To Le t G o

By: Mariana

Previously on Heroes;
- ZOOMING IN on Dawn as she lets out a piercing scream and falls to the ground. Her body convulses and her eyelids flutter exposing only the white in her eyes. But as abruptly it began her seizure stops. BUFFY “Dawn!!” - A CLOSE UP on the shocked expression in Dawn’s face. DAWN ”I think…I think I had a vision.” - A WIDE SHOT of the HYPERION LOBBY with FOCUS on ANGEL, XANDER and BUFFY. ANGEL “This is serious. When Cordelia had her visions…they nearly killed her.” XANDER “That’s why she became half demon, right?” ANGEL “Yes. There’s no telling what it will do to Dawn. I mean, her being…” BUFFY “Not completely human.” - A SHOT of SPIKE and AERIN. AERIN “You’re really strong now.” SPIKE “Yeah.”

AERIN “Stronger than me.” SPIKE “I guess.” AERIN “Stronger than Illyria?” SPIKE “I don’t know.” - ALL LIGHT on THE FIRST looking like SPIKE. THE FIRST “Buffy’s going to need all help she can get.” - ZOOMING IN as THE FIRST morphs into ANGEL. THE FIRST “When her precious Spike dies.” - A SHOT of DAWN, looking slightly worse for the wear. DAWN “Another vision.” BUFFY “Oh my god…” GILES “What did you see?” DAWN “I saw what’s to come…We need more slayers. A lot of slayers.” - ALL LIGHT on SPIKE and ENKIL. ENKIL “The eternity lies in the balance. And you’re the key to maintain that balance.”

- A WIDE SHOT of the HYPERION LOBBY to reveal BUFFY, GILES, XANDER, WILLOW and the rest of the gang. BUFFY “Once more, Illyria. What’s happening to Spike? Is he dying?” ILLYRIA “Spike’s not dying. He’s ascending.” GILES “Ascending into what?” ILLYRIA “A god.” XANDER “Great. A godly Spike.” - A CLOSE UP on SPIKE and the weary expression in his face. SPIKE “I am going to die.” - ANGLE on DAWN as she’s lying on the floor, with BUFFY kneeling besides her and GILES hovering over them. GILES “What did you see?” DAWN “I saw… a portal…and me.” BUFFY “What?!” DAWN “I think I know how to stop it, Buffy.” - FOCUS on Dawn as she closes her eyes and seems to loose conciseness.

- A WIDE SHOT of THE HYPERION LOBBY. BUFFY “Giles…What did Dawn mean? About her being able to stop the apocalypse?” GILES ”Think now, what do keys do?” BUFFY ”Keys... unlock... *things*?” GILES ”They also open portals. And closes them.” BUFFY “Oh… no…” - A CIRCULAR SHOT to show us all the shocked expressions. SPIKE (voice over) “Cause it always gotta be the blood.”


To Le t G o

INT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – L.A – TIME UNKNOWN ALL LIGHT on DAWN and WILLOW sitting on the floor. The two women are surrounded by white candles and a ring of sand. In the middle of the ring two crystals is placed and they seem to glimmer in the candle lights. (A/N: Both of them are wearing an all black ensemble.) DAWN (squinting at the crystals) ”Ok, they’re flashing neon blue. Is that good?” WILLOW (shaking her head) ”No” DAWN (frowning) ”Bad?” WILLOW (sighing) ”Bad” DAWN ”How bad?” WILLOW ”Very bad.” DAWN (pouting) ”Typical.” FOCUS on Dawn as she leans back and lets up a deep sigh. Then she closes her eyes and let a hand travel through her dishevelled hair. DAWN “I really thought that I was wrong on that one.”

WILLOW (silently) “There’s no way you could have known that the visions would show you this.” DAWN (shaking her head) “How will I tell Buffy?” BUFFY (o.c) “Tell me what?” ZOOMING OUT as BUFFY, GILES, ANGEL and XANDER enters the lobby. Buffy with a grim look in her face. (A/N: The blond slayer is wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. Xander is wearing jeans and a green turtleneck, Angel is clothed in all black and so is Giles.) BUFFY (repeating) “Tell me what?” NO RESPONSE. BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “Someone better answer me, or I…” GILES (rubbing his nose) “It appears that Dawn is not enough to open up the portal. She’s still the key element, but there has to be some sort of catalysts. One of flesh and blood.” PAUSE. BUFFY (looking around) “But…who?” ANGEL “Buffy…. The only one strong enough is Spike.” (beat) “But only if we allow him to change into a god.”

