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Cover illustration by renowned artist R’ Elozor Kalman Tiefenbrun of London, England 
D’var Malchus | Likkutei Sichos Vol. 15, pg. 231-242

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is a kingdom of all times” – it is
accepted willingly.
However, when we are speaking

THE ETERNAL about “the word of G-d” –
determining practical law, which is
carried out and acted upon – one’s
understanding and comprehension
(in a manner of “Tziyon”) does not

HOUSE OF suffice. In fact, with one’s conscious
mind he can arrive at a conclusion
that is not as the law ought to be
ruled according to the ultimate truth.
It is specifically through

Likkutei Sichos Vol. 15, pg. 231-242
“Yerushalayim,” perfect fear and self-
nullification, that he compels himself
and utterly nullifies himself,61 that he
reaches and fathoms the Supernal
Will, the level of “Havaya (G-d),”
Translated by Boruch Merkur ruling according to the ultimate truth
(and acting on it even if it runs
[Continued from last issue] contrary to his personal understanding).
8. Simply speaking, we might infer that the two That is, the study of Torah of “the word of G-d” –
phrases – “Your kingdom is a kingdom of all times,” and practical law, and of consequence, also the proper
“Your ruling is in every generation” – contain the same fulfillment of the Mitzvos in general – is accomplished
meaning, reiterated solely for the sake of emphasis and through compelling and nullifying one’s self-concept,
stress (varying the terms to enhance the style). However, expressing an example of “[imposed] rule.”62
based on the discussion above (Section 2), it is 9. Since the Jewish people in general (and every Jew in
understood that according to the inner meaning of this particular) must strive to attain not only their own
verse (as with the verse, “for out of Tziyon, etc., from perfection, but they also must bring the entire world to
Yerushalayim”), they are (also to be understood as being) perfection, it is not enough that the Jewish people have
two different concepts. “Torah” and “the word of G-d” [expressed] in their two
The difference between “kingship (m’lucha)” and levels [of Divine service], rather, it must be “out of Tziyon
“ruling (memshala)”60 is as follows. Kingship is shall the Torah come forth (teizei, go out) and the word
authority that is accepted willingly, as in the expression, of G-d (must go out) from Yerushalayim.” Indeed, the
“and Your kingship they willingly accepted, etc.,” Rambam rules that63 “Moshe Rabbeinu was commanded
whereas ruling is in a manner of (imposed) domination, by the Alm-ghty to compel all the inhabitants of the world
authority asserted against the will of the people. to accept the commandments given to Noach’s
The two approaches to authority – “kingship” and descendants,” and the manner of their acceptance must
“[imposed] rule” – derive from the two concepts, “out of be such that “he accepts them and fulfills them because
Tziyon shall the Torah come forth” and “the word of G-d the Holy One Blessed Be He commanded them in the
from Yerushalayim,” and [they find expression] in the Torah and informed us [about them] through Moses
Divine service of every single person. (So too with regard Rabbeinu.”
to the levels of Tziyon and Yerushalayim in general, as will By means of “out of Tziyon shall the Torah come
be elucidated.) forth,” we bring out in “many nations” the movement of,
At the level called “Torah” – which is Torah study “Come, let us ascend, etc., and let Him teach us of His
according to one’s understanding and comprehension, as ways,” the concept of learning63* about the topic of their
above – the study of Torah is with enthusiasm and Seven Mitzvos. Although this is also a concept of self-
enjoyment. In fact, “Study is supreme, as it leads to nullification, nevertheless it connected with their self-
action.” Thus, also the general fulfillment of Mitzvos of concept, and understanding and compression.
the person at this level is something that he wills and is And as a result of “the word of G-d” coming forth
done with pleasure. That is, on account of the aspects of “from Yerushalayim,” we bring out in them, “and we will
“Tziyon” and “Torah,” one’s acceptance of the yoke of go (nelcha) in His paths,” the “going”64 (also sharing the
the kingship of Heaven is in a manner of “Your kingdom root “halacha,” law) in actuality, which is a movement of

 )FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
absolute self-nullification, obeying and fulfilling the Seven his being exceedingly humble and self-effacing (the aspect of
Mitzvos as they are according to “the word of G-d.” Malchus, Kingship). The same applies to the Academy of
So too with regard to the two concepts, kingship and Hillel, since they were pleasant and tolerant, albeit that the
imposed rule –their reason and cause (“for”) are the two students of the Academy of Shammai were sharper minded.
See at length in all the aforementioned in the citations
approaches of “out of Tziyon” and “from Yerushalayim”:
enumerated in Footnote 33, Hemshech ibid pg. 439 ff.
“Out of Tziyon shall the Torah come forth” causes there
to be “Your kingdom is a kingdom of all times” – that also 62 See below Footnote 65.
the world (“kol olamim,” translated here as “all times,” 63 Laws of Kings Ch. 8, end.
but also meaning “all worlds”) accepts the concept of
kingship willingly. And through “the word of G-d from 63* Metzudas Dovid and Metzudas Tziyon on Yeshayahu on the
Yerushalayim,” perfect fear and self-nullification, the verse.
concept of “and Your ruling is in every generation” is 64 As explained on the phrase, “Go (lech, a term meaning
brought out. That is, the world (“in every generation”) “ratzon,” “will”), for your sake, from your land, etc.”
attains a state of absolute self-nullification in the face of
65 As noted in Footnote 60, the aspect of “rule” is inferior to
the “[imposed] rule.”65
the aspect of “kingship.” However, according to what is
[To be continued, be”H]
mentioned in Footnoted 55 regarding the advantage of the
NOTES: self-nullification of the level of Yerushalayim over the level of
60 See Footnote 60 in the original. Tziyon, it is understood also in the discussion at hand that the
source of “rule” is a self-nullification that is beyond reason and
61 Thus, Dovid merited to determine the law, on account of intellect, etc. – see Footnote 65 in the original.

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redeemed my soul in peace” of G-d
and the Jewish People – “I consider it

A DAILY as if he had redeemed Me and My
children from among the nations of
the world.”
(sicha, Motzaei Chag HaGeula, Yud-Tes –
Chaf Kislev 5752)

In a deeper sense, the essence of

MOSHIACH the Redemption of the Alter Rebbe on
Yud-Tes Kislev – the spreading of the
wellsprings outward – is the essence
of the coming of Moshiach and the
Redemption of the Sh’china and the

& GEULA: Jewish People, because the essence of
the spreading of the wellsprings
outward is the revelation of the
knowledge of G-d in the world. As
the revelation of the knowledge of G-
20-26 KISLEV d in the world continues to grow and
increase, we continue to get closer to
Selected daily pearls of wisdom from the “that time (the days of
Moshiach)….(when) the sole
Rebbe MH”M on Moshiach and Geula. occupation of the whole world will be
to know G-d…”
Collected and arranged by Rabbi Pinchas Maman As is written (Yeshayahu 11:9),
Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry “For the world will be filled with the
knowledge of G-d as waters cover the
20 KISLEV – CHAG HA’GEULA: THE REDEMPTION OF THE sea,” not only will the world not
ALTER REBBE ON YUD-TES KISLEV IS CONNECTED WITH THE conceal G-dliness (the exile of the Sh’china) – on the
REDEMPTION OF MALKA M’SHICHEI (A) contrary, the world will be totally covered with “the
The concept of the Holiday of Redemption, Yud-Tes knowledge of G-d” (the ultimate purpose of the revelation
Kislev, “Chag HaChagim,” is emphasized in the pasuk of the Sh’china), and this surely applies to the Jewish
(T’hillim 55:19) – “He redeemed my soul in peace from People, who “will be great sages, know the hidden things,
battles against me, because of the many who were with and attain the knowledge of their Creator according to the
me” – as is understood from the words of the baal capacity of man” (the ultimate purpose of the closeness
ha’Geula in his well-known letter, “While I was reading between G-d and the Jewish People, “from battles against
in the Book of T’hillim the verse, ‘He redeemed my soul me…who were with me”).
in peace,’…I emerged (from imprisonment) in peace by (sicha, Motzaei Chag HaGeula, Yud-Tes – Chaf Kislev 5752)

(the act of) the G-d of peace.” 22 KISLEV: EVERY MOMENT IS PRECIOUS
The essence of the Redemption of the Alter Rebbe on
If time has always been something that can never be
Yud-Tes Kislev is the spreading of the wellsprings
restored, this applies all the more so in our times – the era
outward, as is known that the main concept of “spreading
of the footsteps of Moshiach.
of the wellsprings outward” began after (the
When every single moment is extremely precious and
imprisonment in) Petersburg…and since the Master
it is possible to fulfill and produce great and hidden things
comes through the spreading of the wellsprings outward,
– fruits and fruits of fruits - until the end of the entire
we find that the Redemption of the Alter Rebbe is
world, as “olam” (world) derives from the word “helem”
connected with the “He redeemed my soul in peace” of
Dovid Malka M’shicha, and thus also with the “He
(Igros Kodesh 16)

 )FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
23 KISLEV: REJECTING THE POSSIBILITY OF A BREACH IN Chanuka, so named in honor of the dedication of the
THE EXILE holy altar and the Beis HaMikdash in the era of the
“To him who increases (l’marbeh – written with a Second Beis HaMikdash, which was rededicated (“the
Shloss Mem) the authority, and for peace without end” Chashmonean dedication”) until the main innovation
(Yeshayahu 9:6) of the dedication of the Third Beis HaMikdash at the
An open Mem is an indication of the exile, as alluded True and Complete Redemption through Moshiach
to in the pasuk (Nechemia 2:13), “the walls of Tzidkeinu.
Yerushalayim, which were breached,” whereas a closed In addition, this day was established through the
(final) Mem indicates the Redemption, as alluded to in the miracle of the oil, which is connected with Moshiach
pasuk (Yeshayahu 9:6), “To him who increases the (and it should be noted that the kindling of the lights
authority.” with olive oil is based on what is written regarding
Furthermore, our Rabbis, of blessed memory, have Moshiach (Zecharia 14:4), “His feet shall stand on the
said (Bava Basra 25): “the world is like a porch, with its Mount of Olives”).
north side not enclosed.” This means that there is room Furthermore, there are eight days and eight candles,
for the world to have a “breach” and a descent, to the as the number eight is connected with Moshiach, who
point of a descent of the exile. is among the “eight princes of men” (Micha 5:4), and
When the Jewish People reveal and draw down the Alef “The harp of the Messianic era will have eight strings”
of Alufo Shel Olam (Master of the World) within the (Erchin 13b).
breach of the exile – this makes the world surrounded (Seifer HaSichos 5752, from pg. 201, sicha, Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5752)

from all four sides, in a manner that rejects the possibility 26 KISLEV – 2ND DAY OF CHANUKA: THE CHANUKA
of a “breach” – Redemption through Malka M’shicha, LIGHTS WILL NEVER BE NULLIFIED
which will not be followed by any other exile.
The quality of the Chanuka lights over the lights of
(Seifer HaSichos 5749, Vol. 1, pg. 333)
the Beis HaMikdash is that (specifically) the Chanuka
24 KISLEV: WHEN MOSHIACH COMES ON EREV CHANUKA – lights “will never be nullified” (Ramban, beg. of
HOW MANY CANDLES WILL WE LIGHT? Parshas B’Haalos’cha), i.e., the illumination of the
It is known that in the Future to Come, halacha will be Chanuka lights is a far loftier one. Furthermore, it can
according to the House of Shammai (Mikdash Melech be said that (there is a resemblance to) the essence of
HaZohar, Vol. 1, 17b). Thus, we must examine how the G-d’s Infinite Light, which is higher than the
order of the kindling of the Chanuka lights will be if hishtalshelus (Torah Ohr, Parshas Mikeitz 34a), for in
Moshiach comes on the eve of the holiday: relation to Him, “Even the darkness obscures nothing
Will the halacha be according to the House of from You.”
Shammai already at the beginning of Moshiach’s coming, Furthermore, this is also the relevance to the Future
and then it will be necessary to light eight candles [on the Redemption, as is known (Seifer HaMaamarim 5629,
first night], as in the opinion of Shammai? pg. 11) that the eight candles of Chanuka are symbolic
of the eight-stringed harp of the days of Moshiach,
(sicha, Erev Chanuka 5750 – bilti muga)
because the revelation that will be at the Future
25 KISLEV – 1ST DAY OF CHANUKA: THE MIRACLE OF Redemption is an unlimited revelation that is not
CHANUKA WAS ESTABLISHED THROUGH THE OIL CONNECTED subject to concealment, a Redemption that is not
WITH MOSHIACH subject to any exile after it.
The concept of Redemption is emphasized on (Seifer HaSichos 5747, from pg. 97)

