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My first Stories

A Workbook for Ages 6 .. 8 To Develop Your Ch.ld"~ Creative \l/riting Skills

fly awavl Fluffy and I held on tight Bnd ~~

N ate Ira Parents

GIFI'ED AND TALENTED®' STORY STARTERS: MV First Stories will he~,p develop your child's natural ta~enr5 and gifts by providing srorv-relling and writing activittes to enhance crlncaland creative thin.ldng skills. These skills of logic and reason i ng teach ch ildrenhew [0 think. They are precisel vt he slk ills emphasized by reachers of giflled and talented chw~dn;~n. Here are some of (he :;;kill~ you wm fInd;

'. DeducUon.~· the BbUi.ry to reach at ~ogkal conclusion by inrerprering clues

'. Underseanding Relationships _. me ability [0 recognize how objects, shapes, and words are si m i lar or d lssimilar: to class ify or ca tegonze

• Sequencing - (he abitilY to organizeevents, numbers; to recognize parrerns

• Inference - the ability to reach logical conclusions from given or assumed evidence

• Creative Thinkrung _ [he ahilitvto generate unique ideas; to compare and contrast the same elements m different sttuarions; to present imaginative, numerous solurions [0 problems: to Jevdop or expand on ideas, stories, or ] llusrrarkms

The Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises ar the beginning of this book will help yuur ch~U gain confidence in the storv-telhng (and swry·wrwling) process. Tile cb.Ud has two choices: .3)1 to select words from the appropriate word lists to dtopinru the blank spaces; b) 'to use orher wards or phrases of his or her own cho. 1.I.Oing to rm in the blanks,

USi,ng the word lists expands the young chnd's concept of what: makes a "good" s[ory.Wirh the word lists, the hero can be a girl or a boy, a duck, or even a kitchen appliance, lr is recommended that the word lists be used first, and that you read

the S[OrlCS with your childagain, after all the blanks have been fi.~llcd In. Once the child feels comfortable with [he creattve freedom [0 tell htsor her own storlcs, the FiIU~~n~the·BhmkEx,erdses can he reused, with your child pmvi,d ing new words for the blanks,

To help ,'OU[ c:nJldg,rup, the "purpose" and "place" of ce'Hain words 1(like adj ecti VJe5, and nouns) ~ read words to the child 'fr-·om the I wsts, chen ask the chnd '[() ma ke up ids or he[' own words iruli:ead~ words. "like' the ones on the lists, Going ov'€:rthe: exercises: [Iei.nror,c:es not on.l.y rhe funct~on of language bUll: irs riehaess as well,

~ t i:s~mpona:nt nottobe judg,m.enlt8 ~ aboctyonr ihildts choices, The. word .~ ism reRec[ the vane/It)' of lmgtllage', so that thechild does :nolt fOrm too :narrow or too r~.grid a cG:rllice'.pt of whc;u: is u:pmpe r 1 y" :8 hero or "properlv" a descriptive Vi/ro.KI •. 1\. chtld who irejecb 1\:VOrd hst and choosesro describea morning as ~~yenO\Vlii andthe hero as US! doorknob" has a very interest ins smory in the works.

Next you w:m. nnd Eye-Opening Descriptive Exercises, which wm enCQura.ge your chtld to pay more auentioo lin hb or her 'environment. ThroughEh.e use ·()If que.stlons~ the activities will teach me child ItO mine his or her own experiences and observations ro,r story ide~. Each. exercise seresses the collection offac'r,s for immediiat,e:: use in an (J:1"iginalstory. Nore-taking should be encounged. Visual as wen as verbal cl lies and cues areused, U the ch ~ ld makes a 'Visual cbservatian, call a.tjrenriCUl (0 ~t,andJm wrill:e it down for later use in the story.

Sigh[m the mos't weU~develo:ped ob&ervaIIUI")f sense, but exercises m tliJs section will focus on aU fhre senses to he~p the child develop a rich and we~~~rounded abiUtJ eo Mite descriptions. Please' nore that d,ese are observationand descriplLioJ1l e·xefCi.se5;~ not wridng exercises .. h:~s okay 100' wri.me down your c.hiM~s responsesfoe h~.m. or her~ and mo, aUow [De c:hnd to concentrate only on. observarion. When the chil<lanswers a ,queslt ion ~ ask more questions to draw out even more detail,

Aftier d'.echUdi move-s throulh theFU1~hl~the .. Bb:nk Exercises and develops an ueati 'eve'~ nose, t3!Sfeti!:nd tOI!JCh'~ for teUing a stOfJmro1!IDglh the Eye~Open~n,g Descriptiv,c Exereise.s. he or sbe will be ready for 'Wri~e the Midd~eaJld \'(lriite the Endi~ :&.eJ~dses. Her:e!. stor.ies are smttOOJ for the child, and thecluld [hen has to provide e·~rhe'r 'the middle or title end. To hdp your ,chHd Ithwugh the m lddle eserclses, !Ie!member thar:mc· :midd~e of a story is a link rhar provides a ~ogica~. chain of events from. the beginning (provirl.ecO to the: end (provided). So ask the child [0 read the


end.ing out loud and imaglne what could have happened to leadto such an end. To, help your child through [he ending exercises, ask him or her to imagine more than one way th.e story can conclude. The more cb~Mr,en use meir imaginations, the mor-e rhey wHI move away from cUcb..ed: end mgs and into creati VI! endings.