BUFFY (shaking her head) “On no. No. No.” A WIDE SHOT of the lobby as Giles walks over to Buffy. The watcher lays a heavy hand on her slim shoulder and squeezes it briefly, before backing away. GILES (slowly) “It is possible that it will be enough with Dawn.” (beat) “But that would most definitely kill her.” ANOTHER PAUSE. BUFFY (eyes narrowing) “So what you’re saying is that if Spike act like a catalysts, he’d die - and if not… Dawn will die?” GILES (nodding) “That’s pretty much what will happen.” BUFFY (shaking her head) “I can’t. How could I possible choose between Dawn and Spike? I refuse to make that choice.” GILES “Buffy…” (deep breath) “Dawn’s your blood. Your family. I fear that you know the outcome of this already.” BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “You fear? Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? Spike gone, once and for all?” FOCUS on Xander as he approaches Buffy with a sad expression in his face. The one eyes man reach out and caresses the slayers cheek, before letting his hand fall to his side. ZOOMING OUT as Xander backs away to give her some space.

XANDER “Buffy…” BUFFY (sneering) “Shut up, Xander. I know how you feel about Spike. You don’t get a saying in this.” XANDER (shaking his head) “Buffy…” BUFFY “Oh, just say it then! So that it’s over with.” XANDER (whispering) “Whatever you decide. With Dawn and Spike. You’ll do the right thing. You always do.”




INT. ANGEL’S OFFICE – THE HYPERION – L.A – TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the office: ANGEL is sitting behind his desk, BUFFY is pacing across the room, GILES is sitting in the chair opposite the vampire and WILLOW is standing near the door. BUFFY (clenching and unclenching her fists) “Tell me again…” (closing her eyes) “Tell me why it has to be this way?” GILES “We’ve researched this to death, Buffy.” (shaking his head) “The only way to stop the upcoming apocalypse is to close the portal that will be opened by the First and Abigor.” ANGEL (leaning forward) “And the only way to do that is using Dawn’s essence as the ‘Key’.” WILLOW (silently) “Only that Dawn’s human body is too fragile to withstand the power that will be needed for the closing of this particular portal.” GILES (nodding) “She will need a catalyst.” BUFFY (coming to a halt) “But why does it have to be Spike?” (meeting their gazes) “Why not Illyria?”

ANGEL “Illyria’s powers are still diminished.” (beat) “But if Spike were to ascend his powers would be fresh.” (beat) “More powerful.” BUFFY “And if Spike doesn’t ascend…” ANGEL (grim voice) “All hope is lost.” FOCUS on Buffy as she bows her head. When she look up again there’s evidence of tears in her eyes as she gazes around the room. BUFFY (whispering) “I need time to think this over.” The CAMERA STAYS with the blond slayer as she slowly exits the room. As the door closes behind Buffy, the CAMERA PANS OUT to a WIDE SHOT. WILLOW (blinking away tears) “I can’t believe this.” GILES “We’re no strangers to death, Willow.” WILLOW “That doesn’t mean we can’t get enough of it.” (looking at the closes door) “How much does it take before you lose all hope completely?” SILENCE.


CUT TOINT. DAWN’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - TIME UNKNOWN ALL LIGHT on DAWN and BUFFY sitting on the bed. (A/N: Dawn’s wearing a denim skirt and a green blouse. Looking cute as a button.) DAWN (raspy voice) “I heard what you guys where talking about; about what would happen - either to me or Spike.” BUFFY (thin smile) “Eavesdropper.” DAWN “Hey, you knew it.” (seriously) “Don’t tell Spike. Just don’t.” BUFFY “Dawn…” FOCUS on Dawn as she blinks away some tears. DAWN “It’s my turn now. To do something that really matters.” BUFFY “You do that every day, li’l sis.” (caressing Dawn’s cheek) “Do you really believe that I’d just give you up? I didn’t do it with Glory and I won’t do it now either. I just can’t.” DAWN “You can’t tell him.” (tears floating) “He’ll do it. If he thought it would save me, he’d do it. He’d sacrifice himself. And we don’t even know if whatever he becomes will help us. And it would be all my fault.”

