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"It seemed there was but one way of escaping Her and that was to flee their homes

and leave the physical world

behind forever. We came here, into the realm between worlds that we created to traverse the galaxy safe from
harm. Here, the Great Enemy's grip is weakened, yet to our Lord's horror it was not wholly broken. He had
bought his people time, a little instant of time but nothing more. Others followed him, each choosing a place for
themselves, building new shrines and around them great palaces. Here, where you sit now, is one of the cham-
bers of the original Temple of the Black Heart. You are very privileged, you know. Not many survive to get this
far. Most of them break before they even reach the second level."
Asdrubael Vect, Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart

Commorragh is the city-state belonging to the Dark

Eldar race. It is said to be impossible for outsiders to For more on Dark Eldar see Purge the Unclean
find, and anarchy and terrorism are a well-established
way of life for its debased inhabitants. It is widely be- THE LOST
lieved to be hidden deep within an inter-dimensional
labyrinth known as the Webway, described by the Eldar The Dark Eldar are utterly, irrevocably evil and corrupt in
as a "dark stain" growing within their holy pathways. It is every sense. Not only do they enjoy the infliction of pain
a city known to have "wandering shadows that tear and suffering more than anything else, they also take
apart the unwary" and is bathed in a crimson half-light.
gratification from the callous manipulation of the weaker
beings they prey upon. When these twisted creatures
emerge into the galaxy from their twilight realm of Com-
moragh, it is as piratical raiders, striking swiftly and with-
out warning from their arrow-quick craft. A Dark Eldar raid
is a horrific sight, merciless aliens slaughtering the major-
ity of those they encounter and carrying the enslaved survi-
vors back to their nightmarish domain.

The Dark Eldar delight in toying with their enemies, the

full measure of their alien intellect is given to the pleas-
ure of playing upon their prey's fears. Their warrior sects
strike swiftly and without warning, screaming into the
enemy lines on baroque skiffs before leaping into their
ranks so they may experience the joy of slaughter first-
hand. Sprays of arterial blood and spasming corpses
mark their passage, the deranged and cruel laughter of
these murderous aliens ringing in their dying victims'
ears as they search for new playthings.

To these depraved individuals, the sweet fruit of terror is as

pleasing as the caress of a razor-sharp blade across soft
flesh. They delight in breaking the bodies and souls of their
captives, their tortures an art refined over long millennia.
They revel in every nuance of anguish and woe until their
captives are gibbering wrecks pleading for an end to their
miserable existence - a mercy the Dark Eldar will never

In this Apocryphal Text we study the basic members of a

Dark Eldar raiding party, from the agile and cruel warriors
that fill the ranks of the blood frenzied hordes to the wy-
ches and leaders who champion the cause of pain, suffer-
ing and slavery to the beasts that are created and enslaved
by these twisted cousins of the noble Eldar. This text also
lists a armoury of these foul pirates and raiders, including
their common vehicles, weapons, drugs and exotic items.
warrior while moving. Splinter cannons are a general
weapon against armies that rely on numbers rather
than armor.

Dark Lance - This is the Dark Eldar equivalent to the

lascannon, as it is designed to destroy armoured units.
It employs the use of 'Dark Matter' to cause armoured
units to violently explode regardless of the armour or
totally vaporising a single unit. The main cannon in a
Dark Eldar army against enemy vehicles.

Dark Eldar weaponry is made from light weight materi- Disintegrator - Similar to the dark lance, but designed
als that are unknown to the Imperium. Dark Eldar have to destroy infantry units. This weapon can be fired in
a very small choice of long range weaponry, but can be two different ways - one large blast of 'dark matter'
extremely deadly if designated at the correct foes. that explodes like a plasma cannon, or several smaller
blasts which can decimate well-armoured enemy
Combat Blades– Can be added to Splinter Pistols and troops. Both shots carry a fantastic AP value but don't
Splinter Rifles and cause these weapons to be treated damage the vehicle like lesser plasma weapons would.
as Mono-Spears in melee combat.
Destructor– A specialised Dark Eldar weapon that fires
Poisoned Blades - A pair of blades with vicious poisons a high pressured stream of acid, poisons and toxins
that will quickly kill any being that is cut by it. that can eat through armour.

Agoniser - A weapon that directly affects the enemies Note that because the Dark Eldar revel in the torture
nervous system, causing an incredible amount of pain. of other people, most of their weapons don't actually
A character armed with this weapon can hurt any crea- kill the opponent. Instead, they cause him/her such
ture. immense amounts of pain that they are incapacitated
while still alive. This allows the Dark Eldar to "flavour"
Punisher - Similar in shape to a halberd but designed their soul. After battle the opponents will be killed and
to be able to slash through anything from a grunt to a their souls consumed- the unlucky ones go back to
tank. Punishers are typically wielded by incubi. Commoragh as slaves.

