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Stop & Shop operates over 375 stores throughout 7 states including:

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Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey A distribution center in Freetown, MA. 59,000 associates from the communities we serve

Company History
The History of Stop & Shop Stop & Shop's roots can be traced back to 1914, when the Rabinovitz family founded the Economy Grocery Stores Company in Somerville, Massachusetts. Four years later, family member Sidney Rabb introduced an idea new to retail: the self-service, modern supermarket. By 1947, Economy Grocery Stores had grown into a flourishing chain of 86 supermarkets and the name of the company was changed to Stop & Shop, Inc. In the 1980s, Stop & Shop pioneered the superstore concept in New England, opening the first Super Stop & Shop in 1982. In 1996, Stop & Shop was acquired by Ahold, one of the largest food retailers in the world. Worldwide, Ahold employs 450,000 people and services the needs of 40 million customers in 28 countries every week.

Stop & Shop and Giant are committed to making a difference in our customers' lives everyday. Our customers depend on us to simplify their lives by providing an engaging shopping experience, great food and low prices. We deliver on that promise by having associates who reflect the diversity of our customers and the communities we serve. For us, diversity and inclusion are integral to who we are and how we operate, allowing us to understand and embrace the richness of our associates and customers.

Supplier Diversity
Stop & Shop is committed to developing mutually beneficial and successful partnerships with Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) by incorporating them into the everyday process of category reviews and product or service bids. We aim to enhance the procurement process by developing strong business relationships with a talented group of M/WBEs that offer quality products and services, excellent customer service and competitive costs. Internally, we address supplier diversity mainly through education of associates, identification of opportunities for minority and women business enterprises, and tapping into the knowledge of Stop & Shop senior management. Externally, we aim at building awareness and promoting opportunities for M/WBEs, including involvement in trade shows, business opportunity fairs, conferences and conventions to meet about the product presentation and bidding process.

Departments & Partners
We pride ourselves on our wide range of quality products and services. If it's not here, chances are it's not on your list either!



shellfish. too. bagels and muffins. Learn more. heart-healthy salads. The Produce Shop Certified organically grown produce and a large selection of locally grown (in season). The Seafood Shop Ocean-fresh fish. our own winning selections and more. Also check out our environmentally friendly seafood practices here. Note: May vary by store and availability. Plus sliced fresh fruits. You canOrder for Pickup online. Order for Pickup. Order your Seafood Platters for in-store pickup online. cooked shrimp and more. fresh European breads. . The Bake Shop Liven things up with cheesecakes. layer cakes. Try our party platters. The Deli Shop Enjoy premium deli meats and cheeses. Florist Shop Fresh fragrant flowers and festive balloons make an ordinary event extraordinary.In-Store Pharmacy Our experienced pharmacists are at your service 7 days a week to fill all your prescription needs. Danish pastry. veggie platters and more. custom decorated cakes (available online for in-store pickup).

Iams. family health items . Gerber. In fact. infant acetaminophen and more. Shiloh Farms breads.antacids. We follow strict quality standards. Look for packaged. At over 50 Stop & Shop locations. Morningstar Farms vegetable breakfast links and patties. wipes. priced less than other brands. refrigerated and frozen foods. Van's Organic multi-grain waffles. The Butcher Shop You want to serve the best for your family. cold and allergy meds. Natural Foods Eden Soymilk. kitty litter. you'll save big time . toys. The Beauty Shop Vitamins.fill your gas tank where you fill your grocery cart. and Friskies. Revlon and Neutrogena. Save on veterinary costs withCompanion Pet Insurance. Brands Everything we know about superior quality and taste goes into every one of our store brands. The Pet Shop A wide selection of pet foods from Purina. . and more. With over 2. Plus makeup from names like L'Oreal.with quality guaranteed or your money back.500 products to choose from. Gas Station Save time and money . Enfamil and Similac. Huggies. and more. flea collars. Beech Nut. and the Butcher Shop is here to help. we've got everything you need to make dining-in as delicious as a trip to a 5-star restaurant. bandages. Plus bottles. much more. Nature's Promise® Enjoy natural and organic foods. leashes.The Baby Shop The biggest brands: Pampers.