The final section contains Advanced Exercises, These provide little help in the

crea tlon and writing of each story . The ,chUd is given scenarios fo·r star les, bUll

unl ike theearlier exercises! no portion. ,of a s[O'ry is provtded. PIc ase encourage

yoor child to consider his or her inlrlal effoa as a tint drafr, Once he or shit! has: completedan Advanced Exercise and somenme has passed, ask the child mexpmd on the first attempt on anomer piece of paper. You wUl both be surprised at how effortlessly the second (and third) dra:6ts become more comple~e!. and even more hueresring s tories,

Participate with and read: to yatU children. Help '[hem with harder words. Achild~s

~ magi nation SOOIlJ ~d not be ~ irn ited onl y to those ·w·GIKlsh.e or she can read, since children understandthe meaning of words even if they cannot read them. The same is true for those words they cannot \nite.. I fnecessary, record 'Your chad's stories for 'him or her. Regardless of whether your child can write full, complete sentences,

your child will gatn much from this book. .. 'cxercising the imagin.ation. is. what GJFn:D & TALENTED® STORY STARTERS is all about.

Goad hick, havc fnn, and remember: good. Miters read. so go '[Orne library ofte·n wkh yourdli]d.


C,olmplete 'the story by 'fUUngl in the blanks. Match 'the' numbers, under the btl,ank Ilines to the, word lists across from them, ChO'OSB' words from the lists 1,0 telll the story, You can leven choose words of your own II R,ead the story out ~oud 'when 'You are fiiniished.


By, _

One ........... ~ mominq I wo!ke' up and found that II had

been turned iinto a, 0 I 'was very _

2 3

I had ~ ,aln over my body. They were! _



and ~~. At ho rn'e , my 'gav,e me a

5 6

_____ and told me! to eat ImlY cereal, But I wanb3d



a, ~ instead, At school, my was

_____ 1' and II had to sU ina _ ............. . FinaUly~


they ,calilled a ~ _


and I was soon back to being

myself. IEveryone said.

"'-_' ~, u, and I


agreed with I helm ~!

The End

Fill In the la~anl!ls

Word Usts,

(1" bright:" c~oudy, dark, cold, mlessy, cool, breezY', st ran g,e! (2} bagel, bunertly~ saxophone I' monster, bug, baby:., frog~, toastier

(3) round, happy, green, sh:inYJ sad, beautiful, scaryl' tiny, hot

(4) crumbs, tattoos, colors , buttons, scales, ~,egsJ spots, ha~rs

(5) fUl1nYt gn3en ~ 6,tickYI cool, we ird, ~tcl1y!, funny,. 'go,ld, shli ny, yelll:ow

(6) morn, dogl ~ dad 1 sister, broth er, gr,andmal, ":ri!end] aunt.fish

(7) bone, spoon, pat, rub, spanking, kiss, fork, scollding, hugl

(8) illy", botne, spider, ,CQ,Q,lkli e, flawler, drink, boat, tree (9) teacher, classmate, 'fr~endl ~ principal!., homework, book desk

- - -I - - ~

(,1' 0) shocked, a mazed, su rprlsed, scared, 1',BUg:h ~ng, hard, too big, heavy

(11" box I' locker, plant, pocket, dir,aw,er'll cha,jir, hat, closet, thliim ble

(12) doctor, jan itor, veta ri narian I scientist, mlagici,an, witch, nu rse

(13)Wowz.e rsl Time to eatl Fl naltly! What a Iday~ Jeepersi Let's dancel


Complete the stories by fUllill1g in the blanks .. Use the wordi lists across from each story to he~p you. Draw a p~cture to go with each story in the space bell·ow it. Read the stories out Iioud when 'You are fi n lshed,


By _


_____ runn,in'g across the sidewalk. I~ followed it into


4· 4

This me, but: I did not give up. There' were


It was . and _

a _


_____ growtng on the c9:illingll and there were lots of

___ ~~ onthe walls. .lust then, a . jumped

7 8

out and .~~~~~ mel "This lis a secret ihi:diil1g place for


_____ 0 Do you want to, .1" it said, lsald,



u ~~,U and then ~ went .. ~


lhe lEnd

Ward ILists

(1 ) ski'pping",wal k~ng~danc~ng, era willi ng, hopping, ru In n ing, rom ng~, wig'Q'1 ing

(2) rabbit, d~nosaur, dogl,. troll, mouse, monster, spider, ttger

,(3) hO'IIIS, tunnel, boat, can, box cave, nest, brush, tree, log (4) dark, wet, hilgl1. skin'ny~ 8'mp'ly.t hoillow11 cold, doop, dirty, clean 1 smeUy, pretty

(5) scared tickled 1 su rprised, 'fooled" bored J contused, deUghted, angered

(6) pickles I dog bones, noses, flowers, cakes ~ dli r1y seeks, branches

(7) lam ps ,fi re~llies I' pictu res ~ lbugs, toys " sleds, webs I' carrots.footprlms

(8) wa'i'e'riblug, polar bear. kitten, bear" ,ghost, dol l, duck, dinoseur, hermit

('91) hugg,edi", yelll~ed at, Uckl ad ~ sea red, tri pped, kissed t stopped, stared at, laug hed at

(10) firs,t graders, second glr,aders1 big brothers, biig sisters, spi nach ~ovelrs, an i mats

(111) join, stay, leave, run, hids, tanle, dance, eat, gigg~e (12) ¥es~ NQ',i Mlaybe later, Thls isweird, l'd Ilo'v,s to, For'ge,t liit. II' have, to gOt' Awesome

