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reforms: First, it brings FISA up to date with the changes in communications technology that have taken place over the past three decades. Second, it seeks to restore FISA to its original focus on protecting the privacy interests of people inside the United States, so we don’t have to obtain court orders to effectively collect foreign intelligence about foreign targets located in foreign locations. Third, it allows the government to work more efficiently with private-sector entities like communications providers, whose help is essential. And fourth, it will streamline administrative processes so our intelligence community can gather foreign intelligence more quickly and more effectively, while protecting civil liberties. Translation: future generations of cell phones will be outfitted with snoop technology, thus making it easy for the government to listen in on your next conversation with Osama, or rather the ghost of Osama—or maybe listen in on a conversation with your brother-in-law who complains a lot about the government. Changing FISA, itself a violation of the Fourth Amendment, assigning it the role of “protecting the privacy interests of people inside the United States,” is simply an effort to sweep the “FISA court” (when a normal court will not do) aside, as this will allow “the government to work more efficiently with privatesector entities like communications providers,” for instance the cozy relationship the government shares with AT&T, which is nothing new (the NSA has collaborated with AT&T and other carriers since the early 1950s to violate the civil liberties of Americans). Bush, or rather his puppet masters, simply want to codify all of this in law and slap a sticker on the package declaring it protects the privacy of all Americans. Meanwhile, in a radio address Nancy Pelosi declared the “threat of terrorist violence against the United States is growing. al-Qaeda is gaining strength, and Osama bin Laden continues to elude capture. There is not a moment to spare to take the steps necessary to keep the American people safe,” or continue the destruction of the Bill of Rights, long ago put on the endangered list, as there is no “alQaeda” threat to the “homeland,” or maybe it should be das Vaterland, but simply a drumbeat marching us to tyranny and ultimately slavery, as our rulers are determined to reduce America to slave plantation based on the China model. In order to make that process more efficient, a Stasi- or KGB-like snoop state apparatus is mandatory.

[…] Wesley Clark Contact the Webmaster Link to Article nancy pelosi Decider Guy Demands Further Erosion of the Fourth » Posted at Another Day in the Empire on Saturday, July 28, 2007 If Bush and the neocons have their way, your cell phone will be an official government surveillance device. Of course, your cell phone and computer connected to the internet are already surveillance devices, it is just that Bush and the neocons want to enshrine this fact in law View Original Article » […] Pingback by University Update - Nancy Pelosi - Decider Guy Demands Further Erosion of the Fourth 07.28.07 @ 12:47 pm […] […] Pingback by » Blog Archive » Decider Guy Demands Further Erosion of the Fourth 07.28.07 @ 1:44 pm […] Decider Guy Demands Further Erosion of the Fourth […] Pingback by Dude - we live in a police state! « Moveable Feast 07.28.07 @ 8:02 pm

Bush Pushes To Turn FISA Into A Co-Conspirator It astounds me that we are even discussing this. Did no one see this gradual erosion of American liberties; of our Constitution? Was it so subtle in its application that we are now addressed by a completely unchecked President who says “Yes, th… Trackback by Cest Moi Political Blog 07.30.07 @ 8:42 pm RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI

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