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

By Avrohom Reinitz

limited to a fight against non-
Although more than 20 years have Jews. The battle to purify the
passed since the United States Supreme world includes a protracted and
uncompromising struggle against
Court declared that public menoros do the Jewish Hellenists of our time.

not infringe on the separation of A PUBLIC MENORA AT
Church and State, every year some THE WHITE HOUSE
The first public menora in the
shliach has to contend with opposition United States was set up in Union
Square in S. Francisco in the late
to a public menora. And each time, 1970’s. It was lit by Rabbi Chaim
after time, money, and efforts are Yitzchok Drizin in an impressive
ceremony that was held under the
exerted and expended, the courts decide auspices of the Levi’s jeans
in favor of public menoros. * A survey of Following that, public menora
lightings also took place near the
the battle for public menoros, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and
in Manhattan, where the tallest
Rebbe’s direct and indirect menora in the world was put up.
involvement, and more. A special public menora
lighting took place in 5740/1979
in Lafayette Park, opposite the
Fairlawn, New Jersey. After to one. How embarrassing that White House. The president of
many years of battle, a large the one opponent was the Jewish the Unites States, Jimmy Carter,
public menora was placed in front mayor of the city. personally participated in the
of the municipal hall last year. This story sums up the story of event which was covered
The shliach, Rabbi Levi Neubort, public menoros in the US. It nationally. The menora is lit
made use of some interesting consists of legal battles, heated opposite the White House every
methods in order to get public debate covered in the media, and year and sometimes the president
opinion on his side. Three years ends with the shliach winning, participates and sometimes he
ago, he put a large menora in the with the ko’ach of the Rebbe, and sends one of his Jewish aides to
yard of a Catholic who decided to a public menora placed in the represent him.
help out the rabbi. On the menora center of town.
hung a large sign which said, “I Ironically and sadly, most of WILL THE MENORA
support liberty and justice for all.” the legal battles against public AROUSE ANTI-
The conflict that went public menoros are led by Jewish
worked in the shliach’s favor and organizations belonging to SEMITISM
the shliach was invited to speak at Conservative or Reform The first fight against a public
a council meeting. In the vote that communities. Just as two menora took place in Bergen,
took place afterwards, his request thousand years ago, the war of New Jersey between the shliach
was accepted by a majority of four the Maccabees of our time is not and the committee of the Jewish

 )FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
community, before Chanuka with the lighting of the
5742/1981. The Rebbe, who Chanuka lights are held by
considered this a dangerous the majority of Americans.”
precedent, got involved in the The Rebbe concluded his
attempt to stop the plague before letter as follows: “Being a
it spread. lawyer, you will surely
The year before, Chanuka appreciate the significance of
5741, Rabbi Yisroel Brod, who a precedent in any court,
was the shliach to that area at the especially when it is repeated
time, put up a public menora in many times.”
front of the district courthouse. A meeting was held
Because of the symbolic between the shluchim and the
significance of the building, which members of the board of the
was built to look like the White Jewish community in Teaneck.
House, the menora lighting got The members looked at the
special media attention. Rebbe’s letter but continued to
Before Chanuka 5742, R’ Brod oppose public menoros. The real
received a phone call from a reason for their opposition was
woman who introduced herself as the typical feeling of inferiority
a member of the board of the that many American Jews have.
Jewish community in Teaneck. They prefer concealing
She said that they opposed public their Jewish identity and
menoros. Because of her appearing like gentiles,
opposition, R’ Brod decided to but in a letter that
put up a public menora in they sent to the
Teaneck as well. Rebbe, they
After consulting with members claimed that their
of the board of directors for opposition was
Chabad institutions in New because they feared
Jersey, they decided that one of lest, “the non-Jewish
them would report to the Rebbe public copy us and put
about this development and ask up Christian symbols
for his guidance. In the Rebbe’s in public places in
reply to a member of the board, Teaneck, such as X-
Mr. Larry Yaffe, the Rebbe said mas trees and
that public menoros already stood signs, whereas
throughout the US and even the now, they
president participated in a public suffice with
menora lighting opposite the
White House.
The Rebbe wrote about the
menora’s universal message: “In
the US they have recognized for
some time now that putting up a
public menora is a positive thing
because of its universal message
of freedom of the human spirit,
freedom from oppression, and the
ultimate victory of the forces of
good over the forces of evil, just
as it says, ‘a little bit of light
dispels much darkness.’ These
basic principles that are
symbolized in a public manner
Teaneck used its connections with when the minority willingly gives
Just as two the local city management and in on basic rights that it enjoyed

thousand years were able to prevent the placing of
a public menora. In reaction, R’
in the past, this leads others to
regard this concession as a sign of
ago, the war of the Brod put up public menoros in
fourteen places in towns around
weakness and admission that the
minority does not truly deserve
Maccabees of our Teaneck.
With so many public menoros
those rights.
The Rebbe said that even
time is not limited in surrounding towns, the though keeping a low profile was
members of the committee sent
to a fight against the Rebbe another letter

non-Jews. The expressing their contention
against public menoros. As for the
battle to purify the public menora opposite the White
House, they said, “near the White
world includes a House there is a Christian New
Year’s ceremony and they put up
protracted and a tree, but here in Teaneck, there
is no such Christian ceremony.”
uncompromising They claimed that putting up

struggle against public menoros would arouse
the Jewish The Rebbe responded with a
five-page letter explaining that in
Hellenists of our a relationship between two strong
groups or different religions,
electric lights strung on trees.” AND THERE WAS LIGHT
The Rebbe responded quickly On one of the first nights of Chanuka 5746/1985, the Rebbe
in a letter in which he repeated instructed that each of the shluchim involved in putting up public
that there was no legal problem menoros should be called and informed that in addition to the public
with putting up public menoros. lightings, they should also organize a Chanuka party for men, women,
Fact: “The menora in the nation’s and children. The Rebbe asked that the shluchim see to it that the
capitol was put up without any events be photographed and that they should send pictures to New York
fuss, as a self-understood event in in order to publish them all in a book.
the face of public interest. Even In the broadcast room in 770, which would transmit the Rebbe’s
the legal considerations pertaining farbrengens via telephone hook-up, there was a bank of twenty phones.
to the event were found to be The secretariat of the Rebbe arranged for fifteen young men to sit on
legally proper, including the use the phones and contact every shliach of the Rebbe from around the
of the public square, which was world.
considered self-evident, since the The Rebbe addressed the topic in a sicha on Motzaei Shabbos,
president of the United States Parshas Mikeitz, the eighth night of Chanuka, and instructed that the
himself participated.” shluchim submit a detailed report of all the activities of the Chabad
“I must admit,” said the House in their city, “And even better, if they send pictures, in order to
Rebbe, “that your unwillingness ‘publicize those who do a mitzva,’ by publishing the reports and
to take this into account has left pictures in a booklet or separate volume, produced in a beautiful and
me confused and shocked. After elegant manner.”
receiving clarification on this That was the impetus for the Kehos publication of the picture album
point, I will be able to deal with Let There Be Light, which covered the public lightings around the
the issues you raised in your world. The following year, a second album was published, called And
letter.” There Was Light.
That year, the committee in 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
a tactic that worked in Teaneck, endangers the Jewish position. In a source of inspiration for many,
and it seemed to be more helpful the long run, it also endangers its many Jews and inspires within
than harmful, in a democratic own position since it is definitely them a feeling of identification
country where elections take possible that “one day, someone with their Jewish people and with
place, one could never know who will pose the question of ‘Why the Jewish way of life … I
the next public officials or leaders does Teaneck have to be different personally know dozens of Jews
would be and what their policies than lots of other towns in the like these who returned, and I
would be. US, with Jews who are a minority have good reason to believe that
Since public menora lightings interfering with the town in recent years, hundreds and
took place for years already, expressing itself by way of even thousands of Jews
throughout the US, with the religious symbols,’ and it is nearly experienced the lighting of their
participation of government certain that the answer, ‘the Jews inner Jewish spark, thanks to the
officials, the Rebbe said that also prevented a public menora public menora lighting in their
public menora lightings were from being placed,’ will not satisfy city, the nation’s capitol, etc., as
accepted as a legitimate right of the majority of people in has been publicized in the media.”
the Jewish minority. “The menora, Teaneck.” The Rebbe concluded his letter
with its universal message – which After explaining why the as follows: “I must emphasize that
is similar to the spirit of freedom opposition of the Jewish I don’t think that a Jewish
and independence of this nation – community in Teaneck could community can ignore its
has taken its place not only in endanger the position of Jews in responsibility to other Jewish
Jewish life but also in the lives of the US, the Rebbe spoke about communities on this topic that
the American people.” the importance of lighting a cannot remain local, and it must
When a Jewish community public menora: have an impact on local
somewhere in the US arouses “Experience has shown that a community relations and those of
public opposition to public menora, placed in a public place other Jewish communities.”
menoros, said the Rebbe, this for the eight days of Chanuka, is
The Rebbe’s fears that the
Jewish community’s opposition in
Teaneck would lead to
undermining the Jewish position
in other cities and states in the
US were realized more quickly
than anticipated. That year, the
shliach in Pittsburgh, Rabbi
Yisroel Rosenfeld, wanted to put
up a public menora. The city
agreed, but then came strong
opposition to the idea on the part
of an organization that is
concerned about the separation of
Church and State. It was claimed
that the menora was a religious
symbol and placing it in the city
square violated the law which
separates between Church and
The public menora in (The principle of separation
Lafayette Park, facing the between Church and State was
White House
established by the Founding

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
“In the US they
have recognized
for some time now
that putting up a
public menora is a
positive thing
because of its
universal message
of freedom of the
human spirit, Fathers of the country. Having Court focused on the
come from Europe, where people interpretation of separation of
freedom from were persecuted by the Church and State and the
oppression, and government for their religious
beliefs, they wanted to ensure that
religious standing of menoros.
The legal team against public
the ultimate in this new nation they were
founding, people could not be
menoros asked the Supreme
Court to rule that a menora is a
victory of the persecuted for their religious religious symbol which is
beliefs. With the separation of forbidden for a government
forces of good over Church and State, a citizen can municipality to allow on public
believe as he or she pleases, and property under its jurisdiction.
the forces of evil, government bodies cannot The famous lawyer, Nat Lewin,
just as it says, ‘a support any religious activity.)
The first case was entitled
represented the shluchim. He took
the case on a public service basis,
little bit of light “Allegheny County Versus
Chabad.” After the shluchim lost
which means that he wouldn’t
charge the defendants, but were
dispels much in the district court, they appealed he to win, the court would require
to the Supreme Court in the prosecutors to pay the legal
darkness.’ These Washington, thus turning the fees.
issue from a local problem into a Lewin’s approach was that a
basic principles national issue. By Divine menora is not a religious symbol,
that are providence, the hearing in the
Supreme Court took place the day
since it also has elements that are
not religious in nature, and it
symbolized in a before July 4 th , and the media symbolizes victory in war and
freedom from Greek culture. To
gave it a lot of coverage since it
public manner dealt with a principle of American support his claim he pointed out
law. that during the Christian holiday
with the lighting The legal battle against Chabad season, trees are put in public
places all over the US, even
of the Chanuka was led by a variety of people and
groups. The ACLU (American though the tree is associated with
lights are held by Civil Liberties Union) led the way.
In other instances, the AJC
the Christian holiday. He
concluded that using a specific
the majority of (American Jewish Congress) item for religious purposes does
not turn that item into a religious
joined them as did the ADL (Anti-
Americans.” Defamation League). symbol, which would make
The hearing in the Supreme placing it in a public place a 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
PUBLIC MENORA – menora up on their dime, the
PERMISSIBLE OR mayor refused.
When they protested and said
REQUIRED! the Supreme Court approved it,
Even after their legal victory, the former lawyer said that the
the shluchim could not rest on Supreme Court decision allows a
their laurels. It turned out that municipality to put up a menora
there are many ways to thwart the but it doesn’t obligate it to do so.
placing of public menoros. The Since the municipality is under
first such incident took place, yet my authority, and I’m not
again, in Pittsburgh, the following interested in having a menora,
year. you have no legal right to force
One of the lawyers, who me to agree to have one.
represented the organizations that A similar incident occurred in
opposed a public menora in Cincinnati. The shliach, Rabbi
Pittsburgh, ran for mayor of Sholom Dovber Kalmanson, who
Pittsburgh and won. Before wanted to put up a menora in the
Chanuka, the new mayor city, experienced great opposition
announced that he would not have on the part of the Reform
a public menora on behalf of the community (and Cincinnati is a
municipality. Even when the stronghold of the Reform). With
shluchim agreed to put the the intervention of the Jewish
Federation in the city, which is
Left: The first public menora in the US controlled by the Reform, they
in Union Square in S. Francisco. told him that he did not have
Below: The public menora seen past permission to put up a public
the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