(13)1 horne, a:wa.Y,ilnsilde, down, off., under~ out


;1 fO'UNID ,A _

By _

Cine day ln the .m~ddle of my __ ---lfoUind a


~~..........._.~- that had and

3 4,

_____ '. I: put it in m!y .. __ ~~~ and


s· 4

irian to miy'friend':s house. Later, we fed ~t and


~~~~~, and sudden~y, ilt _


wo,uld Iget " So ,II put it ~~ and sent ilt

6 11hought we

9 10

to ~. I have not seen it since, whi,ch makes me





The lEnd

~"_~;___' _--

Fi in the Blanks/Draw a Pk:ftJfo.


(1) backya.rdl,. forehead, shoe, pla.ygr1olund, room, bed, sandwich, po rch

(2)1 'wick,ed witlch~J ~adybug, wart, ·I:ermlit'e',. superhero, plant, snake, space a.1 len

(3) big" nttte·_ gr,e·en, red, IPUlrp~e, six, one, fifteen" fat, bubbly, sharp, melted

I( 4) a rms , Ile'ga, leyes, hali r, pockets, antennae, fi nglers" toes, 'lee'lh ,skin, knees

(5) pocket, w,ag,oln, bag" basket, bedsheet, sock, 'trash can, sister's lPurs,Q, brother's pants

(6,) cookies. paint, glrass, sponges, chicken, broccoh, Un cans

(7) forks" hot dog:sl, french fr~,es", p,ii.zza.~ hQ'I: peppers, staples, water, gum

(8) 'Qlrew shr,ank ta~lked, burped glrowled, popped, wet" turned purple cried

1(9) in trouble, eaten, yened at, a. reward, messy, sick (1,0)1 in the, mail, in a box, in a rocket, on a bus"

u nde r th,s bed, in the' t,o,i let

I( 11)1 IHawaU., Santa ICI'BUS" mly aunt, the ZIOO, the moon, my teacher

(12) Igood, happy, bad, funny, worried, scared, mad •. s,my


Fill In '1M ellianks/lDraw ,11 Plctui"9


IBy ~~_

IWOU~'d be a and woulld , " an day.


I would have the color of . I 'woul~d

~~---- -~~----




On ~ nights" II woulld hide!

li'V,e ina


5 6

iin a. IDuri ngl the day" II would 'glO' to the


...,.._.....~ and make lots of _..~ . When people


sa:w me ca.milng" they wOIU~d __ ~~ ........ II would eat


___ ~ every day., When I w,as feeUng ~ __



II 'wou'd~~~ __ . Wouldn"t tha't be ........... 1



The E:ndl

"",-~-' --


Word lUsts

(1 ) tig,er, snalke ~ bear" lion" d,og, cat, kangar'o,o,~ dr,agon I' shark, wha~e

(2)sil,eiep ~ eat, gl row I , run, sw,j m, hop ~ fish, stomp, ir'On ~n mud, burp

(3)f'ulr~, eyes I skin ,tee;th:. horns, breath, friends, scales, a, tongue:,,~oenai~s

(4) mud" sps'ghe'Hi, s~i:ml,e" roses, bananas.fne sky~ fire, the sun, watert the ocean

(5) boat, mlil k carton, torest, jungle, cave, ocean, 'tunnel" hOUS'B ,tree:

(6) dark.warm, creepy, black cool, qUli,B't, Saturday, moon Ilit, school

,(7) blaniket:. cave, hole, bas,emlenl,~ cage~ Ilo,c:ker" closet, pair of pants

(,8) pool, supermarket.factory, mall, park" movies, I~b:rary (,9') noise, pizzas, trouble, people halPpy~ eratts, friends, (10) run, ye'tl. clap, smile, talke' pictures, eat 'f,8ste'rt, glligglle,t ,cry (11) cookies bugs, potato chips"m ud, ve'glet,ables.~ ,candy, jelily beans, ants

(12) ti red, I uc:ky,. happy:, sad, proud I' s,iillly, smart, hu nglryt pllayfUlI:1 lang ry

,( 13) slleep, eat a. bug, read, s,~ng, Cry1' y'eU" hop, play cards, draw

(14) ,Bw,eSO'lme, c!razy, smy~ cool ~ amazing, fun" rid~,cu~'ous" teniifiic,wild ~ perfect

IFill jill the Blanks

Here, you can rewrite a, tavonte fairy tale!' After you finish, read the story' ag,ai n. Don't forget to ,give, YO U R fairy ta.le a In B'W titlle'!


By _

Once' upon a time' ther,a was a I~ilttlle'~ called Little


_~ Riding Hood. One day, ILitUewent to


_____ , house w'itlh a basket full ot ~. ~"Be

3 4

careful ot the Bigi, lBad ," M,other had said, On


the way, Little met B~g", "I would liike to L~ttle

_____ IRiding Hood," thouglht B~g, ,An,d .away S,i'g ran, ,2

~h.e .. · .• ~ Littl: got to .the ,house, Little saw., .•.•. Big in ~ .• ,{; .. h. -.1 ... ,.·.· ,

dISgUIS,'9"My, what bllg _ you , ..... \~ .\\

7 . ~...Iir~Yi"~ •• ' '.

~..("i"'::'_ ..._ ~. ~

-, - _. - - ..;- ..... lip;..~. Ii',"t ~ ..... _ ,

have," Little said. "The better tOI , ~- .. - ..... ~~


you with, rny dear," said Bilg. Then Biig tore ,o,ft the disguil,se

and ~ Littlle' around the room. LitUe __ ~ __


SO loud, a came' iln and B,ig out


11 the dloor".And Liittlle




The End



Wo,rdl Usfs

(11) 'Q'irl, duck, bailierina, pony, caboose, boy, dog" convertl bile ~ c:yctops. St.egosaurus

(2) Red, F'urry, Purpll'8', Wr,in k:ledl Gre,en t Sc,8,ly, Pi nk, Goofy" 'Colorful, Speedy'; Ve II low'

(3) Grandma's. the President's. the teacher's" Rabbit's. a hlii,end"s" Auntie's. a cousin's

(4) food, rocks, harnourqers, ,col,oring books puddingi mice, flower:s,~ 'gllop

(5)1 Wo~f~ M!oUrs:s, Toaster, Ty'rannosaurus, Troll, Stop Sign,.

Kitty" 'Goldfis,h, Bulter.:lly

(6), eat, tiiick~e, Ih uQ" race, dance wiith, draw~ quiz, pllay wilth, pinch ~ trick