we're behind it. registered in the U. ketchup. from Check It! our self-checkout to Family Friendly Aisles. Guaranteed Value® Guaranteed Value® offers the best value on everyday items like juice. see your spending and savings. helpful graphics. Stop & Shop's new "Shopping Buddy" includes a wireless. Dungeness crab. Your circular just went mobile! • Download it free from the App StoreSM or Android™ Market! • View your store's circular • Find the nearest store on the go Order It! Select. It's the fast.. equipped with a laser scanner to allow shoppers to scan items as they place them in the cart and to use loyalty cards to alert the store that they have arrived.S. several payment options.CareOne® Featuring the same active ingredients as national over-the-counter brands. . plus receive extra savings that automatically come off your order as you shop. get a print out with your choices and prices.13 Oct 2004: The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company today announced plans to roll out new intelligent shopping carts from IBM and Cuesol that promise to transform grocery shopping -. easier shopping is well within your shoppers the power of an Internet computer at their fingertips. and other countries. Recycle. rich Belgian chocolate. Purchase our reusable shopping bags in store for just $. allowing for faster and more personalized service. and coupon redemption. as the shopper approaches those items in the aisle. Check out the many tools and options we offer. At select Stop & Shop locations. real fresh cream and more. and gives the shopper such features as: • • The shopper's buying history and favorites. Scan It! for speed and savings Scan and bag as you shop. easy "weigh" to price everything from apples to zucchini. Free stickers and activities too! Reusable shopping bags Help protect our environment.99 Reduce. the Cart Companion software from Cuesol. CareOne® includes everything from shampoo to skin care. Notification of favorite items or other promotional items that are on sale. QUINCY. Supported by IBM's Store Integration Framework software. Use of this trademark is subject to Google permissions. MA . an IBM Business Partner. paper goods. Simply Enjoy Only the best premium quality ingredients. Weigh It! Self-serve scales speed you through self-checkout with all your produce purchases. and a total price. And watch for more in the months to come. household items and more. A Family Friendly Lane Steer toward better-for-you snacks and magazines in checkout lanes the whole family can love. *Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. enables a grocery shopper to have a personalized shopping assistant on his or her cart. Shopping Tools Now faster. If it can make shopping a better part of your day. touch-screen IBM computer on the shopping cart. as well as the shopping list that could have been created at home and emailed to the store. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Reuse. like Italian durum wheat semolina. Then pick up your order at the Deli when you're ready to go. *Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Check It! Our self checkout is now available at participating stores with on-screen instructions.99 each or our insulated bags for $1.

including coupons. In addition. then picking up the order when the deli counter notifies the shopper on the cart's computer that it is ready. and preparation time. favorites. IBM and Cuesol have signed an agreement to jointly market the Personal Shopping Assistant. Advanced retail technology like this will allow us to better serve our customers by saving them time and giving them new personalized services. as well as product information that allows for comparison with similar items. with supporting content such as health notes. It also will be able to offer the shopper a guided shopping trip. The ability to place a deli order from the cart. sorted by such things as category. the free encyclopedia . Stop & Shop also uses IBM Self Checkout systems to enable the self-checkout feature of the new Shopping Buddy once shoppers have completed their cart-based self-scan. Stop & Shop is their first customer.• • • • • • • Personalized offers. Our customers who use them tell us they love them. in the aisle as the shopper approaches an item. The Shopping Buddy also shows total savings and allows for rapid self-checkout at the end of the shopping trip. Price checks through use of the personal shopping assistant's scanner." said Stop & Shop President & CEO Marc Smith. recipes from a meal plan and wine information. consumer ratings and gift suggestions. diet type. "Our initial pilot tests of these systems have been very positive. sale items. ordering and notification. future features could include pharmacy favorites. Ultimately. The ability to show promotional material and advertisements on the cart. The ability to keep a running total of items in the cart by scanning each item. showing a store map with shopper and product icons mapped by location. In the future. "Grocery shopping will never be the same once shoppers begin using the features of the new Shopping Buddy. the personal shopping assistants will allow shoppers to pay at the cart. Stop & Shop From Wikipedia. The ability to locate particular items in the store The shopper's loyalty program points and reward level. these intelligent shopping carts could offer such personal shopping assistance as: meal planning." Stop & Shop will retrofit its 3 pilot stores with the new IBM-Cuesol systems and plans to install 20 additional stores in the first quarter of 2005.

