Teacher: Amanda Jaclyn Brown Subject Area: Social Studies Grade Level: 5 Unit Title: 1920 s Lesson Title

: Inventions of the 1920 s Standards: Materials: -Primary sources from the 1920 s -Construction paper -Background Knowledge -The 1920 s -History of U.S. Volume9: War, Pease, and All That Jazz 118-1945 (History U.S. Series) Anticipatory Set: The teacher will begin by asking students: What are some inventions from the 1920 s? Who were some inventors from the 1920 s? How have some of these inventions changed over time? Objective: Using prior knowledge, students will provide accurate examples of how the inventions of the 1920 s impacted the people of tat time. Input: The students will begin this lesson by creating a list of all the things they own that they think could not live without. Model: The teacher will take the responses from the students and insert them into one column the SMARTboard. In order to provide students with more information on the inventions of the 1920;s, the students will be given the opportunity to read The 1920s (Jack Daws). In the other column, the students will work together with the teacher to come up with all of the inventions that came about during the 1920 s. As a class the students will cross out all of the things they listed as not being able to live without that the people of the 1920 s did not have. Check for Understanding: -Who was the inventor of the automobile? -What are some of the inventions that were created during the 1920 s? -What would life have been like back then if they did not have those inventions? What about life today? Guided Practice: Students will be given the opportunity to go to library as a class and research primary sources on inventions from the 1920s.

Closure: The teacher will ask the class to fill out an exit card answering the following questions: -Identify 5 inventions, which were brought about during this time. -Give 3 examples of the ways the invention of the automobile impacted the people of the 1920 s. Explain each example. -Predict where we would be today if the automobile was never invented. -Identify the invention that you feel was the most helpful during this time. Why? -Write a paragraph discussing the 3 major breakthroughs that came about concerning the toaster. -Compare and contrast present-day inventions to inventions of the 1920 s. Independent Practice: In order to represent student s ideas and examples of how the invention of the automobile impacted the people of the 1920 s the teacher will have students either interview a person from the 1920 s or research primary sources. The students will then create a newspaper, which may have been published during that time period. This will allow students to use first hand knowledge to predict headlines which may have appeared in papers. Assessment: The teacher will use a checklist as a form of assessment. The checklist will include the following criteria: -Did students use the information provided by the primary source to their advantage when creating the newspaper? -Was the newspaper headline accurate? -Did students properly cite the information they used?

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