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SEEC FORM 20 emized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement rin Uo ch ZI 190 02 MUaI9 NALOL AUNENVG QI YOR IN COVER PAGE Dentpat one = i = aoa Sa a aS a es yeznan MAYOR . a a ea a aT E t [emo eT aes Cees | Oneimeniioman | Opsigenen rire cares Sees a etree am aa Omni sean Oden ete Oz dopey es OTeminain HH Os ays flowing ton Begining Date onovz021 Ending Date hey ono072021 ‘ney cenit and se wer pais file statement, Disclosure Statement or the pci covered iru acd complete. Roger APaanco| No te infront eh on his Bene Conuign Face rorravaont “fet pein who odo have bxvingh and willy led ony provisos o te compa finance tates i penal or prison! bth SEEC FORM 20 macnn ohare ic F arty Eenenst NOREEN CNMISSON ‘SUMMARY PAGE TOTALS ean neo forava : Sete on20 UL TORORINE COLUMN & CON “Tisai Acree | pul on ind oy connie at Ewe el oor "2 os nant ping of Reponing Pid pence 1. Connor Rese Ronis eon An) aria 194600 1 Recess Oe Canes Seco ne C2) Joco 220000 15, he Maney Reps Secon tah) 14 Tol Ros fo Sl Puchi Seon Spr See) 1h Pea et elma 202 Sin moe i, Tol aces of Aeron kor Sin on) 20000 ez0000 17 Tea Naty Ree fr ns ep 6) si11000 164500 1 Shot oot Line 12 +17in Cane Aandi 1+ 17 Comm) [19009903 261500 19 aps ay Commie tan soon sora 2. Raimond loo Ryn Pind a ne um ie who Cae) |FTBNT.28 orear28 21 nin Boao Cone Cambs Rese soon LA) 2nd Donato Caner Combi — Hose ary Secon 1) 2. tnkind Contos Reid (Son) - 2. Retinal Dept Teepe Canpany Secon) 25. Lean ace of 250, + Lass teseedSatonD) 2s, tne Poise La se = Pamenson Lom 2st, Toa Ostanting Lm Ano 216 Comin Exec Pid Conde (Seaton Q) 27 Fags ure Come eit Cad Seton ape coe by Comes Ding hi Pid bat ot Paid (Seon 5) kool Onesing Engen suey Conte il Ua Seon 8) Seeti of, ion B ADDITIONAL PAGE __ Dean xpos for Mayor seec Fonm20- ocr 10 RING ‘K Toial Contrations from Small ConlibutarsReealved ths Faiod ONLY | [Sxomtinsbsione SSuitorat SECTON & H Teemized Contributions from Individuals |porrone anes "ty Sos by ee [a a en [ee Be SEER mR aa Lge rane” [eae Smongasciatit QE |jmcndcieatestonchortsmses eT Feerartin oct mane Ome [Grn Grmsian Onan Orman Onan eet [ian pss een ef [ee ny ee Sonoma Bip Sox Grcmone Onions Oenanin Ooms neon |e ‘ay “Tie cam [Eceny ee [aes aa Sobor 6 [See BE Se eames BS _eaae” [aoe Pesce ‘ rena Cpranave Quegane [drm Omatons Ooms Omori Osan ct ooo ea a ORT HES TTR i raver] i ie == Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE of Dean Esposito for Mayor - £0 FOAM 20 OT 10 FILING ‘Ar Total Contributions from Small ConieTbwioreRecelved ‘ceiver dtl Co s [B, Hemized Contributions from Individuals lepatucse Susan 12 Smug Harbor cr |ossts pacar Teac He [Cemnes vac Ice aaa ems OS iam aieeatammap | ea Cee [ernst Be [Werte a Seminar =a Ot eae ‘segue esc e ‘ira Oxcome Oteiane $1,000 histvaney 87 Old Stagecoach Rd eshanisl Convactor fer Josue Lepesant Ko cate see ves eaiget Gonna (" * Sihdumoctha saa OY Oo $1,000 Gamers OF pyre Be ee oe Lim Alte