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saudara-saudari yang dikasihi dalam Kristus. Hari Natal sudah hampir tiba, dan tentunya kita akan menerima banyak berkat natal ini. Bukan hanya di natal ini kita akan menerima berkat, tetapi selama sepanjang tahun kita telah menerima banyak berkat dari Tuhan: berkat dikaruniakan seorang anak, berkat diberikan pekerjaan baru, pasangan hidup, dan sebagainya. Hal-hal ini tentu bagus adanya karena kita bisa menikmatinya dan mensyukuri kebaikan Tuhan. Setelah menerima berkat-berkat daripada Tuhan, kita juga harus ingat kalau kita tetap perlu besandar kepada Tuhan: bersandar kepada Tuhan dalam membesarkan anak kita, dalam pekerjaan kita, dan dalam membentuk keluarga yang baru dengan pasangan hidup kita. Kalau kita tidak bersandar kepada Tuhan dalam berkat-berkat yang kita terima, berkat kita akan menjadi beban kita; misalnya, sewaktu adanya kekacauan dalam keluarga kita, sebenarnya yang se-maksimum bisa kita lakukan adalah berdoa. Kalau kita bergantung pada kekuatan sendiri, kita tidak akan bisa memperbaiki keadaan keluarga kita bahkan kita hanya bisa membuatnya lebih kacau. Bertabah kacaunya keaadaan itu akan menjadi beban yang berat untuk kita. Kalau kita berdoa dan bersandar kepada kekuatan Tuhan, Tuhan sendiri yang akan mengubah istri, suami, anak ataupun orang tua kita. Hal berdoa pun dalam meminta haruslah dengan yang benar. Tuhan pasti mendengarkan doa orang benar karena orang benar tidak akan meminta yang salah, “… doa orang benar didengar-Nya”(Amsal 15:29). Jadi sebelum meminta sesuatu haruslah kita menintrospeksi diri kalau kita adalah orang yang benar dan layak meminta daripada-Nya. Berhati-hatilah karena kalau kita salah meminta dan doa kita tidak dijawab-jawab oleh Tuhan, kita sendiri yang akan merasakan lelah. Kelelahan seperti ini kadang bisa membuat kita sangsi (doubt) sama Tuhan didalam hati kita sehingga pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang tidak layak akan muncul. Kita akan menanyakan kenapa doa kita tidak dijawab-jawab kalau Tuhan benar-benar memperhatikan kita 24/7? Tidakah dia tahu apa saja kesusahankesusahan yang kita alami? Saudara-saudari yang dikasihi dalam Kristus. Kristus yaitu Tuhan sendiri telah datang sekitar 2000 tahun yang lalu. Dia sangat menyayangi saudara dan sauAGAPE — Christmas 2007


org Redaksi 2 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 .gii-usa. CA 91702 Telp: (626) 812-0326 http://lax.com Produksi GII Azusa 539 N.dari sehingga Dia telah merelakan diri untuk lahir kedalam dunia yang kelam ini untuk kita semua. Janganlah kita tertangkap lagi doubt sama Tuhan ketika Dia datang yang kedua kalinya. Sunset Ave. Have a Merry Christmas!!! CHRISTMAS 2007 AGAPE Penasehat Ev. Doubt adalah salah satu tanda adanya krisis diantara hubungan kita dengan Tuhan. hal yang pertama-tama harus kita lakukan adalah berdoa minta Tuhan tolong arahkan pikiran dan hati kita kejalan yang benar. Biarlah berkat-berkat yang akan kita terima natal ini ataupun yang sudah kita terima sepanjang tahun ini bisa kita nikmati dan syukuri tanpa berasa beban. Kristianto Hosea Ev. Wilson Suwanto Daniel Loe Editor Debbie Wang Janice Atmadja Jocelyn Tindage Linda Zheng Merisa Halim Pency Kinnard Ilustrator/Fotografer/Layout Alvin Sugianto Buddy Yusuf Eva Leony Irma Prasetyo Tjandra Afandi Vincent Yobeanto Kontributor Rev. Azusa. Wilson Suwanto Bina Kusnohadi David Wangsa Gamas Sugiarto Maria Pramudito Printing Semiwaty Oei E-mail Redaksi agape_gii@yahoo. Maka dari itu hal kedua yang perlu kita lakukan adalah membaca alkitab dan memperbaiki hubungan kita dengan Tuhan. Kalau kita merasa doubt sudah ada didepan pintu hati kita.

AGAPE — Christmas 2007 3 .

kritik.org t get ://www.To Be Patient and Kind During Holiday Shopping 31 Cerpen: Winter 39 Parenting: Baby 1st Christmas 50 Christmas Wishlist 52 Children's Corner 54 Menu: Ayam Bakar Limau & Pumpkin Cheesecake 56 Humor 4 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 e're /agape.C content ————————————————————————— focus: Anda punya usul.com atau memberikannya kepada redaksi. saran.g r t fo @ http ' Donvisit us ine! onl . atau apapun yang berhubungan dengan Agape atau GII Azusa? Silahkan mengirimnya ke agape_gii@yahoo. Overcoming DOUBT 05 Book Review: The Search for Significance 07 Poem: Lord 08 Article: Doubt 11 Article: Sex or Lust 16 Article: Fakta Tentang Saksi Jehovah 19 Role Model: Ruth 30 Tips: 5 Ways .php w hat ii-usa.

It also helps them overcome the daily struggles that come with living in this world of flesh. I highly recommend this book for both the non-believer and the believer who is in much need of revival. It is easy to understand and enlightening as well as comforting. McGee is a book explaining the meaning of our lives in the Christian point of view. UnAGAPE — Christmas 2007 5 . biblical self-concept contains both strength and humility. a deep sense of our need for God’s grace and a deep sense of the reality of God’s grace. McGee “An accurate. both sorrow over sin and joy about forgiveness.The Search for Significance Author: Robert S. we are His creation and He knows us best. For example.” (McGee. The death of Jesus Christ affirms our significance to God which gives meaning to our existence. McGee stresses that the meaning of life can only be found in Jesus Christ. Only God can replenish our empty spirits because after all. Overall a great read! This book not only re-directs the life and mind of the wandering non-believer or the weary Christian. the issue of loneliness was discussed as a social epidemic that plagues the world today. “The Search for Significance”) The Search for Significance by Robert S.

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses. God really has written everything we need in the Word of God which we have now as a compilation called the Bible. McGee leaves us with this verseAnd do not be conformed to this world. that you may prove what the will of God is. This book’s strongest point is that it really is biblicallybased. active and audible if only we open our hearts and minds to God. McGee discusses many other struggles that inhibit the Christian or the non-believer from coming to God and finding fulfillment in their lives. let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.” God’s answer to this is Justification and Reconciliation. McGee also discusses the human mechanisms that we employ in effort to overcome these struggles without God. We can not please both. Every step-by-step to overcoming our struggles are accompanied by verses which not only encourage but reaffirm God’s involvement in every area of our lives. I also found comfort that can only be explained to have come from Jesus Christ. – Romans 12:2 May this book bring you blessings and comfort only Jesus can give. 6 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . With a final note. I became convicted of God’s involvement in every aspect of our lives. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence. McGee replies that there is no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus. but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.4:14-16 Therefore since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens. just as we are. I highly recommend getting a copy of the text). even in our darkest hours. not only did I find guidance.yet was without sin. In reading McGee’s book.like other worldly books that offer methods to relieve that are only temporary. Verses from the Bible are given under every instruction to emphasize that the instruction was God-ordained.the myth that those who fail are unworthy of love and deserve to be punished. God bless.“Our fear of rejection will control us to the degree by which we base our self-worth on the opinions of others rather than on our relationship with God. Paul drew the line between seeking to please God and please others. He discusses fear of rejection that holds so many people captive. Both of these are Biblical doctrines which are then discussed in depth by McGee. His hand extends to us through the power of His words reiterated by McGeeHebrews. God’s answer to erasing our shame and our guilt lies in what McGee summarizes in one word as regeneration. To help us with the conforming of our mind to the Lord Jesus Christ. I also found comfort that can only be explained to have come from Jesus Christ. not only did I find guidance. In Galatians 1:10. We please one or the other. In reading McGee’s book. Jesus the Son of God. but we have one who has been tempted in every way. McGee asserts that only God can provide everlasting comfort. that which is good and acceptable and perfect. The book reminded me that God’s Word is a living word. One of them is our belief in the Blame Game. McGee provides in the book a study guide for those of us who are repetition learners. so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. who has done nothing wrong has been punished in our stance. Janice “In reading McGee’s book. (If you want to know more about it. Again for further details I encourage you to get a printed copy of the text. God’s answer to the blame game is the doctrine of propitiation: Jesus Himself.

don’t give me any love. I beg You One last thing Please. have mercy on me and grant me Your Agape Love for.LORD by Daniel loe Lord. yet. AGAPE — Christmas 2007 7 . Your Agape Love Ask nothing in return So that my heart won’t create any evil and tormented love. When it comes to me It’s turn to be wrong. forbidden and sinful. I still feel the warmth of Thy Love which is. give me peace in my mind. Lord. for. and beauty in my heart. I pray You one thing Please.

When people ask us questions about God that we can’t answer. (Genesis 3:1-6) Just as God. Perhaps the primary cause is Satan.Doubt by Cheryl Stotesbery Doubt is something all Christians experience. Jesus and the angels work in a spiritual realm to draw us heaven 8 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . we wonder why God isn’t there making it all better. When bad things happen to us. doubt rears its ugly head. How do we overcome doubt and believe in what we can’t see? It’s first important to understand what causes a Christian to doubt God.

because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea. “There is no way that can happen.” Unbelief says. Doubt says. (1 Corinthians 1:18) Some people will try to make you feel silly or even stupid for your faith. The delicate world that is our habitat and the amazing bodies that we live in testify to a Creator everyday. When confronted with a miracle. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete. the power of God. we withdraw the invitation that we gave to Satan by our agreement with him. not lacking anything. he should ask God. he has an invitation to work away at our mind. the seeds of doubt bloomed in Zacharias’ mind. it is important to remember why we chose Christ over the things of the world. What if He comes to you with a miracle someday and you lose out because your seeds of doubt bloom into unbelief? We must always guard against doubt. 5If any of you lacks wisdom. my brothers. but not quite the same is the state of unbelief. Once Satan has a foothold. James gives sound advice: 2Consider it pure joy. blown and tossed by the wind. This point is important because we never know what God has planned for us. Once we decide to seek the truth. whenever you face trials of many kinds. to go on agreeing and be pulled away from God or to seek help in pulling out the weeds of doubt. there was a reason why we chose to follow Christ. To combat this. Somewhere within Zacharias was a preconceived notion that there are limits to what God can do. Just like the disciples. For all of us who are Christians. we give the enemy a foothold in our minds. When others belittle us or avoid us because of our faith. the love of God. we must be diligent students of Christ. and it will be given to him.” Zacharias was an example of unbelief. Related to doubt. How can anyone make a wise choice if he is uniformed? How can anyone make a decision about something she knows nothing about? Before you can doubt. The angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him that his wife would conceive. When we doubt the existence of God. 6But when he asks. (James 1:2-8) Spiritual instability will cause the seeds of doubt to bloom. We’ve given him permission to do so by agreeing with him that there is cause for doubt. 7That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord. At this point. The world will try to tell you that the notion of a Creator is foolishness. (Luke 1:18-20) He refused to believe even with an angel standing in front of him! Unbelief is what doubt grows into. we have a choice. who gives generously to all without finding fault. even though she was beyond childbearing years. We don’t give up our feelings of doubt right away.ward. learning His teachings and learning His ways if we are to ever become stable in our faith. To do so. we regain control of our minds and can pursue those things that would reassure us in our faith. you must study and discuss the AGAPE — Christmas 2007 9 . All around us is testimony to the power of God. we must follow Christ. 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Satan and his demons work to drag us away. you must first examine all the evidence. 8he is a double-minded man. unstable in all he does. he must believe and not doubt. “I don’t think that can happen. or the Sacrifice of Christ. you must know the Word of God and the claims of Christ. One of their weapons is to plant the seeds of doubt. To know these things.