BUFFY “Dawn…” DAWN (pleadingly) “Don’t tell him.” BUFFY (voice breaking) “I won’t.” DAWN “I love you, Buffy.” BUFFY “I love you too, sis.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - TIME UNKNOWN A TIGHT SHOT of BUFFY sitting on her bed with her back against the wall and hugging her knees. ANGEL (o.c) “Buffy.” PANNING OUT to a WIDE SHOT of the bedroom as ANGEL carefully enters, closing the door silently behind him. BUFFY (looking up) “Please spare me that ‘save the world whatever the cost, be the slayer’ speech. I’ve heard it all before, and I’m sick of it. I know how to make hard decisions. It’s all I ever do.” ANGEL “I’m sorry. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.”

BUFFY (snorting) “So not with the happy for the moment.” ANGLE on the vampire as he walks over to gaze out of the window. ANGEL (sighing) “I know. And it’s hurting me.” BUFFY (sarcastically) “It’s hurting you?” ANGEL (turning to face her) “He’s family, Buffy. Don’t you think that it would hurt me too to lose him?” BUFFY (blinking) “I…” ANGEL “I mean who’s gonna piss me off every 5 seconds? Who’s gonna call me a poofter behind my back, knowing that I can still hear him? Buffy, who’s gonna challenge me?” BUFFY “I…” ANGEL (grimly) “Don’t you think that the person who should be making this decision is Spike?” BUFFY “How could I ask him to do such a thing, Angel? After what he’s done, what he’s been through. He deserves every chance to keep on living.” ANGEL (silently) “You do know there’s a chance that he’ll transform anyway.”

BUFFY (resigned) “I know.” ANGEL “We got to tell him.” BUFFY (whispering) “I know.” ZOOMING IN as Buffy covers her face with her hand as starts sobbing uncontrollable. Soon after, a hand (Angel’s) appears into view to stroke her over the hair. FLASH. ZOOMING OUT from BUFFY’S face as she lets her hands fall away. She blinks confusedly. A WIDE SHOT to reveal ENKIL standing in front of the slayer with a warm smile on his weather beaten face. BUFFY “I…” (blinking) “Who are you?” ENKIL “You can call me Enkil.” BUFFY “Enkil?” (beat) “You’re the guy that convinced Angel to bring back Spike from heaven.” ENKIL (nodding) “Yes.” BUFFY (eyes narrowing) “Then it’s all your fault.”

ENKIL “What is?” BUFFY “That Spike is dying.” ENKIL (nodding) “Yes.” BUFFY “Why do it?” (beat) “Why bring him back so that he could die all over again?” ENKIL “Because he’s needed.” BUFFY “To save Dawn?” ENKIL (shaking his head) “To save the world.” BUFFY “Isn’t there another way…?” ENKIL (shaking his head again) “You don’t get it. He’s…unique.” BUFFY (lamely) “Unique.” ENKIL (nodding) “Yes. And unique is valuable for everyone’s survival. So, you see, he must do it. There’s no other way. I’m sorry.”

BUFFY “Me too.” ZOOMING IN as Enkil leans forward and places a hand on Buffy’s cheek. ENKIL “Let me show you what will happen if Spike’s sacrifice isn’t made.” A TIGHT SHOT of Buffy as her head falls back and she lets out a painful scream. FLASH. ZOOMING OUT as Buffy pushes ANGEL away and continues to scream as if in terrible agony. ANGEL (distressed) “Buffy!!” NO RESPONSE. ANGEL “Buffy!!” FOCUS on Buffy as she finally stops screaming. She breathes heavily and it takes a while before she’s able to focus on the confused vampire. ANGEL (frowning) “What happened?” BUFFY (deep breath) “I…” (looking away) “I had a nightmare.” ZOOMING IN at Angel’s face. He doesn’t seem to believe her – but obviously he decides not to press the matter any further as silence dawns upon them both. FADE OUT-


INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION - NIGHT ALL LIGHT on SPIKE standing by the window, gazing out over the city. It’s dark outside, but we can see that the sky is beautifully lit with millions of stars and it appears to be full moon. (A/N: Spike wears dark grey cargos and a white shirt. He seems barefoot and his hair is a mess of curls. Very sexy…) Suddenly we can hear the sound of the door into the room open and the CAMERA ZOOMS OUT to a WIDE SHOT as BUFFY carefully enters. (A/N: Now the slayer’s clothed in a white skirt and a white blouse.) BUFFY “Spike.” SPIKE “’lo, pet. Come to finally give me the heads up on all that secrecy you all been busy with?” (sighing) “I already know, Buffy.” (gesturing to his ears) “Soon to be all powerful god, yeah? I can hear the lot of you through the walls and the ceiling.” BUFFY “I…” SPIKE (holding up a hand) “Don’t. Just don’t.” (brief smile) “There’s nothing to be said. And I think you already knew how it all will work out.” (shrugging) “Fighting the good fight, yeah?” BUFFY “And you sacrificing yourself for the greater good?” (shaking her head) “I can’t accept…”