ety ea \e ro 57-09 Pak ave antiny jer fossio oties| si00 Jer dcpnacnt chief stoyias — GDNo cmeasemt soak [Gere Srna Content Qa Oo | S024 SUBEO AL Sean Toi Page Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 3 of. Dean spe for ayer SEFC Form 0-OCT TOFLING ‘A. Total Contributions from Small Contibwore Received tis Period ONLY | {ecient of St Cot 'SURTOTAL SECTION A B Wenfzed Condributions from individ cer [set cht lb [riceciecsinons ONG Sei ste cons geo Cd ‘Wimbateet ‘samen i Qacve O tepae Sovmetnsarace " — QAS |*peresaeatabonortenace nee? ONS ott {cman besarte Osnctie Qtayisive [Ccom Orent hak ivr QP Dn Oss Or [rama taba eon — De | Vents manasa samc ig aaa ceainesieeemat | Aeeanal Cami Srmincnissttoat Bho | hevewane siya oven gh tes garam fpr? Bis [armel Bie |Ccnir Cron resi cint Orton Ory er Aico Weer igi "aio Ore Danbury cr fowstt Human Resources Decor city of Danby teas OS cog geaccny 10 [Oras Ornnatint Ccnsimiscnt Orrin Onenorir| warner fis Se Oe a ee mame el Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE of, SAREE CONN Tn a eT TT [ocan Epos for ayer EEC FORM 20-OCTTOFLING ‘A. Total Gontrbations fram Small ContTbatore Recehed tis ‘Sensor gene nl Coe [SUNTOTALSECTION | Period ONLY | , 1B Henived Contribution rom inated eon Slt carats ond Dancy er [yen fovcotector tyr Dry ao Of LA | — [ee eee gel Seale Mo] Greece” Qnesare Otegiae |G Sento Soenoancas Orvoicia Oreeyoae| aranet fen bite [oss 7 soneyerinn ead Omeury fer [ocwo arc get Mtoe fran se aye ‘Shctametinsi SS OE SS eT a 250 fusoreaictecai™™ QS [pect outlast Sevtmccatceatat hee Cytori O lepine [ors Gronrom Graumarcns Ortoniein Orme] Taost [S50 Fine ‘ens if fontod [Brcgewater fer [ous fase ne neater [rarcinnatcenlnt One | ere Ste Ste | a ee Sc” Tirstetsen ‘sme ech emma Ok Pye Qreuive Quigtie “TOTAL of dation Section 8 Pages "TOFAT OF ACL CONTRINUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS Gest 7 8) (intr in ote Pp a Sern Oren int Gettin Ort atin Orewyoue rtenoes asd SUOTOTAL Sco ma Fe Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 2. of loeon Esposito for Mayr SEECFoR420-OCT TOFLING ‘A. Total Contribuilons rom Swall Conlribators Received this Pevod ONLY | ‘Suomen nf St Co SUNTOFAL:SHCTION A 1B Newiaed Contributions from Individuals Gesen a scone tu er [oars mematr — Se OS SS Se Someta ois em a EOS [Ost Chresoant check Oeresiideit Cand ayo Deacon Ciney Order | 8/17/2021 200 eve re | str Fame tty er [oor ero it Se 7 SSS “ Sis"! 1000 ome Qi peamaar Ge anemes Winans ata run O tape ]Ocssh Cement Crack @erasivonbsa Cons OPayrlt Deiition Orteney Onter | 8/17/2021 ea tn eS oa Date or [earo —S a sag nes ost ie Comet SE OS Fa ATROCITIES eee I fee eee ee ra amasee SoBe x0 ieoemateomit =” OS [pmatntterteteg meno Be pace Gatiairanise Quen Oust [Sein Ormericnt Gentnncnt Orin Onmeyowesrnzery [an ‘SUBTOTAL Section 8 Tl Page| “TOTAL of adonn Seton B Pages "TOTAL OF AUT CONTRIBUTTONS PRON INDIVIDUALS raw) (rt ie Cam he Saye ol | Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 