In this set of material, the reading passage talks about a new age system introduced by the A.

O Smith Company expecting to increase produtctivity, and the linstenin passage challanges this system talking about how it failled. The reading part cites that the company A. O Smith started to pay their workers based in the number of pieces that they had producted. They expected that the protuctivity and the morale of the workers would increase whith this new system. An the initially results were quite satisfactory. But the listening part challenges the system described in the reading passage talking about how the company were not satisfy with the results. What happaned is that the number of pieces produced increased but the quality of the frame decreased,30 % of the pieces were having to be repaired. And the morale of the workers didn't increased to. So the plan of the company failled, and the production didn't improved.

Sometimes we can't see clearly how an event is gonna end. Maybe a situation that seems to be a bad thing can result in a very good oportunity. Some people says that there are bad things that come for good, and I agree whith this sentence. Some times we feel sad because we didn't achivied a goal but this "closed door" can be helpfull for you to reach a better result. For example, I tried to do an intership in a company in the last summer, but unfortunally I didn't take the post. It happens that when this result came out, I received an invitation to go a broad to do an intership in other country in the same area. So, if I had passed in the first selection I would not have the opportunity to go to another country to meet a different culture and language. Other thing that happend to me it's that I was trying to rent an apartament, but when I found one that I really liked they have already made a deal whith another person. But, after that, I found another place that was much better an much cheaper. So a first bad situation turned to a good one. Sometimes thigs don't happen the way we would like to, but we have to be patient and wait for new ongoings. One first bad result can become a future full of great oportunities.It just a question of time.

In this set of material, the reading part discusses about how the history is a selection of events based on the interpretation of the historian, and the listening passage adds to that by giving an exemple of two books about the same person that had complete different ideas. The reading passage talks about what is history. The text expresses that history is not an account of everything that happened in the past, but it's a selection of eventes interpretated by a person. So, history is based in selection. The historian choose what he thinks it's most important to be registred. The listening passage supports the idea of the reading passage giving an example of two biographies about the same man that had completely differents points of view, being both completely true. The first one emphasizes the man's imperfections like his

The second one emphasizes the man's glorious caracteristics talking about that he was a bright student in elementary school and college and that he was president of the claas in all the years of high scool. but just a superficial one. Telecommuting is a new kind of work that has been growing in the last few years. Every professor has his own way to evaluate a student performance. getting stressed in traffic by car or bus. I don`t think a could stay all day at home. like he failled in the football time in high school. the exam grades and the participation grades. You can meet a lot of people. Some preferer to give grades based only on exams and other prefer to give notes based on the students participation in the class. Some few days later he will have already forgotten all the things that he studied. for me that would be stressfull and boring. So I think that the best form of avaluation is a mix of the two forms dercribed above. it`s about discussion.The person will really consolidate his learning criticizing everything that he listened and readed in the classes. The classe are not made just to pass along a knowledge that is already done.dissiplin problems in elementary school. working hard and alone. You can make your own schadule. history is just a question of create a version of a event of the past. you can do a lot of friends. But working in a office have your advantages too. The are a lot of advantages of work at home. and you can go out of your house and have very interisting experiences along the day. This activity has its good and bad points and have to be implemented based on the kind of job and company. It`s necessary to give notes based in the presence of the student in the class too. This is not a solid knowloged. Exams are a good way to see if the students really learned about the subject and if they studied for the test. The participation is a very important point to considerer. It can measeure how much knowledge the person got from the classes and how much he comitted whith his studies. about create a commun scence of discovery. But use just this kind of evaluation is not enough. The student has to be present in the classes to debate and create his own opinion about the themes and in the same time he has to show that he absorbed the knowleged transmited by the professor. When you work like that you don`t need to get out of your house and spend a a lot of time in the way to work. Life is made of movement and I can`t stand still. deciding what is the best time for you to work. It`s important to measure the two things. like telecommuting. Different people can create different versions of the same fact. because you will lost your contact with other people and you will lost some very good friendships. You can also spend more time with your family. I think that I would prefer to work in a office. once that you will be at home whenever you want. . Since I`m a person who loves talk to other people and make friendships. But being at home all the time can be a desadvantage too. So.and how he had mediocres notes in the same period. even whith all the desadvantages. it's just a metter of points of view. Maybe the student just got information for the test in the day before it. Working in a office can seem very stressfull and boring because you have to spent a lot of time to get there and you have to stay all day in a small room whith air conditioner.

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