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company Type Subsidiary of Ahold Industry Grocery Founded 1914 as Shopmate. Produce. Deli.1% (2003) [2] Employees 80. Gasoline Revenue US$11.17 billion 6.000 Parent Royal Ahold Website Stop & Shop . Florist. Massachusetts[1] Area served New England and Mid-Atlantic Products Grocery. Meats. General Merchandise. Pharmacy. Seafood. 1947 as Stop and Shop Founder(s) The Rabinowitz family Headquarters Quincy. Gelatin Shop. Dairy.

the store introduced a new concept . This store lasted at this location until 1908. [3] According to the company's web site. in Boston's North End.Headquarters building of Stop & Shop supermarket chain in Quincy Center The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is a chain of supermarketslocated mostly in the northeastern United States. Stop & Shop was founded in 1914 in Somerville. Massachusetts by the Rabinowitz family as the Economy Grocery Stores Company. Four years later. called the "Greenie Store". Contents [hide] • • • • • • • 1 History 2 Brands 3 Recent contract negotiations and complications 4 Slogans 5 Logos 6 References 7 External links [edit]History Stop & Shop's roots can be traced back to 1892. at 134 Salem Street. while ShopRite & the A&P family of supermarkets are its main competition in New York and New Jersey. Its main rivals areShaw's Star Market and Hannaford in New England. when Solomon and Jeanie Rabinowitz opened a grocery shop.

Other stores were either sold to other chains or closed and converted to other uses. Stop & Shop is now the largest food retailer based in New England. when the name was officially changed to Stop & Shop. and sold it in 1992. The corporate headquarters is located in Quincy. Stop & Shop exited New Jersey. MA. MA and the current distribution facility is located in Assonet. The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company was acquired by leveraged buyout specialists Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. modern supermarket. In New York State they sold some of their stores to A & P while selling others to Grand Union and closing others. It also operated a chain of pharmacies named Medi-Mart. Stop & Shop had supermarkets in New Jersey. Stop & Shop was sold at public offering. In 1982. Shortly thereafter. After a period of several years in which KKR explored merger possibilities with Safeway (which it also controlled at the time). which would use these stores to replace their aging fleet of stores. and Massachusetts. Connecticut. The chain had grown to 86 supermarkets by 1946. Medi-Mart was sold to Walgreens. Stop & Shop was not able to compete retailing: the self-service. which were sold to Walgreens in the late 1980s. It operates more than 380 stores throughout four of the six New England states. In the late 1980s. In the New York and Philadelphia metro areas. Inc.Connecticut. The stores were then typical in size at about 30. Rhode Island. Many were next door to their then-co-owned Bradlees Department stores. and Bradlees was spun off as its own corporation.000 square feet (2. MA. selling most of the stores that were profitable to A & P.[4] Stop & Shop purchased the now-defunct department store chain Bradleesin 1961. while the company's original warehouse was in Readville. as well as in downstate New York and northern New Jersey. NY . Until 2006 the firm also operated a large warehouse located off of Interstate 91 in North Haven.800 m2) on average. converting them also to other uses. In 1980. as well as Perkins Tobacco Stores in the 1960s and 1970s. The Super Stop & Shop in Yonkers. New York state south of Kingston.

