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I hereby declare that the dissertation entitled ‘Organization Study at EASTERN CONDIMENTS PVT LTD ADIMALY, KERALA’ submitted to BANGALORE University, BANGALORE in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of M.B.A (Master of Business Administration), is a record of original work done by me under the supervision and guidance of Mr. ANEESH, and the project work has not formed the basis for the award for any degree or other similar title to candidate of any university.

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I am deeply indebted to EASTERN CONDIMENTS PVT LTD, for giving me this opportunity to complete my project work in their esteemed organization.

I express my gratitude to MR JOHN HR MANAGER for granting me permission to compete my project work at EASTERN CONDIMENTS PVT LTD

I am extremely grateful to MR. ANEESH, ASSISTANT HR MANAGER, for guidance, assistance and support.

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4 CONTENT Chapters Page no Title Chapter-1 05-08 Introduction Chapter-2 09-12 Industry profile Chapter-3 13-23 Company profile Chapter-4 24-26 Product profile Chapter-5 27-62 Department profile Chapter-6 63-65 SWOT analysis .

5 Chapter-7 66-68 Summary & Recommendation Chapter-8 69-71 Conclusion CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION .

Generally. Modern organizational studies attempt to understand and model these factors. and explain. So the study of people in organization is important for future manager. For a company. in hierarchical order that are engaged in co-operative activities and every one has identical boundaries. customers. They are group of people linked together by formal and informal relationship. Like all modernist social sciences. and levels of analysis An organization study involves study of the structure and functioning of its department.which are to create value for its stakeholders (stockholders. all the organizations are different but. Management is interested in organization mainly from an instrumental point of view. Whenever people interact in organizations.6 a) INTRODUCTION An organization is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals. controls its own performance. employees. Organizing the or organization is one of the important function of the management. predict. Organizational studies encompasses the study of organizations from multiple viewpoints. they have certain common features. organizational studies seek to control. suppliers. organization is a means to an end to achieve its goals . . community). and has a boundary separating it from its environment. methods. many factors come into play.

. Such changes have become inevitable to achieve the basic b) IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY 1. system. To know about the whole organisation and study in detail. To familiarize with a business organization and the operation of its departments. It is a means for bridging the gap between theory and practice. c) SCOPE OF THE STUDY Internship training will help Management graduates to know about the operation of a business co-operation. 2. To interact with the managers at various levels of the organization hierarchy. d) OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1) To know about the curry powder industry and its history.7 It is vital to study the structure and functioning of successful organization so they will guide directorial organizational towards successful and profitable functioning The revolutionized the swift changes in the field of science and technology has objective of the firm.

PRIMARY DATA Information’s were collected by conducting personal interviews and discussions with officials. employees of the company and also by direct observation .8 2) To know about functions carried out in various departments. 5) To find out the various aspects of SWOT analysis in the organization e) ASSUMPTIONS OF THE STUDY This study is based on the following Assumption 1) The data given by the company official are true and unbiased. finance. 3) To study the products of the company. The company personnel do not reveal trade secrets. 2) f) LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Alloted Time span has been the main limitation. 4) To study the structure of various departments and its function. confidential information like marketing. TECHNIQUES OF DATA COLLECTION 1. The data collected from various secondary sources are true.

Secondary data are collected from: • Annual reports • Company documents & • Company websites.brouchers. SECONDARY DATA The secondary data can be collected through financial records.9 2.company records etc. .


By 1750 BC Harappa civilization had disappeared probably due to flood and tectonic shift were replaced by the Aryans who invaded via Hindu Kush by 1500 BC.C. The Aryans had considerable contact with Babylon from whence the original flood legend arose be adopted by both the Aryans and the Hebrews and several other civilization. Summer bad trade links with the Indus valley via Hindu Kush by 3000 BC and by sea from 2500 BC thus thinking the Harappa’s with both Sumerians and Egyptian. cardamom. were of occupied mixed stock somewhat larger in structure than either the Sumerians of those communities. where cumin. pepper and mustard were cultivated in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. turmeric. The bad club wheat barely sheep and goats from the Iranian plateau and cotton from Southern Arabia or North East Africa but were held back by their reliance on food water due to lack of knowledge of irrigation. INDUSTRY PROFILE .11 HISTORY OF THE INDUSTRY By 3000 B. anise and cinnamon were used for embalming by 2500 BC. in the Indus valley.

Other consumer goods in the products in the food processing sector include confectionery items.which is USD 22.000crores(USD 69.4billion ) approximately and within it the value-added food products are estimated at Rs.fruits and vegetables. such as.Some of the features of food processing industries in terms of export production are as follows Food processing are built in both the export processing zones as well as the the free trade zones in India and it has been made 100 percent export oriented The import of goods enjoy tax free privelage in all kind of goods India and spices Indian spices paid important role in the history of various lands discovered or destroyed kingdoms built or brought down. The turnover for this sector accounts for Rs. chocolates and cocoa products. wars won or lost. mineral water. The estimated FDI in this sector is accounted for Rs.spices and condiments.fisheries. 000crores.000 crores.2 billion. high protein food products.This sector covers a wide range of edible items.and plantation.250.consumption.80.10.12 Food processing industry in India is among one of the biggest sectors known in terms of production .and so onThe exporting processing zones and food proceesing industries in India are made 100 percent export oriented by the government of India ever since august 1991 and has also permitted for collaboration both with the the local and global firms.and export. soya-based products.grain processing.milk and milk products.meat and poultry.growth.alcoholic beverages. treaties signed or flowed .

alliance and war. Because of the varying climate suitable for the spice cultivation almost all spices are grown in this country. The Indian share At present India produce around 2. and hold the premier position in the world. In almost all the . choleric and melancholic) a) CURRENT SCENARIO Within the past one decade. and the desire to acquire these precious status symbols led to world exploration pan global communication trade. As estimated 500.5 million tonnes of different spice valued at approximately 3 million US dollar. Indian spices also fitted into philosophic concepts of improving health science.13 flavours sought or offered. This remarkable achievement is boon of a sea change in the industry scenario. He use of spices from the year 1200 and the European preoccupation with the world of spices was born . It was understood that they could affect the four humors (Blood. phlegm yellow bile and black bile) and influence the corresponding moodes (sanguine. In almost all spices are grown in this country. phlegmatic.The use of spice in food meant money and power. An impressive 46% of these supply come from India. Spices have also played a political role in the history.000 tone of spice and herbs values 1500 million US dollars are now imported globally every year. India’s exports and spice extracts have made spectacular growth attaining over 50% of the global market within a short span. the international trade in spices has grown by leaps and bounds.