Terrorfex Grenade - These special grenades contain a

nerve gas which the Dark Eldar have dubbed
"Terrorfex" this gas induces hallucinatory visions of
pain and suffering, these disturbing images are devas-
tating to the morale of the Dark Eldar's enemies, effec-
tively blinding the enemy. These grenades could be
compared to photon flash grenades and require a WP
test at –20 or suffer from Table 8-4 page 233 Dark Her-
esy Core rules.

Splinter Rifle - The standard weaponry of a Dark Eldar

warrior. The ammunition crystal is broken down and
propelled through the barrel at high speed, these
splinters are often mixed with toxins or other harmful
chemicals to cause immense pain to the enemy.

Splinter Pistol - A smaller version of the splinter rifle

with blades attached for use as a close combat
weapon as well as a gun.

Splinter Cannon - A highly efficient weapon for killing,

as the weapon not only has an automatic firing mecha-
nism but it also has no recoil. It can be fired by the
Dark Eldar Ranged Weapons
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt Cost Avail
Splinter Pistol Dark Eldar 30m S/3/6 D10R 3 120 2 Full Tearing* 1kg NA Rare
Splinter Rifle Dark Eldar 100m S/3/10 D10+1R 3 200 2 Full Tearing* 2.5kg NA Rare
Splinter Cannon Dark Eldar 100m S/8/10 D10+4R 5 200 2 Full Tearing* 15kg NA Rare
Disintegrator Dark Eldar 100m ---------See Below------- 50 Full ----See Below---- 45kg NA V. Rare
Dark Lance Dark Eldar 250m S/-/- 4D10+4R 8 30 3 Full None 50kg NA V. Rare
Shredder Dark Eldar 30m S/2/4 D10+6R 1 20 Half Reliable 2kg NA Rare
Destructor Dark Eldar 10m S/-/- D10+4E D10 1 3 Full Flame, Toxic 3kg NA V. Rare
Disintegrator: The Disintegrator can be fired in two forms, sustained and maximized. When fired on sustained the weapon’s damage is D10+4, has a Pen of 6, a RoF of S/3/3 and
the Scatter special trait. When fired on maximized it inflicts 2D10+7 damage with a Pen value of 9.
* Tearing Quality is only when weapon is fired on semi or full auto.
Dark Eldar Melee Weapons
Name Class Dam Pen Special Wt Cost Avail
Agoniser Dark Eldar 1D5+1R 5 Tearing 3kg NA V. Rare
Combat Dagger Dark Eldar 1D5+1R 1 None 1kg NA Scarce
Punisher Dark Eldar 1D10+2 R 3 Power Field, Tearing 10kg NA V. Rare
Wych Weapons Dark Eldar 1D5R - --See Below-- 2kg NA Rare
Wych Weapons: Wych Weapons function like any normal melee weapon unless wielded by a character with the Melee Weapons (Wych Weapons) talent. When wielded by a per-
son properly trained in their use (mainly Wyches), Wych Weapons have the following Special Qualities: Accurate (when thrown), Balanced, Defensive, Flexible, Snare and Tear-
ing. If not wielding two Wych Weapons, the user can not use the Defensive or Flexible traits in the same round, though they may choose which ability they have from round to
Dark Eldar Armour
Armour Type Locations Covered AP Wt Cost Availability
Warrior Arms, Body, Legs 3 9kg NA Rare
Wych Armour Body 2 4kg NA Very Rare
Incubi Battle Arms, Body, Legs 6 15KG NA Very Rare
Raider Helm Head 3 6kg NA Rare
Body Spikes Body 1 3kg NA Scarce
Xeno Mesh Arms, Body, Legs 4 3kg NA Very Rare
COMBAT DRUGS: One of the most dangerous as-
pects of facing Dark Eldar attackers is their tendency
to be hopped up on some form of combat drug of
one nature or another. These tend to give them en-
hanced reactions and strength as well as ferocity.
Treat any Dark Eldar on combat drugs as having the
Frenzy and Fearless Talents as well as having +5 WS.
In addition they may choose to have +5 S, T, and Ag
but suffer 1 Wound of damage for each one of these
additional bonuses taken.