FOCUS ON Spike as he suddenly turns from the window to face her, and we hear the GASP that escapes from Buffy’s lips. (A/N: The sides of Spike’s face is lightly blue. As if he’s turning into a copy of ILLYRIA.) BUFFY (stricken) “Your face…” SPIKE (touching a blue spot) “I know. It’s starting to show. But hey,” (weak smile) “I’ve always looked good in blue.” BUFFY “Oh god…” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “No, not yet. But soon.” BUFFY “This is not funny.” SPIKE (regretful) “I’m sorry. I know. I’m sorry for everything, pet. I don’t want you to have to bear this burden. I’ll be just fine.” BUFFY “Cause you’re a Champion.” SPIKE “Nah. Because I’m Spike.” BUFFY “You can’t die… You just can’t…” SPIKE “Buffy…”

ANGLE on Buffy as she shakes her head and starts backing towards the door. BUFFY “No. don’t. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare give up.” SPIKE “I’m tired, Buffy. There’s nothing left. I’m done.” BUFFY “No, you’re not! Do you hear me?! You can’t just give up. You have to fight!” SPIKE “Done fighting, pet. All tired. And if I have a choice between this and heaven… I chose heaven, Buffy.” As Spike speaks those final words, he suddenly – without any warning, falls to the floor and starts to convulse violently. BUFFY (running to him) “Spike!!” WILLOW (o.c) “Buffy!!” (entering the room) “What happened?” ZOOMING OUT as Willow kneels besides the vampire and slayer as DAWN comes rushing into the room, with a dreadful expression in her face. DAWN (exclaiming) “Oh my God!!” BUFFY (distressed) “He just fell down.” A WIDE SHOT as Spike continues convulsing for a moment. Then he abruptly stops and lies absolutely still.

DAWN (crying) “He's dying Buffy.” BUFFY (shaking her head) ‘ “Ah, the hell he is.” (whispers) “Spike, can you hear me?” FOCUS on the vampire as his eyelids starts to flutter and he opens his eyes to meet their concerned glazes. SPIKE (weakly) “I'm listening, luv.” BUFFY “You will not die.” ZOOMING IN as Spike starts closing his eyes. FOCUS on Buffy as she pats him on the head. ZOOMING OUT as Spike opens his eyes. BUFFY (grimly) “Listen got damn it! You. Will. Not. Die.” LONG SILENCE. SPIKE (coughing) “Gotcha, pet.” A TIGHT SHOT of Buffy as she closes her eyes when tears starts running down her cheeks.


CUT TOINT. ANGEL’S OFFICE - THE HYPERION - NIGHT SPOTLIGHT on GILES and ANGEL standing in the middle of the office. ANGEL (ragged voice) “Spike’s condition is worsening.” GILES (slowly) “It’s time to consider the options: either we work out a way to save Spike…” ANGEL “Or we speed up his ascension.” (beat) “And lose him forever.” GILES (brow knit) “Do you think he’ll do it?” ANGEL “Do you mean letting himself be turned so that he could die to save dawn’s life?” (without doubt) “Yes. I know he’ll do it.” GILES (tilting his head) “Because of his attachment to dawn?” ANGEL (grimly) “Cause it’s the right thing to do.” (beat) “And yes, because he won’t let anything happen to Dawn.”


CUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – L.A – NIGHT DOOR POV: SPIKE’S standing by the window again and DAWN is standing in the middle of the room. DAWN “You know, you gave us quite the scare earlier.” SPIKE ‘Sorry, pet.” DAWN (silently) “You’ve changed.” SPIKE "Have I?" A WIDE SHOT as he gives her a hard look, and then turns away. SPIKE "Yeah, maybe." (weary sigh) "I'm tired, nibblet.” (shaking his head) "…it feels like we just stagger along on from one crisis to the next. Only so much a bloke can take, you know. Before he gives up." DAWN "You don't mean that. You wouldn't just give up." SILENCE SPIKE "Not givin' up. Just... moving on." The scene darkens and FADE OUT-

INT. ANGEL’S OFFICE - THE HYPERION - TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the office reveals BUFFY, ANGEL and GILES. They all stand in the middle of the room, all wearing grim expressions. BUFFY (turning to Giles) “I know that you’ve been researching for a way to see so that both Spike and Dawn will live, and I appreciate that. Especially since you don’t want to be doing it. I know you don’t actually want to help Spike.” GILES (warily) “Is not that I don’t want to help him. I just don’t see another way.” BUFFY (shaking her head) “That’s what you said about Dawn with Glory. But I found one. I’ll find one this time too.” GILES (grimly) “At what cost? That’s what worries me, Buffy. I worry that you’ll sacrifice too much for him.” BUFFY “I have to try.” (deep breath) “He deserves that.” GILES “Buffy…” BUFFY (stern voice) “He deserves that.”


CUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – L.A – DAY SPOTLIGHT on SPIKE and ILLYRIA standing in the middle of the room, only inches away from each other. You can probably cut through the tension with a knife. ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You have seized the efforts to remain Spike?” SPIKE (nodding) “Yeah.” ILLYRIA “You do not fear ascension?” SPIKE (whispering) “Could I really live with myself if I let Dawn die? Knowing that I could have saved her?” ILLYRIA (almost curious) “The Key is not human. Still you put her life before your own?” SPIKE “She’s my li’l bit, I guess. And besides,” (grinning) “I made a promise to a lady.” ILLYRIA “A promise?” SPIKE “Yeah.” (pause) “To the end of the world. Even if it happens to be tonight.” ZOOMING OUT to a WIDE SHOT as Spike walks over to the bed and tiredly sits down. Illyria monitors his every move closely.

ILLYRIA “You’re concerned for the humans and the half-breed.” SPIKE (shaking his head) “They don’t deserve this. And they bloody well don’t deserve to die because of me.” ILLYRIA “What do they deserve then?” SPIKE (exclaiming) “To live for fucking sake! They deserve to go on living; have families, dogs and that bloody white picked fence. They deserve…happiness.” ILLYRIA “So you’d die for them?” SPIKE (nodding) “Yes, I would die for them.” ILLYRIA “But don’t you deserve to live as well?” SPIKE (shaking his head) “Not if it’s on their cost. I just want them to have a life: the Bit, Buffy, and Red, hey even Mr. Broody, the Whelp and the watcher. Other than that I don’t bloody care what happens to me. I’m tired of this world, the weight on my shoulders. I don’t want it - need it, anymore. I just bloody well don’t.” ILLYRIA “The one called Buffy will not be so easily pursued that this is the right action.” SPIKE “She has no other choice.” (beat) "Buffy's going to survive this time." FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. BUFF’S BEDROOM - THE HYPERION – L.A – DAY PANNING IN on BUFFY standing by the window. The room is dark and the slayer seems tense for whatever reason. But as the CAMERA ZOOMS OUT we might understand why – as XANDER and ANGEL enters the room. BUFFY (without turning around) “You’ve come for your turn to try to persuade Buffy about what’s the right thing to do?” XANDER “I had to.” (pause) “We had to.” BUFFY (incredulous stare) “You do realize that I’ve died twice to save this world? And you still can’t trust me to do the right thing?” XANDER (shaking his head) “You can’t see things straight when it comes to Spike. You never could.” (sighing) “You’re blinded by your emotions, your feelings for him. And that will be your undoing in the end.” BUFFY (facing them) “I’ll do what I have to do, okay?” XANDER (deep breath) “You do realize that you’re not able to save them both?” BUFFY (repeating) “I’ll do what I have to do.”

ANGEL (silently) ”His destiny is greater then yours, Dawn’s, Faith’s, or anyone else, Buffy. If he fulfills his destiny there won’t be an apocalypse every year, there won’t be an apocalypse ever again!” SILENCE. BUFFY (whispering) “I’m sick and tired of being the strong one.” ANGEL “It’s not fair, but it’s life.” BUFFY (clenching her fists) “So, what? I should just let it happen and watch him die?” ANGEL (slight nod) “Yes.” FOCUS on Buffy as she turns to face the window once again, her shoulders slumping as she carries the weight of the world on them. (Poor Buffy. Poor Spike…) BUFFY (ragged voice) “I’m not sure I can do that.” ANGEL “Do you love him?” BUFFY (simple) “Yes.” ANGEL “Wouldn’t he do it for you?” BUFFY “He would.”

