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Blair Styra (Transcript)

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December 27, 2010
Blair Styra
Channeling Tabaash
September, 2010
Regina Meredith: I recently met with Dolores Cannon to speak of Earth’s evolution. It was at that time
that we met New Zealander, Blair Styra. He and Dolores were presenting together. Blair is a channel
for the being known as Tabaash. We spoke with Blair about his own story of becoming a channel and,
later, taped a talk with Tabaash, as well; both of which we’ll be showing. One point made is that
meditation is different things for different people, as is the process of enlightenment.
Regina Meredith: You are a shiny new face on the scene in the United States. I love it! I love it when
we come across new people, and Dolores —of course, you and Dolores Cannon are touring together.
Blair Styra: Correct.
Regina Meredith: And, I’ve known Dolores for about a decade, and she speaks very, very highly of you
and your work, and the teachings that come through you. And let’s give us a little bit of background
about how this started for you in channeling this being called, Tabaash, which we will hear from later.
Blair Styra: Yes, yes. Well, my spiritual journey in this lifetime started in the ‘80s, and my wife
discovered she had Breast Cancer, and at the time it wasn’t a very good prognosis. So, we started
looking at life after death, started reading books. I suppose I’ve always been connected with some
aspect of my god-hood, in a sense, but this was really the trigger for bringing this into my conscious,
adult mind. And, so, as my wife went through her chemotherapy—she had a mastectomy; she had
chemotherapy, then we realized with the spiritual side that there was whole different dimension to life.
So, that helped us enormously in what we were going through. And, I was just thinking the other day
that rather than allow the cancer to somehow affect our lives, it’s almost as if we allowed ourselves to
direct the energy of it.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: And so we made it a part of our lives in the way that we did. And, so, as she started
recovering, then I just realized that, you know, you can no longer close the door to the concept of Mind,
Body and Spirit. And, so, that’s when I just started reading more, meditating more, etc. I mean never in
a billion years ever thinking that I was going to be doing anything like this as a job. So, I would . . .
Regina Meredith: What were you doing as a job? What was your day life, then?
Blair Styra: Oh, gosh. What was I doing then? I’ve done a lot of different things. I’ve run a clothing
shop; I’ve run restaurants—my restaurant. At the time I was actually considering going in for a medical
Regina Meredith: OK.
Blair Styra: And, so—I’ll tell you and interesting story about this. We did some traveling to the U.K.,
and while we were away my Mother-in-Law past away. She had had Alzheimer’s for about 10 years.
And when we got back to London—we’d been in Egypt—we had a real strong feeling to go the
Spiritualist Church in Belgrave Square. So, we went to this and there was a Medium for Norfolk, who
was there, and he gave my wife a really, really good, clear message from her mother. And then he came
to me and he said to me, “I want to talk to you about your career because Spirit is real wanting to let
you know something here. So, I thought well, this is going to be interesting.
Regina Meredith: (laughing)
Blair Styra: So, he said, “I see two rooms. I see a room full of light and the light is pulsing.” I had
absolutely no idea what that was. And then he said, “I see another room and I see a big building that
has a red cross on it.” And, I thought well, that’s obviously a hospital. And the medium said, “Whatever
you choose you are going to excel in, and it’s just a matter of choice.”
Well, you know, I’ve been evolving spiritually for my own development. And, you know, if anyone
said you’re going to be a spiritual channel or work in this field, I would have said your elevator doesn’t
go all the way to the top floor.
Regina Meredith: Right. (laughing together)
Blair Styra: And, so, I got home to New Zealand, and I remember looking in the paper and I saw this
little tiny add, and there was a woman who was a channel and she was doing a public meeting. So, I
said to my wife, “Let’s check this out. Let’s see what this is all about.” Anyway, so we’re sitting in the
meeting, and the information that was coming through was really pretty amazing. Anyway, the entity
who was speaking through the woman, suddenly stopped and stared into the audience, and she pointed
and she was actually pointing at me. I thought she was pointing at someone behind me. And she said,
“You are a channel.” And, I’m sort of looking at the dude behind me and thinking whoa, that’s cool!
Anyway, you know, she said, “No. You,” and she pointed to me.
So, inevitably, I ended up doing some of her seminars and that’s how I became connected with
Tabaash. And, so, she gave me some good pointers about what to do and how to focus more on the
energy. And, so, I started working with that, and then Tabaash started appearing in my mind just as a
face and then, gradually, as a voice. And then we were having this sort of dialog going and this
relationship going on in my head, if you like, for a while. And then one day I was having a meditation,
and Tabaash, in the midst of the meditation, said to me, “Open your eyes.” So, I did, and I wasn’t even
in the room! My whole consciousness had shifted away from where I was sitting and I was on another
dimension in Spirit. And, Tabaash was standing in front of me and he started to talk to me about the
work that we could possibly do together, the agreement that we had made as two souls to do this work.
And the whole idea of it just made so much sense to me. Often, through the years, people have often
said to me, “Have you ever been frightened? Has it been this big surprise to you?” And, I’ve said,
“Well, it always made sense.” And that’s why I’ve never, ever really questioned what I do with Tabaash
because we’ve got this agreement going and we are very in harmony with each other.