violation of the separation of
Church and State.
After a fascinating legal
debate, the Supreme Court
accepted Lewin’s argument and
set aside the earlier rulings of the
judges who had forbidden a
public menora. The Supreme
Court made its ruling of
permissibility conditional, saying
that the lighting of the menora
had to be done within a special,
celebratory framework, for then
the lighting would take on a social
aspect with a message of freedom
and it did not contradict the
principle of separation of Church
and State.
On Chanuka 5743, the first
public menora approved by the
Supreme Court was put up by the
municipal government of

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
menora. the entire Jewish community representatives of the Reform
R’ Kalmanson called a meeting oppose it? community, the city council
of the members of the city council R’ Kalmanson said it wasn’t vetoed giving him permission to
and the Reform representatives the Jewish community that put up a public menora.
came too. R’ Kalmanson opposed it, but the Reform R’ Kalmanson decided to fight
presented the Supreme Court community, solely because they by legal means, but after talking
ruling, but one of the council were ashamed of being Jewish. R’ to Nat Lewin, he discovered that
members asked: If the menora is Kalmanson’s answer created a the Pittsburgh mayor’s position
not a religious symbol, why does furor and under pressure from was legally correct and the

The past two years, and it to bring the issue for a vote before every night, as opposed to allowing
seems that it will be the case this the city council. Rabbi Gorelik it to remain up the for the entire
year as well, one shliach was not appeared before the council and Chanuka.
allowed to put up a public menora showed them a video of menora The shliach received additional
in the city center on public lightings around the world. The support from a surprising source,
property for the entire eight days council members remained namely Senator Wayne Allard of
of Chanuka. The shliach in unmoved and refused to allow the Colorado, who announced before
question is Rabbi Yerachmiel last Chanuka that he would attend
Gorelik of Fort Collins in one of the menora lightings with
Northern Colorado. The Old Rabbi Gorelik. Normally, the
Town Square in Fort Collins is Senator is known as someone that
owned by the Downtown does not make appearances at
Development Authority, which has events, so this brought a great
refused to allow the public menora deal of media exposure.
display. Two years ago, when he Many storeowners in the area,
first requested permission, he was most of them gentiles, put up
refused and that policy continued menoros in their front windows as
last year. an act of protest against the city
The Mayor with Rabbi Gorelik
The issue caught on in the and in support of the shliach.
local media, and the main When he was asked why he isn’t
newspaper published an editorial turning to the courts for legal
in support of the shliach. relief, he explained that he was
Ultimately, he was successful in unsure if the Rebbe would want
erecting a menora in the Town that, being that his case is
Square on privately owned different than any previous case
property. that came up, since he is allowed
Last year, a number of to hold the public lightings and
religious gentile supporters the only issue is leaving the
mobilized in support of the menora standing throughout the
In an interview with the media
shliach. In a letter that they sent rest of the day.
to local city council, they wrote, As Rabbi Gorelik points out,
“It is not proper that you allow us menora to stand for the entire the controversy itself contributes a
to erect the symbols of our religion eight days. great deal to publicizing the
on public property, while This case is somewhat different miracles of Chanuka, and that last
disallowing the shliach to so as than the other cases that have been year many more people came than
well.” The letter was addressed to fought in the courts, because they the year before, especially as
those council members who voted did issue a permit for the menora Chabad has garnered the support
against the display. to be up for the lighting of the local media, the mayor and
The Mayor, who supports the ceremonies each night, but he was most of the residents.
position of the shliach made sure required to take it down again 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
that they obligate the municipality Freedom of Speech is a supreme
of Cincinnati to allow R’ value in the US and the city had
Kalmanson to put up a public to allow R’ Kalmanson to put up a
menora. The city’s lawyers, who public menora. This paved the
were sure that R’ Kalmanson way for other shluchim to put up
would use the Supreme Court public menoros in their cities,
ruling to support his position, even in situations in which the
were utterly surprised when they city was opposed.
heard Lewin begin to talk about Shluchim who encountered
Freedom of Speech. They never trouble would call Lewin and
dreamed that they, who prided generally, after he sent them a
themselves on being the copy of the court’s rulings on both
champions of liberty and justice, issues – the separation of Church
would be accused of stifling and State and on Freedom of
people’s freedom of expression. Speech – the city in question
At the end of the complicated backed down and allowed shluchim
legal process, the court ruled that to put up their public menoros.

Above: A public menora in Cincinnati,
Ohio. Right: Pictures of public
menoros that were put up on fourteen
towns around Teaneck.

Supreme Court ruling did not
obligate any municipality to put
up a public menora.
While speaking to the lawyer,
R’ Kalmanson came up with a
completely different way of
approaching the problem. In the
US, there is Freedom of Speech;
everyone has the constitutional
right to express his or her views.
R’ Kalmanson proposed that
lighting a menora was a form of
expressing a view and when a
citizen wanted to express his view
by putting up a public menora,
the city could not prevent him
from doing so.
After recovering from the
initial shock of the gutsy idea,
Lewin decided to follow up on it.
He went to the court and asked

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
some places. Nearly every year we was his response:
Lewin’s approach read about a shliach who was “In twenty years of legal
forced to wage a legal or public battles, I’ve seen the miraculous
was that a menora battle against the Reform, but powers with which the Rebbe
after the legal precedents were endows the shluchim, when they
is not a religious established, making it clear that work to carry out what he wants.
symbol, since it there is no legal reason to forbid
public menoros, the shluchim
I’ve said this to dozens of
shluchim who have called me for
also has elements have been successful in
overcoming all the opposition.
advice on their legal battles.
“Every Chassid must know that
that are not Sometimes the shluchim turn when the Rebbe tells us to inform
to the legal system and sometimes the world that there is a prophet
religious in they prefer using public opinion in our generation and his main
to put pressure on the city. One prophecy is that Moshiach is
nature, and it way or another, the common coming, we cannot be fazed by
symbolizes victory denominator is that ultimately, the
shluchim win and the public
battles that are waged against us.
When we are forceful, and go
in war and menora stands proudly in the
center of town.
l’chat’chilla aribber, we will
succeed in conveying the Rebbe’s
freedom from Over the years, the shluchim message, and we will ultimately
reported to the Rebbe about all get full support from all the
Greek culture. the legal battles and they received media, which will help us bring
encouraging answers from the the Rebbe’s Besuras HaGeula to
Rebbe. The Rebbe’s secretaries one and all.
THE BATTLE say that the Rebbe would inquire “By fulfilling our mission, even
CONTINUES as to where there was opposition, if it’s occasionally difficult to do,
Although the shluchim won in which places needed help, and we will immediately merit the full
all their legal battles, the powers who wanted to put up a menora hisgalus of the Rebbe MH”M with
that be in the Reform movement in a new place. the true and complete
continued to try to prevent them R’ Kalmanson was once asked Redemption!”
from putting up public menoros in to sum up the menora wars. This

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By Rabbi Sholom Dovber HaLevi Wolpo
Translated By Michoel Leib Dobry

In response to requests by our
readers, we now present the next
segment from “ V’Torah Yevakshu
MiPihu,” Rabbi Sholom Dovber
HaLevi Wolpo’s seifer on the Rebbe’s
teachings regarding Chabad
chassidus, its approach to emuna,
and its various customs.
The Gemara further states ‘Rebbi has passed away,’ would stabbed with a sword!
(Kesuvos 104a): “That day when be stabbed with a sword, etc. He (It should be noted that they
the soul of Rebbi (Yehuda also suffered afflictions his entire even said regarding Rebbi Yehuda
HaNasi) departed, the life for the generation…for he HaNasi that he was the Moshiach
chachamim decreed a fast and would protect his [Sanhedrin 98b], and perhaps
requested Divine mercy, saying, generation…and those in the also for this reason, they were
‘Anyone who says, ‘Rebbi has lower realms requested that Rebbi certain that he wouldn’t die.
passed away,’ would be stabbed would…live and exist forever in Similarly, there should be
with a sword.” The Maharsha body and soul.” Thus, it is mentioned the wondrous fact that
comments in his Chiddushei explained in the saying of our since the days of Rebbi Yehuda
Agados: “Since Rebbi, of blessed Sages, of blessed memory, that HaNasi, no one throughout the
memory, was totally complete in when the students saw that their various circles of the Jewish
the study of Torah and the Rebbi was “totally complete in the People over the generations has
performance of mitzvos…it was study of Torah and the been called just “Rebbi,” except
fitting, on account of [the merit performance of mitzvos,” they for the Rebbe shlita.)
of] his Torah and his deeds, [for were not embarrassed to publicize The great tzaddik and gaon,
him to continue] to be alive and their faith that he will live Rebbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad,
exist forever. Thus, he was called forever, to the point that they the Baal Ben Ish Chai, brings a
Rabbeinu HaKodesh, and so they warned that anyone who dared to marvelous commentary in the
decreed that anyone who says, day that he was dead would be “Ben Yehoyada” on the

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
within a body.” which is for the souls of those
Thus, not only do Thus, not only do we find that tzaddikim that do not pass away
Yaakov Avinu did not die, but from this world and are found in
we find that even Sages of the Gemara. this world. Thus, when the world
Nevertheless, it is explained in requires mercy, and those living
Yaakov Avinu did the Alshich, Parshas VaYechi, that in the world are in suffering, the
not die, but even there is a difference between the
stories found in the Gemara and
tzaddikim pray for them, and go
and proclaim to those resting in
Sages of the what is said about Yaakov Avinu,
because “all of them have
Chevron (the Patriarchs), and
they awaken and rise to Gan
Gemara. strength only from the nefesh, but Eden in the world where the
not from the ruach and neshama spirits of the tzaddikim dress in
that departed from them, unlike the covering of light. They decree
aforementioned Gemara: “It Yaakov Avinu, for everything to save the Jewish People, and G-
appears to me, with the help of (nefesh-ruach-neshama) was d does their will and has pity on
Heaven, that the reason G-d within him.” Furthermore, the the world and the souls of those
made this quality for Rabbeinu Ramban states that the unique tzaddikim found in the world to
HaKadosh (Rebbi Yehuda quality of Yaakov with respect to protect those among the living.”
HaNasi) to come revealed literally the other tzaddikim is that In the maamer “Zos HaTorah
within his body, and sit at his “regarding all the tzaddikim it is Adam Ki Yamus B’Ohel” 5679
table as all other people while only at set times,” whereas (sec. 3), the Rebbe Rashab
they are still alive – something regarding Yaakov, It [i.e., the explains in the name of the
not done with any other tzaddik Divine Presence] hovers upon Mikdash Melech: “Even though
in the world, before or since – is him all day long.” death is written in the Torah, it
because G-d does not deprive a The Zohar (III: 70b) states: has interpretations: If he does not
reward from any created being. “We have learned in the hidden merit, there will be literal death,
Indeed, we have found that all the teachings of the seifer of Shlomo and if he merits, there will be a
sages of his generation sought to HaMelech on the pasuk (Koheles concealment that will conceal
pray for him that he wouldn’t die, 4:2) ‘And I praise the dead who higher worlds, as Eliyahu.” The
responding themselves with a fast have already died,’ since it is Rebbe Rashab further explains: “A
and many prayers, supplications, written, ‘And I praise the dead,’ concealment as Eliyahu and as
tears, and in great numbers. This why is there a need to add that Moshe in the mountain is – on
was never done in any other they have already died? The the contrary – a great elevation to
generation for the tzaddik of the meaning here is that they already the body and the vessel, which
generation…G-d did not deprive died (killed themselves) in this receives the loftiest illuminations
them of their reward, and He world in Avodas Hashem. It is and revelations.” See the
gave permission for him to come written there that G-d made three explanation there at length.
to his home revealed literally sections for tzaddikim, one of

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Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu Ve'Rabbeinu Melech Hamoshiaca l'Olam Voed 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Gut Yom Tov!
Chassidim are all one family.