ANGEL “Then what’s the problem?” BUFFY (turning around) “There’s no problem.” ANGEL “Then go.” We follow Buffy with a STEAD CAM as she crosses the room, pass the two men and disappears through the door. XANDER (o.c) “This isn’t fair, Angel.” ANGEL (silently) “It never is.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – L.A – DAY DOOR POV at SPIKE facing the window (there’s a lot of gazing out of windows). SPIKE (hushed tone) “’lo, pet.” A WIDE SHOT of the bedroom as BUFFY slowly enters. BUFFY "So what gave me away?" (curious tone) ”Heart beat? Vampire sense of smell? What?” We FOCUS on Spike as he walks over to the petite slayer with a slight smile on his lips.

SPIKE (kissing her softly) "I'll always find you, luv, always." SILENCE. BUFFY (miserably) “You’re not making this any easier.” SPIKE (backing away) “Sorry.” BUFFY "You're not... typical. And I…I understand that, now. You never were." (beat) "You always wanted to be special, didn't you? The way I never did.” SPIKE (quietly) "Don't, Buffy…" BUFFY "Don't what? Don't tell you I understand? Spike, I get it.” (beat) “Maybe I don't know everything, but I'm really starting to figure it out. You are special. You're... you're the kind of person I was probably supposed to be." SPIKE (breathlessly) "Buffy..." BUFFY (ruefully) ”I get it now.” (meeting his gaze) “You’re beyond beautiful.” (beat) “You’re the one.”

ANGLE on the anguished expression in Spike’s beautiful face. Then a tiny hint of a smile appears as he gazes down at the slayer. SPIKE (whispering) “I don’t wanna be the one.” BUFFY “Tough break, ‘cause you are.” PAUSE. SPIKE (hoarse voice) “Buffy…” (meeting her gaze) “I know that you’ve asked Giles to find another way out of this mess, but I want it to stop.” BUFFY “Spike…” SPIKE “I know you, Buffy. I know how stubborn you can be. How eager you are to find the answers. To save everyone.” (beat) “I know that I don’t have all the answers. But there’s one thing I know for sure.” BUFFY “What?” SPIKE “That you’re one hell of a woman.” BUFFY “Spike…” SPIKE “And I need you to let me go.” FADE OUT-

INT. THE COURTYARD – THE HYPERION – L.A – DUSK ALL LIGHT on SPIKE and DAWN standing opposite each other in the middle of the courtyard. DAWN “You’re really going to do this.” (beat) “You’re really going to die.” SPIKE (hush tone) ”It's a strange sensation, dying. No matter how many times it happens to you, you never get used to it.” DAWN (silently) “You look like she did.” SPIKE “What?” DAWN (sad voice) “The look in your face. It reminds me of the night Buffy died.” SPIKE “I don’t… How did she look like?” DAWN “She looked radiant, whole… She looked finished. And now you look like that. Finished.” And as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Spike’s face we can almost actually see what she means. There’s a serenity that hasn’t been there before. A finality – as the vampire has come to an understanding within himself. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – L.A – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the room to reveal SPIKE and ILLYRIA standing face to face with each other. (A/N: Spike is clothed in black leather pants and a black T-shirt. And Illyria, well she’s wearing her body armor. No surprise there.) ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “I can hear your heartbeat.” SILENCE. THUD…THUD…THUD. THUD. THUD…THUD… SPIKE “’s a little bit unsteady.” (tiny smile) “But it’s there.” ILLYRIA (inquiringly) “You have not informed the others about this.” SPIKE (shaking his head) “Don’t want to remind them that I’ll be human when I die.” ILLYRIA “You carry the burden of so many, Spike.” The CAMERA PANS IN as the god king reaches out a hand to touch his cheek. We can see Spike lean into the touch, and then Illyria draws back and lets her hand fall to the side. SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “You’re not calling me a half-breed anymore?” ILLYRIA “Because you have seized to be one.”

