2.6.000 (2008-03-07) - various alignments bugs were fixed. 2.5.000 (2008-03-07) - Several bugs were fixed. - example_019.

php was added to test non-unicode mode using old fonts. 2.4.000 (2008-03-06) - RTL support was deeply improved. - GetStringWidth() was fixed to support RTL languages. - Text() RTL alignment was fixed. - Some functions were added: GetArrStringWidth(), GetCharWidth(), uniord (), utf8Bidi(). - example_018.php was added and test_unicode.php was removed. 2.3.000 (2008-03-05) - MultiCell() signature is changed. Now support multiple columns across pages (see example_017). - Write() signature is changed. Now support the cell mode to be used wit h MultiCell. - Header() and Footer() were changed. - The following functions were added: UTF8ArrSubString() and unichr(). - Examples were updated to reflect last changes. 2.2.004 (2008-03-04) - Several examples were added. - AddPage() Header() and Footer() were fixed. - Documentation is now available on http://www.tcpdf.org 2.2.003 (2008-03-03) - [1894853] Performance of MultiCell() was improved. - RadioButton and ListBox functions were added. - javascript form functions were rewritten and properties names are chan ged. The properties function supported by form fields are listed on Possible val ues are listed on http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/js_developer_guide.pd f. 2.2.002 (2008-02-28) - [1900495] html images path was fixed. - Legacy image functions were reintroduced to allow PNG and JPEG support without GD library. 2.2.001 (2008-02-16) - The bug "[1894700] bug with replace relative path" was fixed - Justification was fixed 2.2.000 (2008-02-12) - fixed javascript bug introduced with latest release 2.1.002 (2008-02-12) - Justify function was fixed on PHP4 version. - Bookmank function was added ([1578250] Table of contents). - Javascript and Form fields support was added ([1796359] Form fields). 2.1.001 (2008-02-10) - The bug "[1885776] Race Condition in function justitfy" was fixed. - The bug "[1890217] xpdf complains that pdf is incorrect" was fixed. 2.1.000 (2008-01-07) - FPDF_FONTPATH constant was changed to K_PATH_FONTS on config file

as added. -

Bidirectional Algorithm to correctly reverse bidirectional languages w SetLeftMargin, SetTopMargin, SetRightMargin functions were fixed. SetCellPadding function was added. writeHTML was updated with new parameters. Text function was fixed. MultiCell function was fixed, now works also across multiple pages. Line width was fixed on Header and Footer functions and <hr> tag. "GetImageSize" was renamed "getimagesize". Document version was changed from 1.3 to 1.5. _begindoc() function was fixed. ChangeDate was fixed and ModDate was added. The following functions were added: setPage() : Move pointer to the specified document page. getPage() : Get current document page number. lastpage() : Reset pointer to the last document page. getNumPages() : Get the total number of inserted pages. GetNumChars() : count the number of (UTF-8) characters in a string. $stretch parameter was added to Cell() function to fit text on cell: 0 = disabled 1 = horizontal scaling only if necessary 2 = forced horizontal scaling 3 = character spacing only if necessary 4 = forced character spacing Line function was fixed for RTL. Graphic transformation functions were added [1811158]: StartTransform() StopTransform() ScaleX() ScaleY() ScaleXY() Scale() MirrorH() MirrorV() MirrorP() MirrorL() TranslateX() TranslateY() Translate() Rotate() SkewX() SkewY() Skew() Graphic function were added/updated [1688549]: SetLineStyle() _outPoint() _outLine() _outRect() _outCurve() Line() Rect() Curve Ellipse Circle Polygon RegularPolygon




2.0.000 (2008-01-04) - RTL (Right-To-Left) languages support was added. Language direction is set using the $l['a_meta_dir'] setting on /configure/language/xxx.php language

