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Today the whole world is at the brink of ruin. Whether individuals, parties, communities
or nations—all are at loggerheads with each other. Another world war is imminent.
Inevitably all destructive nuclear weapons will be applied recklessly. And as a result parts of
countries with huge population will perish.
But is it evident that the world would sustain such a total destruction? The infallible law of
Nature suggests—that never happens. Whenever signs of such destruction prevail, a Divine
Power descends on the Earth, manifests its divinity through spiritual devotees, destroys the
evil force altogether to establish the era of equity, justice and peace. The Nature's law of
diversity, that is ebb-tide flow-tide, new-moon full-moon, night-day, dark-light, death-life,
winter-summer testifies this theory. That is why the present day all-out situation of the
world—want of love and pity, reign of ignorance and terror, wanton molestation of woman's
chastity proves that this state of affairs cannot run long and the diversity must find its way.
And for that the Divine Power should incarnate to evolve the new era.
Regarding this Era or Age we, the general people have some confused notion: we think it has
no factual existence — it is a mere myth. But in reality it is according to the unerring law of
Nature. The Earth is moving round its orbit like a wound toy since its origin long ago. As a
result days and nights are evolving in a rhythmic way. Again with its diurnal movement it is
encircling the Sun perennially resulting in the offing of the seasons — summer, autumn,
winter, spring. Just following the same course this law of cyclic movement prevails
everywhere in the creation—whether high or low, great or small. The Sun itself with its
family, along with such other stars and planets, is moving around a central pull which takes
thousands of years for a complete circle. During this movement the Earth enters into different
phases such as Bhakti phase–Phase of devotion, Shakti Phase— Phase of power, Jnana
Phase–Phase of intellect, Prema Phase-Phase of love and dignity. Again as a Natural Law, at
the end of a particular Phase the essence of that phase will decline to nil just as night follows
the day, new moon follows the full-moon, ebb-tide follows the wave-tide. And when that
condition comes to the lowest, to bring back the bright state of the former one a powerful
embodiment appears. Thus through the night's darkness the Sun glares, through the new
moon the full-moon blossoms, the ebb-tide is overflowed by the heightened Sea-water due to
the moon's pull. Following the same analogy when the Earth is reigned by tyrants, love is lost
in the society, everywhere there prevail cruelty, disaffection, lust, greed, envy and wanton
killing, then descends the God-incarnate — the Avatar to reinstate the beauty of Nature— the
beauty-inherent of man.

Thus at the end of each of the past three yugas the God-incarnate appeared on the Earth
under different names such as Lord Narayana, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Today it is the
tail-end of the Kaliyuga. He is bound to come with embodiment to save the earthly creation.
That is why we have heard the thunderous voice — "I wouldn't allow any split nation or
partial religion. There should be sole religion, sole nation and sole ideal throughout the
world. I'll bring the entire world under one administration and one social system. For that I
have founded my 'Santan Dal' which emblems the lonely 'Parivar' — the worldly family. For
restoration of peace and equity, if needed, I wouldn't spare to annihilate the majority of world
population." — A clear-cut and unambiguous foretelling of Janmasiddha Thakur Shree Shree
Balak Brahmachari, the God-incarnate of the present age. Just like Lord Rama, Lord
Narayana, Lord Krishna He is born with the immense power of Astasiddhi — the godly
qualities, the manifestation of which was found from His very childhood. When He was a
boy under teen, He began to speak about universal love and tune which exist throughout the
whole creation. His 'tatwa' was unprejudiced without any dogma or cult. He tread to the
utmost in every sphere whether it is politics, spiritualism or socialism. He is engaged in
bringing about a worldly family by eradicating the lust and envy among the human folk.
He defined His grand organisation Santan Dal as follows: It is not a political organisation
or a religious community. It is practically based on a spiritual thought of worldly family— a
unified oneness. This Santan Dal is comprised of all the offsprings of the Earth. It is actually
not a so-called 'Dal' or party. It denotes a family— a worldly family. That is the whole of the
Earth is our homeland, we are the inhabitants of that single home. As we have same sun,
same moon, same water air earth, so also our religion, nation and doctrine are the same —
'Jeeba-dharma', 'jeeba-jati', 'jeeba-niti'. Our life-span generally extends up to sixty, seventy or
eighty years. None of us exists for long. So why there is so much selfish thoughts and self-
centered activities ? Why there are so many parties and communities ? Why they are at
loggerheads with each other ?
