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The Weekend Newsletter for SiteTalk and Unaico - No. 11 2011

WE – Weekend Essential newsletter brings you updates on recent activities, trends and current deWeekend Essential newsletter brings you updates on recent activities, trends and current development regarding Unaico, SiteTalk and related businesses. WE intend keep you up up date on velopment regarding Unaico, SiteTalk and related businesses. WE intend to to keep you to to date on what’s going andand what’s going to happen in nearnear future. Short swift, accurate and reliable, what’s going on on what’s going to happen in the the future. Short and and swift, accurate and reliable, WE bringnews you want to know.to know. WE bring you the you the news you want

Unaico and SiteTalk came, performed and conquered
UNAICO Conquer Global Conference 2011 in Slovenia went off with a blast the previous weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To an eager and enthusiastic audience of 4000 from all parts of the world, the next stage in the SiteTalk and Unaico saga was revealed. After a tremendous and awe inspiring intro which comprised of a multimedia show and on stage artists it was time for the real deal, how far have we come, and what next? The founder Jarle Thorsen entered stage to a huge applause that would not end until he started his gripping speech about the vision for Unaico and SiteTalk and his appreciation and love of his wife and his daughter, and how important the persons you love are for your personal success and well being. He introduced his long time friend and CEO of Unaico, Rune Evensen that went straight on to what it is about, it is to make the seemingly impossible possible, by believing and working for making your dreams come true. From where it started in Norway with Jarle Thorsen and a dream in 2008, into becoming a fast growing global company with offices all over the world.

Frank Ricketts, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund and all of senior management shared their experience, their believes and the love of what they do, what they want to do and how to do it and how you can get there. The conference was wonderfully hosted by Unaico President Dan Andersson and beautiful co - host Anja Rogan, who managed to make the conference into on entertaining trip.

SiteTalk the next generation now 2 000 000 members and still counting
Sitetalk Communities Marketing Director presented the next phase in the SiteTalk venture, which started off with simple means, but has now become the fastest growing community in the world, as of now over 2000 000 members have now signed into SiteTalk, the fastest growing community in the world. The next phase includes a new and versatile group function which will make SiteTalk even more applicable to all kinds of use, where a focus on music will be set. This is now up and running, so get started, create or join a group and discover others that share your, love, passion and interests, whatever or wherever they may be! Chat in your own language. A unique chat function, that includes a simultaneous translation of anything you write in your own language to the recipients language without any delay. What you write to anyone on the SiteTalk chat will automatically be translated to the set language of the one you are chatting with. The STAR Program,(SiteTalk Active Rewards) was launched, which is a 5 level system that rewards all your activities on SiteTalk as active member, which gives you bonuses and discounts accordingly on any of the services connected to SiteTalk.com like SiteTalk Travel and SiteTalk Mall. SiteTalk Games – Share your fun with your friends. By clicking into SiteTalk Games you can play an increasing number of classic free games and even get other friends to join in the fun too, as you can share your results. So if you want some time for plain fun, this is the place to go. But, most importantly, now the SiteTalk community platform with its integrated services enables you a whole range of services that will take you and your network anywhere. Active is rewarding, so why waste your time, go out there and do something about it and get the rewards you deserve at www. SiteTalk.com.

The best among the best - SiteTalk Sponsors
We can all learn by the experience of others and there is tremendous to learn from those who have come as far as is possible in what they are doing achieving what most others dream of. This inspires us, to achieve our goals and to improve our efforts. SiteTalk sponsors two top notch achievers on a global scale.

AC Milan Soccer Schools
Set up by AC Milan, the most winning team as in championships in the world ever as of now, and Football for Life, the soccer schools aim is to train, teach and inspire kids to get involved in the wonderful game of football. This means to have fun, but also to learn the discipline of achieving what you want through hard work, will and effort. Also the schools are meant to discover those unique talents hidden among seemingly normal kids just waiting to flourish. But it is not only about the successful kids, it is also about giving those with a harder start in life a chance to do what they want to do the most in their life. SiteTalk is main sponsor of the AC Milan Soccer Schools in Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau and AC Milan effects will be available for purchase to SiteTalk members.

