COLLECTIVE NOUNS PEOPLE an army of soldiers a bevy of beauties/girls a band of musicians a band of robbers a board of directors a body

of men a bunch of crooks a caravan of gypsies a choir of singers a class of pupils a class of students a company of actors a company of soldiers a congregation of worshippers a crew of sailors a crowd of spectators a crowd of people a dynasty of kings a galaxy of beautiful women a galaxy of film stars a gang of crooks a gang of labourers a gang of prisoners a gang of robbers THINGS an album of autographs an album of photographs an album of stamps an anthology of poems an archipelago of islands a bale of cotton a basket of fruit a batch of bread a battery of guns a block of flats a book of exercises a book of notes a bouquet of flowers a bowl of rice a bunch of bananas a bunch of flowers a bunch of grapes a hail of bullets a hand of bananas (each a finger) a harvest of wheat/corn a heap of rubbish a heap of ruins a hedge of bushes a heap of stones a layer of soil/dirt a library of books a line of cars a list of names a mass of ruins/hair a necklace of pearls an outfit of clothes an orchard of fruit trees a pack of cards a pack of lies 1 a gang of thieves a horde of savages a host of angels a line of kings/rulers a mob of rioters a group of dancers a group of singers a pack of rascals a pack of thieves a party of friends a patrol of policemen a posse of policemen a regiment of soldiers a staff of employees a staff of servants a staff of teachers a team of players a tribe of natives a troop of scouts a troupe of artistes a troupe of dancers a troupe of performers a party of friends

a bunch of keys a bundle of rags/old clothes a bundle of firewood/sticks a bundle of hay a catalogue of prices/goods a chain of mountains a chest of drawers a cluster of coconuts a cluster of grapes a cloud of dust a clump of bushes a clump of trees a collection of coins a collection of curiosities a collection of pictures a collection of relics a collection of stamps a column of smoke a comb of bananas a compendium of games a constellation of stars a cluster of diamonds a cluster of stars a clutch of eggs a crate of fruit a crop of apples a fall of rain a fall of snow a fleet of motor-cars/taxis a fleet of ships a flight of aeroplanes a flight of steps a forest of trees a galaxy of stars a garland of flowers a glossary of difficult words/phrases a group of islands a grove of trees a packet of cigarettes a packet of letters a pair of shoes a pencil of rays a quiver of arrows a range of hills a range of mountains a ream of paper a reel of thread/film a roll of film/cloth a rope of pearls a row of houses a series of events a set of china a set of clubs a set of tools a sheaf of arrows a sheaf of corn a sheaf of grain a sheaf of papers a sheaf of wheat a shower of blows a shower of rain a stack of arms a stack of corn a stack of hay a stack of timber a stack of wood a stock of wood a string of beads a string of pearls a suit of clothes a suite of furniture a suite of rooms a tuft of grass a tuft of hair a wad of currency/notes a wreath of flowers 2 .

ANIMALS an army of ants a bevy of quail a brood/flock of chickens a catch of fish a cloud of flies a cloud of insects a cloud of locusts a colony of gulls a drove of cattle a drove of horses a flight of birds a flight of doves a flight of locusts a flight of swallows a flock of birds a flock of geese a flock of sheep a gaggle of geese a haul of fish a herd of buffaloes a herd of cattle a herd of deer a herd of elephants a herd of goats a herd of swine a hive of bees a host of sparrows a kindle of kittens a litter of cubs a litter of piglets a litter of kittens a litter of puppies a menagerie of wild animals a muster of peacocks a nest of ants a nest of mice a nest of rabbits a pack of hounds a pack of wolves a plague of insects a plague of locusts a pride of lions a school of herrings/other small fish a school of porpoises a school of whales a shoal of fish a skein of wild geese in flight a string of horses a stud of horses a swarm of ants a swarm of bees a swarm of insects a swarm of locusts a team of horses a team of oxen a train of camels a tribe of goats a troop of lions a troop of monkeys a zoo of wild animals 3 .