2° of, Dean pesto for Mayer SE€C row 20-ocT FLING ‘A. Total Contributions from Small Contributors Revaved this Period ONCY | (ecient Sl Cate SUBTOTAL SECTION A B. Weniaed Contributions from ialvials eras Caos 1 Mountain Avene Danbury jer | ossi0 Hetican cot [rm ieee Sceaaimarartaeestesen seamed ah iees oatervaaseinenayasy | ein Be [een Soe 5 Ta aaEee Qi [heponer rip Coma mopaneacaa esa ese * | Mnrmmibeconse bah Oxucue Otavane [Ocm Oromia ont Orrin Ory one | 777021 hier heck es roklonn teat Apt? eta crf osns2 cutive ideo the Mayor ty of Now tan i Cn | Somat bili Teach Gunes cpune Cee ac Oe Gn Oecnsce Ooavarce! Own Osmo] westarr —_ [0 fies i Losers + =r ‘ovis Dory or [osm fate mae Eanes OF eames recmgte eames] aaa OX Pye Ge en ‘Pence "Qassim [Oc Oremtcms Ocninsicnt Oran rte [aratan |S ‘SUBTOTAL Section B— This Page ‘TOTAL of ations Seton 8 Pages TTOTATOF AU, CONTIUBUTIONS FROME INDIVIDUALS Goan A Enno ie een Sy as Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE * of, RCE COROT a ce Sonor [Oran Espostofor Mayer SeEc FoR 20-OCTO FUNG Tova Contrib ‘Sete freon fal Cot 'SUNFOFALSUCHONA Ton fram Small Contibnions Received tis Perlod ONLY | By Hewined Gontrbations from Indias sous og Oi Forty Ate Mauntln Road Danbury jer [over ul state ker nestor clare Rel state [rnin ame einen it ee | same Cate ‘assert 09 a 500 Taremmaeeaapatamn Yo [iemeanseeepl EE ree onto * | tiemtnan teas Once Qteiie [Const Oreonnthece Qontwned1cnt Orryaonseton Qeny One| 27/2001 | 500 wagner Lawence 50 Warsyani oad Roxbury jer | osres feed Rotes| anna a 7 = Se = Taal [moan [it a ye ‘EScrnmaarbunastesen tied hes geronimo ‘ete an 0 2 ON 10 eM ee OTS ‘ttt snenncbesotsa si Qhiweaive O Uese Jct Oreste Qoasonae cael Operon Oran | 672772001 | 100 cesarande ant Partridge Road Sherman cr_ | o67e4 torney cramer a Anderson Jeti cco 7 SS Seaton es geen oo Seca oes 5 See Oe ee ee oumne ee a era “TOTAL of adona Section 8 Pages "TOTAL OF ALL CONTHIUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUATS econ A 7) (ena ot i Cando Page Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE * of, [Dean posto for Mayer SEECFORN 0-OCT OFIING ‘Ar Total Conte ons From Small Contrbwtare Revslved ths Period ONLY | 5 _Scinaennrat fl Cote 'SUBTOTAL SECTION A B, Hemized Gontributons trom Inalvhats seat ony 97 Bence Roa Moree fer fost asking Eagowal ree not ‘suse 8 [Semanitie OW [eee gin eee eo a Oe OE Gort ‘fase ec Orwoaiie revise ee os lout wilt ame na eal aa a Ea [iiqniadivescon? Ole | scomncrtresiixtscudmiwcrcsnamamaas | mmora ee es [rarcntinscts™’™ QiS | pretiinretitencsimac eran Bi pat PSR SeeetnE Omer Otgete ate po Oba ee ee ee ee | crac a accom een fos Dispatch Syparntadent owner Salers [iSmeicnnetsbloni One serena chen en seora SQ ransincia ae eens st geste eee Oe ee oe aa. 8 een eee onal = 20 ae ‘TOTAL of ational Seton 1 Pages “TORN OF AUT CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUATS Gecto=rA 7B) ear lo i ee Sy eel Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE © of, ean spestiofr Mayor Se€c FoR 20-Ocr TORING “K. Total Conebalions From Small ContibatoreRecehvea this Period ONLY | (Scanner tof al Cir 'SUBTOTAL SECTION A B enised Contributions from inividuals to oss " steno ond Danbury fer [ovate rowan ent tence == ee tonetene § | Gipnenenn tremens Oncosve Qlgiie asin as i” Most ew a [Dery fer [own lier ism ser ‘hat re fe 33.0 [ran cies [Sinmaxantrcioc: Gre [levee temas engine 230 [rsramarescante' =" QYS [*ypakatteatirkenaawene om! ON ‘isa rts Ugnconenecenac nw QExexie Q Laine Dick Crocus Qrcttct Ora Prin Quay | arzarnoar —_| 250 Co om 192 0ld ahi Ros Ridges ct | ssi? Manager rata Vigrimandains: Om | saunter sisestitanactincgensnarene | Sistemas ve Se ‘1600 ict bat Mipoeomen vena nwa” Qtacoaine tevin Gear Ones Qowmncai Ormainaion Orewa [arnnon [Teo SUMTOTAAL Section 8 — Tai Page “TOTAL of edna Section Pages “TOTAT OF AUT CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS eatin AV) sre oat ot Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE * of, EA om Dean spat or Mayor exc rom 20-OCTOFING A Tota Contrib ‘Seinen ai of al oe) ‘SUBTOTAL SECTION in fram Small Contributors Recdved this Peiod ONLY | TB Newived Contributions from aivials arcose ‘restopher 8 sth Ove artury jer [sans cen Restor Scalzo Rea Ete Se dakota | Wain co PRT nn re aoa 1 | ering annie sn tome 29 Woodtdgetane [Sea Grocans Contnsrent Onmtminia Ovamove enone — [as in ph 7 po wong tn ew Fait jor [ore sales Rep arta are Parker LTO [Far hee frit ca a | Wasa aca oR ae it aver oa ma, 5 | Score cos natin Scorer ~ Sea Be phoma Be [Saaweramnr* Sis Popemonnmeat ene ae Guiertwentae Quan Quoin Sn Geto Orman Owanvin Oto] enor [Wo raw ion titer Panes er_[sen en De id Se SE [cseiaasiarias GW | tzmamesescmenem gin gee arama Seca 8 ® \sceieed scant? caamaemantiom Qe fyrinanrtd can oomgronemts a ieee ‘pretest escent Quine Quasar leon Ort cat @cutncnd OP Doin Oso oe | 31/2000 | 50 ‘SUBTOTAL Seston Tas Pau "TOTAL of aitnal Section Pages TOA OF Ror COFRRRUTIONS FON TTWIOVALS extn ton ine Cn fsa ae Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 2 of, [ocan post for Mayer SEEC FORM 20-OCTTOFTUNG A Total Contr ons From Small Contributors Recaved is] [Souter one Sl Coir SUBTOTALSECTIONA, Period ONLY | 1B, Heised Contibations trom individuals Laney Denise Smoke il Oe anbury fer | overs ht amine HRP ain city of Danbury [ani ain gam, — CYS | Wes cae STA GA a eae a sa | Tafa rights slyur! Qo | descmuceSeunstesecamctardwphbre gcm one 7 ‘es ooo 807 ra Gas 109 Xe] ihe meteaaecsecns een BN Be EES Outen [eat Oronmicink Ocrtumea cas Oration Osea over] 832021 | 100 i 93 range set my er fossta President Erhmoversne [simmazaaiacson? Gye | sncumansbeigstes aoa] Ca q ermeres 0 Oe 00 [isremrekamis =” QS |*yatcteutatentatane | Qi Tina Sie cn _ Qt Qi |Oewh Oronencint: Qrmsimae cat Ort eanton Ose On | 9/1/2021 508 arin Senantha Btomttane = ot [ores aa a eat Faralega Yamin Yar ipmimcutdction? Oe | ccicatasrtanestonnoremtueiccrseressiscemgiay "| on : Shalimar