14 28 states and six union territories of India. . No country in the world produces as many varieties of spices as India. at least one spice is grown in abundance.

and employing 150 employees where as Eastern Coffee and Curry Powder were employing 20 workers. Eastern Condiments was established in 1991.15 CHAPTER 3 COMPANY PROFILE ABOUT THE COMPANY INTRODUCTION The Eastern Group was founded by Mr. chairman of the group. coffee powder and food products. Meeran. as expanded form of eastern Coffee and Curry Powder. . Eastern Coffee and Curry Powder established in 1983 as a pioneer in the state to produce packed curry powders. He started its activities as a business with a wholesale provision of goods at Adimaly in 1969 named “Eastern trading company”. nearly two decades ago. M. E.

From the initial production capacity of 100kg per day .Finance and Accounting 3. Now the company had 1500 employees and the last year turnover was Rs. The company is the leading brands in India and second most popularized brand in Kerala . The production at the initial period was only 100kg per day.Human Resource Development & Admin 2. 1. the process of production was enhanced from grinding to pulverizing and so the production could also help to preserve the natural taste of the powder.S. establishment of Eastern Condiments with a production capacity of 20 tonnes a day was a absolutely necessary. the U. Bringing high quality products every day at affordable prices to the common man for his daily use is the ultimate goal of Eastern group of companies.16 The company exports its products to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the past few years and now the company exports its products to various parts of the world like Middle East. Australia. Eastern Condiments was established in 1991 . 450 Cr.The company hold 75% market share and it follow cash and carry method. Germany etc.1000 Cr by 2012 Various departments in Eastern are. As Eastern curry powder unit could not meet the increased demand.K. The company plan to attain the target of Rs. The purity and freshness of Eastern Curry Powders made “Eastern” a house hold name in India and abroad.A. the U. The company follows direct distribution and it had 86 routes.100000 Kg of sales was registered in 1991. now it can produce around 78 tonnes per day.Production . Treating the customers with commitment for quality at the right price in all products is their formula for success. In those days.

17 4.Maintanence 5.Purchase 8.Export 9.Quality Control & Quality Assurance 7.Marketing 6.Production Planning and Control .IT Department 10.


To be a Preferred Employer in the Industries:-We are provides a challenging work environment and adds value to our people through diverse exposure and continuous education. VISION OF EASTERN GROUP To be the preferred supplier:-Catering to the basic needs of the mass market by providing products of outstanding value through the adoption of global standard and innovative practice. The company has got ISO 22000 and the HACCP certification.E. The foresight of the chairman is the guiding light for the blazing track of the group. Mr. Eastern was the first company in India to get ISO 22000 certificate. packaged foods. C) EASTERN GROUP OF COMPANIES Eastern Group of Companies is a group of companies with diverse interests and a world leader in Indian spices. Eastern has ventured into various areas like tyre retreads. garments.Meeran.19 Awards Won The eastern group has won many prestigious awards for its outstanding performance by Spices Board India for 8 consecutive years from 1998 to 2004-’05.M. The company has also won the FACT MKK NAIR MEMORIAL PRODUCTIVITY award for the year 1995-’96. Every award has been a stepping stone for achieving greater heights and look forward for higher goals. He is also the award winner of “Best Entrepreneur Of The Year” by Mangalam Publications. mattresses. mineral water and public school and . Chairman of Eastern Group was awarded as the “Best Business Man Of The Year” by Business Deepika (leading business journal in Kerala) in 2007-2008.

Eastern Curry powders The company has provided their consumers with consistently high quality powders and blends.Ltd.Ltd. .20 has many more projects in its dream. was set up in 1999 to manufacture rubberized coir mattresses with a state of the art factory in Thodupuzha. Sunidra has own the ISO 9001-2000 certificate. 1. The detailed description of each company is given below.is slowly growing to be a market leader in the country. The popular brand of rubberized coir mattress manufactured by Sunidra Mattresses Pvt. Eastern Condiments operates from two modern factories situated in the Western Ghats of South India • • • • • • Natural Spice Powders Eastern turmeric Powders Eastern Chilli Powder Eastern Coriander powder Eastern Black Pepper Powder Eastern Curry Powder 2) Sunidra Mattresses Sunidra mattresses Pvt.

Mrs. a recently launched company was set up in the year 2002. It is available in convenient sizes.Eastern Aqua Mineral entered the area of packaged drinking water with the state of srt plant located at Eranakulam district. 3)Eastern Aqua minerals Eastern Aqua Mineral.S. Eastern packaged drinking water of highest purity standard . it doesnot cause any allergies and also recyclable. .high quality with control. Nabeeza Meeran has been the Principal of Eastern Public School. Eastern packed drinking water is also priced attractively in keeping with Eastern’s view of bringing high quality products to the common man at the right price. These rubberized coir sheets are air permeable and have natural breathing qualities.B.21 Sunidra is made of rubberized coir sheets that are produced from 100% natural latex without any added waste. This school ensures a high quality education from kindergarten to primary levels with C. 4) Eastern Public School The Eastern group entered the area of education with the getting up of the Eastern Public School.E syllabus providing all the residential facility residing at the heart of Idukky District 5) Eastern Treads Ltd.1286 testing facilities and quality product with international standards.