Regina Meredith: Yes, that’s what I was sensing is this harmonization that was there; it’s beautiful.
Blair Styra: Yes, yeah. It’s a bit like an equation, really. It’s like this relationship, and so the formula
that makes us, us allows us to do the work we do.
Regina Meredith: So, you kept this to yourself for a while I would guess, before you started really
coming out in public life, because you’re very well known in your country doing this, now.
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: But that didn’t happen immediately.
Blair Styra: No, no, of course not. You know once Tabaash started working with me—I mean by my
nature I’m logical and I like to think things through and I don’t like to dive into things. So, I thought
well, there’s no way I’m going to be going into any public situation without knowing that this actually
works. So, Spirit was giving me lots of different guidelines, you know, fitness stuff, you know, diet,
meditation, looking at changes I needed to make in my life because my channeling isn’t just about what
I’m offering to the public; it’s actually my self-development. So, you know, as Tabaash often says,
“Your message to the world is your life.” And, so, this has helped me to develop my life as a human
man. And, so, you know, as I developed this ability I just wanted to perfect it; I wanted to make sure
that the steps I was going to take into any public arena, you know, really made my soul safe. And, I
didn’t want go out there and make a complete fool of myself. And, so, I worked hard on it in discipline.
Lots of meditation. I mean some of the stuff that I went through, you know, just getting the physical
body accustomed to working with Spirit energy. It’s not just you sit down and out it comes. You know
there is a lot of preparation. So, in some of the early days I’d just be sitting down and my body would
be shaking. That was just Spirit sending vibrations through my body to get my cells used to working
with that high frequency. And then, gradually, that stopped and I just felt this sense of peace and
harmony. And then one day Tabaash said to me, “All right, we want to do a public meeting. I want you
to hire a hall and do this public meeting.” So, it’s like fine. We’ll do this. So, I hired a hall and I had no
idea who was going to come or how many people were going to come. Friends and people that I knew
had some inkling of what was going on, and people would often say, “When is it happening? When is it
So, when we did this public meeting, a hundred people showed up, actually. And, I remember going up
to the front of the stage and doing a little bit of an introduction and just wanting to flee.
Regina Meredith: I’ll bet!
Blair Styra: And then Tabaash came through and he gave a really great teaching. And then from there
on it just escalated. So, for the last, gosh, 12 years I’ve been running big public meditation teaching
meetings, and we just get a regular audience of 200 people.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: We had a radio program in Wellington–that’s the capital city of New Zealand—for a couple
of years. We’ve done a lot of seminars and all sorts of different things, so, it’s developed. I’ve been
channeling Tabaash now, publically, for almost 19 years.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: So, it’s very different from when I first started, and it’s evolving even now, basically.
Regina Meredith: Tell us who Tabaash is.
Blair Styra: Tabaash came from Sumeria, and Sumeria was part of the ancient Mesopotamian empire.
When he was alive, we go back about 5,000 BC. For people of today, that’s where Iraq and Iran are, in
that whole area there. He was just a normal bloke in his life of that time. He had a wife, job, children.
But, he became aware that there was more to life than just being, as he puts it, the human nature. So, in
his observations of life, his connections with people, he began to open up more doors for himself,
helping him realized that the formula of life is mind, body, spirit. And when you feed the formula, then
you have your harmony. And, so, he simply put that into practice in his life. And, as he said to me, it
was probably a lot easier in those days because people still had a strong connection with, as Tabaash
calls it, the God nature, and there was still a lot of great respect and understanding amongst people.
And, so, he was very involved in a very strong community and a community where people embraced
the spirituality aspects of themselves. And, so, it was just easier to become enlightened, if you like.
Regina Meredith: And still close to nature and not having just the bombardment of noise and
frequencies in our head all the time.
Blair Styra: No, absolutely, I mean he understood that. You know when you’re a soul in a body and
you’re on an earth and it’s about how you’re in harmony with everything, basically. And when you
understand that then you get the most of everything.
Regina Meredith: And, so, Tabaash has not been incarnating since then?
Blair Styra: No. As he’s put it to me, “Why would I want to come into a body, again?”
Regina Meredith: When he can come into yours?
Blair Styra: Well, I suppose so. Actually, I think he uses it more than I do, these days. (laughing
Regina Meredith: So, let’s talk about some of the—bringing it up into present times, because times have
changed a lot since you began doing this.
Blair Styra: Mmmhmm, yes. Correct.
Regina Meredith: So, obviously, the messages have to be changing.
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: What are some of the really key teachings that are coming through right now?
Blair Styra: Self-responsibility is a huge one. And, as Tabaash says, you know, we are all our own
masters and we have to realize that when we put ourselves in the driving seat and do all the driving and
not let something else or someone else take responsibility for that, then we realize that it’s a better way
of creating the realities that we want, rather than waiting for somebody or something to do it for us.
