This war started in 2006, continued till 2010, and is still continuing. A bit of detail about it can be as under…
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2010 . 2010 Submitted on 9 sept. 9 HISTORY ASSGNMENT Allotted on 1 sept. 2010 To be submitted on 11 sept.LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY ARPAN MITTAL 11004259 A0002 ROLL NO.

6 billion to $48. President Felipe Calderón said that the cartels seek "to replace the government" and "are trying to impose a monopoly by force of arms. Drug cartels in Mexico control approximately 70% of the foreign narcotics that flow into the United States. TIME LINE . Mexican drug cartels(or drug trafficking). but contributes to the major part of heroin which is supplied to Unites States. Wholesale illicit drug market in the United States is dominated by Mexican drug cartels(earnings estimates range from $13. is the main foreign supplier of cannabis and methamphetamine to the United States. Mexico comparatively produces lesser amount of heroin to what is produced in the world. an armed conflict." Mexico being a major drug producing and transit country.MEXICAN DRUG WAR The Mexican Drug War. and are even trying to impose their own laws. have existed for a few decades. There has been an increase in drug violence after the arrest of key cartel leaders.4 billion annually). particularly in Tijuana and Gulf cartels. is occurring between rival drug cartels (motive: overthrowing Mexico’s government) and Government forces in Mexico (motive: lowering the levels of drug trafficking and consumption in the country and helping to recover public places so the Mexican people can live in peace). as cartels fight for control of the trafficking routes into the United States. but have become more powerful since the demise of Colombia's Cali and Medillin cartels in the 1990s.

killed by gunmen. Tamaulipas. City officials left the Army and State Police in charge of public security. March 14 . Baja California Sur. Carlos Beltrán Leyva.A mass grave containing 55 bodies found in an abandoned mine near Taxco. consulate killed in Chihuahua in shootings. available from 2006 to 2010. on captured). a partner of Tijuana cartel in La Paz. February 2010 . Army reported-only one of their own was injured.Gunmen in SUVs went to a party on the outskirts of Torreón. the mayor. June 19 . in helicopters.3 people associated with U. a suburb of Ciudad Juárez.Though there is very big time line. January 12 . Durango. showing numerable events. May 31 .S. troops clashed with gunmen(6 gunmen killed.Sixteen teenagers gunned down at a party in Ciudad Juárez. and 9 gunmen killed. Michoacán. in the northern border city of Reynosa. July 18 . Sinaloa. Durango. The outrage of the city turned into neurosis.Federal Police agents arrested Teodoro "El Teo" García Simental. the Gulf Cartel. in an attack on Jesús Manuel Lara Rodríguez! June 27. but a few events of 2010 are listed below: 2010 • January 2.9 people at a drug rehabilitation clinic in Gómez Palacio. rendering some border towns to "ghost towns". 3 police offers. Mexican Navy moved in.Firing on gunmen from the air.In San Dimas. March 4 . killed 17 party-goers. with no apparent criminal ties. Presidents Obama and Calderón condemned the attack! April 23 .The mayor of Guadalupe Distrito Bravos. January 8. its Municipal Police force have been disbanded. Two of their children-injured. arrested by Federal Police officers in Culiacán. Due to high crime rates in the municipality of Tancítaro. • • • • • • • • • • • . January 31 . brother of Marcos Arturo BeltránLeyva.Los Zetas engaged in a violent turf war against is former employer/partner.

Embassy could not be reached to confirm the man’s identity. Here are a few photographs….• August 22 . reversing earlier government passiveness. 2006 on the drug cartels. August 30 .S. September 2 . Valdez was said to put up little resistance when he was captured in the State of Mexico. and reprisals resulted in over 9.In Calderon's second coup of the year. authorities capture Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez.gun battles.300 killed last year alone) President Barack Obama had said that agents were deployed near the border and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Mexico to take a broad agenda overshadowed by spiraling drug violence and fears of greater cross-border spillover. the U. depite Mexico's efforts to battle drug cartels. often spilling across the border into the U. assasinations. 27 suspected drug cartel shot dead.S.Police found the body of a citizen of U.S state of Georgia in a car along the highway between the Pacific resorts of Acapulco and Zihuatanejo. Some Talking Points • 1Violence continues to escalate.-born trafficker who was fighting to lead the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel based in central Mexico. while the U. fights between rival cartels.S.In clashes near the US border. The government made some gains but at a heavy price . • • A war was announced by Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón in December. Legal deligates on both sides of the border assured to stop the violence and the flow of drugs(north) and guns and cash(south). . kidnappings.500 deaths s(over 5.

