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About us

Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea - to empower the traveler - MakeMyTrip went on
to pioneer the entire online travel industry in India. The company's services and products
include air tickets, holiday packages (both international and domestic), hotels, rail tickets, bus
tickets, car hire and facilitating access to travel insurance. Through its primary
website,, and other technology-enhanced platforms, the company
provides access to all major domestic full-service and low-cost airlines operating in India, all
major airlines operating to and from India, over 4,000 hotels in India and a wide selection of
hotels outside India, Indian Railways and several major Indian bus operators. MakeMyTrip, is
recognized more for its low air fare deals and has adopted a hybrid distribution model for
holiday offerings.
Indian Online Travel Industry
The Indian online travel industry is largely transportation-focused and hotels have not yet
gained traction with OTAs. Seventy percent of the total bookings on Indian OTAs are in the
domestic air sector. According to Phocuswright, the Indian online travel marketplace grew 11%
to reach $3.4 billion in 2009 and the total Indian B2C OTA market was worth $1 billion.
The middle-class Indian consumer is gradually increasing his online usage. Currently, his online
habits are confined to searching, socializing and information hunting.
With respect to MakeMytrip's online product offerings, hotels have seen a rise in web queries-
the total number of queries received for domestic holidays from web channels has increased
four times vis-a-vis the same number of 2009. However, a corresponding growth in the eventual
booking is yet to see light of the day.
Relevant Data
Share in 201
Transactions 2007 0
Air 90% 67%

Non-Air 10% 33%

As shown above, there has been a significant increase in the transactions of non-air section for
MakeMyTrip. Thus, there is a latent need for MakeMyTrip to leverage its strengths in online
delivery to attain differentiation in the hotels and holidays segment.
Most of the OTAs in India don't have provision to book holiday packages online but online being
a relevant touch point perspective, we have seen an increase in web queries for the holidays
segment over past year. There has been a 16% rise in the web queries within the 1 st half of
2010-which again underlines the usage of the Online Travel Agent platform for research prior to
actual booking.
The current holidays market in India is fragmented, undifferentiated and mostly offline. Hence
there is a definite need for a differentiated delivery from an online travel agent's point of view.
The differentiation can be in the realm of:
• Product
• Service
• Channel of Delivery (Online)

Project Objective
• How can MakeMyTrip optimize its customer acquisition and promotional efforts to tap
into this segment above with regards to the online holidays market?
• How can MakeMyTrip leverage its existing strengths in online delivery to attain
differentiation in the holidays segment?
• How can MakeMyTrip position itself from the overriding image of being a transaction
oriented website centered around air ticketing into that of a one-stop online shop for all
travel solutions?
Expected Methodology
• Primary and secondary research on consumer behaviour.
• Executing a snapshot of the current competitive landscape.
• An extensive research of the holiday segment and consumer behaviour pertaining to the
• Marketing strategy for MakeMyTrip to tap into the online holidays segment.
• A positioning strategy for MakeMyTrip as one-stop online shop for all travel solutions.
Evaluation Criteria
• Quality and breadth of research.
• Feasibility of recommendations.
• Depth of understanding: Approach, assumptions and models used.