From the Nature we learn : A wave rises up the top only to fall, a bubble is formed only to
burst a minute after. In the same analogy many a Nation like Asiria, Egypt, Greece, Rome
marveled in their power and strength, tried to reign over the world, but faded away. Many a
great personality like Alexander, Napoleon, Genghis Khan dreamt of ruling over the entire
world, but vanished in the void. Alas! we fail to learn the lesson from those evidences that all
are nothing but water-shades. So why do we hanker after projecting ourselves ? Why do we
try to dominate over others ? Why there is so much boasting of selfish ego? With a minutest
particle falling into our eyes or a colic in the abdomen we become extremely helpless and
fatigued. So why should we esteem ourselves so powerful and dignified than others?
We take pride of projecting ourselves in different forms and countenance — with turban
and kankan some identify themselves as Sikhs, with a tuft of hair over head, a ritual thread
and saffron dresses some speak of Hinduism, with goattee and lungis some others call
themselves Muslim. But where lay these different symbols before we were born? All of us
were mingled in the endless void, practically having no separate existence. Through a gradual
process — along the paths of stars and planets, light air water soil we came into plant-
kingdom. From there in the form of food stuff like fruits, roots, leaves, green vegetables we
entered into our fathers' blood-stream. Thence as a sperm we fell into our mothers' womb
through semen. And wherefrom we found our existence on the Earth. This universal process
evidently shows that we all belong to the same gene — the same light air water soil void.
Further we will find that when we were born, we bore the same countenance — naked like
Naga saints having no diverse prejudice. We had sage like indifference with no discretion
between good and evil, light and shade. Then we had no tuft of hair (tiki), nor a goatee (nur),
nor any other sign of Hindu or Muslim. Not only of the same countenance or manner, we all
used the same language — same tune then, that eternal tune of 'OM', which is the sole source
of all the Creation in the Universe. Again not only in our infancy, but all throughout the life
we used the same language to express our pains and agony irrespective of our diverse
nationality, dialect, education etc. Even at the time of our ultimate departure we use the same
tune in expressing our last sighs. And after demise we all meet the same end. Be I a Hindu or
a Muslim, rich or poor, saint or satan, at the ultimate end we terminate into light, air, water,
earth and void. So why do we utter such nonsense—our party, our cadre, our community? So
long we exist in this world, we can live with mutual love and respect following the give-and-
take theory of the Nature and thereby transform the whole world into a heavenly abode.
He handed over to his spiritual followers— the 'Santan-disciples, the great spiritual
weapon 'Rama Narayana Ram'—the Nama embedded with the primordial sound 'OM' and
ensured— "It is the greatest weapon— the most powerful armament in the Universe. There
are tall-talks about nuclear weapons, but you will see one day that such weapons would also
be applied over India but with little destructive reaction. And that would be possible only due
to the preventive power of this Great Nama-Brahma—the unbounded sound-waves of 'OM'.
You, my Santans should use to assemble together on occasions and chant this Nama in high
tones. Only by this repeated chanting the envious environment of the world would change
almost astonishingly into a lovely atmosphere. And for that, application of the so-called
weaponry wouldn't be needed."
He further clarified that this 'Nama' is not the high-flown praise of Lord Rama or Lord
Narayana— the Avatars of ‘Treta’ or 'Satya' Yugas respectively. It is the 'notation' for
sounding the great universal tune— the primordial 'OM', which is the root-cause of all the
creation in the Universe ranging from stars to insects, from matters to men, and the
expression of which we always find in a child's cry, in our pains and grieves in everyday life.