GENDER PEOPLE MASCULINE actor author bachelor boy Boy Scout brave bridegroom brother conductor count czar dad daddy duke emperor father father-in-law fiance gentleman giant god governor grandfather headmaster heir hero host hunter husband king lad landlord lord man manager manservant master mayor milkman millionaire monitor monk Mr. 4 . FEMININE actress authoress spinster girl Girl Guide Squaw bride sister conductress countess czarina mum mummy duchess empress mother mother-in-law fiancee lady giantess goddess matron grandmother headmistress heiress heroine hostess huntress wife queen lass landlady lady woman manageress maidservant mistress mayoress milkmaid millionairess monitress nun Mrs.

murderer Negro nephew papa poet postman postmaster priest prince prophet proprietor protector shepherd sir son son-in-law step-father step-son steward sultan tailor uncle waiter washerman widower wizard murderess Negress niece mama poetess postwoman postmistress prietess princess prophetess proprietress protectress shepherdess madam daughter daughter-in-law step-mother step-daughter stewardess sultana tailoress aunt waitress washerwoman widow witch 5 .


sigh whir 7 . chime clink. clatter bang. hoot sing rustle crinkle. beat creak Object hoofs horns kettles leaves paper raindrops saws sirens steam streams telephones thunder trains trumpets watch water whips wind wings Sound thunder toot. jungle pop rattle. rustle patter buzz wail hiss murmur buzz clap. slam beat tramp. shuffle crackle tinkle boom throb. drip crack. roar rumble blare tick bubble. rattle tick.OBJECTS AND SOUNDS Object aeroplanes bells brakes bugles bullets canes chains clocks coins corks dishes doors drums feet fire glass guns heart hinges Sound zoom ring. lash howl. peal screech call ping swish clank. lap. rumble peal.

ANTONYMS Antonym is a word that means the opposite to another word. above abroad absent accept active add admit adult alive asleep back backwards bad barren beautiful before begin bent better big black bless blunt bold bravery bright broad busy buy capture catch cheap clean clever cloudy coarse cold come common contract cool coward cry daily below home present refuse passive subtract deny child dead awake front forward good fertile ugly after end straight worse small white curse sharp timid cowardice dull narrow idle sell release throw dear dirty foolish clear fine hot go rare expand warm hero laugh nightly here hide high hill humble in increase inner inside interesting joy junior kind knowledge lazy lead least lend level life liquid long loss loud love masculine master miser modern motorist mountain natural never noise noisy normal north obey often old open order pardon peace there show low valley proud out decrease outer outside dull sorrow senior cruel ignorance industrious follow greatest borrow steep death solid short gain soft hate feminine servant spendthrift ancient pedestrian valley artificial always silence quiet abnormal south command seldom new shut/close chaos punish war 8 .

danger dark dawn day deep depth die difficult divide drunk dry dwarf early east ebb empty enemy enjoy evening ever everybody everywhere exit failure fair far fat few find finish first foolish foreign forget found fresh future generous give guilty happy hard head heavy hell help safety bright dusk night shallow height live easy multiply sober wet giant late west flow full friend dislike morning never nobody nowhere entrance success dark near thin many lose start last wise local remember lost stale past selfish take innocent sad soft tail light heaven hinder plural polite poor powerful praise public purchase push question quick raw real right rise rough safe same separate smile straight strong summer sweet talk tall tame teach these thick this tight tiny top true truth under up vacant victory wide win within work wrong yes young singular rude rich weak blame private sell pull answer slow cooked imaginary left fall smooth dangerous different join frown crooked weak winter sour listen short wild learn those thin that loose huge bottom false lie over down occupied defeat narrow lose without rest right no old 9 .