tSea0 Gye Bie +1000 street * | Gia tenes sai Otieaice Quatre ON |crenh Orval Chct onset Oras Dns Ost One | 9782021 1.00 | "TOTAT OF ALE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS (eto (to Lie caf Sanya Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE © of. LONE Rage eT Dean Espostofor Mayer SEFC FORM 20-OCT TOTTLNG “TK. Total Conribaions From Small Contibwtars Resaved tis Period ONCY | (Stn oe Sel Cntr 'SUITOTAL SECTION § 1B enized Contributions from individuals ecto tous esFerycout Strato fcr | oes RogistaroVoess Tower Sraters [Saqaimancsidin’ te | sovomiansteanrteaes Tso at aman uemapa ‘{cemeonienesiers wc phe easements si tongs seitmcania" m 100 TERRA! Ye |e Carmenere AE iv tea Upintetteonneta” Onmae Ouseere [GcveOrmentcnst Qowtenscnt Ortxinin Oxlowy oie] 9071 | 100 fave ane TT Fe aaa ber Avo age er [cor sc Wet neck a [reams es — Te | oR RAT a NEP Ra oC Temauuoe Ove | soamneataeesenco ot Sates 2» See By | Gikamaacasmo Qe ‘Finches gwen cere Qtaeave O teste [rns Orenouterat: Brus Cnt Oppo Duin Oreos | 9/1/2021 % Obsjniczak avid 27 Glendale Drie Danbury crows Fvecultie steer ai, [enone sb Screws pies Bs ier sn * | Goccnmeseerti eth Omeine Quepatine Soe eee oe na ae "TOTACOF ALE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUATS Gectiay A>) Merino i Seat Pe Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE * of, FIORE CORTE ig aR Dean Epes for Mayor SEEC FORM 20-OCTTOFUING “K. Toiai Contributions from Small ContTbutors-Reseved tis Period ONLY | [Benue fl Coe SUBTOTAL SECTION, 1B enized Contributions from Inaividuals [Sex Oxecroms OowamenOratntun Quapone|waiaan | eo os = aaa = aloe es ee Ree Que | aarcumnne ccnasienessmcmavarientggacanaicany | ne I" ‘thet 8.00 “Gis Be mn do Simao i Cewuive Olepive nn eels = aa ae Soy = Tim ee Be eg ne eo es gg = [sicoiriocceectrhn OYE [immtekarnaetese me QS mee Fe ene ese os 7 = Sonos Pees alas Vs Spon chat totoje Ne | Lantanne ctnines eaeksmeaa eines nad manag | one [a Le i ae a Se AEE] “TOKAL of “TOTAL OF AUT CONTRIBUTIONS FRO ral Page INDIVIDUALS Beate aro ine enn of Sey ae Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 2 of. [bean Esposito for Mayer SEEC FOR 20-OCT FING ‘A. Total Contributions from Small ContTbutors- Reseed this Period ONLY | (etomidate nl Cote SUBTOrALsHCTION A 1B, Menlaed Contributions from Tain idualy Tr "TOTAL of adtonal Seton Pages ro natn te Sm Peo nw in Taine wey er_[e a Cn | Scare G26 » aa Be Se et BE am Gasiit SaittSS “Crna uma [Gn Smarems OnsrmancnOrmtninte Oxmsoue saver [sn fst an ‘est ey et [eono ans svt Of a [inaimaiuctinar Ois | uoambnrs Gicctos ascites geno altacmle Error ieee = aera Bie [oat eromreaaat Ge [aamceeenar=” Qi [yprmanrtenameac fc sama Penta Qo O me [Ona Oremarence Ornivrsecnt Oromia Oso or| eames | 100 i mA ‘nr he iy feo a Semana Oe Oe pace cess Ome Quguom [Ge Onnmscis Oowwrcrs Ortenn Ouaone[watenn [sm SoOA Rata "TOTAL OF ALT CONTRINU TIONS FROM INDIVIDUATS Sesion A 7B) Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE ™ of Dean pot for yor seEc FORM 20-0C1 1OFING. ‘A. Total Contrbwtfons Irom Small Contributors Recelved this Period ONLY | ‘emma toon fina a) 'SUBTOTAL/SECTION A aed Contributions from Individuals estar tn fr ee aero parent ve Dieoy ct [oun ea steko ctl ake Rel Etat amar ame OT | Ten a TTR aa aT oe TTR | eae [eSencatictaniyet? no. | dscns orbs nese ore wi este A 0 ‘omen Bis [wanes OS mane OE ee eee Oman [ora Gremecna Cento cnt Orvnmaias Qvewyonte| vana1 | 0 cite Comeno 1S5ione Set Danbury ct [oro ty tay fect Dan Cao [sesame STS | SR TT a aaa [Ssmmautsiis Ow | Secumnnaasloursestan terms sucess 20 Lavcemeuccats =" QS | pecniteatinaarepeccs meses! Qi ei eS on 8 [Orn Oremercnck Ocrtonntcnd Qrmtbanin Oseeyoner| 9200001 | 300 oe gh ed 7 = Dot Pombo Road Danbury cr [osm Cheat Anais Songstrkct Oabuty Speancyat Que | oem minnsaemimr ginger asset ramen” Qi Pymcattaneence me Be "inet Trmaitea ce Ofroee Olabiare [Gen Oren ar Ott Ora Dn Oey On TOTAT OF ALL CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS (Geer | (Eaton ie Coa te Soy Pe a Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE of, bean spostovr Mayor tec Foma20-Ocr TOFLING “K. Total Conriations from Small Contribatort Received tis Period ONLY. | (Sonor ete aul Cir [SUNTOTALSECTION 4 1 Keneed Contributions from naividunls air Ras ales = \Vigeanicsisina | Qve | Savemmacetereetsartssce anna ee : a seme Be | E Ocomee Se 'eian GnpwcnGranem omen [S 9 oo ell [SrA Ow | cacminetaetioetorkdatintetecnaceacay | tla a Sr SN SS [accomarececes =" Qe [Myutininheta tem eteaes ne se Oem @rewenst cock Crrasiostt Crs Oraprat neduesn Ovtney Outer | 9/14/2021 500 7 7 eee [fee Te oa a Sastre in S40 Sr See mts Serco QMS Mirae eet mee Be ————— SUBTOTAL Section B—This Pare ‘TOTAL of adalonal Seton B Pages TOTAL OF ALT CONTRIRUTIONS FROM INDNIDUATS tow A+) tr ie Cateye oa Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 2. of, Dean Esposito for Mayer SEEC FoR 20-0cT TOFNG ‘X.Total Conrbtions from Small Contributor Recelved this Peviod ONLY {ecard ot Co ie) Ssunroratseenion | S B Henized Contribations from Tndivials Ianasson Nan TT tplewood Ove New rd jer osrre Pere aa © merci [anna ii me — CYTE | Wenn ae Uns cra TATA | Rw aT Ce [nip cigetsisncd Gro | werent cases tne setae mares gu wn snc ‘dat 5" ra » ream QF | leona eee a repr Mpheomreewaanatt” Obsewe Oteine 2 Qtesoatchnk Ocetama Cad Ortaca Oren On | 72172021 _| 50 leroy Mask 22 ids oe Danby crf sera Union Savings Bank [comers Ta OT BE aR rsa oa ae a Ro Oo ca ees SS OE Ss aS Qe MR OE Leeeinme= Qi |gematumianema sang 8 Sree SO been 0 ain |@ea Qrescnat cnock Ohresenedir Cant Qpayeait Doduction Qvency Onder | 9/21/2021 100 [or Orme Oo a - ee = 31 Of Fam Hlosd Newtown rt [osa7o ——— ero Ros Oo [Saae aaa | sent Bee oe oon |Orcas, Brena sk Cen cot Otel tn ON One| TOCAL of aon Seton B Pages "TOTATOF ALE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS ete A7 3) 722021 ata to ny Pee) Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE *? of, Jocan Esp for