That primordial sound has been imbued into this Nama like this : Rama(O) Naraya(0)-Na(0)
Ram. Here 'Raa', 'Ma', 'Naa', 'Raa', 'Aa', 'Na', 'Raa', 'Ma'—each of these has been used as
separate phonetic such as 'Saa' 'Re' 'Gaa' 'Maa' 'Paa' 'Dhaa 'Ni' 'Saa'. With loud enchanting of
this Nama the primordial sound 'OM' is transmitted by the ethereal waves throughout the
world. (The sound energy as well as the light energy create waves in the all-bound ether, the
subtlest matter in the universe, which are transmitted all through with an unbelievable speed
of 86,000 miles per second and which find no hindrance whatsoever, the best examples of
which are the T.Vs and Radios). These waves will traverse through each and every living
body in this world and thereby vibrate each and every particle within. As a result the latent
sound energy OM— the prime self T lying in the form of 'Kulakundalini' at the
'Muladhar Kshetra' (The Jeeva-Brahma) startles and begins to expand itself to reach its prime
form— the form of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram, when the man becomes a god. With that
mission millions and millions of His Santans— the devotee-followers are transmitting this
sound-wave ceaselessly for years together.
Our country today is helpless and leaderless in the true sense. Where is that real patriot?
There is none to resolve so many problems abound. On the contrary they are soaring day by
day. But there is some silver-lining in this grave darkness. As per natural law there is
someone ordained for the overall solution. And when he will appear, it is a certainty, and take
the entire burden over his shoulder, not only Bengal or India, the whole world will shade its
appearance altogether. That leader-ordained is none but the much proclaimed Netaji Subhas
Chandra Bose. With his very appearance the truncated Bengals will unite, India will take a
much greater shape, Asian Block will come into existence and thereafter a sole Worldly
Nation—worldly family will emerge. All these will take place step by step within a short
span of time. The whole world will be astonished with the swarms of events happening so
What would be the administrative system then? Thakur Balak Brahmachari Maharaj has
already given that blue-print: All will live in a worldly' family. The worldly state will take the
responsibility of everybody's livelihood covering sustenance, shelter, wearing, education and
medicare, just like the parents do in respect of their children. In other words no individual
endeavour would be required in that regard. The monetary system would be abolished.
Service to the nationals would be compulsive for everybody according to his ability and skill.
Everybody would enjoy equal right and privilege. From the President upto the Sweeper all
will enjoy the same status, same dignity. Divisions will exist only in the spheres of different
works. Love— not slaying, affection—not hatred would be the motto of man, the present day
world of envy will turn into a heavenly abode.
So, to expedite the advent of that golden era by eradicating the present-day fury and envy
rampant all over the world, let us come together irrespective of caste, creed, nationality and
chant the hymn—the great Nama 'Rama Narayana Ram' earnestly from the core of the heart.
Along with that let us also blow the conch-shells to rouse the sound of bliss and wellbeing as
directed by His Holiness Thakur Shree Shree Balak Brahamchari Maharaj at the specified
times at 5 AM, 12 noon, 6PM, 12 midnight, and 2AM. everyday.
This sound-bliss will keep all evils away including the fury of Nature. It is not mere
imaginary but based on science and hygiene. The same sound 'OM. which is embodied in the
Mahanam 'Rama(O) Naray(0)Na(0) Ram is pronounced in the conch-blowing. It is not so-
called superstition. It resembles the very ‘OM’ sound which is chanted in several hymns like
‘Om Shivaya Nama’, ‘Om Krishnaya Nama’, ‘Om Narayanaya Nama’, ‘Hari om’, ‘Alla Ho-
Akbar’, ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare..........’, also in ‘Rama
Narayana Ram’. It evidently helps rousing the holy concept in mind and pacifying the rude
reaction of Nature.


 The country is at the brink of ruin. Af this state parties of all colours should come up
with the thought of a single nation giving up their particular hues.
 If power-mongery prevails in an organisation, there lies no constructivity except
 Most of the political leaders do not care about the fate of the country. They mute only to
maintain their power-position.
 The dark cloud in the sky brings down incessant rains. Is the present day cloudy politics
the omen of national destruction?
 The tempest is imminent. What kind of ill would befall upon whom is not known?
 Loot is rampant in the country today.
 If all the parties and communities come together to serve the nation, the plight of the
country can be changed within a day.
 ‘We are offspring of the same Earth’– this should be our only identity. Besides this,
individuals may observe their particular religion or politics at their respective homes.