(7), eyes, teet, sandwiches, ears, whe,e!s" horns", hands, pencss, wi ngs

(8) see, hear.fiekls ~ wrestle ~ scere.jrick, eat l' hug", draw (9) chased, danced, tickled, rolled, pulled, bounced, pushed

(10) screamed, roared, laughed; honked, barked i growled" 'tooted, cried, quacked

'(11) woodcutter, W8lj:tress, gym teache r. c ros sri ng gluard, tige:r."g uard dog, kanqeroo

I( 12) chased I w,altzed. shoved J carried, tossed, scared, bounced, 'threw, Illaughed

(13) I ilv,ed. ate, bow~led~ shopped ~ danced, played, s'i,ept" shouted, galiloped

I( 14) happill,Y', s,II,o,wly, sloppily, qulckly, nlic,e,'ly, Iioudly', badlYl' prettily" sadly

Are you ready to try one on your own? Good! A.ead the story below. It is, mlis,s~ng some important parts! Use your ilmlag~natiion to 1m i nthe blanks and make up you rOWN story Whlen you are flinishedt read you r story ,agl,a1in.


By _

Paul and 'Ka~ie w,ere eating a in the

~~ one daYI' when they heard ,a knock on the

door, Outsloe the, door, they found at note thattold theml to do s'omething. There was food on t:he note" The notre: s,ald:

Wiant outsids and 'found ,a . It W,8.S, __ ---

and " This w,as, a clu el They kept wal'king.

ULook!"said Paul. IHe to the


Therew,sre footpr~nts, .. ", ~nsa.~d Kaliile. The

footprint'S lied to a whe re they saw' a

~~ e'at~lng a . UDjd you Il,eave this

note'?" Paull and K,alliie asked, u_~~~~/'l sald the

The mly.stery was _

Fill in the: Blanks,/IDrawa, IPiCh.i1itl

lin the space below dr,aw a p,icture to QIO w,jlth your story. Think about wiha1 Paul and Kalli'8 look, lik,e. Think about who .~ or what, -18'ft the' note, Think about the neighborhood the chilldren live in. Draw a picture using as much detaill as possible.


E"'8-0pen~ng Descriptive Exercise I Sig'hl'

Look closely at the' enti re picture, Then ,anS:W'Blr the questions on the next pagie.

11 8

Your answers to thes'e' ques,tlions wiiU help you wirUe a. story about the cat ,andrhe mouse .. Write your answers on the nnes~

What 'is the cat weari'ng?~~~~~~~~~~~~_

How does the cat f,eel'? ~~ _

What is the mouse wea.rilng? ~_~~

How does the Imouse feelll? ~-

Is the ship biig or nt1Ie?_~~_- ~~~.

IN,e~at or rnessy? ~_-

Wh.at parts of the ship can't you see?_~--- __ ~

What are' the' cat and mouse dOilng? ...._...._~ _

Are they f1rii'endis'? ~_---- __ ~

Where are' they oomling from? ............. ~~

Whe'lre are the'y 'gioingl?' ~--

Are they having .an ,adventure,? - _

What klilnd?~...._~~ ~~~

Who wilU win the checker ,game? ~~ __

What is the eat's job?' ~~~ __

Whs.t is the mouse's j'ob? ~~~ _

Use your I~deas from the last pag1e, to fin in 'the blanks o'f this story. Aft,er you fill iin the blanks, keep writing~ YOU decide, what: happens lin the story!


By~ ~ ............ ~~

The, pirate cat and the plrate mouse were, on a, _

,shiip., The ship w,as . and ~ The ship

had and a . The cat wore a ~~~_.

~ . _ ............ ~_, and thiS mouse had on a, _

___ ~ and . They both Ilooked ! They had been at sea tor .,They'wlen~ feeilling

___ ~" 8ln.d so they played checkers, was

wiinning~ Where, had the,y come from? Where wena they goi ng? Heirs is the rest of the,j r story;

The End


Look close'[~y al the 'e'nli re plctu reo Then ,answer the! q uesl'lions, on the next page.

~r I 01 ,0
, Your answers to these questions wli,1III help you write a story about the olldl woman, 'Write y,our answers on the ililnes.

What ilS 'the 'WOlman baking? ~~~-

What is she takinp out of the oven? ,~_=~-- _

What does it smle'U Uk,e? __ --~ -

What other ,sme,lls, are in the kiitchen? -

Does the old 'woman m~e to balke? ~~~ _

Who wlilll eat the cakes cookies, and pies? ~ _

Doe's, she Uv,e allone? ~_--- ~ _

Does, she have pets? ~~--- _

Who ,are heir' fri,ends?' -

lis she, a wiitch? ~-~ .__._--

Ilf S'OI, is she a go,od witch or a bad 'wi1,ch?~ _

Is, she sorneone's gr.andm,a? ~ _


IEye-Open,jng iCl9!lCriplive ExerciHI Smell and 1f:ilmiB

Ulse' your ideas from the Ilast paqe to filii in the blanks of this story, After YO'iU fillll iln the' blanks, keep writlnq, YOU decide what happens in the storyl


By ~_~ _

Once there was an old ladywho loved to bake. She allways worle her ~_~ __

apron and Ihe r hat when

she baked. She worked hardin her

crowded kitchen. In ~t were


and .Onth8_.·

,------ --~~--, --- - .. ~----

k:itchen walls hung , and a

___ ~_..¥OUl could: smeU the _

_____ 1' and . It always smelled

__ ~~_ in that kitchen. The cookies always tasted ___ ~_~ Why did the, Ilady bake so much? Weill. she

baked all those things because ~ __ ~~ __

The E.nd


LOO'k CIOS'B,ly at tihe ,sntli re picture, Then answer the' questlcns on the next p,agle'.