Tabaash Begins to Speak Suddenly at this Point
Tabaash: I think it’s rather extraordinary when you consider that you’ve all made a choice to be alive,
again, in your bodies. And, you made those choices so that you can evolve. And you’ve lived your life
right up to this point right now, right to this point where you’re sitting before me. Everything that you
have experienced is all behind you, and everything that you choose is all in front of you, and it is your
choice. Nobody else is going to live your life. No one else is going to make your decisions. No one else
can make anything happen but you. And when you understand this and live this, then you know what it
is to be God, for that is what you are. You are all Gods in your bodies, creating your life.
Blair Styra: Another thing that Tabaash stresses enormously–and I think this is probably a bit
controversial for some people—Tabaash believes and teaches that we are all God. And God being, from
his perspective, the highest form of energy that you can experience.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, so, in his teachings one of his things is to say every day of your life, “I am God,
Mind, Body, Spirit,” so when you tune into your God nature, you’re tuned into the natural part of you
that has all the answers.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, so, as we’re evolving as souls in our bodies at this particular time because everything
is accelerating so rapidly, it’s the God nature in us that is going to save us. If we stay locked into our
human nature then we get caught up into the denser vibrations; we get caught up into the addictions,
the attachments that we have to the emotional experiences in life. And, so, as he stresses the God
nature, he doesn’t stress it from the point of rid yourself of your human nature. But, as he says, as you
expand upon your God nature, then what you do is you are able to bring out the best of your human
nature and, therefore, bypass all the, as he puts it, misery gut stuff that people put themselves through;
the conflicts, the denser vibrations that people seem to be so locked into, the fears, the angers, the
worries, all those frequencies that keep us locked into a place where we have no success in life.
Tabaash: But if you decide to be the God that you are in the highest way, then you are opening yourself
up to all the multidimensional vibrations that are possible. Just thinking about one of the questions that
someone was asking Dolores before, about the New Earth vibration and the different consciousnesses,
and who’s going to be around and whose not going to be around. And, so, I’ll put it in the explanation I
gave the other night: If you imagine your soul is like a giant CD, and it goes off into infinity. And each
of those little vibrations on the CD is an aspect of self; past, present, future, all happening
simultaneously. And everybody is doing the same; everybody is exactly the same. Now, if you imagine
the middle of the CD; imagine that’s like a sticker that’s put on that part of your soul, and that’s your
body. And, so, it’s that part of your soul that you’re paying attention to. And as you pay attention to
that, inevitably, you’re going to outgrow that part of you and you’re going to realize that there is so
much more. So, what do you do? You begin to develop higher ideas about your potential. And, so, you
expand beyond that consciousness. You expand beyond that idea of yourself. And as you expand
beyond that idea, then what you do, you start giving yourself access to more. More of what? More of
everything. More of Life; more of God; whatever you wish to call it.
Now, imagine that all of you, here, have decided to evolve to be a part of the New Earth. And you have
others in your family, and others, who aren’t so in harmony, not so focused on the God energy. And,
you might think well, if I raise my consciousness, then I’m going to leave some of those people behind.
But, you see, think of it. If you are experiencing life on all levels, all at the same time, then does it not
make sense to think that the higher part of you will seek for the higher part of those peoples? So, you
see, everyone just goes into it together as much as there are aspects of yourself that may stay behind in
the old Earth, in the denser vibrations, you see.
So, it’s not secret, but the more you are God, then the less of yourself you leave behind. And, so, the
more of the God that you are, you consolidate. So, if you think about what is enlightenment?
Enlightenment is to be in light of you and to be in light of Life. So, how I like to put it, if you imagine
all those vibrations that represent the CD, they are all coming together. So, as they all pull in together,
they all pull together and those little vibrations get closer and closer. And as they get closer and closer,
then the power that you have accessibility to starts to flow through your physiological systems.
Whereas, in the past what’s happened is that those dimensions, as we’ll put it, have been further away
from each other. So, as they are further away from each other, it’s more difficult to actually span that
energy. So, you have to build bridges to get the information. So, as you become God more, you become
more magnetic. So, what do you do? You simply pull in those vibrations. You pull in those frequencies.
And, remember, everything is God, and every cell of your body is doing exactly the same thing. So, as
you’re feeding more of the God power through your vibrations, what happens is that your cellular
structure shifts its consciousness and becomes more magnetic itself. And as that magnetism manifests
itself then it’s pulling the physiological system into a point of consciousness which allows you to
establish the God energy on a more day-to-day level. So, suddenly you don’t have to go out there and
do it through your meditations or do it through the seminars or the books, etc. You just do it through
life; you just do it through your everyday existence. You do it in your day-to-day jobs. You do it when
you go for a run or playing golf, or whatever it is you do. You live it—you live it. You breathe it. You
think it. You don’t have to seek it, or find it, or wonder about it, because the more you wonder, the
more questions you’ll have. And why should you question that which you are? Why should you have to
question the fact that you are God? The more you question, sometimes, the less that you will actually
find. So, sometimes it’s about when do I need to leave it alone and just allow myself just to be? And in
that state of beingness, then this is where my magnetism comes into.