Kothmangalam. bonding gum and black vulcanizing cement. . The factory has annual turnover of 12 crore and it is located at Oonnukal. This brand was targeted at middle class. cushion. This company is in the service industry for retreading tyres and the service plant is located at Vazhakulam. The company has a processing capacity of 12 tonnes of cold rubber per day with nation wide market network. Is a public company engaged in the manufacturing of quality procured tread. 6)King Richard Shirts King Richard. Its branches all over India has been showing consistent high performance and growth.).22 Eastern Treads Ltd. Brembana.000 shirts per month. a brand of men's wear from Eastern Clothing Company was set up in 1999. The company services by retreading of used tyres on an average basis of 1500 tyres per month. Top quality fabrics are used in the manufacture of King Richard brand shirts (utilizing 100% of cotton from India and European brands like Bergamo. King Richard Includes all the trends of colour combinations and designs of fashion shirts and trousers with a view to meet the aspiration of working class with a quality ready wear at responsible price in the international styles. This brand usually comes out mostly formal and casual styles. Italian fabric etc. This factory has the production capacity of 15. but also makes small numbers of semi-casual styles.

23 COMPETITORS INFORMATION The company has many competitors in the market because the condiments industry it also small scale industry. So the company faces competitors mainly from three different states like Kerala . ♦ Communicated information concerning development implementation and updating of the food safety management system throughout the organization to . ♦ Communicated appropriate information through out the food chain regarding safety issues related to its products. Double Horse Karnataka -M T R Tamilnadu – Shakthi Food safety management system Eastern company has established documented . Saras. Bramins. Ruchi. implemented and maintained an effective food safety management system and update it when necessary in accordance with the requirements of this international standard ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP The company has ♦ Ensured that the food safety hazards that may be reasonable expected to occur in relation to products within the scope of the system are identified evaluated and control in such manner that the product of the organization do not directly or indirectly. harm the consumer. Priyam.Melam.

INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR STANDARDISATION (ISO) . masala powders. pickles rice and coffee powder to our customers through control of food safety hazards in the raw materials using greatest process hygiene system to the expectations of our customers by complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.24 the extent necessary to ensure the food safety required by this international standard.000/. 00. LEGAL FRAMEWORK OF THE ORGANISATION Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd is incorporated under THE COMPANIES ACT 1956 on 26th Feb 1991 having its registered office at P. and ♦ Evaluated periodically and update when necessary the food safety management system to ensure that the system reflects the organizations activities and incorporates the most recent information on the food safety hazards subject to control FOOD SAFETY POLICY Eastern Condiment pvt Ltd is committed to supply safe and hygienic spice powder. B no:15 Eastern Valley Adimali. The Authorized share capital of the company is Rs 35.divided into 3500 shares of Rs 1000 each.

5. MISSION Its mission is to promote the government of standardisation and related activities in the world with a view to facilitate international exchange of goods and services and to develop co-operation in intellectual. It consists of 3 basic documents (9000.9001 and 9004 It is a means to demonstrate quality assurance of product or services It is the most popular among over 13000 standards issued ISO since 1987 Indian version is IS/ ISO 9000 series standards ISO VERSIONS • • • ISO 14000 for eco-friendly products and companies ISO 9000 for the overall quality products ISO 22000 for food safety products . revised in 1994 and 2000. 3. ISO 9000-2000 ISO 9001-2000 ISO 9004-2000 It is first developed and published in 1987. scientific. ISO Series • • • 1.25 ISO was set up in the year 1987. 4. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) represents India in ISO. 2. technological and economic activities. It is a worldwide federation of standard bodies from 138 countries.

The Organisation shall ensure the following basic requirements for the implementation of ISO 2200. evaluated and controlled in such a manner that the products of the organisation do not directly or indirectly harm the consumers.26 Eastern is the first company in India and the second company in Asia got ISO 22000 Certification.  Communicate information concerning development.  Communicate appropriate information through the food chain regarding safety issues related to its products. implementation and updating of food safety  Evaluate periodically and update. Eastern got ISO Certification in the year 2000-20005.  The food safety hazards that may be reasonable expected to occur i relation to products within the scope of the system are identified. .


LTD has different varieties of spices. curry powders. blended curry powders and masala. DIRECT POWDERS ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ TURMERIC POWDER CHILLI POWDER CORIANDER POWDER BLACK PEPPER POWDER DIRECT SEEDS ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ MUSTARD CUMIN BIG JEERA MEETHI BLENDED MASALA POWDER ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ RASAM POWDER SAMBAR POWDER PICKLE POWDER FISH MASALA CHICKEN MASALA MEAT MASALA BIRIYANI MASALA GHARAM MASALA .28 PRODUCT PROFILE Eastern condiments Pvt . Spices are procured from the finest plantations in Kerala. India. The different Categories of products are: Eastern processes and manufacture Spices and blended spice powders.

