Tra♥elogue /Social commentary


Dear friend, As a child I'd look out the jumbo jet window at 37,000 feet into infinite eternity while listening to onboard music, never tired of constant changing, beyond beautiful, compelling clouds, oceans, views, melodies. It felt the closest thing to another dimension or spiritual world. Jet lag, memories, people, far away lands intensified the nostalgia. Thus began my love & desire to create & contribute something sensual & enjoyable. Obstacles plague the task. 3rd parties, censorship, ethics, politics, legal loopholes etc. limit free expression & artistic integrity. Against the odds we persevere in quest for content & contacts, unpredictably discovering, working & evolving art & craft. Giving your best shot, enjoying the journey & result is victory in itself. Have a productive, pleasant, balanced life, thank you for your time with l㋡!e geogodley




! Tra♥elogue /Social commentary
contents 3 1. INTRO 4 2. SURPRISE DATE 7 3. SOCHI SOCIAL: cockblock,language barrier, nicer than y'all 9 4. BURNING BRIDGES 14 5. DEATH DETAINMENT 15 6. BIRTHDAY BASH 16 7. SOCHI STREETS 19 8. ZHEMCHUZHINA HOTEL 20 9. GORGEOUS GEORGIAN 21 10. FASCIST FLOORWOMAN, !"#" FAIL 25 11. SOCHI SOCIAL: p$$n patrol, belarus, uncockblocked 27 12. TERESA 36 14. IRINA 37 15. TERESA PART 2 38 16. EVICTION 40 17. INTERNATIONAL WHOREWOOF in SOCHI: SUZY 41 18. SOCHI SOCIAL: monitored, casino, hangover 44 19. GIGGLY GAL 46 20. CHARACTERS 47 21. SUZANNA part 2 48 22. LAST LOVES 49 23. MOSCOW TRANSIT STOPOVER 54 24. EPILOGUE END 57
disclaimer: not to be taken too seriously. if you view, you no sue. by viewing or getting invloved in any way you agree to save harmless & release geogodley & his chosen associates from any liability, claim or responsibility. neglected injured pet with hole in head, Sochi, Russia sep 2001. should have called a vet.. but they'd probably kill him/ her. Sochi Russia 1st edition ©geogodley recorded aug 2001 published mar 2011 Also in video catalogue


Sochi, Russia. First visit. I'm psyched after a hard working summer recording original classic songs like "I'm a stud" & "Talkin 2 u". Blew a lifetime & fortune on that, time to enjoy my birthday vacation.

Aeroflot Moscow delays. We suffer extreme heat with no air con or ventillation in this old beaten up disheveled obsolete russian aircraft for 2 hours off the runway & a 4 hour flight. I sweat my ass off, it's horrible. Sauna toning.

My friend Haik meets me after a dangerous unpleasant 48 hour train ride from Armenia thru the volatile Caucasus. He was terrorized by boarder officials & slept in cockroach infested Vladikavkaz dumps.

I do upside down pushups to stay in shape since we don't know where the gym is yet. but we're really here for another type of exercise..

We laugh of the cab driver overcharging me as he talked his price down from $50 to $5. I chose the elderly driver cause less chance of crime from a kindly granpa.

the women are so beautiful and friendly! Russia has many republics of various ethnicities & looks! Some european, most are thin cause the food’s bland, great to lose weight. ©geogodley

Y our w

At a hotel pool I met 2 beautiful chechen sisters. They were very nice but said people know not to mess with Chechens.

We walked in lush smog polluted gardens. Thrilled to have such wonderful company but remembered how severe they may be

Hotel Zviozny.. because Zhemchuzhina was full.. lucky to get a room without reservation but it's like a mausuleum..

centrally located. see ladies out the window..

run down..

and meet them..


Near Zhemchuzhina hotel, a great Uzbek restaurant guaranteed delicious meals

nice people & atmosphere

Ever since Kyrgystan, I love plov, a savoury paella style pilaf rice with vegeatables, raisins & spices. Never found those flavors again anywhere till now. hope it's not all sugar..

"% big bayram, seta sam " ", an exotic ethnic easy listening song i liked & recorded

kept bumping into some friendly moscovite

and her friend, verry nice but..



dusk.. i'm here for a lil' romance, not just the friend zone.. limited time was running out for a..

then it happened across an uncrowded room.. she gave me the eye, or just a friendly smile to the camera

so did the waitress are you sure you want her?

Haik went up to their table & said some russian stuff since i couldn't

i was cracking up, couldn't believe it.. women are usually hard work.. yet here everything was like a wonderful dream.. just like that

Haik was such a good sport hangin out with the other friend he wasn't that attracted to..

what a connection. Fantastic, natural, no hassle, how it should be.

she was so cool with the camera & let me lick her hand.. on vide$

Almost didn't bring her back to my place because of preconceived notions of what's acceptable.. but why waste time?

so nature took its course with foot kissing foreplay warmup in the tv living room area

while Haik was stuck.. where could he go? she was on his bed- the couch! ©geogodley


aw! the lovebirds finally connect, we have a luurve connection, how cuute.. shoulda kept the camera rolling.. but you know how ladies are..!

We awake to the delightful sewage cesspool hotel side view..