This is known as Pascal’s Wager and it addresses the issue of doubt nicely. though. When we reach out to God in prayer and take our doubts and concerns to Him. Gideon put God to a test asking Him to show a sign. To do otherwise is to allow someone else to decide for you. the believer is wrong. then you have the knowledge to decide about its validity. after death. heard of the risen Christ. Don’t withhold anything when you speak with the Lord.teachings. There is nothing new under the sun and God’s Word gives us instruction on everything. you only need to know where to look. If you don’t know. Thomas. He demands faith and putting Him to the test on everything is not evidence of faith. Seek the help of those that can guide you to answers. Acts 17:11-12 encourages us to search the Scripture for answers. When you know the Word of God. When the disciple. In Judges 6:36-40. he refused to believe until he touched the wounds of Christ himself. after death. the non-believer discovers he is wrong. Gideon threw out a fleece on the ground and asked God to surround it with the morning’s dew but let the fleece remain dry. You should be cautioned. The answer to any question is in the Word. not to test God frequently. he pays for his error for eternity. you are still safer to believe than to not believe. seeking clear interpretation from knowledgeable teachers. Only when we have done this can we fairly decide whether there is room for doubt. Edited By: David Wangsa 10 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . (John 20:25-31) When we ask Christ to let us see His wounds and prove His victory over death. He gives us answers and guides us to help. Prayer is the best way to get answers. that it was safer to wager on God’s existence. if. If all other attempts to overcome doubt fail. he has lost nothing. He answers our sincere questions. When Christians ask God for a sign now. a mature Christian can help you. it’s called throwing out a fleece. However. Don’t try and hide your doubt from Him. The Bible gives us instruction on how to deal with doubt. question Him and seek answers. If. He shows us in amazing ways. Gideon’s challenge was met and the fleece remained dry. He came to the conclusion that while God could not be proved or disproved conclusively. The brilliant mathematician Blaise Pascal (1632-1662) addressed the issue of doubt in a work of Christian apologetics.

who lived during the fourteenth century. we’re not free. till his brother died in battle. DUKE RAYNALD III There once lived a duke named Raynald III. they look free. Is lust a sin? Is sex a sin? Is sex equal to lust? Let us see the biblical verse that AGAPE — Christmas 2007 11 . After a violent quarrel. Edward captured Raynald but did not kill him. That’s right not only men. In fact. Many men and women today are prisoners to their appetite for lust. he instead Sex or Lust grew fatter. women are not immune to the snare of lust. To regain his freedom. The room had a near-normal size door and it was not locked or barred. We’ve slaves to our sin. Like Raynald. Instead of trying to lose weight so he can leave the room. But Edward knew his older brother. maybe even happy.1. Raynald’s younger brother Edward led a successful revolt against him. and each day he sent him a variety of delicious foods. a prisoner of his own appetite. IS SEX SAME AS LUST? Before we moved any further let us first get the biblical understanding of lust. 2. The problem was Raynald’s size. Raynald III had lived a life of indulgence and was extremely overweight. They’re doing what they want and what feels good. he needed to lose weight. But the sad truth is when we indulge in a life of sin and do whatever feels good. He stayed in the room for ten years. But by then his health was so ruined that he died within a year. he was commonly called “Crassus” which means “fat”. Instead he built a room around him in the Nieuwkerk Castle and promised him he could regain his freedom as soon as he was able to leave the room.

is often used when a pastor marry a couple. here are few examples of what lust is not: • It’s not lust to be attracted to someone or notice that he or she is good-looking. “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife. Based on these verses we can conclude that God is pro-sex! Moreover. a pastor of a church outside Washington D. Lust goes beyond attraction. What is lust then? Is it sex be12 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 fore marriage? Is it extra marital relationship? I think these two examples are pretty obvious. “Be fruitful and … multiply”. • It’s not lust to anticipate and be excited about having sex within marriage. • It’s not lust to experience sexual temptation. I think according to this definition all of the above examples can easily be included into the lust category. God gave us sex drive. in Genesis 9:7 God commanded mankind as follows. or even a healthy desire for sex – it makes these desires more important than God. In addition. How about masturbation? Joshua Harris.C. God will probably allow us to lust occasion- . but it can easily become lust if it’s entertained and dwelled on. “To lust is to want what you don’t have and weren’t meant to have. Lust wants to go outside God’s guidelines to find satisfaction”. Based on these. 3. have a simple definition for lust: “Craving sexually what God has forbidden”. and they will become one flesh”. How about Internet pornography or sexually involved & active with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe these examples are also still pretty clear.. Song of Songs is an entire book in the Bible dedicated to celebrating pure sex in marriage. NOT EVEN A HINT What does the bible say about lust? What is God’s standard when it comes to lust? How high is God standard regarding our purity? Is it ok to lust just once in a while? After all it is part of our biology to have strong sex drive. he invented sex. A sexual thought that come out into your mind isn’t necessarily lust. Genesis 2: 24. an appreciation of beauty. Let me further quote his statement. The important thing is how do we respond to the urges or desires mention above.

You won’t be able to view enough pornography. Lust is bad & can never be satisfied and God’s standard is “Not even a hint”. You can gorge yourself on lust. Is God reasonable to have this demand? Does He know what He was asking? God knows that lust never stays at the level of “just a hint”. Paul describes this endless cycle of lust: “Having lost all sensitivity. they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity. Now the next question is do you want to be freed from it? 4. You’ll be trapped in a never ending pursuit of wrong desires --.” I want to quote Joshua Harris’ statement about this particular fact: “Even when you indulge in every kind of impurity. Once you lust upon something or someone and you fulfill that lust. Does this sound familiar? AGAPE — Christmas 2007 13 .” Hopefully by now you are convinced that Sex within marriage is good. In Ephesians 4:19. the next time you do it you won’t feel the same kind of excitement anymore. with a continual lust for more. several days pass by. Unfortunately. or of greed.” That’s right God demand us not to even have a hint of lust. You won’t be able to sleep with enough people. DO YOU WANT TO BE FREED FROM LUST? Most of us Christians after committing sexual sin would feel down.ally as long as no body got hurt. You won’t be able to fantasize enough to quench lust. And then this cycle continues to be the history of many Christians. ask forgiveness and promised not to do it again. we forgot our promised and we fall into sexual sin again.always reaching for something that cannot be grasped. Usually after that we would pray to God. but you’re always going to be hungry. right? Well let see what the bible has to say about this in Ephesians 5:3: “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality or of any kind of impurity. You or the lust will always want more to satisfy its desire or excitement. you’re still filled with a continual lust. unclean and guilty.

He makes excuse after excuse to the angel. is transformed into a breathtaking stallion. Do you feel this is an overwhelmingly high standard? This quickly brings our might and strength into an end. and throws it to the ground. Lust can offer fun or excitement for a season. but at the same time feel you cannot live without it? Are you tired of living in this vicious 14 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 cycle of falling into the same lust sin over and over again? God has in stores far greater thing that what lust can offer. you will fill me with joy in your presence. a crime that should be punished. family life. but its consequences that follow are devastating. Are you ready to replace a life of guilt of shame with a life of peace and eternal pleasure? 5. the ghostly man is gloriously remade into a real and solid being.In one of C.S. God’s standard for sexual immorality or impurity is “Not even a hint”. Psalm 16:11 says: “You have made known to me the path of life. It would wipe out everything I own. Once the spell of lust is broken. It is a devastating fire that destroys to hell. Lust can affect your spiritual life.” God however offers us peace. hope and eternal pleasures. Do you feel like you are torn between wanting to let go of lust desires. Don’t feel bad if you are thinking this way. an angle offers to kill it for him. the man mounts the horse and they soar into the heavens. the man agrees to let the angel seize and kill the lizard. Lewis book. And the lizard. breaks its neck. trying to keep the lizard he says he does not want. Finally. financial life. Even worse lust can affect negatively people around you. We need God’s . He fears that the death of the lust will kill him. rather than dying. Lust is incarnated in the form of a red lizard that sits on his shoulder and whispers seductively in his ear. When the man despairs about the lizard. with eternal pleasures at your right hand”. The angel grasps the reptile. Weeping tears of joy and gratitude. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Just as we have discussed earlier. But the fellow is torn between loving his lust and to be freed from it. Job 31:11-12 (NLT Version) said: “For lust is a shameful sin. he told us of a story of a ghost of a man afflicted by lust.

strength and power and grace to achieve this standard. This is clearly something only God can bring about in our life. You will find His strength in your weakness. If you are living victorious life in this area remember that it is not because of your strength or might but it is because of God’s grace.

him about his own areas of temptation.

A lot of Christians know that lust is a constant temptation in their life and say they want to change. However unlike Andrew, they have never taken the time to think through how the process temptation unfolds for them. Many ChrisLet us now see some practical ways tians know that they are constantly being tempted when they on how to fight sexual immoralisee certain cable channel after ties: midnight, but they never consider of cutting their cable subscription. 5a. Where Am I Weakest and Many Christians know that when What Can I do? they are together with their girlOne night two guys went to rent friend or boyfriend in the evening a video. At the door to the video without anyone else are constantly store one of the guys, Andrew, tempted to get physical in their stopped and said, “I’ll wait out intimacy, but they never consider here.” The other guy, Joshua, or not willing to avoid that kind of asked why he did not want to go situation. Many Christians know in. “I don’t want to go in“, Andrew replied. He explained that God had when they watch MTV channel, convicted him about looking at the they are constantly being fed explicit covers of many videos. His with celebrities gossips, sex-filled life style and divorced-glorifying way of fighting back was not even story, but they refuse to move to enter. Joshua knew Andrew their finger to switch to CNN or felt a little silly standing outside the video store waiting for Joshua Fox News channel. Many Christian Men know when they see lingerie to bring different videos to the ads in the newspaper their mind window to have him help make a selection. But that did not matter starts undressing those women in the ads, but they refuse to throw to Andrew. He was seeking to be obedient to what God was showing away those ads section. Instead continued to page 26
AGAPE — Christmas 2007


Pendiri: Charles T. Russell (1852-1916) Percetakan: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (berdiri sejak 1896) Alkitab: New World Translation
AGAPE — Christmas 2007