~ g .

....... 1 ...


Your ,answers to thes,e! q U'8's,ti:o,nswill ~ hedp you Wlrtilte a s,tory about tlhe g~ rllon tih e sWitngset. Write you r answers on the ,Ii'nes.

'Wlhat:soUln,d does the ml,erry-g:o-round ma~e?' __ ~~~ Wha'l: sound do 'you hear when thechillldtren go, down

the slide? ~~ -------,

'What sound does, an ice-cream truck, m,ake? ~~~

What sound do 'you hear when the dog bark;s? ~~ __ ~

Wha,'1 other' sounds do you "hear" in the picture? tlstmern aU"

Use your ideas from the last p,a,ge to f III ~ln the blanks of this story. You must describe' the lP~aygrou nd, using on~y sounds.


By _

Sara '. ha ·dc-I a·· n __- --: ,r - 'U- n t, - h - In.- h-: r ss - be tt-- f.. Afta.·· ,rward

_ .... ' .. ' ope. a_.o .. _Cl.a,.,. .e. see .e __ e .... ' _. _"

she had! to, wear bandages over her eyes" One day heir dad said 'they were 'g,oling somewhere. "lt's a surprise," he said, When Sara got 'OIUt 'o,f the car, the 'first thiing she heard was a 9,0 undo "What ils th,at?" she asked, '!~L~sten closely, n said her dad" She heard ,8 and a

. She, heard child reno She heard the

--- _

______ of: a bat hitting a bau, A ,do'Q: was _

A mother w,as, c,ani ng ,~ ." Slhe hS:BJd

a baby . ~ An ii,ce~cr,eamtrulck ben rang

_____ '" She heard the of a swing. ull know'"

We 're at the park!" Sara sald. It, W,8S8 happy day'.

I1he End


Look cloisely at both pictures. Then answer the questions, below fhern and Ion the next paige.,

Your answers to these questions will heip you writs, letters trom the, chiilldr,sn to each other, 'Writ,s your answers on 'the Uinas,.

What are 'the boy and ,gi rll in the ,snow wea,,,! ng1

What are the boy ,and ,girl at 'the beach w'e'aring? __ .............. ~

What does snow f,eelillike?~ ~~ __

What doss sand feelllUke? ~_-..... ~ _

H!ow ,are they differ,ent? _~~ ~ __

Ho'w ,are 'they the, eame? ~~~ ~~~ __


I!s, this dog in the sno,w cold? , _

Is, the dogl on the beach hot? .~~~~~~~~ _

When the wi nd blows i n thewinter~what does lit fee~ Iii ke?

Are the boysand gl~rls, ha.vin,g fun? ~~~~~~~ __

Wh'y do y'o,u think so? ------~~

Use your ideas to 1m iin the btanks below, The Sandler cousins had never played in snow. The Icebelr'Q cousins, had never played 10 n t'he beach. SOl one day 'th ey traded placesl They wrote letters to their cousins, describ~ng what each place felt II i kel Please comp II,ete the' letters,


By _

Dear C,ous,i ns:

W'e are at the, beach for the f rst ti mel I t is S.Q1


here, W!B do not need coatsl The sand feels Ion

our bare teet, It is lilke snow, but not _

The sun feels.Whe n the tiide comes Ii n ~ lit

____ our Ilegs. It 'f,eeis, !1 W'IS ~ikethe breezes


here .. , bec,aJUisethey 1e,el. on our . slkin ..

When thesand is dryl ~t feel'5. . Wh'G," the s,and ~s

wet I' it ils , Bl1dwlB make sand

.casUe,s~ The best feel illng a.t the beach is

Your ccusins.11 the I Ic:ebergls,

Dear 'Cousiins,:

We are plaY'i ng in the snow for the 'fi rst tlrnel It Is ~

A~~the.se' clothes f:ee~ ,and . They keep

us . .. The snow is 'fun I ttfeells· on au r

s,kin.. so we 'wear gllo\l'83. When the w'ilnd blows, our noses ____ ~ W,e liik,!' tlhe~ fee~li:ngl of ma'kiing snowballls,. When we get. hilt with the'mlJ, lit l Our do'g likes tlhe'sl1ow,

t,OO •. We' wm make a fire Ilater~, and that willi fe'el. .

The' best fe,e!~ingl in the snow is when ~~~.

Your cousins, the Sandl'Eus


Im,agline your favormi1e place. It can be a schoolroom, a playgllround, or a room in your house, It could be your grandlmla's house, a store, or an im,sginary place, lilke a

p'i rate's cave 0 r ,B drag'onl's house, II mlalgi ne this place in your head, What: do Y'ou see? What do you smeU? What doyou hear? Is there anything to taste? Pretend that you can 'touch the thilnQis 'there. What do they feel like? Write about that place bell,ow.

MY S,PEC.AL PLA,C,E, e,y~~~~~

Let me teU you about a special place I know. It is . _


The End

Here, dra,w ,a picture -of the special place you wrote about


Draw a pi,c1:ulre of a ,sp9c:ial person, It could be someone you know, lit could be an ilma,ginary person, or iit. could be YOU ~ Thi nk aboutwlhat color hal r and ,eyl9s tlh at person has .. Thl nk about what kind of clothes the person ~ ilkes to wear., What: S,iZBI ls that person?' Thilnkabou1 iho,w you want tc imlake that person feel. lis he or she happy or sad? Mad or gllad? Sca.red?What dloes the person Ililke t,o do for liun? Does the person work? What k~ndof job does he or she do?'


Here, describe 'that special person in a story. ,MY SPE,CIAL PiERSO'N

8y _

L,et motell you about a person I know who is _

The End