So, there is a basic formula for all planets. And the basic formula of Life on Earth is the simple energy
of what you humans call Mind, Body, Spirit. So, that’s the formula of Life on Earth. So, you are Gods
incarnate into these physical bodies. So, you feed your mind; you feed your body; you feed your spirit,
daily, and this is what gives you harmony. And that harmony triggers off electricity within your system.
It also triggers of a physiological discharge of biochemicals into your system. So, the hormones that
work in your physical body because they act as the attracters, also, for what it is that you’re going to
experience. So, think of this; what you pay attention to is going to become your life, whether it’s what
you think, or feel, or do. So, this particular time in this history people are having to pay more attention
at a very different level. Not let’s pay attention to what’s wrong. Let’s not pay attention to what needs
to be fixed. Let’s not pay attention to all the problems and the densities and the conflicts. Let’s pay
attention to the Force of Life. Let’s pay attention to the fact that we’re powerful, that we have choice,
that we’re doing the driving, that we’re capable, that we’re able. You pay attention to the conflict,
you’ll get conflict or you’ll get complications, or you’ll get more questions. You pay attention every
day to the fact that you give yourself a chance to live, then you just have to decide well, what shall I do
with it? What shall I do with what I think and what I feel and what I be and what I do? Who wants to
spend a life when you’re working it through all the time? This is what people do. How depressing to
think you have to work your life through! Life is about living through, not working through. And as
you live through it, then you’re giving yourself more opportunities, more chance.
Regina Meredith: Does he say that meditation is generally one of the first places to begin to start just
quieting and clearing the power?
Blair Styra: Yes, absolutely, but he also says that meditation is lots of different things.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: So, meditation is not necessarily sitting down, closing your eyes and, you know, tuning out.
He says you could go for a swim; you could go for a walk; you could listen to music; you could read.
Personally, for myself, I really like my fitness, so I find that meditation for me is when I’m at the gym
or when I go for a power walk or when I’m in the ocean, or something like that.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: And, he also says that enlightenment is many things to different people. So, enlightenment
isn’t just a spiritual thing. He says for some people they can’t get the spiritual aspect of it because their
lives are so caught up into other things. So, for them, enlightenment may be able to pay the bills or put
food on the table for the children or be a good parent or, in some people’s cases, enlightenment is to
know they can have that holiday every year, or buy a 42” plasma screen television.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: So, you know, as Tabaash says, it’s what makes you in-light of Life.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, so, if you know some people, because of the way their lives are, because they are
involved in countries or places where it is about struggle, then you know, try to tell them that you are
God and that you have to create your own reality, and that you’ve got to do the driving. They’re just not
going to get that.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: Or, try to tell that to a mother who’s lost all her children in a car accident. And, so, it’s
really about switching the light on so that you feel differently about your circumstances and get what
you want in life, as long as you don’t covet life in the way that most people can sometimes do.
Regina Meredith: So, it doesn’t matter what level any of us are at on this planet. It’s taking command to
manifest your creation, and however it shows, just the mastery of having made a decision and followed
through is enlightenment, then, he’s saying.
Blair Styra: Yes, yes, absolutely. So, just be God doing what you’re doing. Be God in the gym; be God
having cancer; be God having relationship issues; be God, you know, being a successful business
person. And, so, when you are attuned to that vibration, then basically you have choice. And that’s what
it comes down do, and what we do with that choice is entirely up to us because as Gods we have our
free will. So, as Tabaash says, there is no right way; there is no wrong way; there is only our way.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: And, of course, as we evolve as Gods in our bodies, then our ways change because we
expand upon what’s available to us. Tabaash put it in a very nice way once. We had a client who came
and he was very I.T. person, and Tabaash was talking about this concept. And they guy said, “Look,
Tabaash, just put it in my language, please.” You know, “Put what is God in my language.” So, Tabaash
said, “Well, that’s quite easy.” He said, “Without God, that’s like having dial-up,” and when you’re
God, that’s broad band, so you’re just accessing more information on a faster frequency, basically.”
Regina Meredith: (laughing together) He’s a clever fellow.
Blair Styra: He is. And the guy got it, and then from there on it was all about downloading this, and this
and that, etc., basically.
Regina Meredith: And a lot of people use that metaphor these days for the expansion of consciousness,
for subconscious control systems and programs that are in operation that we’re trying to bypass, or at
least rewrite over the programming.
Blair Styra: Oh of course! Yes, yes, yes, absolutely.
Regina Meredith: What is Tabaash say about talking about refining the program, one of the things that
seems is as we’re evolving into the Human 2.0, or the advanced form of ourselves, one thing that is
going to be really critical for every human being is to truly have access to our own innate wisdom and
Blair Styra: Yes, yeah.
Regina Meredith: What does he say to that about the development, because so few people really can
hear through all the noise to their own voice?