Ajaran Saksi Jehovah: 1. Menolak adanya Allah Tritunggal 2. Menolak Yesus sebagai Tuhan 3. Menolak adanya Roh Kudus 4. Menolak keselamatan oleh anugerah 5. Menolak kebangkitan Yesus 6. Menolak adanya Neraka 7. Yang bisa diselamatkan hanya 144.000 orang

organisasi itu.4 Fakta: Keselamatan terjadi ketika seseorang percaya pada Yesus Kristus sebagai Tuhan dan Juruselamat (Rom. 10:9). Ini adalah hubungan antara setiap orang dengan Tuhan Yesus, bukan dengan organisasi atau gereja. 5. Menolak kebangkitan Yesus. Mereka percaya bahwa hanya roh Yesus yang bangkit, bukan tubuhNya Waktu Yesus menampakkan diri kepada murid-muridNya, Ia hanya menggunakan tubuh bayangan!5 Fakta: Murid Yesus bernama Tomas pernah meragukan fakta kebangkitan. Ia berkata kalau ia belum menyentuh bekas luka paku di tangan Yesus dan di tulang rusukNya, ia tidak akan percaya. Yesus mengundang dia untuk menyentuh bekas lukaNya (Yoh. 20:27). Yesus tidak pernah menggunakan tubuh bayangan. Kalau Ia menggunakan tubuh bayangan, tentu Ia tidak akan mengundang Tomas untuk menyentuh! Selain itu, setelah Yesus bangkit, Ia makan bersama dengan murid-muridNya (Yoh. 21:12-15). Kalau tubuh Yesus hanya bayangan, bagaimana Ia bisa makan? Tentu ini membuktikan bahwa tubuh kebangkitan Yesus adalah tubuh jasmani, bukan bayangan. 6. Menolak adanya Neraka Bagi mereka, istilah “Neraka” hanya berarti: kuburan.6 Fakta: Dalam Luk. 12:5 Yesus berkata bahwa Tuhan sanggup melemparkan jiwa ke dalam neraka. Neraka diciptakan Tuhan untuk menghukum Iblis dan malaikat-malaikatnya (Mat. 25:41). Namun orang-orang yang menolak Kristus juga mendapat hukuman kekal di tempat yang sama, yaitu: neraka. 7. Yang bisa diselamatkan hanya 144.000 orang Hanya sekelompok 144.000 orang yang bisa ke sorga dan memerintah bersama Kristus. Hanya sekelompok orang itu yang benar-benar mengalami lahir-baru.7 Fakta: Mereka melakukan salah-tafsir terhadap Wahyu 14:1-3. Wahyu 7:4 menegaskan bahwa jumlah 144.000 datang dari 12 suku Israel yang masingmasing berjumlah 12.000 orang. Tentu saja, maksud Alkitab bukanlah hanya orang-orang suku Israel yang diselamatkan. Jumlah itu hanya melambangkan
AGAPE — Christmas 2007

Ajaran Saksi Jehovah: 1. Menolak adanya Allah Tritunggal Mereka menganggap ajaran Tritunggal berasal dari Iblis, bukan dari Alkitab. Mereka percaya hanya ada satu pribadi Allah, namanya: Yehovah.1 Fakta: Alkitab dengan jelas mengajarkan keberadaan Allah Tritunggal (baca Kej. 1:26, Mat. 3:16; 28:19, Yoh. 14:16; 15:26) 2. Menolak Yesus sebagai Tuhan Bagi mereka, Yesus adalah ciptaan Allah, bukan Pencipta.Yesus seperti seorang dewa yang lebih tinggi dari manusia, namun lebih rendah daripada Allah.2 Fakta: Alkitab (PL dan PB) menegaskan bahwa Yesus adalah Tuhan (Yes. 9:6, Mik. 5:2, Yoh. 1:14, 8:58) 3. Menolak adanya Roh Kudus Bagi mereka, Roh Kudus adalah seperti Aliran kuasa dari Tuhan. Ini bisa digambarkan seperti Angin yang punya kekuatan, tetapi tidak mempunyai kepribadian.3 Fakta: Alkitab menegaskan bahwa Roh Kudus adalah Allah (Mat. 28:19), dan Ia mempunyai perasaan seperti Bapa dan Tuhan Yesus (Ef. 4:30). Roh Kudus adalah Pribadi Allah, bukan hanya aliran kuasa seperti angin. 4. Menolak keselamatan oleh anugerah Keselamatan datang dengan menjadi anggota organisasi Saksi Yehovah dan setia melayani dalam


1997). and the Word was with God. dan tidak boleh dilihat secara harafiah. tidak didasarkan pada pengetahuan bahasa asli yang benar. 136. and the Word was God NWT: In [the] beginning the Word was. King James. Kalau harafiah. NASB.bahwa orang-orang Perjanjian Lama juga beroleh keselamatan dalam Kristus. Angka-angka demikian melambangkan kegenapan. ke dalam pengenalan yang benar akan Anak Allah. . Kiranya Tuhan mencurahkan anugerahNya bagi begitu banyak pengikut ajaran ini. 108 4 The Watchtower. 1 Let God Be True. 1946 ed. Terjemahan NWT adalah terjemahan yang keliru. Maka NWT tidak pernah diterima sebagai terjemahan objektif oleh kalangan manapun kecuali oleh kalangan Saksi Jehovah. yaitu: New World Translation (NWT). Terjemahan mereka dibelokkan agar sesuai dengan ajaran mereka. 1983: 12 5 From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained. yaitu: Yesus Kristus Tuhan kita. dsb) menerjemahkan kata itu sebagai “God” atau ALLAH. Consulted Source: Walter Martin.. Dari 6-7 milyar manusia dari zaman dulu sampai sekarang sampai nanti. Padahal semua terjemahan (NIV. 47) 3 Let God Be True. Bethany House Publishers.000 orang yang diselamatkan? kecil bagaimana Saksi Jehovah membelokkan terjemahan Alkitab untuk mendukung ajaran mereka sendiri. and the Word was a god Saksi Jehovah (NWT) menganggap Yesus sebagai “a god” atau dewa. 98-99 7 Let God Be True. Ini hanyalah contoh 18 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 Cults (Minneapolis. hanya 144. 1943. 144 6 Let God Be True. NRSV. February 15. Amin. Brooklyn: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. 100) 2 The Truth Shall Make You Free. Kita berdoa biarlah Tuhan boleh memimpin mereka kembali ke jalan yang benar. The Kingdom of the Catatan: Saksi Jehovah mempunyai terjemahan Alkitab sendiri. and the Word was with God. tentu sangat sedikit sekali orang yang diselamatkan. Brooklyn: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Perhatikan perbedaan antara NIV dan NWT dalam Yohanes 1:1 NIV: In the beginning was the Word.

Ruth’s in-laws are Naomi and Elimelech. Ruth Reckless Abandon AGAPE — Christmas 2007 19 Key Scriptures: Ruth 2-4. Naomi plan to go back to the city of Bethlehem. however Ruth choose to stay with her mother in-law. whose names used as title of a book in the Holly Bible. and Mary 3. Matthew 1:5 .. King David’s father. b. (Ruth 1:16-17). 2. Lady of Reckless Abandonment a. Her name means “Friendship” or “Lovely Friend”. named Orpah.. Ruth 4:14-15 : _______________ (so true. and has a son named Obed. who were descendants of Lot. Naomi told the 2 daughters in-law to go back to each family. Her name was mentioned in genealogy of Jesus Christ in Matthew 1:5. to make it short: Ruth met and got married with a great guy named Boaz.Ruth Who was this lady? Ruth was a daughter of Moabites tribe. This city’s name means “House of Bread”. Other than Ruth. Rahab. What’s so special about her? 1. She’s the great grandmother of King David. breaking the Chinese Philosophy ^___^) Can we be a lady just like her? Five Qualities of a Godly woman: 1. This is when the fairy tale began. which they left before due to famine. Ruth and Esther are the only two women. the nephew of Abraham. who is the father of Jesse. There are 4 other women mentioned in Matthew chapter 1. Reckless Abandonment = totally surrender ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. who had 2 sons: Mahlon and Kilion. Uria’s Wife (Batsheba). 4. Naomi had another daughter in-law. a man of God’s own heart. After the death of all males in her family. the greatest king in Israel’s history. they are: Tamar.

nor her culture’s dead faith to keep her from running hard after God. and your God.ment: Ruth 1:16 But Ruth said. and where you stay. but she was not afraid to walk into a totally unfamiliar situation. Naomi sent my dear brothers. stand firm. “Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you. Ruth did not allow her friends. she took advantage of them and diligently embraced each day. Ruth had just such a determined heart. She did not use the excuse of a dark past to keep her from a bright future that began with her firs critical choice: reckless abandonment to Jesus Life is satisfying only when you diliChrist.’ an obvious newcomer. for where you go. because you know that whatever her Lord called her to your labor in the Lord is not in do. She went right to work. but she did not use her time sponsoring pity parties for all unhappy single women to gather and compare the misery of datelessness. Your people shall be my people. I will go. Instead of being drained by her discouraging circumstances. Ruth did not waste a moment feeling sorry for herself. Lady of Diligence Understanding God’s promised 1 Corinthians 15:58: “Therefore. my God. Ruth was a widow.” she was a stranger from Moab to cause her to fear while she was gleaning in a strange field. gently serve the Lord. whatever your circumstances. provision for widows. She also did not allow the fact that There’s no time in your life more 20 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 .” by her lack of a husband. Ruth was the ‘new girl in town. Always give of a kinsman. Let Ruth to gather grain in the field nothing move you. her old surroundings. She would not be paralyzed vain. Ruth was willing to yourselves fully to the work of the use her life working diligently at Lord. (John 10:10) 2. and the Lord honored her faith to move away from all that was familiar and take a journey toward the completely unknown. When she and Naomi moved back to Bethlehem. I will stay.

In fact. take a moment to commit that care where it belongs. Even though it promised no prospects of a husband. Ruth remained with Naomi and her God. work at it with all your heart. Single Christian women are not Sleeping Beauties who wait for Prince Charming to kiss her and wake her up. Remember. Lady of Virtue One of life’s most costly and beautiful objects is born out of pain and irritation – the pearl. “ He who did not spare His own Son. the greater the irritation. then.perfect than now. do all to the glory of God. since it’s more “market” available in Moab among her own people. rather than be a stranger in Israel. how will he not also with Him freely give us all things? Whenever the “unanswered question” captures your mind. God has already taken care of your greatest need – your salvation – and as Romans 8:32 remind us. Oprah thinks logically.” Even though Ruth was young in her faith in the God of Israel. as working for the Lord. Ruth chose to trust God with her future. 1 Corinthians 10:31: “Whether. she chose to follow Naomi and her God back to Bethlehem. but through “eyes of faith. but delivered Him up for us all. not men.” 3. She looked not with sensual sight. Ruth certainly must have considered the probability of remaining single if she went with Naomi. However. because He cares for you.” Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do. she chose to trust with her heart for the future her eyes could not yet see.” 4. the more valuable is the pearl. Lady of Faith When Naomi told her 2 daughters in-law to go back to their own families. Oprah finally followed her advice after Naomi gave reasons that she would not have any other children to be married to those 2 ladies. I Peter 5:7 “Casting your anxiety on Him. you eat or drink or whatever you do. Ruth experienced many irritations of trials in AGAPE — Christmas 2007 21 . Like the oyster.

better than I could have imagined. Ruth was a wonderful example of a Lady of Patience. At the end of this personal preparation God chose to provide her with a husband. “So Boaz took Ruth. He’s developing pearls of character in your life. Realize that God has them there to create something beautiful in you. Lady of Patience Waiting isn’t easy when we are young. She grieved the deaths of her father-in-law and husband. She bravely faced the turmoil of change in the direction of her life as well as move to a foreign land with a bitter mother in law. and she became his wife…” God did not supply all my wants. we see the end to their love story. In Ruth 4:13. Instead she concentrated on developing companionship with her heavenly Father and chose to let Him bring a husband to her if He saw fit. He changed my wants and supplied all my needs. her new faith began to wrap itself around the painful situations. Ruth did not allow her circumstances or lack of male companionship to cause her to be impatient. She used the wait to become the woman God wanted her to be. Through all this stress. At certain point of our life. When she arrived in that strange land. and it can be terribly hard as we get older. knowing that God was not bound by circumstances nor her age. But most important part is to wait for God’s perfect timing in every aspect of our lives. we are waiting for something or some22 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 one. James 1:2-4. . She was immediately thrown into a new working situation among total strangers with new customs. the trials did not end. The by-product was a pearl from the washbasin of Moab. not on getting a man. instead through the waiting time. She took one day at a time.her young life. Concern over the ticking of her “biological clock” did not make her fearful of the future. 5. Instead she concentrated on being a lady of character. Don’t view the trials as irritating grains of sand to be discarded as quickly as possible.