Mayor SEEC FORM 20-OCT IOFILNG ‘Ar Total Contributions fram Small Contibators-Receved tis Period ONLY ‘cei reef nl Coir 'SUBTOTALSHCTIONA 1B, enaized Contributions from Taaividuals lw Da onto rue tay ct osio comput ogame st Ovcanput Poging Poa een OE | aR RASA atic aco ego | Ta Cae [Siperandettons Qie | Secachanstceslete soe gins itm “Bie Bi % aN Bie pene O_O ‘mite ‘roam ecco wih Cece Qasiaive [Cena Gremmtcins Oona Ortaca owe | zvH | 0 emg Petr Stet tarce Danby cr uns Our teodrg apne ao soavatcman ‘Bir 1 [Ratceenee Oe [acemiarinnlarcameermaeceamd Oe [essemeictamtt™* GY | ipateadate ea toes ie pattie este deca" Cate O tyne [ornr Crmeicat Oonntcnd Orpen Ovens | gaze [00 nor Pa "sttne Pee or_fousrr rated wes nm [Expmidanisincs Que | scene wennestoneosnnigmngeine anc ‘secant congneesenett 8S [Pipe ee nrg? Le GanmmcnOranumnomven |r| es "TOTAL ef atonal Seton Pages “TOA OF ALL CONTRINU TONS FROM INDIVIDUAIS esis ASD) iron ti Cento Sony Pe Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE 22 of locanpostofor Mayer St€C FORM 20. ocr TORING ‘Ar Total Contrbwiions from Small Conlibutors-Recelved tis Period ONLY ‘cctoncnrkion sf Sl Cot) SUBTOTALSHCTION A s B, Hemized Contrbations from individuals ural Austen a Movers 24 The Cestay anbury jor [overt To Per Rote Rotes imamaance OS Serine iene again 100 em” OE TAS Onn Ousm O™ [bear Srna Qonamaice Ormttnin Queue] orsient [io [a = rE om erage oe Southbury fer [ose terrae yer oenouy [rimadarcctoas | Ove Toca inamastatel smconl gi esq oan [Esme os 250 ‘erence? aoammaemm Qe [opemanencaarcmmcromnomaaT Bie “Gyms nach bone i ae a ae Se oan Ommen Omeefee Se ais George 1 age Vow southbury cr [ostae —— —- [0 Sa rc Me | Fee tecoarar i” Oracuine: Qassim eon gamnOnememomenaan [a ‘SUBTOTAL Secon B— This Page| "TOTAL of ional Section 8 Pages “TOTAL OF ALL CONTRIAUTVONS FRO INDIVIDUAIS econ ASH) nr ot Eta of Sao Pe smu Section B ADDITIONAL PAGE ® of, ean Esposito for Mayor SEEC row 20- OCT IOFILING ‘A> Total Contributions fram Small Contributors Received this Period ONLY | [Sete fr tone al Cn SSUBTOTAL SECTION A i Renaed Contributions from Tnaividuals hoy Mn Teast Gate oad Danbury fer | vest xsinessman RoyEstale —S [dpe ‘Lovers coisihlennay ‘iecumec hn Sao 0 Cece Qi |"“pmrnmn ‘Sepa ce? 12 | plat a ‘iano | ‘enmes te [Cents Drees OeatnOnind Ont ntcion Oy Oe Ferhat Cay aa 7 cama Tee Hate Road Danbury crf ougoe ete Roto [sams Oe ‘Terms rte cael res gr heap ‘sumac hans eS 100 [iorcpesiccaats GX | peeusatate Sascha eeeeccm BS ‘jute enemies” Qos O tine [eat Grenmstcrck: crataticnl Ory Doin Query | 97/2001 | 100 = a etagna men aA Forty Acre Mount Rose rook ctf coaoe Rea late Boker ec Popatos Luc =e OS SS SS 2 z anus an at er One 10 [Semgrednscomts? "QS |"pyattttsatnctaentes meen Qe ioectbn n 8 ‘inne ec Orns Quantone nh Cresent Chc Ocean Cnt Oro Don Qe | 9/25/2021 00 SUBTOTAL Section tal age "TOFAT OF AUT CONTRIBUTIONS FROM INDIVIDUATS Gretins A nro Fi aa of Sey Page |

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