'II n the, next few paqes, tho, be'gi,nln inqs and middles o,f 'the stories have been done for you., You haveto complete the, stories b~lwriting each ,ondi,ngl. Don't fOlrget. '1:0 read them] ,a.gai~n when you are 'flinished ~

Paul was late forschool, He' ran into the bath room to brush his, teeih ,and tr~pped over sometn ing .. A lo,ng J th ~Ick IQreen ~aU was hang ing out of the bathtub. Paull pu Ilh:lldthe showe'r cu rtain back, andthere was a dr,a.glo!n~ A.

dragolnt in the ibatht,ubl

P,aUl~ stared at the d raqon, The dr,agl,on gave h~ml a di rty' look,

uDo ylou ml~nd?·l said the dr,B:gon. I!~II m trying 1'0'

takea bath ru


By _~~~ ~




Write the Endi ng

Pau I had to do som eth ilng, q uick ~ He

•.. .J

The Endi


Write the Ending


Mr. Fister tnezookeepe r was lin a pain iic. Twoot his ne'w monkeys 'w,ere lost somewhere in the nelqhborhoodi 'Mllr. Hster looked an around. He saw a Igas station" a beauty parlo r, offices, and a bi'Q '9 race ry store. W'he re cou Id the monkeys be?

'"He'lp! Help!" caU,sdl someone from the grocery store.

"There are 'monkeys in aisle sevenl And they're heading for the, bananasl"

M:r., Fister rain toward the store. He, wondered how much trouble those sillily monkeys would g'et into. When he Igot: fhsre 1 he, fou nd out!

People were running (

everywhere! ,A, woman with a b~g, hairdo had a jar of peanut butter tu rned ups ide' down on her head. The store 'manager was, playi ng pickup sticks wlth spl lIed spaqhetti, Frozen pizzas were fllying through the air ~ike Frisbees! And that was just, the begli n ni ng!

Next _~~_~ __ ~ __ ~ __ ~ ~


The End


Writl.elhe Ending


B'Y~ _

Erik, and lLizwere bored. lt was raining outside, and thsir pa.rents were spendiing the day ripping up the old kitchen floor, Tlhe child ren sat in the kitchen 'I ,e'at~ng apples and watchi ng th ei r pa rents work" The wooden ftocr u nd ern eath the old one looked 01 di" tool lit would have to be polished.

Sudden Iy, Liz j u m paid up from he r seat, She ran tOI the middle, of the kitchen,

"What's this?" she sald, tappi ng her foot on a square piece lof th'9 wooden flololr. It sounded ho~lo'w I

"lt looks I ike ,8 trapdoorl" said E rlk e~citedly.

Their dad used IB screwd river to pry it open+ 11'1 'WAS 18 trapdoor' A stai rease went down into 'the darkness The chiildrenwondered whsrelt lied.

Th ei r dad got a Uashliilglht and went in first, f,olillowed by their mom. Liz ,and Erik went next lit was dark and


The End


Write lhe Ending

Din the next few pages, you win nnd the be'gi nn ilngs ,of:faiiry tales, They miight sound different from how you remember them ~ Fii n iish th e storles anc create NI EW fai ry tales that are a~1 you r own II


By~ _

'Once upon a time there were three, bears: Mama Beart Papa Bear, and Baby Bear, One rnorni ng 'they want'ed toeat breakfast, and gluess what? The re w,as no porridge!

'Whatw:iU we do?" cned Papa Bear,

uW,e wii n j ust have to order a,

pizza," sald Mam a Bear; uH uHay!~I' said Baby B,ear. U PI,zza for breakfastl"

Sathe bears ordered a pizza, They wait9(i for it to, arrive. Soon they heard a noise at the front door, But: it wasn't

the piZZ,B Ilady!1 It wa,s --~-~


Write the Endingl

Th,e lEnd



By ~~~

Once fhere was a little boy named Jaclk who was very poor, He had 1.0 g'O to the market to seU his cow. On the way" he met an 01 d man who gav,e him a handful of beans. for the cow

"They are rnaqic beans," the o·ld man s.aiid. When Jack got home, he plantec the beans .. Soonl!

.8. stal k '9 rew .alll the way 'U p to the

sky. But Jack didn't thitn k to ·01 ~tm b

the beanstalk. Hie· j ust p~,cked the giant beans and made a yummy bean dip from his

momer's secret recipe .. The bean dip smelled very '90!od .. The smellfloated up to the .sky; wile re a g'iant lived ..

uIFEE,. FilEt. PO, FUIM!U roared the giant. "l smef bean diIP'I' so here I cornier'] And he started down the



Wri1e Ihe IE "ding

Wrtle lhe Emling


By ~~~

Oncethere was a princess named Snow White. She, was lost in the: woods ~ and she was, afraid .. J ust as it started to get dark, she saw a 11Hlie house. She looked in the window. The house was em J)'ty except. for a tal ~

dresser that stood in tlh e mliddll,e Qif the room. lit: had S,19V9n Id rawe rs. Snow 'Wh ~t!e did not know that it was a rnaqlc dresser! Each dra w,e r th at was opened had a special surprise.

Slowly, Snow Wh~te went into the house. She opened! the first drawer .. A,II of

a. sudden -~---------


WriLe the Ending/Draw a iPjcturo

The lEnd

Here, you can draw a picture of the ending of your story


Wrtte 'the IE ndjng

THE, liHIRE,E 8,1!G IP_GS By_~~~ ............ ~