Live in faithfulness to God. You don’t know what tomorrow holds. Put your hope in God. the promised Messiah. Taking moral shortcuts and living for short-range pleasures are not good ways to move ahead. July 14. knowing the significance of your life will extend beyond your lifetime. Because Ruth’s faithful obedience. we will not know the purpose and importance of our lives until we are able to look back from the perspective of eternity. may have made. but you do know who holds tomorrow. 2007 – IEC Azusa Youth but in reality.God would not leave us waiting any longer than necessary. her life and legacy were significant even though she could not see all the results. the events reFellowship corded in Ruth were part of God’s preparations for the births of David and of Jesus. Just as Ruth was unaware of this larger purpose in her life. The rewards will outweigh any sacrifice you AGAPE — Christmas 2007 23 . Source: • Life Application Study Bible NIV • Women of the Bible by Ann Spangler & Jean E Syswerda • Lady in Waiting by Debby Jones & Jackie Kendall Conclusion: To some people. We only need to patiently wait on God’s timing. We must make our choices with God’s eternal values in mind. the book of Ruth may be just a nice story Women of the Bible – Ruth about a girl who was fortunate.

Tempting locations. after work when 24 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 you are tired? 2. Many . don’t lose hope. Besides being “window to the world”. Some people even cancel their cable subscription all together to avoid seeing some porn movie in their cable channels. Your weakness is different from other people’s weakness. Let me list out some lust triggers for you to consider: 1. do you have a specific plan not only for defending yourself. 4. but also for actually taking proactive measures to protect yourself from lust? Your problem is unique and so is your lust triggers. For many men and women. Even be more alert when you have paid cable channels. Just because your friend never gains any weight when he or she eats a lot of meat. the Internet. Be alert to these commercials. If this is your situation.continued from page 15 of anticipating and being on their guard. You have to spend quite some time figuring out specific situations and objects in your life that can easily entrap you in the sexual temptation. A friend’s house where you know there’s pornography? Video Rental place? In the beach? 3. they’re surprised by the same attack over and over. From lingerie all the way to burger’s commercial.Sex or Lust . you could find sex-themed commercial in all these industries. Internet pornography is a daily ensnarement of sexual temptation. Time of day. it does not mean you won’t gain any weight when you eat a lot of meat. Immediately switch to some safe channel. Some people have decided not to watch TV at all if their wife is not around. Television. the Internet is a constant battle ground. such as CSPAN or CNN. Nowadays our TV is filled with sex-themed commercial. you can create a custom plan specifically for you to avoid the temptation. The Internet. Do you know precisely where your weak points are? And more important. Once you find out your specific triggers. when you start noticing certain suggestive commercial. Are you more susceptible to lust when you wake up or go to bed. unfortunately is also window to many impurities.

Canceling cable subscription or canceling the Internet seems like a bit extreme. cancel your Internet subscription. guard your eyes. “If your right eye causes you to sin. Put your computer in the living room. gouge it out and throw it away. because I know if I don’t stop now I’ll do it even after God blesses me with a godly husband. Another girl named Lauren confessed. Position your computer monitor to face toward door so others can see what they’re viewing when they walk by. It truly scares me. fueled by lust. We have to choose to honor God with our eyes and not gaze on others lustfully. I literally have to look the other way. but you can control your eyes and mind from undressing them and having sexual fantasy in your mind. you have to be willing to do some action to avoid yourself from it. The list above of course not the whole list of all the things or situation that can trigger lust. “You cannot prevent the birds from flying over your head. Install parental control to your computer and have your spouse or trusted friend secure it with his/her password.men and women have found victory over this specific temptation. In Matthew 5:29-30 said. Do not allow sin to gain a foothold. However. looking for something better.” You cannot control which people that you are going to encounter in your daily life. But whatever the trigger is.” Remember a Chinese proverb that says. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. sometimes radical actions are needed to free you from the grip of sexual sins. Immodestly dressed men and women are always going to be around us. “I have never been in a relationship in which my eyes haven’t wandered. but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair. A girl named Tatiana told her story of how God showed her that her “harmless” pastime of checking out guys was really a dangerous hobby. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole AGAPE — Christmas 2007 25 . Be radical. And if your right hand causes you to sin. In public. When you are out in public. If all has failed. 5. cut it off and throw it away. This is a real struggle for me. You have to spend time yourselves figuring out these things yourself. Don’t go on-line alone late at night or at any time when you’re feeling weak.

Hebrews 4:12 says: “For the word of God is living and active. “To set the mind on the flesh is death. Here are several scriptures that can help you in your battle against lust: Lie: A little sinful fantasizing won’t hurt Truth: 1. pull out something which we’ve seen 20 years ago. the Holy Spirit uses it against sin like an offensive weapon. however.body to go into hell”. ESV). However. it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit. cuts through the confusion and hazy half-truths that our sin generates. find in the bible. 5b. “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked. our mind can easily. “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ. It reveals our wrong desires. your mind will no longer be fed with new things or objects to play around. to gratify its desires” (Romans 13:14. The Sword of the Spirit After you learn the specific lust triggers in your life and learn how to deal with it. are suggesting you to do whatever things necessary to prevent yourself from doing evil. ESV) 3. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption. and memorize it. ESV) 2. It points us to God’s goodness and faithfulness when we’re tempted to forget. Ephesians 6:17 calls the Word of God the “sword of the Spirit” Your Bible is no lifeless book.” The Word of God. Sharper than any doubleedge sword. for whatever one sows. corrects our selfish human thinking. but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace” (Romans 8:6. that will he also reap. it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life” (Galatians 6:7-8. These two verses are obviously not suggesting you to do body mutilation. It has power. which we can 26 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . joints and marrow. and make no provision for the flesh. When you read it. That’s why we have to learn how to combat the lies of lust with the truth of God’s word. These two verses. speak it.

“But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality. and that in this matter no one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him. “Flee the evil desires of youth. 2. which is idolatry. evil desires and greed. And if your right hand causes you to sin. or of any kind of impurity. along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2:22) Lie: God won’t mind a little compromise Truth: 1. The Lord will punish men for all such sins. Truth: “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality.Lie: Taking radical action against sin isn’t necessary Truth: 1. impurity. Therefore honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). “Put to death. gouge it our and throw it away. who is in you. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell” (Matthew 5:29-30). that each of you should learn to control his body in a way that is holy and honorable. Lie: I can’t control my sex drive. who do not know God. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. cut it off and throw it away. lust. I can do what I want with it Truth: “Flee from sexual immorality. you were bought at a price. faith. whom you have received from God? You are not your own. “If your right eye causes you to sin. All other sins a man commits are outside his body. whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality. and pursue righteousness. the wrath of God is coming” (Colossians 3:5-6) 2. or of greed. because these are improper for God’s holy people” (Ephesians 5:3) Lie: It’s my body. but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that you body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. therefore. not in passionate lust like the heathen. Because of these. as we have already told you and warned you” (1 Thessalonians 4:3-6) AGAPE — Christmas 2007 27 . love and peace.

gives birth to death” (James 1:15) Lie: God is keeping something good from me Truth: “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. the Lord bestows favor and honor. the stronger your mind will be in defending against the lie of sexual desires. Fill your mind with the things of God. “After desire has conceived. The more you gather with fellow believers in the church. no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Truth: “Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes. and the adulteress preys upon your very life. the chances of you to get tempted will be much less. the stronger the devil’s foothold will be in your life. Truth: 1. SOW TO THE SPIRIT Winning sexual temptation is a battle that you have to do everyday. On the other hand. Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?” (Proverbs 6:25-27) Lie: I won’t experience any consequences for indulging in my lust. the more support you will get from your fellow brother and sister. The more you serve in the church. each of us will give an account of himself to God” (Romans 14:12) 2. The more you listen to Christian song. I would rather be a door keeper in the house of my God than dwell in 28 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 the tents of the wicked. getting more physical with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The more you read & meditate in the word of God. “The Lord disciplines those he loves. the stronger your faith will be. O Lord Almighty.Lie: Looking at a few pornographic pictures won’t effect me. looking at other people lustfully. when it is full-grown. the more you feed your mind with unholy things such as Internet pornography. “So then. it gives birth to sin. . and sin. for the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread. and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son” (Hebrews 12:6) 3. For the Lord God is a sun and shield. blessed is the man who trusts in you” (Psalm 84:10-12) 6.

“Sex is not a problem (Lust Is)”. This book will give you more examples and details on how to deal with lust and sexual temptation. The content of this article is a summary of this book. You will reap what you sow.If you need more help about winning sexual temptation. ESV) Don’t be a fool. that will he also reap. As a closing verse I will quote the following: “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked. for whatever one sows. I suggest you get a hold of book by Joshua Harris titled. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption. what do you want to sow in your life? AGAPE Staff wishes you Merry Christmas 2007 & Happy New Year 2008 God Bless You All AGAPE — Christmas 2007 29 . The choice is yours now. but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life” (Galatians 6:7-8.

