, field trips, school. What did you learn? I do have a choice, and I don’t have to do anything. I can choose my own way. What will you miss? My houseparents and my friends– the way they care about you. Future plans: Finish high school and go to college for either music or Spanish.

Nick, The Peace Home
Length of stay at Eagle Ranch: 2 years. Favorite memory: Laughing with Ms. Hodges and how all my teachers really cared about me. What did you learn? I saw how I treated others. I learned how to respect people, take ‘no’ as an answer and not hold onto things. What will you miss? Friends and especially the teachers– they’re really neat people. Future plans: Get through school and not worry about the future– God’s got that under control. Who influenced you most? My teachers, Ms. Hodges and Mrs. Channell. How has your faith changed? I’ve grown more in God. I do devotions with my roommate, and we pray together at night. Advice for others coming to Eagle Ranch: Don’t give up. You’ll think about running away, but stick with it. Make friends– I had an issue with that– friends help you and encourage you. Just like the Bible says, it’s better to have two people instead of one. When you’re down, there’s someone else to help you. I’ve made a lot of progress in my life, and I’m ready to move forward.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

Who influenced you most? My houseparents, Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Julie, and my teacher, Mr. Sheppard. How has your faith changed? I would definitely say it’s stronger, because before I came here, I was just like ‘whatever.’ If I’m like this then there’s definitely not a God or anything. And since I’ve been able to change my attitude, it’s easier to see that He had to have a part in it.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Honor Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the honoree. Donors are listed after the person in whose honor they contributed (donations received Jan. 28 - June 1, 2009). KAREN ADAMS Rod & Jennie Sibley MRS. OLA ADAMS Bobby & Betty Jo Kerlin BECKIE BENNION Reverend & Mrs. Bruce Shortell MS. BILLIE RUTH BIRD Laynie Bird J. BRENT BOX, M.D. Janie Morris Dunman

MR. MARION T. BURNSIDE Anne D. Chappell LUANNE CAPE Barbara Brown MIKE CASSIDY Kirby Thompson MARGARET COATS Diane Fisher PERINO & MARY COCHRAN Azilee Frederick CHLOE COFFEE Sandy Coffee PASTOR JEFF & MRS. BECKY CROOK Joe, Emily, Bailey & Bennett Hicks LARUE CROW Melanie Smith MRS. FERRELL CROWLEY Anne D. Chappell MR. & MRS. BILLY DEASON Georgia 1752 Club RANDY DENICKE Fain Denicke

DAVID & LINDA DOYAL Bill Whorley MRS. CHARLOTTE DUNLAP Stan & Susie Appleton EAGLE RANCH SCHOOL STAFF Ms. Liane M. Day PAUL EBBS Wiley & Doran Stanford MR. & MRS. CHRISTOPHER ELLZEY David & Anne Gibson MR. & MRS. EARL ENGEL William W. Whorley, Jr. DORIS C. FOLGER Phil Folger FRANKIE FRAZIER Jean Gruhn DR. TIM FULENWIDER Frances Dixon, Scott & Gina Black & Austin Black STEVE GRAHAM Robert D. Orr OUR GRANDCHILDREN Ernie & Lois Rheaume

MARK HAM Peter Kendrick JOE & EVELYN HARNEY Steve & San Short & Family MR. & MRS. RICHARD HATCHER Elizabeth Castleberry LINDA HENRY A Friend JOSEPH HENSON Mady & Bob Cook DICK HIPP Bruce & Elicia Hinkel LAURALEE HUNTER Bill Whorley NANCY HUNTER Lauralee Hunter JESSUP, COMPTON & PIERCE, PC Glenn R. Fried ASPEN JONES T.W. & Evie Jones MR. BRIAN JONES T.W. & Evie Jones PAXTON JONES T.W. & Evie Jones

MRS. EVELYN KEPHART Martha Tanner REV. SCOTT KIDD Bob Irish JENNIFER W. LASSITER Bill Whorley MRS. LUCY LINK Tina Burns BILL & PRISCILLA MacPHAIL Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Burke DON & MARILYN McCLENDON Lorry de la Croix DR. & MRS. JOHN McHUGH Tina & John Burns 2ND LT. SAM PHILLIPS McKENZIE III Earl T. Leonard, Jr. MRS. REE MILLER Martha Tanner TONY & CHRIS MILLS Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Burke KEITH MITCHELL Gene & Ellen Mitchell MRS. GRACE MOORE Dixie & Dick Harris

LARRY MORRIS & FAMILY Mr. & Mrs. Marcus A. Cook DAYRON MURPHY Anna Grant LYN & WYC ORR Robert D. Orr C. WADE PEARCE & FAMILY J. Wray Pearce DR. RANDY PHILLIPS Dr. & Mrs. Frank Lake, Sr. KENNY & TERI POPE Joe & Emily Hicks THE REVEREND & MRS. GRAFTON PRESSLEY Bette & Brent Binkley HAZEL PROPES Steve & Kittie Ross MRS. CLEMMIE PURCELL Peggy Purcell JEANNETTE REYNOLDS Tracey Abbott LAFAYETTE & KATHLEEN SHORT Steve & San Short & Family ALLYSON W. SINEATH Bill Whorley

ETHEL SMITH Azilee Frederick GLORIA & JOE STARGEL Colleene P. Ivey EDDIE STAUB & FAMILY Mr. & Mrs. Marcus A. Cook MRS. DOROTHY STRICKLAND Joy, Randy & Elyse Cobb SHIRLEY & CHARLIE STRONG Doug & Diane Magnus BETH SUDDERTH Tony, Glenda & Mary Frances Harrison BRADFORD SWANN Mr. & Mrs. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. AMY TODD Kirby Thompson

MR. W. TERRY WINGFIELD Ms. Blitch Ann Bird Ms. Donna Moseley MARY ANN WOOD Tony, Glenda & Mary Frances Harrison L. T. WOODRUFF Bettie Paul MARY FRANCES YOUNGBLOOD Susan & Richard Gilbert

Tiffany, The Praise Home
Length of stay: 3 years. Favorite memory: The school environment. The small classrooms and all the teachers really helped me excel. What did you learn? Don’t judge others, always give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s better to be honest, not to lie and manipulate yourself out of things. The main thing I learned was how to have a great relationship with my mom and God. What will you miss? Living with five other girls. I don’t have siblings, so it was fun to be with the girls; they were like sisters. Future plans: I’m going to Brenau Academy for 11th and 12th grade and then to Brenau University to study psychology.

Wendell, The Hope Home
Length of stay: 2 years. Favorite memory: Cooking lobster with my assistant counselor. Favorite activities: Skateboarding, basketball, ultimate frisbee. What did you learn? How to talk about my feelings and work things out with other people. What will you miss? My houseparents and their baby– they were like a second family. Future plans: Play football in high school and go to college. Who has influenced you most? My counselor, Bruce. If I was mad or needed to talk something out, he was there for me. How has your faith changed? I used to be not faithful, to always get in trouble. When I stopped doing that my faith came back, and I’ve had it now for a while; I still have it. I have more of a relationship with God. Advice for others at Eagle Ranch: Don’t give up, keep up with it. It helps me. Before I came here, I didn’t talk about anything; I was just quiet. It helped me just start talking more.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

How has your faith changed? I opened myself up to God and accepted Jesus into my life on August 30, 2007. I’ve changed dramatically and have a wonderful relationship with God. Advice for others at Eagle Ranch: The Ranch was a blessing in my life. I had hit rock bottom. I had gone through everything. The Ranch opened my eyes and welcomed me with open arms.

Eagle �anch Graduate�

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