Once upon a tilme there 'w"ere 'thr,se big pi~gs, 'who went out to seek their fortune, When it came t:ime to bui lid a home I the first big p,ig made his house out of straw, One day, a hungry wollf carnie to, the f~ rst big pig's house.

'''This looks Uke a II lttle piggi!e"'s house,"

the w,oU s,a,id. "1'1111 huH1 and I'U puff, and 1'1.11 blow the house down. Then 1'111 have me a n:ice

h am sandwlch !I" So the Ih un 9 ry wolf blew the straw house down. There stood the f rst big lPig,~ and he' wa.s rnadl

IIWOW!IU .said the Ih u ng ry wo,I![ "That pi'Q iis 18.1 G l"

The pig ~ ~~...._....~~


Write' 1he Endingl Draw a Picture

The End

Here ~ you can d raw a picture of the end~ ng ,o,f you r story.


On the nexttew pages, the bs,gi:nniing,s, and middles ot the stories h ave, been done for you, You have to completethe stories by writi n'g leach endl ng. Don't to r'get. to read them, agai n when you are "ii nished!!



When II woke up this morn illng, lit was iii ke any other school day. II could s mel I french toast cookinq l n the kitchen. IMy plat canary was s"inging a,wiay in the corner, But 'when ~ roll led out of bed ,I II really rolled! I fellt: . . ! round. I bounced over to my mirror t,o have a look.end gluess what I saw?' I had been turned int:o a basketba,~I~ What' 'was going to happen to me?' ~ wondered, Wh at would mly parents say? What woulld myteacher say?' Howwould I 190 to the bath room?

Suddenly" there was a. knock on my doorl I . _


Wnt.9 the Endingl Draw a Picture

'The End

Here, you can draw a picture ,of the ending of your story.


Write the Ending



By~~~~~ _

Jose and S hanah were ii n 'the backseat: o,f the car, lit had been a liang drive, Suddenlly,~ they heard a loud bangiing noise, They sat up straiqht and looked around,

"Do you hear that?" they asked theiir parents,

u:No./~ salo their morn and dad.

The chi II dren listened c:ariefullly,. The noise sounded Iii ke ~twas com ing fromth .-, g,. I~':-V···. - • -:- m- artmantl

.,' ,..... e " .0 e co ... pa _. . _ _

Their morn reached over to open it. She needed a map.

"Don't do, it, Momf' ye~~ed Shanah. but it was too late, Out popped a


Wri~a lihe End~ngl Draw a Piclll!.lre

The End

rit.-e,L_' --


Writa the Middle

The, foUowi ng sto rles havre short be'9,innings, and short endings, but no mkidlesl Rie,ad the' words ,given, then write' a mliddle fo r each story. Read the whol'B story when you

are finished.


s.y ~_~~

Z,eti the loeb ra 'wanted to go swimm i ng iln the river, but his

morn said no. Zeti ~~~ __ ~ ~ __


'1'he IElild

UI hope you learneo you r lesson, Zetll" said Mo:ther Zeibra ..

Ze1i sh ivered under the towel ..

How he missed his beautiful stri pies! IHe w,ouldl never d~s,obey' hiis moma.g,ain.



By, _

Artiile the ant had a, problem, He want:ed to cressme kiitchen floor and gist: a, bigl" tasty bread crumb, IBut a 'Q'liant fan was blowing hi'm Ibac.kward. He looked arou nd tora way

to 'Q'et across" Artie ~~ ~~ ~


The End

Artie plJIUed hii msell up by the, cord and crawlled onto the counter. It was ,a long, hard journey.. but he had made itl Hie munched on the bread crumb whille he restedi., The trip back would! be a breezel


Wrl,te Itle Middle

R:,ead the storles on the f,ollloWli ng pages., Ea,ch story is mlssinq a miiddlle, and each ~s m isslnq a, middle picture, iFli nlshme stories by' writing the ,m'iddiesl then d raw rnatchinq pictu res in the space provldsd, 0011"1 f'O!rge't' to, color the, pictures:


IBy _

Once there was an unhappy Utile tree that wanted to w'alk so badly, One day a, fairy princess made itawish come true, and th e tree 'was able to wallk. Q,ft the tree went 'to expl,o're theworld r

Flrst iit ~~- ~~ _


Wnl1g the Middle! Dmw a Pio'Iure

The tree decided to put its roots down in the city'. There, it brought shade to all i!ts new friends for ye,ars to come. "lt's glood to be useful again, n said the tree happny.

lihe End


Write lIhe Mllck:Nil!l


o • " •• " _. _ _ _ _

By ~~~~.

One sunny day, D,oogi'G the ,dO'gi was chasing Kitty the cat around the yard, "II, wish ~ were a doq," said Kitty.. breathing

hard. "I would ............. ~ ~~ ~_......._

Kitty was, 'gllad 1:0 be a cat agai n. Nowt, if onlly' she could glet lDoogli,e to come ,out 0" the treetl

The lEnd




Once therewas a beautifu I young girl named Wrapunle~ who had been put ~na higih tower by a wii'cked wiitch. The wi.tclh made poor, lion e~y 'Wrapunz1el wrap presents aU day and night'!' Slhe wasn't aU,Q,wed to, see anybody, Each night,

when she went 'to bed, Wrapunzel ~~~~~