4.com .5 Ways To Be Patient and Kind During Holiday Shopping It doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task to shop for gifts this year. Be Patient While Driving! This one is very important. Before you go out and tackle the world of department stores. You just happen to be out shopping on the same day as the herd but you have more patience then they do. Be Thoughtful While Shopping In The Malls Malls are the busiest place during the holidays. And have a happy December Holiday and New Year! BY: ANGIE LEWIS-articles. be separate from the herd and make your shopping enjoyable. Love one another. By driving defensively it will ensure a safe park back in your 30 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 garage at night. not only will it make you feel good but it will also make the person who is having a bad day feel better too. Put your smile back on and tell yourself. And compassion comes in a close second. The best thing you can do is don’t get nasty back. 1. The best thing you can do is don’t drive like them. By slapping back with rudeness you become just like the herd and you don’t want that. dashing into the elevator. take a deep breath. Don’t cut in front of them like they are doing. just sit back and let the mob go first. Always drive defensively! Know ahead of time that people are in a hurry and may cut right in front of you. Let them go ahead and cut in front of you.faithwriters. Some of holiday shoppers do not have patience like you do. relax. 5. holiday shopping can be hectic and grueling. By doing this. 3. “I will be kind to others no matter how they treat me. Patience is by far the greatest virtue you can take with you this holiday shopping season.” 2. Let The Mob Through First Remember you’re not part of the mob. Before leaving your house. and tell yourself. Show Compassion While Waiting In Line You knew better before you went out shopping that there would be three times as many people shopping this time of year. remind yourself again of the crowds and the long lines. “I will not be in a hurry. I will be patient and kind to others. It involves the safety of yourself as will as others. Keep your smile on and flash it on someone who is having a bad day. or running up those mall steps with the mob. During the Holidays more people are out driving and they become impatient and begin to drive erratically. It tends to make some people frustrated and short tempered.” And it will happen! Don’t think of yourself as being “one” with the crowd of other shoppers. Put your smile back on and it will help them to see their rude behavior. Be Kind While Shopping As we all know. Instead of flying up the escalator. They certainly won’t forget your smile. Ask God to give you that extra needed patience you will need at this time.

Thanksgiving days baru saja berlalu. Kharisma sangat jengkel sekali. dan bulan desember pun belumlah tiba. karena berkali-kali dia mencoba mengingatkan dirinya sendiri sebelum dia keluar rumah bahwa dia harus paling sedikit berpakaian rangkap. lagi-lagi pagi ini dia lupa membawa baju hangatnya. kealpaan-nya itu membuat dia harus membuang waktu paling sedikit setengah jam. Lalu dengan segera Kharisma berbalik kembali kedalam rumahnya untuk mengambil sweater atau coat untuk membungkus badannya yang ramping dan kecil yang tidak tahan angin dingin pagi itu. Sinar mentari yang terang benderang itu ternyata masih dikalahkan oleh hembusan angin dingin yang menerpa wajah Kharisma. Dia berusaha mencari jawaban yang lain yang lebih memuaskan hatinya AGAPE — Christmas 2007 31 . Sehingga membuat seluruh badan Kharisma menggigil kedinginan.Winter A Fiction by Daniel Loe Musim dingin tahun ini datang lebih awal daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya. dan salju-salju yang tebal itulah yang membuat liburan datang lebih awal. Apa yang salah dengan dirinya? Sebenarnya Kharisma sudah mempunyai jawabannya di hatinya sendiri. Dia kesal sekali terhadap dirinya yang kenapa tiba-tiba dia menjadi pelupa seperti ini. Akan tetapi suhu udara akhir-akhir ini sudah turun sampai 39°F. Kharisma. dan dia harus tanamkan di dalam sel-sel kelabunya untuk tidak lupa bahwa musim dingin datang lebih awal tahun ini. baru saja beranjak keluar pintu untuk menikmati sinar matahari yang pagi ini tiba-tiba bersinar setelah berhari-hari langit di payungi oleh awan-awan hitam. Itu berarti hampir mendekati nol derajad Celcius. akan tetapi dia tidak mau mengatakannya ataupun mengingatnya. Akan tetapi. Salju-salju sudah mulai menebal lagi di puncak-puncak gunung.

.aku takut sekali. Kharisma berusaha memerangi perasaannya sendiri.daripada jawaban yang telah ada di pintu hatinya dan menunggu mulutnya untuk berani mengatakannya. hu huhu. Dan hal paling manis untuk diingatnya adalah ketika dia menjadi rebutan para pria-pria ganteng. Betapa ingin Kharisma kembali kemasa-masa ketika dia masih muda. Tapi hatinya dengan getaran yang luar biasa mengakuinya bahwa dia sudah memasuki tahap “penuaan” atau “aging”.. tapi lagi-lagi kealpaan-nya pagi ini membuat dia tidak berdaya untuk mengakuinya bahwa dia sudah menjadi seorang pelupa. Dalam tidurnya pun Kharisma menitikkan air matanya.. Karena terlalu sedih maka tanpa terasa Kharisma tertidur di sofanya. menjadi pusat perhatian dari keluarganya ataupun dari teman-temannya. segera Kharisma menjadi pusat perhatian para senior-senior students di Universitas tsb. “yah. Tiga puluh tahun yang lalu.!” Sambil menangis Kharisma lalu duduk di sofa di ruang tamu rumahnya.. yaitu chemistry. masih cantik jelita. Dia pintar menjaga jarak sehingga semua laki-laki yang cuma mau main-main doang itu tidak berani macam-macam pada dirinya akan tetapi dilain pihak mereka tetap menjadi teman Kharisma. biology. Dia menangis tersedu-sedu disana.. Bibir nya pun secara reflek tertutup rapat-rapat berusaha menahan isak tangisnya yang hampir meledak. Dan biasanya siswa-siswa yang mengambil major-major menyeramkan seperti 32 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 .... Ketika Kharisma sudah focus pada majornya.. Kharisma menyesali waktu-waktu yang cepat berlalu yang telah menyulapnya dari seorang gadis yang cantik menjadi seorang perempuan lanjut usia yang selalu lupa akan segala sesuatu yang harus diingatnya. physic. Pada saat hatinya mengakui bahwa dia sudah lajut usia maka tanpa terasa air mata yang hangat bergulir dari pelupuk matanya. ruang lingkup Kharisma pun agak menyempit. chemistry atau math adalah orang-orang yang termasuk kutu buku.Tuhan. Kharisma menjadi sophomore di UCLA.. baik itu teman sekolahnya ataupun laki-laki lain dari tempat-tempat pesta atau discotic yang selalu minta kenalan atau merayunya untuk menjadi pacar mereka. karena hampir menjadi rahasia umum bahwa semua yang mengambil major science. Bukan seorang pelupa yang sekali-kali saja.. Karena Kharisma bukan hanya cantik tapi dia juga cukup berotak sehingga dia tidak mudah terayu oleh bujukan dan sanjungan dari laki-laki iseng yang cuma mau me-macar-i dirinya.

. Kharisma terpaksa harus meninggalkan ceramah chemistry-nya ke cafe terdekat dengan hall lecture-nya. maka Kharisma menjadi gersang dan gerah untuk tinggal di dalam kelasnya dimana tidak ada orang yang bisa diajak bicara tidak juga teman Lab-nya... Kharisma biar otaknya encer tetapi dia tetap cantik menawan... aku belum sarapan pagi sama sekali. aku bangun terlambat.. kau tidak kenapa-napa kan?” “aku tidak kenapa-napa. Dengan pikirannya yang terbuka dan modern. Orang yang menabrak Kharisma dengan sigap memegang pundak dan tangan Kharisma sehingga Kharisma tidak sampai terbanting ke lantai.... ntar bisa-bisa kau salah masuk kelas lagi.. Ketika dia mau memasuki pintu cafe tsb.. aku dalam keadaan terburu-buru. “ AGAPE — Christmas 2007 33 ..... makanya aku mampir kesini untuk membeli cookies ini.. Mungkin karena keseriusan mereka belajar dan berpikir membuat penampilan mereka menjadi tidak “komersil” alias “tidak handsome” atau “tidak cantik” biasanya orang-orang seperti ini di juluki “nerd” or “geek”. kalau kau tidak terlalu sigap untuk menarik badanku mungkin saat ini kau harus memanggil 911..ini adalah orang-orang yang serius.. Benturan yang tidak disengaja itu telah membuat Kharisma hampir terjerembab kebelakang.... dengan perut kosong aku tidak bisa berpikir dengan benar.” “aku benar-benar minta maaf...... sudah dimakan sana cookies nya . “ooh. Disiang yang panas..sampai menabrak orang.. karena hari ini aku ada midterm... maaf sekali. hampir kau kena tilang yah kalau aku jatuh terjerembab tadi. dia bertabrakan dengan seseorang yang tergesa-gesa hendak keluar. dan yang membuat dia banyak disukai oleh orang adalah dia tidak termasuk “nerd” or “ugly” tetapi dia tetap Kharisma yang baru lulus SMA dua tahun yang lalu yang selalu cantik dan menawan.” “yah aku mengerti makanya kau tidak bisa berpikir dengan jelas sampai-sampai pintu cafetaria pun di anggap jalan tol... maaf.......

“haa haaa haaa.. sudah pergi sana. namaku Kharisma. “Kau benar-benar anak nakal yang menjengkelkan..... ayoo aku mau beli minuman... sorry..... sebenarnya Kharisma menyukai sifat Winston yang spontanitas dan ramah..!” “ Maaf ibu guru.!” “ooh ceritanya ngusir nih.mereka pasti sudah seperti kucing lari-lari je jinkrakan sambil berteriak-teriak. ayo segera masuk kekelasmu....!” Winston mencibir meledek Kharisma...... dan kau juga bukankah kau ada midterm......... 34 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 ...... jangan hukum saya.!” “Kharisma. kok kau menghina sekali sih dengan negaranegara Asia... namaku.... ha haha.... coba kalau cewe cantik yang model lain....... thanks atas pujiannya.. kau sangat lucu yah.....bangsa seperti engkau sehingga tahu negara-negara Asia lebih maju dari LA.. jarang aku menemukan cewe cantik seperti kamu pandai bergurau. .. ngomong2 siapa nama anda. maaf deh major ku bukan Anthropology yang mempelajari bangsa. Winston.. walaupun kau baru saja aku tabrak. maaf ibu guru. minta tolong... Kharisma memandangi kepergian Winston dengan kecewa. aku heran apakah aku ini sekarang ada di America negara yang merdeka atau di Asia? “huss.” lalu Winston dengan gerakan cepat segera pergi kekelasnya..... awas yah kalau kau dapat D atau F kau harus memutari lapangan sepak bola sepuluh kali. dan ingat kamu hari ini ada midterm.!” “Oh. kau tahu di beberapa tempat di Asia mereka jauh lebih maju dari pada LA yang kau kira super modern ini tahu.. sembarangan biar kalau kau berada di Asia pun mereka sudah merdeka tahu...Winston akan segera pergi sekarang...

. dan kau?” sekarang giliran Winston yang melongo tanda tidak percaya dengan jawa AGAPE — Christmas 2007 35 . lalu dengan cepat-cepat dia memasuki cafetaria untuk menghindari tatapan mata Winston. aku tidak yakin kalau majormu adalah Anthropology.. Tapi ini dengan Winston... Perpaduan mata mereka membuat Kharisma seperti tertangkap basah. gadis secantik kamu harusnya memilih major Fashion atau Model.. “aku rasa aku sudah mendengar jawaban yang paling mengecewakan. karena seolah-olah seluruh darah yang ada didalam tubuhnya mengalir kepipinya sehingga membuat wajahnya terasa terbakar..” dengan muka yang merah merona.. Kharisma menjawab pertanyaan Winston..” “Chemistry... pipi Winston yang kemerah-merahan itu membuat Winston terlihat semakin “Cute.. Biasanya dia tidak pernah gugup menghadapi orang-orang asing.” Setelah berlari beberapa saat Winston tiba-tiba berbalik haluan berlari menghampiri Kharisma lagi. Winston terus memburunya sampai kedalam Cafe. “Hallo nona manis.Kharisma senang dengan lesung pipit di kedua pipi Winston. mata Winston bertemu dengan mata Kharisma yang sejak tadi menatap kepergian Winston. dan aku tidak akan pernah lebih kecewa daripada engkau yang tidak mau menjawab pertanyaanku. pipinya saat ini di rasakan sangat panas.” “hmm mungkin kau akan kecewa kalau aku kasih tahu major ku yang sebenarnya. pada saat Winston berbalik.. aku bahkan sangat menyayangkan kalau majormu adalah Anthropology... Lalu berdiri dibelakang Kharisma yang sedang mengambil “Pepsi Cola” dari dalam refrigerator. yang tiba-tiba kok menjadi tidak tolerance. Kharisma sungguh jengkel terhadap dirinya sendiri.tambahan lagi menurut Kharisma laki-laki yang baru saja menabraknya itu sangat menarik sekali. jadi kau tidak menyia-nyia kan kecantikan mu.