& hot ladies working in the area grateful & appreciative to meet you..

wanted to talk with the receptionist beauty

but as usual the less attractive one cockblocks / cnutblocks & tells her to go away, pointing her finger. Obstacles & conflicts as ever.

she winked at us while being forced to walk away. at least she likes us, will have to find out when she finishes work, no easy task ©geogodley

..and awkward to ask in front of her boss.. employees aren't allowed to fraternize with guests, if it's you.

so we hit the beach with local hotties I liked but Haik said they looked disgusting "like his grandmother after death"

this cutie was free after working on the boardwalk promenade

Haik said she looked 10 but she said 20. As most people here, she didn't know any english so i spoke a few russian words & made charade gestures.

even without english they were polite

& many gave telephone numbers. they weren't mean & snobby like in 'developed' western countries.. wonder why. ©geogodley

some Radisson hotel restaurant model type gave my camera dirty looks. gotcha! he's doing well.. how bout a threesome folks?

as were we, bringing random new friends to the suite & doing the footsy thing..

cheers! I must say these russian ladies are way friendlier that ya'll. why? environment, history, culture, economy, upbringing, personality, d.n.a?

within reason though.. Haik said i could do everything tonight, not wait till tomorrow! but when they realized he was pretending not to speak russian because they prefer foreigners, they left..

Next days we'd socialize in town on our walk to the bus stops or Zhemchuzhina beach.

overcast weather & smog from lack of catalytic converters but friendly people made it worthwhile ©geogodley

had a crush on a circ-ass-ian brunette so went to her store to say hi & ask her out.. her erotic face, luscious lips, succulent mouth & huge teeth were the ultimate wet dream.. but when i called her she said "ya mussulman" implying her religion forbade her to do whatever. next..

communicating with a handful of russian words to arrange a date after work or when-never back to the ol' drawing board for more dates.. hi how ya doin..


couldn't take my lens off this gorgeous georgian -would she freak at camera? friend or foe?


hey ladies what club is good tonight?

surprisingly, she wasn't a snob either! got her #

like a kid in a candy store bumblebee buzzes off sorry we don't speak english

to the next flower !


so how you doin, good to see ya. whatchu doin later?


blablablabla (unintelligible)

Haik antagonized her, argued, ruined the mood & messed it up.. she stopped talking.

what do you mean you like those guys, do you realise what they do? so sometimes i may be better off without him.. best way to prevent a confict is avoid it



On my birthday by the beach there was a loud gunshot, screams, a panicked crowd, then calm. someone was lying on the ground.. security spotted my camera

they tried C.P.R on him to no avail.. everyone saw the incident & ran away to avoid being taken to the police station. yet we saw nothing & were unecessarily detained because of my video.

Cause of death was heart attack by firing blanks in a backgamm n gamble dispute


big mistake to hang around, shoulda left too

instead of discussing & pondering mortality in the melancholic sunset.

the police took us to the station for 4 hours of interrogation & video confiscation. They wanted the original which meant losing all other footage so we cloned it & gave a copy. Ruined our night, but anything to help, r.i.p.


by some miracle my girlfriend saved the day after midnight and we celebrated by going to

the most happening outdoor club everyone talks about.

pina coladas, chillled beer pints, great company

despite free speech distractions..


luckily she was cool & didn't mind me interacting with the 'crowd' unlike others

after all, it's not like we were doing anything untoward although it was tempting loud clubs.. guaranteed to limit & kill free speech..

ogling the talent, not that you could see or hear anything in the dark noise anyway Q.E.D. they were like deaf n dumb aliens on another planet


cliquey ignoring everyone around them not that his taste in women ever coincided with mine.. as he screamed through the racket

quite liked her but Haik said she was ugly & not worth worrying about good night

we stumble drunk, take a cab

& enjoy a wonderful evening. what a sight! much better than any painting !


xcuse me is the beach that way?

top o th' mornin 2 u like observe the definitive technique: act like you're not interested in case they're not in the mood or don't like you then discreetly look at face to see if she's worth the hassle, like this dagestani lookin guy does

why bother.. we had a nice afternoon with the georgian lady and Haik translating

the non english menus..



the balcony view's worth it..

Finally there's rooms in Zhemchuzhina but you gotta pay everything upfront & lose it all if you cancel, 100% cancellation fee at any time, and it's always full so you can't extend your stay. right on the beach

looks like a nuclear war, dirt, rocks & cement, a far cry from miami.. but that never st$pped us so far it's been an exciting, romantic trip. unecessary 'esc㋡rt' cards on door.. slow night huh ladies.. service ain't required, you're fired!


Then i was blown away by another.. GORGEOUS GEORGIAN

how' m i going to get near that.. bet ho she'sw difficult.. too

sure enough, despite the smile,

no phone number.


she walked away

never t

be seen again.

i got her number by telling her you're a producer who will improve her life!

but when we phone a few times she says she doesn't like all these calls & can't meet. hi, colonel's daughter Haik was getting close with someone he met at the railway station


..until she spotted the camera

& backed off

the colonel's daughter didn't..

neither did my first girlfriend, yet..

our balcony views provided

mnoga viewing pleasurova


Radisson hotel provided proper salad & meals

but was too high up to catch them in time.. they disapeared like roaches in cracks

Haik didn't want us to pay too much for his food so he'd go elsewhere meet the parents.. with threatening bulldog frown

i gladly offered him room & floorboard, even if his 'avant garde' unwatchable shaky camera 'technique' ruined most of the videos. 2 belarussians showed up & hung out



my girlfriend trying to sneak past the fascist female floor "sexcurity" controller

nothing more intrusive & privacy violating than a soviet 'big sister' floor woman baboushka dievoushka sabaka petouchblocker

fill the fuck form even Y though it's our none of our wor business, or no sex

parody. not to be taken seriously. symbol metaphor. Her annoying authoritarian red tape sexcurity job feels fascist.

what about a lil' nude modelling? if she only knew!

didn't want a boring PG memoir without titellation but showing sex is tabo in today's hypocrite, employment enslaved society


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