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WM/IKAN/PWD/MAINHOSP/001 - REV. 001 Dated May 22,2006

the excavation would be done using Hitachi EX 100 and EX 200 machines. 05 Excavation After Layout and complete survey works. Responsibility IKAN Engineering Services Lahore is responsible to manage all construction activities using the latest construction techniques with proper planning and quality control Reference Documents All approved drawings for construction. materials and project specification. accommodation and kitchen 04 Project Planning The project management would be done using Primavera or MS Project software with the aid of qualified planning engineer and the same would be displayed.REV. stores. 4 Site Engineers. 1 Dy. 8 Supervisors. laboratory. The excavated material would be transported to designated areas using dump truck and trolleys. as per approved construction drawings and project specifications. 06 Steel Cutting The steel cutting and bending would be done using bar Bending and bending schedules with the aid of automatic bending and Placing cutting machines. The steel yard will be staffed well to WM/IKAN/PWD/MAINHOSP/001 . monitored and updated on monthly basis. 1 Project Manager. IKAN ENGINEERING SERVICES Scope of Work: To manage the construction of Main Hospital Building at Rawalpindi.2006 . the following methodologies would be followed and executed strictly in conformance with construction schedules SR NO Activity Procedure 01 Mobilization IKAN will mobilize at site with all required resources in the shape of T&P and proper staffing at site within a week time after award of the tender 02 Staffing The said project would be managed with a proper organization at site comprising of 1 Project Director. 001 Dated May 22. Skilled and unskilled work force 03 Site Camp A proper site office would be established at project site with adequate no of office rooms. Adequate Foremen. All applicable clauses of FIDIC Methodology At Project. Project Manager.

Curing Compound can also be used with the consent of Engineer Incharge. Pioneer. of pipes and joints. WM/IKAN/PWD/MAINHOSP/001 . All ingredients like cement. 08 Curing The curing will be done using adequate water. The prepared steel will be placed and ties with specified laps at site under the supervision of site engineers and steel foreman to avoid mistakes. vibrators and finishing. 15 Plumbing Works All plumbing works will be done as per approved spec and designs with proper testing to check leakage if any. 14 Electrical Works All cables would be purchased from approved suppliers like Newage. All Electrical spec and designs will observed accordingly.REV. Hessian cloth and impounding. Adequate arrangements will be made for crush. checked. The concreting will be done using double and single load mixing machine. 001 Dated May 22. at places wooden frames with supports can also be utilized. proper chutes. 16 QA / QC A proper QA/QC department will work independently at site. 11 Painting All paint works will be done with specified paint material and skilled work force. All such items will be pre inspected before supply to the project site. 09 Scaffolding Pipes In most of the cases customized shutters will be used with and Shuttering steel or imported ply to support the wet concrete along with required no. sand and cement quantities. sand and crush will be procured from approved sources. shutters.2006 . 07 Concrete Pouring All pours would be planned and pre-approval will be granted by filling out the check lists to fulfill the requirement and satisfaction of the Engineer Incharge. However. 10 Plaster Works All plaster works will be done using required mix mentioned on drawings. IKAN ENGINEERING SERVICES accommodate the required progress at site. All plaster works will be internally checked with straight edge or thread. Pakistan Cables. The finish will be the one acceptable to the Engineer Incharge at site. 13 MS Items MS grills will be manufactured as per design and specification and instructions of the Engineer Incharge. 12 Doors and windows Doors and windows will be manufactured from approved vendors and materials. measured before off loading at project site.