Blair Styra: Well, it’s really quite simple, really, and this is the thing he stresses that it’s not
complicated. You know it’s not some magical thing or some big journey we have to go on. And, I love
what he says: He says every day you wake up you give yourself a chance to live, again. And every day
of your life you’ve got to decide what you will think, what you will feel, what you will do. So, if you
stay attuned to the idea of the formula of Life being Mind, Body, Spirit, and daily you find how you
feed that formula, then you’ll have harmony. And, obviously, as you do that, then, your mind self, your
body self, your spirit self will become awake to this, aware to what you’re doing and it starts to pay
more attention to these vibrations. And, so, you end up becoming a lot more perceptive of what’s
actually available to you because in a sense by following this formula we end up taking more notice.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: Suddenly we realize oh, you know, that was always there. And, you know, when people
move away from the idea of life as something they need to overcome or work through, then they realize
that, in fact, it’s something that they are organizing. And, I remember—I just want to quote I think it was
Gregg Braden, in one of his books, and he says, you know, “life is a beautiful, joyful, wonderful
experience, but what people have done is they have turned it into a dangerous experience,” because
they are caught up in their conflicts.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, so, when they are caught up in their conflicts then, of course, they have battles on
their hands. And most people will accept that they’ve got to have a battle. And when you can actually
decide no, I don’t need conflict; I don’t need battle; I don’t need disharmony, but of course, for most
people their lives have been brought up to believe well, you know you’ve got to take the good with the
bad. And, as Tabaash says, why?
Regina Meredith: Why? Yes.
Blair Styra: Why can’t we just have the good? And as people say well, you know, but life’s not like
And, as he (Tabaash) would say well, if you want it to be that way, yes. But how do you choose it to
be? And, I realize in all these years I’ve been working, even though people gather, they don’t really
believe they have the choice. You know even those people who have strong spiritual beliefs and
understanding, when it comes down to it, they still don’t believe they are the ones who actually are
making the decisions.
Regina Meredith: But isn’t that part of the religious programming, as one, just as one, cultural and
Blair Styra: Yes, yes, yeah, but I’ve talked to people who have no religious beliefs. You know it’s just
this whole thing about well, you know, you’ve got to suffer in life, or you’ve got to take the good with
the bad, or you can’t be happy all the time, etc.
Regina Meredith: Tribal programming.
Blair Styra: Yeah, absolutely, yeah. And, so, you know, people’s belief systems don’t have to
necessarily be religious to limit them. You know it could be just the way they’re brought up. It could be
what they’re observing, you know. Our beliefs are our templates for our experiences.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, you know, you were saying before about this time in history, and I think what’s
happening is that we’re actually, an enormous amount of our beliefs. And if we don’t outgrow those
beliefs, and if we don’t outgrow those beliefs, then we’ll get stuck into a dimension or vibration that
simply doesn’t serve us and will just keep us locked into a place that does not allow us evolution on all
levels, Mind, Body and Spirit.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Blair Styra: So, this particular time in history people are questioning what they believe in every way
possible, and that’s why there is so much available to us. And, I think we’ve got to remember as a
collective energy we’re attracting all of this to us. I think when you look at what’s available to us, it’s
showing us there are a lot of choices. But, of course, people are getting so caught up into what’s the
right one; what’s the wrong one. It comes back to what we said before. What do you feel and what do
you think and where are you standing?
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, so, it’s entirely based on, you know, how you believe you are Mind, Body and Spirit.
That belief creates a vibration within yourself.
Tabaash: The Mind, the Body, the Spirit is the formula. So, if you look at your own individual selves
and daily decide how to feed that formula, well then, inevitably, what you do is that you look at what
makes your soul sing, you allow yourself to tune into the natural rhythms of what you are in this
physical body of yours, and then having done so, then you can say I’ve got myself, instead of getting
over yourself. And then having “got” yourself, then what you do is you allow your soul to attune to
other people who are of the same frequency, to attract toward you the like-minded individuals or the
kindred spirits. So, therefor, you have these collective vibrations, which are reflections of yourself in
the highest possible way, you eliminate that which does not serve you because there is no point having
density. And, having done so, you begin to amass this collective vibration, which just feeds you and,
therefore, lifts your consciousness and, therefore, you’re lifting other people’s consciousness at the
same time, and all you’re doing is just living your life. And it’s just getting on with the process of it you
see. And can you imagine if every country was doing this? Imagine if everyone in the families were
doing this, you see, instead of being so caught up into the human nature of things. And, so, as you
break down to these new basics, then you realize that as an individual you’re having to look at what is
my idea about myself? What is my belief about myself? Because it’s the beliefs that are going to
become your experiences. And, so, as you look at what your experiences are in your life at this point,
whether it’s your spirituality, or whatever it happens to be, you’ve got to ask yourself what am I
believing that’s taking me to that particular place, and am I happy to be in that place? Or, am I simply
accepting, oh well, I’ve got to put up with that, and I can’t really be more; I can’t really do more, you
Regina Meredith: And in that way it’s really beautiful and perfect timing that the cracks are being
shown in all the structures that have controlled Humankind for so many millennia.
Blair Styra: Yes, yes. Oh, absolutely.
Regina Meredith: And, so, it’s really forcing us to have to take responsibility, whether we’re ready, or
Blair Styra: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think it’s sad that we have to force ourselves.