PAUSE. SPIKE (placing a hand on his chest) “I guess so.” ILLYRIA “How does it feel?” (beat) “To be…human?” SPIKE (shaking his head) “’m not completely human, Blue.” ILLYRIA “You once were.” SPIKE (sighing) “A long time ago.” ILLYRIA “You will not tell me?” SPIKE (noticing her hurt look) “’s not that I don’t want to…” (facing her) “’s…” SILENCE. THUD…THUD. THUD. THUD…THUD… SPIKE (closing his eyes) “I remember warmth…”


CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – L.A – NIGHT SPOTLIGHT on BUFFY as she walks over the floor in her dark bedroom, heading for the bed – in which SPIKE lies buried under the sheets. The blond vampire doesn’t seem well at all. SPIKE (coughing) “Funny, I never thought it’d end like this.” FOCUS ON the vampire as he begins to shake. And suddenly he sits up in the bed, backing up against the headboard. SPIKE (screaming) “I’m sorry!” (panicked voice) “I’m sorry! Never meant to hurt the girl! I’m sorry! I’ll never again hurt the girl! I promise!” BUFFY “Spike, calm down!” The blonde slayer moves onto the bed and put her arms around Spike. We can see that he relaxes slightly, curling up against her. He seems more lucid now but his body can’t stop writhing. SPIKE (ranting) “I’m burning, Buffy. My skin is on fire. Oh god… I’m burning for my sins.” BUFFY (tears streaming) “Hush, my love. It will be okay.” SPIKE (blinking) “Should the room be this dark?” BUFFY “Shall I turn on the lights? I can if you want me to.”

SPIKE (grabbing her arm) “The light hurts my eyes. I don’t like it. It hurts my eyes, but turn it on. I don’t want to be in the dark.” ZOOMING IN as Spike’s overtaken by another coughing fit. SPIKE (weakly) “Buffy, don’t leave me.” BUFFY (gently kissing his forehead) “No, Spike, I won’t leave you.” SPIKE (crocked smile) “I left you.” BUFFY “You went and got yourself a soul.” SPIKE “Then I died.” BUFFY (nodding) “That you did.” SPIKE (between breaths) “I’m not scared you know.” BUFFY “I know.” SPIKE (coughing) “I’ve been through worst things than this.” BUFFY “I know.”

SPIKE (resigned) “Oh, bugger, Buffy! I don’t want to die. Not again!!” BUFFY “Just keep fighting.” (begging) “Please, Spike, just hold on a little bit longer.” SPIKE “I can’t, pet.” (voice breaking) “I can’t.” BUFFY (holding him tighter) “Please try.” SPIKE (helplessly) “I…I can’t.” Spike begins to convulse again and the shaking body trembles become more and more violent. SPIKE (screaming) “Oh my god, make it stop!!” BUFFY “I can’t stop it, Spike.” SPIKE “It hurts. Oh god, it burns!!” BUFFY (soothing) “Shh, Spike.” (embracing him) “Shh.”

SPIKE “I’m sorry.” (shaking his head) “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” BUFFY (softly) “For what?” SPIKE “I don’t wanna go, Buffy.” (sobbing) “Don’t let it take me!!” BUFFY “Spike…” A CLOSE UP on Buffy’s face. She’s in tears and we can clearly see the strain it all has on her. She’s about to lose the man she loves and she can’t don anything about it. The CAMERA PULLS BACK so that we can see Spike. The blonde vampire gazes up at the blonde slayer with bloodstained eyes. SPIKE “I’m not scared. I’m not.” BUFFY “I’m so sorry, Spike.” SPIKE “Oh, God, Buffy, why can’t I stay?” Suddenly spike’s seizures ends and he went limp in Buffy’s arms. BUFFY (begging) “Please, Spike…” (crying) “Please…” Spike’s body begins to twitch again, pushing itself so hard away from Buffy that she’s thrown across the room. She hits the wall on the other side, leaving a mark before crashing to the

floor. We have a WIDE SHOT of the room as Spike’s trembling body falls off the bed. Then ZOOMING IN as Spike, after a few moments stands up. His eyes and the sides of his face are blue. His eyes, usually so vibrant and full of life, are cold and resembles chips of ice. Just like ILLYRIA’S. Curiously, the entity in Spike’s body stretched Spike’s arm and flexed Spike’s fingers. It looks up and meets Buffy’s horrified gaze. And speaks with a cruel, deep voice that sounds nothing like Spike. SPIKE/ILLYRIA “This will do.” FLASH. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on BUFFY as she wakes up screaming, bathing in sweat and with heavy breathing. It was a dream!!! BUFFY (bathed breath) “Oh my God…”