Anna Holmlund – Swedish Ski Cross World Cup Winner 2011
Anna Holmlund is one amazing girl, not only is she friendly, funny, intelligent and beautiful, she is also practically a newcomer in her sport that recently became the best in the world, winning the World Cup Championship in Ski Cross for 2011. Will, determination, being active and to have good people around you, like family and friends are important factors for reaching your goals, according to Anna. But as Anna has as a motto: Do not to forget that in order to achieve success you have to have fun! That’s why we just had to support and sponsor Anna, because she is the perfect example of what you can do and become as an active person, also being active on SiteTalk. Anna Holmlund is an active girl also outside the ski cross piste, and you can find her and her friends sharing their active lives at SiteTalk.com, so why don’t you join her group! www.sitetalk.com

SiteTalk Me
Haavard Michelsen, Chief Product Director of Unaico started a countdown to much excitement of the audience introducing the SiteTalk ME application in the now available in the Apple App Store. It represents the latest stage in global mobile communication, reducing the costs of keeping in touch with friends, family and business partners to a fraction of the cost that is customary as well as offering a whole array of functions. It is applicable to all major mobile platforms, whether you use Windows, Android, Iphone, Symbian or Black Berry . The SiteTalk Me application is free for download and can be used by any SiteTalk member. Some of its features: • • • • • • Free calls between members Free SMS between members Local landline number Assigned as your ID Local landline numbers available in 54 countries Free incoming calls ( All Networks ) Free voice mail

Check it out at http://www.sitetalkme.com Youtube presentation: http://youtu.be/SgLUcXoeoAM

SiteTalk Communicator
Wouldn’t it be great to have all you mail account and email clients packed into one, but still being able to use all you account as well as functionality like that of Outlook and other advanced email client merged into one? Well SiteTalk has done something about it and the SiteTalk Communicator is now launched to give you the full experience of all the most know email clients and servers, but even taking it a bit further. For the cheering audience it almost seemed too good to be true. Well, it is true, and it is damn good too, to be blunt. You can find out by using your 30 days free of charge trial instantly. So go sign up here and have all your mail and communication in one place: http://www.sitetalkmail.com

The Oxford Programme – Full throttle
Dan Andersson is not only the President of Unaico Holding, he is also the Training Director of the Oxford Programme, showing you the path to success and reaching you goal by applying the expertise and wealth of experience from those who know it, have done it and still are doing it. Now you can get all modules in a DVD box with booklets and extras, to a ridiculously low price considering the secrets that are revealed that will change your life if you dare to follow the path of your ambitions and dreams. It will soon be available at: http://www.oxfordprogramme.co.uk/

The opportunity community – SiteTalk the rewarding experience
Kenny Nordlund presented to much acclaim and cheers the new 1 BV program, which gives you 1 BV per recruited member, but not only that, you also get rewarded for all your referrals on your own or any recruited SiteTalk members activity , which will give you a residual income accordingly. As a regular SiteTalk member you can use your earned BV to shop in any SiteTalk related service, or you can as a full member turn your BV into cash. This is a unique opportunity which no other community can offer, just by using the SiteTalk community like any other community, by being active keeping in touch with your friends, family and network. That’s it. How simple can it get? Well you can get it at SiteTalk.com

The recognition – We’re in this together
The SiteTalk and Unaico success story would never have been possible if it weren’t for the team work put down by all the members and the consecutive leaders at every level, from team leader up to president. And never has so many Rolexes and awards been given away as a result of the tremendous growth Unaico is experiencing. Again we experienced the touching moments when people who have put their will and effort into it got their recognition from the audience and the SiteTalk and Unaico management, this was indeed their hour.

We care – We share a beautiful moment
But it’s I not all about the money even if we do enjoy the fruits of success there are people struggling just to get by on a daily basis, that haven’t the opportunities many of us take for granted. People are starving, suffering and struggling all over the world and SiteTalk want to ease that pain and help giving those we can the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, yes, to give them a good start. SiteTalk Care manager Thomas Kristansen presented all the projects in the past year as well as current and future projects. He revealed the future plan of building SiteTalk villages for refugees and needing people, which is easy to build and dismantle, which provide shelter as well as a basic home for those who have nothing and who need a chance to stay alive and get a new life of opportunities. But, what probably touched all persons the most during this moving and spectacular event, was the gripping performance of Josie and her song “ We Care – We share”. Josie celebrated her 15th birthday that Saturday and what a birthday and what an angel like voice she shared with us. There was hardly a dry eye in the audience as the song ended, reminding us both on what really matters the most after all, and what beauty means in life. She revealed it both with her extraordinary performance of this song which is especially composed and written for SiteTalk Care with Jarle Thorsen, The Founder, as executive producer . It will soon be available on for all SiteTalk members and is made exclusively for SiteTalk Care - www.sitetalkcare.com Then you too can be mesmerized by Josie’s beautiful song and most importantly support a worthy cause. Thank you from all of us for sharing and caring, Josie!

Thank you for the music Slovenia
There were giveaways, fantastic performances, great launches and speeches, SiteTalk and Unaico have come very far and is growing faster than ever for every passing day. But, lets’ not forget those who hosted the event this time, who made this experience into music, to both an experience of your lifetime as well as a huge load of fun and entertainment.: The Slovenia SiteTalk team made all this become a wonderful experience for the 4000 people who had gathered from all parts of the world. So in short: Thank you for the music and the songs you were singing to our hearts Slovenia, we will happily return to you wonderful country, culture and people again. Thank you! The Sitetalk and Unaico management and staff

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