1. sanraa@sanraamedia dot com 2. Call up Sanraa Media at +91 044 42908000 3. Send a Fax at +91 44 42908020 4. Write to Mr. M. Damodaran (Scruitinizer), M/s M.

damodaran & Associates, (UNIT) Sanraa Media Limited, New No.109, Old No.57, Kamalam's Park, 2nd Floor, R. K. Mutt Road, Mandaveli, Chennai-600 028 5. Write to the Registrar at devasahayam @ gnsaindia dot com Please note that give them 2 days to reply otherwise send a reminder. We have not note that as fare as possible they would prefer that lots of Ballot Paper goes missing and misplaced Ensure that your completed ballot paper reaches the Scrutinizer office by at least 30th April, 2011 before 2.00 pm

Turk, I believe this is as per the Company Law rules. There are lots of loopholes which companies use to their advantage when they want something to happen to their interest. Basically some things needs to be changed, like things like postal ballot should reach the receipt at least 15 days before the deadline for receipt. Acknowledgement by the investor that it is received 15 days before the deadline for receipt. If the Postal Ballot rules are changed to above, then people will decide the fate of the ballot note and not the promoters and vested partes as it stands currently. 1. Currently they send by normal post and can very well say that they have sent it, even if they dont. 2. There is no receipt obtained from the investor for having received the postal ballot notice. 3. Currently there is no rule that it the postal ballot notice should reach the investor before 15 days of deadline of receipt. 4. The return address also the the scruitiniser is put alongwith the Postal Ballot Notice so that in this case also the company is at an advantage. They can say that they have not received it, destroy it, since it is sent by original.

so the sale is for a minimum price of book value of SM`s animation division. The whole company`s book value is Rs. 136 crore and over 85% of annual sales is contributed by the animation division. But when they finally come up with the bookvalue for the animation division, we expect a shock. Simply because, this company with Rs. 136 crore of NAV on its books is available for Rs. 11 crore market cap today, and still nobody is willing for a takeover. This, even when least resistance for such a takeover is to be expected due to the tiny promoter stake of 2.60%. This clearly shows the importance of `listening` to the omnipresent loud voice of the price, which was there throughout the past several months. Investors generally ignore this nasty voice and go for subtler, pleasing tunes humming beneath the din. It rarely works. Investors may not make a killing by focusing on this nasty voice, but they will be spared the deep pain. But by human nature it is a killing we are all after. Anyway, we still don`t believe the Sanraa story is over, as they have beaten the odds twice before. But participating in such a story is only attractive to one who enters the counter for the first time when there is a clear buy signal. In other words, what is more important

is not buying cheap but buying safe. Here, even at this low level, such a safe buy signal is missing:

MATCH ACCOUNT 8500369274

Uma Karthikeyan

Producer Usha Venkatramani
A Venkatramani is Sanraa Media's President

Sanraa Media has announced that A Venkatramani has resigned from the board as well as from the chairmanship of the company. Further, the company has announced that G Sundaresan has been appointed as chairman of the company.
Beware of this Company .. Some news posted in GV Films message board ( Belongs to Sanraa Media Management ) We wont know same thing can happen here too.. 07 Jul 2009 21:40 cheater company Posted by : moneyman1973 Price when posted : BSE: Rs 1.90 ( -0.52 % )View full discussion The Following are companies PROMOTED BY A VENKATRAMANI 1)KAASHYAP TECHNOLOGIES 2)GV FILMS 3)RAM KAASHYAP INVESTMENT 4)SANRAA MEDIA (NON EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN)the promoter is a lady called UMA KARTIKEYAN who is another promoter of such crappy companies and is probably related to VENKATRAMANI ... Cheater company Posted by : nimes Price when posted : BSE: Rs 1.91 ( -4.98 % )View full discussion Respected Sebi Chairman, I have complaints several times about GV Films to Sebi & Gv Films, but it seems that all my complaints are going to deaf ears. If you are institution are serious about caring for small investors pls.take strong action against the company and arrest the white collar thugs who are holding only 2.66% shares and siphoning the company reserves.I have noted the above in my all complaints. Now See the actual results announced by GV Films and you will see how the promoters are siphoning our hard earned money. GV FILMS F.Y RESULTS 2008-2009 1. Turnover :Rs. 940.30lacs 2. Expenditure :Rs. 2241.19lacs 3. ExtraOrdinary item Loss :Rs. 9712.61lacs 4. Total Loss declared :Rs.11953.80lacs 5. Public Hold : 97.34% 6. Promoters Hold : 02.66% You can smell fishy about the results on a turnover of Rs.940.30 lacs gvfilms have made expenditure of Rs.2241.19 lacs above all they have debited extraordinary item loss to a whopping : Rs.9712.61.this means that promoters holding 2.66% shares have siphoned public hard invested money to the tune of Rs.11953.80 lacs during F.Y.2008-2009 I fail to understand the authentication of the chartered accountant who have audited the balance sheet. Moreover GV Films have a Borrowed debt of US$ 45,00,000 payable @ 118% premium on 19.04.2011 & debt of Euro 90,00,000 (34% Paid) payable on 2012. All the above funds are used for promoters personal expenses disguised as goodwill & unrecoverable expenses in companys books of A/c. GV Films is already in debt trap and if strict action is not taken by sebi or any other authority as in the case of Satyam GV Films wil go bankruptcy in 1-2 years time. The Promoters have already made huge money it is the general investors who are suffering. Pls. ask some responsible Company or Government to take the management of the company immediately and arrest the white collar thugs(Promoters holding only 2.66% ) and recover all the money they have looted. Pls.save the small investors who have invested there hard earned income. Unless some stern action is not taken against the Promoters of GV Films the company the company will wounded up in 1 to 2 years. CAN I EXPECT HELP FROM SEBI,moneycontrol site NOW.???? Gv Films have not resolved my complaint as stated in there Audited results
Chairman Executive Director A Venkatramani Uma Karthikeyan Sukumar Subramanian Rajeev Agarwal K Rajagopal R Siva Shankaran S Arul Ganesh Balachandran Venkataraman G Sundaresan Vijay R Vakharia S Krishna Kumar

