What just happened

Life and death, expenditure, the environment, and production and consumption.
One litre of water consumed One email sent
Every 0.0000003 seconds Every 0.00088 seconds

One barrel of oil pumped One photo uploaded to facebook

Every 0.001 seconds

One plastic cup used by an airline
Every 0.021 seconds

One newspaper circulated
Every 0.5 seconds

One tonne of carbon dioxide emitted
Every 0.0014 seconds

One mobile phone sold

Every 0.037 seconds

One megawatt of solar energy strikes earth
Every 0.0000021 seconds

Every 0.000007 seconds

One Google search

One megawatt of energy used
Every 0.002 seconds

Every 0.29 seconds

One bicycle produced One computer sold
Every 0.11 seconds

One hectare of desertification One new blog
Every 0.067 seconds Every 2.0 seconds

One cigarette smoked

Every 0.000029 seconds

One tweet
Every 0.00083 seconds

One tonne of food produced
Every 0.006 seconds

One new blog post
Every 0.053 seconds

One hectare of forest lost
Every 2.5 seconds

One book published
Every 33 seconds

Every 0.0000056 seconds

One second of video uploaded to YouTube
Every 0.00048 seconds

One car made
Every 0.63 seconds

One tonne of toxic chemicals expelled
Every 3.3 seconds

One TV sold
Every 50 seconds

One species extinction
Every 250 seconds

One hundred millionth of a second

One hundred thousandth of a second

One hundredth of a second

One second

One hundred seconds

Every 0.24 seconds

One birth

One death

Every 0.59 seconds

One dollar spent on illegal drugs
Every 0.00079 seconds

One military dollar spent

Every 0.0072 seconds

One education dollar spent
Every 0.0039 seconds

One dollar spent on video games
Every 0.2 seconds

One abortion
Every 0.69 seconds

Every 2.9 seconds

One child dies

One death from water related disease
Every 6.3 seconds

One road accident death
Every 25 seconds

One death from malaria
Every 33 seconds

One dollar spent on healthcare
Every 0.003 seconds

One person looses access to safe drinking water
Every 0.25 seconds

One suicide
Every 33 seconds

One death from a communicable disease
Every 2.5 seconds

One smoking related death
Every 6.7 seconds

One death from HIV/AIDS
Every 17 seconds

One death from alcohol related causes
Every 17 seconds

One death from hunger
Every 3.3 seconds

One death from cancer
Every 4.3 seconds

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