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Graphic Design Course Outline

Through practical exercises, lectures, WEB DESIGN PRINCIPLES
demonstrations and examples students To provide participants with the DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION
will learn to model 3D objects and knowledge and skills through practical Students will be introduced to
scenes, texture mapping, bump maps, exercises, lectures, demonstrations and techniques used to compose and plan
lightings and camera movements in a examples to enable them to create web vector-based images with computer
3D environment. Students will have to pages by designing and programming software. Using the software Illustrator
successfully complete practical with the usage of the hypertext markup as a design tool, students will explore
exercises and an integrated project in language and web builder applications. its various functions, and grasp the
order to complete the module. Students will have to successfully versatility of one of the industry’s most
complete practical exercises and an utilised drawing tools. Through a series
ACADEMIC RESEARCH & integrated project in order to complete of exercises each student will produce
COMMUNICATION SKILLS (ARCS) the module. work demonstrating a progression of
This course prepares students in thought and understanding of vector
Communication and Research skills. COLOUR FOR DESIGNERS based drawing software.
The three main areas of focus are: A study of colour theories, standards,
Research and Analysis, Academic systems and their applications to design GRAPHIC DESIGN
Writing Skills and Academic production. Included will be a study of An introduction to the various roles of
Presentation Skills. applications in 2D and 3D using both the graphic designer and the history of
additive and subtractive colour concepts international graphic design, its
ADVANCED LAYOUT AND and study of perceptual effects. relevance to society and its importance
PRODUCTION as a medium for mass communication.
This course will allow students to CREATIVITY & PROBLEM SOLVING
further their skills in layout, In this course, students will learn to solve GRAPHIC PRODUCTION
conceptualization and production problems creatively, make paradigm This studio course explores the tools,
techniques and will give them an shifts in thinking and apply lateral techniques, procedures and presentation
opportunity to create a more thinking techniques to real and imagined skills necessary to produce professional
sophisticated portfolio piece. Students problems. Students will have to graphic design. Students are required
will have to successfully complete successfully complete practical exercises to set a standard of quality design work
practical exercises and an integrated and commence an that continues throughout the
project in order to complete the integrated project in order to complete programme.
module. the module.
This course aims to provide students CULTURE knowledge and skills through practical
with an understanding of the principles This course introduces students to design exercises, lectures, demonstrations and
and processes used to create successful history with a strong focus on the examples to enable them to design
advertising campaigns and to explore development of graphic design through user-friendly screen-based interfaces.
the visual language, theories and major art periods. From the invention of Taking knowledge from pre-requisites
techniques applicable to this field. writing to the modern day, students will like typography and colour theory,
Students will have to successfully gain - through research and practical students will learn about layout of
complete practical exercises and an projects - an understanding of the content and navigation, use of primary
integrated project in order to complete relevance of graphic arts and crafts in colours with secondary colours to
the module. human history and society. generate user-interface designs.
Students will have to successfully
APPLIED ILLUSTRATION DESIGN PRINCIPLES complete practical exercises and an
An exploration of various styles, This course combines studio work with integrated project in order to complete
methods and media of illustration in academic classroom instruction. the module.
which the students are encouraged to Discussions and assignments provide an
develop their own style with careful understanding of the design elements and IDENTITY SYSTEMS
consideration of appropriateness of principles of visual organization, as well This course will focus on the
application. as an understanding of the development conceptualization and creation of an
of form in space. Introduction to the effective corporate identity for a
concept of “function” and the idea that company. Students will have to
form depends on function. Fostering of successfully complete practical
critical thinking through analysis of exercises and an integrated project in
design work. order to complete the module.

