Sharing the Planet ² Exhibition Assessment Rubric 2011

Understanding the big picture empowers us to live with the future in mind.
Beginning Understandings Empowerment What I am learning is changing who I am. I can: y explain how I am connected to my issue . Beginning to Meet Expectations I can: y show how my thinking about my issue is changing. Meeting Expectations I can: y show how my thinking is changing the way I live. Exceeding Expectations I can: y show how my thinking is beginning to influence the thoughts and actions of others. I can: y use thinking skills to foresee multiple perspectives.

Perspective Getting a big picture understanding by viewing issues from different perspectives Futures Thinking Using ¶big picture· understanding of an issue to cause a shift in thinking in order to develop plans for action

I can: y view issues from my own perspective.

I can: y use research to understand the perspective of another person.

I can: y use research skills to gain a variety of perspectives.

I can: y identify a significant issue and explain the current trends.

I can: y explain the probable future for this issue if the trends continue.

I can: y explain my vision for the preferable future and develop realistic action plans for myself and family.

I can: y develop action plans for the preferable future for my community .

Please show evidence/arguments here:
Empowerment- I have been changing because now I work harder than I used to. I work harder with effort because now I see that the kids in child labour are younger than us and we are having such a comfortable life with health care, education and good food while they get no freedom. That·s great that learn about child labour has made you work harder. Do you think it will last? Perspective- I interviewed two girls on the street and I learned that they were kind of happy and satisfied with their job.They said that they work with friends and that it is fun to work with her friend. We also interviewed Mr. Michael who says that child labour is serious and child trafficking is the extreme kind of child labour. Do you think the girls were being honest with you? What other perspectives did you get?

Futures Thinking- I think that if it keeps on going like this there will be less children doing labour. The preferable future of child labour is that it will end and all the people will be treated fairly like right now poor people are not getting equal opportunities like us and also to have a good job because they only get to have bad jobs like working in farmland and processing the fish or chicken. Yes. If the parents can get good jobs then maybe they wouldn·t need to ask their children to work too. Is there any way you can help the situation?