 The present state of our country is like this :– Mother is sucking her own breast and as a
result her child is dying being bereft of milk.
 A man has no right to take part in politics until he attains the universal love.
 “Love–not envy, nor annihilation”–learn this universal theory of Nature. Live together
following the ‘give and take’ theory – the world will turn into a heaven. You need not
mute about a utopian paradise.
 Politics without spiritualism is like spices without salt.
 Worship, ceremonials, so called rituals–none is the real religion. The real religion is
love and only love. That which keeps the cells of a body bound together, that which
keeps society and state in its form, that which keeps binding numerous stars and planets
in the space is the real religion. Observe that religion by extending your love for your
kins to all the creation in the world.
 The first and foremost condition of religion is–Live and let live’. You sustain, let others
to sustain.
 The word ‘Rajniti’ is not the synonym of the English ‘Politics’. Rajniti means Raja
Niti–the King of morals–the best of ethics–the selfless impartial love for all just like a
mother to her children.
 Here, the so called politics means fighting for administrative power by means of
election and annihilation–which requires to be shunned totally.
 So long there are separate parties, communities, races, states–peace cannot prevail. A
sapling cannot survive with its roots being severed.
 As we are born in the same planet and are nourished by the same sun, moon, water, air,
earth, so also we belong to the same community, same race, same ethics.
 We all eat to survive, sleep to rest, satiate our lust in almost the same manner, but we
have differentiated ourselves in the sphere of religion, politics, ethics.
 We should shun that religion which makes us fighting among ourselves, which raises
hatred and spirit of molestation.
 The ‘Politics’ which teaches partyism, greed for power, bloodshed and murder should
be renounced outright.
 Our real identity is neither Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Christian, nor Bengali, Punjabi,
Chinese, Japanese; nor Nakshalites, Congress or CPM, but the offspring of the same
Earth and the same Sun. Hence our relation is brothers and sisters by birth.
 To change the structure of the present mal-administration, the first and foremost
necessity is of an worthy leader. And I think Netaji is of that Stature.
 Today Netaji’s presence is essential. He is the only person who can solve the present
mess of the State.
 He is the only man under whose leadership the fragments of greater India will be re-
 China, Russia, India, Pakistan will come under one rule. There is none to nullify it.
 Not only the India Govt., all the major States of the world know the whereabouts and
activities of Netaji, but all are insignificant to his spiritual power.
 The nation will rise against the State when they would learn the treachery it has
committed so long against Netaji.
 As a natural law he has grown older, but when he would re-appear, he would seem as if
an active man of 40-45.
 For evolution of the Vedic Communism in the world there would be a great revolution
in India with dual participation of Russia and China. No separate sects will exist then.
The wave of the Vedic Communism will inundate whole of the world. All will
conglomerate in a single worldly family.
 With the very advent of Netaji the two truncated Bengals will unite. That will be
followed by formation of greater India.–Then Asian Block with Russia, China, India–
and at last the Worldly Nation–Worldly Family. That will happen too speedily. The
Kurukshetra War extended for 18 days, the Maha-Kurukshetra of this age will last for 7
days only.
 Since the world has not witnessed a real revolution. I will demonstrate the same.
The controversy about Netaji is well known throughout the world. Various researchers are
on the move. Some say, "He has died in the Plane-Crash of 1945." Some others say, "He left
Japan at the fag-end of the Second World War and took shelter in Russia. But somehow he
was killed there later." Others observe, "Netaji since fled from Russia and took refuge in
India under pseudonym 'Gumnami Baba" who died in 1986. When a section opine, "He is
aging to 109-10. It is not possible for a person to live so long — he is dead in reality. The
well publicized Mukherjee Commission (The Third Netaji Enquiry Commission) is among
them. In fact being in this terrestrial world, it is not possible for a person devoid of an inner
sight to think further.