Anash in Israel need help to marry off their children.
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TO 770
IR’ Moshe Bleich is a man of action. He here why he does not wear a kippa
in his temple, he told me that he did
won’t hesitate to use any means at his not want the non-Jews, who are the
majority of his worshippers, to feel
disposal in order to break the ice and uncomfortable.

impart the warmth of Judaism. * The FROM KARLIN
story of shlichus in Wellesley, STOLIN TO 770
R’ Bleich comes from a
Massachusetts. distinguished Stoliner family. His
brother, Yaakov Dov, is the chief
I spent two days in Wellesley, would rather save an endangered rabbi of Kiev and the Ukraine, who
Massachusetts, which is 13 miles fish or a tree in a forest than build a moved there back in 1990 and
west of Boston, at the home of the nicer home on a large piece of initiated outreach there as a
shliach, Rabbi Moshe Bleich. He property. This is obvious in the style permanent resident of Kiev. Another
also works in nearby Weston, and of construction, which is done brother, Avrohom, is a rosh yeshiva
observing him in action, I know without disturbing the natural in a Chassidishe yeshiva in Kiryat
what they mean. If you know R’ environment. Wellesley is shaded by Sefer. His brother-in-law is Rabbi
Bleich, you know he’s a young and large trees, giving it the feeling of a Asher Kalmanowitz, a rosh yeshiva
successful shliach who combines a vacation spot. in the Mirrer yeshiva in Flatbush. I
l’chat’chilla aribber attitude with People’s material circumstances asked him to tell me how he came
powerful charisma. are wonderful but their level of to discover Chabad Chassidus.
R’ Bleich’s work is divided into mitzva observance needs a lot of I grew up in Boro Park in a
two parts. He works at two colleges, help. Many Jews there are Chassidishe home, wearing a long
Wellesley and Babson, and he works intermarried. R’ Bleich is the first coat and having long, curly peios.
within the community. religious Jew who has come to live My family is connected to the
Wellesley, Weston, and Sudbury in Wellesley,. When I distribute Stoliner Rebbe and my brothers are
are the wealthiest towns in shmura matza in the local mall, I well-known Chassidim. My first
Massachusetts. Incredibly, up until meet people I would never think connection with Chabad began
thirty years ago, it was illegal to sell were Jewish. They come, take when I was nine, when I attended
a home to Jews in Wellesley. The matza, and disappear. They live like Camp Agudah. Out of 500 children,
difference between the wealth in non-Jews, they have non-Jewish there were two boys in my bunk
these cities and the wealth elsewhere names, and they don’t want people who were Lubavitchers, the only
is that money has not made the to know they are Jewish. ones in the camp.
people self-indulgent. People here When I asked the Reform rabbi The father of one of them, Refael 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
boys made fun of them for being was a good opportunity to visit 770
Lubavitch, but I defended them and and see what was going on there.
helped them out. When I asked my parents for
I knew a little bit about permission to go, at first they
Lubavitch because of two uncles of refused with the excuse that I was
mine on my mother’s side, the too young. But when I pressed them
shliach in England, Rabbi Shmuel and said that I had a friend who
Lew, and the shliach in Minnesota, lived in Crown Heights, one of the
Rabbi Moshe Feller. While the other boys I met in camp, they agreed to
boys spoke derogatorily about let me go.
Lubavitch, I knew they were wrong. I called the friend and he tried to
I knew that my uncles were serious tell me that he would be having lots
people who had mesirus nefesh for of guests that Shabbos. I didn’t
Yiddishkait and were talmidei mind, so I kept nudging him until
chachamim. he said I could come.
A year after that summer in On Friday, I thought that we
Mivtza Mezuza camp, 5748, we were invited to my would go daven in 770 but my
cousin, Dovid Lew’s wedding (today friend and his father davened in
Andrusier, was the head lifeguard. he is a shliach in Atlanta, Georgia). another shul. I kept telling my
The other boy was Zalman The invitation said his aliya would friend that I wanted to go to 770.
Teitelbaum, who is a shliach in take place in 770. I was curious to We were young kids and he didn’t
Manhattan today. His grandmother, see what Chabad was all about and understand my deep desire to see
known as Rebbetzin Teitelbaum, why people attacked it, seemingly the Rebbe. When I realized,
was the Camp Rebbetzin. The other for no reason. I decided that this Shabbos afternoon, that he wasn’t

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
The crowd began Rebbe who had come to console the
Rebbe. I felt uncomfortable.
hanhala of the yeshiva did not allow
him to come to the yeshiva
singing ‘Ata Over the years I continued to
visit 770 and to attend farbrengens
Instead, we met every week in a
V’chartanu’ and and other events. At this time there shul or beis midrash in Boro Park.
were many Chassidim from other This went on from Shavuos 5751
the Rebbe Chassidic circles who became until Tishrei 5752. Other talmidim

distributed kos interested in Lubavitch. Six families
‘lost their sons’ to Chabad on the
from the yeshiva and other yeshivos
joined us.
shel bracha. When block that I lived. One of those
people was R’ Chaim Malik, who
I began going to 770 nearly
every day. On Rosh HaShana I had
it was my turn, the was a Pupa Chassid. I began
learning Tanya with him.
to learn a number of things in order
to get my father to permit me to
Rebbe looked at On Shavuos of that year, I walk on the second day of Yom Tov
joined R’ Malik when he went for to Crown Heights. After the
me and I felt kos shel bracha. We arrived at the davening, I walked back home and

myself melting. end of the farbrengen and I was still
dressed in my Chassidic garb. When
it was only when I sat down that I
realized that I had been on my feet
I entered 770 I remember that I felt all day.
going to take me to the Rebbe, I people’s eyes on us. I was very There were some guests at home
asked him to tell me how to get to excited when the crowd began and being under the influence of a
770 myself, and he finally agreed to singing ‘Ata V’chartanu’ and the ‘Lubavitcher Rosh HaShana,’ I
go with me. Rebbe distributed kos shel bracha. began enthusiastically telling them
We entered in the middle of a When it was my turn, the Rebbe about my experience. My parents,
farbrengen, and with difficulty, I looked at me and I felt myself who were taken aback, tried to calm
managed to see the Rebbe. They melting. That was the second step in me down. I expressed my desire to
were singing Ad Masai, do we have my process. If until that point, I go to 770 for Yom Kippur, and my
to wait… and I remember being knew deep inside that I wanted to parents, realizing that this was really
surprised that they were singing in be a Chabad Chassid, now a serious, were shook up.
English. In Boro Park I had never breakthrough became imminent. In Stolin, when a bachur
heard of an English song being sung I thought about how I had often becomes fifteen years old, he travels
at a Rebbe’s tish. After a few hours visited Admurim and distinguished to the Rebbe in Eretz Yisroel for the
(and being only ten years old, I rabbanim and there was always that first time. When my parents saw
don’t have a logical explanation for initial awe, but when you saw them how involved I was with Chabad,
it) I began to feel that Chabad was many times, that awe dissipated. I and that it wasn’t just a fleeting
where I belonged. could pass by the Rebbe time after interest, they wanted to send me
I attended many farbrengens and time and always feel the awe I felt that year, even though I was only
was eager to learn what Chassidus the first time. thirteen. They ended up sending me
Chabad and a Rebbe are about, I was learning in yeshivas that month to help my brother in
what the Rebbe’s role is, what Karlin-Stolin in Boro Park and I Kiev, but that did nothing to distract
shlichus and the mivtzaim are. My hung a picture of the Rebbe in my me from my desire to become a
father didn’t think my interest in locker. I knew that Lubavitchers Lubavitcher Chassid.
Chabad was serious. He was sure it learned Chitas. I began saying When I returned to New York, I
was a passing, childish fancy. On T’hillim as it is divided over the continued going to 770 whenever I
my birthday, he bought me a clock days of the week. R’ Malik saw that could, but I hid this from my
with the Rebbe’s picture on it and I was serious and he suggested that parents. One of the dates that I’ll
770, and my brother bought me a I learn with someone who was more never forget is 27 Adar 5752. I went
Siddur T’hillas Hashem. knowledgeable in Chassidus. Every to 770 and I knew the Rebbe was
That year, when the Rebbetzin week, R’ Mendy Shapiro (now a going to return from the Ohel and
passed away, my father allowed me mashpia in the Lubavitch yeshiva in daven Mincha. I waited for the
to leave yeshiva early so I could be Los Angeles) would come to yeshiva Rebbe to arrive. When the hours
menachem the Rebbe. By Divine and we would learn Chassidus went by and the Rebbe did not
providence, when I was in the together. After a few weeks, the come, I figured I would wait
Rebbe’s house, I saw the Stoliner 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
another twenty minutes and if the yeshiva. My stunned parents tried change my mind. After a few days,
Rebbe did not come, I would return explaining that in Stolin there were when the initial shock wore off, my
to Boro Park. many people who learned Chabad parents realized that the change
After another five minutes of Chassidus and I didn’t have to take could be to my benefit and they
waiting, I saw one of the secretaries such a drastic step, but I was gave their consent.
burst into 770 and tell someone determined. My uncle, Shmuel Lew, arranged
standing near me, ‘The Rebbe fell at This was 5753. I wrote to the that I should go and learn in the
the Ohel.’ I was among the first Rebbe and Rabbi Groner told me yeshiva in London. After two years
people to hear the news. 770 began that the Rebbe nodded his head at in London, I learned for a year in
to fill up with people. the words ‘to learn where his heart Toras Emes in Yerushalayim.
The rest is history. I continued desires.’ A COLORFUL SHLIACH
to get more involved with Chabad. I My parents could not get over Right after R’ Moshe married his
began visiting Oholei Torah, where I the fact that I wanted to be a wife, Geni Meer of New Jersey, they
knew some people and I loved Lubavitcher. They got other people were ready for shlichus. They had a
attending farbrengens. One day I involved who spoke to me and tried number of possibilities, including
announced to my parents that I to dissuade me. Well-known people shlichus in Tel Aviv. That shlichus
wanted to switch to a Lubavitch in Boro Park tried to get me to did not work out because R’ Bleich
became ill, lasting for months. At
that time, he opened to amazing
answers from the Rebbe in the Igros
Before undergoing the final
treatment that healed him, he wrote
to the Rebbe and asked for a bracha
that this be the final treatment. The
Rebbe’s answer was so clear that it
amazed those who read it. The
Rebbe used the full name of the
treatment and wrote a bracha that
with Hashem’s help, it should be the
last one, and it was. R’ Bleich went
back to looking for a suitable place
for shlichus.
He met a Lubavitcher in
Manhattan, a lawyer, who told him
that his wife was from Wellesley. He
said that each time he went there,
there was no Orthodox shul. That
was enough of a lead for R’ Bleich
to go check it out. Later on, he
went there with his family.
The acclimation period was
brief. Both the Jewish and non-
Jewish residents realized that an
interesting Orthodox rabbi had
come to town.
Our main work, in addition to
the community that is growing
around the Chabad house, is with
students. Every week we have two
shiurim, one in Tanya and one in
Chumash, at the university. My wife
does programming with the