Regardless, all Dark Eldar on combat drugs must take

a Toughness Test (at +10) or suffer –10 to Int, Fel ,
Per and WP while using the drugs. In addition if this
test comes up as doubles (11, 22, 55, 99) the user
suffers wound damage equal to the number that is
doubled (so a roll of 33 results in 3 wounds damage).

Combat drugs are usually used by Wyches and Ar-

chons, but may be present at any level among the
Dark Eldar warriors.

Any Dark Eldar with the Chem-Use skill can use this
skill and any associated modifiers for Talents in place
of their Toughness to resist the negative side effects
of Combat Drugs.

SHADOWSKIN: It is unsure if Shadowskin is a piece of

clothing known only to the Dark Eldar of if it is a mu-
tation found in some of its members who have been
overly exposed to the Webway. Regardless, any Dark
Eldar deemed by the GM to have Shadowskin is
known as a Mandrake and has his abilities modified
as follows: Ag +10, Silent Move +20, Acrobatics +20,
Climb +20. The Shadowskin also provides an AP of 1
and increases the wearer’s chance of surprising his
foes by 20 (i.e., netting a –20 on perception tests to
locate the Mandrake).

WYCH WEAPONS: Wych Weapons are special weap-

ons wielded by Dark Eldar Wyches. They are usually
small and wickedly designed, often built as paired
weapons. In the hands of a Wych (or anyone with
Melee Weapon Training (Wych Weapons) Talent)
they are especially dangerous and deadly weapons,
useful for defensive and offensive fighting.

POISON: Dark Eldar often coat their melee weapons

in poison. Any melee weapon can be considered to
have the Toxic weapon trait if the GM desires.
Dark Eldar Warriors Archon/Dracon

Dark Eldar Warriors are the most often encountered The Archons and Dracons of Commorragh lead the
type of raider. They perform the hard work of the Kabals of the Dark Eldar into battle. The Archons are
raiding parties, piloting the vessels, fighting on the fierce warriors who lead their Kabals ruthlessly,
front lines and risking their lives in direct confronta- claiming any and all spoils of battle.
tion with their victims. While they can be as sneaky
and crafty as the other Eldar, their training is usually "Dark Eldar thrive on domination and power, and
geared toward front line fire fights and direct as- those who are vicious and ruthless enough will
saults. Their actions are usually covers for infiltration quickly rise to positions of authority. The Dark Eldar
and other subterfuge from the remainder of a raid- Lords lead their servants into battle in the search for
ing party. slaves and souls, leaving worlds in ruin with a verita-
ble mountain of dead heaped in their wake."

There will generally only be one Archon or Dracon

per kabal and each kabal will encompass the entire
group of warriors, wyches and other Dark Eldar in
the raiding party. It is not uncommon for kabals to
have a special talent, skill or trait common to all of
Movement: 4/8/12/24 them. If the GM so desires, he may assign a bonus
Wounds: 10 skill, talent or trait as he sees fit.
Skills: Acrobatics (Ag) +10, Climb (S) +10, Deceive
(Fel), Dodge (Ag), Intimidate (S), Navigation (Int), The characteristics below are for a Dracon. An Ar-
Pilot (Raider or Ravager or Reaver or Scourge) (Ag), chon would have similar stats, but will usually have a
Silent Move (Ag), Survival (Int). bonus of +D5 to WS, BS, Ag and Per and 1 additional
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Dark Eldar), Blind wound. In addition, a Archon is considered to have
Fighting, Catfall, Decadence, Disarm, Hard Target, equipment of the best craftsmanship.
Jaded, Leap Up, Melee Weapons Training (Dark
Traits: Unnatural Agility (X2).
Equipment: Warrior Armour, Splinter Rifle, Combat
Dagger. Some Dark Eldar warriors may have Shad-
owskin if so replace Splinter Rifle with Splinter Pistol.
Some warriors may ride Reaver jet bikes or use
Scourge winged jet packs. Movement: 5/10/15/30
Wounds: 14
Skills: Acrobatics (Ag) +20, Climb (S) +10, Command
(Fel), Common Lore (Dark Eldar) (Int), Dodge (Ag)
+10, Interrogation (WP) +10, Intimidate (S) +10,
Navigation (Int), Pilot (Raider or Ravager or Reaver
or Scourge) (Ag) +10, Silent Move (Ag) +10, Survival
(Int) +10, Tracking, Trade (Slaves) +20.
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Dark Eldar), Blade-
master, Blind Fighting, Catfall, Dark Soul, Decadence,
Disarm, Hard Target, Jaded, Leap Up, Lightning At-
tack, Lightning Reflexes, Melee Weapons Training
(Dark Eldar), Pistol Training (Dark Eldar), Sound Con-
stitution (x3), Wall of Steel.
Traits: Unnatural Agility (X2).
Equipment: Warrior Armour, Splinter Pistol, Combat
Dagger, Agoniser or Punisher, Terrorfex Grenades,
Combat Drugs.
Grotesques Wyches
Wyches (singular
Grotesques are Wych) are gladiato-
twisted and de- rial warriors of the
formed Dark Dark Eldar. They
Eldar, due either fight in arenas in
to their own duels with one an-
need to inflict other, aliens and
pain or the at- warp beasts, few
tentions of a survive their first
Haemonculus (a duel but those who
Dark Eldar spe- live learn quickly.
cialising in the Ruled over by their
horrors of tor- succubi, the wyches
ture, insanity are highly proficient
and blasphe- at close-quarters
mous surgery) combat, practicing
although the their skills for their
now twisted entire lives. Wyches
forms of other races (usually humans or Eldar) have use a cocktail of combat-enhancing drugs to improve
been found amongst their ranks, having been experi- their performance on the battlefield. Due to their
mented on by the Haemonculi. They are immune to very weak armour the Wyches generally use Dark
pain and fearless in battle. Due to this immunity Eldar warriors to screen their approach to have a
these creatures are used by Dark Eldar raiders as chance of survival and remain effective in close com-
living shields, drawing heavy weapon fire away from bat. If wyches get into close combat, however, they
other less resilient members of a raiding party. Gro- become a very dangerous foe, having weapons and
tesques are particularly effective in "Take and Hold" talents that give them a remarkable range of options
since they are able to absorb a significant amount of and manoeuvres.
damage while retreating with the objective.