expanded deli departments. Boston area. In addition to traditional supermarket offerings. cafes. Ahold integrated Stop & Shop Supermarkets with Giant Food LLC and created one combined company with the name of Stop & Shop/Giant-Landover. Ahold acquired many of the A & P Foodmart locations in the Hartford. and Springfield. while others were closed and replaced with a super store within a mile or two. The chain was acquired by the American branch of Dutch food giant Ahold in 1995. converting them to Edwards. and Grand Union. Rhode Island. was sold in 1992. Ahold decided to convert all of its New England stores to the Stop & Shop banner. Rhode Island. Massachusetts area. New Hampshire. after Grand Union was about to enter Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidate. converting all of its New York and New Jersey locations to the Stop & Shop format late in 2000. In 2004. By 1990. Ahold acquired most of the Grand Union locations in New Jersey and New York state south of Kingston. moderate selections of general merchandise one would not expect to find at a supermarket. Ahold also began building stores under the Edwards banner in New York state and New Jersey. Ahold continued the transition of its Edwards stores. These stores would be between 45. several Super Stop & Shop stores were built in the northern Hudson Valley near the Poughkeepsie location. Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s.400 m2). expanded liquor and beer. Maryland. In 1999. In 2001. In 2003. in 1982. whose Edwards and Finast chain also had a strong presence in Connecticut. At that point. . and a salad bar. Shop Rite. or closed altogether.Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal raised anti-trust questions. Other A & P locations in that region closed or were sold to other supermarket chains. New York. the traditional supermarkets were converted one by one into superstores. Ahold announced its plan to acquire Pathmark supermarkets.200 m2) and 80. Some were remodeled.000 square feet (7. The Bradlees Chain which also had stores in Maine. However. and the one remaining New Hampshire store.000 square feet (4. and Virginia. in the wake of the acquisition. Ahold had previously acquired First National Supermarkets. Ahold walked away from the Pathmark deal and proposed acquiring many of the Grand Union locations instead. these stores feature bakeries. Under that deal all the Edwards stores would be renamed Pathmark along with the Giant Stores of both Carlisle and Landover. etc. Also some of these stores would feature a bank. non food chains. Delaware. and Ahold planned to operate both the Edwards and Stop & Shop chains side by side. video rentals. From 1998 to 1999. They also acquired 26 independent Mayfair Foodtown stores in that area. New Jersey. Stop & Shop operated in Connecticut. others were torn down and a new store rebuilt in the same location. Massachusetts. Late in 2000. Following negotiations with Blumenthal. These were all renamed Stop & Shop. Vermont. as Stop & Shop and Edwards combined had more than half of the grocery market share in Connecticut. Pennsylvania. Connecticut area. Other locations went to other supermarket chains. while selling some locations to other chains such asShaw's.Also. MA areas only except for its New York state location (which would be closed in 1995 and also replaced with a Superstore nearby). Stop & Shop built their first Superstore in the Springfield. pharmacies.

On August 22. Stop & Shop changed its logo as a re-branding project along with its sister company. The store was closed in October 2009. four Super G stores were shuttered and the remaining eight stores were converted to the Super Stop & Shop banner and became a part of Stop & Shop's Metro New York division in an attempt to revive sales at the stores. In October 2007. Stop & Shop announced closures and re-brandings for a large portion of the licensed Starbucks stores opened in 2006. Pennsylvania. In New Jersey. the newly formed Stop & Shop/Giant made the decision to phase out the Super G name in New Jersey and Delaware. The campaign was significant in that it is an early example of a regional traditional brand employing Web 2. Many Stop & Shop stores currently feature Dunkin' Donuts outlets inside the store. they abandoned plans to build a second Maine store in . 2008. GiantLandover. In 2006. Stop & Shop signed a contract with Starbucks. Map of Stop & Shop stores In August 2009. Also in May 2006. in July 2007 Stop & Shop opened a single Maine store in Kennebunk. Delhaize opened the store under its Hannaford banner in February 2008. Also.In 1994. At the same time. During 2005. a single Vermont store in Rutland before selling it to rival supermarket operator Delhaize. Stop & Shop began piloting the Shopping Buddy program in select stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Delaware and New Jersey under the Super G trade name. The Shopping Buddy is a personal shopping assistant that allows customers to track their purchases and to do in-cart bagging as they move through the store. Giant-Landover began northern expansion by opening stores in Pennsylvania. (The stores continued to underperform and were subsequently sold in 2007 toShopRite Supermarkets.[5] In 2007 Stop & Shop made an attempt to expand further into northern New England. citing slow sales as the primary reason. Stop & Shop launched an advertising campaign which was intended to have users submit stories and videos to a website (stopandshop. but did not operate. They built. This was done to differentiate itself from future sister company Giant Food of Carlisle.0 concepts such as user-generated content to promote their stores. placing the coffee shop chain's licensed stores inside certain detailing their grocery store experiences.) The Delaware Super G stores were to be remodeled and reopened as Super Giant.