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
students, giving classes and baking attend our farbrengens, Shabbos even shluchim.
challos with them, and she teaches meals, and t’fillos on Shabbos. I’ll tell you a story about a
Jewish concepts before holidays. Some sleep over here. student who is known today in the
The courses are for women who Chabad community in the US. His
study at Wellesley, a women’s liberal DISCOVERIES ON name is Menachem Shapiro and
arts college. These are very bright he’s from Baltimore. He is very
students. Many women who have
TAGLIT-DISCOVERY talented in music and he just
achieved leadership positions in the Every year we organize groups produced a CD called Ta-Shma that
US attended this university, of students for a trip to Eretz is very popular. The first time I met
including presidential candidate Yisroel under the Taglit-Birthright him was in Eretz Yisroel on a bus of
Hillary Clinton and former program. We accompany the students on the Taglit-Discovery
Secretary of State Madeline students and convey the messages program. The students came from
Albright. and values we want to give them. all over, including my city. Every
At Babson College, the top- Every year, I bring a group of day of the tour I suggested that they
ranking business school, there is a students to 770 for Simchas Torah. all put on t’fillin.
high percentage of Jewish students, They are really blown away by it. One student looked different
a good reason for starting a kosher Over the seven years that I’ve been than the rest. He had an earring and
kitchen there. We are very involved on shlichus, we have been mekarev was wearing shorts, a tank top, a
with the students. They regularly many students to Torah. Some of cap worn sideways, and chains. I
them have become Chassidim and was sure he wasn’t Jewish and to tell
you the truth, I was a bit nervous
about approaching him and
JUST ONE PHONE CALL suggesting that he put on t’fillin. I
The story of the gabbai of the decided that I would see if he would
Chabad house, Yehoshua Bedrick is ask me about it.
one of the more interesting stories that When I passed him he asked me,
have taken place here. Jason-Yehoshua ‘What’s that you’re tying on
is a legislator in the New Hampshire people’s arms?’ I told him that it’s
State Legislature. He is the only t’fillin and it’s one of the important
Lubavitcher who serves in this position commandments for Jews. He began
as a Republican and he is considered to smirk and I was moving on to the
an upcoming young star in the party. next person when the girl sitting
Up until a few years ago, this bearded next to him said to him, ‘You’re
Chassid didn’t know what he needed Jewish, show how brave you are and
to do as a Jew. Then along came Rabbi put on t’fillin.’
Bleich: He agreed and when he finished
I always look in the newspapers Rabbi Moshe Bleich (right)
putting them on, he was a
and when I see the Jewish name of and Yehoshua Bedrick completely different person. The
someone who is leading the fight t’fillin changed his whole demeanor.
against cutting down trees, for He told me that he had had a bar
example, I call him up. I also do that with people who want to rescue mitzva in a Reform temple but he
old cars or those who want to pave highways or those working to had never put on t’fillin. They
preserve the environment. This is how I met Yehoshua for the first hadn’t even told him about it.
time. He was the editor in chief of the college newspaper and he had That day, we were supposed to
written an opinion piece about Israel. go to Tzfas. Each time I go, I take
I saw that he had a Jewish name and I called him up. We arranged some students with me to immerse
to meet and we became good friends. I invited him to be our guest on in the Arizal’s mikva. I’ve noticed
Shabbos. He enjoyed it and became a Chassid. I have attended that over the years, most of the
meetings that he has had with key figures in American politics, students who joined me, became
including George Bush and others, and I take the opportunity to raise baalei t’shuva. When we got to
issues that are important to us, especially the situation in Eretz Yisroel. Tzfas, I asked who wanted to come
He’s a rising star in the party and with Hashem’s help, he has a long with me to the mikva and he was
career ahead of him. one of the first to raise his hand. 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
whole thing. But he said he would
return to the US in order to explain
to her that he was a Jew. I
wondered whether he would stick to
his plan as we parted ways.
Two years later, I was in 770 for
the Kinus HaShluchim when I felt
someone tap me on the shoulder. I
turned around and saw a
Lubavitcher bachur who asked me if
I knew who he was. Lots of
bachurim come to our Chabad
house every Yom Tov and I cannot
remember them all. I smiled and
said ‘good Shabbos,’ and hoped he
would tell me who he was, but he
asked me again, ‘You don’t
remember me? I’m the guy with the
earring and necklace from the trip
Kaparos in the Chabad house
to Israel.’ I was floored.
He told me that he had returned
to the US and left his gentile
girlfriend, but his parents were
disappointed with that decision.
One day, he went out with friends
to a bar and on the way back they
got into a serious car accident. The
car was totaled but they were saved.
His non-Jewish friends said, ‘It’s a
sign from Heaven that you need to
go back to Israel.’ Instead he
decided to go to the yeshiva in
Morristown. He later got married
and became a Chassidishe

Every Shabbos and Yom Tov, the
Rabbi Bleich with a group of Jewish students
Chabad house is full of people.
There is a minyan on Shabbos and
On the last night of the tour, we said that he was very moved by the
for Yom Tov, R’ Bleich rents a hall
had a program with all the students, entire trip to Israel, and he was
in a local hotel so everybody can fit
the shluchim with the boys and the particularly impressed by the group
in. Last Rosh HaShana and Yom
shluchos with the girls, each one that said they would only marry a
Kippur, he put up a large tent in the
saying what commitment to Judaism Jew. He told me that for two years
yard where they had the t’fillos and
they were going to make. There he has been dating a gentile and
meals. Every holiday is a reason to
were different groups and the group they planned on getting married.
celebrate and R’ Bleich makes sure
that committed to not marrying a After that night he realized the
that even the gentiles know that the
non-Jew, was the largest group. I significance of what he was
Jews are celebrating.
was thrilled. planning on doing and he said he
When R’ Bleich’s son turned
That night, that student asked to would stay on in Israel and enter a
three, his hair was cut on the lawn
talk to me. We spoke until dawn. He yeshiva, in order to forget about the
facing the city municipal building.

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
and I put up the menorah at the helped us. It was truly miraculous.
Two years later, I municipality. The media interviewed That year, on Rosh HaShana, there
me and I proudly conveyed our was a knock at the door. I went to
was in 770 for the message. the door and there was a young man
Two days before the event, when who asked whether there would be
Kinus the menorah was already up and services at the Chabad house on
HaShluchim when people all over town were waiting
for zero hour, two Jewish lawyers
Yom Kippur. I told him that yes,
there would be services then, but he
I felt someone tap called me and asked, ‘What do you
need all this for? Give in for the
didn’t have to wait until Yom
Kippur. He was invited for the
me on the sake of peace.’ I told them that I am coming Shabbos.
greatly in favor of peace but I was He surprised me when he said
shoulder. I turned busy and we arranged to meet the he was an Israeli and that he was
next day. They came and I put only interested in Yom Kippur,
around and saw a things into a historical perspective because Shabbos was not a special
Lubavitcher for them, based on the Rebbe’s
day for him. The way I respond to
people like him is to say, ‘The truth
bachur who asked Not only were they convinced,
but that night they came to the
is, I don’t believe in Shabbos either.
I just wear a hat and suit and have a
me if I knew who menorah lighting with their families. beard but come – you’ll enjoy it.’
The event was covered by the media My kidding with him made him feel
he was... and it made a big kiddush Hashem. comfortable and he said that he
Those lawyers began coming as our would ask his wife because he
guests at the Chabad house and wasn’t sure she would agree.
Hundreds of Jews participated and
they’ve contributed towards our They actually came for Shabbos
the event was covered in the media.
work. and enjoyed my wife’s cooking and
Every Yom Tov is a Jewish event
When you don’t compromise, at they came back for Yom Kippur. He
and I try to make it as colorful as
first it looks as though you will lose, was from Chaifa and was 25 years
possible to attract as many Jews as
but in the long-run, you can profit. old, and he really knew almost
possible. One of the problems of the
Even the Reform leader who waged nothing about Judaism. He ate pork
Jews here is the lack of Jewish pride.
war against me came to apologize. at home and you really couldn’t tell
This is part of our job. Sometimes,
that he was Jewish. He had been an
Jewish organizations like the Reform
HE DIDN’T THINK officer in the Duvdevan unit of the
and Conservative interfere, but we
IDF and had been wounded. As
are shluchim of the Rebbe and we RELIGIOUS PEOPLE soon as he was released, he left for
are not fazed by them. COULD KID AROUND the US. He opened a real estate
The first Chanuka, when we Two years ago, they were business in Boston and did very
decided to put up a menorah, we outgrowing the Chabad house and well. He told me all this in one of
asked for a permit and got one, but R’ Bleich decided to go l’chat’chilla our meetings, long after his
then we were shocked to hear that aribber and buy a large building. antipathy for chareidim had
the Reform opposed it. Not only did The place he chose is in the center dissipated.
they oppose it, they warned the city of town and has a large parking lot. He began coming to the Chabad
that if it did not rescind the permit, In the back there is a large area that house more and more. I didn’t push
they would sue them in court. can be used for a sukka or outside him but he ultimately committed to
The story was reported gatherings in the summer. putting on t’fillin every day. After a
throughout the media and people There was one problem – the few months, he invited me to his
were sure that this would adversely owner wanted a fortune for it. home and told me that his wife
affect the success of the Chabad Despite this being way beyond their wasn’t Jewish. They thought I knew
house. But the Rebbe runs things, means, R’ Bleich signed on the deal. this but it was news to me. When I
and not only did it not adversely The one who runs this Chabad spoke with her, I found out that she
affect us, we have become known in house, he kept repeating, is the was in the process of an Orthodox
the city as a serious organization. Rebbe, and he’ll surely help. conversion. Apparently, she was the
We also won in court and this I will tell you how the Rebbe impetus for him to discover
too was publicized in the papers, 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
Judaism. donor to our Chabad house and business and if he wanted to, he
He became a Lubavitcher, with a helped us purchase the new could make a donation to the
beard and yarmulke and he says building. After I had known him for Chabad house. He was happy to
Chitas every day. I realized how a long time, he told me that he lived hear this and he told me that his son
important it is to know how to right near us and he had known it was 13 and he had called several
relate to people. If I had responded was a Chabad house, but he was synagogues but none of them were
to his comment about Shabbos not afraid to come in. willing to do it since he wasn’t a
interesting him with, ‘Fine, you have Since his wife wanted to convert, member.
the right to feel that way,’ I don’t he looked for a shul to daven in on I welcomed him with open arms
know where he would be today. I Rosh HaShana. He went to the and he was pleased. He is a
realized that my assessment was Reform temple and they asked him contractor and when we moved into
right when, one day, he told me that for $500. Although money wasn’t a the new Chabad house, I asked him
he had become a baal t’shuva problem for him, he was turned off to make some renovations, for pay,
because I had joked with him. He by the fact that they were asking of course. He came and did well
simply hadn’t believed that religious him for money when he wanted to beyond what I had asked him to do
people could kid around and at their pray, so he came to the Chabad and he insisted on doing it all for
own expense. house, where he was pleasantly free.
This man became a generous surprised by how he was welcomed. Just as the Rebbe arranged the
The rest is history. renovations for free, he also
arranged all the furniture, and I’m
THE REBBE’S KO’ACH talking about a lot of furniture.
There’s a student whose father had
When we bought the building for
a large furniture business in the
the Chabad house, people thought
area. He became involved at the
we were crazy for buying such an
Chabad house and began putting on
expensive place, but when you go
t’fillin and we became close. As time
with the strength of the
went by, he became a regular guest
meshaleiach, the sky’s the limit. One
of ours on Shabbos and he often
day, an Israeli called me and asked
slept over. When we moved to the
me whether I arranged bar mitzvas.
new building, he was happy to help
I told him we did, and he asked how
out. His father, who had met us too
A giant menorah in a mall much they cost.
and admired our work, told us,
near the Chabad house I explained that religion isn’t a
‘Come into the store and take
whatever you need!’
The interesting part of the story
is that a month later, his father sold
the store and retired, after owning it
for 30 years! We saw the Divine
providence at work in that the store
remained his until after he gave us a

