Emergency AIT

1. Do a basic tune up . First, drink some water then: Do each of these for about half a minute to one minute. a. Crooks Hook-up; left foot over right and left hand on right thigh and right hand on left thigh, tongue tip on the roof of the mouth behind upper teeth. b. UN Medulla hold; press two finger in the hollow under the nose press in and slightly upwards and loosely hold other hand at the back of the head cupping the base of the skull. c. Rub the Sore Spots above the breasts and a couple of inches down from the collar bone. d. Tap with two or three fingers the Karate Chop points on the inside of the hand and closer to the wrist than the base of the little finger If you feel very spun out, confused or disorientated then you may also need to tap lightly for a few seconds on: the navel; the depression at the neck on the left side when you turn you head to the right; the crown of the head. These simple steps alone can regulate and re-align your energy system and make you feel more present and grounded and in control. Now you are ready to start clearing the sensations, memory, emotion or aspect that is distressing you at the moment then: 1. Go back to the memory or feel the emotions or sensations now and rate on a scale 0 no emotion or sensation to 10 as bad or intense as it could be. 2. Find a short phrase that summarises the facts of the memory or sensation. 3. Choose an energy centre on the body where you intuitively feel that this memory or sensation is located. 4. Hold one hand on this centre and move the other down from the crown holding each energy centre for one to two breaths repeating the phrase at each centre . 5. The sequence is crown, forehead, chin, base of throat, heart, left heart (above breast) right heart, solar plexus, belly (over navel), pelvis (just above pubic bone) left crease (where leg meets abdomen), right crease, base centre (sit on hand). 6. Check on the intensity now; If it has gone down only 2 or less rub sore spots more or see if there is another aspect that needs treating first. If more than 2 but not down to zero do another round. If down to 2 then see if there is a new aspect . If down to 1 then put one hand on the stationary centre and one on another centre that you think is strongly involved and repeat the phrase. 7. When you have reached zero then celebrate!

This is a version of A dvanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) from Dr. Asha Clinton whom I have been training with since 2007 . See www.aitherapy.com . Martin Jelfs www.quickpsychotherapy.com . 07973 504121

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