On the contrary, the Great Seer, the Emancipator of the present age, the Founder of
"Santan Dal" Janmasiddha Thakur Sri Sri Balak Brahmachari Maharaj has foretold long ago
about the future events which are unimaginable but infallible. From the very onset of the so
called Netaji Plane-Crash story, so enthusiastically propagated across the world, He has been
advocating all along, "The story of the Plane-Crash is totally false and that Netaji is alive. He
has a great plan to fulfill and with that intention he went out of sight propagating the tale of
Plane Crash himself." ... "Netaji is not only alive, he will return as a world-leader."... “Netaji
is not alone. Along with him four other great personalities are staying, whom the world
knows as dead. Among them there lies the world terror Hitler."... "Not only the India Gov't,
but the great worldly regimes know very well Netaji's whereabouts and activities of the
moment. But they are unable to do any harm to him as he has achieved the divine grace of
'Sakti' through sadhana."... "The day is ahead, when the nation at large will learn the heinous
conspiracy which is all along being motivated against Netaji till now by the so-called
national leaders of the past and present, they will become furious and will drag down their
portraits so reverently hung on the walls, will spit to them and ultimately throw into the
dustbins."... "And keep it noted, as soon as he re-appears, the so-called fake leaders and
patriots will find no way to flee."
The question may come— "Who is this Balak Brahmachari? What is the object of His
incarnation? Where is His superiority? To understand that we have to study primarily the
reality of the Nature and its inevitable rules. —Wherever we behold in the Nature, we will
find that the Time Eternal is moving through the unending space with two-prong diverse
forces such as high-tide— ebb-tide, full-moon— new-moon, day-night, winter-summer.
Whenever one attains its extremity the other appears and vice versa. And there is no power in
this universe which can resist or break this system. This system of Natural Law teaches that
at the end of every Era (Juga) ie. Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kali, when vile forces become
rampant : heart bereft of love and affection, gloom loom large with decadence everywhere
and above all when women folk are outraged and illtreated blatantly and atheism prevails, the
Super Power will descend on the Earth to re-establish the state of equality among the pepole
with the sense of love, respect, affection, pity amongst each other. The history of the bygone
Eras— Satya, Treta, Dwapar bears the evidence.
It is the fag-end of Kali-yuga we are passing through. Love, affection, pity— all the tender
qualities of human folk are in oblivion. Tyrannies, malpractices, adultery— all are rampant in
the society. Evil-doers are in the upper hand everywhere. This is the overall state of affairs
which fulfils the conditions for the advent of the Supreme Power in order to eradicate them.
And accordingly we have heard the thunderous cautious warning delivered among the
mass : "I will abolish the system of separate religions. All over the world there would be sole
religion, sole ethic, sole ism. The whole world will be brought under one society and one
administration. With that object I have brought in the unique Organization named 'Santan
Dal' which actually means an worldly family consisting of all the offspring of the Mother
Earth irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nation. And to meet that end, if necessary, two-
third of the world population would be annihilated." Not only at this particular moment, He
has been preaching to this effect from His very boyhood. He is the complete-self by birth.
That is why he is called 'Janmasiddha'. He needed no preceptor, nor did He require any
austere ascetic practice. In His childhood spiritual powers and miracles such as healing
incurable diseases, enlivening the dead, foresightedness, reading of other's mind etc. were
found manifested. He has been giving initiation from the age of 5 years 3 months only, which
is difficult for common belief. And at present His disciples count to 8 crores. But astonishing
as it is, he never took a single paisa as 'pranami' in return, which is customary in the present
day society.
He has kept the people warned from His teen on different occasions by predicting in
different speeches such as : "I will demolish all individual abodes and international barriers
so as to bring the whole world into a single family."... "I will transform the present day
Universal 'Pathshala' into a Vedic University so that each and every being— living and to-be-
born, will get the state of liberation in true sense automatically. For that no rituals or
asceticism will be required. So to say no superman needs to descend on Earth for spiritual
guidance in the coming 50 thousand years."... "The day is coming and that also is being
brought by you— my beloved disciples, through endless chanting of the hymn 'Rama
Narayana Ram', when a woman of paragon beauty set with valuable ornaments may go in
slumber in an open street at night without any risk whatsoever". ... "I am come here not
merely to initiate like other gurus, also not to get the degree of 'Avatar', the god-incarnate. I
am come to demolish the devils— the evil forces of the society."... "If required, I will
transform my form of preceptor into that of Destructor." ... "In that case I will take recourse
to the Nature which teaches us the real communism through destruction like flood,
earthquake etc." ... "I will disclose myself as a Devil, but depart as god manifested.”