Regina Meredith: I think it is, too.
Blair Styra: I think that, you know, because we are Gods, we are creators and, of course, God does not
create through force. And, yet, God is a force, a power. And, so, when we look at it from that angle,
when we realize that it’s about being creators and directing the force—not through force—but directing it
through harmony, through love, through the sense of the peace that we are, the balance that we are,
without wanting to sound to “California” and new-agey.
Regina Meredith: Oh, no, that’s perfect; that’s perfect; that is appropriate.
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: And, instead, we have been living mostly through default, default programming.
Blair Styra: Yes, yes.
Regina Meredith: And, so, that’s all falling away. Yipee, yay!
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: And, so, we’re being forced to be put into the driver’s seat.
Tabaash: Because your vibration—this sounds a bit odd to say, but some people are allergic to the light.
And that sounds very odd, but some people whose vibrations are so dense, they’re so threatened and so
challenged by people who are of the light, it can make them sick. How many people have heard, “Oh!
Your belief system just makes me sick; I just can’t stand being around you. It doesn’t make me feel
good!” And, so, that’s literally true because the vibration is just so powerful and so strong. And what
are their reactions going to be? Negative. Oh, I don’t like being around so-and-so, you know, they
always make me feel so inadequate, or they make me feel sort of angry. And, of course, this person can
be very much in harmony. I mean if you look at some of the Masters who’ve walked the planet, and
look at some of the teachings, and some of the stories of some of these Masters. “The crowds got
angry; the people attacked,” because the collective vibrations of the past frequencies were being
challenged and threatened. The rule was being challenged, you see. And, so, this is where light
challenges some people. And if you look too much at the light, you get blind. And, so, it’s got to be a
gradual situation. This is why your physiological systems have to little, by little, by little feed into this
light in such a way where cellularly you’re able to lift your consciousness. If you brought all of God’s
power into your body all at once, you’d blow up, and there would be lots of big messes. And, so, this is
where you don’t want to blow up and you don’t want to have anyone to clean up your messes, but it’s
about realizing it has to be a subtle frequency. And this is where it’s not about oh, let’s speed up, put my
foot on the accelerator. It’s instead deciding hang on a minute. What’s the pace for today? I mean each
day it’s a different vibration, a different frequency. It’s not the same gear. You don’t drive in the same
way. So, that’s why when you wake up every morning, you’ve just got to decide ok, what way do I
want to drive today? And don’t forget, also, because of the way that your emotional energies work
through your physiological system, you’ve got to also look at the way you’re approaching your whole
way of being with each other in your world. So, obviously, as souls you’re androgynous. Your
androgyny means that you have no gender and, so, as souls you just exist as consciousness, OK. You
have your bodies that are male and female, but that doesn’t make you a man or a woman; that’s just the
vehicle that you’re driving. And, so therefore, some days you’ve got to realize am I having a woman
day or a bloke day? Or, am I having a God day? And some days you might think OK, I’m going to be
God as a bloke today. And other times I’m going to be God as a woman. Another time I’m just going to
be God. At other times I have no idea what I’m going to be, so I’ll just stay in bed. And, so, what you
have to recognize is that, you know, this could be like in a business meeting. What’s the best way to
approach this meeting? Should I use the woman in me, or should I use the guy in me? And, obviously,
these emotions will assist the process. And, so, what you do is that you know thyself, and, therefore,
you’re able to understand how to direct the energy more appropriately, so you get the results that you’re
energies are wanting.
Regina Meredith: How does Tabaash look at the whole—everybody talks about love. As you say, love
and light; love and light.
Blair Styra: Mmmhmm, yes, yes.
Regina Meredith: Which means many things to many people.
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: And, let’s say love in human relationships.
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: Just touch on that for a moment.
Blair Styra: Tabaash’s use of the word “love,” he often defines it as complete and absolute respect for
yourself as God. And, so, when you have that total respect, then of course, you realize that because we
are all each other. So, when you’re involved in a relationship with somebody and you know you are
God, then you are able to be unconditional. I remember a very good friend of mine, who I’ve known
for 35 years, and one day he said to me, “It’s really difficult loving you.” And I said to him, “I’ve
known you all these years. How could you say that?” And, he said, “Because I know you don’t need
Regina Meredith: Ahhh!
Blair Styra: And I thought about it and I said, “Oh yeah, well, that’s true.” But then I said to him,
“Because I can unconditionally love you for no reason, that means I can love you even more and
connect with you even more, because I don’t need to do it for any purpose or reason. I do it because it’s
just what I choose to do.” And, I think that when we understand relationships; be it intimate
relationships, be it friendships, family, whatever, when we come form that absolute, total respect for in
love with ourselves, then it makes sense to think that we’re going to attract towards us that in our lives
and the people that we connect with. And that could just be someone walking down the road.
Regina Meredith: Absolutely.
Blair Styra: And I mean I’ve had people come up to me in public meetings and just say, “I love you,”
and then just walk away. And, I just go, “I love you, too.” And, you know, it’s just, it’s what people are
needing. And, I think people understand love in a more intelligent and sophisticated way, now.