But ·thew~,ck,ed witc:h'slan hat go1,ca.ught ~n the elevator door, And tha.t was the' end a,f ·the wicks,d w~tch. Sin,ce the elsvator had be,e:n put in 1 Wrapu nzel's frilends could vislirt any ·timetheyw,ant1ed. SOl Wrapunzel decided to stay in the tower, and she lived there happil~y ever after.

The' lEnd


Write the Middle/Draw.1;iI Pi(;lluII'e



- - ----r-- t


Write the Mh:ldte


By~ ~

Once upon a ti rne there werle' thr,ee' ~arge rocks si'Hing around iiln the dirt. The rocks wer'e an fee~ing bored.

UlHo'w come w,e never '9;et to '90 anywhere or do ,anything?tlsalid a, rock named Hall. ''''I want' to _~~~~ __

('We made' it! We' made it!" said H,sll" lookling over the, city from the 'gr,eat mountain. Their ,2:, aOO-,m,ile journey was oved They had reached their' dream town, Boulldeir,. Co!ilc,rado,. s,~O'w'lly', they' begian the ~ong rol ~ down.

The End


Write 1ho' Middle IIDraw a Picture



For 'the next two exercises Illook, at the plctures. Write a story to go with each pi1cture., Don't j ust describe the plcuires. Tell s.tolrie,s, about what you think is going on. Thlnk about what happened before, or atter, Theria are no rilght or wrongl stories, ,j ust '¥'OU A stcrlesl When you're done" gii1ve your st'ory a tilile.

8y ~


AdiYanced Exercise I Wtlart 1'1' • • .1

What it there were, a. town where everyone walked backward? How wouild t:he cars

be designed? The roads? WOluld people have eyes in the back of their heads, or m ii rrors on the'i r hats?' Wh lch way woulld theli r shoes fac,e?Think about Backward Town. Wr!ite you r ideas, on the lines below You can telll ,a, storv. or j ust make' a I lst of ldeas for a ,story you may wri'te later,


By ~


Advanced E~e:rclse I Wtw~ If , •• ?

What ilf you woke up one Imorning and you were an old man orwoman? How would your day be

differen1? H10w would it be the sarns? What games would you pt,ay wi:th your 'friends,? Wou~d you do better in school? What would you do differently? What: would be fun about being olld?' What would not be S'O' good? Descnbe what you would look Iliike and what you woulld wear. Write your ideas on the ~Iines below, You can tell a story, or j ust make a ~ist of ideas for a story you may write late r.


- -

By ~~


The lEnd

Here, 'You can draw a picture to 'g'o 'with YOUir story.

Advanced EJI!8rdse I 'Whal Ilf •.• ?

What if you coulld step into, a time machine and go anywhere" backward or

,I flo'IIW,a.rd i~n tl~me? Where woulld you go,? 'Wou~d you go back

'~~".....::::=~~>...l" to the time of the dinosaurs?

What would you do ther,e?' What would y!our job be? How about the time 101 the Icowbo:ys?What about 'Qo,ing. Into the· tutu re? Can you iml,B.glin9 l'iV'~ng on a d ifferent planet, or ina spaceship? USle your i maginalion ~ You can go anywhere and do, anythi ngl~ Wri'te y,ou:r lideas, on the I ines bellow., You can tel r a story, or just make a list of ideas for a sto ry you may write later ..


By ~


The Elndi

Here] Y'ou can draw a, pictur,e, 1.01 gOI wlith your story,


A~anca:j E.,aralse I What If ... ?

What ill you 'were in your bedroom, but you were ,a tiny bug", crawlling on ths' ncar? What would everything

look, like,? What would y',our shoes look like? Your dolls? YOUlir basebaU? Your ,clothes? To a buq, your everyday

items would look very, ve,ry . ~

diff'erent! I'f you want.work on ~ r::~ c-: ::: .. ::.:;:~:;;:~

this, lP,age, liln your room, Lie on the floor ",

and pr-etend that you are 'Ihe same size as a bug'! W'r~te your ideas on th,Q I:i nes bello,w. You can teU a story; or just make a, nst of ide,as for a story y-ou may 'write later,


- - -

By~ ~_


The lEnd

H,ere ~ ylou can draw IB pilcture to 'go 'with you r story,


Re,adi 'the words U:sledl below. They are very diffen3nt~Your job is to write a story using ALL of th,es'e words. Th ey can playa, bigl part in you r story, or just gl,e'l: a qu ick mention. But aill frivle 'words must be found somewhere in 'the' stO'lry., Have fun! When you're done" IgivlB your story' a fitle,


,By ~


The End


IRead the words; Ilisted below .. They are vlery differelnU You r job is to, wlrite ·8 story using .ALL 0" the'se words. They can p,~ay a bi~'g part in 'Y,our st,Qlryt; or just Q'e,t a. quiick menUon. lBut allll·the words must be found somewhere in th:e· story. H,8ve fun I When y,Qu're done, give you rstory a. titille.




Advanced Exercis.Q/UsQ' Allihe Words


On the lines, below, write aU about yourself, This is called an author bii1ography, and you are the! author of thiiS bookl You can include your ag,e', wlhat. you look Uke:" where you live:., and what you ,Il~ke to do." In the space, provided, you can paste a picture of yourself, or draw a selt-portralt,