. tapi “WOW” aku sungguh tidak tahu. menurut dia Chemistry adalah lebih “membosankan” daripada “Anthropology.....Classic khususnya....... melihat ku di TV?” “yah.. major ku music bukan berarti aku harus menjadi penyanyi.ban yang baru saja di dengarnya.. maksudku major ku adalah Music....!” “Oh sorry...” “Hmmm. dan biasanya mereka yang ahli di bidang musik jarang sekali yang menjadi penyanyi.. semua keluarga ku menyukai music.” “Ohh kau salah..!!” “Apa? Major mu “WOW” singkatan dari apa itu. kau mau jadi Bethooven yah... Lagipula seorang yang bisa musik belum tentu mempunyai suara yang komersil yang bisa di beli oleh orang.” “Oh aku tidak tahu akan hal ini.!” “Ah tidak. di seluruh dunia.. sedangkan mereka yang menjadi penyanyi belum tentu juga mempunyai title sarjana di bidang musik..? kalau “WWW” aku tahu.....” “Wow. mudah-mudah-an suatu saat aku akan lihat kau di TV!” “Aku tidak mengerti maksudmu...... atau mereka menciptakan concert – concert.... aku suka musik saja.... music Classic... “ “Rasanya kita mempunyai Gap-Major yah..!” “OOOhh. mungkin suatu saat kau akan menjadi penyanyi ngetop yang di gandrungi oleh ABG ABG.” 36 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 ..... mungkin mereka akan menjadi composer.

..ooh!” am I a trouble maker to you?” “No... Lagipula hari itu entah bagaimana ceramah khusus mengenai Chemistry mengambil tempat dekat department Musik.. hii hiii.... Cuma rasanya aku hampir tidak percaya bahwa kau di balik wajah yang cantik ternyata. nanti aku akan kasih tahu guruku bahwa kau yang harus bertanggung jawab. Byeee!!!” setelah mengatakan demikian. kau allergi dengan major Chemistry ku yah?” “Ah tidak juga. otakmu uuuullleeet sekali yah. kali ini di toko buku.. Karena major yang berbeda maka hampir tidak mungkin mereka akan bertemu lagi di kampus yang begitu besarnya. membawanya pergi dan meninggalkan dirinya dalam kehampaan. sampai-sampai kau menyukai kimia.you are a trouble maker to my heart. Itulah saat pertama kali Kharisma merasakan bahwa Winston telah mencuri separuh dari hatinya... Lagi lagi karena major yang berbeda mereka cuma bisa kencan dalam waktu-waktu tertentu saja seperti saat lagi quarter break setelah midterm... karena gara gara kau aku telah kehilangan waktu ku hampir setengah jam!” “oo. sehingga hal itu menyebabkan mereka berdua bertemu lagi.. karena mereka masing-masing saling merindu.” “biarin. Langsung saja mereka saling memberikan no telpon mereka masing-masing. kau sudah benar-benar sangat terlambat loh.. Karena itu setiap kali mereka mempunyai kesempatan bertemu. Pertemuan yang kedua ini membuka jalan buat perasaan romantis mereka mengambil tempat di semua kegiatan mereka.. Winston berlari secepat kilat dan menghilang dari pandangan Kharisma... Pertemuan-pertemuan atau dating-dating yang terbatas itu justru membuat cinta mereka semakin kental... Quarter berikutnya Kharisma bertemu lagi dengan Winston. sama gurumu.” “hei. mereka akan menghabiskan waktu mereka dengan se-efisien AGAPE — Christmas 2007 37 ..“iyaaa. bisa-bisa kau tidak di perbolehkan masuk nanti.

Alasan sebenarnya adalah orang tua Kharisma ingin menjodohkan anaknya dengan anak teman baik mereka yang adalah seorang Dokter. Dan biasanya mereka mengisi waktu mereka dengan hal-hal yang tidak mungkin mereka lupakan. Kharisma selalu men-support pagelaran musik atau konsert yang ingin didengar oleh Winston. begitu juga sebaliknya Winston selalu berusaha mengimbangi MAJOR GAP yang ada diantara mereka. Kharisma jelas-jelas menentang akan hal ini dan menolak turut campur orang tuanya terhadap masa depannya. Malam itu Kharisma dan Winston sedang merayakan anniversary mereka yang tidak terasa sudah berjalan dua tahun. Pihak keluarga Kharisma. Walaupun mereka masing-masing sudah mempunyai gereja sendiri-sendiri. dan Winston secara diam-diam meminta temantemanya men-surprisekan dinner mereka dengam mengiringi santap malam mereka dengan ‘mini concert” mereka menyanyikan lagu ciptaan Winston sendiri yang berjudul “You’ve Brought Love to My Heart. Winston mengantarkan Kharisma pulang 38 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 continued to page 46 . Winston telah menghanyutkan seluruh perasaan Kharisma yang menyatu dengan perasaan Winston. dan tatapan mata. Saat itu adalah saat yang paling tidak akan terlupakan oleh Kharisma.” Kharisma menangis ketika mendegar lirik lagu yang diciptakan oleh Winston untuknya. Hari telah larut malam. tapi mereka selalu “Criss-Cross” dari kedua belah pihak berusaha mengenal latar belakang keluarga masing-masing dan teman-teman mereka masing-masing. Sepanjang jalan mereka bergandengan tangan dan saling mengikrarkan cinta sejati mereka.mungkin. Buat Kharisma tidak ada apapaun yang sanggup membelah tirai-tirai cinta yang sudah di ciptakan oleh mereka berdua. Ketika hubungan sudah semakin intim mereka mulai mau pergi kegereja bersama. Ketika hal ini diberitahukan kepada Kharisma. Sehingga pekerjaan yang serupa antara suami istri akan membuat rumah tangga mereka berkurang masalahnya karena mereka masing-masing mengerti pekerjaan pasangan hidup mereka. atmosphere romantic yang diciptakan melalui lagu. Mereka sedang dinner di restaurant yang fancy. setelah mengetahui hubungan anaknya dengan Winston yang majornya totally berbeda tidak menyetujui hubungan ini. champagne. Setelah dinner mereka sempat berjalanjalan di sepanjang Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.

We prayed and tried to hold the operation until the baby was delivered safely. They did a lot of test to check if it was a cancer. When we rely our live on God. I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Audrey Josephine Tjandra (June 26. everybody would say that they were really incredible. I was scared to death. They sent my lunch every day. Our worry cannot do anything good at all. IEC Azusa is crowded with the coming of new born babies this year. God really blessed us. Enjoy. Thank God for our brothers and sisters at IEC Azusa that always prayed for me and supported our family. but God really loves us. AGAPE — Christmas 2007 39 . We also interviewed the parents to share their impressions of their new born babies. two days later she was sent to the NICU.Baby{s ‘ 1st Christmas Once again. Audrey was delivered safely. She had to stay for a week. We proudly present the eight new cute comers in the order of their earliest birth. but God can. My OB (Obstetrician) suggested me to have an operation right away. My morning sickness was really bad. She was discharged without any concern. I never imagined that for 2 months we really depended on their love. Whenever I shared this experience. warm and tasty. He will take care of it. They found her white blood cell was increasing and her bilirubin level was high too. 2007) The day when Audrey was delivered was a big miracle for us. However. When I entered my fifth month of pregnancy. We had an emotional roller coaster when we dealt with this kind of stuff.

Ethan Immanuel Hosea (May 24. 40 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . Sekarang bisa lebih tidur karena tau what to expect. 2007) We thank God for our new addition. All we can do was just to practice our faith and put our hope in Christ. We also like to thank our fellow brothers & sisters who have been praying for us endlessly. 2007) Kita tidak merasakan secapek dan setegang seperti waktu Joel dilahirkan. Chryssa (follower of Christ) Hope Adidjaja. Seneng karena bisa bikin Joel seneng. Buat kami dikaruniakan seorang anak adalah the best Christmas present ever. John Wilson Suwanto (November 16. and worries. Chryssa Hope Adidjaja (November 14. Throughout the pregnancy. and many other blessings received. we faced with many struggles. challenges. Baby John lebih diem dan Joel lebih aktive. God showed us His promises with the smooth delivery. 2007) Kami mengucapkan syukur karena bisa merayakan natal tahun ini dengan baby Ethan. Wilis’ quick recovery. concerns.

She brings joy and noise to our family. It’s a blessing for us. the Merry Little Kenneth. “By the way. 2007) Sugi sang joyfully. As Hubert said. 2007) Abigail is the only girl and the last child in the family.” Abigail Phoebe Kusdono (February 22. Walaupun cape bergadang tapi enjoy & Happy dikasih kepercayaan sama Tuhan buat jadi orangtua. AGAPE — Christmas 2007 41 . Kaga mirip Katherine.Abigail Yunice Chang (August 17. she’s a forever best Christmas present for him. anaknya mirip kaya gua loh. Sugi (again) said. 2007) Praise the Lord for our first Christmas baby present. Kenneth Moses Eddy (April 07. Thank you for all the love and care from all of you. “Tujuh belas agustus tahun dua ribu tujuh …” Bersyukur & berterima kasih sama Tuhan dikasih Abigail dalam keluarga kita.

.Winter . baru beberapa langkah Winston beranjak dari jendela rumah Kharisma.!” mendengar suara seseorang yang dicintainya memanggilnya. Di kamar Winston mereka dengan kepala yang dingin berembug.!” “Winston.?” “Kharisma. secara reflek Winston menoleh kebelakang dan berkata: Kharisma.. membangun keluarga yang baru. Lalu Winston mengajak Kharisma ke rumahnya..? apakah.. dan juga Winston sempat mendengar suara Ayah Kharisma yang kedengaran tidak ramah. dan Kharisma berjanji bahwa dia akan selalu mencintai Winston dengan atau tanpa restu dari orang tuanya. Winston tetap memperhatikan Kharisma sampai dia masuk kedalam rumahnya dan menutup pintunya.. Orang-orang di rumah Winston sudah pada tidur karena hari sudah lewat midnight..tiba dia juga mendengar Kharisma menjawab teriakan ayahnya. Winston mengurungkan niatanya untuk mengetuk pintu rumah. 42 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . Winston sangat sedih ketika mengetahui bahwa orang tua Kharisma tidak merestui cinta mereka. Winston meminta kepada Kharisma untuk melarikan diri dan melupakan orang tua mereka. tetapi tiba. Rupanya orang tua Kharisma adalah orang-orang yang menyandarkan hidupnya pada materi yang berkelimpahan.....continued from page 42 kerumahnya. Ketika tiba di luar Kharisma juga kaget ketika dia melihat Winston sedang berjalan menuju kemobilnya. Bersamaan dengan itu.... lalu mereka berpelukan sambil menangis.” Winston berlari dan memeluk Kharisma. Ingin Winston mengetuk pintu rumahnya. Akan tetapi Kharisma tidak mau hal itu terjadi karena dia ingin menyelesaikan study mereka terlebih dahulu. rupanya dia sangat jengkel dengan penghinaan ayahnya terhadap laki-laki yang dicintainya. Adegan yang tidak mengenakkan hati membuat Winston ingin mengetahui apa yang terjadi. Di depan pintu itu Winston baru mengetahui kalau ayah Kharisma memandang rendah Winston karena majornya. membicarakan masalah yang tiba-tiba muncul di hadapan mereka... secara tiba-tiba Kharisma berlari keluar. Winston masih sempat melihat bahwa Papa Kharisma sedang menunggunya... “Winston. Dan music adalah salah satu major untuk orang-orang yang tidak akan menikmati kemewahan dunia ini. apakah.... Akan tetapi sebelum Kharisma menutup pintu rumahnya.