SYNONYMS Synonym is a word with the same meaning or nearly the same meaning as another word in the same language. admit alive also amount ask assembly bad beg begin behaviour big blamed blank bottom brave bright broad buy careful catch centre change cheat choose clergyman close clothes copy correct cunning cure damp dangerous deadly dear decrease disease disorder dull dumb eatable ebb end confess lively too quantity inquire gathering evil implore commence conduct large accused empty foot daring shinning wide purchase cautious capture middle alter deceive select minister near dress imitate accurate sly remedy moist risky fatal expensive reduce sickness chaos gloomy mute edible recede conclusion leave listen little look loving loyal mad margin mistake most new noisy noted obey old omen oral outside part policeman polite poor port praise pretty protect push queen quick quiet rare read ready real reckless red remember rich riot roam rough round rude abandon hear small see fond true insane edge error maximum modern rowdy well-known submit ancient sign verbal exterior portion constable courteous destitute harbour compliment beautiful guard thrust empress rapid peaceful scarce peruse alert genuine rash ruddy recollect wealthy revolt wander coarse circular impolite 10 .

enemy enough escape fable fall false far feather fertile fierce fight float force foretell free friend gain game gather gay general glad glaring habit hard hate height help hide high home hug huge industrious inside join jump just king lazy least foe sufficient elude myth drop untrue distant plume fruitful ferocious battle drift compel predict release ally profit recreation collect cheerful common happy dazzling custom difficult detest altitude assist conceal tall residence embrace enormous hardworking interior unite leap fair emperor indolent minimum rule sad safe scatter seldom separate short shorten show sleepy slim smell steed stern stick stop strong style surprise surrender surround swamp talk teach tested thief thin top trick trust try understand usually vacant value victory weak whole wonder yearly young govern unhappy secure disperse rarely sever brief abbreviate exhibit drowsy slender scent horse strict adhere halt powerful fashion astonishment yield encircle marsh conversation educate tried burglar lean summit hoax believe attempt comprehend generally empty worth triumph feeble entire amazement annually youthful 11 .

air allowed ate bad bail ball bare beach bean beat bell birth blue boar board bow boy brake buy ceiling cell cent cheap check coarse dear die ewe fair feat find flea flew flour fool fore foul fur gait groan hair hall heal hear heir aloud eight bade bale bawl bear beech been beet belle berth blew bore bored bough buoy break by/bye sealing sell sent cheep cheque course deer dye you fare feet fined flee flu flower full four fowl fir gate grown hare haul heel here main mare meat medal missed muscle none oar one pail pain pair peace peal plain pore practice praise pray principal profit rain rap read read right ring road role root rose sale scene sea seam sew sight soar sole son soot stair stake steal mane mayor meet meddle mist mussel nun ore won pale pane pear piece peel plane pour practise prays prey principle prophet reign wrap reed red write wring rode roll route rows sail seen see seem sow site sore soul sun suit stare steak steel 12 .HOMONYMS Homonym is a word that sounds the same as another but is different in meaning.

heard higher him hole hour idle key knew knight knot knows lain lead leak lessen loan made mail herd hire hymn whole our idol quay new night not nose lane led leek lesson lone maid male stile suite tail tear their threw throne tide to told vain vale waist wait weak wood yoke yore style sweet tale tier there through thrown tied two tolled vein veil waste weight week would yolk your 13 .

princess cub cub baby.PARENTS AND YOUNG ADULT ant bear bee beetle bird buffalo butterfly camel cat cockroach cow deer dog dragonfly duck eagle eel elephant fox frog giraffe goat goose grasshopper grouse hen hippopotamus horse housefly kangaroo king leopard lion man mosquito moth ostrich owl oyster partridge pheasant pig pigeon rat rhinoceros YOUNG grub cub grub grub fledgling. child wriggler caterpillar chick owlet spat poult poult piglet squab pup calf 14 . cheeper chick calf foal maggot joey prince. nestling calf caterpillar calf kitten nymph calf fawn puppy nymph duckling eaglet elver calf cub tadpole calf kid gosling nymph poult.

seal shark sheep swan toad tiger trout turkey turtle whale wolf zebra pup cub lamb cygnet tadpole cub fry poult hatchling calf cub foal 15 .