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Writing October 6, 2010 Group Project One

UAVs: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

An unmanned aerial vehicle is a remotely piloted vehicle that has no crew or pilots on board. It is flown remotely by a highly skilled and trained pilot that uses a complex program to fly the aircraft from a remote location and also can be flown by automated programs that give the UAV direction. A majority of UAV¶s that are in service are being used for military operations. They use them for surveillance and target destruction. There is a wide variety of UAV¶s, from different shapes and sizes to different characteristics. UAV¶s have also more recently been used in the civilian sector for surveillance of pipelines, and firefighting and are used when the missions or work is too dangerous or dirty for manned aircraft. UAV¶s can be categorized into six main functions of use: y Target and Decoy y Reconnaissance y Combat y Logistics y Research and Development y Civil and Commercial UAV¶s really started being used widely across the world in the late 90¶s. Previous to that the first real UAV¶s were hot air balloons that were used for weather research. UAV¶s have come a long way since weather balloons, now there are fixed wing and rotary UAV¶s in full operation. The wide variety of uses has stretch well beyond the military. They are being used in agriculture for fertilizing and pesticide dispersing, all the way up to the use in news broadcasting. UAV¶s are the future of aerial combat and are playing a major role in the civilian sector. As of right now the most prominent use of these highly advanced vehicles is being used in military. Almost every branch of the military uses some kind of UAV to accomplish missions. From doing recon work to bombing enemy targets, the future of the military is being shaped right in front of our eyes. When UAV¶s were first used in the military is played a very small role. They were first introduced during Vietnam and were typically used as spy planes to gather intelligence about where the enemies were and crucial targets that needed to be destroyed. With the advance in weapons technology and computer technology UAV¶s have changed dramatically. Now not only

can a UAV collect information using cameras. at least in the mind of the U. Listed below are the benefits and drawbacks to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Benefits-Ideal for dangerous missions -Max G¶s are limited only by the strength of the aircraft. like any other new form of technology. Having the option to send a machine instead of a human into a mission with a low percentage of success should be enough of a benefit to convince the non-believers. the positives are still enough to outweigh the negatives. they seem to be getting closer and closer to being flawless. However. While there are many different applications in which UAVs can be used. This is not a question of when will UAV¶s happen it is a question of where the future of UAV¶s will go from here. As technology improves and the need for less expensive methods of achieving certain goals arises UAV¶s will play a major role not only in the Military but also in the commercial aspect of the world. While these aircraft seem as though they have been brought here from the future. have benefits and drawbacks. They are saving lives by not putting the human aspect into play when it comes to dangerous missions. UAVs. But as technology moves forward. UAV¶s are being used on a daily basis around the world and are especially playing a major role in the war efforts overseas. The possibilities are almost endless right now. they are not perfect.S. not the human inside -Smaller than manned aircraft -Can remain airborne for days at a time -Lower in service costs Drawbacks-Many people needed to operate/maintain aircraft -High development costs -Delay between operator¶s inputs and aircraft¶s reactions -This can lead to a higher risk of incidents -Do not have the ³human factor´ present to trouble shoot or change the game plan when something goes wrong As you can see. . there are valid arguments on both ends of the spectrum. it can be programmed to fly on its own to deliver supplies to troops and to drop bombs on enemy targets. even if development costs may be high. UAVs are successfully being used in every branch of the military and using UAVs instead of manned aircraft for certain missions keeps our pilots and crews safe. government. and the risk of incident may be greater than in a manned aircraft. I will be focusing on UAVs being used for military operations seeing as how this is their most common application.

increased development can help make sure that these futuristic machines are here to stay. troops overseas or by protecting the public and gathering information here in our own country. What does this all mean? Having UAVs at our disposal here in the U. UAVs are being used more and more everyday throughout the world. The reason why we should care about and support the development of UAVs is because they can be utilized in many different ways to increase the well-being of the public. With any technology there are costs and there is no difference when it comes to the operation of UAV¶s.S. Having information about natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes which we could not obtain previously is helping researchers learn more about our world and this information can be used by scientists and developers to create new ways to keep the public informed and out of harm¶s way. the rest of the general public may be wondering. As technology continues to grow and improvements continue to be made. it is clear to see that the UAV is the future of the military aviation industry. Currently. whether it is providing support or intelligence to U.S. UAVs are being used in the Middle East by providing troops with locations of enemies as well as delivering supplies to troops in areas where a manned vehicle does not have access to. or at war overseas means lower fatalities and an increased awareness of the world around us. Companies are building unmanned aircraft that can fly higher and faster than any manned aircraft on the planet. they are also being used for numerous civilian purposes such as: -Agriculture -News broadcasting -United States Border Patrol -Highway Surveillance -Atmospheric/Air Pollution Studies -Endangered Species Studies -Hurricane Watch These examples illustrate only a few of the ways UAVs can be used to increase the safety and awareness of the people in the U. ³Why should we care about this?´ The answer is simple. While the most common use for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is military operations.S. The initial research and development of these highly intelligent machines .The past few years have been full of innovation regarding UAVs. Their main mission in any application is safety. With more people supporting this new technology. While lists of pro¶s and con¶s may be enough to justify the development of UAVs to some. The bottom line is that UAVs are safety tools which are becoming more advanced every day.

Is it worth the government spending all this money to save lives. When operating a UAV it only takes one person to fly the aircraft which dramatically brings downs the operating cost and in turn saves the taxpayers money. The cost of a F-22 fighter to operate for one hour is about $44. Obviously the funding needed for this kind of project is in the millions to billions of dollars. It is a new technology and it could eventually end up being a big waste of time and money. which is a military version used for surveillance and bombing missions. is about $1400 an hour. but as the more and more of these units are put into use around the world the price will continue to decrease. It will help the future in ways that way not be apparent today and will help save the lives of soldiers fighting all around the world. One thing that we need to look at is the price of human life. Even if you disagree with the idea of a huge remote controlled aircraft. For instance the cost to operate the predator. We have lost a life that is priceless plus a multimillion dollar plane. Not only will it be a benefit for military use but it will help to develop cheaper version for civilian and commercial use as well. A small price to pay when it comes to developing new ideas and technology that can in turn save lives and help create new jobs. you should agree with the idea of government funding new innovative ideas that can better society as a whole. Let¶s say that fighter pilot goes on a dangerous mission and is shot down and killed. Now you can see the difference in price between the two and kind of understand the cost benefits. Some people believe that the government¶s involvement in funding UAV¶s should be limited because of its apparent risks.000. However without the government backing such a huge cost this technology would not be where it is today. the answer is a definite yes. On the other hand if we could have used a UAV then the only thing that would have been lost was a piece of machinery. We need this type of technology in the world today. . This is where the cost comes into play. As more and more private company propose their ideas to the government. The initial costs are extremely high but will eventually get lower as time goes on. Without government funding these projects would not go forward in the direction that they need to go.has been enormous. The government has been and needs to continue funding this project. funding should be there for them develop new and better UAV¶s.