The outsourced units are inspected based on established parameters annually. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ TAMARIND RICE PALADA COCONUT GINGELLY OIL The product is tested in the laboratory prior to acceptance. .29 PICKLE ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ MANGO TENDER MANGO PICKLE GINGER GARLIC LEMON DATES PRAWN MIXED VEGETABLE Outsourced product Company outsource the manufacturing\procurement of the following product.


training and development. Its purpose is to establish and maintain good personal relations at all levels of an organization. management can never accomplish organizational objectives. Flippo. personal management has defined as “the planning. labour management.” Personal management function should not be confused with the personal department of an enterprise. Manpower is one of the primary resources. individual and social goals. Generally personal department is assumed the operative function of employment. Personal management is also called personal administration. integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of controlling the organizational.31 HUMANRESOURCE DVT &ADMIN DEPARTMENT Man power or human resources or people at work of an organization consists at all individuals engaged in any of the organization activities regard less of levels. directing and controlling of the pro development. Administration or Human resource is defined as “it is the sum total of inherent abilities. acquired knowledge and skill represented by the talents and aptitudes of the employed person “. and manpower management. organizing. Personal management function is performed by all managers at various levels in the organ. compensation. These functions are performed by the personal department.According to Edwin. remuneration etc. B. Without efficient use of human resources. Personal management is that part of the process of management which is primarily concerned the human aspects of an organ. .

issue of memos and other service rule related matters.V. calculations of salaries. 2. advertisement in Malayalam English news papers and local T. transfer have to be filled by recruitment and selection. Vacancies arising in an organization due to various reasons such as resignation. employee promotion. termination death. RECRUITEMENT AND SELECTION Recruitment is one of the step in the selection process.channels and tries to attract as much capable people from outside its company services. Provident Fund.32 1. . It also includes records of various leaves taken by the employees and management staff. records of their entry in to the service. CLASSIFICATION OF WORKERS 1) Senior workers 2) Junior workers 3) Piece rate workers 4) Daily wage workers 5) Technical workers 6) Apprentice 3. DUTIES OF HUMAN RESOURSE DEPARTMENT The responsibility of human resource department is mainly to keep the records of attendance of staff and workers. bonus of employees. A) DIRECT RECRUITMENT The firm places job’s In Eastern frequency uses this method for recruitment.

5. 6. All management staffs put under training particular subject has to submit the report to the Factory manager about the training. 4. Marketing and Administration). Besides. Employees transferred to different departments on the basic of their skill. Transfer is two types. EMPLOYEES The Adimaly branch of the company has 3division( Masala powder. evictees. The will give the job training for the employees. .If they have prescribed qualification and experience the company may give special preference to them. local candidates who belong to surrounding have preference in subsequently arising vacancies. They are internal transfer and external transfer.33 B) INTERNAL RECRUITMENT Several post are filled from among the internal candidates Whenever vacancies arise efficient and skilled workers from the rank and file of the company are promoted and appointed in the company. he will be given further training. Based on the evaluation of the ranking is poor. There are 1500 employees working in the company. Individual rewards for training are kept and maintained properly. TRAINING The company will prepare yearly training schedule based on ISO 22000. PROMOTION AND TRANSFER Those workers have required qualification and eligibility are promoted to supervisory cadres.

ii. . WAGES AND SALARY Me workers are paid into two system. wages are paid on out and not on time. Which also include the loading and unloading workers.34 7. OTHER NON –MONITORY BENEFITS • Transportation is provided to the employees to different destination point and a very small marginal amount sis deducted from their wages and or salary. Salary System This mode of payment is applicable or the rest of the workers. Which give free medical insurance to the employees. aprons and uniforms are also provided to the workers in the production and packing section. Personal protective equipments like head covers. The employees are provided with medi-claim policy. Piece rate system Under piece rate system payment. • Canteen facilities are provided to all the employees where they get free food. 8. i. Production goes up wags are pain according to piece rate system this mode of payment prevails in the packing section . The company is providing free annual medical checkup facilities for employee.

. TRAINING NEED ANALYSIS Training can be evaluated at any of three stages.35 Tours and picnics are conducting once in a year. Output. The disciplinary action includes loss of pay and suspension. Throughput. The following training need has been identified based on the competency requirements for ensuring the food safety conditions of the jobs assigned to the staffs for the year 2009-2010. RETIREMENT The company will undertake some disciplinary action of faults from the employees. which increase the motivation and initiative of the employees. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT EMPLOYEES FOR Senior manager HR and Administration shall be assigned to facilitate or coordinate training facilities to enter organization as per the requirement of each requirement. Input. in addition to the fair and just wages incentive system. All personal shall be aware of their role and responsibilities in protecting product from contamination or deterioration. The human resource department is directly under the control of managing director. 9.

All of them together control the human resource department. The officers will evaluate the employees performance on the basis of result produced by them and give a report to the board for a particular period of time. Performance appraisal system Eastern is following a special type of system for appraising the workers that is the Key Result Area. If the boadies satisfied he\she will . Here the performance of individual employees is evaluated by his immediate superior officers. The department is headed by the administration manager and an HR officer and a junior HR officer.36 Training required to:  Fire and safety  Legal update  Communication skill  ISO documentation  Leadership development  Pollution control  HR concept & welfare DESIGNING TRAINING PROGRAMME  Training summary  Training feedback  Identification of training need  Training effectiveness analysis report The human resource department comes under the chairman and board of directors.


forward it to the top level management by recommending on incentive\ promotion.

Wages And salary
The workers are paid in two systems  Piece rate system Under piece rate system of payment, wages are paid on time production goes up when wages are paid according to piece rate system. This mode of payment prevails on the packing section.  Salary system This mode of payment is applicable for the rest of the workers which also includes the loading and unloading workers.

The company provides a lot of non-monitory benefits to their employees. Some of them are as follows: 1. Transportation Transportation is provided to the employees to different destination points @ a subsidized rate. 2. Canteen facilities All the employees are given free food at Eastern


3. Personal Protective Equipments. Personal protective equipments like head wears; aprons and uniforms are provided to the worker. 4. Medical Insurance. The employees are provided with medi-claim policy, which gives free medical insurance to the employee and his/her family.

5. Pension Scheme. The scheme has been formulated for those employees who have retired from their job. 6. Annual Medical Check- up. The employees are provided with free annual medical check-up 7. Tours and Picnics. Tours and Picnics are conducting once in a year which increases the motivation and initiatives of the employees.