Movement: 4/8/12/24
Movement: 2/4/8/16 Wounds: 11
Wounds: 16 Skills: Acrobatics (Ag) +20, Chem-Use (Int) +10,
Skills: Climb (S) +10, Intimidate (S) +20, Climb (S) +10, Dodge (+10), Intimidate (S), Silent
Talents: Berserk Charge, Combat Master, Hardy, Iron Move, Survival.
Jaw, Resistance (Pain, Fatigue), Sound Constitution Talents: Ambidextrous, Basic Weapon Training (Dark
(x4), Street Fighting, True Grit. Eldar), Battle Rage, Berserk Charge, Catfall, Combat
Traits: Dark Sight, Fear 1, Regeneration 3, Unnatural Master, Decadence, Disarm, Frenzy, Hard Target,
Toughness (X2). Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Melee Weapons Train-
Equipment: Usually none, they are too mindless to ing (Dark Eldar, Primitive, Wych Weapons), Pistol
actually use weapons and the other Dark Eldar do Training (Dark Eldar), Rapid Reaction, Swift Attack,
not trust them enough to give them weapons or ar- Two Weapon Wielder.
mour. Traits: Unnatural Agility (X2).
Equipment: Wych Weapons (2 or more), Splinter
Pistol, Wych Armour, Combat Drugs. At the GMs dis-
cretion, any weapon wielded by a Wych may be
coated in poison and thus have the Toxic weapon