[edit]Brands As part of Stop & Shop's market realignment. Pennsylvania in order to centralize Ahold's US operations in one location. Stop & Shop operates stores in Massachusetts.and are far beyond their competitors in number of stores. Ahold USA.[citation needed] Stop & Shop also has numerous in-house brands including:                   Sun Glory (Value Priced items. they have introduced new private-label products to their stores. and Rhode Island in particular have a very strong Stop & Shop base .[6] Delhaize purchased the vacant Kennebunk location in December 2009 and will reopen the property under the Hannaford banner in Spring 2010. Massachusetts. Connecticut. New Hampshire. Rhode Island. Currently (as of late 2010). Massachusetts to Carlisle.Portland. Connecticut. now discontinued) CareOne (Health and Beauty Care) Acadia (Spring Water Products) Nature's Promise (Natural and Organic Foods) Orchard Perfect (Limited Produce Label) Clear Splash and Main Street (Carbonated Beverages) Zazz (Seltzer) Pure Power/Pure Softness (Cleaning Supplies) Javana (Coffee) Companion (Pet Food) MiCasa (Hispanic Items) White Gem (Chicken) Cottontails (Diapers and Accessories) Guaranteed Value (Value Priced items) KaPop (Popcorn) Festingos (Tortilla Chips) Smart Living (General Merchandise) Simply Enjoy .[7] In 2010. Stop & Shop's parent company. New York.almost to the point of saturating the market . plans to relocate its corporate headquarters which is currently based in Quincy. and New Jersey.

Rhode Islandand Massachusetts had voted overwhelmingly to reject a contract proposal and to authorize a strike against the grocery chain. 2007. March 3. workers could begin the walk out as early as Friday. then another $20 weekly increase in March 2008 and March 2009. 2007. Both sides extended the negotiations. to midnight of Saturday. the five locals representing workers in Connecticut. Rhode Island and Massachusetts scheduled voting on a new contract for Sunday. and a strike was averted. 2007. At midnight on February 23. March 12.[8] Workers were paying co-payments for office visits and medical procedures. 2007.[10] On Saturday. and 35¢ yet again in years two and three of the contract. the five unions involved gave the company a very complicated and comprehensive contract proposal that covers every aspect of their five agreements and identifies what they believe to be a fair and equitable contract for everyone. according to union officials. February 26. extending the contract until 12:01 am Saturday. February 24. 919. 2007. which resumed Monday. March 7. In an attempt to maintain their current health care benefits. March 3. given that talks were scheduled to continue through Friday. 2007. also retroactive. These fees would increase over the course of the three-year contract. On the issue of health care. 2007. 2007. On Wednesday. The contracts for United Food and Commercial Workers Locals 328. The locals delivered a comprehensive contract to Stop & Shop negotiators Saturday and the two sides took a break from bargaining to allow the company to go over the proposal. March 2. and a worker with a . Part-timers receive an immediate 35¢-an-hour increase. as well as deductibles of $300 for health care costs and $2.000 unionized Stop & Shop workers in three states could have either had a new contract that Sunday or begun walking picket lines possibly that Monday.[edit]Recent contract negotiations and complications On February 17.[11] The contentious stop-and-go negotiations between Stop & Shop and its five unions came to a conclusion with a three-year contract overwhelmingly ratified by union members across New England. extending the strike deadline for Monday. 1445 and 1459 expired on February 17 and extended to cover until February 22. All full-time workers receive an increase of $25 per week retroactive to February 17. Stop & Shop wanted employees to share the cost of healthcare. the contract with Stop & Shop employees expired after three years. 2007. union workers threatened to strike. If a new contract was not signed by then.[9] Officials with Stop & Shop and the United Food and Commercial Workers continued negotiating through Friday. 2007. but union workers believed Stop & Shop should pay it in full. when the previous contract expired. grocery workers at the Stop & Shop supermarket chain in Connecticut. It was understood that no strike would occur until at least Thursday. Approximately 43. February 23. but the union and the grocery chain agreed to expand the deadline two more days. married workers with spouse must pay $10. The grocery chain wanted to implement weekly contributions of between $5 and $21 on top of the co-payments.500 for hospital costs. the second and third years of the contract. full-time workers who are single must now contribute $5 per week toward their health insurance premiums. 2007. 371. February 22.