Director Company Secretary Director Alternate Director

Speaking at the launch, Chairman of Sanraa Media Limited, Mr. A. Venkataramani said, “Being a listed entity and to give high value return to our investors, we will be continuously looking at expansion through acquisitions and co-productions in India and abroad. We are focusing on companies with strong IP creation base and with excellent international marketing tie ups.” Director Strategy and Planning, Sanraa Media Limited, Mr. Sukumar Subramanian felt that the existing co-production deals with companies abroad will further position its international services business strongly for the future. “Sanraa Media Limited is looking at expanding its business by establishing business units in UK & US. It is also in the process of tie-ups with strategic partners in UK for creating new products. Director Business and Operations, Sanraa Media Limited Ms. Uma Karthikeyan said, “With a model which focuses on all aspects such as IP Creation, Technology and talent pool creation, Sanraa Media sees a great opportunity for Animation Companies across the world. We have a very unique business model in place and we are looking at achieving a turnover of around 100 crore in the next 3-4 years.”

Dear Sirs, THE CORRUPTION IN OUR SOCIETY WILL NOT ALLOW COMMON MAN WHO EARNS MEAGRE SALARIES THROUGH LEGAL MEANS TO SAVE FOR HIS/HER OLD AGE. The common man who is not into corruptions wants to early some money for his/her old age and when he/she goes through the legal route of making money, there also he has to face hardships in the form of Companies who are listed with BSE/NSE and whose promotors though take money from the public but in the end fill their own pockets. Many people have invested in one such company Sanraa Media. Now this company listed with BSE vide BSE Code 531312 is a small company whose share value has come down from Rs.1 to Rs.0.10 and though the promoters % as appearing in the BSE website is hardly 3%, the board and the management now wants to hive off the profit making business which is also its core business. We the small investors are left at the mercy of these company board and management, FROM THE LOOKS OF THINGS, IT DOES NOT SEEM THAT SANRAA MEDIA, BSE CODE 531312, MANAGEMENT AND BOARD is at all concerned about the investors, and HIVING OFF THE ANIMATION DIVISION is an ulterior motive. DONT KNOW WHETHER SEBI/BSE/NSE SHOULD BE KEEPING TRACK OF SUCH COMPANIES SO THAT INVESTORS ARE NOT LEFT HIGH AND DRY. THIS LETTER IS WRITTEN WITH A HUMBLE REQUEST THAT AT LEAST SOME BUSINESS NEWSPAPERS WILL INVESTIGATE THIS COMPANY SANRAA MEDIA AND BRING OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT ITS PROMOTERS, BOARD AND MANAGEMENT AND WHY THEY WANT TO HIVE OF PROFIT MAKING BUSINESS AND WHETHER IT IS DONE IN THE INTEREST OF THE INVESTORS SO THAT WE THE RETAIL INVESTORS ARE ASSURED. PLEASE READ COMMENTS FORM FEW INVESTORS WHO HAVE INVESTED IN SANRAA MEDIA, LINK OF WHICH IS GIVEN - http://mmb.moneycontrol.com/stock-messageforum/sanraamedia/comments/245117 Thanking You, Concerned Citizen