When you go l’chat’chilla
aribber, you receive kochos and help
in the same manner; at least, that is
the motto of Chabad of Wellesley.
Until they moved to the new
Chabad house, R’ Bleich had to
borrow a Torah scroll from various
places, but then he acquired one of
his own, as well as an Aron Kodesh.
Mekuravim at a farbrengen with Rabbi Tuvia Bolton It was all with amazing Divine

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
providence. campus. ‘They will certainly use it you eat chicken from the fridge.
The story of how I got the seifer more,’ he told her. When you explain all sorts of
Torah is incredible. Shortly after we She loved the idea and the concepts in Judaism, the topic of
moved to the new Chabad house, I shliach found sofrim for her who Moshiach is accepted along with
got an e-mail saying that whoever took less money than the Reform. everything else. As someone who
worked on campuses and still did About twenty Sifrei Torah were comes from Boro Park, I know that
not have a Torah should know that donated to shluchim. A few weeks over there you have to approach it
there was an elderly woman by the before we received ours, Sandra differently. Once a year we make a
name of Sandra Brand who was Brand passed away and the Torah successful dinner in Boro Park for
willing to donate Sifrei Torah. was donated in her memory. the Chabad House and I have to
Later on, I found out the whole think much more about how I say
story. Sandra was born in 1910 to a IN WELLESLEY IT’S things over there. I need to
Belzer family. Before the war she approach it with more logic and less
had gone off the derech and married
EASIER TO SPREAD THE emotion. At our Chabad House we
a nonobservant Jew. Because of this, BESURAS HA’GEULA mention Moshiach all the time; we
she was cut off from her family. While at the Chabad House, I live with it. We have to – it’s the
During the war, she was saw R’ Bleich dealing with questions shlichus we have from the Rebbe!
separated from her husband and on inyanei Moshiach and Geula. A We see how the Rebbe gives us
son, who fled to save themselves. young man asked him why we need brachos today, no less than in the
He and her son perished though, to ask for Moshiach and to talk past. The miracles in the Igros
and she survived because she was about it and live with it when Kodesh are just amazing. I’ll give
able to fool the Germans into thousands of years have gone by you one example. There was
someone here who got into trouble
with the law. He had a gentile
At our Chabad House we mention partner who stole 25 million dollars
from people who wanted to invest in
Moshiach all the time; we live with it. their company. The state wanted to
We have to – it’s the shlichus we have prosecute him for knowing about
this and keeping quiet. This story
from the Rebbe! was on the front page of the
newspapers. If he was convicted, he
would have sat in jail for twenty
thinking she wasn’t Jewish. When and we are still in galus. R’ Bleich years.
she arrived in the US, she became a smiled and answered, Imagine you He came to me one day and
wealthy businesswoman. She wrote lost a million dollar check in a huge wanted to write to the Rebbe. He
a book about her life under Nazi pile of papers. You worked hard and opened the Igros Kodesh and there
occupation in which she said that you went through 95% of the papers was a wonderful bracha. The
everything that happened to her was but you still didn’t find the check. following afternoon he called me as
because she defied her parents. Would you say, ‘I’ve looked for so I was driving down the highway and
Ten years ago, she decided that long and I didn’t find it,’ and give he asked me to pull over. I didn’t
she wanted to donate Sifrei Torah to up? Or would you say, ‘I am closer know what had happened but he
campuses for Jewish students in than ever to finding the missing sounded very emotional.
order to save the young generation check?’ That’s what it’s like with He told me, ‘Today I appeared in
so they wouldn’t err as she did. Up Moshiach. court and nobody believed that I
until a few years ago, she donated In Wellesley it’s much easier to knew nothing, but the judges cut
them through Hillel, an organization spread the Besuras Ha’Geula short the proceeding and said they
that operates on campuses. because people don’t know much believed me.’ His acquittal was
The woman who managed her about anything Jewish here. For written up in all the papers. He
philanthropic work for her was a example, in our first year here, bought t’fillin and was so
guest at a shliach’s home in New when I told mekuravim to come for enthusiastic that at first he even
York and when he heard what she Kaparos, they came to the house wore them on Shabbos and Yom
does, he suggested that Sifrei Torah and asked when we’re eating. They Tov.
also be given to Chabad houses on thought it was a ceremony where 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

(Igros Kodesh vol. 6, p. 171)
Before moving in the furniture,

DIRECTIVES bring in a Siddur, Chumash,
T’hillim, and Tanya. May Hashem
help you that the change of location
will be a change in fortune, for
goodness and blessing, materially

ABOUT A and spiritually.

(Igros Kodesh vol. 9 p. 228)

The placement of the mezuza is

By Rabbi Avrohom Shmuel Bukiet
on the right side, based on the
location of the hinges (i.e.,
according to how the door opens –
for a door that opens into a room,
the mezuza is put on the right as
one enters the room; for a door that
When you buy a new house, when is the opens out of the room, the mezuza
is put to the right of the way out of
best time to move in? What do you need the room). This rule is aside from

to do before you move in? Which days the front door (at the main entrance
one does not consider the door
are auspicious for moving in? How is a hinges but places the mezuza on the
right of the entrance to the home,
Chanukas HaBayis celebrated? * What even if the door opens outward).

the Rebbe said regarding a new house.
(based on Seifer HaMinhagim – minhagei
Chabad p. 81)

Regarding a chassan and kalla
RIGHT AWAY … You write that you are moving who are preparing to build a Jewish
As far as your informing me to a new home and surely you have home – along with the efforts to
that you moved to a new home, checked the mezuzos to see whether prepare the home’s furnishings, “a
may it be Hashem’s will that they are presently kosher. bed, chair, table, and lamp” – one
changing your location will be a (a handwritten response “Otzar HaMelech vol. should also try (in fact, this should
1, p. 35)
change in fortune, for goodness be attended to first) to see that the
and blessing, both materially and house should have sifrei kodesh that
spiritually. BRINGING A SIDDUR, should be learned from, etc., until it
… It would be beneficial that CHUMASH, T’HILLIM, becomes a “house full of s’farim,”
you immediately put up mezuzos including the meaning that the
(naturally, ones that are kosher and entire house and furnishings are
checked) in your new home, In response to your informing permeated with the contents of the
without a bracha, and thirty days me that this week you will be “s’farim,” as Chazal (in Pirkei Avos,
later take one of them to be moving in to your new home, chapter 4) say, “a meeting place for
checked again and replace it with a surely, the first thing you will do is sages.”
better one, so you will be able to bring in a Siddur, Chumash,
(Seifer HaSichos 5748, vol. 1, p. 191)
recite the blessing with the T’hillim, and Tanya. May it be
intention of including all the Hashem’s will that you dwell there
mezuzos in the home. in peace and expansiveness, and BREAD AND SALT
may Hashem fulfill your hearts’ Our custom is to first bring in a
(Igros Kodesh, vol. 7, p. 315)
desires for good, in all aspects. Siddur, Chumash, T’hillim, and a

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
Tanya, in addition to the custom Chadakov – it would be good if you As it is written regarding
(which is apparently widespread) of do this after the 15th of Av, if it is Chinuch HaBayis … since it is a
bread and salt. possible to wait until then. Jewish custom and there is a
(Igros Kodesh vol. 19, p. 390) maamer of the Alter Rebbe “the
(Igros Kodesh vol. 9 p. 228)
reason that a feast and simcha are
made at a chanukas ha’bayis,” this
DAYS OF THE WEEK ELUL should be done, and when they have
In response to your letter … in In response to your question as a Chassidishe farbrengen it will be
which you write that you rented a to when to move into the new of benefit, bother materially and
new apartment and you ask when apartment, based on what Chazal spiritually.
and what you should do – I don’t say, if possible, not in this month (Igros Kodesh vol. 21 p. 282, Seifer
know what you mean. Perhaps you [Av] but in the month of Elul, the HaMinhagim – Minhagei Chabad p. 81, and see
mean when to move, etc. It is month of mercy – that would be
also Sichos Kodesh 5732 vol. 1, p 129)

proper to move on the day that “ki proper.
tov” is said twice (i.e., Tuesday) if FEASTING AND SIMCHA
that is not a problem. If it is a The Alter Rebbe in Likkutei
problem, you can move on the other Torah (Bracha, 98) explains the
days of the week (aside from reason for feasting and joy at a
Monday and Thursday). Chanukas HaBayis. He says that
(Igros Kodesh, vol. 15, p. 389) “bayis” alludes to a very high level
which is above simcha and as such
BEFORE PESACH it is necessary to draw down the
aspect of simcha there.
I was pleased to receive your
With this, the Alter Rebbe
letter of 21 Adar … the idea to
explains the verse in T’hillim (30:1),
bring items into the apartment
“Mizmor shir chanukas ha’bayis
before Pesach is a proper one (so as
l’Dovid,” i.e., to draw into the
not to begin moving during S’fira),
Chanukas HaBayis the aspect of
and as is known, the month of
simcha (mizmor and shir).
Nissan is the month of freedom in
all aspects, also from worries about ***
limitations, etc. This is a Jewish custom, which is
(Igros Kodesh vol. 10, p. 408) Torah, and we have Chassidic
expositions on this from our
Rebbeim, that a Chanukas HaBayis
AT THE END OF is done with simcha along with the
THE SUMMER inyan of Torah and the foundation
Regarding your question of Torah, etc.
whether to look into the matter of (Sichos Kodesh 5734, vol. 1, p. 353)
The cover of the new book
acquiring an apartment, inquiring is ***
fine, but moving to a new apartment
(Igros Kodesh vol. 19, p. 389) I was pleased to be informed
is not worthwhile at the beginning
about the Chanukas HaBinyan
of the summer, but at the end. May
THE CUSTOM OF celebration … A house as it relates
Hashem grant you success to find a
to the “outside” protects and
suitable one, both as relates to the CHANUKAS HA’BAYIS shelters from the heat and rain,
running of the shul and the Talmud You are moving to a new warmth and cold, etc.
Torah as well as the apartment itself. apartment, and I double my brachos And as it relates to the “inside” –
(Igros Kodesh, vol. 6, p. 63) that it should be a change in it provides a life of serenity and a
location and a change in fortune for permanent dwelling.
AFTER 15 AV good, and that the move be from That is why the building (or
heights to greater heights, with a buying) of a home entails man’s
About your question regarding
material ascent and a spiritual exertion, and mainly, much blessing
moving into a new apartment – as I
ascent. from Above, as the verse says
already conveyed through R’ 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
(T’hillim 55:19), “Hashem builds a only those who would eventually the left side within me or the right
house.” become a Nasi would know about it. side, would say; they only knew that
Therefore we also make a feast and the simcha The fact that the entire town knew a Chassidishe farbrengen, hearing
of a Chanukas HaBayis. about it and afterwards this was Chassidus, a Chassidishe vort and a
(Igros Kodesh vol. 27, p. 240)
forgotten, and then came the time story of our Rebbeim, brought in
when the Rebbe related this and it light, and a little light dispels much
LEARNING WITH was publicized, means that the story darkness.
SCHOOLCHILDREN became a lesson in how to build a Furthermore, why think about
Jewish home. darkness; let us think more about
… they should also make the
*** light.
homes into a sanctuary and
Mikdash for G-d, starting with The Rebbe related that after the (Igros Kodesh vol. 4, p. 319)

making a Chanukas HaBayis and wedding of his father-in-law, they
with simcha, and the Jewish custom built an additional room for the LEARNING THE REBBE’S
to begin by bringing children to the couple and before going in, the TEACHINGS
house as part of the Chanukas Rebbe and his wife, his mother-in-
HaBayis, to learn Alef-Beis there, or law and Rebbetzin, brought pupils In response to your letter…that
verses from Torah and the like, and from the Talmud Torah and they informs me that you found a new
after that to increase (even more) in learned there for two weeks. He apartment…you should dedicate the
Torah and mitzvos and spreading explained the reason they brought house with Torah study. That is,
Judaism, through the house. schoolchildren and not talmidim of first learn in one of the rooms there
the yeshiva is because the main with some of your students, and you
(Seifer HaSichos 5748, vol. 2, p. 642)
foundation is in learning Alef-Beis, should learn at least something from
*** the teachings of the Rebbe, my
“kamatz Alef ah,” and we see the
Before the wedding of the Rebbe great efforts the Rebbe (Rayatz) father-in-law, on your own.
Rayatz, they built an additional made in this. (Igros Kodesh, vol. 4, p. 144)
room for him and his kalla, near his This is a lesson on how to enter
father’s apartment in which they a home – not to focus on carpets
lived after they married.
and other irrelevancies – but the
The Rebbe related in the name Regarding building a new home
beginning ought to be in matters
of his father-in-law, the Rebbe you will find in the Responsa of the
such as these.
Rayatz: Before they entered to live Chasam Sofer, Yoreh Deia ch. 138
(Toras Menachem-Hisvaaduyos vol. 32, p.
in the room, after their wedding, 349)
that it says: It is good to inaugurate
they brought a class for pupils from the house with Torah and T’filla for
the Talmud Torah of the town, to some period, because it is our life
learn Torah there, and this was the CHASSIDISHE and the length of our days.
inauguration of the new home. FARBRENGEN Therefore, it is proper that you
The Rebbe Rayatz related this Since you have already entered spend more than a little time on
story when he was already Nasi, your new home, you should arrange inaugurating the home.
knowing that this would be for a Chassidishe farbrengen in the (Responsa of the Tzemach Tzedek)
publicized, and therefore it is a way that it ought to be, and to From the t’shura B’nei Beis’cha that was
directive to every Jew about how to recollect the old days when people published for the marriage of Shmuel
start off a Jewish home. farbrenged without thinking about and Chaya Sarah Mann, 2 Kislev 5767
If it pertained only to a Nasi, what so-and-so would say and what