Whereas, in the past, I think in was more involved in the human nature/emotional aspect of it. And, of
course, that’s what gets it all into trouble.
Regina Meredith: Well, you had to put it in a box; you could only love one person, if it wasn’t your
children or your family members.
Blair Styra: Yes, yeah. Absolutely, yeah. Or, people define love too much in sexual terms and . . .
Regina Meredith: Yes, exactly, very, very exclusive. Love was reserved for a once-in-a-lifetime thing
with one other partner, again, except for your friends and family.
Blair Styra: Yes, absolutely, yeah.
Regina Meredith: But, now, I see this all around, and having spent a number of years in Sedona,
Arizona, where it’s much more open in this respect, the notion of love doesn’t seem to have any
barriers between communities that have elevated themselves on that level.
Blair Styra: Yeah. I think love and the word “respect” are pretty much the same thing.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, so obviously, from the human intellect it carries different connotations. But when you
look at it from the God nature in you, you realize that when you love, when you respect, it’s really the
God vibration. And, I think that inevitably you get to the point where you have the energy of it and it
goes beyond the words. It’s just that complete unconditional knowingness.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Blair Styra: And, I’ve experienced that in connections with people, and just this absolute sense of just
knowing. And that encompasses all that vibration, all that energy. And, I think what’s happening is that
we’re getting to a point where we do not need to define what love is, anymore, because it goes beyond
definition. It goes into something greater than that.
Regina Meredith: Yes. Beautifully put.
Tabaash: Respect the God in you. That power is there to be loved and to be cherished and to be
respected because it’s sacred. It’s sacred. It’s a sacred formula. And everybody has their own way of
finding their expression of it. So, not every woman has to dress up like Zsa Zsa Gabor, and not every
man has to dress up like Carey Grant, or whatever. It’s about allowing yourself to think well, in this
incarnation in what way am I relating to the man in me? What way am I relating to the woman in me?
But, also, how am I projecting it to the world? How does the world see the woman in me, the man in
me? And how am I responding to that? Think of that. Your response to the world, your response to each
other, your response to everything, tells you about yourself. And, so, if you don’t like what you’re
actually feeling, then again, you’ve got to ask yourself hmmm, what is it that I’m focusing on? What
am I paying attention to? It’s not about anybody else; it’s about you. Whether it’s something like I’m
telling you, or something you read, or whatever, it’s your response that tells you about yourself. And
where does that response come from? It comes from your belief systems. And where do your belief
systems come from, they come from your experiences. And where do your experiences come from?
Well, they came from your ideas or other people’s ideas. And where did that come from? Well, that just
came from consciousness, and then you just organized it into some sort of situations, you see. And, so,
it always comes back to you, all of the time. And, so, when you always stay linked in with where it all
starts, well, that’s going to make it a lot easier for you to get on with the way that you want, and it’s so
imperative at this time in history because you’re at this brink of something; this shift, this change, this
multidimensional frequency, this alteration of everything. And you, as souls, have made a conscious
effort to have chosen to participate in this. That’s why you’re alive now. You’re not alive in the 1800s.
Well, I suppose you are in another lifetime, in another dimension. But this is what you’re paying
attention to now. And, so, what you’ve got to ask yourself well, what am I going to do with it? So,
you’ve lived all your life up to this point and it’s all in front of you. Well, so far, how have you done?
So far, how have you done in life, and from this point where do you choose to be? What do you choose
to think and choose to feel and choose to experience? How do you want to end up? Or are you just
going to wait until you get a signal or a sign, or whatever? As Dolores and Julia and Blair were driving
up here, and I think it was Julia who was saying a story about this Mt. Shasta. And for years people
thought that they could come up here and the UFOs would take them away and save them, you see.
And, apparently, this has been going on for some years; 20 years, 30 years, or whatever, you see. And
this is how some people look at it. I’ve gotta go somewhere where I can be taken away; I can escape
from all of this. But if you look at it from that point, well then you’re just incurring upon yourself more
debt, and you’re just going to keep on looking for more to escape from. Whereas, if you just decide live
my life; be in harmony; be sacred.
Regina Meredith: We were just talking about some of the existing structures that have kept people from
themselves. What about some of the indigenous cultures, because this is coming up a lot, and you live
in the land of the Maori.
Blair Styra: Yes.
Regina Meredith: And, we interviewed a wonderful woman, Mama Rose Pere, at one time.
Blair Styra: Yes. I know her.
Regina Meredith: Yes, I thought you might know her. And how does all of this—the wisdom of the
indigenous people start playing into what’s going on now?