A Warp Beast is a creature harnessed by Wych cults The following are two variations to the common Dark
and is a living embodiment of the fear and terror Eldar, in all other respects they have the same basic stats
that slaves experience. They are extremely predato- as normal Eldar Warriors unless otherwise noted.
rial in nature and will attack whatever they see. They
are always led by a Wych beastmaster to ensure that Incubi
they attack the intended target. Dark Eldar Incubi are a neutral faction of Dark Eldar that
Without its beastmaster a Warp Beast will have the are hired to become a Lord's heavily-armoured body-
stats as below. With its beastmaster in tow however, guards, and the only warrior in a Dark Eldar force to use
it will have a +10 modifier to all skills, Will Power and heavy armour. They are often needed to protect their
Fellowship, provided the beastmaster passes his master from his own power-hungry followers as much as
Wrangle skill test on the same round. A beastmaster from his enemies. They are equipped with great power-
is the same as any normal Dark Eldar warrior but weapons in the form of halberds that are able to cut
also has the Sprint talent and the Wrangle (Warp through armour with ease. Their helmets have neurally-
Beast skill) (Int) +20. linked splinter pistols mounted on them that can be fired
using mental commands. The first Incubus is rumoured
to be the dark Phoenix Lord, Arhra, who originally
founded the Craftworld warrior Aspect the Striking Scor-
pions before rebelling against the other Phoenix Lords
and disappearing into the Webway. Striking Scorpions
are indeed known to have a particular hatred for Incubi,
who they term 'Fallen Warriors'.
Movement: 4/8/12/24
Wounds: 10 The Incubi are some of the most effective melee com-
Skills: Awareness (Per), Silent Move (Ag), Tracking batants of the Dark Eldar.
(Int) +10.
Talents: Berserk Charge, Heightened Senses
(Hearing, Smell), Sprint, Takedown. Incubi have the Unshakeable Faith talent, wear Incubi
Traits: Bestial, Dark Sight, Natural Weapons (Bite) armour, and use Punishers and splinter pistols. That are
(1D10+6R), Quadruped. mounted in their helmets and use their WP for attack
Equipment: None. rolls instead of BS.
Notes: The stats above are for Warp Beasts that
have been bound by the Dark Eldar, for unbound Mandrakes
Warp Beasts see Purge the Unclean.
A Mandrake is a type of Dark Eldar whose physique has
adapted to make him camouflaged almost anywhere.
Advanced infiltrators, Dark Eldar Mandrakes strike from
the shadows, surprising and rending their enemies apart.
They have Shadowskin, which is possibly from warp ex-
posure that makes them incredibly hard to see when
combined with their stealth. Mandrakes are often canni-
balistic and wild, living separate from other Dark Eldar.
This makes them among the most feared of all Dark

Some Dark Eldar warriors have Shadowskin like Man-

drakes, but true Mandrakes have +10 WS, BS and AG in
addition to the modifiers for Shadowskin.


For information on Dark Eldar Corsairs, see the Purge the

Unclean adventure anthology.
Hellion Special: None

A Dark Eldar Hellion is a "skyboard", a flying platform, from Reaver

which they assault the enemy forces before they have a A Reaver Jetbike is a form of hover-bike used by the Dark
chance to fire back. It can hold one rider and allows the rider Eldar for two main roles. The first role is tank hunting. These
to move fast and swiftly. speedy vehicles are perfect for hunting and destroying enemy
Type: Hover armour, especially when using the infamous Dark Eldar
Size: Scrawny Blaster. The second option is anti infantry and they excel at
Armour: Hull: 10 hunting down vulnerable slow moving targets.
Traits: Open Type: Hover
Narrative Speed: 40kph/100kph Size: Hulking
Combat Speeds: 15/50/100/150/200 Armour: Front: 14 Hull: 14 Rear: 14
Armaments: None Traits: Open
Handling: Pilot (Hellion) +10 Narrative Speed: 80kph/200kph
Crew: 1 Combat Speeds: 15/70/140/210/280
Passengers: 0 Armaments:
Access Points: Open Topped Handling: Pilot (Reaver) +10
Special: Charge (When a rider charges into melee combat on Crew: 1
the back of a Hellion they are considered to have the Berserk Passengers: 0
Charge talent). Access Points: Open Topped
Special: None
The Dark Eldar Raider is a light transport vehicle used by the
Dark Eldar. Dark Eldar Raiders transport up to ten Dark Eldar A Dark Eldar Scourge is a wing-like jump-pack. Unlike other
around a battlefield. They are exceedingly fast, yet lightly ar- species, which have assault-oriented jump-troops, Scourges
moured and are highly vulnerable. often carry heavy weapons into battle.
Type: Hover Type: Hover
Size: Enormous Size: Scrawny
Armour: Front: 14 Hull: 14 Rear: 14 Armour: Hull: 10
Traits: Open Traits: Open
Narrative Speed: 65kph/125kph Narrative Speed: 40kph/100kph
Combat Speeds: 15/45/90/135/180 Combat Speeds: 15/50/100/150/200
Armaments: Splinter Cannon Armaments: None
Handling: Pilot (Raider) +10 Handling: Pilot (Scourge)
Crew: 3 Crew: 1
Passengers: 10 Passengers: 0
Access Points: Open Topped Access Points: Open Topped
Special: None Special: None


The Dark Eldar Ravager is an anti-grav skimmer gunship. It

carries heavy armament, sporting three Dark Lances which are
often upgraded to Disintegrators. It, like the Dark Eldar Raider,
is lightly armoured.
Type: Hover
Size: Enormous
Armour: Front: 20 Hull: 20 Rear: 14
Traits: Open
Narrative Speed: 50kph/100kph
Combat Speeds: 10/35/70/105/140
Armaments: 3 Dark Lances
Handling: Pilot (Raider)
Crew: 3
Passengers: 10
Access Points: Open Topped