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By Shneur Zalman Berger

Motzaei Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh Kislev.
The shluchim had convened for the
Kinus HaShluchim when they heard the
sad news that Rabbi Shlomo Matusof,
one of the Rebbe’s first shluchim, had
passed away at the age of 91. Rabbi
Matusof was born in Russia and
suffered under the communist regime
until he was able to escape after World
War II. He abandoned his plans when
the Rebbe asked him to go to Morocco
to revive Judaism there. * Biography of
a Chassid and shliach of the Rebbe. *
Part 2 of 2
[Continued from last week] asked him to work in the transit transit camps in Marseilles before
camps in Marseilles. making aliya. He explained that
GREAT SUCCESS he wanted me to start Talmudei
One day in the winter of 5710,
IN MARSEILLES just prior to my trip to Eretz Torah for the children, which
After teaching for two years in Yisroel, R’ Binyamin Gorodetzky entailed talking with the parents,
the yeshiva, Rabbi Binyamin asked me to work at spreading recruiting teachers, administering
Gorodetzky, the director of the Torah among the refugees from finances, and working with the
Lishka L’Ezras HaPleitim Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and directors of the camps. He said
(organization to help refugees) Algiers, who were staying in nine that he would only need me for 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
two months.
Since he said “only two
months,” I agreed, but I stressed
that after I organized the
Talmudei Torah, he would have to
find a replacement for me. He
had no choice but to agree.
In Teives 5710 I got involved,
and with Hashem’s help, I was
very successful. Within a short
time I started Talmudei Torah in
all nine camps. Hundreds of
children attended them.
Two months went by and
although no substitute for him
had been found, R’ Shlomo
returned to Paris and began
preparing for his aliya to Eretz
Yisroel, strongly desiring to
finally live among Jews after the
years of suffering he had
endured. R’ Gorodetzky, who was
responsible for the work in
Marseilles, reported to the Rebbe
that R’ Shlomo had left
Marseilles, as they had arranged.
The Rebbe reacted with
surprise that he left the work in
the middle, despite the great
success they were having. R’
Matusof was afraid the Rebbe was
upset with him and he wrote to
the Rebbe about this. The Rebbe
responded that he was not upset
but was surprised that he had left
in the middle of successful work.
The Rebbe’s lengthy letter
influenced R’ Matusof to remain
in Marseilles.
Rabbi Matusof married Pessia,
the daughter of Rabbi Yehuda
Leib Karasik, who had been a
chozer of the Rebbe Rayatz. R’
Karasik died of starvation during
World War II, while fleeing the
Nazi occupation.

While the chassan and kalla
were planning their future in

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
Marseilles, the Rebbe designated
TORAH SCHOLAR work for them in far-off
Morocco. On 26 Av 5710, the
In his youth, Rabbi Shlomo Matusof enjoyed old s’farim. In Rebbe sent R’ Shlomo a letter
those turbulent times, many holy s’farim were abandoned in informing him that he should take
shuls that were still open (for in the shuls that were closed by a job in chinuch in Morocco, and
the government, some of the s’farim were confiscated and some his kalla should also arrange for
were transferred to the shuls that were still open). work in chinuch there. Rabbi
R’ Shlomo received permission from the gabbaim in the shuls Michoel Lipsker, the Rebbe’s first
of his hometown of Vitebsk to collect whatever s’farim he shliach, was already in Morocco.
pleased. He managed to collect many old s’farim. I tried to read Although R’ Shlomo wanted to
from them whenever I had free time, he later said. leave in tranquility, after so many
difficult years of wandering, and
Although R’ Shlomo spent his life wandering or in intense contending with the KGB, an
work, he was a tremendous Torah scholar. A decade ago he order from the man who wasn’t
published his chiddushei Torah called Rishmei Biurim which even officially the Rebbe, was one
contains his chiddushim and explanations of Shas, Midrashim, he would obey. He canceled all
Rambam, Halacha, and Agada. He appended his autobiography his plans.
of his life in the Soviet Union, which helped me prepare this R’ Shlomo and his kalla began
article. preparing for their move to
He received the approbations of Rabbi Mordechai Mentlick, Morocco. On 18 Elul 5710 they
rosh yeshivas Tomchei T’mimim 770, Rabbi Pinchas married. They received their visa
Hirschsprung, former chief rabbi of Montreal, former Chief in Shevat 5711 and immediately
Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Rabbi Menasheh Klein of Ungvar in left for Morocco, where he began
Boro Park, and Rabbi Sholom Mashash, Sephardic Chief Rabbi to work in Casablanca.
of Yerushalayim. R’ Shlomo Matusof was one of
the first of the Rebbe’s shluchim.
As soon as he arrived, he founded
schools and Talmudei Torah
within the framework of Reshet
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok, as well as
yeshivos and kollelim, for
thousands of students. He worked
hard to establish a Torah
environment and did so
diplomatically, wisely, and
carefully, so as not to offend the
local chachamim. R’ Matusof was
extremely successful in his work.
After establishing a huge
educational system in Casablanca,
where about 100,000 Jews lived,
he continued to open Talmudei
Torah in villages and towns
around Casablanca. As the years
went by, other shluchim came to
help him: Rabbi Zalman Tevel,
Rabbi Saadia Lieberow, Rabbi
Yehuda Leib Raskin a”h, Rabbi
Sholom Eidelman, and Rabbi
Ezriel Chaiken.
Led by R’ Matusof, they
established a mighty empire of 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
education in Chabad schools in
Morocco, thanks to R’ Shlomo.
Many of them concede that if not
for the Chabad schools, they
would not have learned Torah.
Among the famous graduates of
these schools are Chief Rabbi
Shlomo Amar and Av Beis Din in
Beer Sheva, Rabbi Eliyahu
We can learn about R’
Matusof’s work in the early years
in the many reports that were
sent by members of the Joint who
visited Morocco. This is what was
written 55 years ago:
It must be said at the outset
that the Lubavitcher
representatives in Morocco work
with devotion and self-sacrifice
that are unmatched by all other
organizations. Rabbi Lipsker and
Rabbi Yedidya Mousonego, rav of Morocco, Rabbi Maatusof, Rabbi Eidelman, Rabbi Matusof sacrifice
Rabbi Aharon Mousonego, Rav of Casablanca themselves and their families to
the ideology they wish to serve.
dozens of schools, providing Chassidus, and many Jews from Rabbi Matusof travels from city to
education for many thousands of Morocco who settled in Eretz city and from village to village by
students. The students were Yisroel, France, and other public bus, and sometimes by
taught the ways of Torah and countries, remember their early donkey, in order to check out the
Chabad chadarim in his attempts
to improve them. (A. G. Stanley,
about the educational work of the
Lubavitch organization in
Morocco, between the 14th of
November and the 11th of
December, 1952, 26 Cheshvan-23
Kislev 5713).
There were many obstacles he
had to face, first and foremost,
Morocco is an Arab country.
Secondly, he had to contend with
the differences in mentality and
language between a Chassid who
had just come from living with
Chassidim, and Moroccan Jewry.
Despite the difficult conditions,
R’ Matusof worked in Morocco
for over forty years - in cities,
towns, and villages - all with
tremendous sacrifice and genuine
There were many obstacles he
Jewish library in Casablanca. Standing from right to left: Rabbi Matusof, the had to face, first and foremost,
librarian, Rabbi Eidellman, and Rabbi Aharon Mousonego, rav of Casablanca