anti-corruption efforts.S. 50 to 60% of profits of Mexico come from cannabis. • • • • • Red Alert • • Mexico traffickers pass on approximately 500 to 700 metric tons of cocaine to U.S.000. but the changes in gun laws. law enforcement reforms.S. raises questions about Mexico's anti-drug strategy. Mexico being a fabulous source of marijuana. It the worst year since President Felipe Calderón took office. and Mexico faced a critical year in 2010 in their mutual encounter with Mexico’s fatal criminal cartels.800 metric tons in 2007. The deaths caused by drug-related pandemonium in Mexico were about 9.• 2Mexico’s violence -in 2009. 4Blaming America for Mexico's drug crisis and cash smuggled into Mexico is popular abroad. the U.S. 5Without consistent U. and increases doubt about its political will to continue the fight. about 9000 drug murders. will face an everworsening security circumstances. Mexico is increasing marijuana production in U. enough resources.S. 3The Obama Administration has regularly criticized the "failed drug war. U. . each year." yet it continues to employ the Bush Administration's Mérida Initiative to help Mexico fight the cartels. strategy.-Mexican collaboration.S. demand reduction and legalization of marijuana supported by "blame America" types lack support in the U. and presidential engagement. produced about 15.

its change from gangsterism to dangerous hybrid forms of ‘paramilitary terrorism’ with ‘guerrilla tactics’.• Mexico serves hefty amount of heroin and methamphetamines to U. The number of deaths due to drug violence have been constantly increasing from past 5 years: 1. The elements of such an approach would feature:  A comprehensive. President along with senior officials announced hard work aimed at diminishing the supply through eradication and police action a “historic failure” and assured a new mix of rational and effective tactics.S.  Improvised law implementation and inter-military colaboration  A publicised national programme for public diplomacy and decreased demand addressing the connections among the • • • . is being continued by Obama Administration.S.” securing the U. across the Rio Grande from El Paso. Bush. 2. Signals on the “war on drugs” have been sent by White House.537 in 2005. 5.635 in 2009. Administration has agreed to “dual containment. due to which Mexican profits range from $13 billion to $38 billion. The officials must tale more audacious leadership role. and 9. • • • Some healthy measures enforced • A cooperative assistance program established by President George W.– Mexico border from Mexican drug-trafficking organizations (DTO) or cartels operating in the U. Ciudad Juarez. has developed a reputation as the deadliest city on the planet.630 in 2008. well articulated anti-narcotics tactics for the America  An adequately funded plan comprising of sustained support for Mexico. Analysts explain about Mexico.S.673 in 2007. known as “Mérida Initiative”. in order to reduce smuggling of guns and bulk transfers of cash from the U.S.221 in 2006. More than 1000 cops and military persons have lost their lives in these fights. to Mexico. 2.

Government is endeavouring and trying to think out of the box to make new and intelligent strategies to come out of these problems and chaos. but drug trafficking is going through a process of self-destruction that deepens when the state confronts it. . for believes the state is gaining the upper hand.” he states.• murderous criminality of traffickers and the individual drug consumers. Former Salvadoran guerrilla Joaquin Villalobos. “It takes time to reduce violence.

2009. Mexico on Feb. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo) # .1 Numbered plastic markers are set on the pavement to determine the location of bullet casings found at the scene of a shootout where unknown gunmen opened fire and killed four police officers in Ciudad Juarez. 17.

2 Federal police officers sit aboard an aircraft while flying to the border city Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. 2009.000 men planned for this city which has been hit hard by organized crime related violence. The deployment is part of a troop increase of 5. (AP Photo/Miguel Tovar) # . Monday. March 2.

(AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini) # . March 17.. on Mexico's northeastern border with the U.3 Mexican soldiers check the identity of a man during an operation searching for drugs and weapons in Reynosa.S. late Tuesday. 2009.

a diamond and gold encrusted mobile phone.4 Shoes used for smuggling marijuana are displayed in the Drug Museum at the headquarters of the Mexican Ministry of Defense in Mexico City March 9. 2009. clandestine laboratories for drug processing and many more items that once belonged to drug traffickers are displayed in this private museum used by the military to show the soldiers the lifestyle of the Mexican drug lords. High precision rifles. (REUTERS/Jorge Dan Lopez) # .

5 Central American migrants being held in captivity react as Mexican Army soldiers. 2009. March 17. according to Mexico's Army. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini) # . unseen. More than 50 migrants were being kept in captivity by a kidnapping gang in order to extort their families in exchange for their freedom. enter to liberate them in Reynosa. late Tuesday. Mexico.

An anonymous call led police to a site where at least nine bodies were found in a shallow grave local media reported. (REUTERS/Alejandro Bringas) # .6 Forensic workers remove one of nine bodies found at a plot on the outskirts of the border city of Ciudad Juarez March 14. 2009.

Tijuana's most wanted cartel kingpin.7 A forensic investigator in Tijuana examines a vertebra and other bone fragments that were all that remained of a human body recovered from a barrel of acid. The gruesome discovery in the Otay Mesa part of the city is consistent with a signature killing style of "El Teo". (Los Angeles Times photo by Don Bartletti) # .

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