. Ketika Kharisma datang kerumah Winston.. Dan ia ingin mengadakan survey dahulu. mungkin ini serangan jantung mendadak. tapi. Bahkan beberapa bulan kemudian keluarga Winston pun semua pindah entah kemana. dan seketika itu juga dia merasakan bahwa matanya terasa sangat gelap sekali. Kesetiaan cinta Kharisma telah membuat Kharisma menutup pintu hatinya dari pria yang lain.. Padahal dengan pengalaman dan pengetahuan nya tentang Chemistry dia bisa mengajar di universitas atau terus bekerja sebagai general menager di suatu kantor yang berhubungan langsung dengan Inspection of Industrial pollution. Orang tua Winston cuma berkata bahwa Winston ingin transfer kelasnya keluar State. tetapi kini.. pergi dan tanpa kembali. Kharisma merasakan bahwa ini adalah gejala yang tidak baik. siapa yang akan menyangka bahwa malam itu juga merupakan malam yang paling kelam buatnya. Kharisma menganggap setelah beberapa hari Winston pasti akan menghubunginya lagi.. Beberapa jam kemudian. juga termasuk pria yang ingin di jodohkan oleh orang tuanya. Karena dia sudah merasa cukup untuk hari tuanya maka Kharisma mengambil masa pensiunannya lebih dini. Kini Kharisma tinggal seorang diri di rumah yang dibelinya dari hasil jerih payahnya seorang diri. Lagipula Kharisma berpikir untuk siapakah uang yang akan dicarinya nanti padahal dia tidak mempunyai suami atau turunan.. Rasanya ruangan kamarnya menjadi sangat sesak bagai tiada udara sama sekali. Kharisma terbangun ketika dia merasakan bahwa dadanya terasa sakit luar biasa.. Karena itu sebisa mungkin dia mencari telpon dan memutar nomor AGAPE — Christmas 2007 43 .. Kharisma sengaja juga mengambil pensiunnyanya lebih awal dari sebelumnya. ternyata Winston pergi. Tapi ternyata Winston tidak pernah kembali dan keluarganya pun tidak bisa memberi tahu Kharisma dimana Winston berada. yang paling penting adalah ketenangan jiwa dan kebahagaiaan bathin. Pada mulanya Kharisma cuma berpikir mungkin Winston masih marah atas perlakuan ayahnya terhadap karier yang dimiliki oleh Winston.Itulah saat terakhir mereka bertemu. Dia setuju dengan paham kalau Winston berpendapat bahwa money can not win everything.... malam yang paling manis buat Kharisma sebelum dia bertengkar dengan ayahnya. Tetapi Kharisma ingin mendapatkan ketenangan buat jiwanya.

mereka meliwati beberapa shall baik itu ruang periksa... Ketika dia sadarkan diri... bagus. “oh kau sudah sadar. kenapa kau bisa tahu lagu ini?” 44 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 .. kau bukan Winston. “Winston.” seorang yang lain menjawab pertanyaan Kharisma. Ketika tubuhnya yang terbaring di ranjang yang beroda empat didorong menuju kamarnya. ketika dia selesai memberitahukan dimana lokasi rumahnya.engkau kah itu. sebuah lagu yang tak akan pernah dilupakannya “You’ve brought love to my heart.... Ketika mereka berhenti mendorong....” terdengar jawa ban dari salah seorang yang tinggal di kamar itu....” “tidak ada orang yang bernama Winston... “Kau... dia sudah dikelilingi oleh para juru–rawat dan dokter.. Ketika mereka baru saja meliwati ruangan pasien laki-laki dia sayup-sayup mendengar seseorang bersenandung suatu lagu....911. Dia langsung memanggil nama laki-laki yang selama ini dirindukannya.yang bernyanyi... “lalu siapa yang menyanyikan lagu “you’ve brought love to my heart” “aku. please.” Hati Kharisma seketika itu juga melompat.. lalu dia turun dari kereta dan berjalan memasuki ruangan untuk pasien laki-laki.sebaiknya kau tinggal di rumah sakit dulu untuk sementara sampai kami mengetahui dengan jelas apa yang terjadi dengan dirimu ok? Nah sekarang Suster akan membawa kau ke kamar yang harus kau tinggal.. dia merasakan bahwa dia akan segera pass-out....” Kharisma tidak menjawab hanya mengangguk saja karena dia masih merasa tubuhnya sangat lemah.. dan dia secara otomatis bangkit duduk dari tidurnya. ketika dia sampai di depan pintu kamar pasien untuk pria tsb.!” semua orang yang mendorong keretanya secara spontan langusng berhenti mendengar permintaan aneh dari pasien baru mereka.. disini. Dan bantuan oksigen yang ada di pernafasannya membuat dia segan untuk menjawab pertanyaan dokter. laboratorium dan kamar untuk pasien laki-laki. “berhenti sebentar .. Lalu dia berkata kepada para suster yang mendorong keretanya.. Kharisma mencopot bantuan oksigen yang ada di hidungnya..

Di sisi yang lain dia gelisah karena Winston mungkin akan kecewa kalau melihat dirinya yang sekarang bukan lagi gadis yang berumur 20 tahun.. aku beli disc lagu ini sewaktu aku menonton Orchestranya di Pantages Theatre... sekarang tgl. tapi tentu saja Kharisma sangat berterima kasih pada laki-laki setengah tua yang telah memberikan kabar terbaik yang pernah didengarnya selama ini. Dan betapa bodohnya pula dirinya mengapa dia tidak pernah memperhatikan pagelaranpagelaran seperti orchestra.... you’d better hurry up if you don’t want to miss him again!” Kata-kata dari laki-laki itu bagaikan sebuah pecutan yang pedas buat hati Kharisma. apakah dirinya telah menjadi seorang nenek yang menyeramkan dimata Winston? Apakah Winston masih sama seperti Winston yang dikenalnya 30 tahun yang lalu? Apakah Eropa telah menyulap Winston menjadi seorang yang lain? Apakah Winston telah menikah? Apakah Winston masih mencintai dirinya? Semakin Kharisma AGAPE — Christmas 2007 45 ... bahagia karena dia akan bertemu lagi dengan Winston setelah 30 tahun lenyap tanpa bekas.. Dia sudah bersitegang dengan dokter bahwa dia tidak mau tinggal di rumah sakit..” Kharisma terkesima. betapa tolotnya dia selama ini. “Apakah. aku cuma diajak oleh anakku yang sekolah music.. datang dari Eropa. “sebentar. yang aku tahu bahwa orchestra tsb. masih berlangsung?” Kharisma bertanya lagi kepada pria yang menonton orchestra tsb... dan dia menyatakan kepada dokter bahwa dia tidak kenapa-napa.. Conductor Orchestra nya bernama Winston?” “Mana aku tahu...mencari jejaknya Winston? “apakah... Berapa? Hmm tgl. Sabtu malam Kharisma seorang diri datang ke Pantages Theatre di Hollywood.. Kharisma sudah berusaha melakukan yang terbaik.....“ooh.. Kini dia duduk dengan bahagia dan gelisah. 17? Rasanya masih berlangsung... Setelah dia diperbolehkan pulang dia langsung membooking bangku yang paling depan. Orchestra tsb.” “Hah. bahkan baru tadi pagi pun dia sempat berpikir bahwa negara-negara Eropa adalah negara yang terkenal dengan negara musik.. sedapat-dapatnya dekat ke conductornya.dan weekend ini tgl 19 adalah pagelaran yang terakhir.. bukankah.

beberapa kali Kharisma beradu pandang dengan Winston. melody. bass sampai alat-alat music yang terkecil pun ada orang yang memainkannya. tercantum nama “Winston Brighton” sebagai pemimpin orchestra. maka semakin hancurlah hati papanya akan perbuatan bodoh yang pernah dilakukannya. trumpet. maka jantung Kharisma seolah-olah berhenti berdenyut. Apalagi ketika ayahnya mengetahui bahwa Kharisma tidak mau menikah. Winston seperti tidak berubah. Hal itu membuat Kharisma men 46 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . Setelah semua crew orchestra tampil kemuka. para musisi masuk terlebih dahulu. mulai dari yang main drum. Mata Kharisma sempat melihat bahwa kedua jari manis Winston tidak diikat dengan cincin perkawinan. Sewaktu Winston berjalan maju kedepan. Rupanya mimpi Winston telah menjadi kenyataan. violin. Selama concert berlangsung. karena pertama-tama ayahnya sudah meninggal. Kedua. flute guitar. cello. Ketika Winston melangkah keluar. Hatinya melompat-lompat dengan bahagianya. saxophone. dan rasa bangga karena hari ini semua orang bisa menyaksikan seorang seniman besar yang telah begitu terkenal di seluruh Eropa dan kini datang ke Amerika. semua penonton bertepuk tangan dengan meriah sebagai tanda penghormatan.berusaha menjawab semua pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini. maka yang terakhir tampil adalah Winston yang dicintainya. Sekali lagi Kharisma berusaha menyakinkan dirinya bahwa Winston yang memimpin orchestra ini adalah Winston yang pernah dan masih tetap dicintainya? Di program booklet-nya. semakin pusing dia memikirkannya dan semakin bermunculan pula pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang menyakitkan lainnya. Hal itu membuat harapan Kharisma menjadi semakin besar. Lalu apakah maksud kedatangannya kembali ke USA? Apakah dia ingin membuktikan kepada papanya Kharisma bahwa seorang seniman musik bisa menjadi kaya dan terkenal seperti dirinya? Kalau benar Winston bermaksud demikian maka semuanya akan sia-sia saja. Lampu di ruangan theatre telah diredupkan tanda bahwa concert akan segera dimulai. ayahnya sendiri telah berkata pada Kharisma bahwa dia menyesal telah mengeluarkan kata-kata seperti itu yang mana telah menyakiti hati banyak orang. kagum. Pertama-tama. Dia berusaha tersenyum tapi dia tidak merasa bahwa Winston membalas senyumannya. Dia masih tetap handsome dan dengan rambut nya yang agak gondrong semakin membuat dia terlihat lebih muda.