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Students will be introduced to Assembling a professional portfolio and
techniques used to edit and process curriculum vitae. This course will give
raster images on the computer software. students the opportunity to refine their
Using Photoshop as a design tool, portfolio to a standard more appropriate
students will explore the various to industry and further investigate their
functions and multiple aspects of the place in the graphic design industry.
programme, and visualize the
versatility of one of the industry’s most PORTFOLIO WORKSHOP II
used image editing softwares. Assembling final industry-ready portfolio
and preparation of graduation exhibition
INDEPENDENT RESEARCH including personal display, graduation
Under supervision of a lecturer the booklet, posters and signage.
student will be encouraged to develop a
major design project. This project will PUBLICATION DESIGN
focus on research methodologies, time Lectures, analysis and practical problems
management and problem solving. in the design and production of annual
Students will prepare a professional reports and other corporate publications.
presentation of findings to guest Lectures and practical assignments
lecturers and/or industry professionals. investigate the graphic designer’s unique
role in the production of multipage
This course will explore the non-
traditional principles of Interactive RENDERING I
Media Design, examine the cultural This course aims to develop in students
impact of design via new media the capacity to visualise ideas through the
channels (web & interactive) and knowledge and practical experience of
develop and refine the level of drawing from observation. The
conceptual thinking within students' development of perception, memorization
approaches to multimedia/web design and reproduction of objects through
problems. drawing will be taught. Basic drawing
materials, tools and techniques are
INTERNSHIP experimented with to acquire a technical
Professional experience including knowledge of proper model drawing and
working in the industry as a graphic its related vocabulary. This course will
designer. also explore the media of
communication, marker, ink and other
PACKAGING mediums. Students will also be exposed
Retail and wholesale consumer product to the visual language, theories,
packaging design assignments. techniques and processes of rendering
different textures to objects.
An introduction to Desk-Top- TYPOGRAPHY I
Publishing using In Design, the next An introduction to typography
generation page layout application of concentrating on effective textual
choice. Students will be required to communication. This course includes a
create sophisticated page layouts study of the history of typography,
integrating flexible grid systems into typographic measures, font families and
the page. their relationship to visual
An introduction to photography TYPOGRAPHY II
focusing on the development of In this course students will be encouraged
technical and compositional skills. to deal with advanced typographic briefs
This course includes a study of the where higher emphasis is given to
history of photography, light metering, experimentation. A higher level of
darkroom exercises and specific sophistication and maturity in dealing
assignments dealing with still life, with type is required.
action and portraiture.

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DESIGN AND MARKETING Studio project provides students with the
This subject introduces the basic opportunity to, researched, design and
concepts of marketing and public develop a series or body of work for
relations and will examine how these presentation. This sustained development
relate to the wants and needs of today’s of work allows students to develop a
design practice, business and strong conceptual basis to the work and
real/potential consumers. Students will to fully test and experiment with design
learn how to apply these principles in problems to realize a substantial series or
practice when making decisions about body of completed works. It is expected
marketing their products and services that a high degree of finish will be
to potential customers in domestic and obtained though the construction of these
international markets design works along side a professional
final presentation. Student will work
independently with regular access to the
This subject explores a range of
studio and project supervisor, for
subcultures and their transition
historically into mainstream culture
through design. Design and subculture PROJECT MANAGEMENT
explores the role of design within the This subject examines the ways in which
ongoing interaction between fringe projects are managed to be delivered on
cultural movements and dominant time, on budget and meeting the quality
popular culture and includes; punk, and standards specified by the designer.
surf, dance party, political, jazz etc. and The importance of project management
will draw on examples from various feedback is emphasises as being critical
fields of design. in the development of the project design
process. Project formulation, design and
GRAPHIC DESIGN AND the technical skills involved for effective
feedback are also examined.
The aim of this subject is to allow
students to connect design history,
theory and research methods with the
practice and processes of graphic
design and multimedia. Students will
establish the differences between the
two strands of visual communication –
graphic design and multimedia.


The aim of Graphic Design and Society
is to involve students in examining the
role of graphic design in society whilst
exploring the potential of using visual
communication skills to make a
positive and relevant contribution to
our day-to-day lives. Students will
critically assess the role of graphic
design within the context of the wider
community, with regard to both
understanding where their graphic
practice might make a positive
contribution an how to make ethical
value judgements on the nature of the
graphic work they will do.

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