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
Morocco is an Arab country. tremendous sacrifice and genuine about their incredible success.
Secondly, he had to contend with devotion.
the differences in mentality and Since Morocco is an Arab THE GREAT ENERGY OF
language between a Chassid who country, their work was done far
had just come from living with from the limelight so as not to
Chassidim, and Moroccan Jewry. sabotage their work. Even when it Rabbi Sholom Mashah a”h,
Despite the difficult conditions, was okay to publicize what they who was the rav of Casablanca
R’ Matusof worked in Morocco were doing, the shluchim in and later Sephardic Chief Rabbi
for over forty years - in cities, Morocco were used to keeping of Yerushalayim, was a good
towns, and villages - all with quiet and they barely told anyone friend of Chabad in Morocco. He
expressed his great esteem for R’
Matusof’s work in an approbation
to a volume of R’ Matusof’s
A LIFE-CHANGING SIMCHA chiddushei Torah:
Rabbi Matusof dedicated his life to kiruv and chinuch. His wedding As I mentioned earlier, when I
was a catalyst for Rabbi Machluf Crispin to become close to Chabad. was Chief Rabbi and Av Beis Din
The latter later ran the Chabad mosdos in Morocco. in Casablanca, Rabbi Matusof
R’ Machluf Crispin, today rav in Kiryat Bialik, is the son-in-law of was a dearly beloved friend of
Rabbi Meir Abuchatzeira z”l. When he was 18, he learned in the mine. I loved him with an
Litvishe yeshiva in Paris and he was walking past the wedding hall in everlasting love, an unconditional
the area called Yerres, in a suburb of Paris, when he saw that a Jewish love - only for the sake of Heaven.
simcha was taking place. It was the wedding of Rabbi Matusof. The Throughout the years he was the
Chassidishe simcha attracted him and he sat down at one of the tables. representative of the Lubavitcher
Near him sat R’ Peretz Mochkin, who began talking to him and Rebbe and the director of all their
suggested that he spend Shabbos in the yeshiva in Brunoy. mosdos and schools in Morocco.
Although he was learning in a Litvishe yeshiva, he went to Brunoy He disseminated a lot of Torah
for a Shabbos. The Chassidishe atmosphere and the approach to and Chassidus to all the boys and
learning won him over. A short while later he switched to Tomchei girls in their schools. On the day
T’mimim in Brunoy. he distributed prizes, at the end of
On Yud Alef Shevat 5711, the day after the Rebbe’s official the year, they made a large
acceptance of the Chabad leadership, R’ Nissan Nemanov, the mashpia ceremony with the rabbis and
told him that the Rebbe asked that he send the Rebbe details about R’ distinguished people of the city.
Machluf, and his picture. R’ Machluf was happy to oblige, and within a The girls, aside from their French
few days there was an instruction from the Rebbe to Rabbi Gorodetzky matriculation certificates, would
to send Machluf Crispin to Morocco to help the shluchim there. be engaged in the study of Torah -
When he arrived in Morocco he worked alongside R’ Matusof in Rashi and Sifsei Chachamim,
Casablanca and then, under R’ Matusof’s direction, he moved to divrei Musar - and fear of Heaven
Tefilalet, where he ran many Chabad mosdos. With the Rebbe’s , and all dressed modestly.
blessing, he married the daughter of Rabbi Meir Abuchatezeira who Everybody enjoyed these G-dly
was the son of the Baba Sali – Rabbi Yisroel Abuchatzeira z”l. sights.
After thirteen years in Morocco, he felt that the living conditions All the more so for the boys,
were too difficult for him, especially as the father of young children, who were punctilious in their
and his family moved to Eretz Yisroel. I consulted with Rabbi Shlomo observance, all thanks to the holy
Matusof and said to him, ‘I have young children and my father, mother, director’s great energy, and to his
and sisters are in Eretz Yisroel. Maybe the time has come for me to work that went forth from
move there?’ R’ Shlomo said to me, ‘I understand you, but I have the heartfelt emotion and self-
same reason and the Rebbe does not let me leave.’ sacrifice.
R’ Crispin remained in Morocco a while longer until he felt his Also, outside the schools he
strength give out and he moved to Eretz Yisroel. Several years later he disseminated much Torah and fear
had yechidus with the Rebbe and the Rebbe said to him, I didn’t forget of Heaven.
and I won’t forget the holy work you did in Morocco. ‘I remember the It was enough to look at him
kindness of your youth, following me in the desert, in an uncultivated from the distance and a person
land.’ would learn a lesson in religious
ethics, as it says in the holy 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
s’farim that people like recently deteriorated and
this are compared to the he passed away on
heavenly hosts. It says that Motzaei Shabbos, in the
the heavens praise the middle of the Kinus
glory of G-d, etc. There is HaShluchim at the age of
no talk, there are no 91.
words, without their voice He is survived by his
being heard, and yet, their wife Pessia and his
yearning goes out over all children: Rabbi Yosef
the earth, and their words Yitzchok – shliach in
to the ends of the globe. Toulouse, France; Rabbi
The same is true of such Yehuda Leib – shliach in
righteous individuals; Cannes, France; Rabbi
simply by seeing them, one Eliyahu – member of the
can learn much piety. editorial staff of Otzar
One of the fascinating HaChassidim in Crown
episodes of his life is his Heights; Rabbi Yona –
involvement in initiating a shliach in Madison,
correspondence between Wisconsin; Rabbi Reuven
the Rebbe and the King of – shliach in the European
Morocco. Lubavitch Bureau
headquartered in Paris,
THE SHLUCHIM Rabbi Shmaryahu –
shliach and mashpia in the
ACCOMPANY A letter from the Rebbe Rayatz to Rabbi Elya Perr who lived Chabad community in
THE REBBE’S in Tel Aviv. In the margins are answers to letters of Chassidim Brunoy, France; R’
NACHSHON from the Soviet Union which were sent through him. Menachem Mendel –
In paragraph 4 is the an
nswer to R’ Shlomo Matusof. shliach in Alberta,
At the beginning of the
90’s, R, Matusof fell ill Canada; Eidla Nemanov –
and he moved to Crown Heights. His condition Crown Heights; Beila Palatinski – New Jersey.


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By Rabbi Yaakov Shmuelevitz, Shliach, Beit Shaan

Around every shliach are circles of ask for a bracha for children. We
wrote to the Rebbe, and less than
mekuravim. There is the inner circle of a year after that he told me about
the bris.
those who regularly attend classes, and One day I told him that in the
evening there would be a siyum
there is the outer circle of those who are ha’Rambam in Teveria and he was
invited to participate. We went
just becoming acquainted with the together and I thought about
shliach. Experience has shown that which story I could tell him along
the way. He told me that he was
even one encounter can be highly studying to be a sofer and I
recalled a terrific story about the
significant. Maggid of Mezritch who asked
his disciple, the Alter Rebbe, to
clarify the shapes of the letters in
ENCOUNTER AT was a Torah scholar, a chazan, writing Stam so they would
THE POST OFFICE and a mekubal, who died twenty conform to both the poskim and
years ago. The son lived with his the kabbalists.
When I went to the post office
mother and was having a hard After doing so, the Alter Rebbe
this week, to send off a letter, I
time marrying. He works as an went to Anipoli and found R’
saw a long line ahead of me. I felt
aide in a school, and is Dovid the scribe writing t’fillin for
it wasn’t worthwhile to wait in
punctiliously observant, attends R’ Zushe of Anipoli and the letters
this long line for just one letter.
shiurim, davens three times a day, were formed precisely in the way
Then I noticed M.Z. standing in
and has a long beard. he had just come up with. R’
line. I gave him the letter, plus
When he was approaching 40, Dovid told him that R’ Zushe had
two and a half shekel, and asked
we met. I introduced myself as a said that in heaven they decreed
him to buy a stamp and mail my
shliach of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, that now the new form of the
letter. An hour later he bothered
and in the course of our letters had to be used and R’
to stop by my house to give me
conversation I told him that he Zushe showed him how they were
the 90 agurot in change.
could ask for the Rebbe’s bracha made, as it was decreed in
Who is M.Z. and why did I
through the Igros Kodesh. He heaven.
pick him to do me a favor? It’s an
immediately told me that he needs M.Z. listened in fascination to
amazing story with a series of
a shidduch, and I suggested the story and when I finished, he
miracles and brachos from the
taking on the good resolution of took a deep breath and said that it
Rebbe. What’s special about the
making a monthly bank deposit to was amazing and very moving that
story is that in Beit Shaan (and
the Chabad house. We wrote I had just told him this story.
surely, in a thousand other places
together to the Rebbe. What was so amazing?
in the world) there are thousands
Two months later he came and M.Z.: After my father died, I
of anonymous people like him,
brought me his wedding had his old, large-sized t’fillin. My
just ordinary people, in line at the
invitation. He had found a father used them back in
post office or at the supermarket,
shidduch and felt it was because Morocco. Over the years, I didn’t
and they have incredible personal
of the Rebbe’s bracha. The dare touch them or check them,
Rebbe stories to tell.
wedding took place and a year but lately, when I began studying
M.Z. is a young man from a
later he knew to whom to turn to safrus, I was curious and I gave
distinguished family. His father

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
them in to be checked. Two days Last week, on Friday, on my He wore a kippa, tzitzis sticking
later I was told that the t’fillin weekly rounds among the shuls to out, and a newly grown beard. He
were kosher and beautiful. The distribute the Shabbos-Geula said he came from one of the
letters were unusually well reading material, someone waved kibbutzim in the area, not exactly
preserved in their beauty and at me. I stopped to say hello and a religious kibbutz. I asked him
completeness. There was just one he asked me, Do you remember how he began to become religious
problem, said the sofer. The me? I did not. and he said, It’s all thanks to a
letters were in the style of A few months ago we wrote to small Tanya.
Chabad, the writing of the Alter the Rebbe for a bracha for a This is what he told me:
Rebbe… shidduch, he reminded me. Before I traveled to India and
His father had been a mekurav So? What’s going on? I asked. the East, a childhood friend gave
of Chabad and had bought his He matter-of-factly replied, I me a little book and told me to
t’fillin from them and used them just got married a week ago. (It take it along with me wherever I
every day until he died. No was a mazal that we met up again, went. I didn’t even know how to
wonder then, that the son found for if not, I would never know the pronounce the word ‘Tanya’
his way to the shliach, got ending of that story). properly. I put it in my bag and
brachos from the Rebbe, and is *** went to India.
associated with the Chabad house Two years ago we advertised I arrived at the Chabad house
of Beit Shaan! for someone to collect donations in Poona, then the Chabad house
from pushkas in people’s homes. in Pushkar, and the one in
WRITING TO THE R’ Roi Tor was involved with this. Dramsala. Wherever I went I kept
hearing about the Tanya. I
REBBE AND THE A young man (around 30) showed
suddenly remembered that in my
MIRACLES THAT ENSUE up who, by the way, mentioned
that he was not married. I haven’t bag I had a book with a similar
The day after the post office yet found my other half, he said. title. I felt connected. I joined the
incident, I was walking down the Roi took out a volume of Igros daily classes, went on to extended
street in Beit Shaan when I saw Kodesh and they wrote to the learning, and plan to remain
Y.A. He also reminds me of a Rebbe and went back to forever.
story with the Rebbe. discussing pushkas. Two months He returned to Eretz Yisroel
Y.A. is young man living in later he came with an invitation to and made progress in his studies.
Beit Shaan. He is a Torah scholar his wedding. It’s only thanks to He began keeping mitzvos, taught
learning in kollel who was married you that I am engaged, and I’m a lot to his family on the kibbutz,
for 18 years without children. thrilled to give you an invitation. and now he is part of the circle of
One day, his wife heard that you the Chabad House in Mechola in
can ask the Lubavitcher Rebbe for the Beit Shaan valley.
a bracha. She came to our house THANKS TO That is how people are drawn
and my wife wrote a letter with A SMALL TANYA together through the ever
her. Two months later she came to Here is another story about the widening circles of the Chabad
say thank you and to announce spheres of influence of mekuravim houses scattered around the
that she was pregnant. She had of the Chabad house and how world, and very soon they will all
twins and the Chabad house quickly these spheres expand. gather with the true and complete
helped her out because she I met a young man (31) from Redemption with the coming of
needed lots of support. moshav Mechola near Beit Shaan. Moshiach, now! 

)FPIBS #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
About 400 Chassidim and other Jews, including many
women and children, asked Hashem for “their King Dovid”
at the mass Kiddush Levana held on Motzaei Shabbos
Parshas VaYeitzei in Beitar Illit, the Israeli city of Torah and
At 7:30 p.m. throngs of Beitar residents filled Pachad
Yitzchak Street in Giv’a Beit in that city, the location of this
special event. To the music of lively Chabad melodies, they
danced joyously in preparation for greeting Moshiach, until
a sign was given for everyone to start Kiddush Levana.
The able master of ceremonies was Reb Shneur Zalman
Goldmetz, who emphasized how requesting the Geula is an
explicit, integral part of Kiddush Levana. In the name of
everyone present, he requested that Hashem immediately
bring the revelation of the Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach,
Shlita. Reb D’niel Goldberg greeting the mayor of Beitar
After Kiddush Levana, the dancing started again, as is
customary. Later everyone watched inspiring videos of the
Rebbe, MHM. The event concluded with a lottery for
valuable prizes, including sets of Torah books, Mishnayos,
Chumashim, children’s volumes of stories about
Tzaddikim, and the grand children’s prize – a beautiful
The newly elected mayor of Beitar Illit, Rabbi Meir
Rubinstein, honored the event with his presence, and was
in turn given the honor of presenting the grand prizewinner
with his bike.
This event was another of the projects organized by Reb
D’niel Goldberg, director of the Machone (Institute) for
Rabbinics and Dayanus and Teacher training, with the help
of students and graduate students of the Bais Moshiach
770 Institute of Beitar.
The joyous dancing, with the mayor’s participation

At the Institute for Rabbinics, Dayanus and Teacher Chassidus would have flowed forth!” Rabbi Pressman
Training of the Bais Moshiach 770 Yeshiva in Beitar Illit, a pointed to lessons we can learn from this comment for the
Chassidic farbrengen was held in honor of 10 Kislev, present era, the era of Moshiach. He illustrated his points
anniversary of the liberation from Russian imprisonment of with memories from his youth in Samarkand, Central Asia,
the Mitteler Rebbe. Participating were students and where he knew several exalted senior Chabad Chassidic
graduate students of the Institute, together with many personalities.
residents of the city and the surrounding region. The farbrengen left a deep impression on those present,
Leading the farbrengen was the Institute’s mashpia, and certainly resulted in many positive resolutions,
Rabbi Avrohom Pressman, who explained in depth the particularly to intensify study of Torah and Chassidus and
Tzemach Tzedek’s comment that if the finger of his father- increase practical accomplishments to speed the true and
in-law, the Mitteler Rebbe, had been cut, “not blood but total Geula, may it be very soon – MaMaSh.