dan siapa yang ingin bertemu dengan saya? AGAPE — Christmas 2007 47 . Semua hadirin berdiri sebagai tanda kekaguman mereka atas apa yang telah mereka dengar dan saksikan. Setelah itu mulailah para hadirin meninggalkan tempat duduk mereka satu persatu. bisakah anda mengikuti saya?” “Hmm siapa anda.. ketika itu dia merasakan bahwa ada seseorang yang menghampir dirinya dan bertanya padanya. Lagipula pasti banyak pula orang-orang yang ingin minta tanda tangannya atau ingin kenalan dengannya. Kharisma sengaja duduk terus.dan lagu itu adalah “You’ve Brought Love to My Heart. Semua tetap bertepuk tangan sampai semua crew tampil kemuka sekali lagi sebagai tanda terima kasih. ada yang bisa saya bantu?” “Ada seseorang yang ingin bertemu dengan anda... Lalu dia mengambil keputusan untuk meninggalkan ruangan ini dan untuk melupakan segala-galanya. dan dia mengharapkan bahwa dia mempunyai kesempatan untuk menemui Winston. berpikir sampai kesana maka hati Kharisma menjadi kecil. Ahk mungkin dia terlalu sibuk untuk membereskan semuanya karena ini adalah pagelarannya yang terakhir. seolah-olah harapannya hancur berkeping-keping.. “Apakah anda yang bernama Kharisma?” “Benar saya sendiri. Tapi ternyata Winston tidak juga muncul. Apakah ini lagu yang terakhir kalinya dia akan pernah dengar? Bersamaan dengan berakhirnya lagu itu maka berakhir pula pagelaran ini setelah selama dua weekend berturut-turut pentas di Pantages Theatre. Kharisma telah siap-siap untuk beranjak dari tempat duduknya. Lagu terakhir yang dipagelarkan oleh Winston adalah sebuah lagu contemporer yang telah diubah menjadi semi-classic. diikuti dengan yang lain-lainnya. Dia tidak tahu akan samakah keadaan hatinya setelah dia melihat Winston dan ternyata tidak ada connection sama sekali.jadi sedih. Tampaknya bagi Winston semuanya telah terkubur lama dan dia pun tidak ingat lagi akan sedkitpun kenang-kenangan tentang cinta mereka. Lalu Winston lah yang pertama-tama masuk kedalam.. Dan mungkin pula Winston sudah lupa siapa dirinya.” Air mata Kharisma menitik tatkala dia mengingat dimana lagu itu pertama kali dikumandangkan.

Winston memang telah berimigrasi ke Vienna dan mempunyai villa di Paris. akan tetapi sinar mata mereka sudah berbicara lebih banyak dari apa yang dapat dikatakan oleh bibir mereka. Kini Winston mengajak Kharisma untuk pergi bersamanya. karena itulah maka dia meminta saya untuk mengundang anda ketempatnya? Bersediakah anda?” sudah pasti Kharisma akan mengikuti orang utusan Winston tsb. dia tidak menyangka bahwa penantiannya adalah tidak sia-sia. dan kaya dibandingkan dengan dirinya. Kini dia tahu diantara tangisnya adalah bahwa dia akan terus bersama dengan Winston. Kharisma merasa beruntung karena dirinyalah yang dipilih oleh Winston bukan wanita-wanita yang lebih muda. lagipula Winston masih terlihat jauh lebih muda dari pada Kharisma sendiri. Begitu juga dengan penantian Winston.. Kharisma berkata bahwa bukankah dia sudah terlalu tua buat Winston. tapi musim winter itu bukan berarti adalah akhir musim tetapi itu adalah awal musim. cantik. Kharisma menangis di pelukan Winston. Kharisma menangis dengan tersedu-sedu seolah-olah kerinduan selama 30 tahun ini telah tertumpah semua di ruangan itu. maaf. mereka berdua diam dan saling menatap. Kini setelah dia mengetahui bahwa Kharisma pun tidak menikah demi Winston. Setelah beberapa saat mereka akhirnya berpelukan.Untuk apa saya mengikuti anda?” “ooh. Maka semakin bulatlah niat Winston untuk memboyong Kharisma ke Eropa bersamanya. Bibir mereka tidak mengatakan apa-apa.. kemanapun akan di turutinya. yang akan diikuti dengan musim 48 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . saya diutus oleh bapak Winston karena bapak Winston tidak bisa menemui anda secara langsung karena mungkin akan terlalu menarik perhatian pada hadirin yang lainnya. ibaratnya Kharisma sudah memasuki musim Winter sedang Winston bagaikan musim Semi dan Summer yang selalu terlihat muda dan bergairah... Meskipun dia tahu bahwa mengingat dirinya yang bagaikan musim winter. lelaki yang pernah mencuri hatinya dan akan selalu memiliki hatinya. Alasan Winston kembali dan mengadakan consert di Amerika adalah ingin menemui Kharisma.. Dan orang itu membawa Kharisma ke ruangan Winston. Ketika pertama kali mereka bertemu.

dan Winston.semi dan musim panas. Nov. lelaki yang di kaguminya. seorang pemuda tampan yang telah mendominasi hidup dan hatinya. Kini selama dia di samping Winston dan Winston selalu berada disisinya maka hatinya akan selalu cerah bagaikan musim semi. cinta itu tetap tumbuh sampai kapanpun dan tidak akan pernah layu dalam musim apapun. Early Winter. Selesai. dan.. Kharisma tidak menyangka bahwa musim dingin kali ini telah membawa kehangatkan yang tidak akan bisa dirasakan oleh siapapun kecuali oleh dirinya sendiri... because “You’ve Brought Love to My Heart” seperti apa yang telah di-declare-kan oleh Winston kepadanya. 2007 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 49 .. dan seorang yang telah membawa cinta kedalam hatinya. dan cintanya akan selalu membara bagaikan matahari di musim panas.

And also. Wilson Suwanto: uh…*thinking*. Cole Haan. this pair of shoes from Nordstrom rack..I don’t know Hannah Wangsa: *quiet* a story book Tesia Trisnadi: hm. size 8 _. Yesaya Adidjaja: nothing… Ev. then school friends. that’s a good question….. So we can all celebrate Christmas together. for my friends to know Jesus and accept Him as their savior. Christmas wish..Christmas Wishlist Jesus has sacrificed himself by incarnating himself into a human being to be our Savior. I’d like a nice dinner party for church friends.. a book.. 50 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 Janice Atmadja: uh… I don’t know…oh. but. Timothy Gozali: *playing with his Nintendo DS* I don’t know Jason Kawilarang: uh. That is the ultimate Christmas present from God. . what do we actually want for Christmas this year? Let’s check out what some of the congregations want…. a Christian book.

so I can spend time with my whole family. I want vacation. AGAPE — Christmas 2007 MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 51 . Jennifer Tjong: I want no homework. never forget its true meaning. Kristanto Hosea: no present. Albert Halim: I want a new guitar preferably a martin or Taylor. Whatever we want for Christmas.. musicman stingray. Jonathan Tjong: world peace and world suffering to end… Maria Cindy: *thinking*… same thing every year. Umm maybe a new bass. instead I want the second coming of Christ. just praise God. Pency Kinnard: I want world peace… no.. now that’s a merry Christmas ^^ Rev. Arnaldi Rustandi: I want a longer holiday.Rocky Tindage: for this Christmas. I’m so tired. I would like to see growth in our congregation.

Credit to: w ww. How ma Zero One Two Three nimal did M ny of each a oses take on th b 2. God mad Adam’s hair Dust an Apple Adam’s rib sa…? 4. The “Wis and … ? Jewels 52 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 nted gifts o e Men” prese f Gold. Joseph wa Tax collector Fisherman Carpenter Preacher 5.christia nitytoday. Franki ncense.n Kids.co m/kids . a winner. Who was a Mark Stephen Peter Judas water bec le to walk on ause he had faith? hat? e Eve from w 3. r Kindergarte to qualify as This Quiz is fo help allowed and/or adult No parental e ark? 1.

God create Three Four Five Six rld in how ma ny days? 10. The winne r by Feb. 15. What did Rested as Made the se Created rain ents Commandm rote the Ten W e seventh God do on th day of creati on? r will 08. How many Three Six Nine Twelve 8. School Teache Ed Sunday AGAPE Easter swers to your ill be notified on Submit your an candies and w with easter egg filled get a cute AGAPE — Christmas 2007 53 . How many t? on the Moun Five Seven Nine Eleven 7. Je One Three Five Seven id Jesus ha es of bread d ve at the Serm on disciples were there? the dead sus rose from in how many days? d the wo 9.Myrrh Hyssop Food loav 6. 20 ition.

Haluskan bawang merah. 5. Haluskan bawang putih. 6. Aduk-aduk hingga setengah matang. 8. Bakar bersama potongan jeruk limau hingga matang. memarkan 1 sendok makan air jeruk limau 1 sendok makan garam 2 buah jeruk limau. Tumis bawang merah dan putih yang telah dihaluskan bersama daun jeruk hingga harum. belah dua 3 sendok makan kecap manis 100 ml santan 4 lembar daun jeruk 2 sendok makan minyak untuk menumis 5 buah bawang merah 3 siung bawang putih 54 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 . 7. Masukkan ayam. aduk sampai berubah warna. 2. 4. Tambahkan kecap manis dan santan. Rendam ayam dalam air jeruk dan garam selama 30 menit. Sisihkan.AYAM BAKAR LIMAU Cara Mengolah : 1. potong 6. Bahan-Bahan : 1 ekor ayam. Sajikan bersama nasi hangat. 3.

2. water. oats. Turn oven off. Lower temperature to 225°F and bake for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Add room temperature eggs one at a time mixing just enough to incorporate each egg. 3. Refrigerate overnight (or at least 4 hours). Lightly spray 9 inch spring form pan with Crisco cooking spray. Do not over mix. Ingredients: Crust: 1/2 cup Crisco® Butter Shortening 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup quick oats 1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts 3 teaspoons water 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1 cup Pillsbury BEST® All Purpose Flour Filling: 2 pounds cream cheese (4 8-oz pkgs) 8 ounces pumpkin pie filling 1 cup sugar 5 eggs 3 tablespoons Pillsbury BEST® All Purpose Flour 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon Filling: 1. Mix well. and brown sugar. and cinnamon. Mix. Beat room temperature cream cheese and sugar until fully combined. slightly open oven door and allow to cool to room temperature. Cool on wire rack. Add flour. Cream Crisco. Slowly add flour. 2. cinnamon. Fold in pumpkin pie filling.Pumpkin Cheesecake with Walnut & Rolled Oat Crust Preparation Directions: Crust: 1. AGAPE — Christmas 2007 55 . Pour mixture into prepared crust and bake at 450°F for 10 minutes. Press mixture into the bottom and one inch up the sides of pan. nutmeg. nutmeg. Bake at 325 for 10 minutes. and walnuts.

gcfl.H humor ————————————————————— These jokes are taken from www.net "A cheerful heart is good medicine.. what do astronauts get? Missile toe What is the cow’s holiday greeting? Mooooory Christmas What does Santa like to eat? A jolly roll What reindeer has the cleanest antlers? Comet 56 AGAPE — Christmas 2007 ." (Proverbs 17:22a) Santa Funnies What do you call Santa Clause after he’s fallen into a fireplace? Krisp Kringle Where do Santa’s reindeers like to stop for lunch? Deery Queen Which of Santa’s reindeers needs to mind his manners the most? “Rude”olph If athletes get athlete’s foot..