In eastern, payroll processing is done by the process of bookRecording

Generally, grievances mean any factors involving wages, hours of work or condition of work environment. In Eastern, all work as a family and all workers are free to make know his superior, if he has any grievances.


The company has kept some persons in the company itself where the employees can directly com and tell his problems in any case and it will slowly reach the management. For this, the company also conducts some training programmes and meetings where the employees can speak about any problem he has in the company.

 To provide at least 12 hrs training to every employee yearly about food safety..  To ensure provide induction training new employees within two weeks from date of joining

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: Eastern Condiments gives preference for women as their workers. Around 80% of workers are women .

developing the special strategies and tactics. More than a company department .40 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs. events. formulating marketing strategies . organization. but also the ideas. places and personalities. proposing a budget and establishing a set of control. MARKETING FUNCTIONS • Developing marketing strategies • Capturing marketing insights • Connecting with dealers & consumers • Building strong brand image • Delivering value to customers PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS  Factory fresh outlets  Whole sellers  Retailers MARKETING STRATEGY Company follows push and pull strategy in the case of marketing. L. One of the shortest definitions of marketing is “meeting needs profitably”. the marketing is a orderly and insightful process for thinking about and planning for markets. Marketing being the most important it is concerned with analysing the market . discovering the opportunities . Merchandise strategy is also followed. It not only concerned with marketing of goods and services. marketing is a drive to turn a private or social need into profitable business opportunity. e. TARGET ACHIVEMENT METHODS .

Factory Fresh Outlet .41 Increments and spif are given based on the performance of the sales executives MARKETING PRODUCT LINE     Spice powders Pickles & pickle powders Rice flower Tea & coffee CUSTOMER BENEFICIAL IDENTIFICATION METHODS  Yearly conducting dealers meet & SATISFACTION  Customer satisfaction details collected from dealers IDENTIFICATION OF CUSTOMER EXPECTATION  Through SMRI – Professional survey team  Through dealers CUSTOMER ORDER RECEIVE AND FOLLOW UP The orders receive from dealers in weekly once. MARKETING TOOLS & TECHNIQUES The various sales techniques consist of:1. Route Sales 2.

Inter Company Sales 4. that’s 70% market share belongs to companies product. cultural and customer features. The main responsibility of marketing department is to ensure the receipt of good quality material to the consumer as and when required.42 3. Eastern following direct supply of its products to retailer and retailer sold product to consumer. Export Sales DEMAND ANALYSIS The average percentage of three constitutive months plus 5 % of the average sales. METHODS OF OVERCOMING COMPETITORS There is no stiff competition faced by the company. ADVERTISEMENT & SALES PROMOTION  NEWS PAPER  TELEVISION  DISCOUNT . The main aim of marketing department is to supply good quality products at a reasonable price. The total number of competitors of local market is 187 MARKET SEGMENTS The company’s product mainly segmented on the basis of geographical.

43 PRODUCT PUBLICITY Mainly through advertisement CUSTOMER RETAIN MANAGEMENT Eastern products are already branded. The company give more importance to quality of the products. so the products already have regular customers. MARKETING DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE Senior Marketing Manager Administrative Staffs Marketing manager Assistant Manager Senior Sales Executive .

Business finance is concerned with the acquisition and utilization of funds in a business enterprise. It rightly termed as the science of money. There is a necessity of managing the funds properly and efficiently for achieving the object of the business. it is impossible for any business firm to carry out its activities. It involves raising the needed funds. . So financial management us an integral part of the overall management. Sales Executive. FINANACE AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION Finance is the life blood of business.44 Sales Executive Driver Stock Assistant The Marketing Department headed by Senior Marketing manager and followed by Administrative Staffs. Marketing Manager. judicial use of funds and controlling the funds used in business. Senior Sales Executive. So financial activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the firm financial resources. The term finance refers to money or funds available to a firm. Assistant Manager. Without adequate finance. Driver and Stock Assistances.

1) To provide reliable financial information about economic resources and obligation of a business enterprises. 4) To disclosed to the extent possible other information relation to the financial statement that is relevant to statement users. directing and controlling of financial activities in business enterprises. Finanace department consists of all the managerial activities at raising funds and its effective utilization. organizing.”Financial management refers to planning. The basic objective of financial statement is to assist decision making. 3) To provide other needed information about change in economic resources and obligation. FUNCTIONS OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT . The generally accepted principle and procedure are followed to prepare these statements. Finanace is the life blood of business. Finanace department lies in decision making area of investment and finance. 2) To provide financial information that assist in estimating the earning potential of the enterprise.45 According to Howard and Upton “Financial management involves the application of general management principles to particular financial operation. OBJECTIVES OF FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT Financial statement are prepared by the firm.

All details are collected via the orion software. The internal audit is also done in the organization. Company adopt E. The cash turnover of eastern condiment will come around 200 per year. So when a data regarding production or sales or cash etc. Sales tax is filed monthly through efilling from Adimaly office. 3. 40Crores. 2. External audit is done every 6 month. Is entered in the respective department the finance department will get it via the software. 3crores require as Eastern daily working capital. The daily collection made by the sales staff is deposited in The federal bank account. All deposited money come under same Account.filling system for sales tax payment earlier. Finance has two divisions sale tax and income tax return filling.46 1. Now Eastern condiment expecting 40crores investment from Malaysia Company. Tax payment and pay of cash for other purpose. . The daily collection made by the sales staff is deposited in the federal bank account. The finance department will check wether the information entered is correct. To create budget among financial year. To record day to day financial transaction. Keep and maintain financial recorded. Currently the organization has a loan of Rs. 4.

47 STRUCTURE OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT C F O Finance controller Company secretary AGM Finance Dy. Manager Senior Officers .