Practically through His camouflage of 'death', nay 'Nirvikalpa Samadhi' He has been
propagated all throughout the world as a Devil. The other part of His prediction, i.e.
manifestation as God is yet to happen.
The Third World War is imminent. The world-stage is already set accordingly. This will
transform into the Second ‘Kurukshetra War’. Long ago he has kept predicted to that effect.
It was the year 1943. The Second World War was on along with its destruction. Some of His
disciples asked Him, “How long will this war linger?” In reply He said, ‘This war will
terminate with some destruction. But another war is looming large which will entail a great
devastation. And that will eventually be the last war in this world. Thereafter long-lasting
peace will prevail.”
On 17th March, 1968 in reply to an asking of the news-reporter he told, “None of the
present day parties will exist— neither the Congress nor the United Front. An altogether new
party like this 'Santan Dal' will evolve.’’ The reporter enquired, “How?” He replied
unequivocally, “ Through war and war only. A conflict will be going on between India and
Pakistan until the former is overthrown by the latter. And at that very moment fifty lakhs
strong Netaji's Asian Liberation Army will enter the Indian Territory as the saviour.
Simultaneously Russia and China will join them. And thus the Asian Bloc will be offing.
Santan Dal being part and parcel of that unity, will render services on that account."
In this way Netaji and our Supreme Father will reappear. His revolutionary prediction in
this regard is worth quoting : "As soon as Netaji reappears with his force, the truncated
Bengals will reunite instantaneously. And thereafter the states like Afghanistan, Tibet,
Burma, Ceylon, Hindustan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will unite to form Greater India, once
which was in reality. Formation of the Asian Bloc will just follow it. — And thereafter the
coveted 'World Union.' All these will happen one after another within a short span of time.
The Great Kurukshetra War lasted for 18 days. The New Kurukshetra War will terminate by
7 days only. What will be the form of the forthcoming World Union— World Family? Netaji,
the fully renunciated saint will be seated as the President of the then World State with his all-
loving motherly heart. And his Asian Liberation Army will be given the responsibility of
serving the World Family selflessly. By this time the world has been liberated in true sense.
So the word 'liberation' will lose its significance. This will be replaced then by 'Santan' i.e,
the word 'Liberation Army' will literally be converted to 'Santan Army'— Santan Bahini.
Actually it is those who will be the real Santans— real vedic warriors of the forthcoming
Spiritual War. Then all the problems— political, social, economic would be solved so easily!
By then different sects, cults, communities, nations have been abolished— all the barriers
have been broken. All have come under the purview of one Nation— one Family. None
needs to endeavour for their livelihood individually or separately. The state will bear the
burden like the parents. The areas of abundant growth will be treated as godowns, wherefrom
all the products will be distributed equally among the World Family members according to
their needs.
At the onset monetary system will be abolished, as money is the root-cause of all evils like
inequality, corruption, dacoity, kidnap, killing, quarrel, battle, even war. All the Bank
Accounts will be frozen. From multimillionaire to beggar— all will be brought on a common
platform— which is the basic principle of the Vedic Communism ie., Nature's Universal
Children need not think about their livelihood, as parents bear the burden. Likewise the
State will take whole responsibility of the World Family. In return, everybody will have to
serve the Family in either form, as suited to his ability cum efficiency. The President as well
as the sweeper shall enjoy equal right and dignity.
Works will be easy to perform. Everybody joyfully and earnestly will do their duties just
like the family members having the works distributed among themselves.
All these may seem impracticable and illusory. But it is most real and material as evident
from the inevitable evolution theory of high-tide— ebb-tide, full-moon— new-moon, day —
night. And for this transformation a powerful supernatural entity sets in action such as the
moon, the sun and so on. According to this very Natural Law, a great Spiritual Being
descends on the Earth at the fag-end of each Era when vile forces become rampant in every
sphere of the society; when envy, hatred, infidelity, adultery, rivalry, injustice rule the law,
and dawns the Era of peace, love, faith and tranquility.