Part-time workers will make no contributions toward health care premiums. 2. Retrieved on March 16. Michael Giant's Merger Hurt Morale. 5. 2010." [edit]Logos Current Stop & Shop Logo The original Stop and Shop logo used until 2008.[12] On January 15. Low Prices. November 29. 4.Stop & Shop ^ http://www. $15. [edit]References 1. ^ Stop & Shop press release from Stop & Shop's website ^ Bardaro. 919. Friendly Service. Stop and Shop and the five UFCW Local Unions agreed to a new three-year contract. 2004."Washington Post.[13] On March store-Starbucks-kiosks . Executive Says. retaining the current practice which covers union workers' health insurance entirely except for co-payments and deductibles. ^ [1]] ^ Company History .[14] [edit]Slogans    "It's time to Stop and Shop" "All the Ingredients" "Great Food.patriotledger. Mark McGowan and Ron Onorato sent a letter to employees notifying them that negotiations had begun with five UFCW Local Unions (Locals 328. 2010. 371. Still used in many locations. and 1459). 1445. 3.

5-inch display that slots into a regular shopping cart. chief technical officer of IBM's retail stores division. he said. If adopted by retail device manufacturers and application providers.6. as well as nutritional information and recipes. has accepted the IBM submission and created a charter to build an industry standard.pressherald.and application-specific. The Stop & Shop system forms the basis for the proposed standard. so what you wind up with chimneys of services that are difficult to integrate with other services. will provide a standardized way to connect in-store objects. and the Buddy calls up the person's shopping list. The proposed standard will give retail manufacturers and application programmers a common way to share information between devices in a store. the technology has the potential to dramatically shift today's shopping experience. Now IBM wants to bring Web shopping to stores. Consumers can scan items to get an item such as digital cameras. which can be sent over the Web or compiled from a shopping history. IBM is handing over the intellectualproperty rights to ARTS. salespeople could tap into a rich store of information on complex products. The Association for Retail Technology Standards. the standard will allow consumers to get information about products from kiosks and handheld devices while they Online shopping from home has become almost second nature. They can also order items from the deli and use a kiosk to check out wine selections." Hollis Posey. the implementation has been device. During a customer visit. such as kiosks and shopping carts. "In the past. told CNET News. Customers of the existing service use a device. called the Stop & Shop Buddy. According to IBM. . The device will display a map of where items are. Also envisioned are questionnaires that help a salesperson through the sales process with a customer. to Web applications.mainetoday. IBM customer Stop & Shop Supermarkets is already testing the system in a few Boston-area stores. ^ http://updates. which is affiliated with the National Retail Federation. The computing giant has donated to a retail standards body a specification that." Posey said. In donating the Web retail specification. "This is changing the nature of the shopping experience (by) wedding Web application capability and a variety of devices. or ARTS. if widely used. giving people much more information while they shop at brick-and-mortar stores. The key technical leap in the Stop & Shop application is a bridge between instore devices and the Web. The customer swipes a frequent shopping card. which has an 8. Posey said. A standard for the industry would spur the creation of more retail applications that pull data from Web applications.

cnet.That policy is part of IBM's stated initiative to submit intellectual property to standards bodies and open-source communities. Read more: http://news.html#ixzz1GsZDH1Ds . The company intends to propose other industry-specific

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