AGM Finance. The department headed by Company Secretary and Finance Controller. It co-ordinate supply and movement of material and labour. Senior officer and Officers d) PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL DEPARTMENT It is the function which plans. Production planning and control is the organization and planning of the manufacturing process. Dy. Ensure economic and balanced utilisation of machines and equipments as well as other activities related with production to achieve the desired manufacturing results in terms of quality. directs and controls the material supply and processing activities of a business. Manager. .48 Officers The finance department comes and or the C F O. Production planning and control is the department which plans everything regarding production. So that required products are produced by specified methods to meet and approved sales programme using the available resource to the best advantages. quality time and place. It find out what is to be produced when where quantity and it even informs the purchase department about what raw materials is to be purchased or production.

49 PPC regulate stock inflow and out flow with in help of orion soft ware so the amount of stock readily available. With the help of orion they getting a statement based on that statement they can also manually check the amount of the stock and production made. monthly basics. they should maintain daily shift report and monthly production report. Production plane for maximum 3 month and festival seasons. Finally super visors of production scheduling on PRODUCTION PLAN The production department prepares monthly production plan. They plans for 3 months later it divided on weekly basics. There are 700 employees are working in the factory. At the end of the month. This production plan is based on the report of marketing department. WORKING HOURS Production of the company is in 3 shifts of 8 hours. Based on the information from the marketing department give instruction to the purchase department and production department. the production plan will be prepared. the production department analysis the production details for the month. All 5 production location are handled from adimaly It self they make plans according to the data provided by the marketing department. . The company being an ISO-22000 certified one. Production is according to the requirements and will depend on seasonal demand. Based on this report the production target.

5) To manufacture the desired output of right quality and quality at right time. 4) Utilisation of under employ resources. 3) Ensuring smooth flow of material by eliminating bottlenencks. machines and equipments in the most effective and economic manner. caps. hand gloves and caps. OBJECTIVES 1) Determining the nature and the magnitude of various input actors to produce the desired output.50 PRODUCTION CAPACITY They installed production capacity of this factory is 200 tonnes per month. if any in production. Casual lady workers are engaged in packing wear house coats. 2) To co-ordinate labour. WORK INSTRUCTION All skilled and unskilled workers engaged in space handling aria wear uniform. aprons. and hand gloves. .

requiring either directly indirectly the mental. Production function performs according to instructions from the production planning and control department. Production planning and control function give monthly indent which is converted in to weekly plans by production department. physical skill of craft man.51 e) PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Production Department is a sequence of technical process. The productivity is around 75%. FUNCTIONS OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT . size and properties of material and ultimately converting them into more useful article. consists of changing the shape. “Production is the process of transforming raw material or purchase components into finished products for sales”. In production expected normal loss is 2% to 5%. A stock of goods for 3 days production is kept with the department. In short the term production as “An organized activity of transforming raw materials into finished products”. The production department consist of 700 workers and 16 vehicles for transferring of raw materials. Al details regarding production is given to production planning and control department daily basic.

As a food industry. Plant supervisor does allocation of work and he will ensure that the material will allotted to each machine for achieving production plan. Ingredients will be moved operation wise to each machine and production inspection is arried out subsequently. Work instruction have been given to the concerned depending upon the production plan. The products marketing largely based on the production capacity of the firm. The has set up a well-built production department under a production in charge and a plant supervisor. STRUCTURE OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Head Production Production Manager Assistant Manager MPD Senior Supervisor .52 The activities production area includes various stages of operation until dispatch. the production aria must be clean and hygiene as ISO 22000 requirement. Plant supervisor does allocation of work and he will ensure that the material will allotted to each machine and process inspection is carried out subsequently. The production operation in to production area is carried out as per production plan.

MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Preventive maintenance schedule has been prepared and implemented. So that it should not effect the production. Suitable Checklist prepared for the maintenance.53 Supervisor Worker The Department Headed by Head of the Department. It is carried out on the bases of intimation received from the production department. Breakdown chart shoes the details of maintenance. Assistant Manager M D P. Maintenance department is divided into 3 namely 1) Electrical 2) Mechanical . Followed by Production Manager. Expedition is taken for breakdown maintenance. Worker. Supervisor. Senior Supervisor. Maintenance Department of Eastern are responsible for us keeping the good condition of the plant and equipments in good condition.

All machine expect some critical maintenance machine are maintained by the department itself. Preventive maintenance is done based on past experience and recruitment.54 3) Automobiles There is both break down and preventive maintenance. Rest of the maintenance work given for contract work. STRUCTURE OF MAINTANANCE DEPARTMENT Board of Directores Functional Head Divisional Head (Machinery & Automobile) Maintenance Engineers .

Divisional Head. He shall make sure that the system of ISO is working according to order and is properly documented. PURCHASE DEPARTMENT The head of Purchase Department of Eastern curry Powder factory is AGM Purchase.55 Supervisors Maintanance Department is headed by Board of Directores and followed by functional Head. Deputy Manager. Purchase department is responsible for all the purchase related to the factory . FSTL (food Safety Team Leader) ISO 22000-2005 requires that a person irrespective of his other takes in the organization shall be incharge of the entire system of the ISO 22000-2005. All the responsibilities of the FSTL is also mentioned in the guideline ISO 22000-2005. Maintanance Enginers and Supervisors.