The present age is the tail-end of Kali. So according to the Natural Law tyranny has
become rampant all around the world. That is why the advent of New Messiah Thakur Sri Sri
Balak Brahmachari Maharaj, that is why the creation of the unique Santan Dal, that is why
they have been provided with the Vedic hymn 'Rama Narayana Ram'— the greatest power-
media of the universe, that is why the prolonged and patient waiting of Netaji Subhas
Chandra Bose and his Liberation Army.
Once a news-reporter asked, "What's your relation with Netaji that you often talk about
him? Do you use his name for your publicity?" Thakur retorted, 'I need not take his name for
my publicity. I myself am sufficient. Why I tell about him, you will learn from him after his
return." The reporter wonders, "He is now nearing the century. If returns at all, what can he
do at this old age?" Balak Brahmachari clarified unequivocally, "His age has increased by
years no doubt, but when he returns, you will find him as an active of 40-45 years old.
Long ago, in a separate context he affirmed to his disciples, "When I initiated Netaji at
'Darjiling, his relations present there remarked, "Lord Krishna and Lord Arjuna of Dwapara
are unified once again." However, though indirect, He let His disciples and devotees know
the historic parts to be played by them in the present Era. In fact the age-old history confirms
this dual entity of the great saviours coming on the Earth and that is why thier names are
uttered jointly such as Ramchandra-Vir Hanuman, Krishna-Arjuna, Nemai-Netai,
Ramkrishna- Vivekananda. In this Era too, the names of Balak Brahmachari-Netaji Subhas
will be tagged together. The oncoming future will provide the evidence.



Now it is time to rise up. Raise the sound of awakening–sound of conch-shell. That will
assemble all in the field of action. This is the real roaring which will bring forth the coveted
shower. Let this conch shell-roaring rise from all directions. Propagate this sound from each
and every residence particularly at 5 am, 12 noon, 6 pm, 12 midnight and 2 pm. That will
bring forth the Revolution. All the nerves and senses will be guided to that direction without
any shout of slogans or picket here and there. Within a moment all will assemble together
unimaginably. Revolution will evolve instantaneously. You are wondering–how that will
happen! We eat variety items of food. Through mechanism of various organs of our body and
secretion of hormones those are transformed into blood, flesh, marrow automatically. Just
like that the all-round propagation of the conch-sound will rouse the note of awaking among
the people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and nation. When we hear the Azan of
Muslim, our mind is moved with certain emotion. Sound is such a thing, which attracts all–
moves all. The conch sound is the only means to bring revolution in our country. Generally
this sound is raised to express our joy. If Netaji comes, all will raise this conch-sound and
that will rouse patriotism
Raise this sound sitting in the room or standing on the roof keeping the face upwards. It is
not mere imagination or fancy–it is scientific– it is practical. Feel the result by practice. All
will collapse : – autocrats, tyrants, outragers, extorters, adulterators–all will collapse. A wave
of terror will prevail all around. People will become furious. At the present day situation,
there is no other alternative and you need nothing but this. You are of such a nature that you
cannot move forward even with thrust. So the easiest way of revolution for you is the
spreading of conch-sound. Your spiritual revolution will succeed through this. It is
exemplified by your deities with conch, wheel, club and lotus simultaneously in their hands.
Conch-sound represents the sound of unity – sound of bliss. It will not run futile. All my
disciples and devotees, perform this practice unitedly. This will bring unity and peace among
the people. Poverty will disappear. How much power this sound carries cannot be expressed
in language. It is both hygienic as well as scientific. The whole Universe is being operated
with the sound. If the entire sound of the Universe is amassed together, that will evolve the
lone sound ‘Goom-Goom-Goom.’ The conch-sound just represents that universal note. That
is this sound carries the all-total sound of the Universe.
All of you unitedly blow this conch-shell regularly. You will forget all the pains and
pathos of life. Its sound is like the sound of ‘OM’– the omnipresent sound of the Universe.
When the conch-shell is blown, the sound of ‘OM’ whirls within.
Start blowing the conch-shells from all around regularly. It will bring the aspired
Revolution. All will sense the evolution and will be terrified.

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