files. - setRTL($enable) method was added to manually enable/disable the RTL te xt direction. - The attribute "dir" was added to support custom text direction on HTML tags. Possible values are: ltr - for Left-To-Right and RTL for Right-To-Left. - RC4 40bit encryption was added. Check the SetProtection method. - [1815213] Improved image support for GIF, JPEG, PNG formats. - [1800094] Attribute "value" was added to ordered list items <li>. - Image function now has a new "align" parameter that indicates the alig nment of the pointer next to image insertion and relative to image height. The v alue can be: T: top-right for LTR or top-left for RTL M: middle-right for LTR or middle-left for RTL B: bottom-right for LTR or bottom-left for RTL N: next line - Attribute "align" was added to <img> html tag to set the above image " align" parameter. Possible values are: top: top-right for LTR or top-left for RTL middle: middle-right for LTR or middle-left for RTL bottom: bottom-right for LTR or bottom-left for RTL - [1798103] newline was added after </ul>, </ol> and </p> tages. - [1816393] Documentation was updated. - 'ln' parameter was fixed on writeHTMLCell. Now it's possible to print two or more columns across several pages; - The method lastPage() was added to move the pointer on the last page; -----------------------------------------------------------1.53.0.TC034 (2007-07-30) - fixed htmlentities convesion. - MultiCell() function returns the number of cells. 1.53.0.TC033 (2007-07-30) - fixed bug 1762550: case sensitive for font files - NOTE: all fonts files names must be in lowercase! 1.53.0.TC032 (2007-07-27) - setLastH method was added to resolve bug 1689071. - all fonts names were converted in lowercase (bug 1713005). - bug 1740954 was fixed. - justification was added as Cell option. 1.53.0.TC031 (2007-03-20) - ToUnicode CMap were added on _puttruetypeunicode function. Now you may search and copy unicode text. 1.53.0.TC030 (2007-03-06) - fixed bug on PHP4 version. 1.53.0.TC029 (2007-03-06) - DejaVu Fonts were added. 1.53.0.TC028 (2007-03-03) - MultiCell function signature were changed: the $ln parameter were adde d. Check documentation for further information. - Greek language were added on example sentences. - setPrintHeader() and setPrintFooter() functions were added to enable o r disable page header and footer. 1.53.0.TC027 (2006-12-14)

- $attr['face'] bug were fixed. - K_TCPDF_EXTERNAL_CONFIG control where introduced on /config/tcpdf_conf ig.php to use external configuration files. 1.53.0.TC026 (2006-10-28) - writeHTML function call were fixed on examples. 1.53.0.TC025 (2006-10-27) - Bugs item #1421290 were fixed (0D - 0A substitution in some characters ) - Bugs item #1573174 were fixed (MultiCell documentation) 1.53.0.TC024 (2006-09-26) - getPageHeight() function were fixed (bug 1543476). - fixed missing breaks on closedHTMLTagHandler function (bug 1535263). - fixed extra spaces on Write function (bug 1535262). 1.53.0.TC023 (2006-08-04) - paths to barcode directory were fixed. - documentation were updated. 1.53.0.TC022 (2006-07-16) - fixed bug: [ 1516858 ] Probs with PHP autoloader and class_exists() 1.53.0.TC021 (2006-07-01) - HTML attributes with whitespaces are now supported (thanks to Nelson B enitez for his support) 1.53.0.TC020 (2006-06-23) - code cleanup 1.53.0.TC019 (2006-05-21) - fixed <strong> and <em> closing tags 1.53.0.TC018 (2006-05-18) - fixed font names bug 1.53.0.TC017 (2006-05-18) - the TTF2UFM utility to convert True Type fonts for TCPDF were included on fonts folder. - new free unicode fonts were included on /fonts/freefont. - test_unicode.php example were exended. - parameter $fill were added on Write, writeHTML and writeHTMLCell funct ions. - documentation were updated. 1.53.0.TC016 (2006-03-09) - fixed closing <strong> tag on html parser. 1.53.0.TC016 (2005-08-28) - fpdf.php and tcpdf.php files were joined in one single class (you can still extend TCPDF with your own class). - fixed problem when mb_internal_encoding is set. 1.53.0.TC014 (2005-05-29) - fixed WriteHTMLCell new page issue. 1.53.0.TC013 (2005-05-29) - fixed WriteHTMLCell across pages.

1.53.0.TC012 (2005-05-29) - font color attribute bug were fixed. 1.53.0.TC011 (2005-03-31) - SetFont function were fixed (thank Sjaak Lauwers for bug notice). 1.53.0.TC010 (2005-03-22) - the html functions were improved (thanks to Manfred Vervuert for bug r eporting). 1.53.0.TC009 (2005-03-19) - a wrong reference to convertColorHexToDec were fixed. 1.53.0.TC008 (2005-02-07) - removed some extra bytes from PHP files. 1.53.0.TC007 (2005-01-08) - fill attribute were removed from writeHTMLCell method. 1.53.0.TC006 (2005-01-08) - the documentation were updated. 1.53.0.TC005 (2005-01-05) - Steven Wittens's unicode methods were removed. - All unicode methods were rewritten from scratch. - TCPDF is now licensed as LGPL. 1.53.0.TC004 (2005-01-04) - this changelog were added. - removed comercial fonts for licensing issue. - Bitstream Vera Fonts were added (http://www.bitstream.com/font_renderi ng/products/dev_fonts/vera.html). - Now the AddFont and SetFont functions returns the basic font if the st yled version do not exist.

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