56 which is included raw materials. market. Purchase is based on the predetermined standards specification will given to suppliers. Department will invite quotation for the above material. The materials are purchased at right time at the right quality from the right suppliers. As per ISO the supplier of raw materials should be an authorised supplier. Purchse Department should be responsible the timely supply of all items required in the factory. Coriander) Adimaly (spices). Theny(vegitable and other items). comparative study of price and quality and present marketing scenario. machine parts. The various raw materials need for production are purchased by this department. The main purchase office is at Ernakulam. Production Planning and Control will design a material requirement plan they will make a weekly indent for purchase. Performance of manufacturing firm always depends on the efficieancy department. Purchase means procurement of various raw materials required for production. raw materials. The management committe in the management review meetings gives the authorization. It will be given to purchase department purchase. In the case of new .The purchase system starts from the intend in the prescribed format given by the respective department according to their requirement. It should all so find new supplires. Before purchase sample will be received from supplires and it will be tested in the case of approved suppliers direct purchase is accepted. Row material purchase from Gundar (Chilly. PURCHASE PROCESS Marketing department will give a statement of required material to Production Planning and Control. It results in materials are produced as per the request of the inventory control selection. and new machines.

STRUCTURE OF PURCHASE DEPARTMENT AGM Purchase Assistant Manager Sr. company is maintaining approved list of suppliers payment is made with a month through bank. Officers Officers .57 suppliers two trial purchase is done to text their performance. Majour purchase is done through brokers spices are purchased from local market purchase department is always advised to keep some additional stock for emergency stock is kept in Theny ware house. Purchase of machining a vehicle and its spare parts are done from Adimaly itself.

In the market Gulf market the main competitors are Mehra (Pakitan Product) Eastern is exporting so containers monthly to various exporting countries. In Eastern’s started its exporting in 1994. At the very beginning eastern products are exported to UAE. f) EXPORT DEPARTMENT Exporting is the process of earning money by selling products in foreign country. The exported products are distributed through distribution a commission basic. The exporting container is staffing in Okkal. Australia. Now eastern is exporting its products into middle east. USA. UK etc. The Gulf count countries are the main market for currypowder and pickles. Time required for transportation Dubai Gulf USA Europe 5 to 7 days 15 days 1 month 20 days . Sr officers and officers. UK and expecting market in Japan and other European countries.58 The purchase department come under AGM Purchase followed by Assistant manager.

STRUCTURE OF EXPORT DEPARTMENT Head International Mgr Exports Export unit Okkal Mgr Exports Sr. ACHIEVEMENTS 1)Eastern is the leading exporter of condiments from Indian 2)Eastern has received the spices Board Awards for best exporter continuously for the last 10 years. All exports are done through the Cochin part. About 300 products of eastern exported some items are not available in the local market. Each container which is exported will be checked. The export division of eastern had a 50% growth last year. Officers Officers Supervisors Workers .59 Each country has his own specification and requirement for the export product which has to be met. The transaction are done is dollars only.

Sr. It is followed by Mgr Exports and Exports unit Okkal. all data is to be entered . Eastern uses oracle based software called orion. This software has been developed by 31. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT The whole organization is computerized and connected with optical fiber cable. Which has been customized to suit the needs of this particular organization. The currently the organization has only 1 lease line.Officers. So all the plants and deposits offices co-operate offices of eastern condiments is connected via network and since the entire system is computerized. but they will get 2 more lease line to make the system fool proof at all time. Mgr Exports is followed by DyManager.The networking is done through a BSNL lease line and line and it has 3 mbps speed. The net work’s main server is situated in Ernakulam and all the different divisions and co-operate offices have their own domains to connect to the main server.60 Officers Supervisors Workers The export department is headed by Head International. So the organization will have a total at 3 lease line in the near future.

The package used in orion 7. The organization had made tremendous investments in developing its IT Department which can be seen frpm the fact last year alone Eastern invested 3 crores here. there is no security issues also.4 orion 10x (Centralized Data Base). The department now proving palmtech for sales staff. which enable quick share of information every where all the data from purchase to sales is entered into the oracle. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is also very much alive in this system. It will make data more accurate and help to save time.61 through the oracle software. . The organization system are using mirrow hard disk and company planning to introduce Gulf connection of the networking system separate internal mail server is provided. ERP also helps in generating MIS Report which will help in decision making. ERP enables fast transaction and in being systematic in all its function. Objective of Information Technology Department 1)To be in search of latest technologies for system improvement 2)To provide the data processing facility in terms of hardware and software procure for various department of Eastern condiments as well as Eastern groups. The main advantage of using IT is an organization is to make information readily available so in eastern also information re readily available and this make decision making much faster and accurate and since the software is oracle based. ERP enables fast transaction and in being systematic in all this system.

Manager Assistant Manager Sr.62 STRUCTURE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT Manager IT Dy. Officer Officer .

This . One of the major department of Eastern condiments private limited is quality control department. Eastern brought up a good control technology this department has a no. of responsibility towards the working of the company. QUALITY DEPARTMENT CONTROL &QUALITY ASSURANCE Those activities which assure that quality creation is performed in such manner that the resulting product will in fact perform its intended function. Assistant Manager. Manager. Officer and Officers.63 The information Technology Department come under Manager IT and followed by Dy. Sr.

CERTIFICATES .(British Retail Consortium) – to ensure quality from farm to fork. NABL. Eastern has initiated processes for the following certification. Eastern is currently on an aggressive growth path and is in the process of transforming itself a highly mechanized. The Quality Control Departments got two main certificate ISO 90012001 for quality management and ISO 2000-2005 for good safety management. 3 crore and highly dedicated workers • Helpful to know the contaminants included in the raw material • Highly for research purpose and fast output. FOOD MICROBIOLOGY Food microbiology lab was first fully automatic microbiology laboratory in India. BRC. Amount investment in lab around Rs.64 department is also good part in selecting raw material. FOOD MICROCHEMISTRY Food micro chemistry lab checks the chemical contamination in the raw material purchased and products of eastern condiments. The lab was fully furnished and equipments imported from finance.for the laboratory. The quality control department divided into 2 segments. quality conscious organization. which is going to use for production.