Blair Styra: Yes, yeah. Tabaash has said that all indigenous peoples of each continent hold a key. And,
so, they were, you could say, the original keepers of each land that they are in. And, so, it’s interesting
because even the indigenous peoples have become very corrupt in their own ways and their own
practices through time. So, a lot of the vibration and the energy of that has been lost or blended too
much with rules and systems that have to do with, you know, the society that we live in today. And, I
think a lot of that power has been rather diluted, if you like. And, I know in New Zealand there’s a lot
of infighting amongst tribes. You know, who’s got this and who’s got that, sort of stuff. But, I think
what’s happening is it’s rather more moving away from what tribe you come from, and I think it’s more
into the fact that, you know, we are all Gods and we’re all living on this world and we’re all one big
tribe. And it’s no longer about, you know, your separateness or the color of your skin or, you know,
whatever your background is. It’s actually about the fact that if we’re going to survive, then we actually
have to be each other’s keepers. So, you know, as the phrase goes, “Be your brother’s keeper,” and
that’s very relevant. But, I believe that we all have to pay attention to each other in the indigenous
energies. But, I think a lot of indigenous energies have to also evolve with what’s actually happening
because I feel a lot of them want to stay in the past and use the old tools. Whereas, you know, we have
evolved and we have an understanding that is greater, of God, now. And, so therefore, we need to take
what the past is and use that rather as a core to build something different. And, you know, it’s just
Regina Meredith: It is. What has been maybe the single most important lesson just for you, personally,
since you came in contact with Tabaash that has helped you?
Blair Styra: Fear. And that’s been a big karmic thing for me in this lifetime. I always think about the
phrase from Shirley McLean’s book, Out on a Limb, “In order to get to the fruit of the tree, you have to
walk out on a limb,” and this is certainly thrown me out on a limb in all sorts of ways. And, so, yeah,
it’s made me face myself in every way possible, step out of my comfort zones, stand up as a
communicator, face myself as a man and face myself as a husband, face myself in every respect
possible. And, I’m proud of myself because I feel that I’ve made peace with that. And, I was just
thinking one of the things–I managed to get on the L.A. freeway the other day, and I had this absolute
terror of doing this.
Regina Meredith: That takes courage.
Blair Styra: And a friend of mind was up in West Hollywood, and he asked me to come pick him up.
And, so, I took off and got on the road and then went back to where I was staying because I thought I
can’t do this. And then I rang him up and said, “Look, I’ll come in the morning and I’m approaching
this too much from anxiety, you see.” So, I got up in the morning and off I went, and by that stage I sort
of got used to it, so it can’t keep me off it now.
Regina Meredith: (laughing together)
Blair Styra: So, I’ve been driving all over Los Angeles.
Regina Meredith: Watch out! What’s that license plate number?
Blair Styra: Absolutely! Absolutely.
Regina Meredith: So, you’ve overcome your fears big time; you have L.A. freeway.
Blair Styra: I have overcome my fear. I figured it out, yeah. And an interesting thing about that was that
fear encompassed a whole lot of other things, obviously, because it just gave me a confidence. And, I
sort of almost felt like, you know, moving into working in the United States. I had my trepidations; I
had my fears and worries because I felt that being a channel in New Zealand is a lot easier than being a
channel in America. And, I realize that in lots of ways because some of the people that I’ve been
dealing with, they’ve seen me as a product, as a commodity.
Regina Meredith: Oh yes!
Blair Styra: And, so, I’m having to, in a sense, raise my game in a certain way, which I think is a good
thing. So, it’s challenged me to step out of my paddock, basically.
Regina Meredith: How did it feel coming here and being in this society? How does that feel for you?
Blair Styra: Sometimes a bit of anxiety because you’re always conscious of well, you know, you want
it to be the best for people. And then after a while I think well, you just have to do what you’re here to
do and don’t let your head get in the way. And people will take what they need from what Tabaash has
to offer, what I have to offer. And, so, I’m just here to do the best I can be. I’m here to be God doing
this, particularly. But, I love it. I just love the energy of it, and it just feels so absolutely natural to be
here. And, I’ve been very lucky because I’ve been connected with some very high powered people who
are opening a lot of doors for me, and on some level I must have created that, so it’s not like I’m just
crawling along on the path. It’s happening; it’s happening.
Regina Meredith: I think so. No accidents, and you just exude this beautiful energy, so I have no doubt
it’s going to go very well for you here.
Blair Styra: Oh thank you!
Regina Meredith: And elsewhere.
Blair Styra: Thank you.
Tabaash: And, so, it’s about allowing yourself to recognize, also, how important you all are in this
whole thing called your life! And your life, your life is what makes the difference. So, if your life is
being lived in a vibration that is forever lifting up, then can you imagine the miracles that you will
create? Can you imagine the inspiration that you are able to establish? Can you imagine the healing you
are able to do? The words that you’re able to create? The books you are able to write? The whole
abilities, the whole things your words, your messages, your voices, they just all come out. And that is
Life; that is the living of it, and that is what you are presenting to yourself. That is what you’re heading
towards. There is not going to be what you people call disasters. The word “disaster” is interesting. The
etymology of that word is fascinating. If you take it from the Greek, which is disistrata, and the Latin,
disistratum; it means “dis,” which means to be torn asunder. Stratum, from the stars. So, when you
detach yourself from your God nature, you have distrata—disaster—disistratum. And, so therefore, stay
tuned to something that is unique, which is the God nature, and then everything is harmony, everything
is flowing all of the time, you see.
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