I have received the form today. I have noticed the following: 1. The Envelope from Sanraa Media addressed to me enclosing the ASSENT OR DISSENT has a 2 x Rs.5/- stamp whereas the return addressed envelope to Mr. M. Damodaran (Scrutinizer) has only 1 x Rs.5/- stamp – PLEASE ADVISE WHETHER OTHERS ALSO RECEIVED LIKE THIS. 2. The return addressed envelope to Mr. M. Damodaran (Scrutinizer) is stamped with Rs.5/- stamp – THIS NATURALLY MEANS THAT SANRAA WILL EXPECT THAT RETAIL INVESTORS WILL SEND THE SAME ENVELOPE BACK TO SCRUTINIZER CONTAINING THE ASSENT OR DESSENT. THE ADVANTAGE TO SANRAA MEDIA IS THAT THEY CAN COOLY THROW AWAY THE “DISSENT” VOTE INTO THE DUSTBIN AND/OR CLAIM THAT THEY HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT SINCE IT IS SENT BACK THROUGH NORMAL POST WHERE NO PROOF WILL BE AVAILABLE, IF AT ALL THERE IS SOME LEGAL INQUIRIES. 3. We should ensure that our DISSENT Vote is sent through COURIER ONLY or REGISTERED POST because otherwise if we send this through normal post, since we know the intentions of the Chairman and Board, it will be a No Vote and will not be counted as a DISSENT Vote. 4. It is clear from the Postal Ballot Notice that the Chairman, Sundaresan Gopala is out to sell the profit making Animation Division and keeping the Learning as its Core Line of Business Activity. The Cream Lies in the Animation Division and I personally think that we retail investors will be left high and dry and Chairman Sundaresan Gopala might try a Raju(Satyam) Act but in a different way. 5. As per their Postal Ballot Notice, the Animation Division has contributed Rs.5695.25 lakhs for the year ended March 31, 2010. One thing to note from the Postal Ballot Notice is that they themselves have mentioned that the Animation Division is a leader in the animation industry in India and they have not mentioned about the previous 3 years contribution and also contribution for the year ended March 31, 2011. 6. Also, since they have mentioned how much the Animation Division has contributed, why have they not mentioned how much the Training Division has contributed – DO THEY WANT TO HIDE SOMETHING. AS AN INVESTOR HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT IS TRAINING DIVISION CONTRIBUTING. IS IT LESS THAN THE ANIMATION DIVISION OR OTHERWISE. 7. On the last page, it is mentioned that to extinguish the existing liability of the Company, they are selling of the Animation Division - SOMETHING IS MISSING HERE, I CANNOT PINPOINT WHAT BUT IN ANY CASE, THIS ANIMATION DIVISION IS THE CORE BUSINESS AS OF NOW AND MAKING THE MAXIMUM PROFIT COMPARED TO TRAINING DIVISION WHY SELL THIS. THEY WANT TO MAKE TRAINING THE CORE BUSINESS, AFTER 2 YEARS THEY MIGHT SAY TRAINING IS NOT MAKING MUCH PROFIT HENCE IT WILL BE CLOSED, WHO KNOWS THIS MAY ALSO MATERIALIZE. SINCE THE MOOLAH IS ALREADY WITH THEM AFTER THE HIVING OFF ANIMATION DIVISION

8. On the last page, it is mentioned that that the fair value consideration would be determined by the board of directors but it being not less than the NET BOOK VALUE OF THE ASSETS OF ANIMATION DIVISION. – HERE THE POINT I WANT TO ASK IS (1) WILL THE BOOK VALUE BE BASED ON THE CURRENT VALUE OF THE STOCK (2) IF THE PRICE OF THE STOCK HAD BEEN Rs.1/- WOULD THE BOOK VALUE BE MORE (3) WHAT ABOUT BRAND VALUE SINCE THE DIRECTOR AND THE MANAGEMENT THEMSELVES ARE SAYING IN THE POSTAL NOTICE BALLOT THAT THEY ARE THE LEADER IN ANIMATION INDUSTRIES. BRAND VALUE ITSELF WOULD FETCH QUITE A GOOD PRICE. WHAT ABOUT THE NAME “SANRAA MEDIA, WILL IT BE RETAINED” 9. Assuming that they want to extinguish the existing liability – THE QUESTION HERE IS WILL TRAINING DIVISION MAKE MORE PROFIT THAN ANIMATION DIVISION. I HAVE SIGNED THE POSTAL BALLOT WITH “DISSENT” and will be sending it through Courier. Looking at the above, I personally believe that in the name of wiping out the liability, Sanraa Medial Directors and other related will wipe out our Principal Amounts invested by the RETAIL INVESTORS whereas it might wipe out the personal liability of the Chairman, Board or other related people and those who have interest in buying the Animation Division.

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