65 HACCP – Certificate issue by food cert BY Netherlands. Accredited by RVA the first body in the world for food safety accredition ISO 22000-2005: Eastern is the first company in India to get the ISO-22000 certification. STRUCTURE OF QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT .

66 A G M Technical Quality Manager Assistant Manager Chemist t Microbiologis .

. 3) ISO 22000-2005 for food safety management system.67 CHAPTER 6 SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS a) STRENGTH 1) Direct distribution in 40000 shops in Kerala. 2)Good brand name.

9)Availability of a killed labours at factory. b)WEAKNESS . Strong relation between the organization and employee at all level is the major reason for the success of the company. Best spices export award from spices boara for the last 10 years. 11) 12) 13) Order are more in export eastern is the leading exporter of condiments. Complaint handling is done weekly basic. 8)Good relation maintaining with retailers and customers.68 4)HACCP. 7)The whole organization have a computerized network. Eastern consist of efficient and well – qualified staff and management. 5)98% of sales is ready cash sale.Hazardous analysis critical control point certificate issued by food cert BV Netherland. 14) 15) 16) Company focus on relationship marketing. 10) Company is planning to promote Mohanlal Taste Buds as their second brand. 6)Well established quality control lab help check raw material at all level.

The unexplot foreign market help to increase its revenue in export. 3) Each year hundreds of new curry powder companies are arising in whole market. home made product so d) THREAT 1)High competition in local market due to the low investment requirement for the entering this industry. 3)Change in the life style of people a good sign for ready make food industry.  Consumers are not aware about the ISO certificate. 5)The north India market can expect more growth in future. .  Company not paying much attention making consumers aware of ISO 22000.  Location of factory is not suitable for easy transportation.69  Company doesn’t maintain public relation department separately.  Lack of research in marketing level.  While bearing the name Eastern. 4) Company need more focus of foreigners market. 2)Upward trend in material price. 2)Food needs is physiological need so their no delay in the market condition. the consumers are having only the image of curry powder and they are not aware of other product. C) OPPORTUNITY 1)Around 50% of the households are still using company can expect more growth in future.


The third phase involved interviewing departmental heads and other staff to understanding the activities of each department. The main of the visit was to understanding the production process. Australia. The first phase involved collecting information from various text book. The company has good relations with the employees. . Eastern curry powder is a house hold name in India is the largest exporter of spice powder in customer pack from India that export mainly to middle east. USA. UK. The company won prestigious award for out standing export performances by spices board of India. The company is an ISO 22000-2005 company. Adimaly. The company is producing the curry powders and various type of foods products. for ten consecutive year 19971998 to 2007-2008. Ltd. The organization has 1500 employees working at the plant.71 In this organization study the researcher studied the functions and various departments in Eastern condiments pvt. website etc. a) METHODOLOGY This organization study was conducted by collecting information from primary and secondary data sources.The company has a well organized and co-ordinated organization structure and fully computerized departments. The study was conducted in three phases. Germany and Japan. The company ensure high quality and taste to all its products and always tries maintains good customer relationship. Presently the company exporting 40% of its production. The second phase involved visiting production site of the company.

Adimaly which is the part of the food processing industry. Ltd. Production Planning Department.72 C) FINDINGS During the organisational study the reasearcher has made the following finding. The group started its activities by venturing into wholesale trading subsequently the group diversified its business. curry masalas. Meeran founded the eastearn group nearly two decades ago. Adimaly has nine department namely Human Resource Department. pickles. Manufactures. M. Quality Control Department. Export . Production Department. curry powder under the brand name Eastern. Ltd. iii) Products Eastern condiments Pvt. Adimaly revealed the history. Purchase Department. Ltd. profile and current position of eastearn condiment Pvt. E. ii) Departments The eastern condiment Pvt. i) Industry The industry off the eastern condiment Pvt. Ltd. 11)Company The organisational study in eastern condiment Pvt. The history of the curry powder dates back to 3000 BC. Ltd.

73 Department. I. CHAPTER-8 CONCLUSION . and Finance Department. Marketing Department. T Department.

. In the .D. It is found that a cordial relationship is maintained between all departments for the smooth functioning and achievement of the organizational goal of maintaining the market leadership and company’s image. Production. Ltd. For that company establishes 5 plants. Company aim is 1000crore turnover in coming 3years.. It is notable that company want to make production unit in Dubai. It was a general study regarding all functions and aspects of Eastern Condiments Pvt.P. . The study conducted at Eastern Condiments Pvt. I was also able to understand some of the opportunities and threats of the company.74 Eastern condiments Pvt. Because organizational functions are running satisfactory for the state like Kerala is a greatest achievement. The study helped me to understand that how the company identifies the right taste of the consumers and how it became the leading brand in south India and largest exporter of spice powders in consumer pack from India. But company set up a packing unit at Dubai. Ltd. Eastern has achieved these enviable heights mainly due to the hard work and commitment of quality besides bringing a good product at right prices to the consumers. Finance. and giving more importance to Human Resource. Marketing.Ltd is an ISO22000-2005 company. These are sign off on emerging multinational company. This organization is second in the world among curry powder industry. and Export & E. which is one of the pioneer in Condiment industry and the market leader in variety of packaged curry powders in South India.

Being a student of MBA. Ltd. so as to be capable of myself to work in a firm.’ has benefited me with so much of confidence and awareness. The study gave me an opportunity to experience and improves my practical knowledge besides my theoretical knowledge about an organization. the internship entitled ‘An organizational study at Eastern Condiments Pvt. .75 organization study the researcher had gone through a detailed study on the implementation of ISO 22000 Certification.

”Research Methodology”. .Prentice Hall of India Kothari C R. Now Age International(P) Limited New Delhi-2005.76 BIBLIOGRAPHY 1) 2) Kotler Philip ”Marketing Management”.

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